All pedo boards have been deleted

Back in the old days Holla Forums wasn't strictly a political board, other things were discussed as well.

All pedo boards have been wiped off of Holla Forums, and Holla Forums is having an absolute shitfit about it.
The globals accepted these boards for awhile but they kept risking it, and risking it with what they were posting to the point where they decided to shoah them.
All the pedokikes are throwing a tantrum, just check this thread >>>Holla Forums7852580 .

Ron is in the complete right here, child porn is not free speech.

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Obviously in response to the cloud act. Does 8ch even have a law team?

Sounds good. Is this FOSTA related, or just good judgement?

FOSTA undoubtedly.

and nothing of value was lost. All pedos get the rope.

ftfy(literal jewish argumentation)

Pedokike fuck off

FOSTA and Cloud Act. jews strike again.

If they cull us and not those Holla Forums faggots, I am going to rage.

wew. That one pedo who keeps coming here to sperg about age of consent will probably throw a tantrum unless all his IPs are already banned.

Oh look, this is probably him now.

You will swing PEDOKIKE

FOSTA comes into effect Monday, user.

Motherfucker, they culled the pedo boards because they kept violating the Global Rule.
This site has literally one rule: don't post anything illegal in the US. These boards keep posting things that violated the Dost test.

CP is against Holla Forums's global rules, so I doubt any of those boards had CP for any period beyond the time between jews posting it and gvols deleting it.

This site has an extremely low tolerance for lewd images of children.
They did what they usually do and said "nuh-uh, this isn't child porn it's just an image of a kid :^)" not knowing that Holla Forums doesn't accept that as an excuse.

Keep crying pedokike. You and your kind with swing next to Podesta and his ilk.

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i think you guys are ignoring one of the primary purposes of the Cloud Act.
EU anons are fucked.

DOST is US law, that's not up to Holla Forums.
Keep in mind that the entire reasoning behind ALL of these laws is to prohibit the possession of criminal evidence of jewish crimes.
Their blackmail mountain would fall apart if the truth leaked out to normalfags. Why do you think they went to such an extent that they sent a false-flag shooter to Comet Pizza?

Which is why Anons need to use GOOD VPNs or Tor.

this attitude is going to have to change. not all tor posters are kikes

8ch doesn't keep posting records except for what's actively on the site as far as I know, IPs are hashed before they enter the server so that wouldn't help much either.

Only /loli/ remains.

if they get a single request they are now forced to preserve records weather it's a valid request or not.
codemonkey refuses to clarify
despite putting "never bareback an imageboard" up top site wide.


Australian for roo piss

Pedos have always been the canary in our coal mine, so to speak. Remember, the bill said it applied to anything sufficiently 'offensive' too, not just pedophilia. Keep your ears pricked.

Never ventured outside Holla Forums but pedo boards don't belong anywhere. Shit is fuckin gross.

The cops even wink and nod calling them "crime scene images" instead of "a fucking perv we should push down a few flights of stairs."

This is why the lawfared anyone who pointed out "grooming gangs" in England.

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Good riddance, take the furries with you

Given that furryism is a result of children's cartoons I'm sure there's a non-insignificant overlap there.

Frankly it's the only reason it's still online, given all the attention we get.

Halfchan Holla Forums is where normies stumble into, this place has the movers and shakers who would never admit to browsing it. I even call it "Mel Brooks' Holla Forums" since many people, including myself, know far, far too much about people of the hebrew persuasion than redneck 'white power' types or even your average deli owner.

This is a good point, no matter that I am glad to see the pedos gone.


tbh, the kikes will be taking it mainstream.

They managed to get away with it because they hid behind the jewish argument of "it's just art! if you find it sexual then you're just projecting your own perversions, you horrible pervert!".

Good we don't need that degeneracy here.

Up next should be all the commie and antifa boards.
Then the furry boards.
Then the fetish boards.
Then the anime boards.
Then Holla Forums.
After that just ban anyone who shitposts and we'll have a utopia of the chans!

I can't abide pedos or commies but those other boards are purely for containment.

Every other website on the internet to contain them and you think that they should have a bastion here too?
Fuck off, kike.

Now find them and beat their degenerate skulls in with sledge hammers.

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Fuck off, anime is part of board culture.

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except for waifuist. that's still fine

When the fuck did he say it's more important than white culture? Nice Strawman.

if pedos were strangled by their own umbilical cord in the womb, nothing of value would be lost

Free one way helicopter rides for you faggots along with the traitors and the Buzzfeed staff.

Oh definitely.

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plebbit also just deleted all research chemical sourcing subs, and vendors worldwide are closing. add to this the faceberg controversy and trump calling out @jack for censorship, and there might be something to this talk of rolling out a new internet. while some n-D checkmate making astroturfing illegal would be great, it could easily turn ussr-tier authoritarian.

This and the server is based in California.

They really should move the servers to a different country.


While I'm okay with pedo boards getting deleted, I'm leaving if /loli/ goes. When loli got banned on 4chan, that was the beginning of the downward spiral into ridiculous moderation censorship. There are other pastures you know.

Adhering to the the very lowest bar of decency, confuckinggratulations.

Wow, kike-legislation helping purge their own. not sure how to feel right.

All pedos get the rope. No exceptions.

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Wasn't that date when the first exodus happened from Holla Forums?

AFAIK there's a ton of hidden boards that are crawling with CP.

good, do that shit on a different website


Very close, that happened a few days beforehand.

But he doesn't want to move unless we buy his servers to relocate it to somewhere safe.

And you know that how, tor-kun? Report that shit.

Anyone who supports America's SJW age of consent laws is against white birth rates and deserves the rope.

I don't think this is a good thing.
As much as I hate pedos, there isn't any real reason as to why they can't have free speech either. Retards who say "ban Holla Forums!!!", "ban pedos!!!", etc. are post-2014fags who don't understand the point behind this site in the first place.
If anything, we are going to see a massive drop in post quality because of this. Pedos are a benefit to a site if they are in low numbers (like they were here), as they drive off most normalfags without holding much else in terms of influence.
I guess the actions of the admins are semi-excusable though due to introduction of FOSTA, however it's important to note that this will likely be a slippery slope.

Another attempt to false flag up some pedo 'nazis'. Fuck off hebe.

Has the canary croaked?

He's partially right though, the age of consent being 16-18 is way too high, it should be 13-14. It's not pedo to point that out.

Sorry that shit is cancer. Faceberg, Youtube, twatter, reddit all secretly allow it on their platforms. Nothing of value

Tor users can't report anything here.

I think 8ch will be shut down. All they want to shut us down is simple post a cp in every thread. This will cause the mods to suffer the sleep deprivations from overworking, which will threaten to lower the quality. The only way to keep the cposters from coming here is to pre-approve every posts however it's impossible to check every posts because there are thousands posters.


I'm very glad about this. They'll funnel out over time as long as we have zero tolerance for their shit.

Fuggg :-D

Any way we can get this to happen? Guess it's a /sudo/ thing..

So he's already said no? Any reason?

Having an openly natsoc board tends to drive normalfags out, not the 1% pedo shit that's hidden behind layers of boards.

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The biggest most active child molester board on the planet is still going strong.

Nothing of value was lost..

Actually, nothing note worthy was even lost.

Child Molesting larpers on /b kvetching over nothing…

Also, Reported for slide thread.

sage goes in all fields.

you cucks are boomer-tier at best now. full normalnigger board, eat shit and die.


>>>/tot/ still up

cake and waiguist too. BURN EM ALL DOWN

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Jesus Christ that thread is fucking horrifying

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No thanks, fellow normalnigger.

Those faggots can just go to onion sites to share cp. Other than attempting to stifle the platform, I've never understood why they would bring that shit to the clearnet.

they also deleted
they will keep pushing this until nothing is left

Don't worry, faggot, /cuteboys/ is still here.

Honeypotting via external links?

this place is totally fucked and compromised from head to toe. later newfags this place has nothing worthwhile left to give.(You won't mind if I ban you for a couple trillion years then)

We still have >>>/zooscat/

Not yet but if he move then his life will change. He is too comfy in USA so why would he want to move just for 8ch community?

>Here, use this perfectly legal (((Tinder))) app instead.

All porn is degenerate. Drive out the filth. Profit

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You're mixing up pedos with lolicons, user.

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Yea i agree but (((they))) will post the cps in every boards and shut 8ch down for good because we are very bad goyium.

just as bad

to false flag it, which is going to happen.
All it takes is one post then suddenly v&s, v&s everywhere

By that standard, Holla Forums should be long gone.

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this. we need a tor alternative or something similar. clock is ticking gentleman

Is Holla Forums mods going to mod for 24/7?

That's right. Muh pedos is just their easy on-ramp towards eventually clamping down on all wrongthink. Who would challenge them on this but an obvious heinous criminal deviant?

fucking idiot. I hope this culls idiots tbh then hopefully quality improves.

and Holla Forums - Holla Forums for pirate goods

FOSTA is also federal law now, so…

a law that can convict non-pedos for a pedo's activity they had nothing to do with while the pedos keep-pedoing. It's literally a kikes wet dream.


But, Trump hasn't given his response on it yet.

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go to Endchan

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I mean contact Jim, you triple nigger. If hidden CP boards exist then that means none of the faggots on fullchan's staff know about them. So tell them.

it's been the law for the passed 5 fucking days. obviously the admins are getting heat now

How is that different from just /zoo/? Last time I clicked a link there, there were at least two threads of animals shitting

Swastikas aren't free speech then.

If you put limits on free speech, then anything can be shoah'd.

Child porn doesn't hurt anyone nor does it unmolest anyone.

It's the same as gore, zoophilia, miscegenation, etc.

The biggest thing I'd like to see censored is blacks fucking white women porn.

…but I know that would be a slippery slope.

The law are on the pedo-kike's side so that means the child victims are now silenced and will never see the lights in the end of the long dark cold tunnels. Non-pedo people are the scapegoats for the pedo-kikes so pedo-kikes can't be punished.

fucking this, why are people just learning about it? god damn i swear.

The laws discourage the non-pedo people from reporting the child abuses to the enforcement agencies because they would be punished for failing to stop the people from posting the cps.

I'm as Holla Forums as they come but I support RAISING many government, consent, and buying ages to 21 instead of 18. Even as people physically mature at younger ages, we can clearly see that they mature mentally slowly, or slower than ever before. That includes "age of consent" for sex, by the way, with Romeo/Juliet laws included. Two teens aren't going to get caught in any case. An old 20's/30's fuck with a career and many friends screwing a teen will.

The number-one enemy of the new right are degenerates and filthy sexual deviants. Give them an inch and they're happy to let the Jews take miles and miles- all to satisfy their disgusting desires.

Pedophiles are broken fundamentally- and not human. It's natural to be attracted to a woman with her secondary sexual characteristics developed or developing. i.e. Hebephilia and thinking teenage girls are cute. Thinking a girl 13 or below, though means you're broken. She'll rip in two if she has a child, has no breasts, has a sodacan torso and can barely tell her ass from her head. Sick monsters that are attracted to this type of person should be shot on sight.

another good point. No sane site admin will report shit left on their server now. it's technically a confession to a felony when you do so. Kikes have been gifted so much for the passed week it is goddamn insane.

