Truth comes out:shooter Nikolas Cruz was lonely (mother died), volatile (angst), ostracized(bullied)

>“He was ostracized his whole life,” said Gold, who said he was one of only four people, including Nikolas, and his younger brother, Zachary, who attended the funeral of his mother, Lynda Cruz, in November.

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You know I can sincerely say I don't give a fuck

Stop feeding this beast by keeping it going by talking about it.

I do.

It’s not going away, dude. These kids are literally making it their career and the media are full swing behind this stronger than ever before.

We need to push hard for anti bully and especially school security as both make sense and the bully thing has decades of brand recognition.

There’s nothing stopping a kid from bringing a knife to school. Or a bomb. Or just driving his car into the stands at a football game.

He was a poseur, he had a gf at one point. Anyone who can have one isn't lonely.

This is a bit of a break from the normal narrative. I'm sure it changes a bit because the shooter is still alive.

We live in a sick and twisted, perverted society. Men are raised to be weak. Women are raised to be sociopaths.

Bullying is nothing new, it always exists and always will. But what it turns people into has changed due to emasculating men at every turn.

Friendly neighborhood death squads?


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at 0:54 you'll see

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This isn't going away, user. The jew is doing his damndest to disarm burgers right now, because everyone can sense the U.S. is headed for a civil war. There are currently two competing visions for America - two diametrically opposed visions - and only one of them can be victorious. Perhaps I'm a pessimist, but I don't see a peaceful solution outside of, say, Trump staging a military coup and imposing the will of the people outright. Continuing to pursue 'political solutions' will be fruitless, imo, and is just delaying the inevitable. Either Trump seizes control and expels your enemies, or the country will continue to slowly decay to the point where violence is inevitable. The jews also see this particular eventuality, and are trying to disarm the you before the war: the last thing kikes want is guns in the hands of white nationalists that know how to use them. Barring few exceptions, the kikes have at their command an army of whiners and complainers; a powerful army in cultural/information warfare, but utterly useless in physical confrontation. That's why they're going all out on the anti-gun push right now. They want guns safely locked up out of the reach of white patriots, and they want it yesterday. Expect more shootings, and expect the response to get more and more shrill, because the gun-control push sure as hell isn't going anywhere.

This was a hoax to push anti-gun, no one was shot, this has been pretty well established.
And "lonely male" is simply another prong of attack dressed up as (((concern))).
Metamessage is that men who don't spend the majority of their time on jew amusements such as cinema and nightclub with the female "besties" are dangerous animals who must have their guns taken away.

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Cruz also admitted his own mother is a jewess making him a jew by jew's own religious laws. Really makes one think.

Why are gun groups not out telling the gov they can legislate what they want? We'll all just be criminals then. Molon labe and sheeit

Why are his arms so think and his face so off looking? Is this unedited?

Because frog needs to be boiled slowly.

i would pay to see reviewbrah and david "can't un-ZOG the" hogg get into an old-timey boxing match.

My money is on reviewbrah.

Fairly certain that would be the frog jumping. Honestly wish I could hold that rally myself. Civil war 2, here we come.

Here is the most important part. Note her complete hatred and rage. She is a very nasty person. all of the little actors are.

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< boomers will ever fucking wake up
So long as the money's good they'll cuck anything. They are the betrayal. Not even the kikes. The boomers. But we must gas the kikes.

''Our Furer who art in Valhalla, hallowed be thy name.
They Reichdom come on Earth as it is in Valhalla.
Give us this day our daily mead, and free us from usury, as we also free others from usury by killing kikes.
And lead us not to degeneracy, or usurpation, but deliver us from communism.''

He's skinny as fuck with shoulders of female proportions. That triangle head is fucked up. He has no earlobes because his mother is a Jewess. He's mildly retarded (hence the speech impediment) which is something they only just disclosed very recently.

Also, fucking a l i e n s

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Lurk forever, dipshit. It's been established that the children of Trump supporters were revenge killed, but the parents refused to support the anti-gun movement, so they won't let them speak. Only the FBI whelp and la goblina get the mic

dubs negated. we need to push hard for pro bullying. there were no fucking school shootings back when these simps routinely got their asses beat just for being lowly simp.


