Be cult leader

This actually happened in the early 80s.
Not long afterwards:
Do people just not understand how easy it is to take over all the government institutions in a city/county with just a few thousand dedicated followers and fake voters? The "Wild Wild Country" documentary details the exact process by which it already happened.
These people didn't just disappear when the commune was dissolved, they stayed faithful, they knew how to form corporations and all the details of political bullshit. They just learned that openly being a cult was bad branding.

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Don't forget he also had his right-hand bitch poisoning every small-town white person who dared to stand up to the takeover. This youtube faggot with a very Teutonic name did a good piece on him, embed related. Sage because this isn't that good of a thread.

bumping because it is a pretty good thread to redpill people who don't believe it is possible for a cult to take over a local government and do shady shit.
Rajneesh group is living proof it happened. And more savy parties could do better elsewhere.

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Learned about this group through Forensic Files, one of my favorite episodes. It's really crazy what these guys did.

If they did it, then other groups did similar stuff and got away with it and we never heard about it. Or they successfully discredited their critics and whistleblowers.

Bumping your own thread 1 post in because you (op) think it's a good thread. Of course you do faggot. Let your thread speak for itself. Negating your bump with a sage you bigger faggot

Checks out.

You also have other groups like the Branch Dividians that just wanted to be left alone and everyone knows what happened to them.

Just chill man, there is a smuggy thread up I'm sure there is room for this.

The crying lawyer was the worst. I quite liked Sheela. She was a bullshitter (you can't bullshit a bullshitter), but I liked her enthusiasm. The idiot AUS lackey retard fucking her kid and family up, up rooting them to fucking shithole India??? Her husband, at the time, must have been a real faggot to let that shit happen. Otherwise, I feel bad for the town folk, lol they got the last laugh anyway. Oh, and the hotel bombing that basically set everything off, I bet the cult members did that. What a documentary! But stupid title Wild Wild Country. How about "The Rajneeshees".

They couldn't even take over with a town of 40. LOL! But they almost did!

sages aren't downvotes you newfag. yeah I'm sure I should just let a newshill like yourself shit on my posts because your opinion is so valid


what is important to note about Sheela is that she is/was a psychopath. she'll smile while she lies at you and gaslight you to think you're crazy that you'd ever think anything she was doing was evil.
there are a LOT of people just like Sheela and they frequently rise to positions of power. And it is important for people to be able to spot them.
It is funny in part of the Documentary a federal agent goes to say "It was clear she was a…well she is a person who lacks empathy"
probably because calling someone a psycho like that might be defamation without 'proof' and actually getting that diagnosis for real has serious prohibitions on life oppportunities.

I especially like the part where they guy was accused of being a "conspiracy nut" for suggesting the cult had intentionally poisoned the community as revenge. Those cultists show just how stupid and sheep-like the average person is if you give them all the bread, sex, and circuses they want.

A better name would be "The cult that the ATF should have burned alive instead."

Ariana Huffington, ala the liberal website huffington post and big wheel of the Democratic party, was a member of that cult. So it checks out.

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Oregonfag here, always heard about the Rajneeshes growing up but was surprised about how fucking crazy the whole thing was. It's a pretty good documentary but also sympathized the cult and plays up the anti white rural Christian idiot angle too much.
Why does this sound familiar?

The bomber was part of a Muslim extremest group not surprising but the show never goes into it.
Pretty interesting especially if you like /x/ style stuff.
I think there is another cult in Gresham called oculus anubi and one of the members was involved in a huge fraud scheme against the state. I haven't been able to find more beyond the fraud stuff tho.


good vid

Amazing how every cult story goes exactly the same, but people keep falling for them.

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This guy's production quality is pretty top. His video with Internet Historian was my favorite anime crossover

What is going on at 5:11?

his videos are chill as fuck, there's one he made about how trolling is healthy for the mind. What's great is that he openly says he's a nobody he just calls shit as he sees it.

wow that shit's crazy, never really looked into this dude

lack of Internet mainly, im sure this shit died down some

Cults are the basic unit of human society. A single alpha, his whores, and his secondaries.

I feel like sandnigers are infecting time itself.

This is I agree a microcosm of what is occurring in the west today save for the fact that ultimately the Government sided with the natives rather than sponsor the invading group.

Everyone should watch Wild Wild Country to see peak Californian Boomer on display, they are totally without empathy, lack the ability of self reflection and to make matters worse they don’t seem to be ageing.

is a*

Oregon here, those faggots have a bad reputation but there are so many weirdos out here that they're outclassed. I'm by Ashland and that's one of the weirdest places in the USA, pound for pound in the world.

