Former Supreme Court Justice Stevens: Repeal the Second Amendment(OY VEY TURN IN YOUR GUNS GOYIM)

>“The demonstrators should seek more effective and more lasting reform,” (((John Paul Stevens))) wrote in a New York Times op-ed published on Tuesday. “They should demand a repeal of the Second Amendment.”

>(((Cameron Kasky))), another Marjory Stoneman Douglas student, made a similar point on “Fox News Sunday.”

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Forgot the last quote.


You ready user?

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Kik free first post

Fug :DDD

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It’s been long overdue. So fucking long.

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If you get rid of an explicitly recognised right then the rest are fair game.
Though could you even do so with how the US constitution and bill of rights is set up? They recognise rights rather than grant them. Working from the concept of natural rights.

So to remove one natural right invalidates them as a concept no?

Kikes are going to try to burn everything to the ground, but President Trump is going to crash their plans with no survivors.

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If Hillary won that would never happen!

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Why do they always lie? It's like a man with a gun outside your front door asking you to open up and that he's definitely not a robber

Already you know he's a faggot

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Heli'd. Wow, everyday the fuckin kikes have to have a lie slip their lips.

Fucking faggots won't leave it alone. I hope they try this, gun owners and soon-to-be ones will fight until the kike fuck off.

The repeal of the second amendment is literally casus beli for the population to overtake the government, whatever that actually means.

I swear 98% of what leftists believe is shit they just think up and say, and by saying it, believe it magically becomes a fact.

So you're saying they meme things?

Anyone else noticed the audacity of shills and kin lately?
They don't even hide it any more.

DOTR when?

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They're trying to get people to become violent. Stock market is crashing as well. They'll try to burn it down so things will be too chaotic for them to be held accountable for their crimes.


It's terrifying that there was a supreme court justice that could think like this… and that the vote in 2008 was that close.

It shows that there are fanatics on the SCOTUS that put feelings and politics far ahead of law and the Constitution and that is an abomination.

Historically speaking, more executions for treason happen in chaotic times, than peaceful ones.

Yeah, but as we all know, the left objectively can't meme, so it all just ends up sounding fucking retarded.

I agree, but I disagree on the aim. They want to Balkanize the world so they can more easily control it, imo. Divide and conquer on a world scale.

Year 13,820,002,018, imo.

Yeah, which is why they want worldwide race war while they hang out in their New Zealand bunkers. They don't even care if fellow jews get murdered because "ends justify the means" for them, also the only thing they hate more than fellow jews are non-jews.
The key is to hold it together long enough to fucking gas them, then fix the world in an orderly fashion afterwards.


That cunt is the reason we have the 1986 machine gun ban. Fuck that asshole.

There is no way a new amendment to repeal the second would happen. It would need to pass both houses of Congress and three-fourths of state legislatures. Not gonna happen. Even if Congress becomes 100% Democrat, there is no way they will get that by 75% state legislatures.

He went senile part way through I think. Deep State had a party after that.

Half right. They're trying to make their useful idiots violent while disarming the bad goys so they can finally kick off their (((glorious revolution))). Things have been going wrong for the kikes so they feel the need rapidly accelerate their plans.

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Over my dead body.

I think that's the point.

u wot?

Stevens isn't Jewish.

He's an honorary yid, the way he acts.

In 2008, the 2nd amendment repeal went to the SC and was voted down 5-4.

DC vs. Heller, for those unaware.

how can one possibly come up with the logic that would enable one to say that the founding fathers wrote the 2nd amendment to enable the government to be armed?

Yup, he already had signs of Alzheimers at that time

Whatever it takes to get us unarmed. Logic be damned.

Because you're openly acting in bad faith but have a significant portion of armed men backing you?

George Washington would have personally lynched this nigger for treason

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Stevens is a (((Protestant Republican)))

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What a striking coincidence

The Jews must have had their finger on the 'send' button of his baby raping-murdering video to have him write this article.

If Hillary had won she'd have appointed a turbokike to the SC and reversed the ruling

Daily reminder there are no "based kikes" and no "based Republicans". Regardless of how they brand themselves, they will always subvert/destroy and cuck out, respectively.

Every fucking time

Your government are people. Brit government is not your people.

NRA has a lot of $$$ and political clout. I wonder how the inner circle of this organization is handling this recent dissent..

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I'm guessing their plan was to whack Scalia, then take another crack at it.

These faggots already have gun laws they refuse to enforce. Felons try to buy guns like 100,000 times every year, and the ATF doesn't prosecute even 100 of them. Hegelian dialectic.

To bad not even war is an answer if Jews orchestrate and manage it.
I'd be happy to die in a war, just not for Israel

Post all your accelerationist salt.

That is 100% accurate because in order to be a leftist in the first place one needs a measure of autism (genetic selfishness), and thus libshits lack an actual theory of mind. Daddy cnn tells them that X is so, and thus of course it must be so.

To meme is to wrap truth in the easily digestible shell of humor, which libshits completely lack for the above mentioned reason. Go to any rainbowhair/cuck site and look at how awful their macros, shops, and running jokes are, then you will see that their "humor" is just aping the syntax of their favorite goyvision (((comedians))) while slapping muh political feelz onto them.

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you misspelled "jewish agenda of white genocide"

Good. This will finally kickstart DoTR

Have any of you read The Turner Diaries? In the very beginning, (((they))) took the guns, and the "responsible conservatives" cucked out and did nothing. I hope Dr. Pierce was wrong and enough people actually fuck them up if they try to confiscate.