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That particular building, the Freshman building of Stoneman, was highly vulnerable to arson. It had only 2 exits. 2. It's relatively trivial to barricade such exits (eg by using a power tool to screw a strap to the door & wall (or two doors together) such as is used in tie-downs, with a washer to keep it from being yanked off).

There is a legal definition to 'firearm'.
Look it up.

The best so far is:

We're all to blame. Sure boomers and before allowed everything to be taken over but we've allowed it to stay. Pur time is limited and our lives are the fuel needed to keep the flame of our people alive. At some point we're going to sacrifice ourselves one way or another. We either do so to our own people or we do nothing which allows our people to be sacrifices for some other cause.

(checked and heil'd)
This user has it right. They are going full swing on the anti-gun narrative. Co-opt it by taking it over as an anti-bullying narrative. Watch as the lugenpresse and the active news sites that watch nervously like sweaty hawks are eyeballing this thread looking for any scraps of juicy bits they can get a hold of. Watch as they immediately start trying to point away as much as possible against the possibility of bullying to reinforce their narrative. There you will know that this user is onto something about co-opting the narrative.

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Pic one is an obvious edit and you can clearly see she's holding a paper instead of a book in the second image, why do we have twitter amateurs doing shops again?

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Oh well, if the jew says Trump supporters' children died then that changes everything.
I find it hard to believe that someone who actually reads this board organically could be this naive, so I'll assume you're a glow in the dark shill running narrative defense for the hoax.
That bullshit might work on reddit but you're out of your depth here.

You realize that the no tolerance policy is the only problem?

And forced integration, which is no tolerances' father.

Yeah that too.
Just let the kids beat the shit out of each other again and psychological bullying will be replaced by the good old physical one.
And let the bully victim defend himself without giving him a harder punishment than the bullies.


There reason why there is so much violence is that the addition of other races creates multiple hierarchies in the student body that are in conflict.

Bullied by Hogg? That would be kekworthy.

It's a code.

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They are scared of Gen Z.

Robin Hood didn't need firearms, and remember, the Duke Boys were banned from having guns thanks to (((Boss Hogg.)))

We're living in a fucking 70's TV show. When are Coy and Vance showing up as scab labour?

Because Gen Z is becoming more and more right wing at an alarming rate. So alarming that it obviously terrifies them.

Do the lefties know about pic related?

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with guns?

I'd say they are also trying to bring up the next generation of government officials on the left. They're giving people a recognizable face to vote for in the future.

The constitution video shoop was simply genius. People who would have never seen it saw it, because the retards at the news thought they needed to put out that fire. But instead, they broadcast it, and now a huge percent of Americans now identify the anti-gun movement as anti-constitution, in some small way, in their subconscious.

Are kikes bullies?

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Seems he did. Seems he did.

Karma's a bitch, and Gonzales is too.

Yes, perhaps you didn't comprehend. I'm saying stop bullying the bullies because they are part of the US's natural checks and balances against degeneracy and retardism. Since the bullying of bullies we've seen the rise of faggotry, niggerdom, trannies, furfags, or whatever the "degeneracy flavor of the day".

Schools need more bullies. Many many more bullies to put these subhumans back under the oppressive thumb of righteousness.


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I don't feel bad at all posting this now. Kek.

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Marx' "proletariat" simply means party leadership. Stop buying their nonsense.

He wasn't bullied physically, retard. PHYSICAL bullying has been banned (and also results in violence and other problems, and certainly isn't a solution in a developmental population), but they don't police the little dyke kike's "Mean Girls" bullying.

And that's really the problem. Our culture is a potty-mouthed kike trash culture. There is no morality in it,and children aren't naive anymore.

That Gonzales bitch has had more sex than a hooker from the 60's.

They're disgusting trash and filth.

they are simps. as such use their stolen wealth to rise up and implement systems that benefit simps. by protecting themselves they nurture the characteristics we've tried to suppress and rid our society.

Holy shit, that's brilliant. They will demand guns now as a feminist issue.

