WaPo FUD: Faggots in US Military Pretend Like They Can Refuse to Pay for Trump's Border Wall

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Commander-in-Chief does with the military as he so pleases. They don't get to choose.

Could it be because you faggots refuse to do your fucking jobs?

This smells like fake news. "MILITARY REFUSES TO PAY" certainly is.

Can we just crowdsource the damn wall? If our elected officials refuse to act on our behalf, we might as well take matters into our own hands. The media kikes and congress traitors will be butthurt when it gets funded by the US citizenry in less than a week.

It's WaPo FUD.

Those guys sure know a lot about security.

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Mr. President, I'm a civilian that works for the military. If you fire the Joint Chief and appoint me in his place, I could have the military completely straightened out in days.

I'm confused. If it's done urgency of under national security I don't see how congress or the pentagon can stop executive powers. Am I missing something?

Done under urgency of*
Little dyslexic today.

Kikes always pretend that they have power they don't have.

Guess (((who))) controls the purse.

Notice how they simply quote "an official," without giving rank or position.

I get that but Trump holds executive power to use military funds directly if it's a matter of national security, to he'll with congress. This is why I'm confused. Tbh it just sounds like some worried kikes and shabbos slaves trying to gaslight and obstruct.

I wonder of President Trump can create an Army Corps of Engineers Auxillary to build the wall. The kikes will try to shuddit down when the program gets tens of thousands of volunteers.

does anyone have the video from some msm channel where they're all sitting around crying about how trump will win the 2020 election? and dems dont have a chance? i can't seem to find the video anywhere. it's driving me crazy. i think youtube took it down for DMCA claims or some shit.

Even the loftiest estimates for the wall at < $25 billion would be easy to find a place in the $4 trillion military budget in the next 6 years.

Yes, the (((Pentgon))) is spewing typical jew gibberish.
Except it doesn't. The "Feed and Forage Act" gives the military, at its own discretion and in the absence of appropriations, power to force the federal government to purchase goods and services during emergencies for use through the end of the fiscal year. Emergencies like say, porous borders allowing Muslim terrorists, human traffickers, and organized criminals through.
In 1968, 1969, and 1972, the Department of Defense used it to support the Vietnam War and other military operations in Southeast Asia.
In 1990, the Department of Defense, under Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney's leadership, invoked the act to make obligations during Operation Desert Shield
In 1994, the act was invoked to support a mission to restore democracy in Haiti.
In 2001, the Bush administration invoked the act immediately after the September 11 terrorist attacks occurred. There is already plenty of precedent.
Furthermore, the Economy Act of 1932 allows allows presidents to move money between departments. Every bureau has a "Memorandum of Agreement for
Intra‐Agency Support during Emergency Incidents" that allows for goods and services to be exchanged. Therefore, Trump merely has to declare an emergency, have the funds moved to Homeland Security, and build a defensive wall, all without any restrictions from the omnibus.
You can't stump the Trump

Just to expand on this, Obama used portions of the fannie may/freddie mac bailout funds to put a leg under ACA.

If its a matter of national security to get Haitians democracy than best believe a wall on the southern border fits the criteria.

I thought Mexico was paying for the wall.

From today's press briefing, the President doesn't want to confirm if he meant "military" in the "build Wall through M" tweet. He's playing another baiting game, but I don't know for what. And I'm still having trouble finding regular updates on Wall construction, even from news orgs allegedly for the President. I've seen one construction photo from Monday morning that was posted to Holla Forums, but the whole thing seems very hush-hush. I suppose that's necessary, considering literally nobody in DC except Trump's team wants the Wall.


That wasn't from Monday, that was from the 13th of this month and showed the replacement of the old California fence with the design chosen for the wall. If you don't believe me, reverse image search the screenshot.

We can get it refunded by remittance taxes and tariffs. But we can't wait 10-20 years for enough funds to come in.

