March for Our Lives livestream thread

So this cancer is today. Kikes have really riled up the useful idiots to beg for their own rights to be stripped from them.
Can't do an embed because its already up in another thread.

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Oy vey racists!

Las Vegas

What an especially dumb looking nigger. Here's hoping one of the nigs starts "bustin' a cap" around the protests.

There's a sticky

Sticky is for digging and exposing the people behind it, talking about the event itself would derail those efforts.

ben aflecs son? who dafug is this guy?

Is the March even worth it? Students cause harm to themselves anyway, every day.

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All these moderates thinking they're going to stop with "reasonable gun contol" are absolute idiots.

The youtube chat needs more Holla Forums. It's all a bunch of autistic teenage girls.

You'd save more lives by banning under 21 year olds from driving.

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Totally a 17 year old.

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we need to arm everyone with smartphones


And the joker

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Phosphorus fucking yidnigger

oy vey its anudda shoah



Holy shit, she just threw up on stage.

if dubs someone will die onstage



Hogg Dies


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So disgusting.

La vomita

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Oh yes

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Reminds me of 1984 when children wielded power to accuse adults of thought crimes.


The kids should be talking to each other, they are the ones shooting up the schools. bunch of retards.

Maybe a few guns would help their "revolution".


Spooky. They'll be dead or too fried from endless drugs, casual sex, and social shaming before they see their unarmed utopia on the horizon.

Filthy commie rats with their soy bodies think they stand a chance against middle America toppest of keks.

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Its on Saturday though. You couldn't have picked a more irrelevant place and day of the week than Saturday.

Its not a gun problem, its a nigger problem.

the political use of children is more disgusting than the shootings. this is some commie tier shit.

They won't need to. They'll force law enforcement to do it for them.
Better hope the economy holds up bc cops aren't doing that for free.

"Useful Idiots", The March

By tuesday this nonsense will be memory holed.


This should remind everyone of a key moment in American history.

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From an earlier interview:
David Hogg: “There is a lot of racial disparity in the way that this is covered. If this happened in a place of a lower socio-economic status or a place like a black community, no matter how well those people spoke, I don't think the media would cover it the same. … We have to use our white privilege now to make sure that all of the voices — all of the people that have died as a result of this and haven't been covered the same can now be heard. It's sad, but it's true.”



Hopefully this means he'll soon be eaten by his own comrades. I don't see why not. The oppression stack never fails to pound down the privileged.

when does the killing begin

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Gotta love the fact that you could insult every one of them


I don't think I have cringed this hard in a long time

Don't you see her tears? Why aren't you begging to have your guns confiscated yet?

she looks like a sithlord quitely looking over her horde of darkness

why wont she fucking speak?

She's cross eyed
A beaner
Enemy scum

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It can't speak

i wish i was there to throw a tomato


There's the Soros chants

the kikes trained her to respond to it

This nigger sheboon screaming is fucking nails on a chalkboard

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The whites there are having inner confusion over this , it's fucking funny. One of them is gonna snap I can feel it

Notice how many women there are.

Emma Gonzalez? She's more than just a beaner.

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No matter how many street-level Menshevik degenerates they flood your visible spectrum with, it is entrenched, jewish capital that wants your guns. Don't forget that or delude yourself that you are "in the club". Those with a monopoly on the means of counterfeit fear a genuine uprising.

Soros needs to switch up his chant-selection a bit, it's always so obvious. I wonder if this mob of soyboys, women and other assorted ZOGbots knows that they have been mobilized by the American Jewish oligarchs to throw America under its complete domination. I swear one of these days I will have to try to organize IRL, this is getting out of control

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This is quantum memetics at work my man , pleasure to have shitpost with you all
Gas them all this is fucking ridicule worthy

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Ahhh, user. I have bad news. They're telling the truth. That's not a Soros chant. Democracy really does look like that.

Was it determined to be a semite? It does look like one. Fucking disgusting

Her mother was a jew.

Every fucking time
Every single solitary god damned time
Nuke it. We're done here

Its a Soros chant, it being true doesn't change that. Its at all of the little marches he funds.

Who'd have thought.

I love division
I am not brother with any of those creatures up there

There's a surprising amount of pro-God talk here. One nig was quoting bible verses and this nig is talking about us being united under God. Don't see that at leftist rallies that much.


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Nigs are really into God, for better or worse.

A lot of them treat it like more food stamps. Keep asking God and eventually he'll give me what I want.

Poor chad

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Anyone find any counter protests? I only found a tiny one in Boston and I think it is over

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So much salt…

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Inb4 the voting age is too high

I just can't to stand to watch this shit for two minutes. It all feels so fake, staged and funded by the slimey kikes that it just makes my brain fired up. Normalfags are truly the NPCs of real life.

