Appealing to "Gun Control Activists"

The Second Amendment to the Constitution was a response to the Articles of Confederation, the predecessor to the Constitution. The Articles of Confederation did not have provisions for citizens to raise a militia. The Anti-Federalists rightfully realized this was a big mistake. The Second Amendment was influenced by the anti-federalists.

My reasoning is since most gun control retards also happen to hate Trump, we could use this in our favor. Remind them that the second amendment exists because people didn't trust the Federal government

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You don't need to appeal or come up with strategies for debating "gun control activists". Call them for what they are, confiscators trying to pass confiscation law to disarm whites.

Gun control is openly about disarming the populace at this point so they can't revolt.

I was talking more like trying to appeal to the fence-sitters and the misguided Lemmings, rather than actual shills. We already know there's no convincing them

I know that and you know that, but do the "think of the children!" facebook moms know that?

They don't care and aren't driven by argument. Their "thought" process is "I don't personally want to get shot."

We can turn it around and make their thought process "I don't want to be a slave" because that's what they will be if they get their way

No, because you can not replace an immediate fear with an intellectualized one.

So a theoretical vector would be "don't ban guns or you will be shot."

That's an idea. We could also focus our memes at them with infographs and shit like we did during the election

Keep it imminent and primal.
Just like said: these types are heavily influenced by MSM which knows exactly what it's doing by cultivating a climate of fear among the weak and easily-manipulated.
Trying to access the rational, logic part of their brain is useless when they're in a heightened emotional state — studies have proven this.
In classic 2 minutes hate fashion, whip up their negative emotional response to a perceived enemy, then coopt it for love of savior and hero — in this case: armed, lawful citizen.

If you want to reach women, show them the video of the newslady being gunned down by that nigger. That wasn't a mass casualty attack and could have been stopped by anyone with a gun and eyes.


Let them try to argue their way out of that one.

Rape is one of the left's power words. You need to work around it.

I'm not certain I could spin that one to suit our case, and the ones I could would get me banned from social media in short fashion.
Maybe that one with the Dutch news reporter and her cameraman getting stoned by sand youffs and the responding cops basically blowing her off: "When your last means of defense are gone, can you really expect the police to protect you?"

Paint a picture of how it's male privilege to go out inna woods and how guns level the playing field so that everyone can enjoy the sublime beauty of nature.

The problem is you need to work around the things that immediately throw up their blinders, of which Religion of Cuck™ is one.

Also a fairly good line of attack.

god fucking damn filter I fucking hate you

You can also sidestep guns and point stupid laws in England/Ausland i.e. no pepper spray.
Now THAT'S pro-rape and can really play into those fears.
And really dig into it, like bring up prosecution, sued by the rapist, etc. etc.

Yeah, that's a tall order.
The conditioning is strong in most normies.
Perhaps a more effective approach would be to locate videos of those same ethnic types saying in no uncertain terms what's going to happen once Whitey is disarmed.
On that, I think I'll look up that black instructor telling a group of youffs they wouldn't stand a chance against even a 12 year-old White girl in a firefight.

Did anyone ever create an extension like we had at the last place?
If so, I'm certain with a little tooling, I could figure a way to reverse-filter keywords.


Any feeling of internal racial awareness will make them shut down. It's a tall order, but you need a white woman defending herself in a "badass" way.

It sounds like the NRA as it currently exists may be a lost cause, but, GOA with a female spokesman the likes of which you describe at the helm might just be the ticket.
Make Gunnery Sexy Again