Who's we? You pay for it in taxes. Then the government gets money "back" in taxes. So how does that money get back to you, exactly?

Everytime. Trump has spoke on several occasions on increasing and expanding the tax cuts bill.

What does getting money back to the average person have to do with Mexico paying for the wall? What it means is that the cost for Mexico will balance out the cost of paying for the wall, and it will be revenue neutral. Or do you think everything is done for free?

Imagine being this fucking retarded. Tariffs are a tax on US citizens. Tariffs mean US citizens pay for the wall twice. Mexico doesn't pay a single fucking penny for the wall. Trump's entire campaign meme was

Do you even know how tariffs work?

I just described how they work. The government imposes a tax on US citizens for buying foriegn goods.

Plus there is always Nafta. Doesn't matter anyway tbh. Wouldn't bother me either way if Mexico payed for it. Just build the fucking wall.

how often do you import stuff from foreign nations?

My industry relies on it. So every hour of every day, basically.

YES! And then it becomes COMPETITIVE to MANUFACTURE in the US! Chong put massive taxes on all foreign goods as they are luxuries. We do the same or manufacturing implodes, meaning plebs get poor, meaning they can't afford to pay for your gibs, bloodshed follows, harsh words, etc.. This way is much better. You will see.

what industry requires you to import foreign materials?

You kvetching rings hollow.

Controlled opposition user, and they dont want to run the risk of Holla Forums sympathisers.

thank you for finally enforcing board etiquette like in the old days. hopefully you didn't ban user for too long, if the only thing that was missing was the original link – because the original link is technically included in the archive link. But, nevertheless, thanks to the mods for doing the right thing.

When will they learn, Trump gets what Trump wants.

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Drug trafficking.

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Every penny from this omnibus will to go protecting kikes interests overseas. Trump is just pissed that people actually spent time reading the bill and calling him out on his bullshit.

Medical tech manufacturing. The rare earth minerals we need are not abundant enough and/or too difficult (legally) to mine in the US and have to be imported. Any tariff you impose on those imports hurts US manufacturers because there is no domestic alternative - it's textbook cutting off your nose to spite your face.

Rare earths are not actually rare.

I work with optics and we get lenses from Japan.

Tell me more

….uhhh yeahh really cool…. a semi-decent OP is banned for a minor flub, meanwhile garbage pours onto the catalog constantly.

im not a nigger user, those are clearly for sale by owner in a garage sale.

user, i've ordered research chems and whatnot for labs before. name one mineral you need that you cant get in the US.

well, hopefully it becomes unaffordable for you and youre "forced" to buy lenses made in america.

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but trip 7's are

the stench of pretentious wafts from your posts.

Now all your shilling is completely wrong, but even if the American tax payer had to fund the wall (even if they had to pay for it 10 times) they would still get out ahead with all they money they save by the reduced amount of filth crawling across the boarder.

If I can't buy X domsestically, how does a tariff encourage me to buy X domestically? How does it do anything other than tax me twice for buying something?

You've obviously never bought minerals at industrial scales so shut the fuck up, you clearly have zero idea what you're talking about.
At that point, the lenses will be unaffordable for average consumers and the companies and consumers will suffer higher costs and layoffs.

This meme needs to die. You're already taxed a thousand times on any given item you buy or consume.

Take your other people's meds!

hurr because a medicine prescribed to someone has been totally custom fabricated for that one specific patient, right?

God forbid manufacturing optics in the US becomes economically viable agaib, that would be anudda shoah.

So all the retards that said Trump was a shill have been proven wrong once again. Trump is our Reagan and will clean house of ZOG. Cap this post.

So you're saying he's going to put through a massive amnesty and gun grab?

I'm going to cap this post just to remind myself every day why nu/pol/ is truly the most retarded board on the internet.

Manufacturing in the US has largely already imploded outside of a few key areas. Typically when you want to have a trade war, you get yourself in better position by re-establishing domestic production first.