Honestly the rednecks didn't even fuck with those faggots until it became known that they were instituting a conspiracy to take over the whole area.

The guru was the guy they modeled that cult leader character on in The Simpsons.

Also weird, Fairfield, Iowa but it's not a failed colony at all, they're rich as Nazis.

kek we're everywhere

He's typical of the trick Guru, he knows a bunch of fancies for the mind and can probably lead a person into trancendental meditation which is very intense and stunning especially your first time, so he can probably induce a powerful program of hypnosis and psychic manipulation. Once you know these kinds of tricks and techniques they become hucksterish but they can powerfully enchant a normie.

I bet he fucked a lot of broads after hypnotizing them.

That's scary.

Read Osho, he is based as fuck. The person of this magnitude shows up once a century.

lul. please learn more about the man before you say anything.

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It's STILL operating in Australia, Northern NSW.

And the crazy second in command bitch is operating two elderly nursing homes in Switzerland..

This shit is just about control.

Set up community independent of (their) oversight,programs, currency system.

Turn shit land in to an oasis of farm land and a safe community.

Gain funding for said community without needing their resources. Basically selling an idea and a service organically generated.

They realize your community cannot be acceptable or others may follow suit.

turn media against you.. empower a small group of old people who likely could have made a mint selling their homes and property to fight for shit hole. Most people only retired there because they were not well off enough to retire somewhere good.

Use force to bomb them…. "conservative white male did it"

Logical next step is protection which is a prerequisite for any society.

Shit goes south from there.

A group of sheer degenerates can form a functioning society based on a common idea.. flourish.. only to get completely fucking railroaded.

Imagine if a non degenerate society were created in the same manner.

He is Osho. He changed his name to Osho after the Oregon debacle. You know that, right?

Jesus how easily are your feelings hurt. Get over yourself cunt.

I know all his names. This documentary was more about commune and politics than about man himself.

Ok. What do you like about his teachings?


There's no bullshit. He's very clear and direct.

Read the Vedas or Gathas if you really need eastern aryan spirituality.

I don't want "spirituality", it's all poetry and word plays, i want truth.

Unbelievable that the Swiss allow a psychopath known for mass poisonings and bio-weapons to care for the elderly. You can tell that bitch is pure evil. No remorse, no concern for others.

it's strange, his lectures seem chill as fuck and make sense. being this was 40 years ago i never knew the shit the guy was into on the side. Guess I can't blame a man for trying to obtain power, doesn't make shit he says any less true like how society brainwashes kids to tell them what to love, because natural love brings rebellion. That shit helped me get redpilled.

Basally his videos are ASMR. i didn't find his shit off the wall just relaxing, doesn't make me want to suck his dick and buy him a rolex.

Why is it always the same?

TM is simply a program to achieve a certain state. Maybe this guy never even opened his third eye.

are you sure?
cause you are venerating a non white
you fucking cuck

Osho commented on every technique possible, he know about third eye. His private library was one of the largest in the world.

Interesting thread OP.

Just starting reading some books about this sort of thing from /pdfs/.

The Louise Samways book in that thread is a decent short read, going to get onto The Charisma Myth next.

Not to the same level, but there is another cult town not far from there, over the border.

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So does anyone with the ability to stop for more than two seconds. I swear people are so secularized the most basic magical shit makes them think you are a god.


Hey, I'm changing the world too spreading ideas, I just don't need a harem of lolis and the mayor and police under my thumb. Give me some good deals at the grocery store and a decent price on premium unleaded and I'm happy.

That's kind of the point.

My theory is that hypersexual men are secretly gay and get off on "beating" other men in a soyboy, passive-aggressive faggoty way.

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My theory is that hypersexual men turn gay because other hypersexual men are looking to get off and they just find each other for the sexual release.

I didn't say he was bullshit, but anything who knows the truth does not go about the world like how Osho did.

Call me a romantic. I'd probably just jerk off.

You are correct. There are two homosexualities, active/masculinized and passive/feminized, and they have different psychologies.

fucking lol

you just claimed some bullshit, and i just said you are wrong. calm down.

what he did? sitting in his room and meditating 24/7? giving speeches? what you know about him? stop giving in to the sensationalism of the journalists. search for yourself. there's no ready answers. you will shit on him but wouldn't bat an eye about crimes that all organized religions inflicted on humanity and still continue to do. and they seems to know how to go about the world, huh?



I'm not the person you were responding to. Check the IDs.

Looks like we got ourselves a true believer, boys.

Yep. They poisoned the town. LOL

And then american government poisoned Bhagwan with tallium.

I just admire the fact that he was the only enlightened master in the history to go against all religions. Most others would say something along the lines that there's hidden truth in all religions, they won't confront believers.