So it begins, the Hollywood Holocaust is about to begin.

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Holla Forums on suicide watch

It's only a matter of time before they all burn

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I have waited so long for this day.

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He is so fucking disgusting, how do you even get that fat

Candy constantly.

We all have user, we all have.
I myself have been waiting for this day for nearly 6 years.
And its been a long 6 years, finally our children will get some form of justice on this and any other kike being protected.

Please, Amanda. Break your silence.

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Pic related.

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It finally happened m8s.

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Dan touched Sam Hyde on the set of Keenan and Kel. :(

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Hes a cushion for the hollycaust to soften it for other kikes.

Zenpol sucks ass though.

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hey dan whats cookin

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bump. What is "DHD"?. these are the first things i saw when looking for confirmation.

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Nigger this isn't cuckchan, this doesn't need a bump 2 minutes after a post.

What it does need though is a fucking sticky.

I sense something weird afoot here, you don't just bring a guy like Dan schneider to heel so easily, that's no mean feet. As the sole perpetrator of these crimes, Schneider really knows how to toe the line. It's good they are trying to sock it to him but i'm just not seeing the ankle they're going for here.


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This webm makes me sad, and that confuses me a great deal.

Not even dan Schneider has been the easiest talking point to get normalfags to look into pizzagate, Holla Forums is a fucking g o l d m i n e right now

Hello thing that ruined a decent show.

He's such a fat fucking creep. Goddamn, those pics always makes me cringe, the list one and the one of him and that one girl.

See ya kid diddler dan , you sick kike fuck

Post some caps.

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Dan “The Man” Schneider
Dan "The Biter" Schneider
Dan "The Spider" Schneider
Dan "The Defiler" Schneider
Dan "The Plunger" Schneider
Dan "The Bladder" Schneider
Dan "Teen Bedder" Schneider
Dan “Rough Ryder” Schneider
Dan "No Lube Required" Schneider
Dan "The Despoiler" Schneider
Dan "Get in The Van" Schneider
Dan "Cunny Hoarder" Schneider
Dan "I've Had Tighter" Schneider
Dan "The Fart Inhaler" Schneider
Dan “Deep Inside Her” Schneider
Dan "The Overnighter" Schneider
Dan "Came Inside Her" Schneider
Dan "The Rough Rider" Schneider
Dan "The Diaper Slider" Schneider
Dan “The Cheek Divider” Schneider
Dan "The Virginity Taker" Schneider
Dan "The Hymen Divider" Schneider
Dan "The Cervix Wrecker" Schneider
Dan "This One's a Bleeder" Schneider
Dan “The Hymen Collider” Schneider
Dan "The Demolition Man" Schneider
Dan "The Pussy Annihilator" Schneider
Dan "The Starlet Sodomizer" Schneider
Dan "The Junior High Insider" Schneider
Dan "Already Creampied Her" Schneider
Dan "Goes Wild with your Child" Scheider
Dan "But I Poop From There, Mister" Schneider
Dan "Wham Bam Thank You Ma'am" Schneider
Dan "We Got Ourselves A Screamer" Schneider
Best Man Dan "The Warmth Provider" Schneider
Dan "Say Goodbye To Your Brown Eye" Schneider
Dan “Hold her tighter, she’s a Fighter” Schneider
Dan "Gimme That Cunny if You Want the Money" Schneider
Dan "The Man With The Plan To Get Kids In His Van" Schneider?

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Poast yfw he finally WON’T keep getting away with it

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That video is weird. I mean, it's like she was trying to out the shit he's done, but did it in a way so that it fit a PR angle.

Looks like it's
Dan "Gave loli the cock, about to eat a glock" Schneider now

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He can always fuck watermelon.


Sure thing schmuley

Fucking carlos lol

Looks like there's plenty of what people want here and you have a



FIX Holla Forums


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Fuck off pedo apologist.

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Call the FBI and flood them with reports.

lol kill yourself

We have just lost cabin pressure.

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I had a feeling that today was going to be a Big Day. 4u

been a great day

"I think I'll have a sandwich for lunch"
"Whoops, forgot the vegetables, wanna be heart-healthy after all"
"Another healthy lunch, but what should I have for my afternoon snack?"

Board owner please add this to CSS:

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.public_ban:before {
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You can really see the pervert in his eyes in that bottom left pic.

How incriminating, my man. You got any more straws to grasp at?

Are you a bot? I merely posted some CSS to be added. Your response to my post makes no sense. Did you click on the wrong post?


Board owner please add this to CSS:

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Cantwells a fag and the alt right doesnt matter tbh.

Forgive my bout of brain damage. I'm used to torposters being giant flaming faggots.

Where do you think you are?

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Please please let there be more than a firing here. I've wanted him to hang for so long.

checked and wrecked

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Checked. Let Dan "Ooops I molested you again" Schneider be the first of many to burn.

88 444 I think there will be blood

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Dustin Rowles on suicide watch

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I had the strongest feeling of deja vu with this stuff and now I know why. I could have sworn that it was already widely known that he was abusing child actors.


Crazy Days and Nights / Enty Lawyer has written about this.

Dan the Man has been a meme for years. Stop being faggots

Fugg :—-DDD

user, I…

So it was (((Harvey Weinstein))) now it is (((Dan Schneider))). Hope other kikes like (((Stephen Spielberg))) and (((Seth Rogen))) get what's coming to them as well

It's not what you can know, but what you can prove.

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Foreskins have a lot of calories.

If anything comes out about Spielberg, Hollywood is dead within the year.

If it involves children, it will be burned to the ground overnight.

Dan Schneider is yet another rapist kike.

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Worse part is that he has to subject children to his shit fetish for feet. This is like if a furfag molested a kid into being a furfag.


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That was actually a front page story during somethingawful's early years.

Do keep up, newfag.

worst thing is, dan convinced her to fuck the ugliest nogs imaginable. to prove she wasn't "racist".

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think he molested her to that

A furfag molested a kid into being a furfag or Kike footfag pedo?

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Thread theme

The furry one. There was a website furry "life advice" and one of the featured comments was a mom and dad forcing their kid to wear a fursuit at least 3 hours a day as part of a family bonding exercise. Goons ended up fucking with the site and maybe the family too but I don't remember the details. This was during the height of the "yiff in hell furfags" era of the internet.

Who are they?

Sage for off topic

I know it's been done already, but I had to.

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Bowling for Dullards

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Oy vey! How dare these filthy goyim to fire Dan "The Cunny-Creaming Kike" Schneider?!


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I'm trying to find it but no luck so far. You don't need an account to search the front page stuff but to read the thread on it you'd either need to register or hope it got put in the goldmine/gaschamber.

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top lel

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don't his connection to Ariana Grande

Attached: ariana-grande-concert-660x330.jpg (701x431 2.41 MB, 112.7K)'Rourke
What the fuck?

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heh, I was in the thread when they made that edit. i've been thinking of some anti-jew/feminist ones but have not had the time.

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And so begins the cover up.

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The saddest words, of tongue, or pen

Holla Forums was right again

Better late than never. I’m not really sure how anyone could doubt that he is a child predator. This is a guy who openly has a foot fetish and used the company Twitter account to groom children into sending him pictures of their feet.

Hollycaust now

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Attached: danschneider footfetish.jpg (1280x720 117.31 KB, 978.2K)

I thought it was more known, normalfags think she died out of the "pressure of being on camera" , but living close to the area you get to hear a lot of sketchy as fuck shit. I'm not even close to any of the studios, but this being a cheap location close to commiefornia means we do get film crews and they talk a lot once drunk.