But, that's not how it works. After a bill passes the House and Senate, then it shows up on the Presidents desk. Then, typically, the either signs it or vetos it. If the latter, then it goes back to the Senate for another vote to decide if it bypasses to the president to still become law.

Also, the DoJ has already been making a stir about how the law is unconstitutional, so Trump may also present the law to the Judges.

Except the raped kids.

Yael Kushner supports it

the bill has a retro-active clause in it. this means sites are getting logged now ready to be v&. You think the admins on this site would get off their asses and take action if they didn't need to?

Barebacking imageboards is dangerous for many people around the world.

They got expelled from >>>/zoo/

kill yourself officer

I feel bad for the children because their cry for help will be ignored and will suffer until they are dead.

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McFucking kill yourself

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Is it just the board in OP? Because there are a lot of boards that need to be shoah'd

partially why the kikes pushed for this

This is the serious part. Gone now, by /triforce/ was a board dedicated to directly linking to child pornography sites. Holla Forums is fucked.

They are going to shoah 8ch community. All they can do to kill uss off is post a cp in every boards. The mods can be jailed for kikes' sins.

Read the law and see for yourself.

kys pedo, young men should only pursue and breed with based MILF career womyn

access to is going to get fucked hard too. all evidence we collected on kikes and their shenanigans are going to get taken from our favorite archiving slavnigger

We are and the laws is designed to stop people from reporting the cps to the enforcement agencies.


Even shareblue will be crying as their services will no longer be needed

I know it could be used for that, but is there a proviso which gives the mods a reasonable amount of time to remove illicit images?

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How will they remove 1000 cps per day? They will need to 24/7 modding. Cp bots exist to destroy the sites. Give me a solution to destroy the cp bots to prevent websites from being shut down.

even if there was what would that do?

it's that fucking easy.

It shouldn't be a numerical value at all. Simply pre-pubescent = illegal. That's nature. Anybody misusing the word paedophile to mean anything other than "a person attracted to pre-pubescent children" is a blue-pilled faggot who is actually just helping real paedos eventually legalise paedophilia. They want the normal heterosexual attraction to young adults from puberty, that we have been biologically hard-wired with since the dawn of mankind, to be equated with paedophilia to make it easier to eventually legalise paedophilia.

t. pedo

Think outside of the box. That means more pedo-kikes to rape more children because no one will report them to the enforcement agencies. The children cry mustn't be ignored.

people have been fucking goats and sisters too, fuck off with your appeal to tradition and stop derailing.

Holla Forums already needs such moderating, just to counter the shills.

It will be interesting to see what they do. The glowniggers took the same approach to the bitcoin blockchain.

It's a derail post.


I've seen them unironically calling for it to be raised to 30.

Mods are fragile human, not inorganic bots so they can't keep deleting every microseconds.

dude, that makes total fucking sense now! This fosta faggotry will directly kill bitcoin too,

holey fuck

You mean indoctrinated and dumbed down by the cultural marxism pushed in school and the media? Those of us with IQs higher than blacks know your infantilising plan, shill.

hypocrisy desu.

That's called missing the forest for the trees. Also pre-pubuscent = illegal is a useless standard because kids can go through puberty at different ages, especially with xenoestrogens fucking up their hormones.

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Some 9 year olds are basically women though.

While some 17 year olds are basically children that haven't even started puberty.

It really depends on the woman. Age is arbitrary. We need a definition of a woman that is based on biological reality instead of age. I propose we make a law based on "has the woman started puberty yet" instead of what age she is.(Some 9 year olds are basically women)

Blue-pilled faggot.

Hey, fuck 100,000 years of tradition, it's THE CURRENT YEAR! And posting facts is derailing. The truth is no defence!

looks like >>>/8teen/ CP board was nuked, but I can still see threads, with tons of thumbnails missing…


I've literally never seen any. They would have to be mutants or something.

This thread is shilling hard.

This is gonna create a headache for us possibly, with no where else to be degenerates, they will stop by here and shitpost more often….

The ages don't vary that much and it would be obvious. If a guy was fucking a 5 year old he can't tell the police, let alone a judge "I thought she was an adult. I didn't know she was pre-pubescent!".

will you fucksticks stop taking such blatant bait and derailing the thread?

Ban vps would mean anyone will be banned. You are not bright user so do not assume the vpners are pedo.

Reminder this is a popular shill derail tactic. Almost guaranteed to split up a thread by suggesting fourth graders are fodder for breeding. If it starts to work, (((they))) inevitably post that picture of the farmer with his underage wife.

Ignore, filter, and report as pedo derailer.

and then Holla Forums get's deleted and 8ch goes with it

Why are you defending that pedo?



that was the plan all along

Yup so they can nuke 8ch community.

Read all of the posts.

Than I guess you can't see me calling you a faggot.

also filter, it's obvious these fags are working together or samefagging to derail.

we need to discuss an escape from this shit. Is there a bunker?

And the people will stop fighting to save the children.

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Oh yes they fucking do. Are you clueless or arguing that puberty should be the yardstick because you know exactly how much it can vary?

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are vpn's not already ranged banned on Holla Forums on a regular basis? vpn's aren't the answer because you can post images behind them. It defeats the purpose of an imageboard but the answer is to either block images and allow tor, like what happens now, or allow images from bannable ips, like what happens now. what this means though is that every single vpn provider will end up getting banned, which leaves only tor, and no images, which slows down information flow considerably.

No, you're trying to silence facts. You're most likely an actual paedo,a Comey-loving FBI agent or MI5 agent.

it should be obvious now how fast this place will get lit up with false flags once you know who signs this shit

Precocious puberty isn't proper puberty. It's a 5 year old that looks like a 5 year old but has started growing tits. Precocious puberty wouldn't be counted in my law.

They are trying to destroy this 8ch community so we must expose them. They really wanted to destroy this 8ch community by posting cps to punish the mods.

it's a dumb idea that does fuck-all. Any kike can get a pre-paid phone and post his underage niece that he's fucking. Then admins get v&


Do you even know how the ip works? You are not bright and stop using the red heading because you are behaving a like attention seeking roastie. This laws will be used to control the people that they don't like so that means you will be controlled by (((them))).


Pretty much the only censorship I support. I may be a surly cunt but I don't want the kiddos to be exploited.

I'm aware that there's no way to really say that without sounding like a total fag.

check the ID he's just derailing.

I take it you didn't read one post in this thread

Fuck you too, pal.

No I did not. Give me a tl;dr if you wouldn't mind.

The law doesn't protect the kids user. Please read the rest of the posts and the law so you can understand better.

There are probably less pregnant precocious pubescents than hermaphrodites. We don't accept trannies just because hermaphrodites exist. The fact is that no normal person would be sexually attracted to a 5 year old with precocious puberty. That's what I meant by proper puberty. Proper puberty makes someone sexually attractive to the opposite sex. (If they're not ugly.)

due to FOSTA admins will get v& for content posted by users without admins knowing, and bill is retro active so sites could be getting false flagged and logged right now for all we know.

It's the classic forum/imageboard slippery slope
You censor something, you might as well start searching the bunker when something bad happens
It happened 2 years ago with the canaryposting jim debacle, and it will happen again, especially if some retarded holohoax exposure law passes in stealth mode

also bitcoin already got false flagged with a hidden CP image planted, for which this new law will explicitly act on. Probably same for other cryptos as well, and literally any website google doesn't like.

admins are just users just like users on this board are just users, jim's gonna get v&, and he'll kill the site long before he allows that to happen. or turn it into one massive honeypot in exchange for not getting v&.

They didn't ban all the pedo boards. /ss/ still exists.

It's /l/ all over again.

But hang on, was this hentai or actual boys? What the fuck?

Doesn't Jim live in the Philippines? They don't give a shit about American laws.

yee, the Internet will be a whitelist with like, 5 kike approved websites only

I don't support any censorship at all, because that means information can be banned, and information is a weapon.
Shall not be infringed.
Have fun trying to convince people the kikes are evil after they make the evidence illegal to possess.

servers aren't in the phillipines and i'm pretty sure jim is still a U.S. citizen.

this, this is why there was no outcry over this, it's to the kike's advantage

The end goal of the kikes is turning the internet from two way to one-way.

This…we cannot tell them about the true facts of the kikes.

not even posses, if you own a site and you report a pedo IP, you'll get v&

They certainly do because the servers are in Commiefornia
And there's the Bas Dost standard among jannies/vols/mods

I thought the servers were in Japan?

So basically these niggers are going to use CP falseflagging to fuck with the internet/speech more?

When you think they can't go lower, they always find a way. Anyways, my bad. I just want to lynch kid fuckers so bad, man.

Your law would ultimately have to be based on a numerical age. Kids can enter biologically complete puberty as young as 5, and if your defense is "oh but they don't have tits so it doesn't count" then flat chested women would never count as post-pubescent. "Breeding age" is and always has been a pedo argument.

That act targets child trafficking especially.

Why is this a bad thing that pedos can't use Holla Forums?
Good riddance!

The problems with CLOUD and FOSTA is that those boards could compromise this board inadvertently.
I think that was the aim, but it surely is pointless now if all the pedo shit is removed.

It still does nothing about the dark net.

8ch's and 2ch's for that matter severs are hosted in the US.

if any of these matters then why staple "we must comply with U.S. laws" all over the site.

That is for 2ch.

what's ironic is that admins will get v& while pedos or false flagging CIAniggers will just keep migrating

Oh btw, here's John podesta abusing a kid.
Now illegal. Thanks FOSTA and Cloud.

Preparation for it's implementation.
I think it's better we crushed pedophilia now.

We don't want stupid kids on these forums making mistakes.

Podesta speech for comparison.

You dumb fucks.


stop feeding it

jesus any leaked emails involving kiddy shit will get sites shoah'd as well. bye bye wikileaks

No it wouldn't. People can tell who is pre-pubescent and who isn't. Like I said, a precocious pubescent 5 year old doesn't actually look pubescent, they just look like a 5 year old.

I agree. It's extreme depressing that the children are effectively silenced because no one will repor the child abuses to the enforcement agencies because they will be jailed for this law. It's impossible to report without being jailed now. Oh dear, the kikes are evil.

Is it?
The definition of "pornographic material" does not include things used for other purposes.
That's how you can take photos of your kids doing stupid shit in eskies and buckets as a memory. The type of use expected from the material is the issue.

Look fags i just fucking hope you all know cp isnt just exploitation of kids, its the ultimate weapon of choice to kill off any unwanted site, character assassination or kill off any community. Anyone that hoarded cp knows the risk of getting caught HOWEVER in return, they have a very powerful weapon they can use against ANYONE to ANYTHING.

Yeah, I'm gonna go with you're a pedo.

the way the law is written it's wide open. "and other purposes", it can be used for literally anything, the law has nothing to do with CP and the kikes that passed it know it.

Old mechanism, along with gore in the early days, that filters the weak and usually contributes in quality (by allowing them in containment boards and banning them in niche boards)
Asking that is surefire way to expose yourself as a newfag due to being well known years ago

you do know playboy had a 10yo girl posing nude, sexually, with the photographer explicitly saying the image was for sexual expression right? you seem to think kikes play on a level playing field.

But the use of the content in that context is not for illicit purposes. That's for whistleblowing purposes.
That should be expressly excluded in the act or otherwise interpreted in court to be that way.

