David Hogg Admits NOT At School

I uploaded the clip but I've linked to the YouTube version below of David Hogg not being at the Parkland school in Florida

at 4:20 in this video

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Wew. He's as much of a survivor as you and I are.

Quick share clip streamable.com/s4nap

Ahahaha oh WOW

He's directly contradicting himself, in other interviews he says he was in AP Enviornmentalism, which sounds fake as shit.

Wait, wait, wait. Did he actually told at first that he was present during the shooting?



Just going to leave this here as a reminder.

Nice find user, this really shows how full of shit he really is. How did he get into the classrooms after the shooting started?



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He's too big of a star now to hang out with the commoners. Soyoboy goin supernova!

That would go great in a video that shows both clips back to back, over and over again, ad nauseam.




They just can't fucking help themselves.

So, are you telling me AP Environmentalism and Holocaust History are real fucking classes???
Public schools need to be shut down.

Fucking rabbits.

When I was in highschool the only AP courses were math, physics and English literature. Environmental sciences was the science credit for retards who couldn't even do biology.

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I graduated high school with nearly enough credits to be a sophomore in college and the AP classes were: Chemistry, Biology, Physics(2), Calculus (2), History, English etc. There may have been some foreign languages also. Now apparently they are just making shit up. In a few years it will be AP Talmud 1-4.

I hate this entire movement, so hold off on calling me a shill or correcting the record. The words he says are 'on the day of the shooting', not 'at the time of the shooting'. Taking his words at face value as presented, it sounds like he is saying that he returned to the school after the initial incident.

Student saying they were prepped before the shooting for drill. bitchute.com/video/VcBuIGe5p7CU/
Titled "cops setting up for the camera"

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Nope. Between this and the 930am thing, the jig is up.

Anyone else see the Menorah?

That's a good point. We know the little shit is a liar, but as a stand-alone piece of evidence, it is not a silver bullet, not talking about coors.

This faggot need many lumpy, odd shaped objects jammed up his ass. For science.

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Are these people tards or just current_year+3 teens?

AP Env Sci has been a real thing since at least 2004 or so.

It's about 1/3 brainwashing, 1/3 ecology, and 1/3 conservation biology.

I keep seeing people mention the 9:30 AM part. Do you know where I can find that in audio? I have not caught or heard that beyond people repeating it in text.


Who the hell was taking the Video in the classroom when he declared it was Nicholas Cruz?

Thank, much appreciated. Ok, now, I'm going to play devil's advocate here, so don't leap to crucifying me. The first subject in the video found in the first link is both audio and visual, presumably during the initial incident.
A minute in, it changes to the next subject, and is audio only, playing over stock news footage. From this I infer that these are likely separate recordings, or multiple interviews played in sequence. If we were to take his words from before that he had gone home, gotten his camera and then returned to the school, that would be him giving his interview a timestamp of 9:32 after the incident. It would then follow that the interview took place at 9:32 PM. This is not a statement that the shooting is occurring at 9:32, only the interview.
These observations alone or added together with his statement of having went to school does not discredit his statement that he was present during the initial incident.
I will point out possible flaws in my reasoning, and their potential counter-counters. The second interview may be audio only simply due to someone not wanting their face on camera, and the video was removed in post or recorded in audio only. The interviews have very similar background noise, implying that they were taken in proximity to each other. From this I would infer that they were both recorded after the incident. It being dark in the video portion could match the timestamp of 9:32 PM, though the lighte levels could be explained by them being indoors.
However, the first subject uses the words 'if you looked around this closet and saw everyone just hiding together-'
'hiding' is a present tense word.
However however, she is likely using past-present tense, as she is not at that time actually in a closet. As in, 'if you saw me here typing this.'
The flaw here, then, is that only one interview is properly timestamped, or that the timestamp is only given after the first subject. I would assume that they are separate interviews and separate audio/video files, which may not even be in chronological order, but I could not personally distinguish the exact time of any cut to prove this, and the crickets and radio sounds in the background remained fairly consistent to my ears.
All that out of the way, I think he is a piece of shit that is both using and is being used to further agendas.

Listening closer, I was mistaken. Those probably are not crickets in the background, but the point is the background din is there.

Did he go home, then go back to the school?
The wording would allow for that, it's still dodgy that he doesn't include "I went home then went back"

Never let a good tragedy go to waste.

Well of course. All these stupid (((kids))) need to get dropped off in the middle of the ghetto without any means of defending themselves. I'm sure they'll change their tune quickly after that.