>we have seen the (((power))) of the media. It is their job to tell the (((truth)))!
I can't watch this shit anymore, its super obvious these people are just puppets of our Jewish overlords

That was the lowest energy abortion I've ever witnessed
I want a refund on the last two hours of my life. Or a pound of flesh (with salt to preserve it kek)

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bunch of kikes

Quoting MLK is another red-flag

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Martin Luther King's speech wasn't even intitally a huge event. It was just a quiet squeak in yet another autistic liberal rally in Washington.

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Did anyone just see that nigger on the Washington Post stream who said "ban assault weapons" fifty times? My biggest takeaway was what he said afterwards
Notice how he didn't say white. We're the enemy

They only talk about it because it's useful in the present moment. Come on, user. You oughta know this by now. Even Satan can quote Bible verses.

So nothing happened apart from autistic screeching?

Just celebrities and students giving gay speeches into their microphones to a mostly-female mass of Zogbots. I'm surprised the government hasn't completely capitulated

Democracy is nothing but a fever dream at this moment in history. I pity those who still believe in it.

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Where are the marches and impassioned speeches about pic related? It's a HUGE public health crisis that dwarfs the dangers posed by guns.

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Fat asses can't march user , the rubbing of the thighs would create too much friction , and spontaneous combustion of the fat reserves ……no , they're better off staying home and being fat

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Because fighting being fat would infringe on their ""right"" to be degenerate.




This is one of those things where there's only one, maybe two locations with significant participation and everywhere else is in the double digits, isn't it?

I'm gonna have to check this

ehh just throw a little redistributed wealth and fiat currency IOU's at 'em. If that fails, they'll start shaking people down at traffic stops like the Federales.

I'm going to have to check THAT

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I wonder how much that jacket she's wearing cost.

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Good fuck , rich bitch
Spread that shit on the twitters and such

The police are almost entirely red, and wouldn't support gun confiscation. Even CA sheriff's are against CA gun laws, and have openly stated so.

t. police academy fag

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This shit is a joke. The only person that said they wanted to "take guns" was trump. Most of the recommended reform was making add-ons like bump stocks illegal. That is shitty- but I think this whole thing is a distraction. These shitty D&C topics keep coming and all it's doing is making our country retarded. Remember what ol' yuri said, if any of you r/thedonald faggots remember him. It's still fun to bantz with you guys on live shit but otherwise Holla Forums is pozzed drumpf kike faggotry and you should all be ashamed of yourselves for being hacked by russians.

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Wait, isn't that the Inside Edition bitch with the fake injuries and makeup?

LOL. What do we call this? 5th avenue anarchist?

Holy shit kek


Well done.

Don't think it's the actual Barney's anarchy meme jacket probably a knockoff.

That's uh, I may have had enough Internet for today. How long until they start self mutilating on national television?

Could be the same line, she's from a rich family.

these? fake? heh

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Just remember, user. Bullets don't have exit wounds.

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I hate blacks and spics

They're called niggers newfriend

can't really ask for much more

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I wish that thing had been one of the victims.

What is this? Did CNN seriously put someone with fake injuries on TV?

They want bumpstocks banned because as second rate as they may be, when paired with a higher capacity magazine it allows civilian resistance fighters to achieve some measure of suppressing fire.

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Do they always hide the tweet count for the top entry? Looks artificial.

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Kiketube has its forced propaganda algos running on all cylinders today. Just 5 minutes ago.

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Leftist pewdiepie isn't as cute tbh



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user it's an edit.

Nothing says grassroots like a hashtag with a custom emoji and permanent live updated top trending spot covering a bunch of celebrity cameos and pop star performances.

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The sheep don't know what organic social behavior looks like anymore.

Grassroots means leftwing, astroturf means rightwing, didn't you get the memo?

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The Hotel on 5th Avenue will be the first to feel the wrath of the mob.
t. some polish psychic a hundred years ago

Try to speak against Human Rights, God fills your cunt throat with burning stomach bile on national T.V. You can't write a better moment.

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Probably provided by wardrobe. This is all a stage production.

Maybe if they stopped acting "nice" and "tolerant" and actually cared about people in their schools these things wouldn't happen. I mean, bullying happens but nothing is solved by this fake nice-attitude and the anti-bullying stance just to make yourself look better, instead of actually caring about the victims.

Who would bet they all talked shit about him behind his back anyway?


Too much partying last night, huh?

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Used to hang out with hippies, and I'd say Holla Forums is closer to the true ethos now than the ones currently playing that role.

Of course the entire counterculture is product of Langley.

