Are Mexicans human beings?

Are Mexicans human beings?

Or are they subhuman animals?

Are blacks human beings? Or they subhuman as well?(USER WAS BANNED FOR RECKLESS FAGGOTRY)

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Anything not european or american isnt human

What about Japs?

Africans are definitely a subspecies.

But Italians and Spaniards are shit skins. How can they be humans?

Subhuman vermin

Ants dont have souls

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I wouldn't call them subhuman, they are more like "parallel human". Separate species/subspecies, but not garbage like niggers or Indians.

If whites are the only humans, then humanity is dying off and we will be extinct in our lifetime.

Good job.

everubodu wu don t agree with mee is subhuman XDXD

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I tend to think of the different "races" as different breeds of dogs. Some breeds are better than others. Not that the shittier ones deserve to die, they should just live separately so they don't breed with the better ones.

couldn't agree more. i wanted a family and kids but didn't want a nigger socialservices route and be a burden on my neighbor when the state takes my kid.

hit my 30's and realized this was futile, what have them for? to be a statistic for some nigger or spic to steal his car and rape and impregnate his wife where she can't abort?

i figured if i didn't get rich by 30 i'd just stay single. i can't imagine life after 70 anyways so by my estimates i'm already half way done, did it by myself and the second half is supposed to be faster so fuck it, why bother even giving back and contributing to a country giving it away to anyone that doesn't want to work for anything

Naw Japs are subhuman.

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That's retarded thinking. Why the fuck would you tolerate vermin such as the Hindu and blacks?

ditto, anything that figured out how to get to this moment and isn't imposing it's will for any reason other than survival, has a right to go on.
even mohomo'd the pedo goatfucker ali was the same and worked with the kkk. but cia wants civil discord because that causes more court work.
look up war on poverty on our national debt. it was steadily declining until we declared that and it's stayed steady until doubling the last 8 years.

Recent research tells us that it was Neanderthals, not humans who were the intelligent ones. For example, prehistoric cave paintings – long attributed to early humans – have been determined to have been made by Neanderthals (because only Neanderthal remains have been found at the locations dating to the same time as the paintings). Neanderthals intermixed with European and Asian humans tens of thousands of years ago. But African humans have zero Neanderthalic heritage.

So it's wrong to call blacks and Mexicans "subhuman". It's more accurate to call them "humans", and to call Europeans "superhumans".


mexico is in america

Depends what you mean by Mexican. Remember that there are multiple people who fall under the Mexican nationality. Those fully of Spanish decent are European, but most Mexicans of have some degree of Mesoamerican subhuman blood, and some are fully so. Blacks are a mix of humans and prehumans, making them entirely subhuman.

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honorary aryans for teaming up with The Reich.
women are the original waifus.
creators of the highest forms of animation arts.

some are

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Amazing what makeup and being a half breed can do.