B-b-b-but that would infringe on *my* rights. I thought we were just talking about taking away *yours*. Next you'll tell me I need a clear backback, or something.

His father was FBI.
Mateen's father was FBI informant.

Is anyone surprised now? This guy is just as bad as the rest of the left. Now they are all pushing the Religion of Cuck™ification of the US. You either convert to being a child diddler, or they send feral nignogs and trannies after you. This Jew is just pretending to be a friend of us while slowly selling us all out. So basically Jews made a deal with the Arabs, they get to keep Israel, if they give the west to the Arabs. I don’t remember when the Jews became our owners, because I certainly don’t see how them holding all that debt disadvantages anyone except for them.

The left has basically converted to full on terrorists.

Jews and Muslims are different castes of the same religion. They are the same group.

AP Environmental Science is a real thing.
apcentral.collegeboard.org/courses/ap-environmental-science/exam archive.is is down

If he was lying, why would he even make up a class that didn't exist? At most you could say that it's so nobody comes forward saying 'hey, you weren't really in math class', but is it not more likely that multiple people from that school would also say 'what? we don't even have an AP Environ Science class.'

I wasn't actually intending to contest the meaning of the class, just that it's juxtaposition with the left wing narrative is incredibly suspicious.

Existence. fuck.

Um, what? Wasn't this kikelet live-streaming an interview from a closet "during" the shooting?

that sure is a funny-looking menorah

Was he?
Are you referring to the first interview in the video found at youtu.be/0yo5KKh5k3Q?t=60
I may have a lack of understanding of the dimensions of school closets, but it does not appear to me that she is presently in one, but is recounting her story or referring back to it. If I am completely incorrect on which video you are referring to, which I may very well be, do you know where we can find it?

Wait, nvm, found it. Don't know how to archive so here it is

Narrative is starting to unravel.




His words are 'On the day of the shooting,', not 'at the time of the shooting.' None of the words he says are 'I was at home during the shooting', or any sort of admission. That is what others are saying in headlines based on an inference from the words he actually said. It's putting words in his mouth in a classic 'so you're saying' leap of logic. I don't like defending this shitstain stop making me.
People want there to be a conspiracy, so you'll jump at anything that confirms it. There may very well be a conspiracy, but this is not part of it, and it's not proven or unraveled based on him not even admitting to not being there based on other people stretching the meaning of his words.
Misinterpreting and latching onto simple statements like this does not help any investigation or fact finding search.

please d/l a copy

You can see them trying to discredit the author in the comments (first link) already. Video doesn't lie but no one has mentioned the video yet it seems.

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It's funny as fuck , I'm laughing my ass off
Burn motherfucker burn

He says he rode 3 miles to school not 3 miles home and back. Quit trying to patch holes in a sinking ship you utter faggot

This (( (kid)) ) ahem 27 year old films all over
He's fake as they come

Further if he was streaming from the school as it fucking happened, why would he need his camera? The jig is up, stop trying to use high schoolers as political props, they can't hold a fucking story.

Inb7 filterman issues emergency message

Or are we meant to believe he escaped, went home, returned to the school shooting, streamed with a camera, not a phone, and didn't help anyone escape? The kid has put forth THREE DIFFERENT STORIES, all of which are publicly available and completely contradictory.

Did you question the reasoning of that deduction? That assumes he rode his bike to school in the first place that morning, or that even if he did that it's how he got home. I would think that after being in a school shooting he would have maybe gotten a ride home. 'Hey, son, thanks for calling. Glad to know you're not dead. No. No, we won't pick you up. You ride that bike home. LOL.'

Also, why would people still be in school just hanging around? How would he have access to it? The place was a fucking police scene.

Thank you. What you have just put forward is an actual argument that I cannot immediately refute. I would answer that perhaps he has a camera of higher quality than that in his phone. From there, it is a matter of deducing whether or not the footage from the stream during the shooting is of lower quality or from a different device than that of the later interviews.

Couldn't be a more kike inspired angle if they tried.

If he's a student journalist, he very likely does have a better camera, for the purpose of journalism. Granted, I would have personally stuck with the phone, but we are also looking at a time lapse of 5-6 hours~ish between, which is time to go home and get the camera if he lives three miles away.

Yeah and I would bet that ALL of the copper and sheriffs body cams were turned off too. I'd like to know how this skinny fuck would POSSIBLY do all that. Slip in and out of a sealed perimeter of a school containing a fucking active shooting? No one is buying it. The curtain is pulled the plot exposed
These people will be hanged for treason

There is no time lapse in the official story. Officially, he never left the building, and the shooting started at 2:28, despite him being on tape saying the shooting was actively happening around 9:30am. None of it adds up, the kid is a liar.