This video reminds me of this.

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The only anti-bullying program that works, is for the "victim" to beat the shit out of the bully. Hard.

I live in a town of about 20,000 people, and there were probably 600-700 at the park protesting

We'd do better to emulate prior long haired, nomadic dope smoking aryans: the scythians.


This might be the worst fucking tweet exchange I’ve ever seen.

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It's not leftly math, I looked out the window and there were 600-700 people. Bury your head in the sand if you want, but these people are all riled up. Ignoring it isn't going to make it go away.

And I'm telling you that you don't know what 600-700 people look like. Photo or shut the fuck up.

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No fucking way….. OMG… I don't even know whether to stare dumbfounded or die of laughter.

This is it fellas.. my death is at hand from laughing too hard. The wall has been hit… HARD by these dumbasses.

You got the change you wanted to you dumb old hippie, it just so happened to be the fucking cause of this violence.

This. Photos please, user. Been around crowds for a decade so can into estimations.
It's under 3% if accurate.
They'll STFU when the next big distraction comes down the pipeline.

Boomers and millennials, perhaps the worst generations to ever exist. I don't know what made the millennial happen, but a boomer is what you get when your best die in a senseless brothers war.

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150-200 people tops.

now this is what i call good optics


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Further, he's blatantly lying about his circumstances. He's not "looking out his window," he's one of the organizers. Someone get the exif data so we can find out his name.

Nothing much there
ExifTool Version Number : 10.79File Name : 29511643_10155195507922097_6656622644829384697_n.jpgDirectory : .File Size : 140 kBFile Modification Date/Time : 2018:03:24 15:53:02-06:00File Access Date/Time : 2018:03:24 15:53:01-06:00File Inode Change Date/Time : 2018:03:24 15:53:02-06:00File Permissions : rw-r--r--File Type : JPEGFile Type Extension : jpgMIME Type : image/jpegJFIF Version : 1.02Resolution Unit : NoneX Resolution : 1Y Resolution : 1Current IPTC Digest : 39ad8417aa581c189a79183424f8bee6Original Transmission Reference : Eu9pOIZViERKi-McK1hWSpecial Instructions : FBMD01000ac20300002f2a0000af7400000e7a0000767e000070cd0000db470100135001000f5801002b6001006b300200Profile CMM Type : Unknown (lcms)Profile Version : 2.1.0Profile Class : Display Device ProfileColor Space Data : RGBProfile Connection Space : XYZProfile Date Time : 2012:01:25 03:41:57Profile File Signature : acspPrimary Platform : Apple Computer Inc.CMM Flags : Not Embedded, IndependentDevice Manufacturer : Device Model : Device Attributes : Reflective, Glossy, Positive, ColorRendering Intent : PerceptualConnection Space Illuminant : 0.9642 1 0.82491Profile Creator : Unknown (lcms)Profile ID : 0Profile Description : c2Profile Copyright : FBMedia White Point : 0.9642 1 0.82491Media Black Point : 0.01205 0.0125 0.01031Red Matrix Column : 0.43607 0.22249 0.01392Green Matrix Column : 0.38515 0.71687 0.09708Blue Matrix Column : 0.14307 0.06061 0.7141Red Tone Reproduction Curve : (Binary data 64 bytes, use -b option to extract)Green Tone Reproduction Curve : (Binary data 64 bytes, use -b option to extract)Blue Tone Reproduction Curve : (Binary data 64 bytes, use -b option to extract)Image Width : 960Image Height : 720Encoding Process : Progressive DCT, Huffman codingBits Per Sample : 8Color Components : 3Y Cb Cr Sub Sampling : YCbCr4:2:0 (2 2)Image Size : 960x720Megapixels : 0.691

These aren't millenials, they're generation Z.

Boomers did, they raised them. Duh.

That's a facebook image name I believe too.

Boomers raised gen x, gen x raised millenials.

That's because I didn't take any pictures and I grabbed these from a local newspaper off of Facebook

It's confusing, and I'm not sure where GenY ends and GenZ begins. I just lump them as millennials.

No, boomers are their grand parents.

My city borders one of the liberal stronghold cities. I came back and hour ago from a doctors apt in the city and there was literally like five people on the main drag.

Nobody gives a shit about this retarded march. The only doing it either have been duped into thinking it's a get together funeral for those killed in shootings and the prime mover paid faggots.

That chicks throw up really summed this up well. People don't give a flying fuck about these idiots anymore. That they don't realize Trump exposed these tactics to normies is amazing. They literally have nothing at this point hence why these stupid Stormy Daniels articles about him buttfucking her before he was even POTUS in a consensual act are being tossed so much. These people are seriously bottom level stupid.