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Hitler wants to kill the Hollyjews


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Dan Schneider is a notorious foot fetishist

Dan is the perfect example of what sexualization produces in children so pedos can shut up. All those girls, whether just diddled or actually raped, end up becoming huge hypersexual broken sluts.They either go complety crazy at some point or keep alive by binge drinking, smoking, using drugs, fucking, etc. Exactly what happens to children that were groomed . It's pretty damn sad, especially because those girls end up complety broken, damaged goods and they usually end up fucking up some betas life, which in some cases might end up diddling the kids he has with her going full circle. Shit's fucked, anons.

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He's a kike. See here:


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Do you have any comment Dan?

What took so long?

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Never forget

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Attached: 1468783892976.jpg (480x712, 16.96K)

I wanted to save her.


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I preferred the Scotsman over Dr. Johnny Fever truth be told.

Dan "fat jew fucks kids too" Schneider
Dan "you must be this short to ride" Schneider
Dan "no need for fans when I'm in kids pants" Schneider
Dan "with kids it's just as planned" Schneider
Dan "children's plus size" Schneider
Dan "Dan and Child" Schneider
Dan "Rape and Josh" Schneider
Dan "In Amanda Show" Schneider
Dan "iHardy" Schneider
Dan "A fleet of vans are my master plan" Schneider
Dan " Viacum Employee of the Year" Schneider
Dan "don't need a diet because I make kids try it" Schneider
Dan "Caloric Child Consumer" Schneider
Dan "Child Gourmet" Schneider
Dan "just a quick fuck with kids at the potluck" Schneider
Dan "Just Jewish Things" Schneider
Dan "Even the Rabbi hasn't sucked as many kiddie dicks as I" Schneider
Dan "around underaged fans drop your pants" Schneider
Dan "You better take it off or your show is lost" Schneider
Dan "Kid's feet are so neat" Schneider
Dan "I just love kids ok" Schneider
Dan "I REALLY love kids" Schneider
Dan "Literally loves kids" Schneider
Dan "Stranger Danger" Schneider
Dan "kiss the kike" Schneider
Dan "Fischer Price Hebrew Hammer" Schneider
Dan "Roman Polanski has got nothing on me" Schneider

Attached: 51ebdd742b225c2f1cb67b42ae7ffe2a87dfd157a49c8539a73a185d72275490.png (750x1334, 752.16K)


this is the kind of shit that blackpills me like no other. also consider that the entire gay community is literally the same thing a child fucker club, and normalfags dote on them and keep them around for cheap faghag attention. dotr can't come soon enough

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user, I cried two days as a kid when Bing Crosby died because I thought BILL COSBY died. Now I'd probably help the grim reaper along.

There is no blackpill bigger than that. Not for me anyway.

I'll check that 17776. But I don't want to wait until the 17000's for 1776 to commence again.

"There's a lot of Jewish people in Hollywood"
"… which is really cool"

Gregorian calendars confuse kikes

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The Culture Crash is not quite at tipping point yet…
The apex is in sight though, so… very… close.

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Can you really blame her man
She wasn't red pilled she was a "Burbank" star
And was obviously raped and abused by Dan the get in the van Schneider, from the content we see in the show he probably pissed on her while fucking her, who knows what else they did, she probably put all white men and the idea of the abuse she went through together, sure it sucks tho

Dan "my casting couch is a baby chair" schneider
Dan "Ill hire your child if I'm inside-r" schneider
Dan "my cocks a pacifier" schneider

Danny boy you stolen dubs. Why you have to be a footfag pedo?

End of an era

Is it finally time?

Attached: Dan mugshot.jpg (500x575, 197.37K)

Well m8, try getting your life fucked up by a girl that was molested/groomed when she was very little. To this day I can't trust women and at the same time it is pretty mind breaking since you feeel sadness empathy for the fact that she was abused, but at the same time you hate her and how disgusting they can be as adults. These are the kind of girls that drink the feminism kool aid and then drown in it, since they have this unconscious need to get back at men thanks to those experiences. Then as you g on living life you start noting the same patterns on tons of different women and you realize just how fucked up society is in CY+3.

Add to that that nowdays the amount of type II pedos(fetish derived) are escalating in untold numbers thanks to the internet. And that sexualization is happening in unprecedented levels to children thanks to awful horrible parents and they're starting with porn at younger ages, and not some SC things but actual degeneracy . And they end up producing their own "porn" thanks to "smart"phones and terrible parents that can't be bothered to know or care about their child. Nowadays everyone's fucking at younger ages and getting their brain fucked p and never maturing, just look at all the soyboys and dyed hambeasts, they're big children with extreme levels of sexual deviancy.

Shit's complety fucked I want global Weimar to end now

Attached: 5567aba5d01555a6d3a2a74e90b9b9f2b9351d7d9df6d70330ea1b4a50078cc8.png (405x455, 139.15K)

Maybe Imkampfy is bored?

Oh man why am I laughing uncontrollably

Attached: 41d8879edd8beed510ed77454c3e30865a81e11d45a432fd4617052e3ebc39b8.jpg (780x1085, 232.01K)

he hasn't been active for like weeks. did Heil die and kampfy take over his login? Heil used to be cool but awhile back he kind of went faggoty

Pretty fucking saddening, where else will I get to find pictures of little kid's feet now without going on the deep web or whatever?


Attached: so fucking good.gif (245x184, 970.52K)

Lesson: Don't trust yids around your kids

Maybe the generations of old had it right to a degree. Today's kids are completely fucked up because of the hypersexualisation of media targeted directly at children to the glee of sick fat fuck pedos like Schneider.

things have been weird for awhile. maybe kampfy got the boot and now he's revamped his spam and turned against Holla Forums ??? i'm confused

Dude, those suck.

Dan "shed a tear, it's for your career" Schneider
"No, Danny no" Schneider
Dan "get slimed to get prime time" Schneider
Dan "beat my meat with your feet" Schneider
Dan "hold her tighter, she's a fighter" Schneider
Dan "the hymen divider" Schneider


I pity my five-eyes dwelling brothers

Well yeah, since sex, eating/hunger, sleeping and fear are the most primal instincs kikes have used them to control society. Them and their disgusting shabbots , like the CIAniggers and other agencies worldwide experimenting with human behaviour and neurocognition, neurodevelopment and everying else with "neuro-" in it.

The ultimarte jewish/elite goal is simple, depopulate earth to a manageable number, sexualize and fuck up everyone since childhood, make them addicted to non-letal poisonous edibles and have evryone mix and consume becoming


Attached: 7cfb631b917a2a57a46c875e20c8a22a00618b970d4097177fe5115a77b5c805.png (700x742, 259.51K)

This dude basically ruined nickelodeon.

Nick used to be one of the premier spots for animation. I grew up near the tail end of that. Angry beavers, ahh real monsters, cat dog, rugrats, hey arnold, etc

But then nick became nothing but dirty dans cavalcade of teen girl comedy shows.

If you believe all the rumors than some real shits about to go down. Viacom, dan, lawsuits, pedo enablers.

Attached: 300px-Jean-Luc_Picard.jpg (960x1265, 91.74K)

All psychopaths follow the behavior. Cult leaders make cults so they can fuck kids. The only difference is the scale.

I just want to see people get their brains blown out in the street. Enough courtroom wishy-washy talky shit. Let's see someone pump Dan's dome full of lead.