What would he have been filming five or six hours later? How would he get in or out of the perimeter?

There is no time lapse in the official story. That user is either wrong or actively spreading misinformation.

When does he say the shooting is at 9:30 AM? There is an interview that has only audio wherein he gives a time stamp of '9:32'. If he had returned to the school 'on the day of the shooting', the interview would then have been later, or after, at 9:32 PM. Not specifying the AM or PM is a failure on his part. If he rode his bike to school to gather interview on the day of the shooting. 9:32 is still part of that day. That's where I get my time lapse from, between the initial incident, events in between, and then the 9:32 audio only interview.

He specifically state it's 9:32 and the shooting is happening.

I never said he slipped out and back in. This is that leap of logic stuff. Obviously none of those actions you described would make any sense to perform.

Jesus how many times do you need to be refuted you autistic faggot, Hogg now appears to be claiming he biked from home to the school when he heard about the shooting, directly contradicting the account which got him televised in the first place for "filming while the shooting occurred". Hogg is claiming he got on campus freely during an active shooting. Why are you trying to play devils advocate so extensively?

I've never been very convinced by the crisis actor argument, but this is the fishiest fucking thing I can imagine.

Your story requires it.

Can you provide a link or proof of that?
What is have is youtu.be/0yo5KKh5k3Q?t=60
The audio at this, and there is only audio, is '[Hogg] This is Alex View, this recording is taken at 9:32 on February 14th, 2018. Alex are you okay with me recording this?'
His interview with Alex View does not contain mention of the shooting occurring during their interview.

It…it really doesn't, because at no point did I say he did that. You are asking me to include a story into my deductions or explanations that I did not arrive at and disagree with.

Can you link me to where he says this? I'm not one to take a person's words on an image board as gospel without something behind them. Can you link me to something other than the 'day of the shooting' clip. A 'day of a shooting' is a 24 hour period in which much can occur.

So he's there before the shooting has begun?

Link you, the bike part is in the fucking op, the other Hogg vid is itt you absolute fucking jew

I can't wait to hear the autistic reply to this

If he was at school, and then there was a school shooting, everyone would have been there before the shooting. If nobody was already there, who would he be shooting?

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HE SAYS HE WENT TO THE SCHOOL WHEN HE HEARD ABOUT THE SHOOTING YPU ASSCLOWN. So if that's the case, how was he filming there at 932


And here…we…GO


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NatSoc Germany was pretty lax with the guns laws tho.

Further the police lied about when they made their perimeter around the school, they originally said they arrived after it had finished.

Ah, so no, the same clip. Still latching onto that same sentence.
It's okay. I see now where my mistake was. I did not come here to argue to win some petty debate, but looking to find some potential truths, fully aware that my understanding of the story is limited and potentially incorrect. I like to know the truth. You believe you already have it, and any further discussion, no matter how valid, cannot be sound because you *have* to be correct. You are a child, and you cannot let go of the fact that your entire conspiracy hinges on the words 'on the day of the shooting' and '9:32'. Two statements that are not hard to work around, even if they were fabricated.
This is the problem with many conspiracy theories. Not whether they are true or not, because that's not really important. It's the people that hold them. You don't want to find or know the truth. What you want is to know *better*. 'Look at these autistic sheeple. They don't have it all figured out like me. Look at this guy asking basic questions and asking for proof. Good thing I know better.'

There were a couple of counter arguments that came up that were worth entertaining, just none from you. But why would you bother. You know better.

i'm calling you autistic because of these fucking responses. it's very easy to watch/read the thread and come to conclusions based upon the info within, you shouldn't need to be handheld through them.

This link might help.

And filtered.

everyone going to correct you on this is neglecting the first part, where hogg is DIRECTLY CONTRADICTING HIMSELF with his accounts

No such thing as AP Environmentalism
t. AP Environmental Science teacher

"I was in AP environmental science class when the first gun shot rang out"



Dark times user, dark times.

someone said he went home to get his camera in 2018. Bullshit

every phone has had video for the last 10 years

Double Checked

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do you have Feb 14?

Could only be a quarter of the year since they have block scheduling. Always double check.

Makes no sense at all. He supposedly was inside a building, interviewing people while the shooting was taking place. Yet now he says he had to ride his bike to school? The school was locked down. How did he get pass the security and into the locked down building?