By twice I didn't mean you only pay two taxes on it, i mean i get an additional tax. So X+1 taxes on imported goods I can't get domestically.

Manufacturing isn't actually as bad as all the memes. Everyone points to the reduction in employment numbers and the shuttering of manufacturing businesses as evidence our manufacturing is dying and being shipped over seas. In some cases, this is true, but not most. What's mostly going on, is it's very expensive to manufacture in the US, so companies have to be more efficient. Efficiency in manufacturing often means the same or more output with fewer employees. So you have half as many companies with half as many workers producing twice what they used to. And this is what's considered an "implosion". It's more an evolution than anything.

That would be the case, if China produced something other than low quality luxury products.

No, it most certainly is true in most cases. I'm not interested in the corporate spin.

They can produce pretty much anything anyone wants to pretty much any specification. If you're getting cheap shit, it's because that's what your brand asked for.

If you produce a lot of things domestically you are better prepared for an interruption in trade because there are fewer products you actually need from someone else. Losing your best customer or having more barriers to that best customer is never good or ideal, but if that customer still hasn't created the necessary leverage to not need you, you are in a position of strength. There is just no way China is ever going to buy anything more from the United States than what they already are, which is where the problem comes in for the US. China genuinely doesn't want more than agricultural products and raw materials. They already have the car companies on their soil and are importing them back to the US. I imagine the next step is just start outright buying US plants and creating jobs for nationalized Chinese and then selling you in the media on how the government "brought jobs back".

This. I would think that to go on record condescending to the commander in chief is grounds for immediately termination if not tribunal.

The first step to achieving a fascist/natsoc society is the citizen to identify as the state and the state identify as the citizen.

That separation of state and citizen is toxic.

The plane obviously was tilted at the perfect angle to prevent it from hitting anywhere else, without letting the bottom wing touch the ground thru space magic, duh.

You just got reduced taxes. Like a couple months ago.

Don't be intellectually disingenuous. For the vast majority of Americans the tax cut was insignificant and was likely funneled immediately yo debt service.

It would be even more like Hitler to create a social jobs program to build the wall like the autobahn.

Confirmation bias is a hell of a drug, m8.

It's the same nonsense that's been peddled for decades as the country has been hollowed out, m8. Filtered.

Imagine only being able to think in gestalt buzz terms you heard on InfoWars without any deep underlying understanding of economics to inform you. No wonder the voting public repeatedly shoots itself in the foot. You're fucking meme-addled retards.

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Nope, make the military build it as a training exercise. Get er done.

we're operating without a budget passed by congress
is not a budget and is not binding as one
remember trump declaring state of emergency and calling spics illegal combatants? i do. remember him saying "fund the military and then put whatever you want in the bill"? i do. funds for the military will be used for
and there's not a thing they can do to stop
you my friend are on top of it

found a jew
it's not just the (7) it's the overall theme of the (7)


The absolute state

A wall is part of national defense. They can't say no.

Only insofar as they abide the constitution. The second they step outside the bounds of the constitution they have stepped outside of the very clause that allows them to be commander-in-chief in the first place.

This is why they are oath sworn to the document - it endures while presidents pass.

we got one that's smart enough to change IPs to respond
either that or he got his cubicle-mate to jump in

I want the military on the border shooting beanears, NOW.

This is what we have been telling you redditors from the beginning. Congress has power of the purse except in wartime power scenarios. Trump does not have wartime powers because war hasn’t been declared since Korea. Trump can not build with the military without an act of Congress.

If a drug cartel attacks workers contructing the initial parts of the wall, could he use that to declare wartime powers and use military funding?

Declare war.

What part of "Commander-in-Chief" means "has to go to non-service members for approval of operations"?

War is an act of Congress, and the Dems and GOPE, who would know full well what the declaration would cause, would never sign it.

You're telling me Congress has to declare war on the US in order for the military to build a wall inside its own borders?

