Open Borders For Israel

hey Holla Forums

Can we as anonymous start to organize and lobby for #OpenBordersForIsrael

if we can get the leftists on our hands, we can direct the refugee stream from Africa, Syria and the middle east to the prosperous, nearby and safe, Israel.

We should really put our minds together to make this noble idea a reality.

Let's get to work Holla Forums



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Have a bump


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Do you think Holla Forums has not already attempted this?
Unfortunately I can't find all the pics from the earlier threads.

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jew the jews!

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Reminder that it is illegal to boycott Israeli goods, which shows you who fucking owns you.

check this out
the CIA does not target Israel in it's global surveillance

let's blow new life into this

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I can kind of understand why dudes are into pedophilia, but bestiality is incomprehensible.

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Plus beastiality is ickier.

A little followup on the 5th pic:
The cunt who wrote the article got it reported and deleted.

It was also her only article.

Also, from a simple search, there's a significant lack of information regarding Goldstein, which makes me think it's a fake (a fake so matching with reality it's not even considered a Poe's law, either way).

Go play in traffic schlomo.

That's a potential under-explored angle. I have no clue how to motivate LGBTQ in any appropriate direction though.

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get the libertarians to do it since they love open borders and racemixing so much

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Jews are allowed to remove minority's without being called racist: