Netanyahu rushed to hospital

High fever, possible poisoning

What are they up to this time?

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Hope he dies tbh.

Can't wait till he's pronounced fucking gone user

Who is his likely successor?


killing him off to prevent the full extent of his corruption from being revealed to the public. he was being investigated on an array of charges.

Last week he had some other illness this is just another delay to his corruption trial

Poisoned by Russia

Unless he's smoking then it's not high enough. Also, yeah, I assume he's faking it to garner sympathy.

My first thought was Mossad staging a false flag against Iran

Guessing Reuven Rivlin, he was elected the president 4 years ago the president of Israel doesn't have any political power

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Die hook!

I genuinely concerned if Mossad can start world war 3 over the prize of getting the control on syria and making greater israel a thing, just by sacrificing Natenyahu to blame his death on russia.
It would had been clever as fuck tactic, and all while allied with britain partners on the deal of blaming russia.

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All that cock-sucking is catching up to him.

You mean like how the jews sacrificed one of their own to get the goy to march to subservient orders while tithing 10%?

Muh Iran hit with muh russia nerve agent. Inevitable and obvious.

They can blame russia all they want but no one is buying it.

The latest happenings bumped off the thread we had where the jews in Israel are infighting and he's caught in the crossfire

If the Palestinians were intelligent and had strong, intelligent, and patriotic leaders, they would use this leadership crisis to attack infrastructure and sow chaos in occupied Palestine.


Consider this hypothetical situation: Russia is behind both poisonings to manipulate the internation community. Additionally, in this hypothetical situation, the Bolshevik-tier Jews from Russian are behind it. Would anyone, even Holla Forums, see it coming? Jews backstabbing jews to become more crypto

Not larping, I'm just plainly asking: is such a thing possible and how kikely is it?

wew underrated

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Rolling for death on april 1st

happening cancelled
Is he going to blame it on Iran?

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do you have to ask?