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Did you edit this part in? It's not longer stated that he came from a Jewish family, and the source doesn't mention his Jewish ancestry.

One thing I've noticed in the Turner diaries is that political tensions were not as high as they are now, with the very obvious racial divide, the democrats all but openly demanding the extinction of the White race, and the seemingly unending deluge of false flag events. This sets off warning alarms in the head of any reasonable rural man, and that standing army out numbers any military police for by 5:1.
Furthermore, the diaries did not anticipate the invention of the internet and subsequently the speed at which redpills can be distributed. For all the kikes that throttle youtube, they still cannot silence the jq being asked on a site they actually own, much less the wildfire-like spreading of information on imageboards and through memes. What I'm saying is that generation X, Y, and Z are fully aware of what is being done behind closed doors, where as the diaries were written from a clueless boomer perspective that relied upon msm for it's information feed.

indeed, only this version have it

Wrong, because I had a gun to protect me. You see?


The 2nd was repealed on June 26, 1934. Still waiting for that war you fags are all talking about.


he's saying our universe isnt the only one, nor the oldest.

and you have a useful frame of reference for that, or is it just shitposting?


This will keep people busy worrying about muh 2A while they continue fucking the nation behind closed doors. Pay no attention to the causes (((they))) give the nation to worry about.


Make a move you legislative cuck.

Meaning you repeal whatever scribbles on paper and it's still a right.

Inalienable apparently means "in accordance with a fraction of public opinion."

Sure, let's have a constitutional convention to repeal 2A. Then we can also repeal women's right to vote and expel kikes, and this time get it .in to the constitution.

Socialism is "so shall" -ism. Words have power, they really think they can meme things into reality if they repeat it enough.

does anyone have the video from some msm channel where they're all sitting around crying about how trump will win the 2020 election? and dems dont have a chance? i can't seem to find the video anywhere.

Remington just filed for bankruptcy. Banks have already bailed them out.–sector.html

archive is down for some reason

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As a lawyer who pays close attention, my legal opinion is that this government is past the point of tyranny.

Note how they have some ridiculous inflammatory bullshit like this in the Times along with an article literally about arresting POTUS. The deep state is running 57 candidates now to take control forever. We are not a democracy and the constitution has been ripped into pieces bit by bit.

Bad news for the cabal like outing the father of Omar Mateen as deep state when Mateen himself was G4S–somehow that shit got memoryholed in five seconds. But it's real and damning evidence that should be the actual news. The government carried out a fucking mass shooting.

Instead, it's this inflammatory bullshit like this Stevens editorial by the government-controlled media to distract people. Deep state is about to take permanent control. Not to mention FOSTA. We have no rights and we are not a democracy and the constitution is fucked.

This shit is ridiculous at this point.

maybe they shouldnt sell shitty rifles at a premium, and shitty ammo at a premium? just a thought.

The anti gun stuff going on right now is the "R"s trying to repeat 2016 and get out the Gun vote, and also, boost gun sales.

All the gun companies over bet their companies after Sandy Hook, while their stocks were rising, they expanded, now with the collapse of Gun sales, they are all going belly up, and the kike bankers are buying up the companies.

Good news is, their are plenty of smaller Gun companies.

I agree, Remington offers are room temp. Not very exciting, but when you study how the stock market really works, and the news, you realize the news gives you and explanation for things after its already happened, instead of why it happened.

I wouldn't worry too much user.

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Reagam was jew-owned before he even got into politics. He's originally brought the trtoskyite neo-cohens into the White House. This "Reagan was BASED, but he was subverted/poisoned/whatever" meme needs to die.

This. He massively expanded government and gave amnesty on a fuckin PROMISE. Its time people get rid of their security blankets and wake the hell up.

thank God

not even their offers. i can get a better gun from another company, for less money. their only gun worth buying is the Remington 870. that should say enough about them.

even if i was only interested in buying from an american company, savage makes a rifle thats just as good but cheaper. and if i wanted to spend more money id go with a browning because it'd be better. what is Remington good for at this point?

Is that new mag-fed shotgun they just came out with worth it? I think it's the 870 DM?

Yeah so a treason charge, when?

rem 700 is good

pump action mag fed…. 3 or 6 round mags…..ewwww whats the point

700 is good if it was a $300 gun.
savage makes a just-as-good rifle for alot less money.

do you think adding a less reliable ammo feeding system in a pump action shotgun is worth it? pretty sure if thats an issue they make ammo feeders.

Fair enough.

Honestly though, what I'm really looking for is a rifle that fires shotgun slugs.

not revenge, RETRIBUTION

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A lot of us are standing ready, waiting for a spark.

that's called a shotgun. now do you know what kind of slugs you want to shoot? sabot? smooth? rifled?

Sabot or rifled.

Not RETRIBUTION, moral correction.

Motherfucker…the reason I keep buying guns is people people like you are threatening to take them.

