Assault Weapons Ban 2018

I'm surprised there isn't a thread about this yet.

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Jesus Christ, protest this bill going through, call your local Congress critter

Pick one.

shall not be infringed

"Assault weapon" is an arbitrary, nonsensical term. All weapons should be legal and unregulated.

Introduced by
Rep. Cicilline, David N. [D-RI-1] (Introduced 02/26/2018)

Gas this motherfucker

god i hate trump

( banned )

This is what the jewtool looks like.

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dead reps can't introduce jack shit to congress

t. the fucking fbi

Really makes me think.

tbh, I spent all my energies last year trying to get more politicians to follow Trump's anti esoteric immigration stance.

I'm sure someone in this thread will call anyways.

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Just merge that piece of shit state with MA already

So, does this bill not do anything while pretending it does?

guess again

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thanks, fbi-kun. Do you mind doing it first though?

How organic and natural

So he is a kike

by jewtool i thought you meant shabbos goy; but he's not just a kike, he's gay too

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I thought he did have semitic features with the nigger nose and monkey lip but wasn't sure.

Underrated post.

Didn't see any legislation on that yet, TORpedo.

What are chances of this passing? Considering full scale assault on the guns that is going everywhere, like literally everywhere, i give it 20%.

what really tipped me off was how similar he looked to sheriff israel

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i noticed kikes will often frown when posing in pictures as if to appear less jewish

Good catch

Looks like the bump stock ban is happening.

Their is a comment period of 90 days, we need to flood them like we did with the m855 ammo ban that we stopped.

Can anyone find the link? I can't seem to find it on the DOJ site or Federal registar, google only turns up the one from Dec 2017.

How long until someone shoots up a school with a nail gun?

>to make it a crime to knowingly import, sell, manufacture, transfer, or possess a semiautomatic assault weapon
Sorry judge, I didn't know. All the boxes were marked "Freedom Toys"
Sorry judge, my minigun is built into a defense platform, thus it's not a weapon that can be used for "assaulting" any obstacles.

Or acid attack, or bus attack, or improvised bomb. It's not the guns, it's the people. Ban assault races.

Of all the incidents in the last two years the perpetrators barely add up to 1 1/2 white people.
But it's raciss to point that out.

You need significant pressure on the end of a nail gun for it to fire. ie: pressed against a wall. If you're just holding it and pull the trigger, nothing will happen. You'd have to use your offhand to "disable" the safety. You'd be better off running up to people with it than trying to use it like a firearm, and at that point you might as well just use a blade or something else.

LOL! You seriously think that? The safety mech in any item is piss easy to circumvent should one be so inclined. Microwaves not working with the door open never stopped the Serbs from taking down stealth bombers in the 90s.

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It's very simple to weld or J.B. Weld that safety in the back position.

I just said you need to use a second hand to get around the safety mechanism. I never said you couldn't fire it.

Which cucked nail guns are you using that need two fucking hands? because such a thing sure as shit wouldn't sell in freedomland.

Two hands if it's not against something because otherwise it wouldn't fire. You two are intentionally misunderstanding me and I'm dropping this conversation to not derail this thread any further.

couldn't you use tape?

There's nothing wrong with the term as originally used. It just describes a relatively short and light select fire rifle chambered for an intermediate cartridge. The Germans came up with it during WW2 when the StG-44 was developed, StG literally means 'assault rifle' (or even more literally 'storm rifle', in the sense of storming a building).

It's just kikes twisting definitions to suit their goals, as always.

Pic related for the full experience.

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There won't be any legislature. It's going to be a regulation.

Why is this bad? Do you want Antifa and MS13 to have assault weapons?(>Why is (((gun control))) bad?)

enjoy your ban

Wouldn't requiring these laws to be applied to LEOs and Federal agencies kill the laws because they wouldn't want to be restricted like everyone else would be?


pick one

kek'd and saved. Thanks.

Link to the bill on congress? It's in OP.

I don't think you've ever touched a nail gun in your life.

The fuck is wrong with you redditfags!

