Why did Zognald Zrump not help those poor kids in exchange for his meme wall?

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First good decision I've heard him make in a few days.


Sage for posting kike gibberish

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Is there any info on who is building these walls? If it's the corp of engineers then he can just use that military spending he got to build it. If it's private contractors then he would have to find the money elsewhere. Trump is a smart man, so I'm not going to follow MSNBC's "trump stumped" shit that OP posted. I'm curious to see if he has a plan, or if congress just kike'd everyone else over.

Because he wants more than the wall for DACA, and has made this clear since day one.

I figured he was going to use the surplus military budget to build it. It is national defense after all.
Sage for kike op.

The news has been unusually quiet over Trump's possible stumping with the omnibus bill, including the wall. There are a few articles asserting it's not happening, but I would imagine shills would be far more active if it really wasn't true.

DHS was working still hiring contractors on the 24th. Some parts in California are already being replaced, but that's the existing border fence and thus can't in good faith be said to be construction of the wall, as they haven't started extending it past its original boundry.

Because DACA was never an option. By pretending to take only 1.6 billion for the wall, the democrats did not force to include DACA in the recent omnibus bill. Instead he will use the massive military funding he shoved into the bill, which was the plan from day one.

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He already alluded to that on kikebook the other day. I’d post the image but I already did and don’t feel like editing a new one but you can look it up and see.

This. The madman is appropriating defense budget funds to build the wall for the purpose of national security.

Fucking B T F O

Probable but not confirmed.

Apparently he said he was to build the wall with the military on Twitter. Surprised there's no thread about this, or at least that this tweet isn't being posted a lot on any threads on the subject.

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4D chess yet again. That amount is insufficient for the construction of an adequate wall. And now this reveals to the spics that they're willing to build the wall
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH DEMOCRATS are admitting they are trying to judas the spics!!!!!

Don't trust a tweet from Trump until it's backed up by concrete action. It could always be negotiation or distraction. Seems likely, though.

Now might be a good time to rev up them Latin(xxxxxx) socks.

that doesn't even mean anything.

Checked. This is what's happening and why he doesn't need any deals.

Holy fuck didn't you see the Shills BTFO thread? Or the omnibus thread?
It was crawling with the fuckers, so much deleted torkike spamming.

Multiple people posted this in the Shills BTFO/Omnibus threads.

Kek, you got it. Typical Trump move.

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Another thing he could do is slap a tariff on Mexico and use the funds from that to pay for the wall. If Mnuchin or someone else tries to cock-block him by appropriating those funds, then he can raise the tariff even higher, and tell Mexico he will remove them once they give him his money.

Actions always speak louder than words. But I think this pretty much guarantees that we're getting the wall.

The shills don't seem to have much to say in response to build wall through M. I hope he does it. Builds wall through M.

how are things at Chabad or B'nai Birath or whatever the fuck? You guys need any bagels or antiacid?

Did not see this coming.
Fucking Insane; love it.

Indeed they don't. Utter silence or 'he's done that before' (flip flop to get his way) which is sort of valid. I think the way he wrote it (M) to not draw attention, means he will do that.

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What the everlasting nigger fuck is that, you utter freak?

I was there the first time we built a "wall", fucking spics would cut it up with a portable blow torch and then lean the pieces back together after passing through it. George Jr made it work, he can too.

The Economy Act of 1932 and the Feed and Forage Act give him everything he needs. Trump can order the military to spend the money to protect national security, then move it to the Department of Homeland Security. The excess money would have none of the stipulations of the omnibus, and the wall would be built by the correct bureaucracy.

You really have to ask?

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They can still use military contractors like normal. The corp can plan it and they contract some of it out.

He's getting military engineers to build it with military funding. No need to negotiate. No need to compromise. No way in holding up the wall anymore.

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It doesn't mean a damn thing, nigger. Gas yourself, Russian astroturfer.

Because what's the fucking point of having a wall if you're still letting illegals stay?

I have four words for you. Rather, three words and a letter.

I prefer #WithM

wait, #ThroughM

Yeah, I mean

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Holy shit

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Fucking love the enemy combatants bit.

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Forgot something.

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Cleaned it up.

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The M stands for mega-wall
The M stands for mountainous-wall
100,000 trained snipers every 100miles vigilately picking off coyotes from a quarter mile.

Oh kek! This is great work, user, saved.

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Good call on the McDonald's sign. I wanted to do something with the "Donald" text, but the way it is, it's down to two words and a letter.

I do believe he got what he wanted without caving into DACA. With the massive increase in the military budget, he can now use the Army Core of Engineers to build the wall without having to go through congress or the senate.

Final autism edit. The posts were too thin. Also the plate was too short, so I expanded the image vertically a bit.

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Aside from Commiefornia, how many of the southern border states are gonna complain?

Didn't notice there was a 1 pixel wide gap at the right edge of the plate. Just F my shit up. Fixed it anyway.

