False Flag/Not this Nig


Hotpocket edit: much more detailed article

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cepi.net/sites/default/files/CEPI Inserm List of Participants 18 02 17_0.pdf
icwatch.wikileaks.org/search?utf8=✓&utf8=✓&q=frank bradley

How incredibly suspicious.

100 percent a false flag in the making, no one would be stupid enough to add all of this "tactical gear". Also notice the old Webly revolver, the media will start pushing that these revolvers should be banned since they are faster to reload than most.

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Since when is owning a "large capacity" firearm in texas a crime? Why would this nigger call the cops on himself? Literally wat.

2nd line is supposed to be

When I have "dozens of rounds", I'm out of ammo.

read the headline again retard

Yes, it was in the Boston area. I was going to correct myself but I already made a post correcting a typo. It still makes no sense why he would call the cops on himself. Sounds staged.

maybe he thought the cops would just fuck off if he shows his james bond badge. Or maybe he was not comfy with killing people and shut it down this way.

Or some pink haired tranny at the CIA decided to play affirmative action with their false flag patsies and used a nigger so dumb he ruined everything.

Where was he arrested? Near a concert, convention or political rally? We need to figure out the intended target.

Tewksbury. The original article from the Lowell Sun is a lot more detailed then the one OP linked to. Fox Jews left out a lot of details. This story is fucking bizarre.


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but no belts or 40mm ammunition in the photo. Odd.


The fuck?

>calls po'leess instead of perforating them


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Bottoms right is a belt

rest of the video?

maybe this one

LGBT film festival
March 29 - April 8, 2018
multiple locations
See contemporary gay, lesbian, transgender, and bisexual films at Wicked Queer.

you know he wasn't going to be the fall guy, right?
not young or white enough

The patsy is already a corpse on ice

Bump this actually needs stickied

What if those guns were brought into the room during the feed lapse and the nigger really thought he had the one handgun?

Too bad he was arrested, then.

Good job user, it was like a riddle. Most people think, why was nig so dumb to do something like this. When that was what makes the riddle so hard to solve, the nig wasn't dumb, he looks nice and smart and so does his wife. He was being framed and he was smart enough to put a camera in the room, he was actually smart, and this is why this happened.


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From the picture those are some really real looking props.
Especially the bullet looking "props"

Uh oh, they dun goofed.
Anyone else feel that we will see more false flags because America STILL won't listen and ban guns despite these attacks taking place in a world where 99.999999999999999999% of gun owners don't do what these false flaggers are paid to do.

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The nigger was told its an emergency drill. He drove away and the burglar replaced the props with functional guns, but the nig set up a camera because he knew something is fishy.


Watch out, he's got a bump stock!

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ENSYMA Engineering, south MacArthur Blvd, Coppell TX 75019

Some user please get eyes on before this building gets bulldozed tomorrow. This whole story reeks. Dig dig dig bump bump bump.

Woops, 820 S. MacArthur blvd

Bump stocks alone perpetrated the murder of 17 innocent children Florida, and all Americans are to blame for facilitating this type of crime by allowing civilians to own firearms.
t.trans female puerto rican with 91 IQ

He's a spook agent alright. It's just that his MKULTRA programming might not have worked the best.

his buisness website says its located in Washington DC.

Its the exact company that would organize such drills which then get hijacked by real mossad shooters.

Website feels like it was slapped together in about 15 minutes.

They look awfully smug but why?
His website lists the following clients:
Department of Energy
Soldier Sensors and Lasers
And ITER, an experimental nuclear fusion project in France

I got that feel too.

Not those damn fucking bump stocks
Will it ever end

Those blacks appear to be non-feral.

They made it illegal to carry in a school so they could start sending MK Ultra victims in there to murder kids. Exact same MO as Australia and Britain, except we already had a bunch of patriots who were angry about Ruby Ridge and Waco that saw through it.

Is nobody else pointing out that he had an almost identical situation to that of the Mandalay shooter? Wasn't there a theory that Paddock was a fall guy for a foreign arms deal of some sort, and the mass shooting was a contingency that got triggered heh by something going wrong?

Why do they both have the same smirk on the right side of their mouths from their frame of reference.

