LAST CHANCE SALOON: Unlimited Fines for Employers Not Reporting Gender Gap in UK

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Just nuke the fucking island and let the Scots and Irish split it between them.


actually its usually "this part time secretary should get paid the same as this business graduate with 5 years experience… because feminism"
thats where gender pay gaps come from
men actually get underpaid when all those factores are controlled for, by about 2%

Who gets the fine money?

Dunno about Irish, but Scotland is even more cucked than England proper. Hard to believe, I know.

Just Edinburgh. Nuke that and everything will sort itself out.


Well it was fun posting with you guys, soon GCHQ will ban this site from Bongs because it's too extreme, and UK police will hand out 20 year sentences for posting "faggot" on a Mongolian underwater basket weaving forum that one time two years ago.

Feminists with lesbian dance theory degrees, obviously. Come on user, keep up.

is it any coincidence that rome begin's to decline after invading the island and judea and mixing with the natives?

Rome had judea since it was a Republic bro. Hell, the Romans are the ones who physically severed the connection between the Transcendental Reality and the jewry by causing them to break the covenant. Judaism as it is now isn't even a religion proper, just a racially exclusive rhetorical college.

Bongs are really trying to outcuck Swedes

There are probably many ways to (((game))) this.

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That first wave should have a huge hooked nose, feminist pioneers were kikes.

Not my OC, but good point.

"Um, Nigel, could you do me a big favour for the next month and say you identify as a woman if they show up? No, not TV Licencing, EHRC."

You think it's any better in Scotland?
The Scottish Councils (local govts) got sued by a group representing ALL of their female employees.
The issue of contention?: Female workers who spend their working day seated in air conditioned offices pushing paper, sued for "gender gap" because they didn't receive the performance bonuses of the outdoors workers, the street sweepers, the grass cutters, the road maintainers. To get their bonuses, said workers had to bust their asses off to get work completed ahead of time, in the elements, facing the danger of using power tools, traffic etc. And because no women wanted those "yucky" jobs, a discrimination was detected in the statistics.
So the women sued for "gender gap", won, and each one was awarded a payment based on maximum performance bonus she could have earned doing a manual job (which she could have done instead of her office job in order to make the bonus available to herself), for every week she had worked for her council.
Each woman received thousands of pounds.
Councils had to sell off vast swathes of land to foot the bill.
Those men worked their asses off for their bonuses, while women got theirs for coffee drinking, Facebook, gossip and the occasional bit of work.

So beat your women Scotland. It's not like you aren't known for it.

didn't the BBC already have to start paying men more because the audit found that women were actually being paid more for less work?

these other employers obviously don't want to suffer the bad optics of being forced to pay men more. and also work girlfriends who literally don't work.

Just to add, the same kind of thing happened recently with "Asda" supermarket, a subsidiary of Walmart.
A discrimination was detected in that warehouse workers were earning more £/hr and most of them are male (because women choose not to do that 'yucky' work).
So the female workers sued to earn the same as "the men"anyone choosing the harder sort of work.
This is happening everywhere. The actual source of the "gender pay gap" is that women are less willing to make sacrifices, to gain experience, to stay the course for decades in the same job, to avoid taking sick days, and to endure physical effort, pain and boredom attendant manual labour, all of which results in a worker who can command a higher wage than a peer at the same level of occupation who is unwilling or unreliable.
According to women this is "gender discrimination". Essentially they want money for nothing, and are getting it. That money has to come from somewhere, whether lower shareholder divvies, higher in-shop prices, or a freeze on pay rises for the hard workers. At the end of the line, men pay and thus it represents a sexual redistribution of wealth. Women are claiming the benefits of marriage (free access to a man's wealth) with none of the responsibilities or duties marriage entails.
Welcome to crypto-marxism.

Aye, and get chucked in the big hoose? Nay thanks.

The absolute state of bongistanis.

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Shoot these cunts up the pussy, when will the Muh Wimminz feminist shilling end? What do we actually have to do? Do we have to organize non-profits and counter them head to head? Coordinated shill armies on every news article about this?

This is probably one of the best ways I've seen it described
Jew would be substantially less cancerous (though still insufferable) if they actually were just the religion of the Torah as they're often portrayed to dupe Christians into supporting them, but even Orthodox Jews still have the Talmud and follow thousands of years 'rabbinic teachings' - ie; Archjews ranting about how the Goyim should be enslaved.


No they want data for all employers.

Which is just bullshit. Since someone at the bottom doesn't earn the same as someone at the top. Why are more men at the top? Overall they participate more in difficult STEM related bachelors and masters. So they get the better jobs. They are also much more likely to work full time and women part time. Higher up jobs are frequently full time. Women working part time shouldn't earn as much as men working full time.

But they want to ignore that to FORCE PROOF their bullshit pay gap.

The data they want is ABSOLUTELY USELESS and doesn't prove fucking shit they're just wasting government resources on bullshit. Probably because the government has a diversity cunt on the post who ordered that kind of research.

Thats what happens when you put a nigger with a cunt in charge of conducting such research, because putting her there gives diversity points. Lel its why that country is doomed, they have no leadership at all besides the leadership they receive from the kike handlers of Britain who are there since 1656.

Even if they shed their faith they are naturally gravitating to very clever exploiting of human psychology.

I just wanna throw this in:

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Reminder that you can leave. It's going to get worse before it gets better. It probably won't get better before we're old men. I've been having the time of my life since leaving the West. Good luck.

Use neutron bombs and save the pretty buildings otherwise exterminate the whole corner of the Island.

This timeline is turning dark again.

Please user, when facts don't fit your feels you create new facts that fit your narrative. Tisk Tisk. Britian should dig up Cromwell and sharpen up some axesit is already too late for them I fear

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But gender is just a social construct :^)


The British seem to be trying extra hard lately to make doing business in their country wholly undesirable and logistically impossible.

He let the jews back into England to help with debts.

Reminder that Protestantism is an explicit attempt to be less european more jewish.

Gonna backfire as usual. Companies won't hire women as they would need to overpay them (in relation to their performance)