That's not what you told us.

Can we make a counter protest

When did I ever say that I took pictures?

You got caught out in your lie. Nobody is convinced by pilpul.

Fake or real? Poe's law applies.

The good news is that they’re being incredibly blatant about what they want.

The bad news is that media shills will just gaslight the public into believing this rhetoric just isn’t there. The big five Parkland zoglings put their feet in their mouths CONSTANTLY, but their handlers are there to memory hole it almost instantly. Just the other day I was listening to one of them do an NPR interview on the way to work, and when asked about other kids his age who support gun ownership and disagree with him, he straight up says they need to protected from themselves, that they are bad and want to kill “us”, directly compares them to mass shooters, and that they need to be stopped.

The somewhat bad and good news is that what you’re witnessing isn’t some massively viral rhetoric, it’s simply the raw power of the media and the establishment displaying the extent of abilities which it already had. The overtness and showing of hands reeks of desperation.

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Its an edit.


Funny thing, I put that exact quote in my article. I'm like a prophet.


Sorry, I saw the mention of an edit after posting. Still, I'm interested in the sauce.
There could be more memes in it

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Nay, boomers were the "have kids when you're 35 and get a divorce" generation. They raised a good chunk of 'em. Or rather, didn't, and let the TV and public school raise them which is your your answer either way.

kek making a bunch of mkultra'd kids into spokesmen for their little astroturf campaign.
Good thing that the Hilldog isn't the President. Funny how commies don't even deviate from their plan.

Gen Z starts at 1995.

Necklace says it all.

Hey. How about we start pushing for mandatory clear back packs?

Attached: CjK3WE4JJm6zk_awPdmWMR14ZTCDM72KBHnTUZXWxck.jpg (750x656, 84.99K)

That's by that adventures of Baron Trump author, isn't it?

So you're against the gun ban?

Also, 19 year old senior. Must be a nigger.

As always no self-awareness.

Obligatory reminder about these CNN actors

Attached: ParklandValentinesDayShootingStudentAlsoatCNN.png (1098x733, 1.06M)


Attached: 7FF679E7-4B57-4A16-A7E1-C55BC74CF509.jpeg (341x416, 48.01K)

Attached: c5a0262280ea46f2d962d989b29944d0a591fc2d57f396e45aec316c6dc4e2ff.jpg (1064x702, 275.62K)

I'm not sure what's worse, the cast or the fact that they felt the need to change it.

As far as I am concerned that right there, that, needs a massive example made out. That individual just vacated their right to civil society and I would not a shed if some agency eventually tossed her into a hole/threw away the key. These people have no business having even a remote opinion as they are simply too stupid.

Dude… Lando's hair though…

It's almost like letting women have a say in politics was retarded and we were warned against it by literally every classical written document.

Lookie lookie what our friends at jewtube are spotlighting.

>What students really think about school shootings.


Attached: Untitled-2.jpg (1408x400, 352.78K)

What’s the matter user? Can’t handle a strong, independent, health at every size positive Kelly C in your Stair Weres?

Attached: 2B4F8B8B-A185-42DF-9837-32E6CE33DF44.png (248x172, 66.48K)

thank you disney for solving gun violence forever

Attached: 1446244867839-1.gif (300x277, 88.2K)

USA used nukes and killed 6 gorillion japanese people. USA should give away it's nukes! That will end nuke violence!

tbh, what the fuck is NRA doing? They can easily flip this with muh strong independent womyn that needs no men but a gun.


Attached: d10.JPG (480x594, 52.05K)

only followed a few of this type of events in USA, but it seems to follow the same script as the meetoo shit. maybe the same marketing teams behind.

This entire thing, from the initial shooting to today's march, is clearly orchestrated.
Someone has the ability to conduct operations like this, across government and media with significant central control.
That someone either includes Trump/what we think is the executive branch, or is the real executive branch and the existing office is now largely decorative.
This happens at the exact same time that a sudden and massive spending bill goes through that seemingly undermines Trumps entire platform.

it looks to me like the democrat media machine at work

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (469x462, 194.41K)

That’s literally Dana Loesh. She did fantastic during that (((CNN Town Hall))) with the Burger King Kids Club right after the shooting. She was completely and utterly vindicated afterwards when all the shit about the kiked sheriff’s department came out.

The NRA’s been doing great, it’s the spineless Neocohens like Rubio and Scott that are acquiescing to their demands for no reason that are fucking it. You’re letting media saturation and priming make you forget that gun control is very unpopular with the majority of Americans and Democrats ALWAYS lose public support when they start pushing for gun control legislation.

The establishment will never admit when it’s losing ground; you have to read between the lines. Always remember that.