It's the same story with every channel that starts niche user.
You play to the niche, you grow to fit it, then the MBAs come out to play and tell you to abandon your niche to maintain growth and to lower quality to increase profits.
Then the normies arrive and it's all over.

so the hack that released everyone's private information that they claimed they were keeping but actually were keeping also was an alphabet soup coup on the whole site?

what's it like glowing in the dark?

Attached: a835869cc260272a0e34011f11fe7157c94659c9c5a2b872c945fe46ba15d91b.jpg (426x960, 36.95K)

Purge time

Attached: Purge.gif (800x708, 2.94M)

This dude basically ruined Star Trek.

So much this. Every guru or wise man who gathers minions is ALWAYS pedo, manipulating weak-minded people to cover for them.

Attached: faggot.jpg (160x240, 5.23K)

well im not an edgy 13 year old and the most realistic possibility is people get sued

Do I have to remind you of Jim's credentials?

Attached: 81f04f2fdab825b915c02db84de96b00b8342ecdce151ea2d7236257fb8af1b7.gif (300x188, 1.18M)

FBI-kun pls

Attached: 9bcc7354cf3f1e302b3042a3e7ea2119362d60c50a5b9b4773266b00c7a86101.jpg (427x425, 29.16K)

The ascension from the depths is going to be a flaming crimson light. IRL biblical shit.

That franchise was ruined from the start by depicting a communist utopia

Attached: International Gommunism.webm (640x360, 2M)

Anons please! This is no time to slide what should be a joyous thread!
Keep it on topic and post any more creepshots and infographs.

Attached: Screenshot from 2018-03-26 20-04-23.png (184x153, 57.21K)

fucking checked

Reminds me of the hilarious sufi texts about how boy asshole is a path to Divinity.

Since your trips command it, oh Mr. Bateman.

Attached: dan-schneider-caricature.jpg (640x360 92.59 KB, 43.75K)

Fucking nailed it, someone give that man a novelty award.

Attached: dan-schneider-created-this.jpg (510x385 815.42 KB, 85.97K)

Unfortunately, it's not like the old days with the public lynchings.

oh right. so it was always alphabet soup, but they had to move mods around in the right places. also, the hack served to release information they claimed they weren't keeping and already had released. But, now, since the information was "hacked" they can claim it wasn't their fault even though they "leaked" the info to their buddies at the alphabet soup agencies all along.

am i getting close?

itt millenials complain about some dumb nickolodeon shit. if you were raised even slightly correctly you wouldn't have been lusting over ariana grande at 3pm anyways. kill yourself.

why should anyone care?

Sage negated

this site's a complete honeypot for wrongthink as it stands. Now that the pedos were shoaded, they only need to finally neuter Holla Forumsacks and turn this into Republican IB for plebbitfags and normalfags that want to go to "the darkest reaches of the internet".it's like 95% complete now, just look at this place . 4chan, Holla Forums, Anonymous,different white nationalist groups in the USA, most nationalist groups in Yurop and elsewhere. They infiltrate, dominate, change rethoric and castrate any real opposition to ZOG. At least I'm happy that fat pice of shit is going down.

Attached: 3ccde3a3590fc3165a11f60510a13c04e30ff45502e25e822ecb2b0c8a2718c8.jpg (1274x1001, 106.01K)

this tbh

t. the fucking fbi

The actual dark reaches are fucking dark, i2p, Tor etc. I don't bother with that shit because I am not nearly autistic and knowledgeable to not get completely fucked by visiting the wrong site.

Not a single one of Dan's former victims has the balls to magdump him in public, and it's pathetic.

Attached: hello dan.jpg (474x474, 57.9K)

I sometimes hate autistic faggots like you mate

Attached: 8chin.png (578x125, 7.04K)


Alexander The Great was essentially a huge faggot. Rectally ravaged youngsters tend to follow you into any battle.

Crashing the economy with no survivors has other benefits.

Every president since Nixon has been either incompetent or in bed with the kikes. I don't know who Trump's actual allegiance is with, but he's fucking pedos behind the scenes and using the FBI for what they're supposed to be doing which is protecting Americans. I can get behind that.

Also what the fuck is the DHD? Did they mean the DHS, and had a spelling typo?

Historical revisionism. There's no contemporary evidence he (or Achilles) for that matter was any sort of homosexual. It's just western fujoshi not recognizing how homosexual pederasty actually functioned in the ancient world.

Now the Lydians, those were some faggots. Read the Education of Cyrus, jesus fuck it's disgusting.



Nah m8, I just think you lack proper context.

Attached: 1495528089203.jpg (756x677 265.7 KB, 559.2K)

I mean more the Lydians had old men who would wear make up and semetic sidelocks as fashion. The King of Lydia is very fucking creepy in Xenophon.

what I love most is how you get a 4 wk banhammer for complaining about cuckchan and reddit kiddies, or even using the word nu-Holla Forums

its totally fucked mate

Holy shit i just remembered something from my early teens, since it seemed insignificant i never really thought about it before but now.. When i was 11 or 12, our school principal was good friends with some (((movie director))). One day that director came into our class because they needed some actors for a Movie and from all the kids in the class he chose only me because my looks "were perfect for the role" apparently i was really good looking as a kid. Anyways, they wanted me to take the role. I declined because as a kid i thought acting and dancing and shit was quite gay, i liked to player soccer and more action oriented stuff. They really tried to persuade me, telling me i could learn better acting if i wasn't confident and that when they would shoot the movie it would be like summer camp alone with unfamiliar adults in a foreign place etc. but no matter what i declined.

Only now do i realize i potentially dodged the bullet of my fucking lifetime.

Attached: 1427750871647.gif (718x398, 6.77M)

I was briefly exposed at a young age and did some acting. My parents always kept a very close eye on me and were always present for filming now I look back at it. They probably knew what goes on. Made some okay $ though.

People bitched when there was hardly any moderation, now people bitch because it's tight. It all depends how you do it. If you call the entire board leddit/nu-pol of course you're going to get a ban and rightfully so, that's called shilling/D&C.

I don't understand how people don't find that obvious.

Attached: 1508526506562.jpg (992x1061, 727.05K)

God damn, beautiful user.

He didn't come up with that, you newfag.

Attached: ancient.jpg (600x371, 30.16K)

Literally who

You're so fucking new it hurts mate, consider killing yourself lurking for 2 years

lolno i don't remember anyone bitching about too little moderation. there were always fags who whined about someone violating their hugbox, but that was few and far between. also, there used to be a great deal of moderation, but it was different. eceleb threads were b&, OPs were b& for not having archived links in the thread etc. there was never a time when Holla Forums had "hardly any moderation."

leddit is leddit and nu-Holla Forums is nu-Holla Forums. if someone's acting like a newfag, I'm going to call them on it, and I shouldn't be banned for saying "nu-Holla Forums needs to go"

you're a faggot

that's not what those terms mean. you should lurk moar… well, nevermind - the whole board is nu-Holla Forums at this point so even if you lurked you wouldn't learn(>muh nu/pol/)

Rosebud. Why did (((he))) fuck Orsen Welles out of what would have been his final film's pitch

Absolutely Talmudic

In medical circles, the Richard Gere Gerbling Hospitalization story is canon. There seems to be another CGI talking animals film that alludes to it recently.

Too-elderly unattached bachelors, for one, would be ostracized and viewed highly suspect, for one – especially in pediatrics or other related professions/occupations.