It’s okay. It’s for trump 4D chest

This gets introduced every year and every year it dies in committee. I'm not saying ignore it, but keep it in perspective.

Rossi Circuit Judge was forced out "Banned?" "Shall not be infringed" has been infringed quite a bit.
Arms; noun, arm as "a means (as a weapon) of offense or defense.
Weapon; noun, an instrument of attack or defense.
Where is my Missile? I filed my one way flight plan with the FAA, and put a tail number on it? Hot air balloons are allowed to crash land? WTF?

I hope somebody beats this faggot to death with a rock.

Ex-carpenter here, most pneumatic nailguns can have the safety mechanism held back with your finger, but it doesn't shoot nails very hard. With powder actuated nailguns you can lock a pair of visegrips on the barrel and hold it back to fire. Those redcapped bullets send nails flying like a motherfucker.

being a serb, this whole american gun thingie always seemed silly to me

since i was 10 years old i've had easy access to 30mm man portable mortars, land mines, aks, svd snipers, light machineguns (what you see as heavy machineguns in movies/games), and heavy machineguns (those require tripods and fire bullets bigger than your biggest finger)
not even to mention that every other man i've met has some actual combat experience (weird how unlike your army that is just welfare queens where 5% saw combat, almost no one has ptsd), and this is what most of the vets told me:
in the actual armed conflicts, small arms are as useful as helmets or boots
aka absolutely and utterly irrelevant, mere psychological factor to bait infantry to march out and obtain enemy artillery positions when it opens fire on them
no, absolutely not, i love guns, i just never understood this uniquely american hobbyist lifestyleist "warrior" mentality

nigger go back to drinking beer and eating diabetes while watching superhero tv, hope they napalm you with your own tax money just because of the annoyance you do on the internet

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That wording is guarded by an threat should they infringe it. Guess what? They've in infringed the fuck out of it, and nobody did anything but cry.

So now they come for your shit and most of the sheep are going to roll over and accept it. I am ok with that. The fewer guns in the hands of 300 million people the better. That way when I or others like me simply take what is ours by right, its easier.

Whats funny, the fools in charge thinks this will empower them. They have no idea now. Such weak mewling fools, leading even weaker cowed faggots. Best to drop any pretense of this bullshit 'constitution' and accept the boons only predators deserve.

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and just while im still here:

i hope someone blows up a WHOLE FUCKING SCHOOL with napalm, with missile, with catapults, with high explosive, with gas based something, chemistry, with some incredibly illegal thing
no, i dont care, as i said i dont even live in usa, i just want to see the libshits over there, what will they attempt next?

i just want to see american libshit leftist reaction when the next massacre is carried out by blatantly illegal things anyway, wonder what will their thought process be
this peak sheltered, peak bubble life, i have this itch of watching what happens to someone when the bubble bursts, what is their next thing in their lives when they figure out that all the world ills

What most lefties tend to forget is how there are also school shootings that happened in European countries with ultra strict gun laws. Since they couldn't blame gunlaws because guns already were supposed to be unaccessible through law, they conveniently changed the topic and blamed videogames instead.

TL;DL, if a lefty blams gunlaws for school shootings ask them how there are still school shootings in European countries where guns are near impossible to get legaly. They 404 pretty quickly.

Disabling the safety of a nailgun isn't rocket science you know.

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Merely introducing something like this should get him castrated. I'm dead serious.

This officially kicks off Civil War 2.0 from using the (((judicial system))) against us to armed conflict.

Well gentlemen, it's been an honor and a privilege shitposting with you.

Who are you even talking to?

And let me give you a rough idea of why this is and the psychological differences.

When you think of a police officer, the chances are, you think of a specific person - probably named Sergei. In the UK, it's the Uniform. Same goes for the USA.

The idea of war and government is such a wholly abstract idea that here, there is no such pragmatism. Many of the people who protest and beg the police to work have never actually encountered the police or had to call them. I more often pity the poor bastards because I get the distinct impression from each that they are completely disillusioned and will, soon enough, be replaced with political hardliners and mercenaries.

In Serbia, there have been significant conflicts in living memory, alongside a governmental system which forced a surplus of arms.