Attached: B5190BF1-35DD-45B3-A9FB-B028949DA8A4.png (998x612, 521.78K)

user, we have long, LONG since passed the point of ““““““seems””””””.

In this case they even openly admit the Women’s March people reached out to them immediately after the shooting.

Attached: AA0AB695-8AD5-4A92-9A7A-43901FE014C6.jpeg (640x762, 376.36K)

denying guns to convicts is one thing, raising the age to buy guns is just dumb. should age to speak freely be raised too? it makes no sense what these retards are doing. so yeah, maybe it's unpopular and after 1 week everyone will forget about it, although media influence plays a big part in the brain of the american public.

If UK goes full 1984, seems like USA is going full Brave New World.

We already have a name user.

Day of the Rope

oh, yes, Women's March. that's more like it. same shit. It's like a Hollywood movie.

Also, Demi Lovato and other le singers that the female youth identify with, same like the democrat national convention.

If you dig deeper into this, take in account the Alabama praising of the nigger female vote with titles like 'black women saved Alabama' and the butthurt with articles like 'White married women betrayed womanhood and voted for Trump'.. I think this whole shitshow is less about guns, and more about securing THE (young, strong independent) FEMALE VOTE which they think will also secure the cuck males vote.

Canada is BNW. UK is 1984. America is some mix of the two

camp of the saints

They (Open Society, et al) have quick reaction teams stationed all around the Country just waiting for shit like Parkland.

The big reason why they are zero'd in on gun control is because it's an effective wedge issue against Republicans/Conservatives/Trump…

A year ago, Rahm Emanuel singled out 'wedge issues' as their primary weapon against Republicans; It just took them awhile to find 'wedge issue' bait that would hook Trump (and then embolden the GOPe cucks)

Attached: wedgeissues.png (751x211, 34.74K)

Some of you are overestimating the outreach the media has in controlling current year+3 narrative. Don't you remember the election? Don't you remember two major countries said fuck you to the media basically and did the opposite of what they wanted? Haven't we continually btfo of the media narrative in every single election since 2015 (besides the rigged French-election btw)?

I mean, the people don't trust the media anymore. The veil has been lifted, they have nothing and are desperately clawing for any sort of hope to get back to the position they once had. Now our battle is against the kikes, because the kicker is that they play the both sides of the coin, to divert attention away from themselves as they still remain in control.

The fucking irony is so thick here that you need a goddamn diamond tip saw to cut it.
Jesus Christ these people are so fucking retarded.
video fucking releated

Attached: am i talking to me.mp4 (398x360, 329.86K)

Anybody been mining twitter for salt on this? I don't know that this counts as salt, but I did manage to bait this hapa into an hour long argument over a blatant Poe position.

Attached: Poe.png (2418x2028, 731.81K)

Attached: no_steppy.jpg (640x360, 116.26K)

>fake kids
>fake throw up
>fake bruising

Was getting caught part of your plan?

Attached: OFCOURSEE.jpg (1920x1080, 64.8K)

Fuck these cancerous faggots, you aren't taking shit you soy filled cucks.

O I am laffin

Attached: 41A8D178-CD8D-46A0-9037-A313EBB51691.jpeg (640x433, 182.26K)

This looks like a soros funded news aggregator:


Attached: A4DD5E36-05D3-4BA7-865F-B88711FC868E.jpeg (622x846, 111.24K)

A beautiful strawman you constructed. One thing Holla Forums trains you for, is to deliver an unrelenting volley of bants normies are not prepared for. People here argue for fun, and the average TV dolt is only used to parroting narratives with no push back.

Script: [positive adjective] [ourshills] [empowering verb] [big numbers to give the felling of the whole majority of the country] did something for all of us/what everyone wanted. [Personal quote] then quote by celebrity.

if youtube was really a free speech platform, this video would go viral

oh fug, nobody checked this

Nobody believes this near catatonic lecherous piece of shit actually tweeted this right? Obviously some faggot intern wrote it up on and sent it on behalf of the group. Just fucking silly.

Brilliant student activists rose up by the millions today for change. I am in awe! "Mup da doo didda po mo gub" – Nelson Mandela.

Thanks m8. I was shocked how clueless the guy was. In the end I pretty much openly told him it was a Poe and he still didn't seem to really get it. How difficult is it to understand that everything you read is potentially false?

Is it the case that once we have been shaped by Holla Forums we are never fit for the world again? The rest of society provides no challenge, no fun.

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‏>Verified account @HillaryClinton




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Shit, fucked up the screen cap. Fixed.

