UK meltdown over "antikike" mural

Corbyn at first saw nothing anti-semetic about it (there really isn't) but eventually apologized. Farage (of course) "even looking at it for a second you realize its anti-semetic". Basically calling all bankers kikes.
Corbyn is trying to appeal to muzzies with being anti-kike while pissing off the kikes for being too blatant.

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I don't get it, which part reveals they're kikes?


Those that accuse it of antisemitism know that it's in reality true. If they didn't know, they wouldn't accuse it.

Checked and bump, it's the "globalist" thing all over again. Since globalist is antisemitic you know. Hopefully it clicks something in a few people's minds.

Exactly. Its essentially the same old NWO type meme thats gone around for decades. What I do find hilarious is now bankers are being associated with the NWO to the masses instead of on the usual conspiracy sites. Whoever did this (intentional or not) is brilliant.

OP's quality is shit, but the banker on the left has that retarded kike hair. So criticizing the other 5 apparently White bankers is allowed, but criticizing 1 chosen banker isn't.

Have a bump.

Bankers with Jumbotron snozzes.

The globalist thing is fucking great, now if only they called "libtards" anti-semitic, then most right-wing people would redpill themselves.

Blame twatter.

Because OP is a fag.

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I love it

Because the concept of bankers exerting control over society is inherently anti-Semitic. The same way it's anti-Semitic to talk about the Federal Reserve, even if you don't mention its jewishness.

Who's going to post the original?

The bastards even scribbled over Ben's signature!

Lefty protestor is unaware that he's dancing to their tune. Open borders for everyone.


Gas the Artist
Hail Compliance

Fucking bewildered every time.

The part where the Jews name themselves.

If the media is trying to get me to hate Corbin, they're failing. Seeing shit like this actually improves my opinion of him.

So controlled op from the get go? No wonder nothing he does is useful.

Whenever I see a kike acting this fucking stupid I wonder to myself how in the ever loving fuck did they manage to hold on to power this long? An eight-year-old child would be smart enough to keep their mouth shut whenever someone brings up something bad that no one knows they did. Were our ancestors just really, really fucking dumb or have the chosen degenerated so far that they are a few generations away from pic related?

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No it's because their system is so complete that they can now expose themselves this blatantly, and use the full force of their laws to silence and incarcerate you.
This is why there has been a push lately with the narrative "yes jews are at the top of everything, but deservedly so, anyone disagreeing is jealous which is obviously anti-semitic…. it's just evolution goy"

And to think i used to like that guy

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It's "new antisemitism"
If you look a jew in the eyes, you're a nazi.

So they act like comic book villains prematurely gloating over their victory? The least they could do is dress up in ridiculous costumes and cackle madly while doing it, that would make it more interesting.

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he might just be saying that to troll a commie. All I see here are faggots eating eachother.

I do hope so, but it's not like it's the first time Farage goes into cuckservative territory, i still remember his "racism almost ruined our party" or something like that.

Farage is an alright guy on many issues, but he's an absolute cuck on race (or at least takes public positions as one).

user pls stop

He's an ex-City of London trader, who knows how much he relies on that still for a living or if he will ever have to go back to it.
They own the stock market, everyone who trades sucks at their teat and lines their pockets. Of course he is going to openly invite jews to cuckold him.

Are you illiterate? Reread what I wrote until you understand it.

It's amazing how the kikes identify and reveal themselves, when I would've identified it far more with freemasonry than with Jewry (not that there is always a difference).

>playing Jewopoly on the backs of proud kangz, because white people are NEVER victimized by (((their))) horseshit

And this is why they are so freaked about it. Their blacks are only supposed to attack working and middle class whites, not the directors/financiers of the show.

More like he didn't get the memo and is now an uber nazi



this is actually a blessing in disguise because normies dont see kikes when they look at the mural, so when some people say its antisemtic cause of the noses it makes people think, and if they already knew about NWO they put two and jew together to make JWO

by the way some faggot cucks vandalized it recently

It will be the same noisy jew crew that supported soygoy of mossad at speakers corner recently. Fagball Lads Alliance probably. They are holding protests outside parliament today, one of them is actually called the jewish leadership group. They are trying to get Corbyn ousted basically, probably want Scabbott to take his place.