Do you not see your self fulfilling prophecy?

they see, they hope lemmings don't

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Truly soul crushing part is I know the slugs and other cattle will see absolutely nothing wrong with this at best and will actually support it at worst. I trust the NRA along with the other non-kiked groups and politicians are going to be hammering this point home? If ex-SCOTUS is doing this then that's already extremely scary by itself. People need to take this opportunity and start demanding some serious investigation along with a bird's eye overwatch on the Supreme Court. Under ideal, aka moderately sane, circumstances this kike would be getting his ass kicked by everyone whether Regular Joe or Senator Fucknut or especially by the the other SCOTUS judges both current and past. The kikes are really amping their bullshit right now, I'm truly hoping there's some faint specter of Humanity left in this country that will cause an absolute shitstorm over this.

inb4 kike, shill, Schlomo.Shareblue, Reddit, insert other now-meaningless buzzword here

John Locke. Second Treatise on Government

As if that makes a fuckin difference.

Economic warfare on conservative American companies.

standard gaslighting from the left. they are either useful idiots or have further designs upon your freedoms once they have got you under their power by infringing on your right to self defense.
Stevens and his cadre of gun grabber are treasonous, domestic enemies of the constitution, and they deserve to be executed as such.

Didn't you hear, user? Science proved there is no God, so you have no basis for natural rights. All your rights are granted by the government because like, who else grants them lul.

sabots expensive with not too much of a benefit tbh, so out of those 2 choices i highly recomend the combination of a rifled slug with a smooth bore shotgun. (alternately a rifled barrel, with a smooth slug).
do you care if its autoloading or pump?

Autoloading is best, but pump is workable. Thank you, by the way.

I'd unironically use that. Common Era is stupid because it's just Before Christ/ Anno Domini with nothing different.

This is the dumbest jew trick.
Universe means everything. The notion of multiple universes is self-contradictory. Whatever regions of space or existence there are, all of them as a set make up the universe.
Fucking Hawkings made up this idea of other universes, Lewis this idea of multiple worlds, it is all stupid nu-science, nu-philosophy, with no factual or conceptual basis.

user the notion of parallel (hierarchically stratified, most of the time) worlds is so ubiquitous is predates language. The seven or nine branched world tree is ubiquitous in all non-African old world cultures.

no problem. one last question. how much money do you want to spend? do you want cheap? do you want the ability for customization?

personally i use a benelli nova with a 17" smooth bore barrel i picked up for $400. i use rifled slugs and the thing fires great. my complaints are that buying "accessories" is hard, and buying a compatible barrel is near impossible so you better love the gun you buy as-is. also the polymer stock makes it kick alot so i put in a mercury recoil reducer that required a recoil redicer holder that screws into the butt of the shotgun.
a more expensive benelli like an M4 has everything you'd want. customizable, great performance, autoloading… but minimum 1000 even used..

browning is good too, ithaca, beretta, mossberg.

if you want a cheaper autoloading check out the Mossberg 930 SPX. its pretty neat and will cost around 800.

I immediately want this.

I'm dirt poor, but I'm okay with saving for a while to get a quality firearm. I'd rather that than have something that'll blow up in my hand. I've already got a Mossberg Maverick 88 pump, so I don't NEED an autoloader, but I'd like to get one if possible.

Save for the M4 or an M2, the 930 is a piece of shit, you can feel it in the build quality.

that wasn't the same as the modern notion of "parallel universes" and "alternate timelines" you complete faggot. stop being a jew.

Incorrect, read the Vedas, they describe Vishnu's ability to step from one world to another where different laws apply and different events occurred.

What, again? Maybe this time they'll get their shit together.

Mossberg sells rifled slug barrels that fit your 88 for $175. You should pick up a box of Winchester rifled slugs and maybe some clamp on vent rib sights first. I wouldn't be surprised if that will accomplish what you want to do. As long as that isn't buying another gun.

Hopefully flamethrowers get by this shit.


Only thing new is the brazen publishing by this particular media outlet promoting this. A media outlet that even normies realize already takes this stance.

People's minds are made up on the 2nd at this point.. much like they are made up on politics.

Red flag laws? Now that is cause for concern.

Mental health push? Now that's a concern when they use (their) doctors to decide weapons competency.

Let them print their editorials. This is a good thing. It galvanizes the pro 2a.

This is much better than the promotion of slow laws designed to strip 2a piece by piece (much like media has essentially become the 1a police).

The Machiavellian divide and conquer And appeasement is the real threat. Most gun owners are sane law abiding people who have no issue with "mental health" as a limitation.

They don't realize the impact.

I know a guy who applied for life insurance. He was given a higher rate specifically because he was on anti depressants for 2 months when his father passed… 8 years ago. This logic would most certainly apply to his ability to own a weapon once mainstreamed.

flamethrowers are considered farming equipment and not weapons here in burgerland and aren't subject to federal regulations because of that

What about against Israel and all their assets?

I shoot sabot discard slugs with my rifled A5. Why would you shoot rifled slugs in a rifled barrel?

We're living to see "The Turner Diaries" become reality. Fort those who haven't listened to it already.

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this is true

I worded that funny, what I meant was try rifled slugs through the smooth bore first before buying a rifled barrel. I was surprised when I first tried them, they shoot almost as good groups at 50yds as my .50 hawkens flintlock, less than 2 inches.

Pretty much true, like in Canada, you have the right to free speech. Except for things you aren't allowed to say.
In the USA you have the right to bare arms. Except for the arms you aren't allowed to.
Principles, when violated in part, are destroyed in entirety, for their entire purpose is their universality of applicability.

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Them rushing this fast and being this obvious. They know their time is coming. These are not the actions of a confident clique of international hyenas. This is the behavior of panicked and terrified cornered jackals.