Was he at two places at once? Anons…what the hell is going on in this timeline?

Enough of this shitty meme.


Only 2017/2018 available, quarter year calendar.

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I mean the class may only go from winter to early spring. Good digging though user. Keep up the good work.

Back to back

"I rode from home to school to get interviews"

and then

"I was in Environmental Science class when the first shots rang out"


However, interim report card dates seem to go against that. If the class was only a quarter, they'd wait until after the exams to give the grades.

"Florida high school student interviewed classmates during shooting in a closet"


He's in the closet, he just wanted to be Anderson Cooper's bottom boy.

That makes no sense. Given the Broward County schedule and this photo.

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More like he was on the phone to AP telling them he's ready for his close-up.

With the audio in sync.

< This is not about us.
Correct, because you weren't even there. You were at best in completely different videos on the campus. And you probably weren't even there.

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Environmental science is listed on Thursday May 10th on the second page. Don't know how we missed that.

I'm confused. So was he was at class, heard a shooting, and went back for his camera, skipped school and went in late then the shooting happened, or was it skipped school, heard a shooting happened, and somehow made it in school?

the magnet links on the page never load metadata. how do we download these?

He doesn't even know.

This is the drama club. They're little actors. They had nothing to do with anything.

The survivors have a tale to tell.

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I tried going to Science Department and check for Environmental Science teachers.

Received message of "Something went wrong. Refresh browser."…even though I was able to access other areas 1 minute ago.

No he was shoved in a closet and did interviews with his phone. The going home to get his camera is recorded nowhere. All that's recorded is he biked fast 3 miles to get from home to school


It's more plausible he egged on Cruz at this point.

Listen to the fucking OP.


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She's a teenaged girl. She's probably on SSRIs.

First watch 8ch.net/pol/res/11416607.html#q11417232

Then watch 8ch.net/pol/res/11416607.html#q11417767

If you look to Hitler's speeches, he made very clear that German citizens should all have access to firearms so that they could stand up for themselves in the face of Weimar-type tyranny.

In contrast, one of the first things Allied forces did in their occupation of Germany was confiscate all the German guns they could get their hands on, in order to prevent the possibility of civilian opposition to Allied forces akin to the Young Turks uprising in the aftermath of WWI

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Does Delaney snort something as that video starts?

The weimar had harsh restrictions on guns as well because of all the vets and political activists that were taking to the streets for their little skirmishes.Early in the NSDAP they had to hide their weapons and surplus. It wasn't uncommon for them to have lmgs and hand grenades tucked away.

Well that was predictable

Shame the story has now lost its credibility because Jones touched it.

It would have to us. He has a huge viewership. I see InfoWars bumperstickers all the time here.

Seems to be a lot of chicks wearing dog collars. La Goblina is always sporting one. Is this now the defacto bi/lesbian signifier or some shit?

SSRIs don't dilate to those 'shroom levels unless she's abusing prozac for the buzz.

The self-debunking fatman is always brought in to poison the storyline fast.

user she's a teenaged girl in Florida. Of course she is.

Everyone else gas yourself for entertaining anything else…

We are barely at the 5th level of that graph, and that's being very generous. We can't fool ourselves, we are still a long way from anything like a fucking resistance force.

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He's not talking about what we're doing user, he's talking about the left's insurrection.

The term is usurpation.

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Our Furer who art in Valhalla, hallowed be thy name.
Thy Reichdom come on Earth as it is in Valhalla.
Give us this day our daily mead, and free us from usury, as we also free others from usury by killing kikes.
And lead us not to degeneracy or usurpation, but deliver us from communism.

aside from the fact that it will be carried out by dumb subhumans (who will get tired after the first day and severely regret things after the first week) and skinny twinks wearing h&m (who wont even be able to muster up the will for anything really. e.g. the whole november 4 thing) (surely there must be some kind of competent white forces on their side though?), wouldnt this equate to automatic large-scale rightwing gorilla warfare as a reaction?

A good vid, may want to capture it. I bet it gets taken down.

I knew a bunch of kids in my high school who took that, it was the school's Advanced Liberal Indoctrination class. The hippy lady who taught it would give bad grades to anyone not drinking the political and environmental kool aid.

and now it's saved

The Weimar government had harsh restrictions on guns because they were fucking jews.


dob jej
Calm down no one even died and "el shootero" was arrested sucking down a soda like no one even even got shot and died.

hooktube doesn't save videos lol

jej @ them losing their shit.

Holy sweet mother of the Furer that's funny.