Farage revealing himself as a neo-cohen plantation slave not even civcuck.

There's a whypipo under there too, you dweeb.


Think a bit more about it.

They have grow complacent thanks to their earlier position of full spectrum media and political dominance. That is now rapidly falling apart and it has sent them into a sort of mass hysteria.

It's good for us. They as much as admit defeat with such expressions of cognitive dissonance.

Checked and kek'd.
They couldn't have made the noses bigger if they'd tried. Fucking kek.

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UKIP were a single-issue party i.e. achieving Brexit, which the judenpresse did their very best to stop by shilling against them as BNP v2.0, so from a strategic point of view he was basically correct in saying that ("we can't be openly racist yet guys.") Someone fighting against mass immigration, for national identity and against (((globalist))) institutions for that long has to have at least a general idea of what's really going on.

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BNP is now like most other kosher nationalist groups after the jew bribed them to sack Nick Griffin, filled with blacks and Indians and all the spokesmen and editors of their newsletters are now jewish, it no longer has any antisemitic elements, just jewish counter jihadis.
Now they have loads more resources and absolutely zero representation and hardly any support anymore.

UKIP was designed to breakup of the BNP, which has been admitted by Farage, UKIP was designed to fail from the start

UKIP Friends of Israel website

''Welcome to the online home of UKIP Friends Of Israel.

UKIP FOI is committed to its joint aims of supporting Israel and promoting the policies of UKIP.

UKIP FOI looks to create and foster links between UKIP members and the people of Israel. UKIP supports the only true democracy in the Middle East which provides a homeland for the Jewish people, to excersise their right to self-determination.

For further information contact:
[email protected]

or write to:

Elizabeth Burton (UKIP Freind Of Isreal Secretary),
The Church House,
West Anstey,
South Molton,
EX36 3PE''

It's been known since 2005 that UKIP was a jewish invented steam vent
UKIP was started up by (((James Goldsmith))) in November 1994, they start these psyops way in advance of when they need them.

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I guess, but realistically the BNP had no chance at power beyond their apex of briefly holding a few local council / MEP seats. However, they shifted the Overton window enough that scared kikes allowed UKIP to rise, thereby accidentally bringing about our exit from the European Jewnion (hopefully), which is a prerequisite for having any national sovereignity at all.

Britain hasn't left the EU, which is why the jews got involved in the first place,to prevent a real exit and only on their terms.

The English will just sit back now sedated with their illusion of 'victory' and watch the jews continue to control the march of the JWO.

A bit like the American patriots thinking voting for neo-conservatives will do something to stifle the zionist control of their government.

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One of the cornerstones of Jewish control mechanisms is their ability to silence those who would oppose them, mostly via equating said opposition to Nazis. This has worked quite well, but the downside - and they know it - is that as the seasons turn and new generations replace the old, children leave the past behind them.

A lot of the "BASED" things Farage and Co do is simply conservative/right wing in nature. Guess what? Zionist and the entire state of israel is conservative/right wing in nature.

At the end of the day Farage and his ilk will never say anything meaningfully negative about zionism because they actually love it. Zionism stands in opposition to the two main things they dislike, leftism and Religion of Cuck™. You're beyond deluded if you think they care about race beyond superficial skin color and civ nat tendencies. Look like the rest of us and follows british law? Sound.

Israel ain't conservative, they are just pragmatic.

now that's funny

Its one of those Americanized things. We never really had freedom of speech, it is now an issue that gets brought up for some reason. Give the goyim an illusion of freedom I suppose.

normies do not see the eternal juden in there, merely the monopoly type robber baron as the board and dress style play prominent

reminds me of john carperter tweeting they live is abolutely not about a jewish conspiracy
(((their))) prosecution complex is so great they start naming themselves, and couldn't happen to a more deserving bunch of noses

No, their government is blatantly conservative. And beyond that, the entire concept of zionism is conservative. Even historically it's always been supported more staunchly by conservative governments of other countries. Look at the voting patterns of pro-zionism citizens in various countries and they almost always vote for the conservative party/candidate.

