Jews, Arabs nearing population parity in Holy Land

Yids fucked by "diversity" just as they would have had US and Europe destroyed

I mentioned this in the old thread about Trump moving the US Embassy but couldn't find it to bump it, so new bread.

Israel has pretty much fucked themselves by being too aggressive in terms of grabbing territory which already has non-(((chosenites))) in it. This is ironic considering that their goal with the US and Europe is to flood non-Whites into the land to denigrate their society and institutions, and the same thing is happening to them as they conquer lands containing non-(((jews))).

My position in the older thread was that the death of any "two-state solution" would be, contrary to prevailing opinion at the time and throughout most of the history of the region, worse for Israel than it would be for the Palestinians, because there would be no way that the yids could absorb the influx. Essentially their best strategy would have been to continue a stalemate long enough for their genocidal tactics to work before incorporating the lands, and that anything that promoted unity of the territory under one State such as Donald moving the embassy to Jerusalem would be counter to Israel's best interests.

At the time, I backed up my proposition with census numbers for the various regions both separate and combined.

Well, shills and doubters can eat shit.

Palestinians also fear their quest for statehood suffered another blow when U.S. President Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital in December.

Just as I said at the time.

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Ashkenazis are less semitic than any other semitic race, fact.(>This cancer is less cancerous than this other cancer)

kike-free 2nd post

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Thanks to heavy inbreeding, this is irrelevant because all the worst Semitic traits are preserved and magnified.

A lot of people have remarked that israeli women often get high on their own diversity supplies.

Kikes, as bad as they are, are cleary eyed about demographic problems. They will not let themselves be taken over like this. Whereas we can’t seem to enforce our borders, Israelis wouldn’t blink at killing all non Jews in Israel. If they weren’t such terrible vermin they might be admirable.

One state solution lololol

That's always how it works, and why the religion is matrilinieal. They marry their women into successful families, judify them and claim that they were always Jewish from the beginning.

jews have been in charge of our borders

Oh lord, i can only take so much irony.

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Enjoy your kike ethnostate while you still have it. When the Pallies outnumber you, they'll form their own explicitly Palestinian nationalist/Religion of Cuck™ic party, and when they take control of the Knesset they'll just vote to disband Israel and that'll be the end of it… as well as the end of you.

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Let's hope that by then, they will all have used their right to return so the Palestinians can kill all of them.

It is all ready for another "shoah". Oh vey, we can't live there anymore, please give us more land so we can live there.

Rinse and repeat.

I'd love for every white person to leave Earth for a better planet. We'll leave spy satellites in orbit so we can still watch them all fuck it up without us.

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This world is ours, kys

Haha, old habits die hard, fuckers?

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worldwide genocide lololol

Why do you think they are piping the Sand niggers into the West? The only people stopping the kikes from dropping bio weapons on the muzzie is white liberals at the UN and their NGO's.

The jew wants you to share in his collective misery…. and of course white genocide.

This is why Jews want the alt-right to take off. They want to save themselves by rebranding themselves white.

it really does blackpill me knowing just how much of this bullshit is self-inflicted. jews might have lead the charge but without white cucks enabling them, they would have never gotten anywhere with it.

Is this what they call karma?

Do I smell a jew 'le 56% mutt' meme in the works?

It's not the cucks that are actually enabling them, it's the "aristocrats" and wealthy psychopaths. These people don't give a shit about anything but their own comfort, and they're each worth billions. They have no soul.

They'll use forced military enlistment and send them on suicide missions.

Friendly reminder that Ashkenazim are well below replacement rate. Mizrahim (Arab Jews) and orthodox Jews (welfare leeches, all they do is study their scrolls all day) are the ones who are breeding like crazy

rolling for Israeli genocide

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you're describing the wrong tribe. that's literally what the arab semite (((assad))) and his pal putin (((shelomova))) are doing

Bit of an extreme reaction, hoss. I never said we wouldn't return to reclaim it once they'd managed to kill themselves off. I just don't want to be here when the rapetrain passes by.

we should take the goblin meme and apply it to jews.

like pic related, but jews


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hivemind, dude.

kikes don't even want or let them vote kek democracy my arse

Dont assume all arabs are muslims.