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Chelsea Handler
‏Verified account @chelseahandler
18m18 minutes ago

I am more optimistic than ever about our future because these kids will be voting and they will be in charge. #MarchForOurLives sign #Midterms2018 we make sure the NRA doesn’t get to kill our kids.

Darren Criss
‏Verified account @DarrenCriss
45m45 minutes ago

This kind of mass civic engagement has the power to make serious change if we hold on to what we felt today and bring it to the voting booth. #VoteThemOut

These people are delusional.

Violence is a natural instinct that is suppressed by modern society. The more these people try to suppress violence, the more school shootings and violent crimes there will be. The only deterrence against violence is a threat of violence. Violence should be deregulated.

Cameron Kasky
‏Verified account @cameron_kasky
14m14 minutes ago

Almost as many people as @BenSPLATT’s bar mitzvah.

Next time, Ben. #MarchForOurLives

kikes can't not show their narcissism


Beau Willimon
‏Verified account @BeauWillimon
46m46 minutes ago

Ballots are mightier than bullets.


Scott Dworkin
‏Verified account @funder
44m44 minutes ago

This November we’re gonna do the same thing we did in New Jersey, Virginia, Pennsylvania & Alabama: Win. 🇺🇸 🌊

#MarchForOurLives #TheResistance
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kek'd :D

where was she throwing up that sounded like it was taking place a bathroom, recorded in a bathroom?

14 10 88

Consider me impressed by this beautiful blessing of a sequence.

Luke Evans
‏Verified account @TheRealLukevans
25m25 minutes ago

No one should have to fear for their life at school. Enough is enough. #MarchForOurLives

Lady Gaga
‏Verified account @ladygaga
21h21 hours ago

[email protected] & I believe in the power of young people to create a better future. We’re so proud to stand with @MTV & @NAACP to support the young people marching for safer schools and communities. I am proud to sponsor a bus, heading from Harlem to DC for #MarchForOurLives
434 replies 3,445 retweets 14,431 likes

I wonder how many of these cunts have private security armed with assaults rifles everywhere with them.

Holy fucking kek, thats the funniest shit I've seen all week. Couldn't resist this OC, enjoy you faggots.

Attached: (((Grassroots))).mp4 (640x480, 15.98M)

That's just what happens when you spew inside a large hollow backed Dias with a sensitive mic.. it is like a small room.

Would they self-deport if it made the country safer?

They read social media comments and adjusted their message to hit on just the right keywords to appease the BLM/SJW demographic. Everything is so scripted and measured for reactions. I hate stupid normals for falling for this stuff.

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Matt Deitsch
‏Verified account @MattxRed
45m45 minutes ago

Today we educated a country on how to stand for peace, love and community.

I am so proud of everyone.

We will vote out those who stand against us.

Register. Educate. Vote.


The pornstar thing is funny because I don't think they could pick a worse looking once. I know it's more them trying to damn him by association but it just makes the story even more unbelievable.

Elisabeth R. Finch
‏Verified account @erfinchie
33m33 minutes ago

You love these kids? You wanna thank them for their bravery and fortitude and brilliant speeches in front of millions after sustaining unimaginable loss? REGISTER TO VOTE. THIS. FREAKING. MINUTE. And promise yourself you'll SHOW THE HELL UP to EVERY DANG POLL. #MarchForOurLives
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Soy faggots, stupid niggers, race mixed defects, retarded soccer moms think they're going to take my rights away?
Don't fucking think so nigger.

Attached: 1.jpg (1280x852, 253.48K)

Also when looking up photos for this person I found that she's apparently the "world's most popular porn star" at the moment, but please don't try to tell me that the porn industry is politically motivated in any way. That's just crazy.

Where are all you newfags coming from that can't spot obvious edits? It is OC that has had a bunch of puking sounds added to make fun of her.

Attached: Gun control at gunpoint by muds.webm (1280x720, 14.83M)

Not even ONCE.

user, boomers ARE the backbone of these protesters!


Anything lulzy happen in the stream, didn't see any of it

Attached: experts-agree-gun-control-works.jpg (821x941, 153.38K)

a fat crisis actor puked everywhere

These morons have no idea they're marching to give themselves permanent records of "mental health issues" as most of the new legislation is calling for mass screening of students.

And the "psychologist" will have a name ending in -berg, and he will have total control over the decision.

Play vidya games "too much?"…mental issues.
Smoked marijuana?…mental issues.
Got drunk at a party?…mental issues.

No kikes will have those issues, however…

Don't meme against yourself.

Not really, just pukey mackenzie hurling on stage. So brave.

Hitler didn't ban guns

Marx himself wasn't against banning guns either

Banning guns is a (((neo-liberal))) thing

Attached: DYRNf8SUQAAXf2S.jpeg (449x491, 62.03K)

They are trying to get the "unreachable unaligned" to the polls in November.