When did Congress declare war on the 70 countries that currently have US bases in their borders?

Since WWII. If war had been declared during Korea, WE WOULD STILL TECHNICALLY BE UNDER WARTIME POWERS, which isn’t the case.

are we getting a wall or not?

You’re obviously a newfag because these are things we dealt with during the Ron Paul years. Yes, Congress has been reluctant to pass any wartime acts because there’s usually an implication of ending those. What we have now is permanent state of warfare so they don’t bother passing pesky acts that might limit their scope. MIC is too big of a jobs program in the US and a halting of aggression would cause economic collapse of the US.

Mods on point recently – threads seeing an uptick in quality, depth, and style

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We are in 6 different "states of emergency" he can easily build it with emergency powers

"These delegations or grants of power authorize the President to meet the
problems of governing effectively in times of crisis. Under the powers delegated by
such statutes, the President may seize property, organize and control the means of
production, seize commodities, assign military forces abroad, institute martial law,
seize and control all transportation and communication, regulate the operation of
private enterprise, restrict travel, and, in a variety of ways, control the lives of United
States citizens. "

Didn't you know you were living in a dictatorship?


Wrong. Read the letter, gaylord.
The Don has already started gathering funds using existing jew spaghetti against them

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Incorrect. That would only apply to an actual budget. On top of that, war does not need to be declared for humanitarian efforts. Groups like the Seabees could be sent out under the guise of a humanitarian crisis via the dangers of the desert landscape for the little spiclets.


have you never heard of remittances? you do realize that we have a piss poor tax rate on remittances from the US to Mexico right? you do realize that taxes on remittances from the US to Mexico measures up to be the #2 income source for the Mexican government, after oil, right?

cause it seems like you don't. if the US levied just a 25% tax on remittances we would fund the wall in two years. fucking educate yourself you double nigger.


over 26 billion estimate in 2014 alone. a higher US tax rate on remittances would not only pay for the wall, but it would sour the well for people coming here to work and then send money "back home." that translates not only to less mexicunts, but less chinks, pajeets, sandniggers and niggers inb4 implying niggers actually work all seeking to come to America just to rob her blind. and this is just one way that Trump can get them to "pay" for the wall.

no, it's not you fucking shill. it's Trump baiting them with the left hand while he tightens the noose with his right. get out of here with your stupid shilling. you're shit and you're thread is shit. polite sage for shill smackdown.

I don't get it, section 7058(d) is global health activities.

well, it's certainly better for the global health of the American people to get the wall ASAP. that might be the kind of verbal legerdermaine that Trump loves using against the kikes who often think themselves too smart to fall for something like that.

or there's another angle we're missing.


you're the one going around to different threads and spamming your stupid HAPPENING! crap in them to try and re-direct people to your useless dnc post. you transparently don't belong here, but take heart in knowing that .02 shekels have been deposited in your account.

we're still keeping the oven warm chaim.

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President Trump is saying he intends to repurpose certain funds that Congress had appropriated as discretionary spending towards emergency appropriations, overseas contingency operations/global war on terrorism, exactly what these anons are saying.

Don't be such a low tier kike. You might get pennies because you make low wages, which means you probably don't actually pay shit in taxes. I get a car note.

That's a good way to get dishonorably discharged and receive zero benefits.


Okay, I'll stop being cute and lay it out for you.

The Commander-in-Chief does not have to have Congressional war powers in order to declare a state of emergency. At any time, POTUS can declare a state of emergency and authorize the US Army Corps of Engineers to construct a dam, a road, a bridge, a school, a hospital, or even a wall.

The USACE even once constructed an entire city to serve 65,000 people…(((in Saudi Arabia))).

All Trump has to do is say (and he would be quite correct) that there's a state of emergency, and the border is a disaster area, and the USACE will build the wall. Chuck Schumer claims he can sue to stop USACE, but he's wrong, because the USACE is always in the right, especially when operating under orders of the POTUS.