Otherwise this act is just a blackmail act.

I'm going to go with you being a paedo if you can't tell the difference between a 5 year old and a 12 year old.

holy shit you think?

they'll be back
feds need honeypots

it's not
good luck with the kike judges on that one


Yeah, because we've had so much luck with the (((jewdicial))) system.
There's a reason why the kikes are celebrating this. I hope Holla Forums has some good steganography detection.

Actually, if the construction of the law is construed within it's intended purpose then it is very limited.
And that's how it will be interpreted in court.. though I haven't read how they construed any memorandums for the bill, etc.

CP does not filter the weak. It simply creates more pedos.

Recently? The law on this manner has changed since, say, the 70's/80's.

Is this a good or bad news to you? They will false flag bad goy website and get the admin and mods v&.

It's not just that which pisses me off, it's hiding behind kids - whom they're exploiting via false flagging with their pedo shit.

Save us, noble petrol merchant.

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the whole point of this bill is to avoid the use of a court. no court is needed, unless the website owner doesn't comply, then they go to jail.

Yeah, like the constant shill spam of black cuckold porn on cuckchan made you a cuckold, right?

you can still google the images and feds do fuckall about any server they're on. it's in god damn google image search. and when the girl grew up, she tried to sue the pedo. The judge ruled against her. Rulling said the mom allowed sexual expression therefore lol it's ok. I shit you not, google it.

the law doesn't apply to kikes

it's fucking ridiculous

Yup, pedo confirmed. You argue just like one. As slippery and dishonest as it gets.

he's probably going to be the faggot that false flags with site.

Why do you think they keep pushing for higher age laws and keep infantilising whites more and more? They want to keep our people stupid while their own children are treated as adults earlier (they even have a ceremony for it) and thus given the freedom to learn more. They haven't got higher IQs, they just try to stunt everybody else's because they can't compete on a level playing field.

I don't know how to explain the process to the retarded, but let's try
Containment/general boards get those weirdos and let them post along with the gorefags, making the weak go away
The not-so-weak but obsessed start posting, if they cross the line they get the zap, if any of the 2 groups with their respective sub-groups post in smaller/niche boards, they get the zap
I can understand anyone fresh off the boat won't understand this, risky but effective, strategy. Example: post dead jews and war victims and you will get a couple of weak fellers crying to the mods. Those same guys also rarely contribute.

It's an useful idiot method, unlike your fucked up Reddit migrant method

I'm saying it isn't.
Because the rules on interpreting the legislation would not permit that.

It goes against the purpose of preventing trafficking if you limit whistleblowers of said trafficking.

They cannot, without highly controversially incompetent judgement, with no regard to the rules of interpreting the law (statutory interpretation), make such a judgement.

This is why Trump's earlier legislation had trouble in the courts. There is always this conflict of the legislation made in government and the strict interpretation of courts through critically reviewed methods.

If a judge fucks up, he loses his job user.
And making a foul judgement that is grossly inaccurate to the methods of interpreting the law can lead to the case being rejected in review of it's merits.

8teen is literally a legal teen board. You can find much worse stuff on tumblr.
I hate this shit, you can't post any women unless they look like 30 year old used up hags.

the attitude towards Tor posters on this board has to change. EU user's are the one's who are going to get fucked the hardest and the fastest, jim will be forced to give information on a regular basis to the EU thought police on anyone posting here, with no U.S. warrant required. there is a real possibility they go to jail for wrongspeech by posting here.
there needs to be some balance between eliminating shilling and not destroying the only information coming out of these areas.

You've confirmed you're the paedo by being unable to tell the difference between a 5 year old and a 12 year old. Something which any normal heterosexual can do.

how about you read the fucking bill and quote where you're getting all this from.

I think it's Australia where porn is illegal if they look underage, even if they're in their 30s and can prove it.

Can you say God?

Yes, God hardwired us to be attracted to the opposite sex from the start of puberty (not counting "precocious puberty") and God can tell the difference between a 5 year old and a 12 year old.

Do not derail please. This thread is shilling hard.

We already got the proof of Jim saving data in that April 1st hack, what changes now? we even know he's ex-CIA, digital assets contractor and a freemason, along with having his offices near the embassy district

You are not bright. You should be worried about the kikes false flagging this by tell me "don't derail this thread". Clearly this thread isn't important to you.

If they make a shitty judgement, take it to review on the basis of the courts construction of the law.

It will go to court if they go beyond the scope of the interpretation.

The legislation only removes the need for cops to view the content. Prosecuting the content is another matter. If the content does not fit then the cops are liable to paying compensation for their negligent action.

Is it recent?
Because images judged in the past may still be allowable today.
What matters is the law at the time of the conduct. Though that still sounds fucky to me tbh.

the NSA/CIAniggers having the information and it being used on a regular basis by the average 300 pound blue haired thought pig in london as a matter of course are two completely different things

I want as little CP on the internet as possible. Child sexual assault ruins these children for life.

And if there are dumb kids on here, I don't want them falling into traps.

The older anons know. The gen z faggots haven't figured it out yet.

Except I never said anything even remotely like that. You're lying. I'm not surprised though considering pedo arguments are always based completely around deception.

Oh yeah, I'm sure that kike judge is really going to have a nice clear interpretation when it's some white guy in the dock.

This is what the jews do.

Then eliminate the sexual assault by gassing the kikes, you stupid fuck. You realize that almost all serial killers and child rapists are either kikes or crypto-kikes, right?


I just got banned 88 years lol.

I'm a mutant then. I didn't start puberty until 18. Literally had no pubic hair at all at 18, was completely prepubescent. It's rare but there are some who are like this and it's a thing in my own lineage to not be able to grow a beard until a male of my lineage is about 30 something years old. It absolutely sucks because it takes me so fucking long to grow up and the teenage pimpley phase drags out fucking forever but after that's eventually over it's good because people in my lineage easily live to be a hundred years old and we have more time to accumulate wealth and resources whereas normal people's biological clocks are ticking way faster and they have to get their shit together much earlier on or they're fucked.

Also when I say didn't start puberty at 18, I mean exactly that. I still haven't finished puberty and I'm getting into late 20s.

Good fuck those guys. Pedophilia is the one thing I absolutely refuse to tolerate under any and all circumstances.

A noble sentiment to say the least, but foolish if we take into account we need certain mechanisms to cull the meek that isn't 50 mods for every 100 users or banning everyone who disagrees with the majority in a trivial matter
And so far it worked from 2003 to 2013 and from 2014 to 2016, i don't like it either but we cannot force users to be mods and strangers to be mods, even when it happens from time to time (Holla Forums's BO)

No one wants pedos.

Lots of fucking used-up tradthots here today mad about guys wanting fresh virgin teen hotties and not them. I bet one of them is going to say that if you don't marry a white roastie and breed with her and support her useless ass you're a race traitor. Being against allowing teens to have sex with adults is dysgenics. Breeding with young girls makes the healthiest kids, and you need time to establish yourselves as a couple before taking on the responsibility of a kid, and that means several years of sex together.

kiddy porn can't be grandfathered. It's allowed because Hugh and everyone else involved was a kike

Attached: ha ha funnyyy.png (1000x1024, 540.74K)

this is why they were able to sneak this law in with zero resistance, and in the meantime destroy any capability for a website to compete with google,facebook,reddit,twitter,yelp,etc, and have an easy way to destroy competition to these megasites. the megasites are the only ones who are going to be able to afford to moderate their platforms and defend against constant legal issues, no small time website operator will ever be able to comply. All it takes is 1 kike to spam their site with CP and it's game over.

Then why are so many of you artificially creating so many of them by changing the definition of "child" to anyone under 50?

But user, that's too easy. :^)

He will, because statutory interpretation is fairly restricted. It's how bad lawyers lose their jobs. Incompetence by not being able to properly interpret legislation.

If anything SJWs like the kike puppets they are would be supportive of pedophilia.

Attached: average university student.png (500x341, 110.97K)

At least there's another poster on here with an IQ higher than a nigger.

Unfortunately this is not 2003.
This child abuse issue is a recent phenomenon. People fell asleep and now we're finally cracking down on it. That's the price of lighting the world and waking it from it's sleep.

so trust a kike judge and a kike lawyer?
Now I know you're not from here.

You are seriously too stupid for this board.

You know damn well there's a legal problem that made it possible.

yea they allow kikes to be judges. Go read up on the case


Buddy i don't know how to reply to you, i'm actually sorry for insulting you before because now i want you to explain that statement

Rule of law is dead, you stupid fuck.

Be careful browsing since the pedokikes and their allies (like Holla Forums's BO that spammed his own board with cp) will likely have a shit fit and spam every board and thread they can.

that will just kill the site after FOSTA takes effect

btw when I mean 'children' I mean prepubescent. Fuck off with your 'hur dur you just don't want adult men to be able to date teenage girls.' It's fucking dnc bullshit, most people here are fine with dating teenage girls WE JUST DON'T LIKE FUCKING PEDOS

go home reddit

It doesn't seem like "most" with all the faggots on here that think anyone under 25 is virtually a fetus.(Pedo argumentation)

Childhood -> Puberty -> Physical/Sexual Adulthood
An adult 'dating' a pubescent is degenerate due to the physical risks alone, as well as the mental/emotional/sexual deviancies that would arise.
Two kids playing "doctor," whatever.
Two teens fucking, their parents need to smack them but it shouldn't be illegal.
Some kike thinking it's a-ok to cruise by the middle school for 'poon' gets the rope.

I just checked

Why hasn't the worst pedo board on this chan been deleted yet?

CP of boys gets regularly posted on >>>/cuteboys/ but you've nuked a bunch of boards that don't even get CP posted on them.

The Gay Agenda strikes again. Mods are boyfuckers.

There isn't any evidence of this except fake (((studies))) from feminist-laden academia.

Why is this a bad thing that antifa can't use Holla Forums?
Why is this a bad thing that CIA niggers can't use Holla Forums?
Why is this a bad thing that furfags can't use Holla Forums?
Why is this a bad thing that nazis can't use Holla Forums?
Why is this a bad thing that diaper fetishists can't use Holla Forums?
Why is this a bad thing that zoophiles can't use Holla Forums?
Why is this a bad thing that druggies can't use Holla Forums?

ProTip: Holla Forums is a place for discussion if you have nobody to debate because you've banned everyone you don't like, then all that remains is silence, and you haven't actually lynched any of these undesirables or done anything at all to them, they will continue to be degenerates and you will have lost your chance to change minds.

Good. Fuck those degenerate faggots.

Attached: b.jpg (1278x673, 349.05K)

This was there plan all along. Jail the people who report their CP. All you guys who waste time reporting the FBI to the FBI are just getting yourselves vanned lol.

You exist because many if not most of your ancestors fucked girls who were 12 or in their early teens.

>There isn't any evidence of this except fake (((studies))) from feminist-laden academia.

In fact it's the opposite. Especially if they marry young.

You think if you look at CP you're going to become a pedophile?

Hmmmm… maybe pedophilia is natural then and all men are pedophiles.

Suppressing heterosexuality can cause sexual deviancy. Faggot.

i want our new mods to finally remove (((torah))) posters

Attached: 1517003384051.jpg (900x696, 291.39K)

Nice, fucking finally I hope now roscomnadzor unblock access to this site for my fellow Rusbros.