The personification of The Aristocrats joke

Ever notice how dindus do the exact same horizontal hand clap/happy merchant

Attached: REACTION_GOODBURGER.gif (429x243, 1.07M)

I think it's more about the fact that anything that isn't basically sucking Trump's dick is now a bannable offense.
Not everything is 4D chess. He's going to fuck up… and he has on gun control… omnibus remains to be seen.
At least the Holla Forumstier frog threads of the campaign days are gone. Always a silver lining if you look hard enough.
Still no excuse for banning anyone for saying the god emperor might not exactly be the second coming of the fuhrer.

Also, to anyone who has been around for more than five or ten years, the mods represent the worst ind of newfaggotry.

yeah see, what you're doing is D&C

nu-Holla Forums is a shill attack on the legitimacy of the board, it's not quite D&C but it is cancer. Holla Forums hasn't changed that much either, there is however a greater need for moderation, in part because people who have "legitimate grievances" with moderation most users want express them by spamming unrelated threads with giant walls of redtext calling everyone on Holla Forums a newfag leddit kike for complaining about their shitty thread titled "BLURGOMPF TURNS DOWN 25 BILLION FROM DEMS FOR BORDER WALL" that links to an article where it says that the dems offered him 25 billion for the border wall and DACA.

yeah but we kept the retards

monkey see, monkey do

Attached: 5cf9e82c4a6747b40c4e68b49106725ea06987280982b0bc689171511f3955fa.png (640x480, 188.72K)

Nobody in the ancient west actually had buttsex though, that was a severe taboo. They were smart enough to understand that it was incredibly unsanitary and dangerous, an obvious fact that only decades of relentless postivist brainwashing could get anyone to question.
Homosexual relationships in antiquity (which, by the way, there is zero evidence Alexander ever engaged in) at most involved non-penetrative intercrural frotting.

We also said nu/pol/ before 4chan Holla Forums went to shit… and we were right then too.
You'll see.

Holla Forums hasn't been around for 5 years you fucking newfag it came online in October 2013, and was barely a blip until 2014 and Holla Forums harbor

Good for you
Should've burned the set down on your way out

There were imageboards before this one.

reading comprehension fail

Calling one user nu/pol/ is not bannable and I have not seen someone get banned for that.
It's when shills come and state 'entire board is _x_' that they get the ban. Then they complain and you get derailed threads like this discussion. That is attempting to shill a consensus change so yes that is the right word.

Same shit you torkikes said in the shills thread and were proven wrong.
Should just tell the mods to go on holiday for a few days and see how the board looks then eh?

Let's not get too derailed though eh?

Grow a thicker skin faggot, this place used to be a hurtbox where only truth prevailed. Now is an echochamber under 2k ISP's. IT's amazing, honestly, how (((they))) have almost killed this place

KYS cocksucker

Attached: 36b8c45f1efe0a1e913f64fd52d615774efb85f2d73c59cc0f2c36720ad96440.gif (320x194, 1.37M)

did you derail good threads over and over and over spamming it at anyone who isn't totally blackpilled on trump?

when will they just ban TOR there are other ways to be user ffs

It's over.

Fuck you all I'll cut his throat myself you pussy faggots
Here I come dan

ok FBI kun

Attached: 1424200200076-0.jpg (614x572, 51.32K)

In fact now I look again, I have seen that RP image before and didn't pay it heed. Still a great piece of prose.

Did you call everyone who said a negative thing a blackpilled kike shill over and over and over instead of demonstrating the ability to form a coherent argument?

lol no

ok you're not a shill, you're a butthurt virgin who's mad at the internet because he can't ruin good threads anymore because "his" imageboard got sick of his incessant off-topic bullshit and asked for more moderation. this isn't cuck/pol and you're expected to not be a retarded shitposter.

i'm done talking to you people now, if you're not going to accept that no one wants your bullshit and fuck off you're obviously only interested in keeping us from talking about dan schneider and hollywood pedos.

Attached: brainlet knot.png (226x239 28.21 KB, 25.1K)

The funniest part is that we only had 1800 /16s back before the shit third exodus. Overall, numbers have increased.

fuck you nigger. 90% of this board clearly showed up here within the last year. If you were here 3+ years ago, you would be saying the retarded nigger shit you're saying right now.

you are nu-Holla Forums
you need to go back to reddit


see pick related. i just got banned, just now, for simply using the term "nu-Holla Forums"

You mean when anons that have actually been around for several years call you out on your newfaggotry

hey faggot, see this post:




Attached: NU-POL.png (799x894, 93.09K)

Yeah. It's mom and her whole carpool.

Holla Forums at 2100, Holla Forums and Holla Forums tied at 1800. Pepperidge Farm remembers.


Nice pics faggot, it's clear which camp you come from. Btw nice use of virgin as an insult, you totally hurt my fee-fees. Also your post was amazing, there's so much straws I can't hold them all!
No one is trying to keep people from talking about Dan "THE BIG PEDO MAN" Schneider, this thread is just simple slow. You know, just how threads are usually when left to be. But I suppose explaining this to some newfag/operative like you is just teaching you so suckstart a shotgun, faggot. To all other anons, keep on exposing this fat kike, I bet he or Viacom must be tied to the CF or another organization.

Attached: 1 (you).jpg (3840x2160, 714.58K)

Growing up is hard. There's all sorts of problems…

pretty much… mods too

Consider suicide, Tormuldist.

I wonder when Dan "Eating more fresh than Jared" Schneider is getting arrested?

seems legit

They Will All Burn In A Lake of FIRE!

Dan "the man from cunny chan" Schneider
Dan "don't call me that" Schneider
Dan "The Large Hymen Collider" Schneider

Nice one fbi-kun, tor-pedos might be faggots but at least they have the balls to bypass the lunacy that this place has becomed since election time. BTW don't you have another "lets go dump a a mag on Dan or I hope someone kills Dan now" post to make?

Attached: 608c6a848945e18ba50a80d0b1e95abc0776170cfda134dc5f34b4357055d896.jpg (900x720, 81.92K)

Have seen the same thing with the same misspelling of talmud more than once now. Might be the same idiot. Might be a group effort.

I was trolling faggots like you on the internet before imageboards came along, cuntface.
Should have explained further, by hardly any moderation I mean big gaps in it where you get e.g. recent street shitter threads etc. Don't be butthurt because you don't know what consensus shilling is. And I'm not a poetry fag so usually don't pay it attention, same with the image it came from.
You were banned by Heil who has been here since early days, clearly such a nu/pol/ mod. Doesn't fit your fucking agenda now does it faggot? Appeal in a thoughtful manner and stop bitching like a little girl.

Very good point. Digging.



Attached: VIACOM CF.png (842x196, 18.4K)

So, a pedo kike with a foot fetish in charge of a lot of shitty teen shows on nickelodeon gets canned?
Is there anything more to this that I'm missing?
I've never been to Holla Forums or anything so I don't understand how big this is.

You'll never see a real vagina.

lurk silently

I know pedowood. There just seems to be a lot of memes about this one in particular. Doesn't seem anything more than the other pedowood kikes that were sold out by their own recently.
Was just wondering why this one was anything different.

Damn niggers, no one cares.


What the fuck do you think that passage is then, torkike? And no I wasn't on usenet you faggot, was mostly vidya related forums then IRC in early 00s.

Oyyyyy! Nice find. Probably worth having a further dig indeed…
I found this;
CF and Nickelodeon partnered up in 2005 to fight childhood obesity.

surely they werent up to some (((nefarious))) undertakings

Attached: lhj.jpg (297x264, 40.83K)

I think it must be a nursery rhyme considering how (((triggered))) you are.