False flag my ass, this nigger was out to hurt some White people. No jew crew of demon fucks would trust a monkey to pull off some shit let alone keep his monkey mouth shut.

This… is a weird one. You'd think if they had another mass shooting false flag, especially one that would target March For Our Lives, they'd setup some good ole boy hick or another pedophile looking motherfucker like Paddock. But a nigger from Texas? With his wife/side-chick? On the bright side, the dipshit leftists will still claim this as "entitled, white toxic masculinity" and thus grant all of us openings to possibly see their fucking heads spin when shown that it was a nigger and his niggeress.

Serously that fag had a 40mm grenade launcher and what looked to be two flare or other devices for it at least. I didn't see any conventional lethal grenade rounds though.

This is some weird shit.

Considering a nigger literally just shot up a bunch of cops at a protest a couple months ago and how fast that was swept under the rug. Wonder why they'd pick a nigger when this story would just disappear immediately.

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First ever police robot kill though, dat shit was LIT.

White people be crazy and sheeit.

Im not going to lie, Im scared as hell right now.

What in the fuck?

You mean almost two years ago?
Time flies when you're memeing hard.

those pics go with this link. click and you'll see what I mean


The amount of money it would cost to get all that shit off the black market, let alone legally with all the paperwork and waiting times, would be far, far far out of reach for the average person, let a lone a nigger. That shit is planted for sure. Plus nobody has all that shit and only has "Dozens of rounds". You are out of ammo when you have "dozens" of rounds.

Legal to buy, grenades are the things controlled
Oh no, not the evil flashlight and lasers.
Impossible for a regular ar upper, guessing it's MCR that's designed to be belt-fed. Even if it was possible to convert a normal upper like that they would've added a full-auto sear to the ar instead of a fucking bumpstock.
Oh look, we really do need to ban those goyim.

Holla Forums, why do you magapedes know so little. No 40mm launchers are not legal to buy unless you get the tax stamp. It's why 37mm flare launchers exist.

Is that a Vektor pistol? One of the worst pistols ever made

>totally not another las vegas black op false flag perpetrated by (((Mossad)))

Deep state jews get caught again. Robert was probably some fbi asset sent to just rent the room under his name and identity. While (((they))) were going to use it for a shooting , blackmail ,extortion, trafficking . Robert didn't trust (((them))) not to use him as a patsy setting up a camera in the corner. (((They))) fucked with the camera, Robert calls the police to get a alibi. Boom false flag averted.

My guess why a nigger was going to be used was for optics to white gun owners. Who are laughing at the gun ban propaganda that the guns are cane be used by niggers to kill White people. Which is true but, the only way to get rid of niggers killing Whites is by banning guns.

Tewksbury…that’s literally just a few towns away from me. If this went through, my AR purchase would go bye-bye…I wonder where the target was? Hopefully it wasn’t my college, which is right near there. This is a pretty nice town. It’s not Wakefield or Wellesley, but it’s not a shitheap like Jamaica Plain or Fall River (sorry Sam Hyde) I think that was the intention.

It's Disease X related.

This wasn't a false flag, he was a contractor who literally told the police what he was there for because he knew a narrative would be spun like this.


He has the CDC listed on the website of his company as one of his affiliates/companies he's contracted for and liked them on Facebook


You were all told multiple times this month about the Femin virus/Disease X and you ignored it, how many more CDC employees and contractors have to get murdered or arrested before you catch on?


Compiled sources here:


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Now, why exactly he would call the fucking police on himself is not immediately clear, although it's stated that he did so once the camera system he had rigged up in his hotel room was cut and he couldn't access the feed.

Since the CDC had a fairly prominent official murdered a month ago over this virus it's likely that he assumed the worst and figured it would be easier to have the police step in and de escalate the situation. Or perhaps the order he was waiting for never came because there was a missed connection, not immediately clear.

Notice from the police report how confident he was, telling police that when he needed his guns back for the mission he was just going to come get them. This guy operates outside of the law for high profile clients.

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And in case some of you are skeptical about what I am saying in regards to his story that he was there to help an agency deal with a virus, he attended the first scientific meeting of the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovation (CEPI) as a representative of his company

cepi.net/sites/default/files/CEPI Inserm List of Participants 18 02 17_0.pdf

Not in Texas :) I teach as a grad student at a very liberal uni. I carry everyday because I don't trust these fuckups.