Not this radical but sums it up well enough
We shouldn't busily engage in heaping up our own funeral pyre

Youtube is the biggest pedo ring around. I got my own underage lolita GF off of youtube lol. Kids are scared of Holla Forums. Oh all these kids btw are self-producing CP of their own accord all the time and mostly trading it with other kids. The only thing that ruins kids lives is the hysteria of people like you.

all this astroturf shilling. do not ignore the ramifications of this bill. all they have to do now is spam Holla Forums with CP and it's game over for 8ch and any other imageboard or site that doesn't want to put up tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees.

Semites and non-whites and degenerates are behind all the kidfucking and a bunch of moralfaggotry over CP isn't going to unrape nor prevent further rapes of kids anymore than a bunch of moralfaggotry over gore is going to make undead any of the people in the gore.

Wow just wow.

in your dreams pedofuck.

Attached: 2532q2.PNG (278x330, 229.71K)

mmm, who fucking knew the 'think of the children' argument would convince moralfags and pass the law easy? You did it for yourselves normies. Now cp hoarders has more control which websites should be nuked.


Not a mutant because I inherited these traits. I would be a mutant if this spontaneously arised with me but I have ancestors like this. Do you even genetics?

Attached: 3be52a5cf3e7225f577b8f6f89a70651c3671e47e3cdc002dff023cb3c934dde.gif (500x281, 1.32M)

Yes you are more concerned about a white 20 something year old man fucking his 15 year old white gf than you are about your own wife getting blacked.

If only people had this same attitude towards miscegenation but no… fucking niggers is ok but having a teenage wife is not, even though for most of European history teenage wives were the norm, and this constant push to raise the age of consent is nothing but a ploy to destroy the genetic integrity and health and birthrates of the white race.

Attached: 0bbfddc9c03fc4bd3a3e23af32ea82fc7add863410095522d433d8c3fe46b60e.gif (2000x1153, 365.09K)

It's a valid point, but I still hate the pedo faggots on Holla Forums. They've fucking ruined that board.

Where did the drastic raising of the age of consent come from? Feminists. Where did feminism come from?

dont trigger me moralfag, with this law, little girls can shut this board down and anywhere else where kikes feel like it. And nupol supports this knowing pedo death squads makes you ejaculate one day and get shut down in the next when they attack.

Silence, torfag. That's obviously not what he said.

Attached: 1d32bf7fec6d3cbce04409dd49ceaeb4171691931c5eec70e4040a51a66e3c31.gif (300x318, 116.33K)

They support fucking little boys but not fucking little girls because that makes feminists mad as fuck when men prefer little girls over them.

This needs to be addressed. Why do only boards focused on white girls get deleted by nobody gives a shit about white boys?

This. Also firstborn were prized above all else and for good reason. The other children aren't as high quality as the firstborn.

Attached: angry_merchant_rabbi.gif (322x395, 142.45K)

You do that and I'll just spam CP on VPN until I get my right to post triggering text via Tor at you.

What do you want more, actual CP, or merely triggering written text?

Oh you should suggest making accounts and requiring phone verification and birth IDs for everyone to post too while you're at it.

(((torah))) users for you. BAN TORPEDOS

Attached: 6875467897890789.gif (576x360, 2.21M)

nice meme pedofaggot kys

ya that's a great fucking idea, tor users already can't post images, which is fine, but now let's ban all tor and vpn users by default, the only countermeasure to people getting literally arrested for wrongthink in any country that isn't the united states, because now jim is going to be sending IP logs to these countries on a daily basis due to this law, you fucking idiot.


Attached: joseph-goebbels-propaganda.gif (400x349, 2.83M)

Attached: 1ede6a05d3115df05c01183bbc0a47f17fcfbfa46e6af18778d09f0761d8db18.gif (615x346, 3.63M)

-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE-----Hash: SHA512Maybe I'll just ask for that vol position then after all.-----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE-----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lBs6-----END PGP SIGNATURE-----

[email protected]

CP spammers use phone networks to do it, retard. Tor posters can't even post images.

Attached: 1466049310132.gif (500x500, 1.71M)

We actually should ban bare IPs. If an IP is detected as not being some kind of proxy it shouldn't be allowed to post. This should be done to protect the privacy of the users.

Look how the torpedo is threatening us


you sound like someone who knows too much about this kind of st-
>sees his (((torah))) id

Attached: 1468505253235-0.gif (600x600, 450.05K)

The fuck is that autism you just posted supposed to mean Mr. Hackerman?

you better stop using intel processors and chromium and firefox and half of the linux software repository because it's ran by ((())). this is further kike propaganda designed to discourage Tor use. Tor is nothing but a tool, and they don't run all the nodes, or have any capability of running all of the nodes. It's in the kikes best interest to keep some communication traffic private so they can hide amongst it, but it doesn't mean the tool shouldn't be used.

Fucking goyim.

Nothing of your concern.

You sound like someone who wants to stop tor posters from leaking redpills that could get your tribe in trouble.

Remember one thing. Nothing is permanent. Pedos go where they will. Going to keep hunting them as I have since 1998. If this board dies, it will be somewhere else, and somewhere else. Forever. It may be a losing battle but I sleep well at night knowing how many pedos are being bullied in prison.

codemonkey and by proxy jim himself is already giving a dogwhistle that ip logging is now in full effect, "Never bareback any imageboard.", linking to Tor, why do you think that is? no that's right nobody listen to this, nobody even consider using a vpn or tor or any method of anonymity after the passage of this ridiculous anti-privacy law, otherwise you must be a kike. Nobody should consider any bunkers either, zeronet, retroshare, gpg communications, tox, alternative imageboards incase of 8ch shoah, no, nobody dare consider these things, everyone just ignore that anything happened at all and keep posting bareback on 8ch talking about gassing the jews when that mere message is illegal in the entire EU and kikes keep trying to get legislation passed making it illegal in the U.S. everyday too.

Yeah, but, why would you care? This is a board of peace. If you want privacy talk about matters around the table.

even better you should continue posting bareback, just make sure you self censor, you wouldn't want anything to catch you speaking wrongspeak, but tor and vpn's are bad, so just don't say anything, that's the true way to fight the good fight, just stay silent.

I really don't care. This is a late round move by a failing team. Throw all the flags on the field they like, they are still never going to realize what game they are in.

The best thing about Tor is the more people use and the more people also use it for normal stuff the better anonymity for everyone on the network.

All you should switch the fuck over to Tor already.

Only cat pictures and talk of the weather for you then.

There needs to be a "bitchan", a bit torrent-like imageboard that's impossible to censor.

Nah, I'll still be reposting survival infographs. This is just all going to be up there like a letter of the law thing if they decide to take someone down. Too bad I have a better law dog.

Good. I was starting to feel weird about posting here….

Attached: milkers.jpg (1080x961, 123.55K)

They really are losing gas.

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (900x595, 1.27M)

Prepare to get vanned then you survivalist scum goy. Only racists try to survive.

I don't care. Again. I've dealt with the IRS and everyone on account of elder family. Me and my law dog have a box of crayons for them.

So is this why /8teen/'s catalog is fucked?

Attached: 00kysymysmerkki.jpg (542x800, 54.61K)


Good on you, user.
So many people are scared of the rothskikes/IMF/IRS and think paying them is good. It's pathetically hilarious. I should really make an OP about this all.
Sad part is 99% of Holla Forums has not taken the law redpill and learned to lawfag.
Being Sovereign is great for ones' own stress levels.

Damn right, the law dogs are ready to fight even just for that. My dog is a bull now. I don't think most anons have gotten in trouble. I got off on a citizens arrest


Attached: 1517269809880.png (1268x1645 177.58 KB, 582.27K)

Great news. Good for publicity and morality.

Age of consent on Holla Forums is u mom gay.

The law is designed to destroy the websites that (((they))) dislike, not to protect the children. Please read the law first and make your judgement.

Dude, keep your weird fetishes to yourself.

Attached: GEE BILL.jpg (800x813, 100.93K)

daily reminder that the vast majority of trafficked children are exploited for factory work, not sex:

Dirty dancing and dirty driving is what, is derelict.
Just a
in my deep down parts. Can't be sated by anything else. I am nobody to look up to regarding wheel discipline.

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (640x489, 202.81K)


Children mustn't be silenced so don't let the kikes away with it.

Ever feel like you've been here before? I truly do right now, with how this is spanning out.

I'm italian, I don't give a fuck.
We got like 3 cops in the whole region and they're too busy being neutered that hunt a random neet on the internet.

Laws are made to be broken.

Especially about hunting pedos. Gun laws, road rules. If you are not driving aggressively you are not living.

Welcome to the Internet. Have a seat and keep quiet. You have a lot to learn, faggot.

Most of the boards taken down were the ones where private nudes have been posted, just look at the board frequently mentioned on >>>/dmca/ and look how many are still active.

Today mods weren't fags. The only question is, what took so long?

Not another ignorant user who knew nothing about the law. They are doing this to stop 8ch from getting nuked because the law can be used to blackmail or shutdown the website hosters.

Nice work.
And no I don't think many have been on the wrong side of things, sadly.


Will YT be persecuted for els*gate videos on the children's channel - app?

Attached: jay-qube.png (590x421, 197.48K)

that'll be the day

We should report that to the agencies constantly.

If you want true free speech go sit on the darkweb. The laws on the books are stringent as fuck, none profits go around hunting you disgusting pedo's. I dislike your attempt at trying to label Holla Forums as pedo supporters or if even tolerated you fuckers in the slightest. Years ago under hotwheels these posts might have simply been not deleted so long as it didn't show pedophilia the discussion itself were allowed to remain to much protest and disapproval of the board itself.

Attached: jew pedos.jpg (515x790 251.38 KB, 92.97K)

The second picture is why we should ban the kikes.

Is Slut Shaming illegal now too? All these were deleted:

Pretty sure porn blackmail etc already was they're just pulling a CYA no doubt.

It's not illegal but those revenge porn boards generated a LOT of DMCA takedowns.

99% of copyright takedown requests came from those boards.


You sure it's not illegal?
I'm pretty sure they made bills recently in burger land.
Seems I'm partially right;


Attached: greed.jpg (600x450, 50.57K)


FOSTA doesn't cover revenge porn. It's limited to sex trafficking/prostitution. It's still the responsibility of the poster and whatever local laws applies to him. Holla Forums only need to remove it when they get a proper DMCA/legal takedown. 47 U.S.C. § 230 still protects Holla Forums in this case.

I agree but didn't say FOSTA, I was meaning state law makes revenge porn illegal in 38 jurisdictions, so they may have also done these at the same time for covering their asses.

FOSTA hasn't been tried out in the courts yet. I'm sure Holla Forums doesn't want to be a test case on revenge porn prosecutions.

California (where Holla Forums is hosted) has a revenge law:

loli is also explicitly illegal in many us states, and the loli/shota boards are still here. i dont think this has anything to do with laws and more to do with site admins simply no longer abiding pedo boards. its not exactly the first time the boards have been purged.

wouldnt just enforcing a rule that pedo boards be text only more or less solve the issue?

it's not limited to a single fucking thing. read the bill again



This division may be cited as the ``Clarifying Lawful Overseas Use
of Data Act or the ``CLOUD Act.