And it's ok, I wasn't on usenet either. Was mostly still being a degenerate using Yahoo! Personals and collegeclub to receive fellatio from strangers.
Who's perfect, huh?

No goyim, we really made america slim again with our (((strategic partnership)))!

Kek! You filthy rapist, definitely a bit older than me - funny how the net has always had some way to do that type of thing. I found triggering niggers in MSN chat raids to be of great entertainment in those days though.

Well anons, it seems we must embark on a mission paralel to rejoicing for the plausible fall of the fat kike. I'll try to dig more on these conections. For all the others, try searching for Nick/Vicaom executives and possible connections to either political party, Clintons, Epstein etc. We might have hit jackpot, remember Ariana Grande and the shooting might be tied to all of this shit under tons of layers.

Attached: 3299179ef64b46a66fee318c278df33fec4f6fc2a9f77865953a5539e7eda01a.jpg (307x449, 30.44K)

God the foot shit it's so fucking creepy. Forcing your fetish on unaware teen girls. Fucking revolting.

Me and my bonzy buddy went on raids together.

bonzi… clearly

It's all ads for extremely shady services that mostly don't even work don't bother tbh.

CDAN link about this a couple months ago.

That's something I have not heard in a long time. That little purple thing, jesus those apps were popular as hell, I had a lava lamp one, kek. God knows how much backdooring/virii they had in them.

Attached: adolf hitler(1).jpg (962x1290, 174.21K)

I found something…interesting about clinton and obama's brother. Its old, from 2015, but nevertheless I had not heard about this Green Card policy.

hey hey man, clippy was useful once in a while

Kinda weird that yall know who Dan Schnieder is and all these opinions n shit

Could have used a clippy when I was learning to use some Linux distros.
Line commands were an unforgiving mistress for a minute there.

It's what we've always done.
Go away now.

Attached: 1468621875833.png (625x626, 128.76K)

Attached: pedo dan van.PNG (981x287, 27.21K)

Dan “Why bother to try and hide her?” Schneider

Attached: 4ECCD804-5C4D-48DA-87E3-9B44878713C1.jpeg (761x640, 102.35K)

vancouver is a huge pedo hub

Attached: 78696e709fdaf5d200a36dddd7c240e836bf3d94bf165c82cdd8fdaad7eb48aa.gif (443x282, 3.9M)

I hear he smokes a lot of weed.

Attached: dude weed.jpg (199x253, 8.38K)

He's not edgy, you're just pathetic.

It's more of that a generation's worth of girls grew up on these abused stars, I'm just hopeful they realize that its jews doing this.

Checked and very relevant info, thanks user.

Kek! Okay you got me there, learning CLI can be a bitch.

Make it so number 1

It's called a parralel construction. The NSA does it all the time, especially since king nigger gave all glowing agencies, even the fucking national weather service, exclusive access to NSA databases just a couple weeks before Trump was elected. They also use it in conjunction with FISA courts, and with federal courts. They'll nab all your shit and spin the crime as "plausible deniability" (ie it was a "hack") meanwhile figuring out how to pin an adjacent charge on you that leads into the primary charge. Glow dogs are devious little shits.

"Dirty" Dan " The man with the plan to get her in the van. Thick as a beer can. Widest girth in the land. I hate sand. You'll love getting slammed. Keep quite or be canned. I'll never be banned. Its for the kids, don't you understand? I can tell you're fan. I am a legend on 4chan. Some like 'em only white, but I accept tan." "Rough rider. Large hardon collider. Hold her tighter, she's a fighter. I enjoy the biters. I like them lighter. Hymen diver. Its going to be an all-nighter. If you have a daughter, hide her." " Don't call me that." Schneider

Dan "unload my seed before they bleed" Schneider will use the same team of high priced jewish lawyers Sam always uses. If they are able to find so many looperholes in the law that not even mass murdering shooter can be convicted, they can easily get Dan out of trouble

Attached: 6c69b617a76ffbce16898fb8ca7a43d38a410e6c9553049700fea55312dbadd8.jpg (1152x2048, 1.7M)


Attached: 1qck.png (631x684, 104.82K)


Anybody have access to that twitter? I've been trying to get her to accept my follow request for a year.

Who knew that taking photos of girls' feet made them sterile?

Dan Schneider haters are just jealous. Although if he really is a foot fetishist then he deserves the rope!




Attached: TexasGunNinjaBostonArea.jpg (931x524, 61.73K)

Attached: TexasGunNinjaBostonArea.jpg (612x344 61.73 KB, 19.98K)

I'll be,
I always new but seeing confirmed is something else

I'd rather the court process happen
If Dan is killed it'll be brushed off, if he's charged it'll be annadah metoo


All of the pedowood threads on old/pol/ were not in vain.

Attached: a9d46e3a8dc980d1348e9e7dfc14ab1c.jpg (454x432, 77.03K)

Is Holla Forums even relevant?

Attached: weakshit.jpg (336x357, 17.79K)

No but it's a fun little lolcow.

can't wait for the 'moral pedofags' to rush out in defense

late to the party.
deadline hollywood?

This. A few weeks ago there was a blind item that all but spelled it out. Also take notice of the massive increase in blind items about sex abuse, child trafficking, etc. He delivered the goods on Weinstein, this is all about to blow up.

they convinced the Holla Forums's BO to suck their BOs dick
other than that

Always one. About time Dan finally got v&.

Even 20 years later Duke Nukem is still awesome.

Damn, those alien bastards are gonna pay for shooting up my ride.

Cutting the throats of all pedos is one of the final solutions. Anyone who cuts a kike receives instant citizenship in the Reich

Attached: IMG_2983.PNG (1136x640, 399.62K)


Attached: danschneider[2].png (500x667 599.15 KB, 847.17K)

Look at that rat face. I bet he squeals
He know a lot of people in pedowood. Sing Dan sing

If he probably knows that if he squeals, he wouldn't be the only one who dies. His family would die too, from "accidents".


cannot fucking wait until he gets offered a plea bargain for ratting out all his sick fuck friends. this rat will try to save himself, and in the process take down dozens of his cohorts.

one meme leads to another.

Attached: masonic things lead to another.webm (1280x720, 7.66M)

oh he fucking will. pedos are the most mentally childish of all sexual predators. now that the hammer is finally coming down, expect this to spiral off into dozens of other investigations into other hollywood execs.

They will throw him into a cell in a special block that is at all times filled with knee deep, opaque water. He will never see another human's feet again.

you didn't "simply use the term nu/pol/" you disingenuous kike

Attached: House of the Devil dance scene 480p.mp4 (854x480, 10M)

Dan "I thought prison was for goyim" Schneider
Dan "Drop your pants and I'll give your show a second chance" Schneider
Dan "The Evidence ain't in my Van" Schneider
Dan "choke her out for the clout" Schneider
Dan "the FBI? they're on my side" Schneider
Dan "getting gnarly on the set of icarly" Schneider
Dan "it's legal in Afghanistan" Schneider
Dan "I'm going to make the OJ trial look like a fucking joke" Schneider
Dan "get the jam" Schneider
Dan "Datura" Schneider
Dan "Give me your socks or i'll get my glock" Schneider

this poster is probably Dan Schneider

Dan "the kid diddler is gonna get it up the shitter" Schneider
Dan "couldn't stop the itch, and so will be state pen's bitch" Schneider
Dan "each abused chick equals dicks to lick" Schneider
Dan "I put the D in McCurdy" Schneider
Dan "you want a show? you know who to blow" Schneider

What about Robert Downey Jr, Larry King and so on… there's a long list.

roman polanski, fucker buttraped a 13yo and got away with it.

