In North Carolina R. Daryl Fisher is running for Buncombe County Sheriff, and during a meeting with local voters he voices his preference for restricting firearm ownership, and goes as far as suggesting MURDERING gun owners.

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kikeless post

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Molon fucking labe.

Nice , hope the faggot tries
These idiots don't into art of anything

Email from his website

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Do Not Let Up!

i want to get back into guns without people thinking im a psycho, I cant stand the attack on the constitution after reading some literature from our founding fathers.
should I just show up to a gun range?

there need to be painful consequences for this or everything is lost.

pure bolshevism

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it's why women shouldn't vote

whatever you chose to be in life, don't be a pussy.



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what happened to them still pisses me off

if they want to redeem their image they should do a review of this sheriff candidate

iirc the one dude spilled the beans to his cop roommate, thinking he was a friend, who then turned him in. lesson to take away: don't trust cops. you should link the article here.

I don't even know what the fuck I was expecting

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What happened?

Didn't see that one coming

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He better be careful going down that path in the off chance he gets elected. not advocating violence plz no bully

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This video, damn.

Shit OP.

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amazing argument thank you


American police is stupid indeed and they may try very inefficient methods like door to door confiscations. But if you think about it dealing with gun owners is very easy. Just ambush them near their house with sniper rifle or shoot their car during road ambush (after they refused to surrender their illegal guns so now they are terrorists not protected by law).

OP is always a faggot, but you're a huge faggot for actually using cancerous embedding, not putting the short clip up here, nor including a short article regarding this democrat Marxist vermin, just KYS mah dood. OP's know how to suffer.

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Have you been living under a rock?

Second lesson: never create anything that can be used as evidence against you, especially video or text messages.

This is how I see it eventually playing out.
First, they'll go through records to identify gun owners, ask nicely, and, after that round concludes, they'll LaVoy Finicum anyone who didn't comply.
This is the Bolshevik revolution all over again, and this time, White men are the Kulaks.


Everyone: /pol is compromised. Please move to /zenpol. Little moderation and actual free speech over there.

I am now going to disappear back into user because I believe I have made my point. You'll never figure out which one I am. You'll never catch me ban evading. and even if you do, i'll be back seconds later.

kiss my ass

We see through your shit.

Isn't Fischer a jew surname?

Hi mod, redheads are notorious race mixers still. Gingers love Religion of Cuck™.


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Nice attempt at d&c. In no way did anyone catch on to your subtle kikery.

On the possibility of another Bullshit Revolution, I really don't see kikes managing another of these type of events. Not only would word of tyranny spread, but gun owners (real ones, not cucky types) will definitely fight back, and military men (not zogged) would join right in, as well as possibly start the militia to fight back.

It’s sad that voting does not require mandatory counsel for both sides for any argument.

Landowners = only eligible voters, when?

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When the next republic coagulates from minor warlords, just like every time it happens throughout history.

Everyone I know encourages gun ownership. You're being a beta bitch by letting others influence your lifestyle.

women should also have zero accessibility to positions of authority (government positions, etc) no matter how much land she may own (fucking sparta collapsed partially because women had too much power including extensive land ownership)



he was a /k/omando that went to go meme on redguards durring some dumbshit protest, after two or so days of trolling the, chimps chimped, cornered them, then got themselves shot because said /k/omando was carrying and he was threatened. Jews became upset and put him in jail.

alright so he manages a chain of restaurants, found his boss's info at least:

Registry Domain ID: 5413823_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN
Registrar WHOIS Server:
Registrar URL:
Updated Date: 2017-07-31T21:36:18Z
Creation Date: 1995-12-28T05:00:00Z
Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2018-12-27T05:00:00Z
Registrar IANA ID: 2
Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited
Registry Registrant ID:
Registrant Name: Piccadilly Restaurants, LLC.
Registrant Organization: Piccadilly Restaurants, LLC.
Registrant Street: 4150 S SHERWOOD FOREST BLVD STE 100
Registrant City: BATON ROUGE
Registrant State/Province: LA
Registrant Postal Code: 70816-4691
Registrant Country: US
Registrant Phone: +1.2252968309
Registrant Phone Ext:
Registrant Fax: +1.9999999999
Registrant Fax Ext:
Registrant Email: [email protected]
Registry Admin ID:
Admin Name: Griswold, Jeffrey
Admin Organization: Piccadilly Restaurants, LLC.
Admin Street: 4150 S. Sherwood Forest Blvd
Admin City: Baton Rouge
Admin State/Province: LA
Admin Postal Code: 70816
Admin Country: US
Admin Phone: +1.2252968309
Admin Phone Ext:
Admin Fax:
Admin Fax Ext:
Admin Email: [email protected]
Registry Tech ID:
Tech Name: Griswold, Jeffrey
Tech Organization: Piccadilly Restaurants, LLC.
Tech Street: 4150 S. Sherwood Forest Blvd
Tech City: Baton Rouge
Tech State/Province: LA
Tech Postal Code: 70816
Tech Country: US
Tech Phone: +1.2252968309
Tech Phone Ext:
Tech Fax:
Tech Fax Ext:
Tech Email: [email protected]
Name Server: NS1.EASYDNS.COM
Name Server: NS2.EASYDNS.COM
DNSSEC: unsigned
Registrar Abuse Contact Email: [email protected]
Registrar Abuse Contact Phone: +1.8003337680
URL of the ICANN WHOIS Data Problem Reporting System:
>>> Last update of WHOIS database: 2018-03-27T04:54:17Z