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I just checked the log. yeah, I don't agree with a 1 day ban for missing the "original" link. Maybe if you're missing the archive link, then okay. It should have been like a 1 hr ban, just to show that rules will be enforced

Trump could have used the military day one to build the wall. He does not need to even ask. He can simply issue the order

Everything you see–"Republicans caused the omnibus," or "the military is holding Trump up" isn't relevant. It is a show. The omnibus, by the way, bans hiring of ICE agents and limits detaining/deportations. It also bans use of omnibus funds to pay for use of actual "wall" (not fence) prototypes.

The bill simply bans the wall. It's simple. The military has been an option since day one, but Trump never used it.

The answer is, there will never be a wall. Trump either lied or got eaten by the swamp. America is finished.

Leave you fucking nigger.

The omnibus also doubled the number of H2B visas. That's for agricultural work.


I bought my car outright, I'm not fucking around with usury. I just though a car note was a wide enough example without revealing much.

Also, related: Goebbels said, "More morality, less moralism." I won't go so far as to personally fault someone if they have little option other than usury. That's their circumstance. It's not mine.

I see no spiral on either side of your blackpill.

Did you kikes notice how hard the backlash was?

Did you kikes see the faces that will be shoving you into an oven if we don't get this wall?

The ones that shove you into a camp have revealed their faces, and it legions upon legions.

This is a fight you kikes will not win. There is no one left to save you. Russia is with us. China is with us. France is with us. Germany is with us. Italy is with us. You kikes have nukes aimed at you by 2019, you will not see 2020 without America seeing a wall, you will be hiding - again.

I don’t even care, Trump isn’t going to keep any of his promises.

I called it. 2019 is the start of the end for Jewish hegemony.

Trump does the jew’s bidding left & right. Anyway in 2019 the military will be to busy fighting Iran, Russia so that mean no wall .Watch this video and hear carefully what John Bolton say in 1:13.

just don't bump it. it is not the job of mods to b& the fuck out of threads, but simply enforce certain standards. its up to the users to act intelligently. unfortunately, since this is no longer Holla Forums but nu-Holla Forums the users are a bunch of reddit kiddies and cuckchanfags. mods should start banning for blatant newfaggotry, and the board will improve significantly

Like pay for it by having the Army Corps of Engineers build it instead of sitting around doing drills?

not doubting you, but proofs?

I'm not sure that this is true. I thought the President could only deploy the military for a limited time without Congressional approval, but maybe that was just military actions against a foreign country. Its not clear to me how he would use military funding for wall materials, but I'm not expert in that

specifically for picking strawberries and other bullshit in California - shit that shouldn't even be grown in the US because its not that important. Or, you should just use US labor, and pay a little extra. its insane.

jewish hegemony ended in the Current Year (2015), when they got cucked out of their shemitah.

Have the department of homeland security "hire" the army to build it for them for a whole $1.00. Then the army can hire contractors to do it. It wouldn't require congressional approval under posse comitatus because the military is just building something for money, not enforcing domestic law. It's not martial law; it's an infrastructure project! :^)

and if archive.is goes down (like it apparently did today) there's no fucking link. Two links minimum.

Those fucking sandniggers sure knew how to fly.

If second pic becomes reality this is the perfect universe.

They still control the presidency.
Pictures for black posting.

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lol!! article coming from a msm shill news source. my guess is if i search all the typical cnn , nbc , msnbc , abc , yahoo , etc , etc news sites i will see a dam near copy & paste article in which they say trump can not do it because 'muh trump is bad'. fact is border security is national defense and trump will get his wall one way or another. the billions we save from illegals not crossing will pay for the wall itself 10x over

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What a coincidence that they hit right in the accounts department that was investigating the missing money reported on the day before
crazy hm?

The faggots ITT arguing that tariffs can't work need a tariff on their posts.

Classic JIDF arguing with each other even though they are both on the same side. Take note, newfags.