In the USA, it's a hobby. But the issue you are overlooking is that heavy weapons are not the ideal to use within the USA against the population at large. They are expensive and if you keep bombing them, they will no longer pay for the bombs.

If americans don't react vigorously now with counter protests and actual shit that matters, you will be reduced to a constant string of single arrests for unlawful possession which the media demonizes as terrorism.

You must act as a whole now, and the whole must move to prevent any harm to each individual.

I'm pretty sure the guy who introduced this bill glows in the dark.
You know what to do to those types.

The idea that the government in your part of the world wont use 'heavy weapons' as you call them for some easily demonstrable wrong reason, and will instead tie its hands behind its back and let you go at it with your small arms is utterly insane tho.

Your government especially, is almost killing people for fun. While not quite at those levels, it is not only nearing them every day more and more, but not even tsar of Russia had the powers your federal government does.
In case it ever comes to that, I am fairly certain they will bombard whole cities from orbit.
Didnt they send in mechanized battalion of atf and fbi and so on against civilians at ruby ridge, waco and who even knows where else anyway?

Never understood this american limp wristed patriotism, 'ooh look at me i got a small arm im invincible' nah man you either hit the technical books and build a god damn fucking radar, jammer, real guns like artillery, you go all the fucking way, see what happens

Liberals would willingly sacrifice children to get what they want.

I'll bite. Pic related.

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You dont need to police a dead population.

All American heavy industry is in China, you dont even have any factories over there. Robots can do whatever the fuck you do as a civilian. Your government needs only its military, and by military really I mean the NSA analysts who are actually running the things over there, not the charade and cirkus your politics are.

Your own highest ranked government warned you about your own military industrial complex shortly after the world war, nearly 100 years ago.

United States is not a.. national nation. There is no race there, no culture, not even a language of your own. Just a whole bunch of psychopaths lording over infinite sprawling brown hordes. If you are an American civilian, and the alphabet soup overlords decide the civilian population isnt needed anymore, it IS getting bombarded from orbit.

Because the U.S. doesn't require taxpayers for funding. Your post is just plainly incoherent like you didn't take your meds, or you took someone else's meds.

You git gud with tools.

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You're funny.

Yeah, nah. It's an extremely tiny % of the people who are actually needed for the lightbulb to shine, very small number of engineers who make all the mechanization and tractors for food, all the electricity, all the machine parts and tools, manufacture, you name it.
Not even to mention that over half of your STEM phd's are foreign born.

America is not even ran by the "americans", whatever that term even means today.

i just going to leave this here.

Killdozers could serve as our “Hussite War Wagons” (The original had firing holes) if we find a way to make them without having to weld ourselves inside.




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Congress needs to become afraid of supporting legislation like this.

I think it's hilariously obvious that they expect us to just hand over our second amendment rights without a fight whatsoever - I mean, I guess so far they've been proven right.

When they think people are sufficiently demoralized and tired of fighting it they'll just go after ammunition manufacturers. Very few people reload their ammunition.

Yeah, but many people feel more moonman than ever and wouldn't stop at even unwinnable fights now.

They don't even have time or energy to get away with the banning of semi automatic, magazine-fed rifles. Day of the Rope is within 5 years at most.


The government is involved in every single one of these shootings. They MK Ultra the kid and then take him off his meds, or they do the shooting themselves and blame it on a patsy, or they have a foreign government set it up (9/11), or they outright fake it (Sandy Hook). You are not nearly as advanced as you should be in your questioning of narratives if you still believe what former CIA intern Anderson Cooper is telling you about these shootings.

power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely

the US is on a quest for total world domination, including it's citizens. Many of which are new citizens not invested in the history of founding of the US

Notice how his brow fuses with his nasal ridged and that his eyebrows curve into it, like a dog or cat. Every jew I have every seen always carries this trait.

