Two of the world’s biggest oil traders gave China’s crude futures contract a go on its long-anticipa

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Two of the world’s biggest oil traders gave China’s crude futures contract a go on its long-anticipated trading debut.

(messed the title)

Oily paper tiger.

Now the paper tiger is waterproofed kek

In short, China is the new america and it won't be long until you will see yellow soldiers attacking white nations.

More likely to see Russia and China fight over Siberia's oil tbh.

They'll just send guns to the niggers like they did in Rhodesia and South Africa.

Don't forget arming the cartels.

why would chinks attack the nations they depend on to buy the plastic crap produced there?

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BTC $1m each when? Also, didn't the U.S. start selling oil to China recently?
4D chess confirmed!

One wonders why our leaders let an economically aggressive one party Communist nation to become dangerously powerful while they supported degeneracy and malaise at home.

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A bunch of pretentious old (((men))) playing at running the world. But the world left them behind long ago. We are the future.

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We wave all, you come here, we steal everything.

Ching chong nip nong fong

Cheap plastic crap was a means to an end. Now they're getting into higher end ticket items (planes, ships, etc). Good news is this whole house of cards is coming down quickly instead of being dragged out for decades.





This is very good. Trump has already assumed control in Saudi Arabia and is working on Iran, which massively undercuts the Silk Road plans. Furthermore, because Chinese bugs and their illiquid currency is completely untrustworthy, they had to back the "petroyuan" with real gold to get people to use it. In any competition between gold-backed currency and treasury-backed currency, gold wins. That means the US will be forced back on a gold standard or the petrodollar tanks, which means NO MORE PRINTING.

Oh, and another good sign is that the juden are lying about it kek

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PetroYuan engaged!
Fantastic news faggots. Once the debt merchants bust good luck keeping control of the population and their protection forces.
America has no choice but to do everything in its power to destroy this new dollar. Get your house in order anons. MOAR WAR is on the horizon.

Problem is the gold standard actually needs gold. The US numbers of reserves are full of shit.

You honestly think we can't fill our coffers post quick should the need arise?

Spoiler: All that gold the US has? Had.
It's safely stored in Israel now. But don't worry, you get a bunch of rectangular green papers saying you're rich :^)

That's even better. If it turns out jews kiked away with the gold that was supposed to stay in Fort Knox, welcome to Day of the Rope

THIS! America has been ass blasted for the last 100 years and soon enough people will figure out just how badly kikes fucked us over. There's no muh holocaust to hide behind this time around.

There will be signs to look out for when the end is near. War with iran, kikes fleeing to israel….
The drum beat for gun grabs is a major one that should have everyone on heightened alert. Knowing full well gun grab laws are a disaster at the polls, yet they still push for it. A sign both sides dont care about their careers anymore and when politicians dont care, shits about to hit the fan.

there wasn't one last time

so what i should be doing is buying oil, correct?

china isnt going to attack us user. even with bigger tariffs than the ones proposed, china would never attack us as we are their main customer.

what could happen, and is a very serious threat, is that china could dump all of their US treasuries. they even said that they would do this if we launched a full scale trade war against them. this would absolutely crash the dollar in a big way.

but heres the interesting part: i think thats actually the plan. you see, for years now china has been aggressively devaluing their yuan. seems counter intuitive, no? but the thing is, with a devalued currency, it is cheaper to make and produce goods, its cheaper to pay the people who work in the sweatshops, and when they sell to a currency thats stronger than theirs, they get a massive payout when they convert it back to yuan.

trump seems to be baiting china. its like hes saying "hey, you wanna sit at the big boys table? you gotta act like a big boy". if china revalued their currency, while ours was devalued, we might be able to re-balance the trade deficit right then and there. the alternative obviously, is that china complies with our tariffs, stops shipping so much sketchy cheap bullshit steel into our country by proxy, and does nothing in retaliation (which will ultimately lead to the US bossing them around, as trump would have them economically cornered into doing more or less whatever he wants). they dont want to just sit there and do nothing, but they DESPERATELY dont want to give up their devalued currency. it seems that trump has cornered them into this decision and is using it as leverage for future renegotiations of trade. its a pretty classic business tactic, but its astonishing to see it pulled off at such a magnitude. blows my mind that theres a significant portion of the population that genuinely believe that hes retarded, or that hes clinically insane.

you should bear in mind that the US just made a deal with the saudi oil company, aramco, that stipulated that the US will be the worlds leading producer of oil. so if china is forced to revalue their currency and stop using cheap tactics and shit trade agreements, and the US goes the opposite way and takes the place of saudi arabia as the oil barons of the world, china will indeed have become the new america, in that will be at the mercy of some very powerful, age old tricks. if this trade war ended up heating up, trump could decide to not sell oil at all to them, crippling the entirety of chinas economy and infrastructure development (which is the industry china uses as a prop-up for its GDP).

their only hope would be to get russia to sell it to them, but they fucking hate each other, and vlads not a dummy. im sure he will take full advantage of the situation (unless he sees a strengthened alliance with the chinese as more beneficial than one with the US) and price gouge the fuck out of em.

And are involved in a low burning territorial dispute over the oilfields of Siberia.

right, so it wont happen. if we make the oil (and we will, aramco already said we would be the world leader by the end of the year) then we could control not only who the oil goes to, but also the price of the commodity itself. not only is this like economic godmode, it is also one of the most effective pieces of leverage for negotiation that exists today (i believe all this was part of the deal when trump went over to saudi arabia).

obviously they wont be doing business with each other right now as they are in conflict, but even in the absolute best case scenario for them, they are fucked. completely. hell, without oil, china couldnt even properly defend itself.

Gold. The petroyuan is backed by gold, making it more scarce.

Nope , it's a tinderbox of shit and piss

Guns and land over gold if you can afford them though.

Last thing we need is fucking reffoos from China too, though.

That would mean war (Like Pearl Harbour). I think what is more likely is that U.S. will use the same tactic as that fighting Russia.

and gold actually looks set for a run too. how convenient. meanwhile russia is stacking silver so much that theyre dropping it out of planes in siberia. and were going to produce the worlds oil.

also, keep in mind that while the US holds no physical gold, it has control over something like 8 times the amount the chinese have. this means that if we had to, we could simply continually short gold and keep it stuck at a certain level, or even crash its value. and while gold has no real value in terms of usage, oil sure does. if all they got is devalued shiny rocks, and they have no oil, and no one to buy it from, what can they do? they can do nothing. if they choose to retaliate and make these big moves, then trump has a counterattack every step of the way.

one big thing to take away from this is the idea that cash, equities and the like are about to become very poor investments, while commodities are about to become the true currency of the world. very interesting times we live in.

im not saying that we would out and out cut them off. i was merely demonstrating the absolute extreme in the scenario. trying to display the nearly infinite leverage that comes with controlling the black gold

If China was smart they'd keep their head down for Trump's first term, thus increasing the chance of a Democrat who will roll over for them winning the next election.

I think Trump will end up like Reagan in terms of that. Mike Pence can just steam roll on Trump's success. Or some other Republican.

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Fuck them , we're full and will be till we're not
Even then fuck them they can starve in their own poisoned country

Wouldn't vote Pence if they paid me. Conservacucks can go fuck themselves.

I didn't say you will vote Pence. I said he could easily be elected and so would another decent Republican candidate.