Can someone drop the video of the hot blonde chick talking about how she walked out with the "shooter kid" and there were shots going off as she walked out with him.

“Since he was in middle school” according to her.

Original Green Screen "Street" Interview



This school has 3000+ people and it seems like everyone knew Nick Cruz. He's like the most popular kid at Douglas, except for the whole him being bullied thing.

Reality seems to point towards a bunch of faggot kids trying to get their minute of fame in. They didn't know jack about him except maybe Emma Gonzales and her friends who directly bullied the shooter themselves.

redstate has bought the spin on this:
>At 6 pm after the shooting, I took my camera, got on my bike. I rode in basically twilight. And I ride my bike three miles down winding sidewalks and find my way to the school, as I’ve done in previous years. All the while, I was making sure my camera bag didn’t rip open, because if you zip it a certain way, the camera falls out, and it would be destroyed.
huh, that's not what he says in the video though. Maybe my ears were lying to me when I heard him start out "on the day of the shooting"?

sound looks out of sync

this could be a false video but I'm interested. Do we have confirmation where this came from.

someone needs to cut that ending into an anti abortion video kek

yes. the quote is confirmed from CBS itself, which unlike Vox didn't edit the phrase - though also push the 6 hours later angle:

DAAAAMN!! AJ kicks Adolph Hoggs tiny dick in!!
Epic interview with Alex! So good!!


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meme it then. carry the torch. I need to take a nap.

Fake and gay.

there's better drugs than prozac

I posted this in the other thread, but since it's a dupe and this is the main one, I'll post it here:

I remember people pointing out the different times when this first happened. Now we've got a third version from him? Holy shit. When we get proof, we need to send this shit to Tucker Carlson. He's the only person on talmudvision I've seen that's willing to probe into these narratives, expose the inconsistencies, and at least make a token effort to pick them apart. Just look at his coverage of Las Vegas.

If he rode to school from home then can he explain what he is doing when he filmed at the school? A act from somewhere instead of being there? He just effed himself.

It is a mystery.
This is what the media would have us believe about this quote and others:

>we know that Broward County doesn’t require such drills for students, but never mind that. (archive.fo/N8vcX) Just ignore the massive coincidence that a drill happened to be scheduled for that day.
So who would be at school at 6pm exactly? Why leave the school at all if that’s your intent?

here we goooooooo

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What autistic user said is possible, but Hogg phrased it really weird. I haven't really encountered many people who use the phrase "On the day of the shooting" to refer to what they did AFTER the shooting. Generally it's used to refer to what happened before. The other terminology he used was "because I knew that this could not be another mass shooting." which implies that he started cycling to the school as soon as he heard about it.

The only way to explain this would be the following series of events.
The way he phrased it doesn't imply this series of events, which almost makes me think that he phrased it that way on purpose. If I'm right and they do explain it like this, then I suspect they'll use the controversy generated by the clip as a way of handwaving all other evidence of foul play. Something like
Which is pretty common among (((their))) typical talking points when it comes to events like these.



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With no context how do we know he isn't saying g that he left school to return with the camera after he witnessed a shooting? I know it's a hoax and no one died but you have to have something stronger for the normals. A smoking gun would be direct admission he wasn't there as the shooting happened, do we have that?

Don't expect anything like that to pop up on an official channel. Also don't expect anything "amateur" that shows "zomg possible conspiracy" to be anything more than a shaky handheld POS done in an intentionally non credible manner, at least when said amateur business shows up on the clearnet. If we're getting anything it's likely cuckchan or masonchan first.

Things we should have bounty on:
- face to face interview with former classmates of Emma Jane, David Hogg, Delaney tarr talking about their time at another school with dates that would indicate being over age 20
- yearbooks from said school, emphasis on Redondo High school because it's likely Hogg graduated there in 2014
- pictures of the actors drinking at bars or restaurants the year prior to the shooting, showing over 21 age
- social media shits linking their face to their age in any other way
- official documents or licenses showing the same, for example Delaney tarr's drivers license from before she was hired to play 17 year old version of herself
- candid cam of them talking about the scam ( gonna put this one up there with footage of Hillary chowing down on baby intenstine, just assume that anyone in the social circle of Hogg is Zogg'd, and that he would only break character behind closed doors around others who have been likewise mkultrad/pizzagated).

oops - sorry

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but theres videos of him at the school during it

They know their audience. Ignorant students and false intellectuals that read shit like that and think, "Yaaasss kqeeeen slayyyy open the borders and make all these other white people pay for all these brown children to live in the US. But not me and not in my neighborhood of course." While sipping a $9 coffee milkshake from Starbucks and playing with a $3500 Apple product.

