Bataclan Attack Survivor Jesse Hughes Calls March For Our Lives 'Pathetic'

>In a series of (((shocking))) Instagram posts, Jesse Hughes shared images condemning the march. He has deleted three of five images, but one shows an illustration mocking those who are calling for people to return their weapons.


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Sorry goyim, we're still cleansing Europe, we're still going to disarm you, and there's still nothing you can do about it.

Goy-free first post!

Lmao look at how far that la goblina oc got in like 3 days

Bataclan was a jewish false flag

It is very important to understand that France has very strong gun control and all it meant was that they had no way of fighting back against sand niggers with AKs when they attacked.

Not only can they not meme, they can't even wrap their head aroubd the concept of a meme.

Or even against semi-trucks like in Nice, France

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Are they fucking retarded? The thing was covered in jpg artificts.

Here's hoping the kikes all crash and burn.

He was like this almost right after the happening too. He got on a wild ride in a right hurry.

I imagine watching the mutilation and murder of dozens of people happen in front of you would wake someone right the fuck up or break them. He clearly took the first option.

Yep jewish false flags like this and just like Las Vegas require a lot of imagination to believe the MSM narrative without a shred of evidence to show anything like what was claimed actuallyhappened

They're not sending their best.


Really is pitiful, funds must be diverted elsewhere.

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doubt it

Also, I smell something coming, other boards are getting slightly shit bombarded too.


No false flags with reams of evidence of mossad and state agents in the vicinity of these events organising all traffic and witness distances with jewish media controlling the entire narrative with no evidence of any real victims are acknowleged to be false flags

You fucking irritating kike

Remember when that one Drawing Contest in Texas had two mudslimes try to attack it, but they were gunned down and never made it out of their car by the private gun totting security they hired?

Yeah. Neither do I.

Bataclan is a perfect example of a heavily gun free gun control area failing, tons of unarmed helpless people getting gunned down by terrorists who don't give a fuck about laws.
They had full auto, so you couldn't be clearer with zero fucks given about laws.
Another venue where soft targets congregate and like the Pulse nightclub have equally useless non lethal security.

Pulse and Bataclan were very similar, both had drills on the same day,both had false witnesses that any investigation couldn't find after the dust settled, both had isreali agents acting as witnesses etc

Nobody is denying Jews planned them, retard. Saying they didn't happen is, well, autistic torfag levels of retarded.

So I guess at least you're where you belong.

Only you are saying that.

Are you saying you have evidence of these attacks happening just as the jewish media reported them?

Here's 10 points about the Bataclan jewish false flag froma normie friendly source to start with

I miss red-pilled pol

Easily done.

There were a handful of errors which were corrected in Barcelona.

I.E France doesn't like talking about how hard they fucked up. Spain didn't make the same mistake and shot on sight.

Doesn't do anything of the sort…

Nobody called you a shill. Why are you projecting so hard, Shekelstein?

And you shareblue faggots still think we can't pick you out of a crowd.

There, now I'm calling you a shill.

Your post

Was the clue

And now you call me "shareblue" because you want to promote the jewish medias narrative on an event…

I vert much miss the days of red-pilled Holla Forums

*very much miss the days…


They're not sending their best.

Tell your lisping quadroon boss to go play in traffic.

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So let's get this right.
You're insistent the most comical jewish false flag was 100% legit terrorism

Your considered responses are

Bataclan was a jewish false flag
The Eagles of Death singer has links to state intelligence, he's a bit of a Rebel Media celeb now

Continue crying into your gefilte soup

They probably aren't but they assume their audience is.
In many cases they are right though this is still going to piss of anyone that ain't got niggier-tier IQ.

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Should have seen wifes face when I told her about the jihadis smashing peoples balls and torturing the batlacan victims.

If the attacks weren't barbaric enough the treatment of the wounded was even more barbaric.

Any evidence for a solitary word of this or are you still trying to find your shareblue meme folder?

Filtered and reported.

Probably. The Fake Media at today's White House Press Briefing seemed unusually subdued. They weren't being as aggressive as usual, and totally avoided happenings over the weekend, such as people realizing Trump played the Democrats with the Omnibus bill. They only talked about muh Russia, muh Stormy, and muh potential personnel firings. I too think something is coming down the pipes.


What the fuck do you think you are achieving by banning and deleting ram you stupid piece of fucking shit?

You are playing right into leftypol and every (((msm))), adl, splc trying to shut them down.

Are you legitimately fucktarded? Or are you a leftypol faggot that slipped in?

I can't comprehend your Absolute fucking idiocy. Insted of giving /ourpeople/ a voice you shut them down.