The DNC needs to create a new KKK.

Honestly. You don’t see a lot niggers who aren’t women. Mexicans are bigger useful idiots than blacks

The way Hogg is placed it looks like it says MEIN FURHER. Go with it, it's a discredit Hogg meme, not a rehab Hitler one, and the target is normies.

>>>/k/ has seen variations of this for decades.

I thought Mao and Stalin did confiscate.

no matter how much they try to seem clean, those fags never get a break

Attached: c698db78a8f5af0439762b51b3f1295222d74fcc6a363ebd5219966ffce91fe0.png (2165x346, 489.54K)

I'll grant you Soros, but the slew of millionaires that also funded this are unknown, and most boomers are not millionaires.

Look at that sea of duped faces. I think I saw maybe one that could have been a boomer.
The rest are dumb-ass, easily led, braying, sheep-like punks, none of them look over 30, most look like their in their teens & 20's.

Most boomers own guns.

Hitler eventually banned the Jews from owning guns. It was highly effective.

Doesn't matter, end goal that everyone should always keep in mind is exposing the jew therefore any memeing done against someone that shows Hitler negatively should be avoided.

So where are you gun-toting patriots, anyway? What, exactly, are you waiting for? In 2000, when the U.S. Supreme Court openly stole an election, you did nothing. Today, our government has legalized warrantless spying, imprisonment without charge, torture, rendition, assassination, and wars fought by the CIA with flying robots. You’ve watched this being done to us and you’ve done nothing. You’ve watched our wealth being handed over to the war makers and the financiers, and you’ve done nothing. You’ve bought more guns, and you’ve done nothing. And the guns have done nothing. And anything we could do with the guns would be counterproductive.

Violence does not work anymore, not even in the heart of a society devoted to violence.
Resistance movements are hindered, not helped, by weaponry. The notion of using guns to resist or reform or overthrow the government is bizarrely out of touch with reality. There is no correlation between personal liberties in a nation and its gun ownership.

The government does not want your guns; it wants your obedience. It’s not afraid of your assault weapons; it’s afraid of your noncooperation.

An abusive government has no cause for concern as long as people can be made to believe that violence is the field on which to compete. Is it so hard to comprehend that the NRA is a firearms manufacturers’ lobbyist, whose only purpose is to convince you to purchase more of their clients’ products?

That's completely different from banning guns from your citizens.

Incredibly long-winded and well-written bait. I applaud you, sir.

It's a bunch of suppositions from an unimaginative, and ignorant faggot.

Attached: You get a gold star for your post.jpg (477x768, 89.9K)

You know I'm starting to wonder were the concept of gun control was created because literally every Western European, Melbournian and Canadian I've seen in the normiewebs love the idea of it and wouldn't hesitate to say White Americans are all "trigger happy" and none of them know about the extreme savagery of niggers and other non-Whites.

I tried to redpill some Britbong that the issue wasn't about guns but about non-Whites being more violent and have lower average IQ's than Whites, I gave him about 10 sources and he just scoffed it all off as if I was crazy. He told me I "don't have enough evidence" to back up my claims that niggers are retarded and are more likely to commit crimes than other races. I fucking swear he's gotta be living in London to be this bluepilled.

Kek you're right. They try to be such soyim since the Pao wars but the mean ADL keeps calling them names.

The absolute state of liberals.

Wtf I don't even… We have truly hit the point of high comedy. Shit couldn't have been more staged, she ducks behind the podium out of sight while comically ridiculous amounts of puke effects play. Then she pops up laughing and smiling perfectly clean despite the fact that at least her mouth and possible clothes would at least shown some sign of being splattered with fucking Team America levels of fucking off screen puke sound effects. All while a crowd of use retards cheer. This may end up being easier than we thought, guiz.

Attached: tam.gif (450x188, 970.71K)

Mate… those effects were part of the joke.

I have a hard time taking anything Marx said at face value. Had he gotten what he wanted the way he wanted it I'm sure banning guns would've been on the table.

Clearly it does, as it is the only thing which motivates the masses.

Marx's worker is state owned. He might as well be saying "don't disarm the army."

Gotta admit I genuinely thought that was real, I seriously wouldn't put it past them. Polite sage for derp.

Attached: Sergeant-Schultz.jpg (773x903, 179.03K)

Attached: animu cat.jpg (363x521, 37.96K)

brilliant. of course tears turn pedo joe on even more..

Attached: 5da9ef6521ad04d4aedf358b238960526260e8481100d96afe9ce838e2ed01de.gif (267x219, 1.05M)


great taste in reaction pics.