Bring back talk shit get hit.

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The point is, and remains, schools need more bullies.

it's all feels and status via who can voice their feels the loudest and with the biggest words. you start introducing logic and they double back to "oh yeah well why don't you say that to the mothers of all these dead children", or in the case of marx, they'll just handwave it and say "well that was a long time ago and we're different now"

Why not though?

Are (((you))) really asking me why we need bullies? If so, you're a shining example. You clearly didn't get your ass kicked enough such that you ask 5yo questions "but why?"

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We don’t really need more, we need better.
We don’t need talk behind your back and dox your shit bullies, we need classical
‘Eyo faggot you wearing that shitty gay jeans never again k? *clap*’

Are you retarded? Why wouldn't the Fed not be able to use him as a patsy?

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fucked that up but why would the Feds not be able to blame it on him?

I think you were brainwashed into thinking "bully" means something other than someone that kicks your ass for literally no reason other than you let them thus making you an even bigger target for more bullying.

Why would they? pic related

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Because he would still be an angsty teenager who would be baited by an FBI agent into shooting up a school?

I say we need to go further. Bring bulling back into the adult world. And ban guns because real men fight with fists.

Redpill me on bullies then

You have clearly never met anyone that was actually bullied. They are hapless worms because the bullies pulverized them into the dirt. People that were bullied try to make themselves invisible. They focus most of their energy on maintaining as low a profile as possible out of fear of being bullied more.

Edgy attention whore seeing faggots are the ones that have outbursts.

read this post

Agreed. But that's duels, on the basis of disagreement.

This isn't a situation where we validate some huge fucker beating the shit out of a tiny kid. Why would you support that? For a Lord of the Flies solution? Don't you know adults are part of society as well?

*seeking not seeing


is retarded

Yes, he is retarded.

o shit am I bullying you, retard?

They want gibs, they are white niggers.

Danke, user

When did I support that? I was just bringing up Sumner being beaten in the US Congress for whining about the South.

Dueling culture tbh.

One of the unintended side-effects of liberalizing weed.

So what's the first step in bringing back physical bullying without the (((teachers))) getting involved?

No. I can handle some random retards attempt at bantz. Words aren't bullying. You gotta bloody some noses, blacken some eyes, and split some lips. Bullying is the physical solution to an emotional problem. Beat the simps until they have no self-esteem and feel their only choice is to become invisible.

Stop giving emo fags attention unless it's just to kick their ass for being emo fags.

Meme warfare isn't a game. I think they're learning that eventually.

Yes, you are a retard. You can't grasp analogy. You don't have the first clue about human psychology. Dumb af.

It's too esoteric. They'll never learn it, because they're atheistic to a retarded degree.

>So what's the first step in bringing back physical bullying without the (((teachers))) getting involved?
Go old school: beat them up off premises. Or just lie to the teachers and tell them the victim started the altercation.

Attached: Bane - The Fire Rises.mp4 (1280x720, 1.23M)

Listen to Grapes.

Yes, but instead of guns they used a bow and arrow, most of the time with dynamite tied to the arrow.

However, meme warfare can be blocked, quite simply. Censorship.

Youtube, facebook, etc. Even murals are being blocked, the literal walls of buildings are being censored by the kikes.

Gen X became helicopter parents and drive their kids to an from school.
probably the best plan until (((they))) install security cameras.

Analogies are for people incapable of critical thinking. Analogies become more shallow and inept as the topic becomes more complex. Retards use analogies, and jews use analogies in teaching to stunt children's intellectual growth by destroying the concept of radical novelty.

Keep using that word retard, it suits you.

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It will fade away within 2 months and we can help by not signal boosting any of it.

If you bump this shit you're cancer.

Incoherent tbh. Translate it from whores of the transexual queen of england -tongue into American.

So you get inside their OODA loop. If they take away murals, you use graffiti. If they take away the net, you start making samizdat the the ancient anti-commies of yore.

*like the

Lame. Should still work on the lower income simps though, as they probably have only 1 parent that can't drive them. We used to take the victim's bus home and beat them up at their own bus stop.