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I would be in my right to shoot these fed niggers for coming to my door to confiscate my guns. what we should really do is, a bunch of us anons should form a big community somewhere nice innawoods like, make a big community like that new farcry 5 game. They gave me great inspiration.

Cornered no, panicked you bet. Brainwashing apparatus isn't working anymore on all fronts. Good luck motivating the goys without it.

Just wait until trusted whitey stops giving a fuck.

Kill yourself you fucking shill.


I'm not familiar with the game. Even though an annon community sounds appealing it wouldn't be a good idea. At the very least they would assume they could get away with Wako 2, electric burnaloo if they gave it the right spin. I doubt it would be effective but they would still try.

eh, the game is basically shit. but the idea of a big community of people protecting themselves from the feds and shit sounds nice. Of course they will try some wako/ruby ridge shit. Thats actually most of the plot of farcry 5, as a matter of fact I think they are trying to make parallels with wako and david koresh in the plot. Still, we shouldn't let fear keep us from doing something like that, if we could get a big enough community they couldn't do anything without massive backlash.

pick one

I don't even bother checking anymore.

>a lot of ((($$$ and political clout)))
Do I really have to tell you?

I wonder why these guys they don't just pack a bag and fuck off to somewhere tropical with no extradition laws? I guess it's like the mafia: once you're in, you're in for life.

Apparently the game's not really anti-white as much as it's hyped up to be, the arms merchant is a Trumplican, and the nigger PC is a bible-thumping conservative. I'm pretty surprised that they have parallels to Waco, maybe they're realizing that that's another Big Lie people are waking up to? I've noticed more and more people suddenly remembering it and saying "hey, that was kind of fucked up!" Especially since that documentary came out.

No, fuck off shill.

I'm not telling you to buy the shitty game. I'm just interested that it's not Wolfen(((stein))) 2.

If this, along with that bitch from the rally's "when they give us an inch, we'll take the whole mile", aren't blasted on the airwaves by the NRA and GOP candidates leading up to November, then they're obviously trying to lose.

Constitution: 1
Kikes: 0

Our Furer who art in Valhalla, hallowed be thy name.
Thy Reichdom come on Earth as it is in Valhalla.
Give us this day our daily mead, and free us from usury, as we also free others from usury by killing kikes.
And do not lead us to degeneracy or usurpation, but deliver us from communism.

Usurpation, seen here in the Furer's Prayer, means:
1. The wrongful seizure of something by force, especially of sovereignty or other authority.
2. Trespass onto another's property without permission.
3. A taking or use without right.

These are the acts of the kike-lovers and kikes, such Stevens. They are faggots, literally. He takes literal kike penis to his literal anus. Faggots are mentally ill, and should be locked away.

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True but don't forget that Wayne LaPierre told him the NRA would fight 922(o) but they cucked out

Maverick 88 is decent for the price, 500 is fine, and 590 is great. The only other option for a new shotgun in the price range is the 870, which will turn into a pile of rust if you sneeze at it.

Wayne isn't Jesus. He's a talented and strategic person. He's worthy of support.

If you want to support some other orgs too, fine, but don't buy this D&C bullshit that suggests we should turn on our own.

Furthermore, we need to be expanding our minds, to exploiting kike flaws.

Did you know that you're being exploited by the kikes to fight among ourselves? This is called "altruistic punishment" - puritanism, if you will. There's a time to purge, but the time is most certainly not amidst a battle with a truly horrific opponent. Rather, accept gratefully whatever level of bravery each soldier in this fight offers, whether it's a the bump stock level, AR-15 level, the Mini-14 level, the shotgun level, or the handgun level. Pic related shows how difficult the fight is. We do not have victory in sight, but rather a continuous battle, kike-fed and kike-led, against us, the people (confederated with the wealthy which they poisoned with their lies).

Attached: WomenGuns-Clarified.png (1044x889, 223.7K)

ruin society. They don't deserve a vote or rights. When will we learn and how do we convince them they will have it easier and things will get better if they stick out of men's business like politics.

Confirmed for never having read a word that Hitler wrote. Reported for obvious D&C.

We don’t. We violently put them back in their place.

I just realized the numbers used for the vote are the "change" numbers. I would have to recalculate to get it exact. But the basic problem exists. 60% of Republican women are weak on guns, apathetic, and probably secretly want a few more restrictions, slightly. And then there are those who want restrictions, strongly (you have to strongly want restrictions to admit you're a Republican who's kind of anti-gun). Again, the % may not be exactly 9%, I would have to check again and recalculate.

Poop makes the grass grow, and the cows eat the grass and become yummy steaks. Therefore poop is kind of awesome.

What is "altruistic punishment"?


Go read The Culture of Critique series.

Kikes exploit puritanical "altruistic punishment" to destroy our societies.

And, I must say, they are quite talented at it. We, as humans, can become wise to these trouble-makers.

But we must begin by believing we can be lied to and tricked.

Arrogance is the barrier. And there has little been so arrogant a generation as that of the boomers.

Go read Mein Kampf. We will not be accepting compromises. We will not be accepting weaker versions of the truth. Reported.

You clearly don’t belong here.

You're not being normal. I definitely don't know what kind of creature you are, but you're not a real white person. A real white person would explain his position, as to why there would be this necessity of attacking the few who are on our side.