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what retard felt it was necessary to circle that sign? were they afraid someone wouldn't notice it? also, thats clearly a shot at both the NRA and planned parenthood at the same time.

the lower res mp4 option is around 18mb. just shy of 16… if only i had basic video editing software. or if only this guy didnt feel the need to REPLAY the videos in his video.

amazing. listen to her logic. it sounds like she only wishes she bullied him more. it sounds like she is angry at the people who defended him at the time.

dont forget the video of the teacher describing the shooter as a guy in military bullet proof "garb" wearing a helmet . dont forget his accomplice that apparently let him in the school that the local new initially reported on.

We should stick to op's content. This puts the screws in their bullshit. Hogg, of an FBI father, the face of the school shooting survivors acting club, lied on national television, and the news has not corrected itself, meaning they are complicit in the lie. Therefore, we cannot believe anything we hear about the shooting.
If Hogg was not on the scene, then none of them are to be believed.
If Hogg was not on the scene, then none of them are to be believed.
If Hogg was not on the scene, then none of them are to be believed.
This needs to be repeated, a la "if the glove doesn't fit, you must acquit."

"Thank God", says the atheist.


What a lying, manipulative scumbag.

It's inevitable when you have a slimy fuck like him talking about the same scenario 24/7

It's a chute that dumps the bits directly into the trash.

Post that shit elsewhere.

theres no reason to not poke more holes here. its a good idea to remind """ourselves""" of the stack of shit piling up. this thread adds one more piece to the puzzle but reviewing helps us all gain broader knowledge which helps us redpill normies. the audience of this site isn't normies.

your post is buzzfeed tier clickbait with a stupid narrative. kys.

mein kampf is always right. they really are terrible at lying.
it boggles my mind how they ever got to the point where they actually "own" the narrative. its so blatant and the lies are as wide as an ocean, deep as a puddle. i mean, the boomers were good goys, but the grestest generation really was the goyest generation to let all that slip without anyone challenging it.
i feel like we're in a twighlight episode where we somehow let an obvious blatant villain take control of everything "how the fuck did you idiots let this happen?".

Then there is this jewel. Alex View/Isabelle Robinson. She was in the first video, then the next "fix-it" video. Where is she now? Why isn't she getting her 15 minutes of fame?

Idk user it looks to me like she is getting "into character" Its like a subtle actors tick. i would be interested now to see if she does this again at the start of any other interview. good catch!

Nearest I've been able to find of any kind of social media. It's like she doesn't exist

post yfw it turns out hogg was the shooter all along, and he is just a [email protected] sociopath.

it's almost like you dont understand the left at all.

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here is your (((you))) It's almost like you don't know the left isn't just cry baby liberals.

Trash like you are why these liars and hypocrites continue to cause problems. Call them out on everything, especially a no good atheist trying to use peoples' beliefs against them.

I will plead with you to listen to me, and to get the word out. The only way to be effective, when trying to win over normies, is to hammer home a winning point. And please, for the love of all holy, do not OVER-SELL. This is where you bring up more and more points, and fuck everything up. Once you've got the sale, CLOSE, FUCKING CLOSE.

And this is where we've got the sale. We've got the fact. Now, you go right ahead and make a better way to say:

I probably don't know how to meme it, but I sure af know the message.

Kikes manipulate here. They will like a snake slither in and suggest other areas and so on. They're trying to confuse the issue, thought they may seem to be helping. They are diluting your brand.


Please, I am pleading with you, understand, we must brand HOGG as a liar:

1. he's not a pretty female
2. he is the original first face of this thing (Kasky got there later)
3. he looks fucking weird
4. he doesn't bring into play extra issues (Kasky is a kike, brings in the Holocaust - Hogg cannot discuss the Holocaust safely. Gonzales is a spic-kike, spic issues are hot at the moment).

Hogg is the perfect target of a meme war, propaganda war (for you boomer literal assfucking usurper kikes lurking).

that was the point of my post.

no u.

agreed, but the purpose of this thread isnt to redpill normies hence why bringing up other points doesnt hurt incase any of """us""" missed it.
the reason this is such a big deal is because there are no amount of mental gymnastics (and normies are more than willing to do these to buy the narrative) to be done that can make an excuse for this. i tried playing devils advocate with it and the best i can come up with is "he's losing his mind" "he's confused" "he was traumatized and has false memories as a result" so the best case scenario is that he's unreliable.
this is the biggest red flag we've ever had for something like this. are they going to ignore it? or are they going to try to fix/explain this? i hope this makes it onto the mainstream stage.