The hogg thing is invaluable, and the flame must be fanned on hogg. It has come out that he lied. He wasn't on scene. He biked in.

If Hogg wasn't on the scene, then none of this news is trustworthy.

Further, you can't reconcile them. If he was interviewing with his phone, why would he need his camera?

Attached: shut-it-down-jew.jpg (2040x3160, 616.68K)

I agree. There also is the power of rumor.

Yep. But we have to keep this shit simple for the normies. Don't introduce such things to them, as you added.

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They banned the newsgroup, so I just started printing off posts and leaving them in random places.

Attached: karla homolka.jpg (474x627, 60.58K)

Sure thing, Schlomo.

Attached: JC.jpg (1088x1200, 108.82K)

We have yet to have a free speech system, which is p2p, unstoppable, uncensorable, anonymous. But I believe this shall come, and my prayer to Kek is this year it comes.

Interesting point. Perhaps spics and kikes, and most of all spic-kikes can't understand analogies.

Furthermore, I recently badmouthed fiction. But I am beginning to see the wisdom of, well, SHORT stories. Fucksake, novels are too damn long to be worthy. Imagine if 1984 had been written concisely like Jesus taught. Had this been the case, we might not even have Google.

Which is why they are good for normalfag outreach, not everyone is blessed with the 'tism.

On the contrary, the inability to use analogy shows a deficit in pattern recognition and lacking intelligence.

Analogies, and similar, are not for normalfags. They're a secret communications line for the extremely intelligent. Most of all, by using such stories one can very plainly send a message that cannot be criticized. This allows us to create networks of analogies.

Consider the poem "Big Rat".

Most don't, they're the useful idiots who are good only to repeat slogans and hold signs, but the higher up who are dreaming about sending you to the gulag for disagreeing with them? Of course
In the 2nd amendment, it's the everybody's right to bear arm
In Karl Max's case, it's the proletariat, but they don't mean it in the literal sense of the word, only people with the same ideology as them, aka

Attached: 1350393246973.gif (300x159, 1.55M)

Big Rat communicates with us, even today. We have a connection with some genius long ago and far away, and are united with him, in purpose, and are strengthened in our cause, our legitimacy.

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (1848x10680, 4.05M)

Pound's translation is likely directly aimed at Jewry.

Tough to say with Marx himself. The concept of the revolutionary vanguard wasn't a thing until Lenin.
You of course had various cunts pushing similar ideas beforehand though. Lenin just more defined it as a concept?

I think every large state begins to breed its own kikes, its own parasites. They evolve for the niche of exploitation.

Do you like "Rick and Morty"? Just asking.

every account of the man suggests that all he cared about was getting shekels and maybe a shiksa sex slave or two and that has scribblings were just a means to an end. Kind of like how CWC was with Sonichu before he went completely off the deep end. If Marx lived in our time he would be the kind of fag we would bully relentlessly.

You can only be a leech if you have success to leech off of in the first place.

^ literal kike

Yep. Kikes really want to stop our rhymes, jokes on them, it's gassing time.

Attached: Fake Hysterical Mother on Latino TV - Parkland.mp4 (640x360, 2.58M)

Sure thing, Plebian.

Keep going with analogies, and do everything (((you))) possibly can to prevent us fucking goyim from being exposed to radical novelty. Keep trying to brainwash every fucking goy into thinking they already know everything, by using analogies. Make it seem like everyone is equally capable of critical thinking and understanding.

Attached: Captain America.jpg (1152x814, 126.79K)

Those pauses are really wacky.

Commies confiscated all weapons after Russian Revolution. Only military and Party members could have guns. Then Party guns were revoked too.

Attached: BUTTDEVASTATED.jpg (488x672, 291.93K)

Actually that orangutan did that on purpose for some reason.


You might want to look into Ezra Pound before you handwave such an obvious fact away.

"some reason"

Attached: struth.jpg (623x350, 31.83K)
go to :43

for comparison here is Roxanne Deschamps speaking. go to 5:19

THEY FAKE THE 911 call. That is not Deschamps on the phone

Pretty sure it was female, no cheek flaps.