After all, a general knows that some cities are fortified by minutemen who are unwilling to leave these for other towns - but fiercely they fight indeed, and are brothers.

This situation of NRA vs the stronger case - and the weaker ones - is like this.

been drilling my ass off at the range. green, green, green on my end.

This. Also just heard today that mateen's father was FBI informant…holy fuck. David Hogg the son of FBI agent. Hmm sure seems like a lot of FBI connections to these shootings…What are you saying about g4s? My desire to know more has intensified.

Yep. The FBI is connected with a lot of things. Very dodgy agency, should be abolished, it's unconstitutional overreach of federalism.

The year is CY +3

Nah. Lurk more.
Nah. Go away.

Anyone who tries gets a bullet to the head. You realize that no three letter agency will ever be abolished again, right?

You're quite literally insane.

It's completely frothing at the mouth insane to say that you don't have to defend your positions. Your genetics are insufficient, you must be eliminated from the gene pool.

Meh, useful puppet, like all politicians. I don't think he was completely Jew owned before he went in, the evidence being how he was subverted at every turn by the Bush cartel (and how they tried to kill him). Look into his tax bill that got nixed by OMB and Bush allies. Things aren't always black and white, Reagan strikes me as a dumb well intentioned goy who had his loyal aides driven away because he was in over his head ( they are using same strategy against trump obviously, the only one they can't touch is Jeff sessions and that's huge, plus trump likely has ties to Italian mafia given presence in NYC which is very likely the source for all these movie stars getting framed/busted for sex stuff (a huge money faucet for Democrats is being turned off). In other words I think they were both surrounded by snakes, but Trump is currently fairing somewhat better than Reagan was at this time in his term.

But I should have just filtered you. Idiots will stay idiots. Can't argue them away from being niggers.

I like how the dumb lefties are building up the NRA's reputation as a big gun lobby again. It makes something like $450 million a year, and in 2016 Hillary spent more than three times that amount on her campaign alone. Let's hope they meme their own destruction at the hands of an imagined demonic gun lobby.

Reagan was better than Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush. You can see why he has a good reputation. It's deserving, though only because the subsequent were absolute shit.

Worst case of blue balls ever.
I can't help but think (((they))( will just ferry chicom soldiers in on container ships if we kick their asses on the domestic front. Most of the port cities are ()(their)) turf

And the norinco chink clone of the 870 goes for $195, takes all 870 accessories save for trigger assemblies (which it will take if you mod the new trigger assembly), the action is smooth out of the box (action being less than desireable is a common complaint with the 870), the only negatives of the norinco version is that it is a little heavier (about 10lbs, and the finish is definitely chink tier).

We need to find a way to get them across the Canadian border, the Left. The problem is, there are border agents. But it's rare for them to grow a pair and deport. We could empty this country of Left trash in no time.

Just tell them about all the free shit they can get in Canada. (even if it's untrue)

Draft would work. They'd self-deport with the expectation of another draft-dodger amnesty that would never come

Attached: THE FINAL ARGUMENT!.webm (480x360, 418.56K)

generally but not always. they're not considered firearms, they are sometimes subject to state law depending on whether they are boring butane/propane/gas ignition devices (usually ok) or liquid/napalm ignition devices (sometimes illegal)

I have a better solution, we deport the anti-gun folks to Australia.

The government does not understand that we will not comply. They better be prepared for resistance left and right if the day ever comes when they come to take our guns.

You let them be taken every single fucking time in the last century. Why would now be any different, particularly when no one is fighting back against the LITERALLY CURRENT CONFISCATIONS? You abide by every single fucking gun restriction law. Of course you will comply.

Because they're scared to lose their own lives or livelihoods if they were to fight back.

Yes, and thus, of course you will comply.

So now I'm a century old? They haven't outlawed ownership of an AR-15 just yet. Samuel Adams sums this up quite well.

Are you sure that's smart? I may have lost all my weapons in an untimely boating accident, but id proudly resurrect them against forced disarmament.

I take it you haven't ever talked to any veterans. We all swore an oath to defend the constitution with our lives.


i have a spic roommate ex-marine who claims the oath only applied while he was in. now he's out so it means jack shit to him. military are welfare niggers, nothing more.


My nigga.

Attached: 2AF32E84-CE06-4CCE-B7AB-6F7FB44B91EB.jpeg (4032x3024 2.43 MB, 2.52M)

most pog's didn't take that oath, nor their enlistment, seriously. They are all as worthless as their opinions, though. Semper Fi, fag.

Guarantee he was a pog.

would agree. he's a real dumb motherfucker.


Checking dubs of truth.

Hardly a happening. Just another spade of shit flung in our direction.

Plus, it actually has a finish, and won't rust away immediately. Although, in my opinion, the fact that the extractor is only replaceable by the factory sort makes me dislike the 870 design.

ruger is best.


What’s the best rifle and caliber for being able to pick people off at distances of up to 600 yards?

in terms of ubiquity, something in 7.62 nato or russian. nato is more common, and if it's chambered in 7.62 nato then it can run .308 as well, which gives you versatility.

as for the rifle itself, a self-made AR-10 variant, or a well-built hah AK of some sort. the modern AK's are fairly good in terms of accuracy, but tough to find in the US atm due to the aftermath of Obongo's AK importation ban.

