>"He’s never gonna build a wal..."


Started Monday morning, shareblue niggers.

You just got knocked the fuck out.


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Other urls found in this thread:

google.com/search?q=israeli wall&client=firefox-b-1&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjMrNXft4_aAhXCxFkKHZi5AtcQ_AUICigB&biw=1368&bih=770

That's a fence you dumb nigger and it's to replace similar shit that Pedro fucked up. There's, NO MONEY for a 2000 mile WALL. Not this year. There's 10b for chucky the jew and a tunnel in NY State but no spic wall.

Kike free first post. Not the White House though. Sad!

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the fence is on the left in the 2nd pic you retarded nigger. The short one. It's the previous object that's being replaced with the impenetrable steel wall on the right. Fucking retarded nigger faggot.

drup btfo!

Hey kike shill the actual wall needs to be less than 1000 miles. Trump has said this since the beginning. But keep shilling away, won't stop the shoah.

Did he implode the hundreds of cartelCIAnigger drug tunnels yet?

Having a hard time telling for sure, but it doesn't look like it goes into the ground very far.

I thought they had chosen a different style. This looks like the old type they've been putting up for a while and could be a project that has been in the pipeline for some time already.

This. Natural barriers.

Like the river they swim across hence "wet backs"? Try again.

That isn't this.
Keep dreaming though. If Trump had any intention of building an actual wall he wouldn't waste time and money building this heap of crap.

Attached: DZP3Ir-XcAAA6VF.jpg (1199x676, 127.64K)

Thats one specific location. Over half the border can't be crossed without 90-95% of the people trying dying.

Stay assblasted, shareblue. I can taste your delicious salty tears from here.

lel, the was always going to be steel bollard erected so that border patrol could see through the wall where they need too. Goo image you chose though. That 2nd wall, big slick blue, was the finalist that Trumped picked when he visited California. You can search for the video to see for yourself.
Only a matter of time now that Trump declares a national emergency and gets the military to build The Wall.

I say again. Tunnels.

Those are from March 13th.

Who are you trying to fool?

Those are from March 13th, replacement of existing California border fence with the approved wall design. Has not been extended beyond previous conditions because funding is not settled.


People keep repeating this but Ive yet to see any proof tbh.


Attached: bypass .jpg (450x450 339 B, 776.26K)

Yes this (1 and 3). Neither of those what they're putting up. Those are simply replacements for what was already there.

Attached: us-mexico-border-wall-prototypes_dezeen_hero-852x479.jpg (852x479, 77.2K)

A start is a start. Keep fucking going. Then cutoff all trade with Mexico and starve those fucks to death so we can take over what is rightfully ours.

The tunnels already exist, completed, and operational. Wall, not so much. I want a wall, my point was that by not demolishing said tunnels first, Trump is complicit in CIAniggers running drugs and spics into our country.
Eliminating the competition.

So like does the concrete slide down onto the the steel posts

Why not just station men on top of the wall in intermittent garrisons then fill in those gaps with cameras and drones?

No it's just the posts. Hence the anons calling it a fence not a wall.

Bush said he was going to build a wall too.

Most people are just walking over. The tunnels will reveal themselves once the easy route is cutoff or the invasion will slow to such a degree the tunnels will be irrelevant.

Despite the giant blocks of concrete lying behind the sections where the posts where put in.

At what point does a fence become a wall? At first glance I figured this was just another fence, but those things have to be 30 ft tall.

Beaners jacked-up on coke and jalapenos are like little brown rockets. You can't be stationary in a tower, you have to patrol for the greasy little beasties

So leave the tower? Just put a road on top of the wall.

When the gap between poles is small enough that it can't be crossed by squeezing through.

Attached: the wall works.png (512x288 442.92 KB, 895.13K)

It's important to note that these images are from last week and show the replacement of the already existing Californian border fence, not the extension of new wall segments.

Given that Hungary has already shown a barbed wire fence and some concrete roadblocks are enough to deter 99% of migrants, I'm sure this will be fine once complete.

That's a little more than a replacement though.

Eliminating the competition? Are you retarded? Do you think they are going to send expensive college graduates trained in tradecraft to do the manual labor?

they've talked about having detectors for that.

this, tbh. I know everyone is going to call me a torposting shill, but the truth is, this is just a replacement for already existing fencing. They have this type of shit in el paso, iirc

look in the background. its a city. this is the type of "fencing" they have between el pas and juarez. this is not "the wall"

Blocks are temporary to hold up the fence while they pour concrete in the holes underneath.

Attached: steel.png (1063x795, 1.78M)

It's clearly the beginnings of real construction, but funding still isn't settled on it yet. Construction will start soon but has not. As of the 24th, the DHS was still hiring contractors.

That depends on the geology.

Which side is which? Who loses access to that body of water? Does that town have another lake or whatever? Seems a bit mean. Funny, but mean.
That property right on the division just lost it's water-side location real estate flair.

Counter-checked. Well done mate.


i thought they measured for vibration, like little seismographs, but I could be wrong

I don't think it's the actual "wall". Technically it kind of is though. Compared to the previous fencing it's amazing. It's also important to note that this upgrade wouldn't have happened without the attempts to build the wall; this will also be a part of the wall once it's done, so it can earn official wall status in a few months. Happy to see strong improvements in border security, but this is kind of jumping the gun. Trump and anons aren't wrong to call it the beginning of construction though. A lot of the border already has old fencing and shit, so if we don't consider replacing old garbage with new god-tier defense, then we'll never actually see a wall even if it's already been built.

Non-constructionfag here. Isn't that what the crane is for? Or would non-solidified concrete not hold it in place

It is, but it can't be extended beyond the current fence until funding is settled. Hence all the "Through M" stuff this week, Trump's trying to bypass congress (legally and legitimately) by using border security as a national security issue.

Tell me that there are comiefornians protesting with 0% energy

Fuckface you need the wall first. Then you clean up tunnels and add to wall. You are seriously retarded aren't you?

I would have liked a really beautiful wall, though. Its nice small varmit can get through. Much more economical to have small gaps. Would like some drones to patrol it. Maybe some manned turrets as well.

If you notice the ditch ahead of it isn't perfectly dug, so they're digging it quickly, putting the fence in and pouring concrete right in to form to whatever the hole is. This is quickest & cheapest way (plus the concrete footing conforms to whatever the hole size is) time wise to get the job done.

Attached: ww.png (1200x677, 1.26M)

He means the MS-13 arrests are eliminating the competition, e.g. they are street level enforcement for a particular cartel or group of cartels that Washington feels are too far outside of their orbit/control.

For people that dont understand, a citizenship question forces illegal respondents to either not answer the question or commit fraud. Answering no on that question could lead to prosecution which would lead to removal if caught.