Was thinking the same thing.
Should be good.

this meme has to die
a jew is a jew regardless of mom or dad, even to just one of the great-grandparents if they identify with it or practice or convert to it without a speck of jewish blood
stop repeating lies


is that john lebowitz?

Oy Vay, this totally NOT FAKE shooting's fall-guy was bullied, goy.

Guilt maybe? Some kind of anger-guilt based psyop technique taught to aspiring national drama students? H*spanics sure seem mad. The woman on the right knows it's going sideways.

Attached: guns_control_map_.png (690x465, 216.76K)

Reminder that bullying is mostly prevalent in places people are forced to be: prison, conscripted armies and schools. It's like they take it out on others.

i highly doubt it creepy joe

Attached: 0fda0791a1df45956261c2b6f3433737bc1dc6a2938af84e2e3ea469bbe629b0.jpg (960x1280, 130.23K)

What in god's name is that?

Attached: 1471062502562.jpg (872x685, 104.41K)

Faraday had a speech impediment.

I really want to kick his ass.

If that's her….
lol cp

Or is she even underage? Either way, spoiler next time please.

Attached: Cirno_Question.jpg (1171x1495, 801.01K)

Who wants to bet he was bullied and ostracized for being a white cis male racist? Constant insults until he finally checked his privilege and theirs. What if this was their plan all along. Get one of us to snap?

Attached: 1000509261001_1630293503001_BIO-Biography-Adolf-Hitler-SF.jpg (768x432, 88.82K)

he was a half jew, half mexican. he was always one of (((them))).

Attached: oh (1).jpg (698x658, 89.98K)

Were you under the delusion that this wasn't their plan all along?


Can't even do that. The bus drivers tell you to get the fuck off if your name isn't on the list.


Isn't she 18?

spoiler that shit mate


i have no idea who that is , it could be anyone .. could be a 21yr mex from texas or a 25yr dark skin jap from cali or a 19yr turk from new york .. its too bad we can't see the face to prove anything —- aw shucks

mkultra'd beaner bulldyke

You are only a shooting survivor if you were shot

Kids need to learn that it's not cool to be a whiny faggot and talk shit, taunting other kids. Minor physical fights served a useful purpose in toughening up kids. School is like prison. When you go to a new prison, they test you to see if you're a bitch who can be taken advantage of. Somebody will attack you. You have to hit them back as hard as you can. You don't have to win the fight. They won't kill you for fighting back. They might rough you up a little bit. But they identify you as somebody who will fight back and then they pretty much leave you alone most of the time.

Attached: SpurdoJW.jpg (853x543, 67.46K)

< How do you prevent gossiping from happening?
Remember gossiping counts as bulling under no tolerance. You can't restrict women from talking shit behind their backs and by the time they do something I will already too late. And who are they gonna punish? the whole school? The person who started it?

Attached: 1430546664308.jpg (316x301, 17.73K)

Why isn't this applied to adults? Why do adults insist on solving of conflict with guns autistically screeching " muh castle law!" "muh stand my grounds" "muh self-defense"? They can't take minor physical fights?

Attached: real.jpg (400x457, 26.33K)

Who the fuck let you in here?

Attached: 1522207509.jpeg (1425x1125 102.32 KB, 700.32K)

Fuck that, I'm not getting my spine broken and stuck in a wheelchair for your bullshit concept of honor.

Yeah nah, I'll magdump them first.

those self defense laws arent for little fights or squabbles, its for when your life is in danger. if someone breaks into your house, you should murder the fuck out of him without a single warning, because you have no idea what hes gonna do, what weapons he has, etc. If someone pulls a weapon or even attacks you, they are basically asking for a lethal fight.

In the old days bullied kids got a break from it after school, the weekend, and summer and holiday breaks.

Social media has granted the ability to bully 24/7.