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I didn't even consider the connection. Your autism is supreme, dear sir. /bows

And the thicker bars look better indeed. Great work :)

25 Billion would of been enough to build a better wall than the fence he's promising
I can't beleive I'm saying this shit but Trump why the fuck do you keep saying no to what the Democrats offered
First it's the Wall and No DACA they caved into but you cucked on and now it's wall funding, what the fuck

moishe are you retarded?
here ill recap for you>>11418428

Thanks user. And checked.

See . The wall will be built through M, not through caving to Ds.

He doesn't need the wall funding if he will use the military, like he said in the tweet.

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It would of been better having the wall without having more funding to kill more Troops for Israel tbh

Why did you post you face user

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But the shit was they were going to get rid of DACA and we still fuckig have it you fucking retard

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Yes I know you're Jewish, what's your point

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You want to leave?
Ok then, leave
Seriously faggot I don't know what you're going on about, the US Still has DACA

The case is in the supreme court of appeals as we type right now you mongoloid. There is no renewal of DACA and there hasn't been one yet since it was blocked by a judge, which is why Democrats continue to try to get Trump to renew it before the Supreme Court rules on it.

I thought Trump did renew it or am I fucking retarded

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He got the wall out of the crosshairs of any DACA negotiations or any for that matter any extortion attempts. This gives the swamp less to bargain with.

Key word there is standalone.

you're extremely retarded. he never renewed DACA at any point in any form.


Ok, I guess I lose this one
Either way have fun with the Cambridge Analytica shit and how they're linked to Israel
tbh Holla Forums does much much better as opposition than supporting a leader tbh

The administration shitcanned DACA over a month ago. It was blocked by a judge and appealed by Trump. It's waiting for Supreme Court ruling.

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How can a (((judge))) override the president? What the fuck type of system are the burgers running?
>(((judge))) answered my own question but fuck its still ridiculous

the judiciary branch of gov should always be able to overturn one persons decision. if not you have a dictatorship.

a judge has to be able to overturn gov: its how democracy works. you may be extremely autistic

Probabaly one less retarded than ours tbh

Texas will probably donate spare tools to the construction crews. Arizona is mostly republican, but has a lot of boomers and cuckservatives. The border between Cali and Mexico already has a lot of fencing, so they aren't going to be able to say much. I'm expecting New Mexico to pull some shit though.

I hate it how you shills work. The most likely scenario is always the worst case scenario to you. You can't ever appreciate anything, it's always intense and relentless criticism. It makes you so fucking easy to spot. Please tell your overlords to improve their tactics. At this point you're just a mild inconvenience rather than a threat.

I'm not a fucking shill though, I'm just sick of liberal retards going muh russia when all they go on about like Cambrige Analytica links to the fucking Israelis
You told me to look for the kikes and hey I see Kikes in Israel openly colluding with the Trump Government
Also I'd rather be an inconvience than a treat, I'd rather us be on the same side again, maybe we need to fucking Shill Arthur to get into congress or some shit or get user in the senate as I'm sick of the narrative being based on Jewish shit
==Holla Forums needs to control the narrative not the kikes, take Liberal narratives and twist it against the kikes, take Conservative narratives and twist it against the kikes, sick of red blue shit, remember NatSoc is 3rd Position–

Ok torkike, explain (((democracy))) for me.
How can a non elected judge nulify the elected leader of the country.

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Wish I had armed body guards who would carry me to and from the supermarket too

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A lot of projects managed by the army corps of engineers were subcontracted in Afghanistan and Iraq. Why the fuck not on the border between the US and Mexico?


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What did he mean by this?


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Did something happen while I was gone? Does that stand for Mexico or what?

Stands for military but instead of giving the order he's continually teasing it with

Surely now that the army is funded wall construction will begin soon and the project will not be used as a sell for trumps reelection.

there's no reason for me to even think the wall is even going to be built, why the long fucking wait? its been an entire year and not a brick has been laid down.

you're all getting it wrong

he's splitting Mexico down the middle and we're removing kebab and burrito and (((delousing))) and then we have some shitty desert and jungle and stuff to hang out in

Prepare for endless "IT'S A FENCE NOT A WALL."
It is a wall. A wall with a see through design, a.k.a. a fence. And it's a much taller fence than the shanty wall-fences that are still effective for keeping out most beaners. This upgraded fence will keep out even more.


Listen, even I'm not disingenuous enough to say that the tall see through wall design is not a wall, but he CANNOT use the new design with the 1,6BN in funds. Whether he is restricted with the military funding is unclear. If he is starting the actual wall (NOT FENCING) then we should be celebrating, and we should then throw a fit a the WH coms office for being such utter shitbirds for letting the base get riled up seemingly unnecessarily.

I love how capricious the mods are now. A really reasonable poster again banned for raising reasonable objections.


Your gay little kike hat thing is showing.

That's not reasonable you fucking nigger. I'm doubleposting in your shill thread.

Because he can direct the military to build the wall out of the massive military expenditure while also fucking the Dems on DACA.


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The M stands for

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He has supposedly only just got funding.
Learn2construction, tornigger.

Most big world leaders have touched the Roman-made wall.