Congress finds the following:
(1) Timely access to electronic data held by
communications-service providers is an essential component of
government efforts to protect public safety and combat serious
crime, including terrorism.
(2) Such efforts by the United States Government are being
impeded by the inability to access data stored outside the
United States that is in the custody, control, or possession of
communications-service providers that are subject to
jurisdiction of the United States.
(3) Foreign governments also increasingly seek access to
electronic data held by communications-service providers in the
United States for the purpose of combating serious crime.
(4) Communications-service providers face potential
conflicting legal obligations when a foreign government orders
production of electronic data that United States law may
prohibit providers from disclosing.
(5) Foreign law may create similarly conflicting legal
obligations when chapter 121 of title 18, United States Code
(commonly known as the `` Stored Communications Act''),
requires disclosure of electronic data that foreign law
prohibits communications-service providers from disclosing.
(6) International agreements provide a mechanism for
resolving these potential conflicting legal obligations where
the United States and the relevant foreign government share a
common commitment to the rule of law and the protection of
privacy and civil liberties.


(a) Required Preservation and Disclosure of Communications and
(1) Amendment.–Chapter 121 of title 18, United States
Code, is amended by adding at the end the following:
``Sec. 2713. Required preservation and disclosure of communications and
``A provider of electronic communication service or remote
computing service shall comply with the obligations of this chapter to
preserve, backup, or disclose the contents of a wire or electronic
communication and any record or other information pertaining to a
customer or subscriber within such provider's possession, custody, or
control, regardless of whether such communication, record, or other
information is located within or outside of the United States.''.
(2) Table of sections.–The table of sections for chapter
121 of title 18, United States Code, is amended by inserting
after the item relating to section 2712 the following:

``2713. Required preservation and disclosure of communications and
(b) Comity Analysis of Legal Process Seeking Contents of Wire or
Electronic Communication.–Section 2703 of title 18, United States
Code, is amended by adding at the end the following:
``(h) Comity Analysis and Disclosure of Information Regarding Legal
Process Seeking Contents of Wire or Electronic Communication.–
``(1) Definitions.–In this subsection–
``(A) the term `qualifying foreign government'
means a foreign government–
``(i) with which the United States has an
executive agreement that has entered into force
under section 2523; and
``(ii) the laws of which provide to
electronic communication service providers and
remote computing service providers substantive
and procedural opportunities similar to those
provided under paragraphs (2) and (5); and
``(B) the term `United States person' has the
meaning given the term in section 2523.
``(2) Motions to quash or modify.–(A) A provider of
electronic communication service to the public or remote
computing service, including a foreign electronic communication
service or remote computing service, that is being required to
disclose pursuant to legal process issued under this section
the contents of a wire or electronic communication of a
subscriber or customer, may file a motion to modify or quash
the legal process where the provider reasonably believes–
``(i) that the customer or subscriber is not a
United States person and does not reside in the United
States; and
``(ii) that the required disclosure would create a
material risk that the provider would violate the laws
of a qualifying foreign government.
Such a motion shall be filed not later than 14 days
after the date on which the provider was served with
the legal process, absent agreement with the government
or permission from the court to extend the deadline
based on an application made within the 14 days. The
right to move to quash is without prejudice to any
other grounds to move to quash or defenses thereto, but
it shall be the sole basis for moving to quash on the
grounds of a conflict of law related to a qualifying
foreign government.
``(B) Upon receipt of a motion filed pursuant to
subparagraph (A), the court shall afford the governmental
entity that applied for or issued the legal process under this
section the opportunity to respond. The court may modify or
quash the legal process, as appropriate, only if the court
finds that–

I have no issue with text only. Still free speech and keeps everyone happy.
Problem is when kikes make a new law for 'collaboration' or some shit.

``(i) the required disclosure would cause the
provider to violate the laws of a qualifying foreign
``(ii) based on the totality of the circumstances,
the interests of justice dictate that the legal process
should be modified or quashed; and
``(iii) the customer or subscriber is not a United
States person and does not reside in the United States.
``(3) Comity analysis.–For purposes of making a
determination under paragraph (2)(B)(ii), the court shall take
into account, as appropriate–
``(A) the interests of the United States, including
the investigative interests of the governmental entity
seeking to require the disclosure;
``(B) the interests of the qualifying foreign
government in preventing any prohibited disclosure;
``(C) the likelihood, extent, and nature of
penalties to the provider or any employees of the
provider as a result of inconsistent legal requirements
imposed on the provider;
``(D) the location and nationality of the
subscriber or customer whose communications are being
sought, if known, and the nature and extent of the
subscriber or customer's connection to the United
States, or if the legal process has been sought on
behalf of a foreign authority pursuant to section 3512,
the nature and extent of the subscriber or customer's
connection to the foreign authority's country;
``(E) the nature and extent of the provider's ties
to and presence in the United States;
``(F) the importance to the investigation of the
information required to be disclosed;
``(G) the likelihood of timely and effective access
to the information required to be disclosed through
means that would cause less serious negative
consequences; and
``(H) if the legal process has been sought on
behalf of a foreign authority pursuant to section 3512,
the investigative interests of the foreign authority
making the request for assistance.
``(4) Disclosure obligations during pendency of
challenge.–A service provider shall preserve, but not be
obligated to produce, information sought during the pendency of
a motion brought under this subsection, unless the court finds
that immediate production is necessary to prevent an adverse
result identified in section 2705(a)(2).
``(5) Disclosure to qualifying foreign government.–(A) It
shall not constitute a violation of a protective order issued
under section 2705 for a provider of electronic communication
service to the public or remote computing service to disclose
to the entity within a qualifying foreign government,
designated in an executive agreement under section 2523, the
fact of the existence of legal process issued under this
section seeking the contents of a wire or electronic
communication of a customer or subscriber who is a national or
resident of the qualifying foreign government.
``(B) Nothing in this paragraph shall be construed to
modify or otherwise affect any other authority to make a motion
to modify or quash a protective order issued under section

(c) Rule of Construction.–Nothing in this section, or an amendment
made by this section, shall be construed to modify or otherwise affect
the common law standards governing the availability or application of
comity analysis to other types of compulsory process or to instances of
compulsory process issued under section 2703 of title 18, United States
Code, as amended by this section, and not covered under subsection
(h)(2) of such section 2703.


Title 18, United States Code, is amended–
(1) in chapter 119–
(A) in section 2511(2), by adding at the end the
``(j) It shall not be unlawful under this chapter for a provider of
electronic communication service to the public or remote computing
service to intercept or disclose the contents of a wire or electronic
communication in response to an order from a foreign government that is
subject to an executive agreement that the Attorney General has
determined and certified to Congress satisfies section 2523.''; and
(B) in section 2520(d), by amending paragraph (3)
to read as follows:
``(3) a good faith determination that section 2511(3),
2511(2)(i), or 2511(2)(j) of this title permitted the conduct
complained of;'';
(2) in chapter 121–
(A) in section 2702–
(i) in subsection (b)–
(I) in paragraph (8), by striking
the period at the end and inserting ``;
or''; and
(II) by adding at the end the
``(9) to a foreign government pursuant to an order from a
foreign government that is subject to an executive agreement
that the Attorney General has determined and certified to
Congress satisfies section 2523.''; and
(ii) in subsection (c)–
(I) in paragraph (5), by striking
``or'' at the end;
(II) in paragraph (6), by striking
the period at the end and inserting ``;
or''; and
(III) by adding at the end the
``(7) to a foreign government pursuant to an order from a
foreign government that is subject to an executive agreement
that the Attorney General has determined and certified to
Congress satisfies section 2523.''; and
(B) in section 2707(e), by amending paragraph (3)
to read as follows:
``(3) a good faith determination that section 2511(3),
section 2702(b)(9), or section 2702(c)(7) of this title
permitted the conduct complained of;''; and
(3) in chapter 206–
(A) in section 3121(a), by inserting before the
period at the end the following: ``or an order from a
foreign government that is subject to an executive
agreement that the Attorney General has determined and
certified to Congress satisfies section 2523''; and
(B) in section 3124–
(i) by amending subsection (d) to read as

``(d) No Cause of Action Against a Provider Disclosing Information
Under This Chapter.–No cause of action shall lie in any court against
any provider of a wire or electronic communication service, its
officers, employees, agents, or other specified persons for providing
information, facilities, or assistance in accordance with a court order
under this chapter, request pursuant to section 3125 of this title, or
an order from a foreign government that is subject to an executive
agreement that the Attorney General has determined and certified to
Congress satisfies section 2523.''; and
(ii) by amending subsection (e) to read as
``(e) Defense.–A good faith reliance on a court order under this
chapter, a request pursuant to section 3125 of this title, a
legislative authorization, a statutory authorization, or a good faith
determination that the conduct complained of was permitted by an order
from a foreign government that is subject to executive agreement that
the Attorney General has determined and certified to Congress satisfies
section 2523, is a complete defense against any civil or criminal
action brought under this chapter or any other law.''.


(a) In General.–Chapter 119 of title 18, United States Code, is
amended by adding at the end the following:
``Sec. 2523. Executive agreements on access to data by foreign
``(a) Definitions.–In this section–
``(1) the term `lawfully admitted for permanent residence'
has the meaning given the term in section 101(a) of the
Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1101(a)); and
``(2) the term `United States person' means a citizen or
national of the United States, an alien lawfully admitted for
permanent residence, an unincorporated association a
substantial number of members of which are citizens of the
United States or aliens lawfully admitted for permanent
residence, or a corporation that is incorporated in the United
``(b) Executive Agreement Requirements.–For purposes of this
chapter, chapter 121, and chapter 206, an executive agreement governing
access by a foreign government to data subject to this chapter, chapter
121, or chapter 206 shall be considered to satisfy the requirements of
this section if the Attorney General, with the concurrence of the
Secretary of State, determines, and submits a written certification of
such determination to Congress, including a written certification and
explanation of each consideration in paragraphs (1), (2), (3), and (4),
``(1) the domestic law of the foreign government, including
the implementation of that law, affords robust substantive and
procedural protections for privacy and civil liberties in light
of the data collection and activities of the foreign government
that will be subject to the agreement, if–
``(A) such a determination under this section takes
into account, as appropriate, credible information and
expert input; and

