R.A.M. is back with a new video:

R.A.M. is back with a new video:
The Awakened Spirit

From what I gather they do not plan on going nationwide with chapters etc as it would be too much hassle to control but insted recommend building your own group in your town, and adopting their work ethos and optics, while giving it your own name ;)

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Calling foul on this one.

Forgot to hooktube.

It happens.

Archive of the hit piece wiki article commies wrote on them - since deleted

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Seems about as unkiked as you can.
Contrast that with Identity Europa where you are required to provide your complete identity, including any tattoos (gee, I'm sure law enforcement has no interest in that).
Strength through unity.

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Those are some big motherfuckers.

Any successful restoration will have to be based on militia culture, and the union of townships. So if they are proposing people start their own militia groups, I'd say they are closer to being authentic than most possible honeypots. Municipal based militias are much harder to regulate, infiltrate and subvert than an organization such as the NRA.

Yeah man I thought so too. Really good advice, and good from both legal as user aspect

Further it mirrors the way republics are formed in the first place, which is good.

This is retarded. Putting gloves on doesn't make you a tough goy.

(((Young Turks Screeching)))
-the comments are priceless.

communist and mexican scum calling them fags, when in.reality if they saw one RAM lad let alone PEN1 walking down the street, they would run away crying at mach speed 2

They train to wreck commies irl, not in the ring

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Looks pretty cool

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Agreed, much easier to trust a close group of confidants than some bloated organization. Conducting your own background checks and everything else.

It takes a lot of time and effort to build a strong physique. It's a testament to their organization. A guy by himself with no social support will have to rely entirely upon his own self-discipline to accomplish the same results. For most, including myself, it's probably not enough. Sharing the same goal and pushing one another toward self-improvement is a powerful motivator.

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From the looks of it, its the least comped group out there. They've always made a point of disassociating themselves from the altkikes. Low key group promoting unity and fitness. Although this particular group has had its members outed online. Starting your own group would be optimal.

You guys look like an entirely different group of people since you started, much stronger. Your fighting looks a lot better as well. I know you're training to fight commies, but please consider getting involved in local competition. It's in your spirit to do so and win. Fighting competitively is the surest way to be ready and almost over prepared for a real fight. There is no opponent like the skilled opponent.

Best of luck to you all as always. I hope you are working on your public speaking skills. That British one group has you beat in that regard.

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Groups of 4-5 max is good enough. Also toss in the time for survival training.

They forgot one: No kikes.

He started off with good intentions and comped somewhere along the way, then stepped down after Chancellorsville.

what is this

Heady analysis.

Heres the cypher into using meme magic irl.
A seed. Absorbing this knowledge plants a seed of possibility. A neuron grows, marking the uncalcifying of your brains capacity to become in tune with the non physical process underlying reality. Internalizing the reality of the meta quantum universe locks you in a singularity. And a singularity contains 2 event horizons.
Event Horizon #0 - locking your quantum imprint in tune to the internalized singularity
Event Horizon #2 - locking your singularity to the future.
Then Event Horizon #3 happens, your first taste to the quantum meta. An out of the ordinary anomaly will appear out of the blue.
This is the quantum meta universe unfolding itself to you.
Then fortifies the uncalfication. And your brains circutry for this becomes fortified.
Eventually you'll experience enough event horizons to internalize as a feeling.
You'll experience a series of anomolies until you receive this feeling. And once your brain internalizes this feeling, you now have a frequency for reality glitching at will.
Once you obtain the frequency, you can use it for anything you want.
You can cast good luck onto others or cause misfortune. It all depends on you.
Now when you lock in a singularity with an end game, you will go through a series of interuniversal switches guiding your quantum charge to your end goal. And as long as you dont deviate off track, you can manifest anything you want.

You can excersize this extrasensory frequency like a muscle. Anything from premonitions to getting dubs to reality glitching someone's death. Anything you touch becomes enchanted or cursed with your unique metacharged quantum imprint.

An aura is a quantum imprint your body emits on a subatomic level, as it intertwines


I'm a mobilefag. The double 66s is evidence this knowledge is real.

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These faggots have been getting astrotufed here for months. Expect IP hopping and image spamming to bump this for the next few days.

Weird how all these groups somehow forget the most important one.

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Defense is what wins you fights.
You must not be a person who exercises. Extremely rare that anyone who trains seriously relies on others because more than likely they are never going to show up.

I hope they're really active this summer, the California events are always the most entertaining

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You must be a person who has never exercised around other people. It's so much easier to go the extra mile in lifting with that social pressure that the people around you are still pushing and you'd look like a bitch if you stopped.

I mostly train alone but I do notice the effects of being around other people in a gym setting. Doubly so if they hold you in high esteem.

You want to translate this into something non-wizards can understand?

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What I like most they train like an ultra squad, streetsweeping unit

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You lack zen if your motivation in lifting is to look strong in front of others. An ubermensch's sole motivational factor is his own pride.

Kek, this was fucking glorious

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The whole event was a complete beatdown of antifa, I think it was the same day as another rally elsewhere in the country so I missed a lot of it

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I forgot what its like to be human lol.
Ill revise and edit a document and I'll release it this week.

I'm only in it for the glory.

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Today is their one year anniversary


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The first boxers sparred with no head gear. They were tougher than any today.

Ever since they came up the game drastically changed.

antifa got rekt a h.beach, at berkeley, and across several other rallies across state.

I remember when this was a National Socialist board.

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That's an irrelevant point. The essence of being a boxer is being untouchable. It also looks slick as fuck.

Being able to tank shots just leads to CTE and getting knocked out eventually. Even the toughest guy has weak points where even a medium shot will drop him. Especially if he doesn't see it coming.

Defense is paramount.

That's why the night of the long knives happened right? Don't contradict yourself.

I don't give a fuck what anybody says, this "nigger beat" fits perfect for this footage.

I'm not a member, though I'd like to join your wishes. They are an incredible inspiration - to us Europeans too

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