One of those retards was carrying w/o a license. In a matter of self defense i dont blame them but thats what the jews got them on.

got it

Darryl J Fisher

Age 60s

Current address
410 E Earle St Landrum SC 29356-1208

Previous Locations
Myrtle Beach, SC

places he most likely visits

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current residents show as:

Heather Renee Bumgardner
Age 20s

Spencer Bumgardener
Age 70s

William S Bumgardner
Age 70s

Darryl J Fisher
Age 60s

He may be just the landlord

scratch that shit, this is him

Robert Daryl Fisher
City: Black Mountain, North Carolina Age: 55
View Profile
Relatives: Doris R Fisher, Jacquelyn G Fisher, Stephanie Brown
Phone Number: 828-452-4848
Addresses: 365 N Fork Rd, Black Mountain, NC; 118 Fairway Dr, Black Mountain, NC; 733 Sulphur Springs Rd, Waynesville, NC
Previous Locations: Asheville, NC

going by black mountain, "R" for robert, and age seems correct. going to keep digging

There's not much more to do here. I just check when something is really habbening. It's all real life activism and social media shitposting now. FBI fucks with our memes, too. Fuck em though, Daryl Fisher is the first to go and the faster we can get this gun confiscation going the BETTER!

Emma Gonzalez of March for our lives fame confesses to bullying shooter

Cowards of Broward deflect towards gun control to keep everyone from pointing out the shooter himself called 911 saying he was going to do this, then hung around outside as the kids bled out.

Leftist shits at his school deflect towards gun control to keep everyone from pointing out they bullied an orphan.

And who funded the March for Lives?

(((Eli Broad))), (((George Soros))), (((Michael Bloomberg))), (((Jeff Katzenberg))), (((Spielberg))), (((Marc Benioff))), (((Joshua Kushner))), (((Stephen M. Ross))), and (((much more))).

got some phone numbers, and looks like his wife or daughter is involved

You're not only a D&C kike but you're also stupid. Your torture will last for days.

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they wont be laughing when theyre waiting in line for the rope

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when i try to archive this guy, spooky

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Yes. I live near a few and some are better than others, but most of them are pretty helpful to anyone willing to learn. A lot of them rent funs if you don't have your own. You can sign up for a lot of different classes, too, if you want to brush up on skills or learn something new. Good way to meet new people.

828-452-4848 S* F* 396 Hyatt Street, Waynesville, NC 28786

Video not available, fagit.

Buncombe County is Asheville, which has been taken over by leftist hippy refugees from out of state. He is just pandering to the kinds of scumbags that fund politics up there.

it sets a very dangerous precedent. Candidate vowing to kill Americans sounds like a powder keg for a civil war.

Great point. Breitbart has eyes on 8ch and should write an exposition about this guy tomorrow.

I would imagine by late afternoon you'll see something :p

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Thanks, user. Saving a copy now.

hi ginnie - i'm 100% white, i have 9 inch penis, guns, love ducks, hate jews, hate niggers. hmu thot lets 1488.

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Sup (((moshe))). You're not fooling anyone.

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ginnie we need to 1488 i know you need it.

Check these two out. Most are white and the average pay is pretty high, much higher than around here where everyone works either warehouse, waitress, or retail. I don't think people with real jobs would vote for him but white collar femidicks will see this progressive. I don't know how to gauge this so does anyone have any polling numbers?

How is this D&C, I'm just telling you like it is.

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rich demoshits don't stay in cities they fuck up, News at 11

It's almost as if they are trying to get a gun owner to shoot one them and that'll really ramp up the gun confiscation

Nothing new. Any remotely "progressive" area always has ratbags for Sheriffs.