The more interesting scenario is if they don't answer at all. Basically what's going to happen is that when they basically shut the door and dont give any response, they basically don't exist, census wise. That means illegal beanerbobs get no consideration when it comes for the next ten years' apportionment of house seats and state funding considerations. You can't fund ghosts and what not.

Also, ICE can see areas of nonrespondents and create a pretty good heatmap of where illegals are more likely to be, using the assumption that a citizenship question census will spook them enough to cause a massive drop in census participation. These areas would ostensibly, using that analysis, have a lot of illegals and would lead to increased enforcement.

still banned for four years so posting on TOR

This could work IF the cyclone type fencing Mulvaney spoke about last year is being put in. If you notice that smooth cap on top which is probably 6ft high. That part they can't grab onto as they scale these. DHS says they're 20ft but if these smooth caps are added they could be much higher overall.
Pic 3 are the totals we need to keep track of bc thats all the funding Trump has allocated for it. By Sept/Oct if nothing funding wise using the mil spending for these walls you can safely assume hes told the country to fuck off. Hes hoping this will be memory holed and his base will become sycophants like Obamas minions were. People are way past that stage. Either fix the issues or you're proving what we've always known. The entire gov is completely corrupt from top to bottom.

Attached: ee.png (960x640 58.99 KB, 134.73K)

The same type of fraud like staying here illegally and using fake social security numbers to work or a different more cucked kind of fraud? Illegals have committed a ton of felonies beyond what the kike media tells people.

Implying they aren't under their control. If they weren't washington wouldn't fight for them. Black market payoffs is main reason why they want that trash here.

I'm not implying anything. I'm clarifying what the other poster meant for the user who misinterpreted.

Got it.
People need to understand that these "elites" want america to become mexico. People with cash lives behind guarded walls while the rest deal with the cartels/gangs. Americans will be too busy looking for food and keeping safe while the people behind the gates can pick and choose whatever degeneracy they want unobstructed.


Attached: 8070817b698120ef76a6389afd64563197048e135e18a4302595d0ed009b88c5.jpg (360x640, 140.9K)

Checked for this being the giant rebar on the actual wall.

Go ahead and throw them over, we can use their bodies to fertilize some corn.

Attached: Catapult-on-Mexico-Border--81745[1].jpg (800x549, 150.67K)


Good, good. Now we need to build Dr. Robotnik's Meaner Beaner Machiner to catapult the remaining Mexicans back to their shit hole nation.

Attached: Build The Wall.webm (1280x720, 3.72M)


Not to derail, but why are still crying about shareblue Imkampfy?

Attached: 3.PNG (446x598, 373.85K)

National health emergency has already been issued for the opioid crisis. Trump also sent a letter to Paul Ryan invoking the budget and deficit act of 84 (I think that's the year) that asked him not to spend any of the money he didn't see fit in the omnibus and allows him to reallocate money to address the national health emergency.

Which means the wall starts now…

What's the prefab concrete in front of the beams?

Wouldn't the drug smugglers just dig the tunnels under the wall and fences?

Attached: wall_.jpg (2560x1440, 458.68K)

Grumpth must be stopped!

Attached: trump immigrants.jpg (485x767, 69.59K)

Mexican products are among the few I can find in stores that don't have a (((U))) or a (((K))) on them. I'll be growing my own food soon, though.

Holy fucking shit that's tall.


Attached: AIPAC-Hails-SPending-Bill-11[1].jpg (640x6015, 962.61K)

Looks like a two step process. Put in the poles, and then put the top bits afterwards.

Attached: 280935894.jpeg (1024x608 86.1 KB, 101.91K)

If it stays like that, a simple grappling hook and some rope is all it will take.

holy shit that made me laugh user.

I dont think it'll be that easy.

Attached: wall.JPG (1196x826, 161.51K)

Have they test the suction cups?

I see potential in that kind of design.

Attached: military grade mexican remover.jpg (1456x974, 141.69K)

Should have gone for an East Germany style border.
Specifically a small fence on the true border, small minefield, then proper fortress wall.
So anything at the wall is already trespassing and can be shot.

That's brutal.

Well if special forces couldn't breach it according to the sources that always tell the truth that's ok then.
If it stays like those pictures it's fucking simple.
1: Throw hook over wall.
2: Pull it tight against the bottom of the panel.
3: Tie it off on your side, around the leg of the fence, how convenient.
4: Climb over.
4a: Add knots to the rope for females and weaker invaders.
4b: Drag a rope ladder over for fatties.

Attached: FeministsVsMilitary.mp4 (320x240, 12.87M)

LMFAO Equality! Guarantee she is a Sgt. and has had a kid every other year.


Right, a bunch of 4 foot tall goblins are going to be scaling a 30 foot wall with grappling hooks on their first try ever.
If and when the full wall gets built I’m sure it’s not going to be so poorly built to allow that to happen. Let’s all keep in mind we have a president who A) built things for a living B) actually listens to people like border patrol and military experts who know what they’re talking about.

Calm your tits faggots.

A definite improvement, but unless they put a concrete cap on it, I'll call it a fence.

Attached: 355baade4473d9a4914cdac3f38995f60784664cb5b53b1b80dcf4d03d5cc96c.png (1036x642, 18.16K)

Walls work. Just ask Israel!

fuck that i want a wall. i dont even want filthy mexican air thats touched a spic to get through.

Hungary also has a shoot on sight policy. We've got to get ourselves one of those.

it's a fence my man

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Why stop there?
Get some kind of injunction to make Western Union cease wire transfers of money to Mexico. Most of the bodegas will close up, since that will leave most illegals no way to send US$ to Juanitaconchitamariaconsuela in Tijuana.

Just a thought for all the based fashy mods
How about creating an auto-forward routine for new Holla Forumsaks that will redirect them to the NeoConservative Ruplicicans Recruitment membership page.

It would really save on the 6 million stickied threads all basically doing the same thing which is recruiting for jewish Republican politics

lol this

That rounded top is to prevent a hook from easily catching the panel bottom. You could still attach it with a few more steps.
That said a wall will never be 100% efficient, the same that border patrol are not 100% efficient. But combining the two solutions you can get pretty close.

That can be taken care of by putting a lot of large divots in the wall surface. That said, suction cups aren't likely to work on the fence portion on the bottom, so I'm not sure they're an issue to begin with.

It's not a wall, it's a tall fence.
It's trump's way of getting what he wants started.
You can call it whatever you want, we know you're not "really" asshurt.

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nice fence

Other than this tweet by a literal nobody, can someone provide proof/sources that show this is different enough from the previous fencing that was there for it to constitute "the wall"? And if said evidence is provided, does that mean this will be entire style of "the wall" throughout its entire distance or does anyone have information to suggest the different areas of "the wall" will have different designs?

In the bill that was signed into law, trump has to use certain designs apparently. Would you rather he start building a 30' tall steel barrier or would you rather he bitch and moan that it's not a wall like leftists are doing?

so where is the top?