What the fuck

This could very well be it, but why the hell have a nigger shoot up an fag hotbed?

I've been telling you all that the CDC and WHO are looking into Disease X as a retrovirus that affects DNA and causes permanent genetic damage.

This guy only went to the police because something happened that spooked him and made him suspect he might get targeted due to taking the contract for the CDC.

What? If the nigger thought he was targeted then, he's going to shit himself now. I'm more inclined to think some alphabet glow coon convinced him of a "mission" and he later realized in the middle of it he was going to be patsy'd. This is how the false flags are orchestrated.

This wasn't a false flag, as I already posted with sources, he was tied to the CDC and many other federal agencies/nonfederal entities such as CERN, he attended conferences on epidemic preparation etc.

Just look at his friends list on Facebook

This is not some useless patsy, this is a very well connected operative who was doing contract work. Way more high profile than some Paddock level patsy.

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As a resident of mass, the thing that really stuck out to me was the mention that this coon was packing ((bump stocks)) when MA has a mandatory turn in of bump stocks scheduled for the 30th of March. As if some CIA nigger is going to use such an ineffective tool for a mass killing. I'm so tired of clownworld

Looks similar but IDK

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Lol that's a black congressman or some shit lolololol no

That's a 37mm flare launcher, not a 40mm grenade launcher. Those are considered Destructive Devices and are heavily regulated.
There's an HK on the top that's belt fed, that belt isn't for the AR.

Why do all of you think he was the patsy? We know there were rumors since 9/11 about terror attacks that are carried out within anti-terror drills. Such missions are more complicated than -get guns-shoot-run. You need organization, communication, preparation, live escape routes and such. So you hire a dubious spook firm to make a "drill" and all you have to do is exchange the weapons and have your actual shooters instead of dummies in place and someone who places the patsy. You dont want a group of foreigners with funny accents to do the networking with local authorities and act suspicious around the target. Afterwards they use blackmail against high ranking officials to shut the investigation down and just kill stubborn investigators if neccessary.

Boston Marathon is next month

Now, I'm no expert on secret missions, but if you're on one, I assume you're not supposed to tell anyone that you are. I'm doubt telling the cops 'I'm on a secret mission, but I can't say what' helps you or the mission, and I assume someone actually on a secret mission would know this better than I.
What the fuck of fucks.

because they dont actually want to set up the communication for fucking construction sites, its a front. I remember we stumbled upon a couple of this kind of websites while researching pizzagate

Maybe for attention, so they think twice about suiciding him.

if he was so operator why did this nog call the fuzz on himself about "klan members in da bushes"

Put himself in custody for his own protection or something? I guess, maybe. This is just so weird all around.

Serious question, why are bumpstocks being targeted specifically? They don’t really seem to offer much of a tactical advantage so I’m guessing that bump stocks are just the boogeyman / wedge to drive more completely un-needed legislation?

You can do better than Wakefield, user.

I would say that, since firing them looks to ruin your accuracy, one could argue that one would want them when they intend to fire indiscriminately, which is useless for normal people, but good if you just want to spray into a crowd or something.
On the other hand, with how often legislators prove how little they know about guns or their functions, that assumes they even know that much.

Well, if I were an armed guard / police officer / good guy with a gun I’d want the dirtbag I’m up against to have even less accuracy. I’m not sure how much of a difference having a bump stock would make vs regular semi automatic against an unarmed group which is why the logical approach is to change the equation by arming the group by having a trained professional or two with a gun at each school or hey let teachers conceal carry if they so choose.
I firmly believe there are more good people than bad and that the more of those good people who are armed and willing to act the less bad people are going to have their way and nerf the 2nd amendment.
This clearly doesn’t seem to be about saving lives and is all about disarmament.

WRONG. Pic related.

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Their outspoken intent is to ban all guns
bump stocks is a stepping stone


Learn about sheep dipping:


1/2, last 2 images of summary in next post.
check out the outlined section in the 4th image.

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how is this public
I thought i was a ongoing chase ?