.308, .30-'06, .338, or 6.5. Any good bolt action with a quality scope, or an AR-10 if semi-auto is necessary. huh, didn't know that the FBI was in the market for new rifles

Unless you want to spend thousands on an SVD, which would still have only passable accuracy, the AK is a shit choice for longer ranges.

hollow point .308

Awesome, thanks. I was thinking of going NATO simply because it’s what our enemies will be using. My biggest problem is that I didn’t inherit any guns from now-dead relatives and I’m currently having trouble justifying any spending that isn’t “food and housing”, so the $2000 AR builds I’m seeing as “necessary” for my needs are out of the question.

I have an appreciation for the act of using a bolt action but it seems like it would be a real detriment if you’re forced into a firefight. Also this meme has to fucking stop.

go big or go home

Nah, they're admitting it on 4/k/ now after you goad them a little. But you should've known ir was coming. That train crash in wva was a signal to us: "we own the Republicans and are marching into the heartland to do satan rothschilds bidding, random Paul is with us, Trump is with us, and TIMES UP".

Who else would find this but the aware? They were signaling that the internet has gone too far for them and they must take drastic action. They are betting that the nigger-chink, spickefying, and soying of the country is at acceptable levels now to corner us (cis white male gun owning Jew wise shit Lords) and come for us.

You can get a sub MOA bolt action and decent scope for $1k or less. To get the same level of accuracy from a semi auto, you're looking at $2k at least. Just get bolt action and then get a cheap AR (PSA kit or something, should cost about $3-400). You'll have a great long range rifle, and a great mid/close range rifle, instead of a good long range rifle that's also a mediocre close range rifle. Asking for a rifle to "pick people off" with on a public board seems a bit suspicious in general, but whatever.

What a fag torpedo. The government STAGED a shooting dimwit. And we know the likes have taken over and are level jumping, you'd be stupid not to have seen it coming. Just have to pivot and adjust, in other ways, stay the course.

Buy weapons, train hard, meme hard on every sock, but also hide power levels when appropriate, i.e. when you can curry favor or Intel.

Ooh, that’s a good point. I’d say that pretending to obfuscate what the guns are intended to do would be more what ABCs do, but that’s me.

if you can find hollow point .308 tracer i highly recommend it so you can see where you shoot. expensive though.

How would balkanization help them? They already own everything. Wouldn't it be better for them to consolidate their power under a giant EU-like superstate?

Almost sounds like something we've heard before…

Attached: 1483621443990.jpg (850x446, 194.7K)

the thing is, If something kicks off, all trump has to do is order the military to occupy DC. while telling his supporters to flock to DC, or other locations.

Excellent idea! Genuinely, it's excellent!

It's illegal to order the military to operate on US soil. Such an order would mean Trump is declaring himself dictator and the military would ignore the order and a coup would be staged to kick him out of office.

tbh all it would take is a few tweets per year from Trump, on the topic, to get a lot of them to leave.

Trump isn't with them. He's been dismantling their globalist legislation since he was sworn in. This is democrats trying to rally they're die hards, it's a risky strategy because it also galvanizes us on the right.
I honestly don't see peace after the 2020 election regardless of who wins.

Bush jr had the 82nd airborne patrolling the streets of new Orleans after katrina.

Ah, no … no he didn't. The national guard, yes, but not the military.

t. New Orleanian

I know a powerful judge who is also a high ranking Republican and he came at me with the "only muskets existed back then" tactic. I explained that the Puckle Gun as well as many other multiple-fire weapons existed then, and then showed him this video and he clammed up.

Trump will save us. 666D chess guise.

Attached: image.jpeg (300x201 441.81 KB, 30.64K)

Are you seriously here trying to insinuate that Jewish world domination is really a smokescreen for the machinations of the all powerful Democrat party? Off yourself yid.

Also I'm 70% Trump is a pizzagating Satanist.

No you don't.

I don't think you know how marshal law works.

Yes I do. My contact told me about how they were going to take down Trump with some Russia shit in the summer of 2015.

Federal Marshal Law works for 6 months. Period. It's enumerated in federal law and prevents anyone from pulling the Star Wars Episode 2 shit.

6 months. That's the longest Trump can hold on to power.

No … no you don't. Primarily because you used the term "powerful judge". Judges don't come in flavors of power. You don't know how jurisprudence works, ergo, you're just another TOR idiot trying to impress idiots with your "super secret knowledge".

Some judges work for the municipal traffic court, others work on the Supreme Court. There are Circuit Courts and State Supreme Courts and all manner of legal jurisdictions presided over by a huge number of various judges.

Anybody who knows anything about the US legal system knows this. Why's this bother you?

Anyway there will be legal issues because judges are in a conspiracy to deprive us of our rights under the Constitution. I know it for a fact.

So no, you don't know a judge, you don't have a contact, you have no insider information, and no one believes you.

There have already been legal issues.
Yeah, we know. They've been doing this for over a century. The solution is to kill them.
Congratulations on knowing something we already knew.

While I want to agree, look at 11420504
Sucks but his closing note was on tyrany. I just realized that there was a senator that said america was in an israel tyranny and didnt know it.
what if bush refused something israel wanted and it pulled 911?
what if the same thing happened in the 70s when they attacked our ship and we did nothing?
what if we don't disarm and they do something?
didnt turkey call to attack israel on all sides, from the Religion of Cuck™ic army, this week?

Lookit how ass mad you are.

You're not even trying to hide your nose.



Isn't it just pinned in?