``(B) the factors to be met in making such a
determination include whether the foreign government–
``(i) has adequate substantive and
procedural laws on cybercrime and electronic
evidence, as demonstrated by being a party to
the Convention on Cybercrime, done at Budapest
November 23, 2001, and entered into force
January 7, 2004, or through domestic laws that
are consistent with definitions and the
requirements set forth in chapters I and II of
that Convention;
``(ii) demonstrates respect for the rule of
law and principles of nondiscrimination;
``(iii) adheres to applicable international
human rights obligations and commitments or
demonstrates respect for international
universal human rights, including–
``(I) protection from arbitrary and
unlawful interference with privacy;
``(II) fair trial rights;
``(III) freedom of expression,
association, and peaceful assembly;
``(IV) prohibitions on arbitrary
arrest and detention; and
``(V) prohibitions against torture
and cruel, inhuman, or degrading
treatment or punishment;
``(iv) has clear legal mandates and
procedures governing those entities of the
foreign government that are authorized to seek
data under the executive agreement, including
procedures through which those authorities
collect, retain, use, and share data, and
effective oversight of these activities;
``(v) has sufficient mechanisms to provide
accountability and appropriate transparency
regarding the collection and use of electronic
data by the foreign government; and
``(vi) demonstrates a commitment to promote
and protect the global free flow of information
and the open, distributed, and interconnected
nature of the Internet;
``(2) the foreign government has adopted appropriate
procedures to minimize the acquisition, retention, and
dissemination of information concerning United States persons
subject to the agreement;
``(3) the terms of the agreement shall not create any
obligation that providers be capable of decrypting data or
limitation that prevents providers from decrypting data; and
``(4) the agreement requires that, with respect to any
order that is subject to the agreement–
``(A) the foreign government may not intentionally
target a United States person or a person located in
the United States, and shall adopt targeting procedures
designed to meet this requirement;
``(B) the foreign government may not target a non-
United States person located outside the United States
if the purpose is to obtain information concerning a
United States person or a person located in the United
``(C) the foreign government may not issue an order
at the request of or to obtain information to provide
to the United States Government or a third-party
government, nor shall the foreign government be
required to share any information produced with the
United States Government or a third-party government;
``(D) an order issued by the foreign government–

``(i) shall be for the purpose of obtaining
information relating to the prevention,
detection, investigation, or prosecution of
serious crime, including terrorism;
``(ii) shall identify a specific person,
account, address, or personal device, or any
other specific identifier as the object of the
``(iii) shall be in compliance with the
domestic law of that country, and any
obligation for a provider of an electronic
communications service or a remote computing
service to produce data shall derive solely
from that law;
``(iv) shall be based on requirements for a
reasonable justification based on articulable
and credible facts, particularity, legality,
and severity regarding the conduct under
``(v) shall be subject to review or
oversight by a court, judge, magistrate, or
other independent authority prior to, or in
proceedings regarding, enforcement of the
order; and
``(vi) in the case of an order for the
interception of wire or electronic
communications, and any extensions thereof,
shall require that the interception order–
``(I) be for a fixed, limited
duration; and
``(II) may not last longer than is
reasonably necessary to accomplish the
approved purposes of the order; and
``(III) be issued only if the same
information could not reasonably be
obtained by another less intrusive
``(E) an order issued by the foreign government may
not be used to infringe freedom of speech;
``(F) the foreign government shall promptly review
material collected pursuant to the agreement and store
any unreviewed communications on a secure system
accessible only to those persons trained in applicable
``(G) the foreign government shall, using
procedures that, to the maximum extent possible, meet
the definition of minimization procedures in section
101 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of
1978 (50 U.S.C. 1801), segregate, seal, or delete, and
not disseminate material found not to be information
that is, or is necessary to understand or assess the
importance of information that is, relevant to the
prevention, detection, investigation, or prosecution of
serious crime, including terrorism, or necessary to
protect against a threat of death or serious bodily
harm to any person;

What is revenge porn?

So if it's not in their possession, e.g. not recorded, then it doesn't have to be given.
8ch is fine.

``(H) the foreign government may not disseminate
the content of a communication of a United States
person to United States authorities unless the
communication may be disseminated pursuant to
subparagraph (G) and relates to significant harm, or
the threat thereof, to the United States or United
States persons, including crimes involving national
security such as terrorism, significant violent crime,
child exploitation, transnational organized crime, or
significant financial fraud;
``(I) the foreign government shall afford
reciprocal rights of data access, to include, where
applicable, removing restrictions on communications
service providers, including providers subject to
United States jurisdiction, and thereby allow them to
respond to valid legal process sought by a governmental
entity (as defined in section 2711) if foreign law
would otherwise prohibit communications-service
providers from disclosing the data;
``(J) the foreign government shall agree to
periodic review of compliance by the foreign government
with the terms of the agreement to be conducted by the
United States Government; and
``(K) the United States Government shall reserve
the right to render the agreement inapplicable as to
any order for which the United States Government
concludes the agreement may not properly be invoked.
``(c) Limitation on Judicial Review.–A determination or
certification made by the Attorney General under subsection (b) shall
not be subject to judicial or administrative review.
``(d) Effective Date of Certification.–
``(1) Notice.–Not later than 7 days after the date on
which the Attorney General certifies an executive agreement
under subsection (b), the Attorney General shall provide notice
of the determination under subsection (b) and a copy of the
executive agreement to Congress, including–
``(A) the Committee on the Judiciary and the
Committee on Foreign Relations of the Senate; and
``(B) the Committee on the Judiciary and the
Committee on Foreign Affairs of the House of
``(2) Entry into force.–An executive agreement that is
determined and certified by the Attorney General to satisfy the
requirements of this section shall enter into force not earlier
than the date that is 180 days after the date on which notice
is provided under paragraph (1), unless Congress enacts a joint
resolution of disapproval in accordance with paragraph (4).
``(3) Requests for information.–Upon request by the
Chairman or Ranking Member of a congressional committee
described in paragraph (1), the head of an agency shall
promptly furnish a summary of factors considered in determining
that the foreign government satisfies the requirements of this

I think pedo boards should stay off the site. Text board only or not.

Holla Forums also purged a lot of "shame" and "revenge porn" boards in the purge. See:

wrong bill bro. you should read what you're posting

this is the bill, fosta was merged into this to become the cloud act as far as I know.

Again, revenge porn is illegal in California.
Holla Forums has to follow state law and federal law.
Because servers are in California, they go by California law, which has a statute against revenge porn.

Well there you have it.
Not to mention stops cloud being of much effect with the other parts of data shovelling.


then they should probably hurry up and get rid of the loli boards as loli is illegal in cali as well

it doesn't stop anything, once the request is made they have to start preserving the logs, and 8ch does generate ip logs, if the ip's are hashed then the salt has to be preserved.

No one cares about loli.
Women do care about their pictures being spread online.
Just look at >>>/delete/ and you'll see why. 90% of those DMCA takedown notices are for those very boards.

So basically that fancy laptop shit that hotwheels had before.

What a wier time to live in.

congrats! You're just like cuckchan and reddit

shit tons of people care about loli. if it's illegal then its in the site's best interests to dump it.

ya sunshine, as in recording the ip of every post in every thread, except being dumped 10 times a month to any government that requests it, and including the ip addresses of anyone who has viewed the thread.

I might be wrong, but I think the supreme court ruled that pornographic drawings are constitutionally protected as long as it's not photo-realistic (indistinguishable from a real person). State loli laws don't matter anymore.

Even if that's the case, it's low priority for law enforcement, whereas real women calling real people and bugging the fuck out of everyone with lawyers and legal threats are much more likely to get the site shut down.

So really a 2nd canary is needed.

lol, talk about cucked, for all the shit you faggots talk you're all taking orders from the worst state, a state in which you same faggots constantly talk shit about on a daily basis

It's the law, regardless of what I think or believe should be done. You don't comply, the whole website goes down.

there's already a 2nd canary, at the top of the page on every board.
"Never bareback any imageboard."

Attached: canary.png (497x92, 5.02K)

were real women bugging the fuck out of everyone over the pedo boards?

regardless, its a higher priority for lea to focus on illegal pictures being posted than completely legal text.


the point is to get it in widespread use.
a watchlist doesn't mean much if half the country is on it.

With FOSTA, it doesn't matter if it's just text or pictures or whatever.
Craigslist and Backpage ads were mostly text. Now because of that law, text is enough to fuck you over. And the law explicitly says this:

To amend the Communications Act of 1934 to clarify that section 230 of such Act does not prohibit the enforcement against providers and users of interactive computer services of Federal and State criminal and civil law relating to sexual exploitation of children or sex trafficking, and for other purposes.

sexual exploitation of children
sex trafficking
and for other purposes

and for other purposes

They're not wrong to be pissed off over at Holla Forums about it. Usually, pedos are the canary of freedom anywhere on the internet. However, the fault lies with the governments for ramping up the war on free speech, not with any defensive actions taken by websites.

It is better to have less free speech than none at all, after all.

Neither of you understand what you are talking about and need to learn to read.

I'm gettin' real tired of these slaver fucks.
Shouldn't they be making a law that not liking kikes is bad or some such?

The problem is that everything is going to be illegal. We have to stop these corrupt governments that want to make it illegal to do anything, basically.

Until a court decides what and for other purposes means, it's 2025.

Read it yourself if you don't believe it.


Or lower the age to marry to 16 but have it be so the age range at that age is 16-18 and allow sex for married couples but make premarital sex only legal for 21+. That way you’ll raise the amount and quality of marriages, raise white birth rates, stop coal burners and roasties from fucking, completely shut down or severely cripple the LGBTQQPRTBBBRRRRAAAAAAPPPP fags by making it impossible for them to develop develop degenerate behaviors early on and stop Lamalinini and Le-a from having 17 nigger babies.

hate to break it to you bud but in most states setting the marriageable age to 16 would be raising it.

Also, fucking read this.
It's an ex post facto law, absolutely unconstitutional. But it needs to be challenged and that shit takes a long time. Until then, every website that wants to stay online must comply.

Read it and weep:
(b) Effective date.—The amendments made by this section shall take effect on the date of the enactment of this Act, and the amendment made by subsection (a) shall apply regardless of whether the conduct alleged occurred, or is alleged to have occurred, before, on, or after such date of enactment.

If you don't comply, you can be sued to pieces and prosecuted. You're facing 10-25 years for operating a website where someone posted something illegal under FOSTA. This law is so fucking retarded.

It's kind of funny, the DOJ told congress FOSTA would make it MORE difficult to catch traffikers and they passed it anyway.

This bill started after the feds were embarrassed after arresting the backpage owners and the case falling apart because of 47 U.S.C. § 230.

Jokes aside, this is how a genuinely butthurt pedo posts like

Attached: SODOMITES.png (837x683, 719.63K)

How much for the site with hardware and the domain?

If it's reasonable, it would be feasible to purchase the site and establish a foreign host. But we'd need a number to start negotiating with.

Attached: 1444393365594.png (148x265, 59.08K)

Why waifuist is still up?

Sad. The United States used to be place to host websites because of Section 230. I'm guessing more companies will start using non-US hosts.

All I know is that the /waifuist/ BO has connections with the global mods or some shit like that, just like /monster/ BO.
I have no proof about the waifuist BO though.

Attached: board_owner_of_⁄monster⁄.jpg (923x426, 105.98K)

does it even matter? if your a US citizen your still going to get fucked, it doesn't matter where your servers are.

waifuist was only board with activity before gamergate and the fappening. And they have strict rules about sexual comments, etc. I think it's against the rules to even write 'pedo' there.

Attached: 4523af89498926b63797d66bdf127485479f2f9635bc3c916667de4cd3b8fcdd.png (900x781, 89.84K)

Look at those perving on a 15yo ass.

this shit is nuts, is that all there is to the law?

how are you supposed to run a site with any significant userbase where people can communicate with eachother and have this not happen. how many whores prositute themselves out on twitter every single day, or discord, no amount of moderation will eliminate it all.

the keywords seem to be
"with the intent to promote or facilitate the prostitution of another person" so that's what has to be proved, and what is going to take tens of thousands in legal fees to defend against every single time a claim is made.

what's the intent? the fact that moderation is lacking? is the lack or insufficient amount of moderation on something an endorsement of something and therefore intent?

again, this is where twitter and google kikes will never loose with their teams of lawyers, and some random dude running an imageboard or an IRC server or any other communication medium with no legal team is going to get fucked.

