John Bolton: "We will overthrow Iran by 2019"

Anybody who supports the US government is a traitor to the European race, or an extreme fool in cognitive dissonance.

See the embedded video for the comments of this whore of Zion.

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Bolton is a Kristollnacht tier neocohen. I really don't understand why anyone can rationalize on this choice.

Iran is a fucking tough issue.
Its not as cut and dry as syria, the Religion of Cuck™ic theocracy runs deep through the government.
I think they are the least of our worries in the ME though.

What's with all the Iran cocksucking?

All sandniggers should be slaves.

The white race will survive only if it brings back slavery.

Bolton is on the right path.

They're no threat to us and they're the enemies of jewry, that's as cut and dry as it gets.

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Has this thought ever crossed your mind: USA has no reason to meddle with anything in the ME. Every war or other destabilization effort in the ME is for the benefit of jewry.
There wouldn't be even a single hair of a muslim within the borders of European countries if we were to have actual defense, no offensive actions needed.

Grow up, edgetard. You are a shabbos goy.

I think we should leave ME alone but not before we scorch Israel and salt the land so nothing can grow up there

It's all about the petrodollar faggot. USA left middle east alone and the communists took it over.

USA left Africa alone and now China takes over.

Someone must be a master. If not, then slaves.

Trump's words on Iran don't feel with me confidence about this.

The CIA "accidentally" armed Iran with nuclear technology through their Pakistan network as a pretext for invasion and war, just like Best Korea.
Trump isn't going to change his MO this time either. Watch for Iran to have a "cave-in" or something soon, followed by a request for peace talks. Bolton is just there for the good cop/bad cop negotiations.

Here's a newsflash for you: the "communists" were just one side of the shekel, the US being the other.
China is at the stage it is today because of jewish finance. The US wars and war profiteering (jewish peddlers) has nothing to do with China supposedly (in reality, international finance to further weaken the European race) taking it over.
You are equating wars for jewry to "us being the stewards of the world". Are you really that simple-minded?

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yup it's obvious but for some reason lolbertarians can't into geopolitics. my theory is they've never challenged themselves in any meaningful way in their lives, so have never been humbled and as such still think they can take on the world themselves, no race or nation needed

In before anyone tries to defend this faggot saying the regime in Tehran is bad for numerous reasons. That's not the point.
The point is that regime change involves genocide of whats left of the Persian population by having its leadership handed over to the Isl/-\mic State, an even more extreme Judaic branch of Isl/-\m.

Iran does need a regime change, it needs to be returned to whats left of the Persians and the Semitic Arabs thrown out.

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They're not even going to have Syria overthrown by 2019. This Kike cocksucker is just doing what he does best: sucking kike cock so he doesn't get suicided and replaced. How incompetent must he be to make such an obviously ridiculous statement?

It's about trade, united states promote the transatlantic/transpacific routes and undermine everything else.

It's about genocide.

Your nose is showing, Shlomo. Bolton is a zio nigger bootlicker and Iran is a major obstacle to Zog's Greater Israel project. Iran can be dealt with once Tel Aviv is a radioactive crater.

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Seriously why are shilling against one of Trump's picks like this? You must be muslim internet defense force fuck man, we've always been against sandniggers in Iran. Also bolton is pretty fuckin based man(>we (bolton is a zionigger))

Hear hear

Have fun dying for Israel goyim

No Holla Forums has not
stfu faggot


Let me get this straight, you want more refugees to pour into Europe, and for Israel to expand its borders uncontested?

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I seriously hope mods ban you for this. Basically shitting on Trump by claiming Bolton is some zionist stooge. Trump is 100% kike freee, kys shill

>replying to (((astroturfers)))

What is it with modern transnazis defending Iran just because muh jews? You people are so fucking retarded. Real national socialism is so beyond your mental capacity


Brilliant response. I suppose that means you support pedosexuality as well?

Why are TORniggers not banned yet? All I see from them is shilling for the ZOG.

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natsocs support Israel.

how about not supporting either?
(going to war with Iran is supporting jews)

Why shouldn't he? If we're going to fight wars on Israel's behalf, why wouldn't we also let their Talmud dictate sexual morality?

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If anyone needs to be overthrown it’s the deep state and the Masons in the US before they get the entire planet killed.

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We support it, but only because the Jews should be moving there so they can have all the power they could ever dream of simply by having their own country instead of them walking around and acting with complete lawless behavior and conning idiots into believing they are a real threat.

Speak for yourself, faggot.

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someone forgot to tell that to Netanyahu and AIPAC

Funny how every time someone brings up the Masons on a site owned by one they are immediately called a Jew.

Because not wanting to get raped by faggots or become a cannibal or nigger or Muslim makes a guy a Jew somehow.

I'm not "defending Iran". I don't care about that country of its people. I care about the issue that is USA which is the empire tool of today for jewry.

AIPAC ceases to exist with no Jews running it.

Bibi only leaves Israel when Jews invite him. His security is handled by Jews wherever he goes. It like a tiny little Jewish empire they have running almost exclusively off racketeering and drugs.

You should have read more. He openly was for a Jewish homeland in Palestine. They even signed an agreement and passed laws to create a Jewish militia to help create it. Who do you think ran the camps? It was the Jewish NatSocs.

He changed his mind.

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Also, quit calling people faggots. I am neither a homosexual or anything of that sort. It just displays that you’re a hate filled moron that hasn’t done anything other than say on you Fed paid ass collecting shekels to be a degenerate people watcher. You provide no value to society and should be shot for treason.

At least I was making something of myself before you Masonic yards shoved your like noses into my business.

So what? People do that? Does that stop any of you from being blinded asshats supporting nigger degenerates?

Posting on this site isn’t free retards it costs me time.

Juden raus.

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Fuck off faggot there’s nothing to deal with. They haven’t started a war in over 200 years. Fuck your own mouth with a rusty drill.

t. Faggot

The Saudisraelis have wanted this for a long time, the only real way to prevent it is if Persia creates its own nuclear deterrent or if Russia itself provides it to them.

Is this faggot serious? Where the hell do you think you are?


^ kike. Trying to use the Christian notions of punishment of the evil-doer against itself, so that it destroys itself. Curse Yahweh. Curse Israel. Curse your name, kike. May the sons of Abraham be like sand on the seashore: the home of shits of dogs.

His words are not meant to inspire you with confidence, they are setting the stage for negotiations with Iran. After Trump is finished with North Korea, Iran will be next. This will be solved peacefully.