Attached: 277411a3390c9bab91171ced92e62523972d9aa6fa30e9be2338470efdcaa9a9.jpg (680x464, 33.28K)

U sayn we iz communists n shit?

Pressed into the trunnion. To change barrels, you're basically looking at tearing the rifle apart and rebuilding it, not just swapping a part like an AR.

Requires a press for the pin and getting the barrel out.

Yeah, no. The 82nd Airborne was out on the streets and at that time it was advertised they were fresh out of Iraq/AFG and were ready to kill subhumans.

Couldn't archive, it's a .mil link. Enter at your own risk.

Attached: (2804x1751, 1.44M)

No it isn't, what is the goddamn national guard.

I don't buy it. why are they standing so close together, with no magazines? Those are boots at best, probably nasty girls. Those are not fresh from the sandbox veterans.

Because it was just a show of force for recalcitrant, weak-ass ghetto niggers who were wrecking N.O.. It's not as if they were facing IED's and organized ambushes. It doesn't take long to shove a magazine into a weapon. It was an optics thing. Loaded M4's have a tendency to scare faggots.

Now seeing how Obongo had Scalia pillowed using CIAniggers, couldn't Trump pillow this kike?

Maximum soy

He's retired so the enormous risk of having a high-profile person assassinated greatly outweighs the reward. He's better off knocking off Ginsburg.

Yeah, our leaders have neglected their actual history lessons. Trump is literally and non-pejoratively a demagogue, his primary support is the people, the lower and middle classes. He's not Caesar, he's the Gracchi.

This kike has zero power. It'd be a waste of resources.

I don't think you know how martial law is spelled.

The source given in that past Wikipedia article doesn't ever mention that he came from a Jewish family.

He's definitely spiritually Jewish and looks the part to boot (possibly has Jewish genes), but it's not actually documented anywhere.

They banned new hiring of ICE agents, severely limited deportations, and banned wall prototypes. They're trying to seize guns in a massive push at the same time.

Does anybody understand what's happening? Why is Trump completely selling us out on the wall? This is completely fucked

You have no idea. I'm in the same boat as you user

Attached: Breaching.jpg (306x305 44.97 KB, 26.23K)

you have sources to back up any of that?

Attached: f867112b0f324f23c6c550501b2291b6.jpg (500x354, 26.24K)

it's literally in the omnibus bill faggot

It's in the bill

This country is completely finished. People have to take up arms. There is literally no other way

post screen caps then you bum drillers.

Attached: Erika_Bully.gif (800x713, 374.98K)

If that's the case all of Trump's reforms will be struck down after he blows his brains out, then we'll be rounded up and executed.

Go ahead and switch gears to complaining about the mods and spamming giant walls of redtext about how we're all kike redditors for not wanting to have the same goddamn argument in every single thread every day forever.


The bill is 2,000 pages long, that's like saying that Jesus was gay and when I demand sauce you tell me "it's in the bible".

What a moron that guy is. Who cares how many guns a person or persons owns? Its irrelevant to any part of their argument. Their main argument is bad people use guns to mass murder therefore we should stop selling guns. If Mr mass murderer has 2 or 200 the mother fucker only has 2 trigger fingers.

Fucking lefties are ultra retards.

Kys torpedo

Attached: ahhhhhhh.gif (500x376, 481.75K)

I wonder how he feels about trucks of peace, a european favourite when mass shootings there aren't involved yet still happen there magically somehow. Hmm.

"James, most beloved of Jesus."

Post the part where Jesus fucks him in the ass, I'll wait.

They are already doing it on the micro-level with those stupid fucking "Red Flag" laws.
We need to be extra discriminating about who knows our true power levels and capabilities. These RF laws are going to empower disgruntled SJW family members, medical staff, or even bureaucrats to put us in potentially lethal conflict with local authorities based on little more than hearsay, or outright fabrications.
If you haven't already, put some distance between yourself and family members that may have a political grudge (or even well meaning idiot normies).
Feed disinfo through shared contacts…
As extra insurance, It would be advisable to cache a couple guns TODAY.
The dynamics are changing. It's certainly not an organic shift, but the purity of the origin doesn't matter. What does matter is it's being codified to spite us. The consequences are severe. We need to get wise to operating behind (((enemy))) lines before the learning curve becomes too steep, too costly.

I believe inflammatory statements like the one made by Justice Stevens are intended to provoke us. Be careful. Be mindful of who or what might be listening to your reaction


I love it how leftists have been dropping the "reasonable gun control" narrative, and are going for Australia tier gun control. It's almost as if people who constantly demand more and more Europe style laws aren't going to magically stop once you give them this one thing.

The extremely candid gungrabbers serve two purposes; shifting the Overton window and provoking violence from us (actual violence or just violent rhetoric, it doesn't matter which. it provides reference points for them)

That's in The Gospel of John 2: Rainbow Glitter Idol.


It shifts the window in the opposite direction as the public will never approve of a gun grab of that nature.

Its amazing how everything he wrote about in 1978 is coming true today. Had the U.S.S.R not collapsed so quickly I believe they would have become what China is today.

No its like gas pricing. First they jack it up extremely high, then they half it to calm the public down and repeat the process always moving upwards. Same with gun control: scream about gun grabs then settle everyone down with vague mental illness and "assault rifles". Mental illness determined by liberal doctors.
It will never be a european style "everyone hand in your weapons" since americans are well aware what that leads to so everything will be incremental. Last thing they want is for millions to unite around such an obvious issue.
They've already crossed that line by calling for gun control while ignoring that faggot israel and his cucks are still working as cops. You have your evidence. They will never see it your way and want you exterminated. Like the Germans post WW1.