You deserve to rot in a bog.

Attached: vietmeme.jpeg (680x621, 67.56K)

Why do you think big tech companies were behind the bill?
First, no one wants to oppose stopping sex trafficking ("it's for the children!").
Second, they make it harder for competitors to emerge because they would need to hire a lot of people to moderate user-created content or die.

I read that some are concerned that FOSTA will lead to LESS moderation. If companies don't moderate, then they aren't knowingly allowing prostitution/sex trafficking. They will only moderate when legally required to: DMCA/Legal Notice.

You can't have one without the other.

It might lead to overmoderation when reported to avoid any liability and undermoderation when not reported.
Also, creating filters and whitelists/blacklists might make website operators liable too because then you would be "editing" posts. When a moderator edits a post, he owns it. If he removes a portion of it, but the rest of the post could still be construed as illegal, then he becomes liable for the post as well.

They really didn't think this one through. And don't get me started on the CLOUD Act, which makes it legal for a foreign LEO to force a US website to monitor and wiretap a user, provided three requirements are met. I shit you not.

Again, read and weep because this was already signed into law. Sure, a government has to qualify first, but some countries are sure to qualify - like EU countries, Israel, Japan and South Korea.

``(vi) in the case of an order for the
interception of wire or electronic
communications, and any extensions thereof,
shall require that the interception order–
``(I) be for a fixed, limited
duration; and
``(II) may not last longer than is
reasonably necessary to accomplish the
approved purposes of the order; and
``(III) be issued only if the same
information could not reasonably be
obtained by another less intrusive

What's next? Lolicon ban?

I will not stand for this.

yet more astroturfing to distract from the point of

You have to ask him for the price.

They will not stop until there is no more bad goyium.

Did that start back when /hebe/ was still around and the various pedoglobals still in place at the time refused to ever remove CP spam from /monster/ over petty reasons?

Attached: alpaca slightly confused.jpg (1158x1637, 1.01M)

I thought that violated the global rules, since forever?
I usually only go to Holla Forums in the first place.

THIS is the attitude all Eurobros need to cultivate. If you want freedom of speech, you have to be willing to go to jail for it, or fight to the death for it.
They can't arrest all of you, and for every one that gets put in the slam, 10,000 need to be outside the judge's home, demanding his release.

Freedom isn't free.



This is fishy as fuck.

The second picture, itself, may be a bannable offense.
Anyone know?

You think that's sexual in nature?

Got to question this myself too. I report a lot of pedo shit but anything with boys tend to stay up for some odd as fuck reason. Even on the darknet pedo shit with boys stays up. WTF?

I promote legal aged fertile women over feminists every day of the year. Feminists don’t register on my scale of concerns. If they want attention from me other than a snide comment and derisive looks then they should soften up a bit and stop being so damn angry and bitter. I am perfectly willing to entertain their opinions if they are willing to be civil about it.

Anything else will just get me mad and force me to push them to the Blacks for education. The Brothers will take them attitude and all.

It might be because underage pics were always banned there from what I heard compared to other boards.

It doesn't matter if the site is hosted in California. Until there is a Federal Law making Revenge Porn illegal, it doesn't matter if Holla Forums hosts it. The only argument is if revenge porn is covered under FOSTA, which I don't think it is.

This will NEVER happen, as their current arguments are easily shot down with mansplaining (logic), and the only recourse they have is being louder than you.

When your demands are unreasonable and insane, then insanity is your argument, and reason goes out the window.

The crux of the issue, from a Holla Forums perspective, is that mud people don't abide by age of consent laws.

This is a repeat of a situation 2-3 years prior. Pedos created boards, spilled their pedo shit everywhere, mods got fed up and banned every pedo-related board. Same shit happened this time. As to why mods took years to ban all pedo boards again, don't ask me.

What a good inoculation Holla Forums is. They're posting necroporn and o couldn't give af. Just more Jews or Jew larpers needing the gas.

That's disgusting.

Remember this nugget:
(((and for other purposes)))
What are those? No one knows.

Indeed only straight men can be pedos

Attached: boy.jpg (1157x592, 393.82K)

So 2003 (and before) was a magical time when children weren't harmed? Nice dream, pal.

Because the faggot Jews who run the world "love" boys.


Making it impossible to run an imageboard, for one.

"And for other purposes" is only the summary of the bill at the top. That's not the actual law.

"promote or facilitate the prostitution of another person" is the only relevant part that strips away 230 protections.

Pedo rings went public in the 90s, where massive groups of pedos and cannibals surfaced in Belgium.

It was a big thing stateside in the 80s. The Satanic Panic thing was mostly bullshit. But I think (((globalists))) did that on purpose so people would discount more realistic accusations against our (((leaders))).

They all must die. Period. And, douche, Holla Forums is a place for the pursuit of the truth, the other boards are all distractions from the pursuit of the truth, and thus heresy.

You fucking nigger this shit has been going on since the Usuenet and BBS days. Shit has literally been going on since the internet became somewhat public. 80s and 90s you could find this shit online and offline. Before they banned this filth you could buy literal tapes and magazines in seedy areas without repercussion. Are you basing this upon the creation date of fucking 4chins? How old are you you faggot?

/a/ next?

What will he do now that he has lost his /meta/ bitching plans of accusing Holla Forums being a honeypot? His previous attempts failed to shut the site down and now his last shred of any possibilities are gone.

Attached: 381.jpg (512x650, 46.41K)

Most of those are gone already, gg.
The ones that are not are clearly not pedoshit. Like the GG one.

Weren't those supposed to be containment boards.
Aren't they just gonna migrate to Holla Forums now?

Are the investigation threads still safe, or are those verboten now?

tbh besides /bl/, all those deleted pedo boards were dead, with only 1 or 2 posts a week. some even 1 post a month. >>>Holla Forums and >>>/waifuist/ have always been the active pedo boards and they are still up.

All fucking pedo's must hang

I agree but the laws can be abused to shut anyone down they dislike.

I can tolerate the pedos but not leftypol.

Safe. They're still there.


(checked and Heil'd)
digits confirm: research shows kike judges acting like kikes. wat

You raise an interesting point, since (((feminism))) destroyed what was once property transfer from father to future husband. Also the (((suffrage movement))) and the second wave of feminism and all the degeneracy and eventually anti-traditional gender role propaganda from the left that we see today can be rooted back to women going against muh patriarchy and trying to be something they will never be and aren't supposed to be: equal to men. All of this and more leads to the the breakdown of the nuclear family but i think I'm preaching to the choir here. Woman logic is the logic of the left: Conclusions and decisions are made using emotion, usually misdirected and ill-informed and often arrived at after some sort of mental gymnastics.

You're not going to change pedos' minds. I'm worried about the slippery slope too, mind you.

And when Holla Forums gets spammed with stenographed CP, then gets shut down, let me know how much truth we'll be able to pursue.

Attached: 835c766bd0270b9aaf680fa08f6216ec657941eaa6a1902e74ef1920d1e08d74.gif (480x270, 1022.66K)

What about when facebook gets spammed with that?

hello shill


Call me when the UK creates cockroach and bukkake porn where "sex actresses" literally drown in semen.

Do not forget: Conclusions and decisions are made based on purely selfish and self-centered motives.
Leftist/female behavior is always about self-satisfaction at the expense of everyone and everything else

Attached: mememe.jpg (1280x720, 84.67K)

Unbeknownst to them.
Women are rewarded for degeneracy, nobody is forcing them at gunpoint.

Not the point of that first pic

The CP doesn't get taken off of youtube, does it?
At what point are you simpletons going to learn that the rule of law is dead, and laws will only ever be applied unevenly against whites while the kikes do whatever the fuck they want?

That's one of the main points of these laws; to eliminate alternative web communications.


I support this.

ah so this is why it smells like summer (on other boards) with 2 feet of snow outside.

I'd like the pedos to stop raiding our board.

with all the housecleaning that's going on and all the boards getting nuked they're all going to flood to Holla Forums, and then that is going to become such a cesspit that Holla Forums is going to get nuked, and then you can take a wild guess where that shitball will head next.

the permissiveness of allowing promiscuous sex outside of the sacrament of marriage is the root issue

the reversal of priorities starting with tristan and isolde that love justifies sex and marriage, rather than the opposite and original position, that marriage is the environment that justifies sex and allows true love to grow, is how we got to this point

we need to return to chastity before marriage and return to the bride, groom, and their families determining as an organic part of the community when their sons and daughters are ready for marriage and who would be an acceptable spouse for them

AoC is a (((jewish))) concept for the purpose of destroying the goyim, it is based on the assumption that sex outside of marriage is proper, the underlying assumption is wrong, therefore all arguments about "which age is proper" are moot

This. Women don't care about real politics, they mostly care about themselves or "cute" shit like animals which, what a coincedence, superimposes with the only ever "politics" that females seem to be invested in, feminism or animal-rights, only ever covering their self interest. Women just camouflage their emotional needs as public concern so they can ask daddy government to deliver. It's basically the same as women asking their men to fix something for them, but since cat ladies and hamplanets have no men to depend on they see the government as replacement.

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Holla Forums?

Of course not.

The backend wasn't hidden, and all the hidden boards were listed a while back. I believe many have since been shut down.


They are not.
The internet is one glitchy pile of steaming bullshit code held together with layercakes of redundant code and logic fails.
IP addresses are randomly generated, and after 3 months nothing even remains that could be considered viable data.
Furthermore : Internet used to be a place where people where honest. after 2001 this changed.
Nobody uses their real [anything] anymore.
So unless you are logged into facebook and share dank 8ch memes you'll be fine.
yeah - this is how marketing fear works.
"Ayyy.. pay me 10$ to keep me quiet to the feds."
Dang, they just stole my PC with all the logs (neatly centralized!)

Futhermore, they'd have to find a person tied to a post.
Meaning they have to uniquely identify (without a doubt!) every individual poster of every individual post.
brotip: they can't.
This is why only 13 year old DDOS kiddies are caught because their school attendant calls the cops and they are caught red handed [in the act].

Faceberg will die first. The digital renaissance.


Also, I'd like to point out with regards to the culture war, how the promotion of weddings, by (((hollywood))), as being some fantasy land princess fairy tale, where there are huge gatherings and enough money being spent to put a down payment on a mansion (it's really absurd how much money is squandered on modern weddings), contribute to re-defining marriage as something difficult to obtain. The marriage sacrament requires the man and woman getting married, and one witness, that does not even have to be a priest. You don't need to have the extended family of both sides fly in from all over the world for a catered dinner party with brides maids all in the same dress, wedding signer w/ band, etc. at a rented property.

Then there is the negative re-enforcement of marriage being a bad thing on television (unless it's mixed or gay) painting every straight white dad as some sort of moron unworthy of respect.