True, but a dead population does not produce things of worth. A dead population does not create films, purchase items, or pay taxes. A dead population does not a nation make.
Do you not understand where food comes from? There's more goods than what comes out of China.
You don't know a damn thing about us, Serb. I don't expect you to like us after that bullshit NATO pulled but don't pretend you understand how things are over here. There's more to the US than what you see in media or on Holla Forums.

a potato gun/toy rocket is not a tow

fuck off you dumb faggot

You're acting like a shill.

You also don't get any benefit from being the tyrannical ruler of a wasteland or wilderness.

Bullshit. America is the #2 manufacturer in the world.

Feelings hurt because NSA also gets to spy on people? DOTR soon, CIA.

By all of the bomb satellites that totally exist? Or is it the US military that would bomb Washington DC before they'd bomb their own people?

Learn more about how shills operate, because you were arguing with one.

Because everyone who wants to work in STEM comes to American universities. America utterly dominates the whole world in science, these Asian countries that have caught up on manufacturing are not within an order of magnitude of the level of science the US produces.

True, this won't be going on much longer. People will be fed up and once casualties start happening over wrongful gun seizure, it'll start the fires.

pic related

Cuckservatives are truly most frustrating people on the planet. Most are not willingly cucks, they simply don't pay attention and refuse to believe how insane the world has gotten. They believe, despite direct contradiction with reality, the boomer CivNat rhetoric they were indoctrinated with since kids. They let Democrats go Hogg wild ;^) with gun control, and barely say a word except that we have to ban memestocks. It doesn't help that since the GOP are in power they think they have no reason to pander to their base and think they can skate to reelection. The recent gun control talk is troubling, but it is sideshow compared to the real problem. If immigration is not fixed, in the coming decades, Mexicans and other non-Americans will vote to nullify or flat out repeal the 2nd Amendment. After that all bets are off and the US will break up probably after some sort of civil war.

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This board is literally the shitpost metropol if there is one in this world.

You do realize the government can just.. print those bills, right?
Name one thing China doesnt build cheaper, that you are making over there.
The algorithms are better than most civilian intellectuals, and those mechanized arms are better than most civilian/commercial labor.

Here's the thing: we both know your country is actually ran by shadowy alphabet soups. Who dont need you. And can bombard you from orbit. Not even to mention they already have multiple carriers, that have nuclear reactors, support 40.000 crew, their own kinetic point defense systems (vulcan auto cannons) and also missile systems, latest electronic warfare, radars, computers, missiles….

It's the current year. Civilian population is obsolete to the American government. Literally more trouble than worth. Being a subdued servile colony of the (((chosen people))), they can just replace goyim with machines when it comes to labor, they already did all the spying and medical testing and human experimentation and you name it.

gas yourself

Yeah that worked real fucking well for Venezuela you braindead dipshit.

Don't forget Weimar Germany printing bills like that too.

This has started recently though. And it fucking sucks. I think there is a new mod who is cockroach’s friend irl and barely knows anything about imgboards except going on cuckchan’s Holla Forums from time to time just to see some dicks.

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You faggots need to swim better.
And learn where and how to shit on the waterslide.

Heemeyer wanted to make absolutely sure he didn't get stopped before he was done, but he very easily could've had a hatch on the Killdozer.

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Is your brain rotten from too much cheap vodka or were you born this retarded?
I don’t expect you to know much about economics, being from a Warsaw Pact hellhole and all, but come on.

Killdozers are usually black though
This is a stupid thing ignore it

I know Satan…Fuckin kikes…Goddamn fuckin kikes.

a.) This bill has been only introduced.
b.) They (Democrats) have tried to push this last year also.
c.) Pic Related

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Yeah, like, it is well known that Serbian army is the most powerful and badass in the world. Funny how you’re talking about war technology when yours is still at WW1 tier, and be happy European countries(the good ones, who can nuke your whole country down with a small payload) are willing to sell you actual weapons. I could go on for a whole fucking book to describe how your army is equivalent to a dickgnat. And you with your middle school math and obvious absence of actual knowledge of war technology want to prove what ? Go fuck yourself and deal with your majorly gypsy blood running in your veins

What even is all this. Go to cuckchan if you want "my dad can beat up your dad" bullshit.