Even as a very recent example, the statement released by the Board of Deputies of British Jews and the Jewish Leadership Council on this whole Corbyn/ anti-semitism issue called opponents to zionism as "far left".

This. As per usual, the dumbfuck kikes have outed themselves in their over-eager pursuit of kvetching.

My neighborhood is filled with murals like this. At some point the local businesses realized if they paid an artist to paint a nice mural it discouraged people from tagging their wall and came out cheaper than repainting the wall every time it happened.

Britain really truly is cucked to death.

No, they are just pragmatic, you have jewish anarchist who support Zionism, see Emma Goldman.

Jews don't have any ideology save their own enrichment.

ITT retards who can't see this is actually anti-white racism, showing they're oppressors of niggers. Not a single jew in sight here: illuminati symbols don't mean shit if everyone looking at this sees huwhite vs poc.

They have something called 'blood religion', that we don't discuss much. The belief that their spiritual superiority (the covenant) is inherited and BYPASSES any ideology or philosophy.

It's something every races have, except whites.

Whites are too fair, almost too a fault.

No, it's that whites have been deprived space to socialize naturally. Why do you think they bus niggers into white schools?

Heil'd, one of the most disgusting (and delusional) parts the kikes' "religion".

It doesn't help that whites have to suffer through damn Christianity where everyone is equal before Christ.

All religions acknowledge that man is nothing before the Ultimate. Christianity is just a pretext/vocabulary to describe what we'd already have done. Remember that pre-Christian Rome also had a refugee crisis that went exactly as the one today.

Nothing or equal?

(half heiled)
Does anyone know who the artist is?
At first glance I thought it was banksy, but maybe they are remaining user so they wont get hounded to the ends of the earth.

If we can bring the blacks to understand that it's the Jews that are the cause of most of their problems, then that's one big golem we turn on their masters.

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The Nation of Religion of Cuck™ has been trying to do that for 50 years. What new can we bring to the table?

It's not Banksy (if that was ever one person). My impression is that Banksy is a collective of artists that are very much commercially directed. They run the art world and manufacture value. The Mona Lisa wouldn't be the most valuable painting if they hadn't pulled a scam where they stole it then wrote about the theft incessantly for a year.
Anyway it isn't Banksy the signature is on there. From my degenerate graffiti days I'm going to say it's two artists, it looks like "Gwear and Gone" they use the one G for both names. Their crew, gang, collective looks like it is called CBA.

not being muslims?

user, you're bringing up ANARCHISTS to argue that a specific GOVERNMENT is not conservative

Don't be a defeatist user. I know the toxic nature of the chans and how most of it's inhabitants are severely depressed and want to inflict their pain and despair on others.

But if you truly care about the future and not just use it as an excuse to do nothing then you'll find a way.

The most important red pill to take is to realize that without improving ourselves we can't improve society. Nobody is going to listen to an ugly smelly neckbeard who lives with his parents.
Once you've got a good job, money flowing, /fit/, only then will people naturally come to you.
And with all the life lessons you've learn't along the way you can apply that to politics.

I doubt you've studied in depth why the Muslims failed to bring the blacks over. That is a key piece of information we would need.

After gathering all the necessary information about the target then we move onto the planning phase.
Creating a short phrase to repeat ( reputation gets into the mind), specific memes to create, target certain organizations, spread videos of Jews talking negatively about blacks etc.

The Jews are on top not just because of their high intelligence but their tenacity for power and sheckles.
Your weak will be your downfall.

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This is exactly the type of thing I was hoping for, was wondering why the UK and Ireland werent putting these types of things up already.

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Rationality would say because of the slave trade, but knowing niggers it's because arabs are "too white" instead.

The NoI isn't Arab.

Its simply a cartel.

