Why are nazis so retarded? Not an anti, just wondering

Why are nazis so retarded? Not an anti, just wondering.

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Define nazi

Get out shill nigger, you are not even trying.

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A white person who, like the Jew, does not understand simple biology.

You are correct in that assumption dickhead.


Retard, nazis were a slag term for a defeated political party from 80 years ago. 80 fucking years.

The Jews will destroy the human race.

Low energy.
Sage only to sink this faster.

not enough nigger DNA obviously.

as in, nazi failure to fend off 3 large armies and deal with jews once and for all?

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The Jews are just another tribe.

confirmed kike
posting in a doomed thread

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New mod-kun, please deal with this threat to board quality.

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Nothing wrong with triggering Nazis :^)

ebin, simbly ebin

So far you fellows aren't impressing me.

Posting in kike thread

Mods please kill this thread I'm getting bored.

twegggerrr de nasdees
wuhhhhhhh poopooopooopooo

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How cute, you can spell poopoo.

Do you worry about impressing an intruder into your home? No, you proceed to toss him out on his ass.

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Like you did with the Jews, blacks, (legal) latinos and everybody else?

That's a pretty good one.



It's probably been reported 50 times by now. Might as well wreck this shit entirely before it gets shoahed.
OP is a fag.

Incorrect Sir.

obvious v8. but i gotta wonder…

did your dad beat you?

Not that I can recall although there are parts of my childhood that are rather hazy.

How does it feel to have put the whole world in debt to Jews in order to defeat one corner of it that wanted to be free from Jewish control? I find it fascinating anyone could celebrate that other than Jews themselves.

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Do you believe that Trump will succeed where Hitler failed?

Define retarded.

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What's that user? You want me to kill the thread with a hot steamy archive dump? Well you could have just said so in the first place.

Lucky you, my race folder is the first one on the list.

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your mother didnt love you

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That pic is wrong. I've never met a smart human being ever.

Actually nobody trusts anyone nowadays because everyone is a fucking pussy nowadays.

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Shut up faggot I'm busy taking a dump

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Is being around blacks more dangerous than doing cocaine and living among whites?


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There. 100 replies in the thread. Now delet this thread when you wake up fagget mod.

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I am so glad to be white.

Not understanding the normal distribution.

This figure is missing its legend.

Again, missing legend so I cannot comment.

Why don't you say something to really hurt me?

Ignores the fact that we have two chromosomes for each 23 and that inbreeding makes these less diverse.
Not an argument for race mixing.
I will have to read up on this.
Attacks the strawman that large monoracial populations are not already reasonably diverse.
I have no opinion about this.

Difference of characteristics does not imply different species.

IS multiculturalism a good idea?

Both true.

If the data supports a conclusion then who am I to argue?

Believing that what women say is what they think.

There is diversity within a species. So what?

Misclassifications. So what?

Realpolitik gets in the way of saving Rhodesia. Your point being?

Rhetoric. He does not literally mean sub-race.

What does this have to do with anything?

Probably true, but not standardized for income, social status, etc.


And they are all capable of interbreeding.

Mixed race youths are generally shunned by both races. I can only assume that this could be an effect.

Now you're clutching at straws.

There is more immune similarity among more closely related people. Your point being?

People are cunts.

Race does not equal species.

Thank you for providing more evidence supporting Darwin's theories.

Interesting. You are claiming that just because whites and Jews can race mix it doesn't mean that they are not different species. I would counter by saying that all of these terms (e.g. race, species) are simply made by humans trying to fit continuous distributions into discrete buckets.

The media lies. Do you believe them?

Ignoring second order effects.

Some populations have a higher propensity towards violence. So what?

What was my position on diversity again?

Different populations have different characteristics. So what?


Data is not the plural of anecdote.

Nice try. Thanks for playing dickhead.
Sage in all fields.

Seeing how they caught your granny and stuck rifles up her holes before pulling the trick, Shlomo… I guess that makes you extra special as in, your pic is an accurate depiction of your defective jewish genes.

You lack the breath and depth of knowledge of 6b8e16. Nevertheless I shall respond.
If there were ever an argument that apes and humans are descended from a common ancestor then you would be it.

Hi pol! These Nazis are getting tired, can you send me some new ones?
And perhaps stop and think next time you decide to raid Holla Forums you fucking worthless soon to be assimilated cucked up pieces of shit.

nobody's raiding Holla Forums you retarded jew nigger commie faggot whatever you are. Holla Forums is just as shit now as its been for 15+ years. go back and splish splash in your ocean of piss.

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Keep trying the word magic, it usually works with gullible leftists.