As far as I understand it, he can't build the entire distance. I think it's about 100 miles that he's allowed by law to build/replace using this design. As for style throughout entire distance, that depends on what gets passed through congress later.

omnibus bill since it is not a budget allows for Trump to reallocate funds once it is in the exec branch hands…. i.e. the pentagon money

Attached: pwned.png (600x670 49.8 KB, 46.83K)

If true, that would be nice. Thanks for the "fence" shareblue.

Attached: fence.jpg (544x312, 98.76K)

You are a dishonorable person.


Attached: af51b5499035f6dc597839a5896e90031a331f9817a1395e41b7b5898853ad99.jpg (432x391, 7.35K)

Anyone have info on the contractor who's doing it, or what steel they're using?

*memetics behind you*
Nothing personal kid.

>google.com/search?q=israeli wall&client=firefox-b-1&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjMrNXft4_aAhXCxFkKHZi5AtcQ_AUICigB&biw=1368&bih=770

But will mexico pay for it?

Attached: 12728794073.jpg (476x717, 63.43K)

I'm also curious, is it constructed in a way that the top round and flat portion can still be added later on when trump gets the legal go ahead?

Dems added an exemption: no concrete can be used.

Attached: s3.jpg (386x380 140.58 KB, 263.93K)

I dunno lol. The President doesn't want to confirm or deny anything about construction, not even what he meant by "Build WALL through M." And I'm not aware of any other photos besides the two from OP. The President is, understandably, obscuring details with a dark cloud as thick as upgraded steel bollard fencing. We'll probably never know anything until it already happens.

Attached: 1395948414807.jpg (810x780, 70.45K)

Build wall through military. Use military funding under the guise of national security (drugs, gangs, illegals). Its a valid excuse that can't be stopped by congress. The question is whether he has the balls to pull it off.




But if the wall in your jpg was installed previously, he's using a previously used design, so passes the fencing previously deployed part of the act.

Maybe he can't legally call it a wall. It's more a verbal curiousity than an expectation to be spoonfed by the president.

Dear burgers,
Why you don't try these instead of a wall?
t. ebil white man

Attached: the thing which turns bad gringos into angels.jpg (640x324, 31.3K)

yeh I can see the brown gremlins being able to scale a 30 foot wall.

Attached: jeb bush goblin.png (483x804, 876.48K)

Meanwhile in North Korea and China they are anime tier killer-machines or cumsluts if they ever fail. Seriously, guys! If the WW3 really goes air as the lefty media siren it then the USA will be super ass-fucked! EU included too, but rather than the enemy our own niggerized mudslimes will kill us way before the enemy even arrive to our borders. Thanks Merkel!

right. a good border had strong steel bars, and only needs thick concrete barrier where its needed, usually near roads. even in war zones and prisons, most of the barriers are a metal type you can see through (and fire small arms through). faggots that are saying "THEYLL JUST CLIMB IT LOLOL XXDD" are fucking retarded. It takes time to scale a wall, and when they attempt to do so, you fucking murder them. We have long stretches of highway in the US almost constantly patrolled by state police cars, helicopters, drones, cameras, etc. im more than positive we can do the same to a national border. Have cameras covering the whole thing, near constant drones flying and border patrol.
if there is a manpower shortage, Trump or some federal agency could hire crews just for the wall to patrol with pickup trucks, rifles, and maybe some chains for a good old fashioned "drag race"

Jews would only allow such effective means for themselves only.

Fuck no man, landmines are nigger-tier.

la goblina!

Kek. No one is buying that.
Higher wall, the longer it takes. It slows the entire process down long enough so patrol is only minutes away. Even if you can cut it down to 90-95% thats a huge difference.

is that shopped? look at her legs! you could write a creepypasta about this bitch.

Okay i understand the flood, but wtf with the rain and the IEDs? Are you know how fucking effective these shits? The plastic variants are literally banned for use and marked as a crime against humanity if you dare to make or use them. mines are cool if you want to keep large masses at bay! Don't be a fucking jew!

are you drunk?

Why murder something that'll just fall to its death 30 ft down once it gets to the top? The goal of the wall is to keep them out, i see no reason to act like a nigger about it and thirst for blood. If it becomes legal to put down animals then it should be done using the cheapest and most effective method possible.

Dude that's a really convincing argument there…

Because if Paco doesnt fear getting shot, they will pour over the wall and NOT fall to their deaths. If Paco sees Juan and Whore-hay get shot for throwing a rope over and climbing, they will stay away. You have to act like a barbarian to keep barbarians away. They dont respect mercy, they exploit it.

again, are you drunk? You interpreted that as me telling you to shut up? You arent even making coherant sentences.

Oh fuck your baiting, you stupid nigger!
Fuck back to the hell hole where you came from.

I wasn't calling for mercy, in fact, a head on a fence may be a great way to send a message. I was saying that if you're after bloodlust for the sake of bloodlust then you're acting like a nigger. To each their own I guess.

This is a definite possibility. Put in the steel, the concrete comes later. Might as well do what you can now.

For now.

Attached: how tall is the wall.png (740x553, 797.75K)

…what? what am I baiting? go drink some water and go to bed.

And are not generals professional proponents of wall construction. Yes and deconstruction. My point still stands upon it's own merit.

Even if it's only 1% as efficient as proclaimed, it's not really about the immigrants as much as sending a message to the whole world: the time for free gibs in America is coming to an end and they better prepare for the oncoming American Renaissance. Heck, the Muslim temporary immigrants have flocked away into Canada or Europe as soon as the travel ban was becoming a reality.

Wish we had a few anons near the area to give us updates.

Attached: wall.jpg (519x497, 85.18K)

oh boi. 88d chess here.
>The wall is a steel reinforced YUGE fence by technical definition only. For all intents and purposes, it's as strong if not stronger than a traditional wall.

Attached: increasingly nervous.jpg (1555x737, 275.16K)

theres already 15 foot concrete walls at border checkpoints. you can drive straight thrugh but you have to use the curves

has it been suggested yet that mexicans will come with guns and start a real battle for the border?

hello deep state

Attached: ohgoy.jpg (600x600, 52.26K)

Attached: 1522189283603.jpg (199x254, 5.03K)

Holy shit, he's going to build the fucking wall
Of course I knew he would, intellectually, I already said he would and staked my reputation on it
But now I actually see how he's going to do it. It's going to happen in a way the democrat's won't even understand, so they won't be able to oppose it. He's going to judo reality around so much that he is going to do the simplest thing in the construction business, build a physical wall, and effectively make it look like it sprang out of nowhere.
The wall will be under construction the whole time, but it's going to be invisible to democrats until it's already done! Holy shit.