The black dude left those guns for somebody else to carry out the massacre. Probably a white male. It's quite possible he didn't even know that the guns were to be used on the protesters. Maybe it all snapped into focus for him.. he realized why he was leaving those guns and called the police to stop it from going down.

Groups use niggers because who cares if they get caught, they're unaware of anything but the job for a bag of crack. Who do you think orchestrated all those drivebys on politicians in the 90s?

That's a remarkably good explanation.

Because there's only weak support for a meme attachment that turns an AR into an area weapon. They'll always target areas of apathy.

Should be given an award to make others say something.

It's more than that, it's a wedge issue. Ultimately, does a bump stock ban significantly affect our ability to revolt? Not really. Look beyond the dialectic to what they may be trying to slip in during the distraction of the bump stock debate.

She wears those glasses like a costume. The lenses and frames are large enough to keep things from getting in her eyes, she must be safety conscious.

There's no way that guy got sheepdipped or is on a secret mission. He's probably just trying to throw more shade on guns and the 2nd amendment like a good commie. Really dumb way to do it, IMO, but it does show who in the press is playing along.

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They're targeting them because it's something tangible that ties in their argument. You can do the same thing with your belt loop and finger, but they can't ban a finger. They also don't want to admit the individual angle to gun crime, so demonizing the actual technique wouldn't work in their favor since it would adhere to controverting reasoning. But a bump stock? Those do ebil things and are a part of the gun itself, so they deserve all the blame in their eyes.

Where did you get these?

This is typical MKULTRA stooge. It's almost impossible to reliably hypnotize a subject to a commit a crime that goes against their morality. To bypass this they program a delusion into the subject in which their crime is actually an act of heroism.

1. See Ted Kennedy assassin and how he believed he was at shooting range. His therapist was a shrink on CIA payroll with known MKULTRA ties.
2. See recreation of this scenario here: youtube.com/watch?v=wipVDW3Vc4A

This is how most MKULTRA shooting stooges are programmed. In this case this dumb nig thought he was stopping a zombie outbreak or some other nonsense. He was supposed to do the deed and then someone else would take the fall. The fall guy is a low IQ stoog of convenience just placed in the right time/place. For example bosting bombing kids go to Chechnia and then are told to carry a backpack into a crowd during marathon. Someone else plants the bomb. Then the kids get mopped up, killed/silenced etc and because evidence is so piled against them they take plea bargain. Same thing happened to Cruz, just a low IQ kid with history of violence and an ice cube's chance in hell of escaping the death penalty without a guilty plea.Meanwhile the MKULTRA perp who actually carried out the attack goes back to his delusional life in which he's a secret agent knowing nothing. This explains why he brought the police in so naively.

This protocol also follows TS standards of compartmentalization which dramatically reduces chance of blowback.

This man has connections to many, many agencies that deal with viral outbreaks.

He's not a stooge, he's a specialist with highly honed skill set. Look at his appearance in these sources. Some of you guys are so fucking retarded when it comes to research sometimes.

cepi.net/sites/default/files/CEPI Inserm List of Participants 18 02 17_0.pdf
icwatch.wikileaks.org/search?utf8=✓&utf8=✓&q=frank bradley

Reminds me a certain board where people constantly claim killing minorities would be act of heroism.
Are you sure you aren't hypnotized yourself?

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Chink in the armour, give an inch they take a mile etc.

Bumpstocks aren't a big deal by themselves but its a way to get at assault rifles as bumpstocks turn semi-autos into "mass killing machines".

i originally grabbed the caps off of cuckchan.
user posted the following link as the source: extras.mnginteractive.com/live/media/site105/2018/0326/20180326_010823_Binder1.pdf


DailyMail opened their article yesterday with that assumption

But I have to agree with

remember pic related? Boehringer is the company that made/makes bathsalts.

cepi.net/sites/default/files/CEPI Inserm List of Participants 18 02 17_0.pdf

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This is what your local cia nigger look like and its beautifull

If he was being framed, I would think he would look a little bit pissed off in his mugshot rather than that sternly smug righteous indignation

its possible. But, let me ask ya, where is that cdc nigger? Still missing?

Land of the free, everyone.