There are druze and christian Arabs too

I mean, its been very obvious the two state solution is dead for a long time now. Israel just keeps building and expanding settlements. Even if they did care the settlers are bat shit insane and would start a civil war.
Israel is headed towards a one state solution whether they want it or not (lots of delusional people will keep yapping about a two state)
The the choice they have will be to either give the palis rights and remain a democracy.
Or stay a Jewish state and to legit be an apartheid state, and not just leftist over exaggeration, the palis will outnumber them and they will have no political rights.
Another boiling kettle for Israel is that the ultra orthodox super jews refuse to fight for Israel and join the military (its mandatory there) because they would rather leech off welfare, read the Torah, and pump out 10 kikelets

So, the future of Israel is either going to be some sort of massive bloody civil war, or they will no longer be a jewish state. In which case their future is more like modern south africa.

Ironically the only way they could maintain a jewish state would be to become some sort of fascist dictatorship, or even like iran, a theocracy. But that would immediately make them a global pariah.

Harammed dot com

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what are the percentages for whiteness in israel?

I know I should feel happy, but it feels bittersweet knowing how many good people had to suffer and die to bring us to this point.

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That meme is jews. They really should have looked in the mirror before they propagated it. I mean look at Scott Israel's ears, holy shit.

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I can feel the memetic energy in this one.

The sad part is I saw 4/pol/ doing it wrong on one of my visits. An American there turned it on the Brits. I don't see how they could have missed it. The mutt looks like every single jewish man as soon as he turns 40!

Found it. See, I think this is what they were hoping I am a D&C kike, ban my stupid non-white ass would lead to. More dumb ass infighting. Can some crossposters warn 4/pol/ about this for me? I am too apprehensive about posting there myself.

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In the territories described, the non-(((jewish))) population is close to 100% muslim
druze are basically a muslim heresy, the goatfuckers will persecute them but they're far closer to muslims than to any other group, they even have their own religious courts shades of sharia
now the alawites are pretty much crypto-christians posing as muslims and, oddly enough, seem to be less persecuted than the druze

zero %
(((jews))) and muslims aren't White
anybody White who converts to them turns in their White card
only people of 100% european descent can be White
doesn't matter, he's not White

shitty bait attempt. you can do better than that, user

Reclaim what, you faggot kike? Your tribe has never "claimed" anything to begin with. The tiny piece of land you ungrateful mongrels have was given to you by us. You've never colonized, captured or conquered land on your own. Everything you have was given to you, thanks to our good will and kindheartedness. But our patience has run dry. Filthy rats.

diversity, tolerance, multiculturalism, anti-racism? I hate every ounce of these Jewish poisons with passionate fervor.

Yet, I rejoice every time I see a Jew marry outside his or her race. It makes me feel pleasant inside, and for a second I buy the whole multikulti charade. I even purposely make jewish friends to encourage race mixing among them.

always losing control of the golem. when will the yids learn?

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Jews are a class of citizens (who pretend to be a race, by means of being a religion), and it is said that such hereditary factors are matriarchal. Because there are no "real jews", wouldn't this result in a higher number of jew-mutts, who are more crypto in the population?

The yids are banking on a third option. When the moment is right, when the nations of Europe have been filled up with violent Religion of Cuck™ic immigrants, they'll see to it that Muslim terrorists are allowed to carry out a mass-scale attack on European soil. Perhaps simultaneous attacks in North America. Way bigger than anything that has happened in history. Will result in total war against the Religion of Cuck™ic world. Israel will then be free to genocide every last Palestinian without anyone being able to complain.

The white ones are called Ashkenazi.

The middle eastern and Mediterranean jews are called Sephardi

The legitimate african jews are called beta Israel

Oh, right. I think I knew that but never spent enough time looking into it.

White or (((white)))?

Not a single tear with drop from my eyes, you reap what your sow.

Those that drug, rape, abuse, steal and worse will have it return twofold.

That goes for everyone.



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I can't differentiate between a jew and a palestinian, so who cares.

The mutt meme has already begun to turn against them.

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So this is good because the Palestinians will fight with more fervor, violently or democratically? You redtext'd it, so I'm curious.