So your counter argument as to why the israeli government is not conservative is to bring up a single individual who's entire belief system is literally the antithesis of government? No, just no.
And you could not have used a more terrible example that actually proves you're entire point wrong. Emma Goldman was opposed to zionism. Lmao.
A quote from a letter she wrote to the editor of Spain and the World publication in 1938

israel and zionism is predominantly is conservative. Economically, socially, nationally etc…it's predominantly conservative. The fact that shakes your world view just proves you have a simplistic understanding of the political spectrum. You view it literally as a binary linear "left vs right" system. "Oh but I'v been told that nazism and WN is right-wing, that must mean zionism and jewish nationalism is left wing". No, it's far more nuanced than that.

Glad someone else saw that fallacy.

There is nepotism but they didn't marry themselves into the European elite sitting on their arses.

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They did the exact same thing they do now, pass secrets between their host nations and get a leg up on trends.

Ty for the infos user

Just a long ass litany of similar schemes with similar outcomes.

t. ancientfag that sees every graffiti with any actual artistic integrity as banksey

Pretty good. Needs the Garrison signature and I think it will be mostly restored to the original.

Here's a popular daytime t.v. program discussing the subject, or rather letting everyone know that if jews are offended, everyone must be offended. Also that only anti-semitism exists, there is no such thing as loxism.
Sorry you tube embed, it's so long. Feel free to hooktube it, if that's really better.
Notice how they focus on the players of the monopoly game and cut out the eye of horus on the pyramid… because context doesn't matter, criticism of jews is what matters.

My thoughts exactly. It seems like he got pozzed out.

Checked. I'd like to see a high resolution version..

ah, there it is, thanks!

The media is owned by the Christian-raping kikes. Fact.

Cuckservatives gonna cuck. Best view this awakening as a relay race. Hes served his purpose and its time to pass the baton (like Trump).

Well, we are in a situation where it is quite difficult to face the kikes. But the time has come for men to stand up against their hegemony, and their abuse of the white race, those kikes have gone on too long robbing us, raping us, and cannibalizing us.

that time was always
cucks need to hang with traitors

Yes. However, we must be sensible about our decisions, in terms of "altruistic punishment", because this unique feature of us, the moral, the individualists, is exploited by them, the wicked, the rapists, the collectivists, the kikes.

Calm down. I'll be surprised if Holla Forums lasts the year.

the jew names himself

Why? His original support was comparing the removal of this mural to one that Rockefeller removed due to having an image of Lenin. And then he backed down and withdrew his support and apologized to the jews.
“I sincerely regret that I did not look more closely at the image I was commenting on, the contents of which are deeply disturbing and antisemitic,” he said. “The defence of free speech cannot be used as a justification for the promotion of antisemitism in any form.”

The guy goes by Mear One, and he's from LA. Here's a video of him painting it in 2012 as well as his ideas behind it (((Rothschild and Rockefeller)))

And just look at those criminally un-checked numbers

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you'd like that wouldn't you faggot

I like how Elite bankers is turning into a crypto-word for jews.

Anti-masonic is now anti-semetic?

They must be really fucking scared.

Its a defense mechanism they use to shutdown criticism, nothing more. It just happens to work so well on the general population that they might as well be snapping their fingers and barking at everyone to heel.

In terms of the legal definition it is antisemitic to conceive or consider Jewish “collectivity”. By the letter of the law therefore defending this mural is technically antisemitic and therefore criminal. Jeza was within his legal rights to defend the mural when he was under the impression the men sat at the table were European as accusations of European “collectivity” are legal, but as it has been suggested that one or more of those depicted could be Jewish it became illegal for him to endorse it.

That is beyond fucked up.

Notice how Whiteness, certain groups and race sometimes do or don't exist depending on the situation. White identity is only recognized when it disfavors Whites. Otherwise it is denied or aggressively labeled racist. Selectively allowing and disallowing groupings in thought and communication. An amazing trick.

The only solution to (((high verbal IQ))) is high velocity HP

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Speaking the truth to power
is anti-semitic

The jews are literally proving their detractors right. Unfortunately the average (((media))) consumer is too stupid to notice.


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