While that's hilarious, it doesn't work.
It won't stop the cartels because they're such savages they'll just send out human slaves to trigger them all and trick immigrants into making paths for them
And it'll require re-mining after paths are carved.
And it's only a small strip that's available to mine up, in some places there's no space for that to work

ayy lmao

Attached: triggering content.png (790x431, 56.21K)




Attached: 2awoo4school.jpg (400x400, 41.5K)

The real beauty of it being a 30 foot tall "fence" is that shareblue and friends will believe they've somehow won, while the wall starts to go up at the same time. It's like fag trannies pretending they are women, when in reality they're just delusional. Everyone with at least two brain cells can see that it's a 30 foot barrier, built to the specs of the border patrol (see-through). They will continue to shill as if naming such a barrier a fence somehow changes its properties, without understanding that men don't give two shits what its called.

Mexico is gonna pay f-

It will.
In time.

With blood.

Attached: lu.jpg (500x375, 23.07K)

but, right now, i need to… borrow $1B.

The Pentagon is telling Trump they won't fund the wall, and the odds of the military participating in a controversial political project like the wall are very slim.

The omnibus is the death knell for whites in the US. The omnibus literally stops hiring of ICE agents, strictly caps deportations, and bans "wall" prototypes. The omnibus is very literally the exact opposite of what we elected Trump for, or at least what I voted for. It also sends a shit ton of money to the Middle East–for what? WE, America, will have to pay that bill later–for fucking Afghani women police officers or whatever bullshit–in the meantime, our goddamn country is invaded and occupied by hostile 85 IQ animals. It's unfuckingbelivable what they did here.

This country is going down in flames and they're giving billions to the fucking middle east and the text of the omnibus effectively bans the wall.

What's next? This bill locks in the fuckery permanently. It's not funny or entertainment to discuss politics now. This is survival. We're on a fucked up path to destroy whites forever in this country. Are we going to fight back or what?

Holla Forums, you are truly the master of moving goalposts to keep up the illusion of victory.

$15 billion to China for "development".

Trump just got 38 million more for border planning and design. No more screeching about it being a fence? Moving on?

Kek, i already knew you would try to use this retarded argument months ago as soon as i saw the first wall prototypes with slits in them.

Nearly spit my tea when i saw that.

Attached: 1466448362400.png (800x800, 560.86K)


Mexico shit themselves over the possibility of a remittance tax (since so much money comes into their economy from beaners sending it home) so they are helping round up MS-13 and Keith Rainere, etc.

Have you ever fallen 30+ feet with nothing to cushion your fall? I fell about 15 feet once and didn't land correctly and my ankle was fucked for days.

I don't see these spics landing safely, especially those in poor shape. Maybe a few of the tougher guys will land properly, but the majority of them are gonna break their legs. There are lots of tiny bones and weak points in your joints that can't handle that kind of sudden stress.

it's better than teh shit that was there , or not there, but the real concern is having enough resources to monitor that shit. I've seen enough Mexicans with sawzalls to know they can chew through anything like rats.

Attached: e78026c67a212307c57f8949c5d861c5e52f57a6b5cdec205b7eb066a653fec9.png (145x200, 37.63K)

nigger that's not re-bar

If this were the America of a century ago and we weren't in the Jew American Century, the military would have already been deployed to the border. What we have on our southern border is an invasion, by definition; placing landmines with warning signs that anyone attempting to cross illegally would be shot on sight is the correct response.

In addition, any local or state government with a "sanctuary" policy should be subject to military occupation and governance until it is transitioned from its rogue status. Needless to say, the birthright citizenship and gibs would be stopped immediately. Problem solved.

So, I've been reading the thread and I need a clarification:
Are Mexicans incompetent fat idiots who couldn't get out of a wet paper bag OR are they flooding over the border by the millions to take our jobs, get gibs, and vote?

It can't be both.

They're not particularly cunning themselves, it's just that the jews and big business left the gate open to our invaders.



First group is the lucky ones who made it through and evaded capture for long enough to establish a decadent lifestyle, second group is those trying to make it into the first group. Not terribly confusing. Also as points out, it doesn't take a criminal mastermind to go from A to B. To the extent that, as you appear to be suggesting, successful illegal entrants may have greater agency or intelligence than their cohort: after establishing a beachhead those border hopping brainiacs will reproduce, sponsor relatives to come in (if they benefit from any number of amnesty type programs available to illegals), and otherwise pave the way for those wet paper bag types to come en masse. And as even the most barebones government provisions in the U.S. are a luxury to an average Mexican, they will experience little difficulty to achieving the dream of becoming those in the first category you mentioned. Anyway, shills are expected to lurk 1-2 years just like the rest of us, I would suggest you go back to "reading. "

actually it can be both, if you can prove two things: (1) they work for almost nothing wages (2) someone is giving them instructions on how to do it

Both of these have already been proven. Go home Holla Forums

The same Pentagon that is the headquarters for the Department of Defense?
The same DoD that is run by the Secretary of Defense?
The same SoD reports directly to the President?
The same President that is Trump?

Attached: tarded.jpg (698x1284, 104.55K)

couldn't you just climb the rods

it's like cnn invaded the board or something

I'm going to clarify since shills probably don't understand how leadership structure works with a confident leader, busy making new wall threads and all. The moment "the pentagon" tells trump "no" to anything, is the moment that "the pentagon" is going to get a new boss.



This is the replacement fencing that started on March 15.

Trumpowtiz and his (((civnat))) kikes think you are this dumb and easily tricked, don't be.

I wonder if Trump would help me bollard off a few spics in my hood.

< the kikes abuse the reporting system, so as to reduce the number of people seeing this

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (597x226, 27.31K)


Attached: d57e89ac2c5700bd996cd16bfc2c841de54fdfe48934ce7f5025de95e0974282.mp4 (480x270, 2.28M)

Attached: 3c0f344af84687eee0448ffe8268712c8e4bd5d503d68af5219ebc40c5d81904.mp4 (720x480, 5.05M)

I wonder if that was automatically done or manually

well shit

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Curse yahweh, curse your religion, curse your people, curse your nation Israel, and curse you and curse your name.

Do you leave your door unlocked at night?

I am certain it was because kikes and other faggots raided and flagged it. It's an Alinsky's rule, to jam the reporting systems.


So, we call it a wall, because we don't want to call it what it is:

These are the prison bars, they are the caged animals.

Trump is a (((civnat))) he doesn't really want to stop illegal immigration, it's just a front to get white people to support him.

Hitler was right about these kikes. They are like jelly. They reduce themselves to a single word, slink about without any claim, there is no them there, there is no argument. We are winning the war, victory is ours! SHADILAY!

I keep forgetting that kikes score high in semantics.



^ engaged in standard shill activity: "engender defeat"

But when it is done, the common trait is to offer multiple insults. That's the red flag.

Anyone can argue, for example, that Trump is one thing or another, or the wall is one thing or another, but by including multiple things which are not agreed upon the kike (or other shill, trained in kiking) means to cause emotional upset, rightful.