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Wakefield is great, what could be wrong about the quality of life there? Pretty lakeside downtown, interesting history, nice restaurants and businesses. If the whole state wasn't so liberal and tax-happy I'd live here.

It's also the only place I've seen a memorial to the USS Liberty attack at. Pic related.

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yankee states are the new slave states

maybe he caught something that could get him out of jail or framing attempt, if his "camera malfunction" was the perps who came to drop weapons in his room noticing the camera and having their "oshit" mugshot taken before they turned it off
working cameras don't just "malfunction" without having their battery or switch manipulated in some way

You spelt Cloverfield wrong

Not that hard to knock a camera off line long enough to gain access to it. Takes about forty watts at the most to get about about ten seconds. Point device at power cable or camera body from off camera, zap it and hurry up before it reinitializes.

I lost internet for 12 hours about 5 minutes after posting in the 4cuck thread about this, had a bit of a power surge before the modem took a shit. hmm

Smart meters aren’t hard to fuck with if you have enough bots to send after them.

I was just in a restaurant where about 15 or so of the phones were likely bottled and pushing ultrasonics. All of them were obviously Android phones. The wait staff obviously was aware of it going on as well.

smsjqUlZEiktFEoeMARJOLnDOtKhFpwAEtbniAIhrCsCiPsOpapXLXeUUNtLWnMz regards, THE SPAMMER COMMUNITY lololol>>11421101

I'm just a NEET living in his parents basement and who will end up homeless when his parents finally die which will probably be soon. I can only shitpost, that is all. I don't have any influence or power.

Why kind of genetic damages it does?

Btw it kind of spooks me that I am severely sick right now while browsing this thread. I have to breath through my mouth because of the blood and yellow mucus. I haven't slept in days and am just browsing Holla Forums and watching youtube vids and stuff. What are the symptoms of disease x?

Are you not familiar with US, Canadian, NATO, and other classification systems?

For secret yeah he can stay that. It's not top secret nor above top secret. There's different secrecy levels. Lower secrecy levels you can take excerpts or paraphrase as long as you leave out certain details like real names. Some stuff is for restricted/limited distribution to authorized individuals. Some stuff is compartmentalized. Some stuff gets declassified.

Symtoms aren't like what you're exhibiting so don't worry based on a cold.

One thing that I've seen noticed is that it damages the hypothalamus and causes the infected host to be unable to utilize the oxytocin hormone properly, which causes some major problems for women and prevents men from properly regulating testosterone. You can tell it's genetic because successive generations can show symptoms as well (kids can have damaged hypothalamuses for examples which is linked to homosexuality, transsexualism and pedophilia).

They think it does damage to other parts of the body as well but I haven't read up on what has been researched beyond what I'm sharing here.

How do you know the kids aren't just susceptible to getting the disease and then get it from the parents?

Also is anyone susceptible or only some very specific people?

If I were a citizen of a country I'd want and expect everyone in my nation to be armed as best as possible and ready to hold the government accountable in case it decides to do some stupid shit.

Women are generally more susceptible. For men it's the ones with lower than average levels of testosterone that are more susceptible to the virus. The virus universally feminizes men.

That Tom Steyer guy happens to be connected to Soros's Open Society Foundation.


Yeah, my thoughts exactly. Who would hire a nigger for a classified mission, knowing it'd get fucked up?

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I think he was working alone. If you look at where the parking tickets where they were near other biomedical companies. I think he was waiting around for a contact that never showed up. Those weapons of his may have been for protection.


/pol is compromised.

Please move to /zenpol.

There is a massive effort all over the web to lie about the omnibus including here on /pol. The omnibus is the EXACT OPPOSITE of what Trump promised.


-The omnibus does NOT fund any border wall. It allocates funding for 33 miles of fence.

-NO money shall be spent on a wall of any type. Money shall only be used on “operationally effective designs" that were in use on May 5, 2017.

-NO new ICE arresting officers/field agents may be hired. Fewer than 100 new SUPPORT ONLY jobs are mandated–NOT field agents. Trump said he wanted 1000 field agents.

-This REDUCES the number of illegals that may be detained for deportation. Read that again: REDUCES. The omnibus reduces the current number of detention beds–about 40,761 beds–by about 250. This means FEWER illegals can be detained.