You mean without retards thinking something retarded. You need to change your outlook.

The guy is essentially saying he doesn't give a fuck about the law. Killing him would lead to half the country celebrating and the other half angry.

What a kike

Gunderson and someone else we're familiar with on '80s Jeraldo

It's almost as if anybody who is not leftist is too afraid to use force.

Not really. They got convicted because white-guilt infected liberals can't see that being a racist != killed darkies without serious provocation.

Didn't they bury weapons in an oil drum or hot water heater tank on TTD?

If they can't find 'em…9/10

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I worked at a medical marijuana store for a long time and would happily consult for gun stores that are unable to use banks, free of charge.

If people think this about you, it is based on your own appearance and behavior. We keep our gun ownership a secret until people around us are proven trustworthy or are also involved in it as well. All my close friends own guns and I have my entire life.

The main thing is to be safe. Do not ever sacrifice safety for anything else.

Go to a public range and rent something like a glock 19 or a .22 LR. Lurk /k/

Same. They were tried on not what they did but what texts they sent to each other.

Damn son, its like they want to be known.

You disgust me

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.t kike

alright boys it's that time again

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Just report him, he obviously doesn't belong here.


Banks to lose ability to record gun sales as buyers use cryptocurrencies instead

And WTF is TTD?

Deport All UN-Americans

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No, do as the finns did with the reds. Line em up on a wall and shoot them, or give them a lottery on the ice.

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"it was really nice"
"the kickback was nothing on it"
"I don't know what practical use it could have"

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Explain this magic trick of age to me.

It's not that young bully victims can't use guns. It's that they can't defend themselves at all. Zero tolerance. They have to tell a teacher. It's unnatural. Everyone, even schoolchildren have a right to self defense. Instead, their frustration just builds up until they snap.

My father took his shotgun to school for show and tell when he was a kid. Nobody batted an eye. Hell, schools used to have shooting clubs. Nobody got shot. You could defend yourself in school. Hell, it was common back in the day to let your sons go out into the backyard and duke it out if they had a disagreement. This kind of thing is natural and normal. Keeping your frustration at your attackers bottled up while they tear apart your world isn't.


Are kikes and libshits really this stupid?

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do you have the infographic on choices for those who don't have $500-$1000 for a rifle?

I second amendment this.

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Losing a deputy per gun owner is going to get expensive real quick you kike.
That works both ways.

What's fucked up is that the local ABC affiliates news site ( doesn't have any mention of this story at all, because the candidate, like the station manager, is a liberal jew. No mentions on the local news that I've seen… nothing. Our local media is trying to actively cover up the story.

Forgot to mention that I live in the county he's running in. Whoops.

Part of the reason I believe they may try is the fact they all work in absolutes. To 99% of them every gun is an Assault Rifle Eighteen! Just like how every nigger calls every pistol a Glock. I am sure they think bullet "proof" vests turn it in to a game of Rock Paper Scissors and then all of the kids they didn't get to abort will be safe to become young communist trannies and save them from ever having to wipe their own ass without a form of assistance.

A man owns some property and has a mother, a wife and two young daughters. He dies. Who owns the property now?

Women will own property, they may even own political property, they must never be counted as soldiers even if they hold hereditary military rank.

Thanks for the heads up Moishe.

They couldnt get everyone all at once, and not ever attack of that nature would succeed. If they fucking dared to do that I guarantee anyone that didn't get immediately taken out would come to the conclusion that the r.o.e. = ambushes and sniper attacks against police and liberals.

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Your move?

Her closest male relative. Brother, father, grandfather, uncle and so on.


So, allow corporations to circumvent rights, laws, due process, The Constitution, etc…. yeah, that's a good path to go down….

how can property own property?

That will work, but its also a fairly dangerous chemical weapon.

your turn


They've already set the stage for it by pretending the internet isn't a common carrier.

Have the kikes kike themselves with a nice lawsuit.

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What is PRISM? you type like a teenage girl, either stop it or show us your tits

top jej


The other user should have posed the question as if a man had no living male relatives what so ever.

That fat old man talks as if his skin is bulletproof. Do they really think we're joking about guns?

They think they're invincible.

It is very easy to tell a crowd of people you are willing to have other people die for you.

He doesn't care, he's not going to be the one doing the door kicking.

this is exactly what i was looking for thanks

What does he care? He has a private jet, offshore accounts and multiple passports. Urban anons need to know the locations of nearby private airports so we can pay them a visit during DOTR just kidding FBI-kun pls no bully

check'd and thanks

dont forget

I've seen this video before this is a 1 arm drill.