Stormy and trump jr

Can anyone discredit this?

Was Don Jr at Tahoe?

Do DJT's lawyers ever write out "Donald John Trump" instead of "Donald J. Trump" as his full legal name in other docs?

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also is that the correct legalese for the "Jr" vs "Jr." theory?

Seems like more nonsense to push the incest meme.


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how is trump and stormy potentially playing andersoon cooper and the rest "yawn" to you

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how is this related to incest at all

No one gives a rats ass.

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Accussing Trump and his son of passing women between them.

No, retard, read the picture. I'm accusing Stormy of ONLY fucking Don Jr and the Trump family of using it to play the media

Sounds retarded but I've seen dumber things be true.

88 dimensional chess.

kek approves.

She was on drugs.

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But sure, believe a crack whore, America.

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It said in the summary thread that she talked with trump about his daughter Ivanka

I think that invalidates this notion. I didn't watch the interview though, and the idea of Don Jr would be maximum laughs if true.

Trusting someone who gets paid to take cock up the ass… yeah… she would never take money to claim some untrue bullshit. That would never happen.

Knowing DJT Jr browses the chans and likes our memes makes me think watching 4 hours of Shark Week sounds like something Jr would do.

Damn, I hope he's saved one of my memes.

They're not sending their best.

Whatever happened to gorilla tv?

Crack wouldn't last a whole interview, she's obviously on (meth)amphetamines.