They got their asses handed to them by NATO like the boshievek turkic cucks they are.

So they're banning niggers then?

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And what goods will they buy with them when all of the workers that make goods are dead, and the factories destroyed, and the roads the get the goods from the factories to the stores are destroyed, too?

You are a shill trying to talk us out of civil war. Piss your pants, shill faggot. It's coming and you'll be among the first targets.

No, shill defender. Shilling for gun control will get you banned because no one who comes to a site full of Nazi cartoons is stupid enough to believe stealing guns is going to stop the FBI from shooting up a school and blaming it on some lobotomized autist.

I'm genuinely interested in what the fuck is going here. Can someone explain?

Guns (that actually work, I'm not trusting my life to a Norinco), ammo in anything other than ChiCom caliber, tanks, jets, trucks, food. Literally everything you need for an actual war.

Still making things up, CIA? Tell me, since the government totally has space weapons (they don't) how are they going to figure out who to use them on? Also tell me how the US military is going to obey an order to attack Americans, instead of arresting their CO for treason and firing on Washington?

Nice, do you have source on that pic? I'd like to make a better looking graphic and include the source.

I sadly don't trust Donald Trump with the second amendment or standing up to the (((SWAMP))) anymore. This has been the worst week of my life

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America isn't the kind of shit hole where dumping artillery on downtown areas is going to fly. Half of the country chimps out every time someone gets shot by the cops, why would there be anything less for a school being destroyed by government artillery?

lefties fav response vid

You have absolutely no idea what Americans are capable of. You do realize the best and brightest are not on the front lines right?
I can fix anything I get my hands on. Rebuilt autos trucks HVAC

Holla Forums btfo tbqh smh famalam

This is what is actually going on. Gun control is about power. In the US the ultimate power is supposed to reside with the people. Gun control is the act of assuring that ultimate power resides with the government.

Hey look it's this episode again. Remember how this ended last time? Should be a good watch.

No, he's right. "Assault weapon" is a term invented by the media in the late 80's/early 90's. The correct term, which you used, is "assault rifle". An assault rifle, by definition, is a rifle chambered in an intermediate cartridge, with select fire capabilities (i.e. both semi and full automatic). You have not been able to purchase a new assault rifle since 1986. The ones that you can purchase are retardedly expensive due to a finite supply and natural market demands (plus hoarding).

Sorry, wasn't finished.

The "assault weapons" that the media loves to go on about are just regular old semi-automatic rifles. There is nothing special about them other than the very nice customization options and relatively low cost (when talking about modern AR and AK platforms).

Am I being trolled? Is the left being trolled?? Is the joke that there are no such things and so the law would be useless???


Exactly the way they want it. Vague.

Good catch. I let the two terms get conflated in my mind, which I suppose is what they want.

You forgot somethings; assault rifles also must be fed from a detachable box magazine and have an effective range of at least 300m.

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Yup, that's exactly why they do it.