-This INCREASES the number of foreign workers. H-2B visa program EXPANDED by 100,000 foreign workers.

-This MANDATES sanctuary city funding (the cities that protect illegals who've committed crimes like rape and murder).

-The military will NOT fund the wall or assist building it. Pay attention to Mattis. His policy is to remain neutral on any political issue like building the wall.













There is a massive effort all over the web to lie about the omnibus including on /pol.

Please move to /zenpol

The omnibus is the EXACT OPPOSITE of what Trump promised.

-It does NOT fund any border wall. It allocates funding for 33 miles of fence.

-NO money shall be spent on a wall of any type. Money shall only be used on “operationally effective designs" that were in use on May 5, 2017.

-NO new ICE arresting officers/field agents may be hired. Fewer than 100 new SUPPORT ONLY jobs are mandated–NOT field agents. Trump said he wanted 1000 field agents.

-This REDUCES the number of illegals that may be detained for deportation. Read that again: REDUCES. The omnibus reduces the current number of detention beds–about 40,761 beds–by about 250. This means FEWER illegals can be detained.

-This INCREASES the number of foreign workers. H-2B visa program EXPANDED by 100,000 foreign workers.

-This MANDATES sanctuary city funding (the cities that protect illegals who've committed crimes like rape and murder).

-The military will NOT fund the wall or assist building it. Pay attention to Mattis. His policy is to remain neutral on any political issue like building the wall.

Josh and Berkay are losing their fucking minds haha

you should really stop trying to force the meme of a bogus "femin virus" as if it was a real virological thing, instead of the meme of "feminism" in behavioral science
you do not want the autistic tards of the CDC trying to intervene in a pathological behavior that emanates from the kikes of the frankfurt school

This is why I come here.

Have the recent happenings surrounding a virus lately shown you that it isn't a meme?

Quit barebacking image boards.

Jew, an hero on webcam.

the only " recent happenings surrounding a virus lately" is the mention of "disease X" in the project of the CDC about establishing procedures to react to a disease, in case one pops out that medicine didn't know about
and the dude who wrapped his tinfoil hat too tight in the posts above imagined a correspondence between this "X" designating an unknown in an equation or a phenomenon (as in X-Rays, so named because they were unknown and not because they were cunts) and the "X" chromosome of female mammals, without even realising that males have an X chromosome too and that the disease should have been called XX if it was talking about bitches

by forcing bullshit that is barely less ridiculous than flat-earth and just as unscientific, you're not helping

You're only going to hear more commotion about it, I can assure you. However long you refuse to consider it is up to you.

then it's a psyop
made to force vaccinations/drugs/control/sequestration by using the pretext of a non-existant disease invented to explain a memetic phenomenon

And, first of all, the first femin virus thread was BEFORE any reports about a 'disease x'. >implying leftists dont show vast signs of serious mental illness >implying there isn't, at a minimum, reason enough to entertain the possibility >muh (((science)))

And.. Even if the virus was theoretical only, why the fuck wouldn't we want to meme it?

could have happened for an infinity of reasons, including a few legitimately natural ones, no need to invent another that requires the creation of entierely unknown bullshit
because this would expend huge amounts of energy on a meme that would have to be invented, researched, defended, that would grab the attention of scientists and doctors, that would consume ressources, to fabricate a known false explanation for a political sickness created by kikes for the purpose of societal collapse
it's a waste

in other words, this fabrication shifts the blame for the incoming global population/food/ressources/economic crisis from (((those filthy kikes again))) to a virus
gee, I wonder who could benefit from this bullshit

The entire idea of a memetic phenomenon was based off a Richard Dawkins Essay that he used to bash religion. The whole time he even implied it was like an allegory. Not to mention that since the essay was about religion, which does yield benefits for you instead of feminism. I just wish people stopped talking about memetic viruses because it was never a solidified term, and again the whole essay was made to completely bash religion. Religion and Feminism do not apply here.

You need to read the information in the bins because it is a real virus, and i know that's a hard pill to swallow, but overtime I think it might grow on you. I am not trying to lie to you when I say it's an actual. biological virus. Various Government secret agencies are doing testing and they too believe that it appears real.