It's no wonder so many kids hit their breaking point

If I was living in a homogeneous white country with a law that stated this exactly: "If two people want to fight, they are allowed to fight provided that nobody interferes and at least one independent witness can confirm that both men agreed to the fight, if one of the people does not agree to the fight it will be seen as assault and full legal capability shall be applied. No weapons shall be permitted"

I would love to use my fists to solve disputes and insults.

fuck this fag though

Kids have always been bullied and it rarely ever led to these rampages.
This is happening because of the medications transforming their minds into a diseased unstable state.

No its happening because kids are not allowed to fight back and woman have become the main bullies which boys are supposed to be subservient too

They are for little fights or squabbles too. Imagine someone is breaking into you house not for murder your but just to make a little bulling. Like take your bag and play "try to get it back" game or shove your head into trash can. This is not murder. But castle law makes no differences and give adults possibility of taking someones life over such innocent AND HEALTHY FOR SOCIETY game. With a gun. Pussies. I say ban guns. Guns breed generations of cucks who are basically limp-wristed faggots who hide their weakness behind guns. Like Nikolas Cruz.

From what I understand dyke goblin was one of the shooters bullies. Her shitty subhuman personality caused this guy to snap, unfortunately there were survivors who now get to whine and bitch until our guns are taken away, so that they can continue to be shitty people to everyone in their life, without the worry that another one will snap and get them this time. It's an important check and balance, it is good that someone who is bullied endlessly and viciously can kill their bully. It's just a crying shame that people like dyke goblin made it through the shooting.

So you are basically someone who enjoys bullying people, but doesn't enjoy thinking about the very small but real possibility of one of them deciding to kill your sorry ass. Bullies cause mass shootings, and they absolutely deserve to die in them. We don't need weaklings like you who feel powerful when picking on defenceless outcasts. We need people who are willing to kill to defend themselves and what they believe in. Typical bully types are good for watching niggers play football and that's about it, they are only alpha when picking on people much weaker than them. They would kneel down and suck Jewish cock for all eternity if fighting jews meant they would lose their football and basketball.

1. Every fight is life and death, people get punched out, fall onto concrete and die all the time. Imo may as well use lethal weapons in every physical fight.
2. I'm a pianist, and I don't care about some asshole that wants to punch me. Rather than get my ass kicked worst case, or have sore hands best case (not good for a pianist) I'll just use my gun, or knife right off the bat and kill the worthless NPC bastard. Good luck fighting like a real man with your fists when shit hits the fan, you won't live very long.

So of all the non false flag highschool shooters, which of them weren't bullied into madness with the added help of SSRI's in their system? Sounds like you are saying we need more alcohol to be served in vehicles in order to prevent car crashes.

This. It's really a simple law of nature, what would happen if you punch a mountain lion in the face? Would he only use equal force? Or would he kill your ass? Attacking anyone, is a life and death situation period. The attacker should understand that. If anyone attacks me they get the gun, no warnings. Play stupid games win stupid prizes.

No, it hasn't.

Stop with the pseudo-scientific mental illness nonsense. He was reported to the FBI and police, he put a gun to more than one persons' head, and wasn't arrested, prosecuted, and put in prison like should have been done.

Where is the Sonitrol audio and video evidence?

Nah. You can fuck off. The Second Amendment is secure as long as Trump is the President, and for decades after that if he can stack the Supreme Court.

How about you quit being a nigger edging for a fight and live like a civilized human being instead?

Calling dudes cucks that just want a nice woman, a stable income and some peace and quiet after they become adults is just showing us that you yourself are incapable and/or are unwilling to be a productive member of society.

More than half of our complaints about Jews revolve around their endless obsessions that create a vacuum that destroys the ability to have such a society. Add that with morons taking shit entirely too seriously and we have a culture that destroys itself.

Quit being niggers.

I don't see what is so unnatural about this. So long as the status of public schools remains this way, (pro-bullying, gun free zones overall hell) you will continue to have kids lash out in extreme violence from time to time. No different than an animal backed into a corner. If cucks wave their magic wand and make all guns on earth go poof, there are still hammers, knives, bombs ect. This issue has nothing to do with guns, and everything to do with the treatment of children.

Real men don’t feel the need to fight every single dipshit they come across.

None of that is normal. Whites use competition not nigger tiered fighting.