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A stockade isn't a fence either. This is much sturdier than a stockade.

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Leftypol tier meme


Why make it so obvious, Pedro?

He promised that Mexico would pay for the wall, not U.S. taxpayers.

I guess you're not a shill, but there's no point in waiting for Hitler. And the wall has nothing to do with the Israelis, so it just seems like anti-Trump shilling.

It took King Nigger about this long to pass Obamacare while effectively controlling both branches of government. Trump would also get more votes if he were able to complete the wall. I'm starting to think this "Trump is delaying the issue to get reelected" is a narrative they've been trying to push. I've seen it in regards to the mid-terms too.

Who made this? It reminds me of occupy democrats.


Yes BASED TRUMP needs more than 25 billion dollars of taxpayer money to fund the wall. I love being taxed to death by the government too fellow polack!

It was always going to be paid by the taxpayer. And who cares really, the real drain on the budget is Medicare and social security. This is a drop in the bucket in comparison, and will save us money in the long term. The plan always was to get Mexico to reimburse us via a remittance tax or NAFTA renegotiations

Are you completely retarded?

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user, inform us.

Is trump now going to propose that we "bring our boys home" to protect the nation at the boarders?

Bet he'll make a fund to take it back from meheco via tarrifs.

my sides

Oh they'll pay, nigger. Count on it.

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At this point, you're not even criticizing. You're just pulling d&c.

does anyone have the video from… CNN maybe? where they're all sitting around crying about how trump will win the 2020 election? and dems dont have a chance?

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Shouldn't the title of this thread be Trump rejects dreamers? Trump remains faithful to Americans?

Want to know how I know you’re from reddit?

Who was the jew getting shoah'ed here? Also need to drop into Hey Joe's sometime.

They already exhausted their shilling after having their asses blown out from realizing they were bamboozled at the moment they thought they had finally finally finally finally finally finally finally finally finally rused the Don.



The reason for using archive is not to be cryptic about the excerpt's source. But I can see how openly linking literally the blog of Rachel Maddow as the source of the single sentence quotation used as the thread topic, would have been tantamount to raising the shill flags in full color.

Great building projects is his major skill, there's gotta be planning activity so it comes up swiftly after the commencement of building.

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I would like to know how you're wrong.

Is Sam Hyde still responsible for building the wall?

Ur just jealous bcuz we Trumper nevah lose.

What does Trump have to do in order for the mods to allow us to actually criticize him… get caught raping a germanic little boy while torturing kittens? this is absurd. thousands of retarded posts happen on Holla Forums every day. its autistic to run around screaming about anti-trump posting

are you fucking retarded? they literally ban anyone who says something bad about trump, and you're mad because there isn't more trump cocksucking? go fuck yourself and gb2r/t_D you niggerkikefaggot

It was from an online shop selling an M-shaped bookend. Found it while looking for images with M and a wall.

He got the kikes salivating at the thought of goyim dying for them as they were meant to for greater pissrael and playing into the gook tantrums. Trump got all the jewbux he could ever want for that purpose and now he's using it to shut it down.

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Trump made the right choice.

OP lies, as in tells an UNTRUTH, about Trump rejecting wall funding, and doesn't get banned.

Nice try.

No one fucking cares as long as it gets built. I would donate my time and money to help build it if that's what they told us was necessary.

there's no evidence that OP is lying, you chesscuck reddit faggot. GTFO. you don't belong here

It's literally in the article, you ACTUAL CUCKOLD!

Trump rejected all funding because it included a Dreamer deal.

OP said Trump only rejected wall funding.


25d chess. Q predicted this.

Your faggot emparah is a kike. It's time to go to war.

That's not a lie. Trump did, in fact, reject wall funding in order to fuck dreamers. The fact that there was other funding is a detail that doesn't invalidate the statement in the OP.

gb2reddit r/t_D and kill yourself

Because the wall is still happening and the dreamersmemers are still fucked

Trump has been pretty consistent about wanting a list of demands in order to have any kind of a deal on DACA favorable to the deferred deportees, which includes an end to chain migration and other measures to secure the border (dramatic increase in ICE employees, mandatory e-verify, entry-exit, etc.). Of course he's not just going to accept a deal that only gives him funding to do what is probably just a portion of the Wall.

It's this concept called Judicial Review, which John Marshall as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court pulled straight out of his ass during a trial by the name of Marbury v. Madison two centuries ago. Of course, even then it was only supposed to apply to the Supreme Court, so I have no fucking clue what makes these local district judges think they can contradict the chief executive on foreign policy. Hopefully with the (R)-controlled Supreme Court, we'll get a precedent establishing that district judges in fact don't have the power of judicial review.

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with the stipulation the wall only be a fence. The way trump did it their bullshit 1.6 billion for a fence replacement will be bolstered by the military building the wall under the military budget because it is a defacto defense project.


It's not a lie in the same way as when I say your mom is not a whore because she has sex with thousands of men for free.

hurr durr durr ur mom. this isn't your hugbox, you sissy faggot