They'll drop Hogg like they dropped those blue star muslims they had at the DNC, but push the narrative with the others.

you really think they'll drop him?
nobody can name any of those blue star muslims. but hogg is famous. easily the most famous of all the survivors at this point. it'll be a hell of alot more difficult to memory hole him. i dont think they can at this point.

No, he's another propped up media celeb. He is disposable and will be disposed, as he's no longer doing his job. You need to look beyond a single news cycle.

Oh, I read it as if you were saying the left isn't capable of doing such a thing because they are pussies. Sorry for the echoes user, have another (You).

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i was saying that nomatter who the culprit, or what the situation, they will twist it to their ends, because they have an agenda, and anything that happens is just an excuse to push it.
this shooting didnt make them learn anything, or realize anything. they just saw it and used it as a platform to spew their same old shit with no compromise. as usual.
even if a lefty, or david hogg himself turns out to be the shooter, they'll just go "oh, well whatever, david hogg is a reason to ban guns now"
liberals use the liberal shooting republicans at that ballgame as an excuse to ban guns.


The claim that he was not at the school is false. You can look it up on Google. He was at the school, went home, and rode back in the evening on his bike. I wouldn't latch on to this too much, because it will just make you look foolish, and then people won't listen to the rest of what you have to say. I suspect this thing about him not being at school has been drummed up to make certain people look stupid for buying into it.

watch the video you shill. he literally said he found out there was a shooting from the news while he was home. then rode his bike back. this directly conflicts with his initial videos and claims.

Except this is exactly the opposite of what he said, and why would he need a camera to record interviews if he already did that with his fucking phone? The story is a lie and you are a liar as well.

this, these threads are retarded, all the good posters are gone because of the faggot mods and Holla Forums is no better than gullible boomer conseravtives


You must be one of the higher quality shills, I bet you get 5 cents per post instead of the usual 2.

David Knight covered it this morning in the 2nd hour of his Real News show. Fucking insane…

Has Hogg made any public statement about this?

Can someone edit the jew jumping out the window to escape his son meme with Hogg constantly changing his stories?

just testing the webm posting, never done it before, don't mind me

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do you have the video from some msm channel where they're all sitting around crying about how trump will win the 2020 election? and dems dont have a chance? i can't seem to find the video anywhere. it's driving me crazy.

I need to sit down and go through all of the footage. I never bothered because crisis actor or not he's obviously being used for propaganda purposes. If they fucked up and he outed himself all unedited evidence must be preserved.

I don't save videos about the orange zionist who supports the communist blacks of South Africa and their mission of genociding the White South Africans

I do however have a lot of National Socialist material

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wew, can you take it down a notch?

you just "tested" posting a webm user. youre in no position to tell anyone to leave. youre obviously new.
your criticism is skin deep.
please tell me who was the better candidate.
please tell me what he has *done* so far that you have a problem with.

Here you go, lads…

compilation, with a bonus nugget at the end.
spread it EVERYWHERE

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Fuck off retard

Had this Kyle Kashuv from the school here itt. He confirmed it was him via now deleted tweet, but now he's flipped around itt and didn't answer any questions.



I love how Reddit is trying to spin this as "out of context." absolutely pathetic.

If you are still here after thinking that then you have no one to blame but yourself.

Wanna know the best part? He reported his own post.

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And 3:08. Lol

"We realized this wasn't a drill at 230, so I ran home, got my bike and camera, and rode 3 miles back and got in a closet with muh fellow students, and started interviewing them." Make sense? Good. Quit questioning me you NRA baby killers. Thanks

I'm fucking dying over here
This is funnier than any joke I've heard in a long time

If somehow this is not ironic and you somehow actually are zogg do us all a favor and just DROWN IN SEMEN YOU NIGGER FUCKING FAGGOT REEEEEEEEEEEEE

I was really hoping yall were just kike shills.
Turns out, yall are dumber then a box of rocks.
The whole lot of ya.

What is so hard to understand about the timeline?

It's not that fucking hard to grasp.


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So you see why he did this?
Let me explain it to you:



Do police normally let kids enter the scene of a mass murder? He also apparently found out it was a mas shooting on TV? Not at the scene he witnessed?

How old is this guy? Does anyone know? Seems bizarre that there is no definitive birth date on his wiki or was this an edit?

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Can we meme him as a holohox survivor as well? I think it would lolz worthy and the (((media))) might trip-up over it.

