Today Trump Met With Mega Jews to "Honor the Life and legacy of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson."

Trump truly is the best goy. Mazel Tov!(40 YEAR (((TRADITION))) (USER WAS BANNED FOR NON-Holla Forums NEWS, SLIDING AND SPAMMING)

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Here's Trump's official declaration marking today as ‘Education and Sharing Day’ in honor of the Rabbi.

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>ignore all the stuff Trump has done to make America better and free it from globalistkike tyranny

this is so low energy shill-kun. did you have a rough chabat? maybe the matzo wasn't as blood-soaked as you were used too? go home and cuddle your yamulke, secure in the knowledge that we're keeping the oven hot.

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Where's my wall, gun grabber?

WTF? I fucking hate Trump now. We should have voted in a real antisemite!

I am delighted to join with your many friends and followers in wishing you а very Happy Seventy-Ninth Birthday. Your dedication and devotion to the spiritual and intellectual well-being of the Jewish people are an inspiration to all Americans. For more than two centuries, the Chabad-Lubavitch Movement has been а vital force in Jewish life and culture and а source of hope and sustenance during many difficult and tragic moments in Jewish history." The Rebbe and President Ronald Reagan by Dovid Zaklikowski

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A time honored tradition.

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see you next thread Moshe

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Where's my wall, amnesty pusher?


Sorry that your thread is shit Chaim

>President Trump invited a delegation of Chabad shluchim this year, marking 40 years since President Carter began the annual tradition
Oy vey goy, it's all drumpfs fault though!

You're not sorry and you know it.

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If you only knew. . .

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And more

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Why was this bumplocked?

Like what, specifically?

Please no ban for truth.

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Mods are Jewish Trump shills. Trump is to retard right wingers what Obama was to retard left wingers. A symbol and a tool to make you think he is doing what you want. Enjoy the false flags coming in before 2019 to force usa into war with iran.

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this JIDF hugbox echochamber is pathetic. you're all shabbos goyim dickriding a orange kike. kill yourselves.

But I thought Trump was supposed to be different?

kike mods on damage control.

Remember, 1488D backgammon