To all the jews, mossad agents, jewish shills, ADL and SPLC members...

to all the jews, mossad agents, jewish shills, ADL and SPLC members, and any other jew-loving cucks who are constantly monitoring this board, i have a message for you.

Make my youtube channel go viral within the next 7 days or i will become RELENTLESS in exposing the jewish agenda to tens and hundreds of thousands of young white men. I am an expert at online propaganda and making things go viral and i will become one of your greatest enemies by exposing the truth about the satanic jewish agenda to tens and hundreds of thousands of people.

You have the ability to track my IP so you know who i am, you know what my YouTube channel is, and you know the various projects I've helped go ultra-viral in the past.

Make my YouTube go viral and I'll forget about the truth that I have compiled. I won't make it go viral. Otherwise, if my channel has not gone ultra-viral within 7 days, I will destroy you all by becoming relentless in exposing the jewish agenda on many different places online, which will be seen by hundreds of thousands of people.

You have been warned.(Even Holla Forums would tell you to fuck off with this thread)

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there's literally nothing wrong with being jewish(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

Cut the LARPing act

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we shall see about that, we shall see.

when you are all burning in the gas ovens

OP here.

I am changing the time-table to within 3 days. You guys with your control over the internet could make it happen within 2 hours but I will give you 3 days.

If my youtube channel is not viral within 3 days, I WILL BECOME RELENTLESS IN DESTROYING YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fuck off future alt right E-Celeb

I really do hate cancerous autists that cannot get over something.

my youtube channel has nothign to do with the alt-right or politics

i will become your worst enemy, jews

you didn't even post your youtube smiles

fuck off kike

you know my youtube channel

go ahead faggot, MAKE MY DAY!!!!!!!!

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yep hahahaha pay no attention to the ID if its changed. I'm doing too much funposting and I can't remember which proxie I used for what

lol, right? i thought that would be funny hehe

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hey you leave smiley out of this. i'm pretty sure he's sick with the flu. why does everyone keep blaming things on smiley?

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check those 3rd reich dubs! pretty feet! time to fapppppppppp!!!!!!!

disgusting. look how they come out of nowhere. fug


don't test me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It sure seems like anyone who would remember that has left or been b&.
I saw one kid here the other day refer to himself as oldfag because he's been on "the chans" since 2015.

Mein Gott, they don't even know that they're controlled opposition.

i am an oldfag, i been on since 2013



awwwwww… fucking fag skeletor bumplocked your based thread, bro. :(((((

Did you see the Cantwell thread? lol feds

Terrible analogy. Intestinal worms are known to enhance host immunity to other pathogens. Go with the HIV analogy instead.

what? my thread is LOCKED???????

i c wut u did thar

lol so gay banned for funny

Fuck, man. That post back in the day had ALL the fucking replies.

Tbh, mod ban note makes funnier.