'from my cold dead hand'

come get it bitch liberals i guarantee you i take out 20 before getting hit

Attached: 1521951477165.jpg (600x800, 66.71K)

I could perhaps see the dems winning in the midterms, and getting cocky and believing their own propaganda that most Americans want a gun grab, passing a sweeping ban bill. At that point, shit gets fun.


Our ancient ancestors defined warfare as a suspension of the law.

It is unwise to centralize. It makes much more sense to be close enough to come to each other's aid, but not near enough to be known by the enemy to be a group before they launch an assault.

I guess this is the new variety of anti-military shill this week.

Well green texted!

Attached: 1521128330111.jpg (400x400, 42.6K)

Attached: 10723343.gif (480x270, 2.17M)

That’s too much love for me.

You have to entertain the assumption that you have been duped into believing that it was in the bill if you haven't witnessed any evidence for yourself. There's been a lot of talk about this and that in the bill that has yet to be actually verified. Until then, it's salacious speculation. I take suspect of anyone who makes any claim of this bill this early into the law. It will take committees months to actually comb through it, so just stating something is so because someone said so is pretty suspicious.

Why did he retire then?

I don't even thin it'd take the 2nd
Thing will spiral out of control if they "imbeach drumpf"

Now that's a very special kind of stupid.

What a disgusting porker.

A company called Freedom Group which is owned by Cerberus Capital - CEO is (((Feinberg))) - bought Remington and many other US gun companies in 2011.


Attached: FreedomGroup-Feinberg.png (569x581, 229.43K)

would be a shame if someone talked to him
4280 Galt Ocean Dr #15B
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308-6148
(703) 521-6147 - Landline

Oh and by the way while they say "Oh Australia has no Gun crime now the guns are gone" when Australia apart from Bryant had no major gun problem, and honestly there is now starting to be a major shooting problem in Australia, now we're getting niggers and all
They ignore that, there is an increase in the amount of shootings here

No answer

They went about dismantling the quality control of these companies as the first step to dismantling them.

YWR get bent, you’re in my state, you need to pay me.

This state is UWY.

Attached: 1486495200467.jpg (680x578, 65.67K)


To be fair, his alphabetnigger VP having him shot probably didn't help

See the electoral maps. Blue ghettos + 30mil illegal pets can keep their sanctuary Burning Kansases. They're stuck in here with us, not the reverse– and only the captive class of Boomers and the most egregiously lobotomized entranced with the legacy media embolden these faggots that blackpill at the slightest sign of consensus cracking their false consciousness.

Reminder the cunt that took charge of the G4S subsidiary in charge of superb owl security, and the 'accidental' DHS counterterror briefcase cohenveniently left on a commuterflight right where a CNNgger Samaritan just happened to find it

Attached: 40K_Inquisitor.jpg (480x415, 36.23K)

David Hogg' GUN salesman of the year 2018
…he may even surpass Obama to take the title of "Greatest Gun Salesman in American History!!" Even Sam Colt would be Proud at the guns these useless dupes actually cause to be SOLD!!!?

Subversive garbage. What good is a gun in a dead hand for securing freedom? None whatsoever.

kek, leftist are actually pretty pissed at the guy for breaking the Taqiya and openly talking about what the end goal is

The nat guard/army was also disarming people.

two options for the great unwashed to consider. massive style points if you manage to incorporate unicycle.

Attached: cmonburgerstakeahint.png (367x234, 97.22K)

Yes. All legitimate law is rooted in natural justice. They cannot be removed. A government which attempts to do so breaks the social contract and may be removed by force.


David Hogg' GUN salesman of the year 2018
…he may even surpass Obama to take the title of "Greatest Gun Salesman in American History!!" Even Sam Colt would be Proud at the guns these useless dupes actually cause to be SOLD!!!?

I strongly recommend all these children immediately sign away their individual gun rights as a protest


Never interrupt your enemy when he's a making a mistake, user. If shit's going to be that chaotic, just imagine what YOU could get away with!

Screw them they can leave the country if they don’t like it. It was ours before they came around.

R and B pays tribute to all the Blue in this state.

a law is only law as long as it's enforced
who's going to do that, you?

Do you have a list of the firearms companies they bought? Might be wi$e to short their stock when they deliberately bankrupt them.

Let’s start memeing Repeal the 15th! GO! GO! GO!

Fucking retard. The 16th and 17th are more likely to be repealed, and they will never be repealed.

^ literally a r*ssian.

You’re not on leftypol.

Attached: c3ccc452e77b6f09fad9a20c8a49e1030076fab9747ee3b5e6d86420e21314e8.gif (200x270, 1.09M)

It’s called memeing faggot. Remember when Holla Forums used to do that? Everything after the 10th needs to be trashed.

Why of course I would never commit any crimes. I fully intend on surrendering my firearms if the legitimate US government orders me to do so!

I would never do anything crazy like hide weapons and plot low intensity resistance operations against an illegitimate tyrannical government on my days off, that would just be nuts. Why would I want to hand deliver pipe bombs to the addresses of traitorous regime members when I have a somewhat decent paying job but otherwise nothing really keeping me wanting to live to any extraordinary degree?