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She is right about the NRA.
The right to own slaves is NOT in the constitution.
The right to free speech is absolute. It protects your right to criticize the government, not your right to speak out against other citizens.
Freedom of religion refers to the freedom from required government sanctioned religion. Human sacrifice violates the ABSOLUTE RIGHT to human life.
"It is the assault that makes it an assault weapon." ROFLMAO! Every weapon is now an assault weapon. It's New speak.
Cars are NOT banned. Cars are regulated, and much of that regulation is unjust and illegal.
"No such thing as state or city gun control." Translation - We want worldwide domination!
"Tell that to your uterus"!?? Here we come back to the ABSOLUTE RIGHT of human life again.
"If you ban heroin"…. WTF are you even talking about. You're kinda proving my point. Heroin is banned and people still have no problem getting it, in spite of "the war on drugs".
"And with that logic why have any laws?" And here we are again back at ABSOLUTE RIGHTS. No laws equals anarchy. Just laws are designed to protect the innocent, not attack the innocent or take away peoples right to freedom of choice. That includes their right to use heroin.
"Congress believes in gun control." Congress has done plenty of wrong things. Remember civil rights? Do you really want them as your example of right and wrong?
"The common link between all mass shootings is guns." No, the common link is crazy people on meds, most likely caused by a lack of religious training in their childhood.
"Don't ban the Anthrax." I agree, we shouldn't ban infectious diseases and microbes.
"Gun deaths are the price we pay for freedom." Gun deaths are not the price we pay for freedom, gun deaths are us reaping what we've sown. We sow the seeds God is a myth, and there is no absolute right and wrong, and we reap immoral unGodly behaviour.
"The second amendment doesn't mention age." Yes it does. Every able bodied man from 18-45.
"The constitution is frozen." Yes that is correct. It is the ultimate law of the land. If you want to change it you need to amend it. You cannot pass random gun control laws without first amending the constitution.
"there were no AR-15's when the second amendment was written." True. But the average citizen owned military grade weapons, and they had just finished winning a war fighting against their government.
You want judge Scalia to rest in hell!!! Well at least you're showing your true colors.
"The only people who talk about taking guns is the NRA." If you actually believe that, you're not paying attention. Firstly hillary clinton said she would look into Australia style gun confiscation. Secondly NO gun control will work unless you take ALL the guns from EVERYONE.
"People kill people a lot more slowly with knives." People can also not defend themselves as well with knives. Now we're back to the need to take ALL the guns from EVERYONE. As long as some guns exist there is a chance that you will need to defend yourself against an attacker with guns.
"We need to arm the teachers." We don't need to "arm" anyone, but we do need to let people exercise there natural right to defend themselves. Gun free zones are a breeding ground for mass shooters as well as being unconstitutional and thereby illegal.
"Not one mass shooting has been stopped by a civilian with a gun." That is NOT true. Do a little research. The ones that are stopped don't make national news because they don't fit the agenda.
"Lets talk about anything but guns." Yes, because we need to talk about the problem, not the symptom.
"Japan has no gun violence." Well Japan has some gun violence, but I will give you that one. Why pick Japan? Why don't you pick another country with restrictive gun laws that has plenty of problems with shootings? Remember the Paris night club shooting? Also, Australia has plenty of shootings just to mention a couple. Why don't you analyze commonalities between countries with mass shootings? Maybe because it doesn't fit your agenda.
"People with mental health issues with guns issue."?? WTF kinda new math BS is that. It's a mental health issue. Don't start playing those word games.
"Only America has mass shootings every week." Well that's not really true. Firsty Switzerland, Norway and Finland have more shootings per capita than the US. Secondly, the US is being actively subverted by violent communists. They will deliberately fan the flames of gun violence in order to persuade people to allow the government to take their rights away.
"I would be in favor of stopping the mentally ill from having guns." Really! Who gets to decide who is mentally ill? Instead of keeping people from owning guns, why don't we deal with the mental health problems so we don't have crazy people running all over the place.

Rebelling population doesn't pays taxes too. Even more they consumes additional resources all the time they are rebelling. Logical and effective solution is just to eradicate such population (and its very easy to do). After work with population that is not rebelling (civil war has two sides you know). Simple economical calculation. Income=revenues-expenses

I can not but to agree with user . You had Waco and still keep illusions. You wouldn't be even written in the histry as rebel dying for good cause but written into history books and remembered as pedo maniac terrorist who skinned jewish babies alive (after government burns down you and your family together alive inside your house).

Which is it?

The right to free speech was written to protect the peoples right to criticize the government. In the context that it was written it is absolute.

In pre revolution times citizens were incarcerated for criticizing the government, the first amendment was written to protect people from this.

The point of the first and second amendment as well as the entire Bill of Rights is to protect the people from the government, not from each other.


If it's designed to protect my from government censorship, then government intervention of my speech criticizing citizens would be covered. If it's limited to strictly criticizing the government like says, then the government can censor me for criticizing corporations, which are one and the same with the government in 2018. Do you see the conundrum?

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Kinda BTFOs the homogenous argument no? A few of those countries have gun ownership laws similar to the US. I wouldn't trust that infograph seeing as there's no source

If they do this then the war begins. And a bit ahead of expected schedule

Another format

Attached: patriots_oath.png (515x400, 360.19K)

huh, you know I actually wrote that poem and this is the second time I've found it in a format I didn't make.