Seems about right. I wanted to say the stick in the mud was just being a shill or a faggot, but his point is valid. These kids are obviously being handled, so it makes sense they would be given scripts that intentionally cause us to misconstrue his statement until he comes back and corrects the record, so that normies could take it to be a total BTFO of the false-flag/hoax crowd.

What is adderal for 5 shekels? For future reference, unnaturally "pinned" pupils are from pain killers/heroine.

He actually graduated HS in 2014 making him 21-23.

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Thanks for this image, I didn't see any proof yet detailing his age but he definitely looks early to mid 20s. The deal is that guys that young who look older are usually huge beefy guys so for him to be a skinny fag and look 20 something he has to be 20 something.

He's riding a path of activism to fulfill his personal dream of being a ventriloquist dummy an anchor for CNN. He would probably think it was important to have the highest quality video and audio that he had available, so a camera would be strictly preferable to a phone.

except that cameraphones shoot 1080p or better, and the 20 minutes it would have taken to go there and back would mean by the time he got back the school and the area around it would be cordoned off by police with no one able to get within a mile of it. remember, cruz left the school and there was a manhunt going on while all this was supposedly happening.

Those don't look like teens

Keep trying to justify your own circular logic narrative, nothing you come up with in your pee brains will be 'what really happened'.
Its already been explained what was filmed with a cell phone and what was filmed with a stand alone digital camera.
Its sad to see all these click bait sites full of advertisements getting posted as proof, as a source.

Le grasping at straws:

I haven't seen this much desperation to justify something wrong in a long time.
Maybe there's a reason why nothing of what yall came up with on your own adds up yet…

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Im starting a citizens watch group for the local Gulfport community to end gun violence, the concerned citizens coalition of prevention, or CCCP. we meet on sundays and will discuss current political goings ons in the wider world as well as our community, and starting a database of persons currently involved in, or suspected of being involved with the "firearm community" we'll be recording pictures of license plates and persons coming from and going to shooting ranges, as well as vehicles or persons displaying second amendment insignia or logos' and learning to idenitfy them,better combat them in arguments pertaining to laws and regulations,statistics both national and global as they relate to gun violence. Our first meeting will be next sunday at 1 pm, punch and pie.(USER IS LOST)

Has anyone considered asking Hogg if the #fakenews is just pushing a narrative on #altmedia to keep newfags and kike shills busy arguing with each other?

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I wanna get off this ride.

kek.. the "CCCP".. It's just way too hard to detect irony in clown world anymore. Checked for turth..It is true, overton window for clown world action group the "CCCP".

Checked for never getting off.

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This exact post was made on cuck/pol/ two minutes later.

Seems to be a shill or troll.

Yes. Obvious troll was obvious. I got banned for spreading an idea that would literally have these dumb fucks in Gulfport using the communist call letters and not realizing it. Jesus.

I think the world is fine. this kid went on some interview to say he got 1200SAT and 4.2GPA but just got rejected from all his colleges he applied to.
so seems like he's untouchable, he seemed VERY defeated

You were unbanned, my bad. With absurdist, raging commie faggots these days, it can be hard to determine sarcasm from the real thing.


Thank you kind sir.

Complete horse shit. No one would still be there at 6pm. It was a fucking crime scene where over a dozen people were murdered.

The inside of that building was a crime scene, not the whole campus and the surrounding area. Not to mention all the footage of students being interviewed in the parking lot by multiple news outlets. Willful ignorance isn't a reason to not lurk for 6 months before posting.

Exactly this. Once you have the proof, from his own mouth, that their (((media)))whore star is a fucking liar, it logically follows that you can safely assume the rest are also lying.

It's the concept of reasonable doubt - due to Hogg's proven lie, those who were in on it are also proven liars, eg. all those filmed in the closet (kek, how fucking apt) claiming the shooting was ongoing and the time was 9:30.

They're all now proven liars too - no chance they were simply mistaken about what time of day it was, when Hogg, in his own words, was not even at the school when the shooting occured, and had to ride a pushbike 3 miles to get there, by which time, the actual shooting event was fucking over.

Look for the others who can be proven to have lied now that Hogg is known to have lied. Why not get screenshots of their faces and dox them all too? If the heat gets turned up far enough, some may well turn on Hogg for more (((media))) attention themselves… After all, now they've got the chance to be the "whistleblowers" and expose the entire thing further.

Holy shit, the video is down. Any mirror?

Nice one, genius.

Is this footage from a drone?

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