By spamming Blacked and DBZ threads?

Attached: 9BFD9A2A-1F66-4721-8765-85EBB23927A7.png (1242x2208 2.43 MB, 1.7M)

Everyone knew for years, he has that 'pedo look' about him in addition to his jewy pervyness like publicly posting on twitter his love for children's feet. Sicko kike.

We should be capitalising on this and reminding people which 0.2% of the population all these LA pedos, Weinsteins and #MeToo 'rapists' belong to

I have dreamed of this day for so many years. I guess maybe it's the 'tist in me but sometimes I forget not everyone is in my head and therefore not everyone knows what I know. I hoped to see this coming and pray this is JUST the beginning.

Alas, a very large portion of the population still believes in the teachings of the mass media, so you can't just throw out the JQ and expect people to stop and seriously think about it. They've been conditioned for decades and generations to ignore it with a passion. Still, if Poland and Iceland are any indication, there will come a reckoning.

I felt the same recently, when I remembered the (((Rotary Club))) selected my only middleschool friend over me for a scholarship despite me having the best grades in the entire damn school. Less than six months later he started showing traits of abuse and then moved away without saying a word.

Attached: [power scared].jpg (640x480, 80.36K)

Pic related. Into the fucking oven it goes.

Attached: danschneider.gif (250x175, 2.47M)

Nobody knows or cares who Dan Schneider is you felchers

Attached: trump.jpg (292x219, 9.55K)

Pedowood was right again

Let's see.
Since jewdayism is a belief system.
The stories belong to Ancient Aryans (Persians).

time for another round of "spot the slide shill"

Go fellate a shotgun you fucking kike.

Attached: 2b79582a4326124b23e7314a0712e9cc824d5802ebd383a8d2c55f3beba2787a.jpg (255x249 39.2 KB, 22.1K)

-t. fedposter

Just give up, you've already lost, don't throw away what little dignity you still have.

Kikes think they are a separate race and act accordingly, in order to counter the kikes typical tricks we have to respond in kind.

shill or retard?

Attached: source.gif (500x371, 279.59K)

torfag who lives somewhwere where having gore cached is illegal most likely.

Scaphism might not be enough for this…


This. Libido Dominandi was an excellent book, it redpilled me on how kikes use sex, and vices by extension, as a form of control.
This is further reinforced by the disgusting pedo fetish videos that are now trendy on YouTube.

As this user states, it serves kikes to create a weak society of literal animals who only want to quench their basic needs and pleasures while forgetting about self-improvement, striving for the Divine and becoming a powerful society (like the Aryan mindset).
I'm not that blackpilled but when you learn too much and uncover so much shit, hope starts to fade.

Attached: 01b819b2da250f0ff4dddca8d6026e53db9acf3eec710dc19574c590b745f27d.jpeg (469x501, 43.6K)

Elaborate please.

It's a book about how elites (kikes) have controlled the world ever since the French Revolution by using sexual liberation theories, like (((Freud)))'s psychoanalysis, or (((Bernays)))' propaganda.
It's great for a while, but the problem is the author cucks out to Judaism and writes anti-natsoc shit on certain parts of the book. However, the book exposes a lot of shit and eventually you realize how fucked things are.


Video related, Libido Dominandi should be a mandatory read for anyone here.

Still mad your board got shut down?

Attached: c7c70c386e888ba6da52e50d4798b79153562f09c3391cfd3654d25222aa73d2.jpg (402x402, 44.83K)

I noticed that too, it seems to be a calling card among their kind. That psuedo-redneck lumbersexual thing that lefties do just gets right on my fucking nerves. Does anyone have that video of those soyboys taking a camping trip and carrying a fucking gourmet kitchen with them? I think it was called "beta expedition" kek.
top lel

Oh shit don't remind me. That shit physically hurts just to think about again.


Attached: neocon song.webm (534x300, 7.95M)

Attached: 5aa3324cc83b3596df298885ff1803a225e83813a541d7b5f8dced89ea8cf627.png (419x644, 243.87K)

Attached: destiny ethical cp.jpeg (278x181, 7.39K)

Attached: pol was right again.mp4 (1280x720, 7.57M)

Holla Forums is getting spammed with the same bullshit now too.

I mean with their formation of (((guilds))) in the medieval era they still had a firm grasp on the economy due to nepotism and loansharking. It's why they were kicked out of so many countries.

Attached: 1491098449671.gif (132x140, 53.25K)

>Libido Dominandi
Haven't read it (yet), but a PDF is available here as well as a nice discussion in that thread:

Attached: Libido Dominandi.png (201x287, 74.41K)

Yuri posting required for any that somehow haven't seen it

Attached: Former_KGB_agent_Yuri_Bezmenov_explains_subversion.webm (320x240, 6.79M)

interdasting reads mkay

Attached: 00585a8f166941ced15f0a5d8ae3883182997f03e7609400cafe2a516269e9de.jpg (500x609, 99.79K)

Want some fucking rage fuel, read the crazy nights version. Apparntly some sick kike stuck something in her body that either ruptured something or sent her into toxic shock. While on a TV show set. With dozens of other big name kikes standing around watching.

This. Absolutely this. Absolutely without a fucking doubt in my mind, this. All of the lgbt nonsense has been about fucking up children or furthering pervert acceptance into society. For some reasons, everyone from normies to even people within the alt right will defend faggots and trannies, as if they are beyond reproach. With parents putting kids in drag shows and through "transitioning" aka genital mutilation, you can't tell these sodomites dont have an end goal of legal child abusing and worse.

When will Russia just put us out of our misery already??

Attached: pickaxe.jpg (238x183, 12.67K)

E Micheal Jones is required reading for everyone. His work is amazing.

This bitch is like female Patrick Bateman. Just skating through life on her looks and twat but she's an unabashed, raging fucking psychopath.

Remember when she went to that donut shop and started licking donuts then put out that fucked up press release where she implied the people deserve it because fuck people.

Perfect time to be monitoring/trawling twitter. The truth wants to come out. Theres going to be a lot of post then delete tweets today.


I bet if some user wrote a gender-swapped version of "American Psycho" nobody would notice and it would be hailed as super progressive and inspiring and then make some cash when a kike options it for film.

Attached: Patricia Batsman OC DONUT STEEL.jpg (576x432, 31.06K)

Ariana was Hasbro.

Third one unrelated but keked loudly when I was searching for it.

Attached: typical.PNG (886x108 630.31 KB, 91.37K)

I knew a child actor. His brother actually got more roles (a commercial for spaghetti and a really bad Alan Thicke movie of the week in the 80's, from what I remember) and thinking back at some of the things he said ("user, you're wearing that pirate costume earring on the wrong ear, it means you're a faggot!") I can just imagine what went on.

Or maybe he was just really wise beyond his years.

Attached: man sweating.jpeg (493x335, 29.43K)

I almost went to choir school. I purposely fucked up the audition.

Attached: Édouard-Henri_Avril_(18)_Hadrian_and_Antinous_in_Egypt.jpg (800x559, 123.47K)

Local cops are typically cultists (pic related) or bribed. I'd look into some (((sealed))) settlement agreements and federal RICO prosecutions if you can establish a pattern. If Dan the man had a steady conveyor belt of lolis he's fucked.