It is our duty as white people to destroy the devices, the structures, the knowledge, and the genetics of the kikes.

Hmm, two 30 foot fences & an enforcement zone, or 1 concrete 30 foot wall. Touch choice.

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Curse your religion, curse your kind (faggot tranny kikes), curse your Israel, and curse your diaspora.

"It was ultimately funded under the current administration in 2017"


kike ^
So this is invented D&C. You see, lads, we can have both. We can have many walls. And many we shall have!



Projecting (((civnat)))?

This was preexisting fencing/wall that Trump is trying to trick his twitter followers into thinking is the wall he promised to build.


Wrong. There was no plan for anything 30' tall. :^)

Our Furer who art in Valhalla, hallowed by thy name.
Thy Reichdom come, on Earth as it is in Valhalla.
Give us this day our daily mead, and free us from usury, as we also free others from usury by killing kikes.
And lead us not to degeneracy or theft, but deliver us from communism.

We can call it a fence if it makes you happy. It's still being built.

Hitler was an underachiever, and your genes are next.

Indeed. We shall have it!


I can't even tell if you're being sarcastic or not. be honest: are you Holla Forums sardonically making fun of how delusional trumpcucks are?

this. and, its unfortunate that you have to use tor in order to say so. Holla Forums should be holding trump's feet to the fire. where's the petition we're all going to sign to get trump to really do the wall?


Adolf Hitler was right about you. You are now playing stupid, just like our great Fuhrer the first told us you would. Now you play stupid. Curse Israel, curse yahweh, curse your family's name, and curse you.

/pol is compromised and protecting the narrative. Please go to /zenpol

There is a massive effort all over the web to lie about the omnibus. /pol is part of that effort. It is all lies trying to control damage.


-DOES NOT fund border wall. It allocates funding for 33 miles of fence.

- NO MONEY can be spent on a wall of any type. None. Any money may only be used on “operationally effective designs" that were in use on May 5, 2017.

-REDUCES the number of illegals that may be detained for deportation. Again, the law reduces detainment. Reduces. Pay attention. The omnibus REDUCES the current number–about 40,761 beds–by about 250, so FEWER illegals may be held for deportation.

-NO new ICE arresting officers/field agents shall be hired. Fewer than 100 are provided for ONLY in support jobs–not the field. Trump said he wanted 1000 field agents originally. Trump is now prohibited from hiring any of those

-Increases number of foreign workers. H-2B visa program EXPANDED by 100,000 foreign workers. Again, expanded. Pay attention.

-Mandates sanctuary city funding (you know, the cities that protect illegals who've committed crimes like rape and murder) .

-The military will NOT fund the wall or assist with it. NOT happening. Pay attention to Mattis. His policy is to remain neutral on any political issue like building the wall.


pol is compromised, yes. But zenpol is shit. Gas yourself.

Still no proofs kike?

I think it's becoming clear that the Trump meme was always run by jews, Israel First jews but that's implicit in (((civic nationalism))) anyway. civic nationalism for Israel and Civic Nationalism for white countries.



Put this music on 11:

Pour yourself a glass of champagne…

… and sip it while you mine kike tears.

word filter got my post.

the mods have filtered eth-no to civic, since the board owner is (((civnat))) himself.


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You don't get it, do you? Trump can spend this money on whatever the hell he wants to, because it's not a budget.


A genius decision. High voltage approved!

No redtext this time kike? I read a bit of it already actually. And do you even know what you linked nigger?

We need to pipe so much electricity in it the spics tap it to run their lightbulbs.


There is a massive effort all over the web to lie. You are traitor fucks here defending this shit. FUCK YOU

This is a complete, epic backstab. It is the EXACT opposite of what Trump promised

Since you fucking traitor pieces of shit who run this site are burying this:

-This shit does NOT fund any border wall. It allocates funding for 33 miles of fence.

-NO money shall be spent on a wall of any type. Money shall only be used on “operationally effective designs" that were in use on May 5, 2017.

-This REDUCES the number of illegals that may be detained for deportation. Again, REDUCES. The omnibus reduces the current number of detention beds–about 40,761 beds–by about 250. This means FEWER illegals can be detained.

-NO new ICE arresting officers/field agents may be hired. Fewer than 100 are provided for ONLY in support jobs–not the field. Trump said he wanted 1000 field agents originally. Trump is now prohibited from hiring any of those

-Increases number of foreign workers. H-2B visa program EXPANDED by 100,000 foreign workers. Again, expanded. Pay attention.

-Mandates sanctuary city funding (you know, the cities that protect illegals who've committed crimes like rape and murder) .

-The military will NOT fund the wall or assist with it. NOT happening. Pay attention to Mattis. His policy is to remain neutral on any political issue like building the wall.

I don't know if this is 100% true to be honest. He can choose "not" to spend it, and the bill allows him to move money around, but I'm not sure he can move money that isn't expressly stated that he can move.

Trump has begun the wall, he has outfoxed you kikes, and you are butthurt as hell. mmm. delicious salt.


red pill

Come on… do it man. Red text. DO IT KIKE!

I believe there is full flexibility, since it is most certainly not a budget. The Constitution only constrains actual budgets, not mere wishes or opinions. Anyway, Trump still can get a hell of a lot done, pic related :^)

Look, all they can do is impeach him. That's it. That's the only law enforcement action possible against the President. It's not even possible to apply penalties against the President (because the President can pardon himself).

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Retard-tier design tbh

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He can but he won't since he's controlled by jews.

It's a con, all the major actions he has taken have been for the benefit of Israel, none for the American people. That is the nature of the civnat, a slave to the jews.

wall (n.)

Old English weall, Anglian wall "rampart, dike, earthwork" (natural as well as man-made), "dam, cliff, rocky shore," also "defensive fortification around a city, side of a building," an Anglo-Frisian and Saxon borrowing (Old Saxon, Old Frisian, Middle Low German, Middle Dutch wal) from Latin vallum "wall, rampart, row or line of stakes," apparently a collective form of vallus "stake," from PIE *walso- "a post." Swedish vall, Danish val are from Low German.

I don't understand where this nomeclature with budget-notabudget is coming into play. It's a bill that was passed and signed into law. It specifies funding that can or cannot be used a certain way.

As far as I understand it, the president, being commander in chief, and head of the department of defense, as well as other executive branchs, can choose to NOT use the money. Even the link you show says "flexibility for". I read the defense part a little, it does look like money from the defense spending can be sloshed around a little, but that's the act as written in law that's allowing it.

Trump's major accomplishments.

1. Scrap the Iran deal.

2. Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

3. 3.1 billion to Israel.

What did Americans get?

A bunch of lies about a wall.

1. ISIS defeated, no war with Syria

2. One state solution, Israel gets swamped with sand niggers

3. Congress critters beg for 3.1 billion but oops we need it for the wall

What did Americans get?
A whole like of kosher salt from your kikey tears.

