So here's the score;


We need to move on the momentum of distrust earned against the Deep State (State Dept, Intel Agencies, Civil Service, etc).

The Vegas Cover-Up
The new revelations around the Pulse Nightclub shooting.
The FBI's involvement in the Garland attack
The FBI's dropping the ball with Parkland, and possible involvement with.
CIA drug running.
CIA torture programs.
CIA spying on the Senate committee investigating them for said torture abuses.
State Department failures in Libya, including claiming to have 'fixed' Libya.

And the list goes on, and on, and on.

We've got to start looking into each and every one of them, and start putting their faces on the results of their "service" during their tenure.

This is an easy propaganda campaign to win. We just have to put forward straight facts and reality, and do so without any detracting logos, slogans, messages or any such distractions. In fact, the memes should merely ask the subject, explicitly or implicitly, "Are these the mistakes we want to keep repeating?"

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You know how well that worked out for them last time.

Allowing their past mistakes to make us complacent is the first step towards our defeat.


True. However, unless Trump actually gets the wall going, it will be hard to motivate the base, especially with the recent action on firearms.

I don't think the preponderance of MIC agents in Democratic primaries/races signifies much of a move against the president's policies or the president himself. I think it is indicative of a further concentration of uniparty, israel-first policy against an increasingly restive population. Like how everyone thought the 2016 election was some cataclysmic battle for the eternal future of the United States against diametrically opposed forces, in reality it was quite possible the most jewish-controlled election in the nation's history with bases covered on all sides.

Spread the word that 57 Deep State operatives all just coincidentally decided to go into politics at once, and that this is obviously nothing to do with the apple carts Trump has been kicking over. Frame it as a CIAnigger takeover. Some vestigial anti-establishment organ in libshits' heads has to twitch as we remind them that the lying liars who brought us the Iraq War are now trying to take total control.

Hell, most left-normies are fucking retards anyway. Just tell them Trump's Deep State friends are posing as Democrats, while the Republicans they're running against are all never-Trumpers. That should do the trick.

I don't think it does. I think it is to cut off any radical, genuine opposition to the israel-first agenda being presented by Trump. Trump's theatrical domestic agenda will be unceremoniously "halted", whereas his increasingly militant foreign policy [where his largest cheerleading-detracting combo is coming from staunch "liberals" shrieking like harpies that he isn't bombing enough people] will be amplified with a bi-partisan consensus centered around democratic values and regime change.

Wrong focus, user.
Definitely do focus on fedfags but that is not the tactic that will be most successful unless the opponents are actual or former intellegence employees.

Focus on local issues, such as the construction codes jail is terrorist threat of force, traffic laws cops are distracted driving with computers mounted in vehicle while they speed to catch you for speeding, environmental issues neighbor dogs shit on my lawn but I cannot, and property rights obligation to manage "obnoxious weeds" at threat of force but no right to water that for land owner.


I meant this.

Giving this a bump because its important and mods should start to sticky these midterm threads. We need 2016 election tier meme force behind this.

Here's your meme: wall or bust.
And also: war and you're busted.

re-bump for the pine

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you also need to push specific candidates, nationalist and anti-immigration candidates. It doesn't have to be Neehlen, but it they can't be McCain tier. In that case you are better of with Democrat

Start talking to your parents, friends etc

Ahem… Have you ever heard of the Red-pill before?

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what we want will not come to be by voting

Thank you so much for making this thread. I'm trying to help do this myself


keep posting threads like this throughout 2018 OP. In the meantime, take a look at my website and consider joining us

Anons should be running and challenging low energy Republicans for their seats. Give the people real alternatives.

checked and heil'd

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