Good to know.

Yes I do see the conundrum. However I do believe freedom of speech in the first amendment was strictly intended to give people the freedom to criticize the government.

In the years leading up to the revolution there was a lot of debate about whether or not they should revolt and of the different freedoms that they should or should not have. Some of this debate involved very harsh criticism of each other. To my knowledge none of this criticism was censored or punished. However criticism of the English government was punishable, and some people went to prison for criticizing the government.

The founders believed the ultimate power should reside with the people. Hence the first amendment protects speech, press, and protests, all of which are ways to call out the government for things people see as wrong.

this timeline sucks. I wish I could go back in time, seriously..

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Nuff said


It was a tribute to the Stormtroopers of WWI. Had nothing to do with assaults on buildings. It was their attempt to garner Hitler’s interest to get the program off the ground as he was a Stormtrooper himself.

But user, it's about to get real juicy.

I thought something seemed fucky there. They're trying to make regular civilian rifles sound like the M249 Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW). Sneaky fucking bastards.

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Then freedom of speech doesn't protects hate speech. Hate speech definition can be stretched over everything.

the whole "mother is jewish = jewish" meme has to die
stone it or burn it with fire
bottom line if


Your jewdar is fucking busted.

I support this.

Saying I have an assault rifle doesn't bother me. Yes, it's semi automatic instead of select fire, but we need to stop cucking to these people. I have an assault rifle, that is my God-given right, and I am not ashamed. I am proud.

Thank you. A bunch of unironic Jew-haters also accept Jewish definitions of who is one of the tribe. Most "Jews" are not genetically of the tribe of Judah, which is where the term "Jew" comes from. So we're now practicing collective punishment on people, most of whom do not practice fractional reserve banking, Talmudism, Freemasonry, Kaballah, or any other form of kikery… because the Jews told us to.

Couldn't be more accurate. Every one of em, with even a nanoliter of jew in them gets the rope. They're all parasites, a true plague on the human genus.

Daily reminder that the commie gun grabbers don't argue in good faith.

The useful idiots that don't even know what an assault rifle is, let alone how useful a carbine is, will still want to dictate how, and with what, you can protect yourself and others, because of feels based on lies. Are they even worth responding to at this point?

How do we put the focus back on getting rid of Bidens' gun-free school zone act, and stop letting them control the narrative?

Also, check out the front page of Nice little message paid for by which was started by (((Bloomberg))), yet another jewish billionaire who has decided to try and reshape/destroy America.

This. Don't play with the Judeo-cuckold and his word games. When people desperately try to argue against their words, like when alt-liters recoil in horror when they're accused of being racist, (((they))) have already won. The 2nd isn't just for home defense, it's also for taking down the :^)

This is what you were born for.

This is when the adrenaline hits.

Every previous generation lived through a significant war or battle, no more of this bullshit "meme war" propaganda battle shit.

The sun is shining outside and its a beautiful day. Enjoy it.

And that's the biggest issue it SHOULD cover it, because anything (((they))) don't like can be labeled as hate. Or one of their favorites… Antisemitic. It was just one step closer to censorship, so that needs to be reverted too.

1 shekel per post is going on.

Everytown, like Planned Parenthood, was one of the sponsors and organizers for the March for Our Lives communist 5th column activity ("protest").



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Someone show this faggot the wargames post, one where from every conceivable metric the govt gets its shit pushed in if it ever goes to war with the citizenry.

Also, do you even into hearts and minds?. The second the govt bombs its own citizens it loses all moral authority and popular support. Matter of time from then 'til the fucking guillotines came back out.

not in South Eastern Pennsylvania, it's not.
44 degrees in my country, ffs.

i would laugh if it actually got through, i dont care if it meas bloodshed, seeing those who constantly suck trumps dick get real salty is worth it

The building thing was just an example to show the correct sense of the English word 'storm', as against the weather phenomenon. The 'storm' in Stormtroopers has the same meaning.