The steel pole on the bottom is shaped diamond so it is possible to create the rope ladders with the suction cups.

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The Iran deal was the one major issue for Israel and they got what they wanted.

Everything Trump has done has been for Israel, and that makes sense given who runs his Presidency.

The very first line say it's from December 15th, 2015 you pathetic fucking faggot.

ShareBlue is really going all out after getting stumped on the Omnibus money going to The Wall






-The omnibus does NOT fund any border wall. It allocates funding for 33 miles of fence.

-NO money shall be spent on a wall of any type. Money shall only be used on “operationally effective designs" that were in use on May 5, 2017.

-NO new ICE arresting officers/field agents may be hired. Fewer than 100 new SUPPORT ONLY jobs are mandated–NOT field agents. Trump said he wanted 1000 field agents.

-This REDUCES the number of illegals that may be detained for deportation. Read that again: REDUCES. The omnibus reduces the current number of detention beds–about 40,761 beds–by about 250. This means FEWER illegals can be detained.

-This INCREASES the number of foreign workers. H-2B visa program EXPANDED by 100,000 foreign workers.

-This MANDATES sanctuary city funding (the cities that protect illegals who've committed crimes like rape and murder).

-The military will NOT fund the wall or assist building it. Pay attention to Mattis. His policy is to remain neutral on any political issue like building the wall.

They're so fucking desperate they're posting bills from BEFORE TRUMP WAS FUCKING ELECTED.

Nope, you lying shitbag. You don't get to change your source and post the same shit. You are a liar and were caught.

But you are yourself a jew, and you said the wall would never be built, yet the wall is being built, and you say that it's a fence, but it's not like any fence I've ever seen before, and you say that children climb these as a game, when they have only climbed 10 foot tall versions, and didn't even top them, and you tell me that oh, surely everything is not going my way.

Guess what?


I ain't reading that shit nigger.

Nonsense. My retort, pic related.

Any wall will be scaled by drug dealers. But not by small-timers. Indeed, this wall creates a structure which facilitates monitoring.

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So what happens after pedro the 350lb day laborer manages to haul his ass 30ft straight up on to some barbed wire?

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In other words, yes, it's just a beginning. But right now, many casual drug dealer operations, and casual human smuggling operations get across the border every day, as there is literally no barrier at all.

I would assume you're just a jew/lefty trying to blue pill the board but many Trumpniggers are actually this retarded.

You won't even go looking for the omnicuck yourself to confirm, you just want Trump or kiked e-celebs to spoonfeed you bullshit.

Hungary's literal wire fence and concrete roadblocks kept out 95% of fucking migrants.

I literal went to your fucking scribd you were spamming and the first fucking line is DECEMBER 15th 2015. You are trying to pass off a bill from before Trump was elected as the current omnibus. You are a liar and shill.

Oh, by the way, Yahweh abandoned the jewish people after the destruction of the second temple.

And further suppose I shined a very bright laser at your eyes. Would you not close them, even though some light still gets in?

And I told you, do not wear that hat - some of your body is not protected by that hat, those rays which cause sun cancer. You may as well give up fighting sun cancer, and toss aside your hat. Would you do it?

What's it feel like to be assblasted so hard in multiple threads, knowing that we didn't even give your no-foreskin dick a reach around?

jej @ such retardness.

It's just a soldier of the minions of the oppressor, the kikes, who lie, and steal, and dissimulate, and usurp.


He posted the updated link but you purposely ignored it.


I'm not the one desperately trying to white knight for ZOG online, I enjoy posting truth and watching you kikes and kike slaves squirm.

You want to know how I got you to stop using that annoying redtext, or will you figure it out on your own eventually?

< no mea culpa
kike identified

So trawl through that and get the actual text, you can't post fucking walls of text of the WRONG FUCKING ACT and claim it's till valid just because you changed the fucking link.

jej calm down, yo.

They attack our honor, now that they cannot attack the wall. They say "this is not yours… it's ours!"

Believe that, you're a kike and a nigger, and I know you don't.

1. He won't run
2. He can't run
3. He didn't win
4. He stole it
5. The Russians did it
6. He won't build it
7. He can't build it
8. He isn't building it
9. ??? the Russians are building it???


10. Trump annexes and walls of portions of Russia.

10. It's not a wall, it's a fence.

10. well they can just scale the wall somehow

All Tor users all share the same 000000.

Trumpniggers, dumb as dogshit.

Shills are indeed blown the fuck out and are in full damage control but not the ones you're referring to. I'm sure nobody will ever be able to pass drugs and guns through the FENCE that's being replaced with a taller FENCE. Good job you illiterate niggers.

byebye prototypes. They were just a LARP turns out.

But Zenpol sucks ass.

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Riding different threads with the same tone and message and expecting people to believe you're a different person. Okay kike.



< I can scale 30' walls
< fences are made out of steel columns 30' tall… ever

Kek, nobody's doing that.

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Basically, this is a red flag, indicating a kike. If they orbit with their attacks being of non-existence, you are dealing with a kike. Really, the denial of the existence of things, and feigned forgetfulness, they are kike markers.

Why do mods here keep deleting these videos of beaners scaling these "walls" like it's nothing?

Attached: 2 Girls Undermine Entire Us Border Strategy In Under 18 Seconds.mp4 (480x270, 2.28M)

If it's so ineffective why are they freaking out over it? Aren't they Keynesians?

Whatever, man. That's what you kikes do. You create coalitions of the aggrieved, to generate infighting. But now we know, and we shall destroy all kikes, at the genetic level.

Attached: Mexicans Caught Scaling Wall Into Us Definitely Up To Something Sketchy.mp4 (720x480, 5.05M)

Why are you linking him as if you actually read through the text, you just copied what I pasted earlier. Are you that retarded?


Because you're gaslighting.

Wow that sure is a reason to fucking upgrade to the wall, now isn't it?

Are you illiterate?

Repeat after me

You do realize you're effectively shilling for Trump's policy at this point, right?

The reason you keep getting deleted is that the vast majority of Mexicans, or members of any race, cannot climb so well. True, those spics can. But they aren't climbing 30', I'll tell you that, and they sure af aren't pregnant women.

But let me repeat, since you, oh kike, oh damned by Hecate, oh food for Sekhmet:


And further suppose I shined a very bright laser at your eyes. Would you not close them, even though some light still gets in?


And I told you, do not wear that hat - some of your body is not protected by that hat, those rays which cause sun cancer. You may as well give up fighting sun cancer, and toss aside your hat. Would you do it?

The reason they keep getting deleted is because it's retarded spam. How is the fact that our border security is shit now an argument to not improve it?

Common kike strategy. Oh food of Sekmet, oh cursed and non-existent yahweh, israel, talmud.