Why did all of the NSA's documents say Tor resulted in "catastrophic" loss of data collection?

Why were you ever allowed to read those documents?

who gives a shit why Dawkins invented this new scientific domain for? the rationale and logic of memes and the information laws that govern their propagation is computable, which is the only required validity criterion for information
that's because your "memetic virus" notion is not based in science, that thing is called a "meme", the fact it behaves like a biological virus when you consider transmition of information is precisely included in the definition of the "meme" concept

I've read the information in the bins, including a quick glance at the linked scientific articles
this mess looks exactly like a schizo with an unprovable overwhelming conviction dumping truckloads of unrelated info to generate huge amount of smoke to hide the fact that not a single thing he says is related to his still unproven assertion
if there is a virus, it should have a material existence with a capsid envelope and uniquely identifiable genetic material
show it, or it's bullshit

Seems that based on how retroviruses act the most likely transmission method is passing it genetically

Women seem to be more susceptible than men

Look at this shill assblasting about the virus

The Atlanta police lied about him being passed up for a promotion (when he actually got one) to push a narrative that he committed suicide

You're a fucking kike sweating bullets that people know about the virus now

if I was a kike, I would love to have a virus being the cause of feminism, instead of all the kikes of the frankfurt school and jewlywood, because all of them would instantly be innocent of centuries of kikery
you moron

The only minorities are Native Americans and Whites.

Actually the Frankfurt School and Hollywood have pushed social engineering which facilitates the spread of the virus


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furthermore, a search on bing and startpage show clearly that the only existing references to "femin virus" come from Holla Forums and /x/ threads, were inspired by an attempt at forced meme from pictures of a feminist protest, then were spam-pushed on reddit by you where it made a flop a few weeks ago, then got spammed on Holla Forums and Holla Forums by you again in any thread you care to derail

stop this shit, seriously, it's as bad a flatearth

calling me kike after I have proven that you are the one helping them makes you sound very retarded

riddle me this; how magical do your "virus" have to be to be cured when some guy succesfuly redpills a female?

Look at Shekelstein here kvetch about some faggots posting memes

I haven't posted on Holla Forums in years and plebbit is fucking cancer, kill yourself chaim

I would do a stylometric analysis on all your posts on 4/x/, 4/pol/ and here to prove that you are the only one on the internet pushing this retardedness if I gave a damn about you
it's 99% likely that you posted this on reddit:

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Here is the whole series in the correct order: redd.it/822a2q redd.it/822al8 redd.it/822br2 redd.it/822cw0 redd.it/822fjm redd.it/822gti

and resorting to calling me a kike when all your arguments have been blown full of holes does nothing at all for your credibility

git gud Finkelstein as if I would ever put my real ID on anything, I just read the threads posted here about it

I'll give you a few hours to answer the question in

and also to explain what makes you believe that I am the kike when your arguments are the ones that miraculously paint them as innocent of millenias of crimes

Look at this Jew spew accusations left and right as the sweat beads on his hook nose. I guess he's really trying to earn those shekels.

I don't have to defend anything, those aren't my threads, and never said the yids were innocent of anything you lying, red-herring kike.

So there's a soyboy virus going around?

That's an insane amount of weapons for mere personal protection from a single contact you need to talk with though.

They're posting magnet links to cp to shut this down

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Sounds like bullshit gaslighting
If feminism was a virus why did they spend 50 years infiltrating schools and media to spread it ?

Ermmm feminism and men being effeminate are kind of two different but related things.

Don't meme a virus that feminizes people into reality because it will become a reality.

You think chaos magick doesn't real?

Ebola Chan wants a word with you.

Only meme viruses that destroy our enemies not our own people.

We could use some kind of memetically powered virus that kills chinks or pajeets.

That would deal with the mental aspects but they would still need to physically bring about these changes in men as men are, by nature, not prone to acting in such a manner. My personal opinion is it all goes back to pharma but we would need to determine the drug or combo used.

I feel it's pharma because if it was something simple like food or water we all would feel the effects. However, only a percentage does. Only logical conclusion is pharma or combination of a few things which sets off a change. This would be the biggest get in the history of this channel if we ever worked that out.