Line Item Veto Fake News

You're going to be hearing a lot of kikenews bullshit like


While a normie is stupid enough to believe this, and a boomer might pass this off as laziness, the jews are once again pissing themselves trying to meme away Trump's growing power.
H.R.4890 - Legislative Line Item Veto Act of 2006

This act is way to give the President a line veto that follows Constitutional guidelines:

Something similar could easily be implemented for Trump, so tell the kikeshills to gobble cock somewhere else.

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Bill Clinton was fond of this, but didn't the supreme court rule against its use?

They ruled against the non-legislative line item veto in the 90's. This is a completely acceptable alternative.

Intredasting. So he could use this act to put individual line items up for congressional vote, allowing him to challenge any part of the (((omnibus))) he doesn't like. This kind of goes along with something Mnuchin said.

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If he knew this the entire time he wouldn't have wasted seconds (before - will veto!, during - I hate this bill, I'll never sign another, fuckin kikes need protection! and after - it starts on Monday!, mil will built it) trying to downplay how terrible the bill is.
- Muh kike protection funding
-"No there really is 1.6B in funding for a down payment"
- Muh tranny ban
- Muh army will build it.
Its obvious hes trying to memory hole this disaster and cant wait until people move on to the next disaster. Like having guns regulated out of existence.
What (((they))) really want is for people to become tribal and justify anything Trump does. Any war, any funding, whatever the kikes want. Instead americans should be up the politicians ass 24/7 and examine everything these scumbags sign onto regardless of party. Had these lazy ass boomers and their offspring taken this approach years ago americans wouldn't be in this mess.

What are the odds this nigger is (1) and done?

Call me when Trump actually does something, not just says he is.

Go gobble cock somewhere else.

Trump probably didn't do his due diligence with the bill, which just makes him look bad all around at best. It's clear that if he goes the way of invoking his line-item veto power, it's as damage control, not part of his original plan of pitching the bill to the American public or his secondary plan of raging against it and making empty threats.


Great comeback.

All according to keikaku.

Not just omnibus. The President could cancel specific provisions of any bill and force them back down to Congress. Attacking riders and pork isn't only important for today. If Trump is serious about setting America back on a path of greatness, the patriotic leaders who come after him will need this tool as well.

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100% - another D&C yid

Good for Trump. Bad for the Republic. Obama abused the shit out of this too, so it is just comeuppance. But you'd want to shut this down so a future King Nigger couldn't do the same.

Well it's certainty a move forward. I wish the Faggots at Kikebart knew about this, or even better had everything turned against them.

The 2006 Act wasn't actually passed. OP is saying it could be implemented for Trump. It requires congress to approve a veto decision so it's incredibly weak anyway, and if you stacked Congress could prevent another Obongo from using it.

He explicitly stated he didn't read the bill - though in fairness absolutely no one read the entire thing - but then he decided to sign it anyway. So retard congress passes black box bill and retard president knowing that, and having not read the bill himself, decides to sign it. Long story short the government is an absolute clusterfuck and they should all be dragged out into the street and shot.

I would kek so hard if this happened. He must have such brilliant advisers and lawyers if they're able to come up with this.

Considering Holla Forums doesn't support democracy it's not a big deal. If there ever is a future King Nigger then that's already a failure. The best case scenario in the event of a future King Nigger is one that is extremely corrupt and radical, so that people hate him a lot more. It's basically accelerationism and a plan B.

This is called a "Expedited Rescission" and it has been kicked around since the 1990s
When King Nigger got into power, everyone stopped talking about it immediately. I would be tempted to say that 50% of the media is too stupid to know about it, and the other 50% is crafty jews trying to hide it.

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Lol'ing at fags who think this is a shill

You are right on the money dont let these clowns intimidate you