How did you read what I posted and think I was advertising their shit board? You sure are dumb.

jej. This is amazing, man. They are so fucking salty. I mean, they are literally so salty that they are the dead sea, or, as I prefer to call it, Sekhmet's milk bowl.


Just noticed that they were actually deleted earlier, and not on ban list. : / Well that takes the fun out of having a discussion.

I'm effectively laughing at you retards who are loving swallowing a ZOGbot's cum and like battered wives trying to convince yourselves and others that what you're getting is good enough, which at the moment is dogshit that won't fix the problem that America is facing.

Though to begin with, just the wall without mass deportations of non whites wouldn't completely halt the demographic replacement and vice versa. Even if by some fucking miracle Trump stop being an Israeli sockpuppet for a moment and gives the army engineers the order to build his wall, the shitskins already in America will outbreed whiter burgers. Especially if Trump actually becomes amnesty Don.

Yes, everyone is doomed and should just give up and become faggot leftists, what a brilliant solution.

Keep voting for lying ZOGbots you strawmanning dumb faggot. I'm sure one of these days you'll be able to vote the deepstate out of power.

Aren't muslims over the threshold of Taqqiya in your country?

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Do you propose a solution? Are you saying you wouldn't build a barrier given the chance?

No, he's just going to shoot down any and all ideas besides not doing anything and becoming non-participants in society.

My solution is to stop putting your faith in politicians and believe in yourself a little more. Work on yourself, build your own tightly knit network, have a greater impact on your community and try to reach a position where people around you would like and trust you more than their lying corrupt government. I also suggest you stop drinking tap water, get angry and do those things that angry people do like flipping cars.

Sekhmet feeds herself, as long as there's blood.

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I don't think getting angry is a solution to problems. I will agree with the first parts though.

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This is how the wall gets built. Obamaphone money, lad.

Nothing wrong with getting a little angry.

He's a kike, attempting to get you to turn on your own. Go Puritan on him. Purge. It's how the kikes work. Kevin MacDonald has documented their behaviors in his Civilization of Critique series.

You see, we come from hunter-gatherers. They come from collectivist groups, probably originally farmers.

So we have what is called "altruistic punishment" - we punish freeloaders, non-conformists.

They have a kind of philosophy, very simple "whatever's good for the group." That is, it's moral if it's in the favor of the group. And whatever is nasty toward outsiders is pretty much OK, so long as it doesn't cause trouble, and it's moral for him to do it if it brings gain to the group.

Culture of Critique*

Not only is the new wall several times higher, it has cuboid pillars with sharp ass edges. Hug climbing such a tube for 30 feet is already ridiculously difficult even for fit people, now good luck doing that shit on a cuboid form. As for rope, you stupid moterfuckers have you ever thrown one? I've been sailing half my life and trust me no one can throw a rope that fucking high, go buy a rope tomorrow try it yourself and you'll know what i'm talking about, you would need some kind of special rope gun to shoot it that high. Now also look at the top of the wall even if they manage to get that rope over the thing, it's sharp as fuck, good luck for more than three people climbing it without the wall cutting into the rope and severing it.

I won't deny that few tricky spics will still manage, but this wall is absolutely enough to stop all casual spic border hoppers three times over.

Attached: cuboid wall.png (923x667, 15.93K)

Not to mention that they'll still have to get over the concrete caps, which they won't be able to shimmy up.

I don't see any concrete caps, where are you people getting this shit from?

Now if we can only build a wall to keep the jersey niggers our of PA.

ivanka is jewish

Did you not see the design they're using?

Look up the term "discretionary" in regards to spending. Basically, unless money is budgeted (an omnibus is not) then the executive has discretion to spend how he likes with few limitations, thanks to the tangle of jew spaghetti that our laws have become.


No concrete in the early portion.

This thing is an Obamaphone thing, OK? We gotta find our money here or there, now and again, this is a war against the evil one, the kikes, may they be cursed eternally and forgotten eternally, non-existing forever.

All omnibus means is that multiple bills were consolidated into one bill for one vote. The limitations for spending are in the bill, which is now law.

Actually, it's a completely reasonable rule. Congress can, at any time, with a 2/3rds majority, amend it :^) (technically the President could pass a spending decrease, but why would he?)

I did. I don't believe this is one of those. It will most likely be left as sharp tops.

Already happened. They're the ones who cast the spell too. "Yes, may his blood be on our hands forever."

Your belief has no backing.

No, it's not law like you think. They can pass a law that says "Mike
Tyson shall be the mascot of America," but that doesn't mean it will happen. Laws don't work like you think, at all.

Essentially, the most important thing to understand here is that the Constitution is working exactly as intended. Don't budget, don't get the shit you want.


they're shills and they're making it up. this a fence, not the wall. its all bullshit







Attached: CuboidBollard.png (634x423, 356.41K)


It would be quite difficult to add concreted or even steel to the top after the ballards are already set.

Here you can see there was a shorter fence that had a flat steel section for the top half, but you can clearly see that it was prebuilt that way.

Nonsense. It's just like building an ordinary overpass.

Why aren't you on tor this time? I understand that it's a fence. Why does it matter to me what it's called?

The no concrete rule can be ignored. It's not a budget, it's discretionary. The demands have no Constitutional power :^) They're just fever dreams. The money can be spent on Obamaphones, or whatever the hell the President wants to spend it on.


Why do they care? It's a kike. Their operation is "radical denial". It doesn't exist, it isn't happening, it doesn't count, it's not his, he stole it, etc.

On and on it goes. The kikes have many ways of denying.

They oppress us, but Odin is with us this day.


Smugglers mostly bring in drugs by boat.

But not weed. This is what has me soooo laffin'. Cheap-ass weed, all these dumbass weed motherfuckers are buying, all of these college blue haired fucks, they're buying MEXICAN WEED. And that shit comes across the border. And when the wall goes up, that weed is going to be so goddamn expensive, and those stupid university kikes are gonna be so fucking assman.


wall is funded, hes done it

This, any weak points in the wall or existing sapper tunnels will be revealed by the huge array of sensors that they've been putting in.

They started putting in "enhanced barriers like those 30' steel walls a year ago or so. They've put up over 200 miles of it in a year.

Keep telling yourself that.

Attached: smugqua.jpg (306x306, 11.13K)

Those SOBs are concrete filled too. Torchlets FO, the thermal mass will make these difficult to cut.

Do you mean the bow with the arrows?

t. BASED boomer

Sure getting some bottom of the barrel shills these days.

Not disjoint; therefore, not mutually exclusive. In fact, the intersection (incompetent fat idiots AND flooding over the border by the millions) is - by definition - the typical beaner.

if they were fucking macgyver they wouldn't be living in mexico to begin with

yes a rope tied to an arrow shot over 30 feet high can certainly support a human's weight in Cool World

To stop them from coming over is to end the welfare and jail anyone for hiring them illegally.