Women, at the age when they should be getting married and having children, are now put on paths that lead them straight into college (and we all know what happens to many there) and then the workplace. Women in the workplace wrecks not only what would have been their family, but the man whose job she displaced, and whomever -he- would have started a family with. Career women, rarely, if ever, take care of a man financially like would have been done if roles were reversed. It's devastating to families in more ways than one, and this all happened in the span of one generation.

lol dumbshit.

Surprising, given all the jews here.

Pedos get the rope as well.

At least i get to die in peace.

The purge is not about "please think of the children" it's about bowing to the feminist agenda tbh

Why? Endchan even bans shitposters and low-quality OP's.

it's still creepy and suggestive

Loli is pedophilia. Period.

Does reddit have a pedo containment board so we can send pedoshills/newfags there?

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Reddit got rid of all offensive boards a few years back.


that's code for anti-semitism, goy

Fix'd. That's DotR to you, Schlomo.

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totally legit


This is your mind on (((British))) media.

Fuck off, prick.
Regards, /a/.

Holla Forums is this site.

Okay everyone please calm down for a moment if you would. Allow me to explain what is happening and why.

First of all this is not a Machiavellian plot by the Jews or Globalists to eventually get rid of Holla Forums. The actions taken by the Admin of Holla Forums are basically the culmination of years of rumor-mongering and two new regulatory laws working in a sort of mysterious synergy. (yeah right)

SESTA and FOSTA are meant to be separate bills to deal with two separate problems that do exist but are so minuscule in comparison to other crimes and problems that its a silly to craft such nebulous laws and regulations for them. SESTA is basically a shitty declaration that the US Government is aware that human sex trafficking is happening and they intend to stop it from happening in this country, that's all it is. The law was forged in order to help stop child sex traffickers and human slave traffickers from using place such as Facebook and Craigslist to groom children and teens or set up adults to be kidnapped and sold into slavery. This comes because over the last five years the law enforcement in this country has claimed that the internet is being WIDELY USED to help speed along the aforementioned crimes. And so SESTA is supposed to help stop that.

Now FOSTA is really just this: You, the public, now have the right to sue a third party site if someone misrepresented themselves online in a personal ad, on said third party site, and you were physically, mentally, or financially harmed by said person. Basically Little Susie 20-something can now sue Facebook or Craigslist if the guy she met in a personal dating ad on either site was either not the person he represented himself to be, he raped her, slapped her around, or conned her out of some money or time etc.


Now here is where things can get sinister and how Holla Forums's child love and pedo boards got involved. Both SESTA and FOSTA are broad and loosely interpreted laws. They are also open regulations so they can be changed and things added on or subtracted at a whim by Congress of the United States and probably the President. Because of the broadness and loose interpretation of the aforementioned laws/regulations ANY SITE THAT IS, CAN, OR CAN BE INTERPRETED AS A THIRD PARTY/SOCIAL MEDIA SITE CAN FALL UNDER THE LAWS OF BOTH SESTA AND FOSTA!!!! This is why the admins and mods of Holla Forums deleted the pedo boards because in theory Holla Forums can be called a social media site, also because on the pedo boards you had the occasional human being, claiming to be underage, asking how they could meet a adult. You also had the occasional adult moron asking how he could meet little boys and/or girls in RL or online. These posts and threads could place Holla Forums is a world of trouble so the best thing to was to delete said boards.

So the effects of SESTA and FOSTA have some broad ranging consequences for social media in general and maybe both 4chan and Holla Forums. This means boards like /soc/ may have to be deleted. Any board for niche porn like /bbw/ may have to be deleted if there is a chance that people could hook up, meet or post personals in a thread or start a personals thread. So yeah a number of niche boards and other boards like /fur/ may end up getting deleted some time down the road. Expect Facebook and Reddit to start deleted their personals boards and sub-reddits in the next year or so. In fact the recent nude pic debacle at Facebook was a attempt to place Facebook in some kind of weird compliance with these two laws before they even came out so we can basically assume that the fix was in for these two laws as early as Trump entering office last year, if not earlier.

In argument it can be said that the Admin and mods jumped the gun and reacted hastily. But i want everyone here to remember that 2+ years ago on both 4chan and Holla Forums you guys posted those hacked cloud pictures of the naked celebs. You guys put Holla Forums and 4chan on the legal map so to speak. You guys courted that stank pussy, knocked it up and now you gotta fuck it and keep it for the rest of your life. So yeah you guys are responsible for all this as well. That's all i have to say for now. (end)

lol dumbshit.

Yep, then some VICE / Buzzfeed fucktard writes an article and we get more retards from Goybook.

I'd laugh my ass off because half of you would try to start bypassing it.
Actually maybe that user that uses neural network to detect Jew faces can also use the same neural network to detect shills.

Yeah but his only option then is to get his own switches and routers and go to a carrier hotel.
You always rely on a third party unless you literally drag cables from point A to point B.

The board is Holla Forums and nobody gives a fuck about m/a/rxist transvestites' opinion, Amelia.

Bikinis count as CP nowadays?

Also, /bl/ is gone.

Do you get aneurysms upon going to the beach?

Any censorship is bad. Whatever the excuse, it will be turned on (((their))) enemies and used to silence them.

it's sexually suggestive and exploitive
waifu is an idealized wife, no?
those are children and they are presented as objects of sexual appeal

how are the million shitty dating apps supposed to deal with this shit. i imagine they're going to evaporate.

sites with public advertisments/posts are more at risk. A lot of dating apps is private 1 on 1 messaging. The site operaters wouldn't knowingly "promote or facilitate the prostitution of another person" if they aren't monitoring everyone's private chats.

I'm OK with kicking out leftypol. They are retarded losers.

guarantee you they datamine those private chats. so does all social media for that matter. i wonder if datamining constitutes monitoring?


I'm sure. Most large sites (Yahoo, Gmail, Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter) use PhotoDNA ( ) to automatically scan and report known CP and "terrorist recruitment videos or violent terrorist imagery"

The creepy thing about AI is that it also has the capability to "paint" what it "knows".

So if their neural nets get out it will be a literal "painter" of such things.

I had to reach way back into my copypasta to find this one.


Deleting the pedo boards doesn't much bother me (except that they were a normalfag deterrent), but the law that this was likely in response to does. SOP for attacking the internet is to talk about CP or human trafficking to get a regulatory foot in the door and then use that to go after copyright infringement. There's no money in hunting pedos and no public demand for copyright enforcement, so they talk about pedos to get laws passed, then use those laws to go after the real target.

It can be reversed just as quickly.

The marriage Sacrament requires a Priest as it is a service in the Orthodox Church and in the Roman Catholic Church. Protties generally don't believe in Sacraments although there may still be some Lutherans called "Evangelicals" in Germany and a few cults who call themselves Christian like the Mormons who do, and for those, a Priest is required.

That said, generally and until recently, the Orthodox have always accepted civil marriages as legitimate and binding even if the blessing hasn't been given via the service provided said marriage would have been acceptable in the Church, with economia given for some interfaith i.e. an Orthodox married to another Christian who wasn't.

Personally I've been married both ways. The first time, the wedding had a protty preacher which at the time neither of us cared for, it was her dad's insistence and the whole nine yards, paid for by her dad and planned by her, and the marriage lasted less than a half a dozen years. The second time, we crossed the river and got a justice of the peace with his wife and daughter as witnesses and that marriage has lasted over 25 years. Later we both came to Orthodoxy.

Not only about marriage, but about having children. Horrible impact.

That as well as the incredible amount of propaganda, beginning with the "sexual revolution," that promoted sexual intercourse and the accumulation of a high partner count and increasingly "kinky" sexual intercourse as a type of transcendent good, and the status of virginity as something shameful, which really hit its high point starting in the early 80s.

they aren't at all, drawings aren't real

With FOSTA/SESTA and the Cloud Act, I'm spiraling into depression.

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Only good news to come of this however is the pedo boards getting deleted.

Why do you talk like a retard with all this cryptic nonsense?

that image should be named "I AM THE SUPER AGENT".

Lolicon is an issue but in comparison to actual child involving real children, I'd say dealing with that first is a bigger issue. It's like in the UK, bunch of shitskins rape a school bus full of kids BUT WAIT THAT GUY OVER THERE HAS ANIME GIRLS ON HIS PHONE

Does anyone disagree with this?

Congratulations. You've been effectively D&Ced and controlled by the kikes. At this point it's willingly. You're as guilty as kikes are for this shit.

If no one can see how/when this started I sit here bemused. GG yup, the bad goy gamers and the whole "I"m a pedophile but you're the monster!" shit and that Nyberg dude and his child obsession were the start point to cause relevant and good anger toward pedos. Then the goal posts were moved. It's no longer children, it's even if you find a 17y 364d 23h 59m 59s girl as attractive then you're a pedophile. Holla Forums and the like have been D&Ced so fucking well over this one topic it's astounding how a great majority of you autists don't see it.

It's good, but don't use the word child. I'm 30years old and I'm a child of someone. Yes it's annoying but it's how cucks pick shit apart.
Look up the defined terms in the DSMVI (I think that's the latest). Use adolescent, pubescent and the like.

That came out? Is pedophilia still in there? Read rumors that they were going to redefine it at least.

Dating apps can be considered as "not being social media" mainly because there is no true third party control over a online web site beyond a few rules.

But i suspect some apps like Ashley Madison will be affected. Remember all those in power have to do is declare Ashley Madison (the website online) as a social media site or responsible third party and then they go poof!

Good idea user

Those "smears" and rumor mongering were set-ups made years ago by the people who want to control and/or monitor places like this. Websites that deal with incest and dating for sexual fetishes may be hit pretty hard by these new laws.

You have to go back.

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Holy Fucking shit guys we are fucked!!! we are seriously seriously fucked!!!

user from and here! I just realized something as i stepped out of the shower!

FOSTA can be used to shit on and maybe destroy Youtube! Youtube has already been declared as social media by the mainstream media!! And the mainstream media has been trying to shut down or corral Youtube for several years now because it destroys their information and entertainment monopoly!

Now you can call me fucking crazy if you want but listen to me for just a moment and think about what i am saying. Many of /ourguys/ on Youtube support themselves through Youtube's Superchat function when they live stream. FOSTA can be used to undermine this! Guys like Andy Warski make upwards of over 1,000 dollars per fucking live stream via Superchat!! But using FOSTA the SJWs and snowflakes can either curtail or outright get rid of Superchat donations to our favorite Youtubers!! Effectively making them leave YouTube or cease making content because they are going broke!

We didn't see the true implications of it all guys! They may have us by the fucking balls….GODDAMNIT!!

They can just use a different site.

This is the first piece of good news I've heard all week, thanks user.

I live in the UK so I'd be charged for child pornography under the actual physical law, something a lot of you don't seem to be able to grasp.

Lol, get fucked.

Iz dis cp?

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probably not, but the examples i linked to are definitely sexualized girls

Well put user.

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Lmao jewtube is owned by jayz

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That's not the fucking point. Getting youtube bent with FOSTA might throw a wrench in the globalist gears.

My friend, to say that… You wouldn't be better that Polanski.

Totally disagree. It should be based on science and nature, not "society". "Society" currently thinks 5 year old trannies are acceptable. It should simply be pre-pubescent = illegal, as God intended.

You could be charged for just browsing Holla Forums, let alone posting on it. Especially if you have posted anything the government deems *ist or *phobic.

Good riddance, soyboy.