What I have done for this board and what we stand for is beside the point although I've done alot more than you being a stupid banhappy faggot going against oldfags and white movements.

Do you know what BAMN is?
Yvette Felarca?
Do you fucking understand the significance of propaganda?
Supporting people who are with us and have a really good strategy / influence the masses?

I need you to fucking die
What a fucking cancer shit we got as mod/vol

I asked for a single piece of evidence for your assertion, one which appeared to be detailed and graphic and one I'd like to see evidence of, your reply was.

(meant for)

I asked for a single piece of evidence for your assertion, one which appeared to be detailed and graphic and one I'd like to see evidence of, your reply was.

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The fuck are you on about?

My post

Asked for evidence of the extraordinary claims made
You replied with this non sequitur

Like most of your response to dat

Your post isn't responding to me. What kind of crack are you on, Goldberg?

Then did you respond to me referencing that post with this?

What kind of contract you on?

Oh look, we're back at 'Everyone but me is a shill'.

He's trying so hard.

That's several times you've posted that
How about some evidence of the jewish false flag you're trying to sell here?

The only thing that perhaps ties you two together is your love for enforcing jewish narratives of a board like this and harassment of any user who asks for proof of your wild claims

How about I keep laughing at your schizoid autism instead?

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it doesn't matter why muzzies muzz.
they would muzz anyway.

You can continue doing just that
Still hasn't answered a single polite query made ITT, all the while you've been shitflinging in response to an user not believing your jewish narrative

Suckstart a shotgun, faggot.

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Oh noooooooo, are we not being polite to you?

You poor little nigger.

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your grievance is probably just but your babyrage is delicious

Check out the language of the kikes at yahkikes:
< advocacy against gun legalization.
AGAINST… gun legalization.


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< After surviving the attack, he claimed that some of the venue’s security guards were involved in the plot, and that six did not show up because of the attack. “It seems rather obvious that they had a reason not to show up,” he said at the time, implying that they may have been sympathizers of ISIS.
< The (((owners))) of the Bataclan called his remarks “insane” and said that security guards at the event only displayed “courage and professionalism” as the assault continued.


Once again, nobody is disputing that kikes planned and orchestrated these attacks. You and your fellow shill were claiming they didn't happen, which is hilariously untrue.


Back for more, Schlomo?

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what the fuck are you talking about there's pictures of the dead, reports by the autopsy inspectors of victims having their dicks cut off and shoved in their mouth, as well as various other mutilations. What the fuck are you trying to push here you absolute fucking kike

I u/l it here spread it
Cant u/l twice

Sorry I fucked that up here is the post for it

it was very real

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See the blood lines? Fake as hell.

post the images he posted

Yeah I'm sure you're an expert.

He's come far since the Bataclan.

Do you know what 'false flag' means? It doesn't deny that the even happened, much the contrary


Wow this thread was productive. Good job letting some goon take you completely off topic by using possibly the most common of shill tactics, "It's fake, show me proofs it's not." Carry on. What am I saying.. of course you will.

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He seems just a harmless fun loving dude who wants to make music, like the worst person you would wish this upon.
In his recounting of the bataclan events he talks about how he was literally seconds away from death as he turned down a hallway and found a terrorist turned away from him. The sandnigger spotted him as he backed away but jammed its gun in a doorframe turning around giving Jesse a few seconds to get through an exit and escape.

That just has to be the most kike-like response possible on a thread like this.
The request for evidence is the most common shill tactic?
So you're saying that anyone, at all, who ever questions you jews regarding your jewish false flags is a "shill"?


I suggest Kushner docks you a shekel

If that isn't /ourguy… love it.

Retards think no one dies in a false flag when it's quite the opposite. One indication of a false flag is that it's especially brutal. The whole point is to shock the public and thus be able to enact some legislative change or begin some war that the public otherwise wouldn't agree too.

I haven't seen so much genuine fear and butthurt over a meme since before the election. The (((media))) sure tried to get out in front of it before the normiesphere outrage boiled over. But with all of their news articles to brush it off as fake, it reached tons more people and caused even more hatred of the "kids" and their disrespect of the Constitution. Best and most effective thing to come out of this so far, really.

yes the difference between a false flag and a hoax is people dying. like 9-11 is false flag. sandy hook plausible hoax.

Do you really believe in sealioning, nigger? We've mocked that shit from thin skinned tumblrinas for years. Close your eyes faggot, the bad computer opinions can't get you.


replace the word "sea lion" with "nigger"

False Flag = something happened but the people who actually did it made it appear as if someone else had done it. Basically using the flag of another group, a "false flag".