We need to jail CEOs for doing this but also take their shekels, bigly. How about ten grand per day per illegal?

Precast my dude. God I wish my company was big enough to bid on this.

Meant for


daily reminder this isn't the wall and the jews that run trump are lying to you again.

"Mexican congressman climbs U.S. border fence to illustrate that Trump's wall is 'totally absurd"


They're mocking us.

Attached: ht_wall3_dc_170303_4x3_992.jpg (992x744, 117.75K)

LoL @ all the comments stressing how impossible it would be to scale this magical 'un-climbable' & 'impenetrable' wall, all based from the fact they closed their eyes to imagine and wished really hard for it to be the case.

Apparently not being willing to fall for the retarded jewish lies makes one a "shill"now.

I'm so old I remember when Holla Forums used to be redpilled, now telling the uncomfortable truth triggers the sensitive new republicans here that it's been redefined as 'blackpill'.
Best not hurt the fee fees of braindead ZOGbots eh

I came here to say just that, he had help it's fucking obvious.

The fucking retardation of the Trumpstein-bot


Now try getting down lol.
Oh wait, you can't without equipment. The same equipment you're refusing to show in the picture.

If you think that pot-bellied beaner and friends climbed up there for this photo op unaided, and without a full safety crew in waiting to get their sorry arses down again, then you're the retard, champ.

In other news: Lead Gay-Nigger thinks that the US Border Patrol relies solely on a wall, forgetting that the border system is comprised of a system of surveilence technologies; sensors, cameras, drones, and tunnel detection, that allow authorities to deal with situations as they occur. You think Itsnotreal relies solely on a wall? They use a fence in most cases. When it went up; something like 99% drop in crossings. Same with, what was it, Hungary? I'm glad you know your people's lies are retarded though, rabbi.

We need to add some robots on it though.


Why do you have strange rules regarding the ascent being valid or not according to your own criteria, don't you think criminal beaners are going to employ the help of their friends and tools to assist them.

That's like saying Mexicans tubing across the water doesn't count because they float in on tractor wheel inner tube?

Or bank robberies don't count because the thieves used guns?

Again, why is the ascent not valid because they had assistance?
In any scenario you can imagine the criminal beaners will always have and make use of any assistance available to them.

There is no doubt or question here, you are retarded, doubly so, one for being a Trumpstein spastic the other for refusing to accept the cluimbing of the wall being valid because "they obviously had some help getting there".

Lovely idea to imagine,can you tell me the relevance of you posting that cartoon as your argument, you could have painted Batman on the fence that would be more effective and just as plausible.

Did this isreali company win the contract for this, or did the isreali contractors that did win the contract for the wall not have such requirements?

PS - why did you mention Hungary?
Hungary has border guarded fences, manned by devoted individuals with handcuffs and dogs.
The Omnibus bill includes funding for several walls, all of them in the Middle East all of them for isreal's benefit.

First of all, climbing up something is way, WAY easier than getting down again. Second, beaner assistance will be on the beaner side of the wall, helping them with the easy part, not the difficult part. Third, the wall is but one component of a border security system to prevent illegal crossings. Fourth, the see-through design was chosen to permit border security to monitor any significant effort to scale the wall. Finally, a 30ft drop is bloody intimidating. It's the height of a diving tower; if you've ever jumped off one, you know not to mess around up there, and that's knowing you have a relatively safe landing in the water.



Is there plans to fill in the bars with concrete? They seem to be a frame to me.

What is a sensor grid?
What is remote cctv?
What are remote control centers?
What is a 1 story(10feet) fence compared to a 30 feet fence?
What is the Trumps version wall with steel and concrete and a anti scaling design?
Hmmm so many questions, really gets the old nogging working.

Not only that you are showing an area where there are no crossovers or very limited and the anti-scaling metal grate placed on top of that old bush wall is not there which means you're shitposting argument is facetious. This old wall would be replaced, the steel recycled. These cunts coulnd't actually do a lift up as most of these immigrant cancers who have often been walking for weeks straight can't do. They would also need to go down on the other side and that's where most injure themselves.

Exactly this, FED can print trillions so what's 30~ billion anyway, it's a piss in the water. Meanwhile we're funding massive anti-migration walls in norther africa and around the kikehive for hundreds of billions of dollars but that's a-okay for these idiots. The more debt we take on the sooner this garbage system crashes anyway.

It's time to ban TORpedo's card blanche again.
Hello muslim middle eastern living in the west thinking he has any right to stay here.

Whuch is precisely what you are, shilling for Ne99oCon jewry on Holla Forums
Did you know that white NatSoc antisemites used to be the main posters on here once?


I mean realistically you could just shimmy down like a firehouse pole.

Not that it matters but it certainly appears to be the exact same design as the new.

What are the debilitating factors about this 'new' magic wall/fence that defies all mountain climbing skills to navigate it's magical structure?

Why is it so important for 'anons' to believe in lying jewish neocon lies as though their entire existence depends on the lying neocon kikes telling the truth this time to the goy for the first time in their long history of lies upon lies?

It never used to be this way before redditors shown up and kushner opened his checkbook up

STFU, Paul Ryan. Take your talking points back to Chuck Jewmer

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Bannon was the (((Alt-Right))). Kushner had nothing to do with it.

That's impossible, no one has ever descended a wall they've climbed ever before!

Besides Mexican are fat and they couldn't even get up there without help, and this user [>>11425382] has already explained that no Mexicans according to the unwritten rules of illegal border crossing will be allowed a helping hand when illegally trying to navigate this magnificent wall/fence.

The beams have a square cross-section to prevent this.

Quite possibly true, The Cambridge Analytica story which no user is allowed to discuss freely here [without jews pretending it doesn't implicate the chanboards being bought up] basically did say that Bannon paid millions to help manipulate common consensus on social media.

And we have Holla Forums being press ganged into cheering on the jew world order, so yeah possible Bannon-bux though I wouldn't rule out some help from Kushner, such is the depravity of jew cocksucking going on here these days

Are you doing this all off the cuff, or are you really this determined to prove to yourself that this simple fence cannot be breached?

Bannon is long gone and yet the Trump shilling continues.

Nobody is claiming it can't be breached, you bloody kike. The point of the wall is to create significant obstacle. But of course you're right; let's not build something that will keep 99.95% of illegals from even attempting to cross, because a half of one percent might make it.

who knows but the most important thing you must know is that it has nothing to do with Kushner!

No one is claiming such things… except you and a dozen or so fellow fashy goys insisting that the wall is impregnable…

It's not me reneging on a promise to build a magnificent wall to defend America, that's your boss who has done that, by throwing you a token bone by repairing an old fence, that was first agreed to be done 2 years ago…

Remember, you're arguing the wall can't be breached and everyone demonstrating to you that it can, you then alter the scene

Quote me where I said it was impossible to cross. I'll wait.