Attached: GOES.png (474x646, 262.87K)

Attached: brc-1.png (686x1887, 1.3M)

I had an acoustic modem and BBSes.

Your turn to raise or call.

Are you a librarian?

That's bogus. I debunked it. The story simply doesn't match the facts. I even went to the trouble of hunting down the script for the episode of Rocky Road that Heather O'Rourke was in. It was filmed over a year before she died.

nice shitpost

You mean like American Psycho 2: All American Girl?

I doubt it. He's just a low-level sacrificial ham that's being pruned because he couldn't keep his secrets and fetishes from dribbling out.

Attached: Better Off Dead - This Is Ricky.mp4 (640x360, 5.15M)

Notice they go for the normal heterosexuals who reject artificial feminist-created AOCs while the actual paedos, those who are attracted to pre-pubescent children, are rarely caught. And when they are it's out of the news pretty quick. Remember Ian Watkins from the band Lostprophets who was in a baby-fucking (literally babies) paedophile ring? Yeah, he's in jail for probably life, but it was a blip in the news. They didn't go on about it forever.

There are problems with snow, user.

The problem arises when you have someone in an MI family who has assumed for years he was monitored, who acts like a black hat but is really a white hat, and leads them into a trap.

Weaponize the panopticon, set up dirty glowfags spying on each other. A kid in a wheelchair ends up being the hero. Sound familiar?

Attached: anderson.jpg (603x402 67.56 KB, 33.71K)

That worked wonders for Harvey Weinstein.

No one fears masons anymore. Shove the tubal cain up mahabone's ass while jawbulon watches, right Hiram?


I know that tone of voice, it's the tone of the "don't believe your lying eyes."

He had to flee to France. Plus back then they didn't have cameras everywhere and ubiquitous NSA spying.

Attached: einhorn.png (474x272, 281.18K)

wow that was low energy, I was thinking a little more like this.

They meet in each other's homes.

Ever year of spinning hypnosis user?

That's gross.

Attached: ROJ.jpg (480x360, 15.96K)

Whenever there's a scandal involving "underage girls" it's usually a smokescreen to cover up real crimes. For example:

That was a trailer for an actual real film.

Vive le roi.

Attached: marie.jpg (210x300, 8.82K)

Y is the horns of the bull, moloch.
ll are are the pillars Boaz and Jachin from freemasonry.

I know you hate that other LARP board so I won't mention it but they always say symbolism will be their downfall.

I've seen film students do better work. Did the producer blow the budget getting Mila Kunis to suck him off or something?

woo woo

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There's one of these parents I caught interfering in a civil court case last year, spreading rumours trying to get someone to get to not testify. Basically witness tampering. I believe now it's because she's pimping out her tranny kid.

This is even bigger than I could even imagine.

That was the illustration for Wikipedia's anal sex entry at onetime.

Murder and pedophilia go hand in hand, user. Used to be dead men told no tales.

Cameras and dead man's switches changed the game.

Is irrumatio considered "non penetrative"?


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Our society is dying and it deserves to die.

I feel sorry for him. He should not have trusted Hollywood perverts with his daughter.

He destroyed his own daughter after his dog shit career ended. No sympathy for that greedy faggot.

The original American Psycho movie didn't actually make that much profit (it only grossed $34.3 million worldwide), so they didn't have much of a budget for the sequel.

well damnn, but what if you just so happen to be suthern as shit and say y'all cuz that's what you say.

oh fu—- right, cuz there's so many "brothers" down here?

the kikes say "y'all" and "folks" because they always steal the language of the people they're trying to infiltrate.

fuuuuu— and technically the Masons are gentile jews anyway


Fucking love that movie

So this guy's going to be another James Wesley Howell?

He deserves the rope for that alone, I've never seen any guy over the age of fifteen with bangs that wasn't an insufferable faggot.

Apparently just enough for Mila. I wonder how much it costs to fug a movie star, I hear that's what "Executive Producer" means.

Dan pls

lol no
He is certainly not ourguy.
Watch the embed from 12:30 to find out why.

He says white identity is a result of jewish misdirection and that there is no such thing as white people… but that believing and rallying around a jewish god is the only way to thwart the jew and is therefore the real path to liberation from jewish tricks.
Dude is fucked.

Gott mit uns

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This terrifies me after reading the cheesybay reddit story……

Now why the fuck would you do a thing like that?

Apologizing for poor form. Forgot to hooktube. Can't do it now as it says a duplicate file exists.
Will take some getting used to as I would normally just make a webm instead of embedding anything… but because mods like to funpost too, I can't post files anymore.

Dr. Jones is going to give the classic Catholic teachings. What he means by tha ist before the social engineers really got started you thought of yourself as Polish, Lithuanian, German, Irish ect. not a generalized 'white'

What I heard him say is that you thought of yourself as Catholic or Protestant. I think the implication is that our identity should revolve around a religion that is an offshoot of judaism.

Mosley was right.
The fuhrer was right.
Jones is a cryptokike.

Hi Dan

You should read The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit. In his view (classic Catholic perspective) "Judaism" before Jesus was different than the "Judaism" that developed centuries after the destruction of the temple. Talmudic Judaism is not older than Christianity. Since the Talmudic Jews claim to be 'Sperma Abhram' Dr. Jones makes the argument that the jews of today are the synagogue of satan. He is definitely Irish Catholic. Yes yes there are valid critiques of Catholicism, dont be a faggot

Dan "Footsies with Fourth Graders" Schneider
Dan "Be a whore for Choice Awards" Schneider
Dan "Twitter hits for trotter pics" Schneider
Dan "Kiddie Sitcorn" Schneider

My wife's a normie and she's known for years.

Fair enough. I may change my mind after reading it, but I don't think an identity based on any kind of spirituality is for me.
If race is real (and it is) then what can really trump it? If niggers and jews and azns and shit convert to Christianity, do they then become my brothers in any real sense? More than a pagan who shares my genetic background? What about the next generation and the one after that?
Wouldn't we still have the problems of multiculturalism (which I think are due to innate and biological differences as opposed to cultural differences) that we do everywhere that different races live side by side?
I get why a shared belief system is important to a people but, so far, I'm unable to see how it should trump a shared evolutionary background.

I have dismissed Jones since I heard his comments on race but I'll give your suggestion a read. But it'll be hard not to go in harshly skeptical though as, at first glance, it all just seems like a kind of kikery to me.

Of course the precedent of talmudic judaism were the Traditions of the Elders, IIRC; I think that might have been why they made the golden bull and all that. Don't quote me on it.

Crispin has been on Spiel's ass for a while

Attached: Untitldfded.jpg (446x299 55.33 KB, 42.14K)

Dan "Trick or Treat, I'll smell kids feet" Schneider
Dan "Backstage passes for underaged arses" Schneider
Dan "Little girls on my show gotta blow" Schneider
Dan "Dirty" Schneider
Dan "Hiding Kids for Pedo Yids" Schneider
Dan "Don't You Wonder Why a Man has a Sports Utility Van" Schneider
Dan "Twitter is ok with pedophiles who are openly obsessed with children's feet on its platform" Schneider
Dan "Twitter's CEO is my friend and also a pedo" Schneider
Dan "Twitter's executives are my acquaintances and love wanking off to my tweets about children's feet" Schneider
Dan "Don't look at Twitter's stock" Schneider
Dan "Twitter isn't done, pedos are number one" Schneider
Dan "I love twitter almost as much as I love fucking kids" Schneider

Citation needed, faggot. The only person that you can say that about it Amanda Bynes, and she’s one out of literally hundreds who worked with him.