They originated from the caspian sea area where all the racial zones run together. The jew race is the mutt race.

They're still semites, so (((white)))

2019 is the year the war starts.

Mutts combined with inbreeding.

t. ???

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Its Jews there turning it on the Brits so they can try to say "MUH RUSSIANS ATTACKING POOR BRITS"

It's always always jews

i'm sure moloch will save them

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There are plenty of white people (Slavs, primarily) in the state of Israel.

sure thing moshe :^)


Wouldn't that just mean they're more jewy then? The "more semitic" jews are the orthodox? ones in israel that call out the Ashkenzi jews for their terrible ways and treatment of Palestinians. Isn't it "Khazer" or something like that?

Khazer are the actual semitic of the pair and less in number

MODS this post is poised as a question, neither trolling, baiting, nor shitposting anything.


This. I said it before and I say it again, that move was a hardcore fuck-you to the kikes. There is a reason Israel never officially moved the capital to Jerusalem. Now the shit ball is squarely in their turf, and Eeslamic resistance is already coagulating and boiling over, see the latest statements by Erdogan.

I hope you're not getting tired of winning, user…

>and the same thing is happening to them as they conquer lands containing non-(((jews))).
They're used to making that fatal mistake as far back as Biblical times. Canaan worshipped Moloch before Israel, and God ordered Israel to totally exterminate Canaan and resettle their land. Israel conquered Canaan, but not totally, and left Canaan survivors as slaves. Israel probably failed God because they grew complacent from the riches of conquering a foreign land. The Canaanite survivors eventually subverted Israel into Moloch worship, and did it badly enough for Israel to subvert itself. And this is the start of how today's Jews came into existence.

Israel could expel all non-jews and none on the media and ZOG govts would bat an eye. Actually they would have americans interviewed and admit in the same breath that this is necessary to preserve the jews, so we must import all those arabs into the US.

holy fuck I can't stop laughing

meme it

And the only ones who would ever bat an eye on it besides Holla Forums are the extreme Marxist faggots and trannies who keep comparing Pissrael to the Third Reich because of muh ebil racism, therefore whatever the kikes ar doing to the sandniggers of Palestine is just similar to the Holohoax.

It's honestly pretty sad that they'res not a lot of right wing, patriotic anti-Israel Americans who aren't leftists who all act like whiny women. In this day and age you either become a degenerate commie or a full blown neocohen, they both hate each other but both of them believe the Holocaust happened and both hate Hitler, it amazes me how the kikes have pretty much made Hitler and NatSoc as the ultimate boogeymen for the whole world to completely shit on, if only everyone knew what really happened that day.

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Is this the thread that all the shills are kvetching about? So many random low energy threads sprang up out of no where.

Its time Juden, once you get the boot from Israel you'll have no where to go this time! The worlds fed up with your usury

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If only that was true, germans are incredibly gullible for that shit, even the "far right" boards worship the jews like none other just cause theyre against arabs as well.

Nigga, Germany doesn't habitually cut off penis hoods and house actual six gorillion kikes, you know.

But I guess Germans are the largest ethnicity in the US and all that, so you're still right, amirite?

Germany is pozed to shit but its not Sweden (yet)

we need to do these goblin faces for Israel now

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Yes and no.
There's a whole, whole, whole lot more hwytes in the world than there are kikes.
They can be bred out in silence for all I care.

Simply continue fighting against white admixture instead.

Quit calling me a sheeny, you faggot. I hope the rape-ape golems devour you and yours whole while my Christian family is spared. Next time keep a civil tongue in your head, shit-goblin.

White South Africa AND Rhodesia too.
I hope they face the same fate.

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No human is illegal open borders for israel!

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Don't forget LGBTQP in Israel. The jews are finally learning to be more open minded.

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Now that's doing it right. Expert work, user.

I sent this to a friend who is a jew lover and wants to be one.
He literally had a jewish induced rage foam like the one Dr Pierce describes in the Turner diaries.

It was funny, called me a nigger, why you hate Jews so much, why should they all pay for the sins of the few, etc.

Still have hope i can steer him in the right direction, if he becomes a jew, he's not my friend anymore.