I have this idea
guns for white children

its not thought trough enough to make a thread.
hoping for input

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What do you think about this?
I am hell'a lit.
My name is Hella and I shoot predators with my own gun.

I think its a good forced meme which stucks in your head, shilled enough it could reach some libfags.

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Only because of beautiful digits.

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I think you should leave the memes to the originals

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wow the file size is too big for my screen, can you upload it again in 160p?

here ya go, chucklefuck

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They will just block rebel areas and wait till rebels die form hunger. Bombing of food/fuel/water storages and infrastructure included. Or give up their rebel leaders and surrender. To penetrate blockade rebels need to fight tanks in the open along highways. Have fun with you AR-15 vs tanks. At the same time CNN would screeching at the top of their longs how (((moderate rebels))) skin jewish babies and worship Hitler.

Yeah that's why we managed to take out al qaeda, the taliban, hezbolah, isis, boko haram and the mujahadeen 20 years ago when we started fighting them, right? We've taken down every single terrorist group in the world to ever exist with nothing but airstrikes and tanks, and now no more terrorists exist anywhere in the world, we won, god bless america.


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Rebels don't wear uniforms and hold bases, they hide among the general population. You're going to starve an entire town because some of them are opfor? Do you expect to win hearts and minds doing that, or will more people want to resist you?

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Overseas perpetual wars are just scam to make military industrial complex rolling. This is not a death and lfie matter and they are fought with gloves on. Domestic terrorists who threat state existence is entirely different matter.

See. By consuming media you create image of cozy rebel life when dumb government soldiers come into your trap "to stand on the corner". in reality initiative in their hands and they have all instrument of maneuvering warfare to make war such away this your who would be charging armor positions as part of human waves. Or die in the cauldron from hunger.

This is how you deal with terrorist scum for real and those who support such scum. Lets how long you can hide among population when they realize that you stand between population and their survival.

Worked like a charm for communism fighting kulaks . Heart and minds? All in Russia believe that Stalin was most based Russian of all time .

Yes you are terrorist, nobody in the world would be calling nazis anything less.

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You stupid.

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I really think that if some iraqi 80 iq shithead can wip up some ied from his garage there is going to be a good ammount of very concetrated explosive and chemical lone gun man attacks at least against the governement. Also the difference between terrorist and freedom fighter is who is the winner and even if a very small percentage of americans try and fight they will be still a very significant portion with a very large arcenal, not even going into those deserting on the army side.
We aren't at that level yet and with the internet anyone can upload a video of a family getting slaughtered, not just CNN. And if they try to censor then that is just going to be even better, taking down the whole internet or just the places people can shitpost and vent is going to either take away their bread and circus either directly or making their down time just like their work time which only works for a very small minority. When its starts they are going to be at a very large disatvantage and all the things they are doing (gun control, internet censorship and restriction, etc) are all to remedy that in whatever way they can.

and anyone*

Did barrel bombs and kids from ruins videos save your (((moderate rebels)))? Even with CNN on their side? Imagine how terrible you would look for outsiders when CNN would be against you.

Most people are just "reasonable conservatives" aka "leave me alone and after i join wining side after".

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I think its a leftover from the american civil war in the 1860s. The cletuses near to the front lines would go out and take potshots at each other with black powder muzzle loaders with humongously large bores. The wild west and the indian wars further reinforced this culture. Modern war is no longer about riflemen and horse calvary but this cletus real world death match wohooo mentality still lives in the souls of american rednecks.

There was a mentally ill Finn 16 year old that killed a dozen other teenagers with a .22 cal rimfire pistol before killing himself. Since Finlands population is pretty small (4 million) this would be equall to 12*(330/4) = 990 people massacre in the USA. Thats how you get these high numbers for teeny weeny nations.

Lol the fucking gaul of these fucks

You are either a moron or a shill
Considering the constitution this means more weaponry should be available, not less.

it is a leftover of a free people that want no part of a tyrannical Gov and want a means of retribution should that said overbearing Gov start taking an truly authoritarian stance … i suggest you gas yourself

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