Britney Spears never even worked with Dan Schneider, and the fact that Jamie Lynn Spears got pregnant during Zoey 101 probably had absolutely nothing to do with him and everything to do with her having a complex from her psychotic sister.

what the fuck

Polanski must've run afoul of someone, he was slated for a plea bargain and to be let off with a slap on the wrist.

Attached: 2f7.jpg (601x508, 27.67K)

She broke his achey breaky heart.

Criminally underchecked

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Did Dan order the gay mafia hit on feldman?

yeah it's kinda weird how we are paying attention to everything and not letting anything get out of our reach, isn't it, kike?


oh yeah you totally belong here!

Schneider is just one component of the sick degeneracy at Viacom. The whole operation needs to be exposed.

Have a gander at their current Nick Jr. lineup. There is a pattern among these programs: a miscegenational relationship, with the main character, a child, having a "best friend" of the opposite sex and a different race. Little kids don't usually pal around with the opposite sex, much less have best friends of a different race. Why are the jews at Viacom so adamant about exposing young children to such relationships?

Both of the lead actresses from Sam & Cat went black. Jeanette McCurdy and Ariana Grande.

Have you ever sat down and watched an episode of Zoey 101? That entire show, the way it was produced, was pedo bait. There is an undeniable pedo sexual tension, from the way the girls are made up to the music.


Roastie detected.

Slut detection 101

Attached: Slut detection.jpg (1024x717, 157.6K)

there's your answer

I love when roasties go on and on about not being sex objects then immediately call someone a virgin, as if the only thing roasties can contribute to men is sex. Its never, "No girl is gonna wanna be friends with you." Or, "I bet you have not spent much time around women. Always straight to sex. Always easy to spot a hole.

Attached: poisonous and evil.jpg (605x395, 28.34K)

It looks like Jerome and his buddies fucked a basket ball.

All I remember from watching that was that one guy who was always a cunt and that I thought Spears was hot. Teenage me had abysmally low standards, but I don't recall anything seeming off


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why can't she get pregnant?

Well, your teenage self probably wouldn't feel that anything is off with Bella and the Bulldogs either

Botched abortion resulting in infertility?
Too many rapes by jews resulting in infertility?
Birth control too early resulting in infertility?

Probably not but then again I was naive enough to think pedos were just pervs you found on the internet. In hindsight, a lot of those teen shows had weird sexual connotations. Especially iCarly.

Hey isn't Nickelodeon the maker of Bella and the Bulldogs, or racemixing cuckoldry the show?

Attached: 49806baec5f2ce91fb777d95b6127fa3ba9e85bee9af7abd6b798e2970a3fbb5-pol.jpg (666x6020, 607.44K)

Article on Yahoo news. teehee.

I wonder if he molested Kenan & Kel, prolly just sucked their toes.

I don’t know how to feel about this, other than to tell you to download a clean one.

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LA is filled with black people.
And I’m pretty sure coal-burning is not a sign of childhood sexual abuse.

No, but I watched the majority of episodes of every other danwarp show until Sam and cat was canceled. Ephebo fan-service for sure, but sexual tension? Nah.

Even if this lady is telling the truth, that means there are people with foot fetishes who worked in that department. It may not be Dan, but someone who works intimately with Dan who can request/write in shit involving feet.

If they think that comment would discourage people from digging, they're wrong. It means the digging is just starting.

Shit is fucked up fam


We can Make America Great Again.

And to think there are porn stars with tighter looking snatches than that.

What makes you so sure about that? It's usually girls who have some kind of trauma or bad experience with White (or "White") men who go running into Tyrone's arms. There has to be a pathology behind it like there is for other self-destructive behaviors.

It's literally no different that when a psycho bitch shaves her head or gets a million tattoos. Just the violent emotional reaction of an overloaded psyche.

It seems to me that one of the reasons people were willing to come forward about his fucked up shit was was all the memes calling him on it.
Basically we need to start giving every kiddie diddler in any position of power and influence the billions of nicknames and infographics

I don't know if I'm willing to believe that but more images doesn't exactly hurt us so fuck it.

Is Pedo Dan connected to NXIVM?

Kristen Kreuk was brought in through a vancouver branch, however it would appear this is specifically targeting rich/powerful/connected women.


pic related
the scene where elliot is pitching/catching with an otherwordly being

Attached: jtjtjtjtjuj.jpg (432x283 510.6 KB, 39.49K)

Jamie Lynn Spears was 16 when she was pregnant. Legal age in the UK, many (most?) other countries and many states in the USA. At least 3 of Hitler's girlfriends were 17 when he started dating them including Eva Braun and he was 40 at the time. I wouldn't be surprised if he dated even younger girls too since the age of consent in Germany was and still is 14.

Just stop with this "pedo" bullshit unless you're referring to the sexual attraction to pre-pubescent children. Everyone doing this is part of many problems, including the fact that police are wasting all their time and resources on going after normal heterosexuals, even going to the lengths of posing as girls online and entrapping guys looking for girlfriends, when they could be using that time and resources finding and catching actual paedophiles who are abusing pre-pubescent children or muslim rape gangs. That's one of the reasons so many politicians support the current age laws. So many of them are raping little kids and want the police kept distracted.

You're supporting the jewish/feminist agenda against white men. They were the ones that created the high age laws. They don't want you marrying a young woman and having lots of white children. Jews want to keep people infantilised for as long as possible to dumb them down. While the jews declare their own people adults at 13 and treat them that way. They have a whole ceremony for it, that's what a bar/bat mitzvah is. They don't dumb down their own. That's why some seem to think they're more intelligent. They're not, they just can't compete on a level playing field so they've spent the last 100+ years trying to dumb everybody else down. And unfortunately too many people are falling for it.

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/pol is compromised. Please move to /zenpol

Pol shuts down any criticism of the omnibus. The omnibus is a total betrayal of what Trump promised. Pol does not allow any real discussion of this fucked-up legislation.

The omnibus:

-Does not fund any border wall. Just 33 miles of fence.

-No money shall be spent on wall prototypes. Just “operationally effective designs" that were in use on May 5, 2017.

-No new ICE field agents may be hired. Fewer than 100 new SUPPORT ONLY jobs are mandated–NOT field agents. Trump said he wanted 1000 field agents.

-The omnibus REDUCES the number of illegals that may be detained for deportation. The omnibus reduces the current number of detention beds–about 40,761–by about 250. This means FEWER illegals can be detained.

-The omnibus INCREASES the number of foreign workers. H-2B visa program EXPANDED by 100,000 foreign workers.

-It mandates sanctuary city funding (the cities that protect illegals who've committed crimes like rape and murder).

-The military will NOT fund the wall or assist building it. Pay attention to Mattis. His policy is to remain neutral on any political issue like building the wall.

-On top of all that, the omnibus gives a ton of money to Israel and various middle eastern countries for complete bullshit reasons (funding for Afghani women police, for example)

You also need to include Newt licking the chocolate vanilla swirl milkshake dispenser after the prom night racemixing scene, and point out its a reference to the cuck orally cleaning the vagina after the nigger filled it with protein yougurt. And you also should include the x'd out white baby poster and the key as dick, vagina as lock analogy in said graphic as well…as well as the Moloch aspects of it as well…

Attached: 1464805891702-0-pol.jpg (800x611, 96.32K)


Oh fuck just why though?

Clever idea. Stupid girl.

>Dan "If there's grass on the field game off" Schneider had (((them))) running damage control for him for years
Makes you think.