Russian Ambassador drops truth bombs in Australia

Just saw this guy live on ABC 24, the (((media))) were constantly trying to get him to say that the double agent murder is a conspiracy against Russia to make him sound loony. He made it obvious that it was anyway. He had to explain things like the World Wars, Crimea, MH17 and Serbia being bombed. He didn't mention (((them))), though. He explained simple things, to mentally deficient (((reporters))) like how embassies work and political processes too. It was good how he explained that Australian support for UK/US position was political in nature and not about the law. Also said that Russia won't provide evidence as they weren't making the accusations.

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Did he mention how Australia was a dumping ground for the worst turds of the British Empire?

Why is it always the first post Chaim?

Oh look a pro-Kremlin narrative being shilled by one of (((us)))
How many microseconds before (((mods))) sticky this?

Wanna say he's wrong user but it shows in todays population.
Better that than the emasculated cuckold mentality beta males of the UK granted.

Upset that your Greater Israel plans have fallen through?

You gotta love yourself before you can take them on mate. Also (((Melbourne))) is not Australia.

Who cares about Hebrew and Syrian Semitic peoples fighting and squabbling over territory?
White men care about the millions of Syrian Semite trash being pushed into Europe by (((Assad))) and (((Jewtin)))

All tor posts should glow neon green as you fuckers shine so bright in the darkness

>Oy vey! He's not buying my (((narrative))), better call him a kike
It's not working, rebbe

The UK interfered in our election much more than Russia did, a British Intelligence guy authored the fake pissgate report. Other Brits were involved too.

We shouldn't lift a finger to help the UK after that betrayal.

Do you expect anyone to believe this nonsense? How shameful.

I wish they were, but they are not.


Watched it too, glad there's a thread.
Guy didn't give a fuck and made fools of them, our news cycle didn't even wait a day to start claiming the diplomats were spies. Total bullshit.
Don't forget the Labor party used tax payer money to send lefties and shitskins to campaign against Trump in America. That got them a minuscule fine and barely any media coverage. Fucking scum.

No fucking durr we are part of the commonwealth and the queen is the head of our country, we are a parliamentary monarchy, although all the dumb cunts here think we are a democracy, fucking dumb cunts. We do whatever the queen tells us to.

Not South Australia you mongoloid cunt.

that meme was a joke that became lost when Holla Forums was flooded by newfags like you. you know, retards who post "kike free hurr durr." fuck off with your blatant newfaggotry

I don't think it matters, at this point.

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Nice kike narrative there, kike.

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Britain is not a serious country.

Wot? Assad and putin? are you fucking retarded or what, you dumb nigger. Where do you even come up with assad and putin? What a kiked narrative.

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color me surprised

tbh living in Melbourne is the best forced redpill.