People also forget how many fucking people the US has. You have a shit ton more people than most white countries. EU as a hole doesn't count.

Combat sports is the natural state of boys tbh. They do not have to do it until they get brain damage and its highly unlikely young kids doing it as a hobby(sport) will develop brain damage from it.

Attached: download (4).jpg (1000x832, 256.23K)

Well this was sarcastic argument aimed to illustrate glaring double standards here:

They do less damage and/or less accessible . But this is point. Easily accessible guns illustrate social tensions. That tensions are so big that people are ready to kill each other. And its time for a serious change. Left want such society where if people are so angered that they literally want to kill others they can't do that and this is normal state to live in such anger. Total hopelessness at the face of paternalist state.

What kind of logic is that? Do you like getting your head kicked in and made into a vegetable?

Adults qualified to carry guns don't get into fights over stupid bullshit, try again.

are you retarded

You are a fag for thinking a fight is going to break your spine and secondly you are a fag for looking down on honor. You did not justify it you simply implied that people will always fight like niggers when most white people fight somewhat honorably. If you said I don't want a bunch of niggers gangbanging me or whatever then it would have been excusable but no you simply implied white people fight like niggers and look down on the concept of honor.

I might be wrong though and if I am I will apologize but there is literally nothing wrong with a bit of fisticuffs and you seem like the type who automatically equates a bit of fighting even with honor between white men or boys to nigger behavior.

This shit is falling apart at record speed.

Hogg boy slim becoming the posterchild for record NRA signups more than gaining any ground with his fake propped up cause.

Hogg hardcore shilling so bad even the soyim know- And admitting he wasn't there and "HURRIED THERE AS FAST AS HE COULD WITH A CAMERA"

La Creatura shaved head beast getting caught participating in the bullying of the shooter

A "Survivor" screeching inarticulate fake hammy garbage and then puking to applause

Hogg getting tied with his reaction on clear backpacks

It's amazing.

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Forgot my other picture

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No. It's it.

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Isn't KIND connected to the Clintons or the DNC? I wonder what their purpose is. Their store displays are always completely full because no one's fucking paying $3 for a granola bar.

You think bullying doesn't happen in the adult world? You know that nerdy kid that did everyone's homework because he was afraid of getting beat? Well, at the workplace he's gonna be the one that does everyone's because he's afraid for his life and losing his job. Also despite harassment laws, bantering is very common in the workplace especially if you work in fast food and you have to banter back sometimes otherwise your co-workers will keep talking shit.

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Gooks often have higher kill counts with mass stabbings in China than the average mass shooting.

Is it a still a high score if they're packed like sardines?

Yes it does. Of all the mass shootings in America very few have those kind of numbers. The Las Vegas mossad/cia shooting, and the gay bar jihad are about the only ones I can think of that have that stabbing beat.

So for the truest high score we need a Chinese mossad agent to stab the shit out of a ton of gay uyghurs?

Guns have their place but the user you are patronizing does make a good point.

Fist fighting is most certainly useful in training in via boxing.. mma… muaythai.. etc.

An overwhelming majority of self defense situations will never justify a fire arm in this victim society. Cops can t even shoot suspects pointing guns at the cop anymore.

I agree most people do just want to live in peace…. but you don't pick when you are in a violent situation under most circumstances.

Children engaging in horseplay certainly teaches respect and humility.

I remember mocking the kid who lived behind me and it ended up with me having a bloody nose and goose egg on my forehead.

After that I didn't bully anymore.. and learned some humility in not running my mouth.

KIND Snacks's is a New York based company.
The CEO, Daniel Lubetzky, is a Mexican Jew.
His cousin, Emmanuel Lubezki, is a Cinematographer, worked on Movies like Gravity, Birdman and The Revenant, i.e. Hollywood.
Now I see 4 connections there.

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Maybe where you live.

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David Hogg, brought to you by Carl's Jr, presents gun control.

saw a liberal show actually use that as a joke premise, all the women went out and bought guns, and the state of commiefornia immediately outright banned them because men werent able to awkwardly catcall anymore

Daily reminder you’re being psy-opt


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