Attached: tenor.gif (220x220, 296.25K)

how does a 5 year old get a kosher stamp?

Does the puking girl mentioned anytime during her speech about her injuries, anons?

Thanks, I thought it was a pretty good angle. Glad to see I'm not alone in this world. My account just got shoah'd for hate speech though.

Attached: e027c10f0c299db3afcdcda917c5fa6ac9f718ff7b001dd260d508bfe471a70d.png (566x526, 452.39K)

Has anyone flooded the normie realms with this? I wonder how the average person would react to these. It seems it's pretty damn accurate.

Attached: David Hogg On March_ This Is The Beginning Of A Revolution _ MSNBC.webm (640x360 6.4 MB, 2.9M)

I want tumblr to leave.

Attached: 1503061254118.jpg (495x362, 18.73K)

It's pointless, go for his financial accounts if you really want proof.

And I'm sure you'll find some interesting connections.

[citation needed]

That's a LOT of people.
Like an impossible amount.

I can't wait to see the DNC flag these kids until the public hates them like those "blue star" muslims.

Oyy Veyyy this tragedy has helped my acting career a ton, but I'm totally not a actor or anything filthy goyims!

isn't he culturally appropriating the black fist in air symbolism? he is forgetting to check his privilege.

It probably destroyed his life actually, nobody outside of politics wants to be associated with these kids.

CNN is going to set him up with some sort of a anderson cooper style show in the future, I bet he is just the new generation of operation mockingbird.

Safe countries…
Apparently there were protest around the world today. International, anons. The Novos Ordos is pushing hard right now.

Won't stick, but they're welcome to try. Nobody wants to hear some scrawny fag tell them about weaponry.

Why push hard? I thought they were so butthurt that the poo slides out easy with no effort.

Millennials are what happens when Boomers take away any hope for a comfortable future away from their children, Generation X, who then raise their children with inherited degenerate nihilistic hedonism.

Thank you, I have been saying this since sandyhoax. Utter horseshit really.


You're getting the rope all the same

Attached: Image7.jpg (400x254, 14.89K)

I don't think its nihilism, I think that most millenials intuitively understand that things are completely fucked and are looking to fight to fix things. The problem is that too many buy into kike lies about why its fucked instead of realizing its fucked because of kikes.

Attached: Star Trek_ The Next Generation - The Banned Clip From 'The High Ground' [360p].webm (480x360, 2.29M)




More like a couple hundred and a few thousand. It seems their approach it to make these (((national protests))) so they can inflate the number of the main event. Their actors are playing as children in order to avoid counter protests. This is basically the same approach as a children's crusade. Instead of being sold off as slaves, the kids they dupe will see their rights taken away.

You need a (you) for that gif, holy fuck Im in public just laughing out loud now. Thanks G


Attached: 84D8D944-607C-4DC9-8B72-B08577C27236.jpeg (884x1280, 1.12M)

are these children being paid or offered benefits in exchange for doing something?
hiring children without a work permit is illegal


Attached: 14fe11d147b58ca1bdd4b22c651238047a7dbca59355f05195e5c9ff5b30e072.jpg (1080x1080, 101.86K)

And that has stopped the likes of isreal, biddleburgs, rothchilds and soros when?

holy shit…

Attached: no way.gif (320x216, 727.69K)

Following their own narrative, they are all seniors. They will not return to school. Instead, they will heavily involve themselves in the midterm elections in order to get young people to come out to vote. They can all be rewarded later through appointments or being hired into various organizations.

praise kek

actually if you look at Holla Forums's thread on it, they are not fans of it either.
"UNDER NO PRETEXT" seems to be their equivalent to "SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED"
i don't know where the fuck it comes from but this appears to be some significant D&C on the left.

should have read the pic again, it clearly shows where it comes from.

Not sure why it surprises people that Holla Forums is against gun control, most of them know there's no chance of voting for what they want, just like most of us do.

Leftypol came to the same conclusion as us awhile ago that eventually it will come down to civil war and that they'll needs guns to get the job done. Unfortunately for them nationalism is a significantly more attractive ideology to the vast majority of gun holders in america, so while commendable their efforts will be in vain.

Every time I go there all they seem capable of talking about are economics. It seems like they've lost any interest in the topic of race and its effects on societal cohesion. I don't really know what they stand for anymore, and I think a lot of them splintered into national communists or some shit. It's a very odd place.

People are also surprised by the fact that former far leftyfags are some of the most ardent converts to the far right, despite Hitler himself making this observation in Mein Kampf. Many run to the left because they perceive it as the only viable position against the status quo, despite them seeing its flaws. When they find out its not, they are quick to happily jump ship for a new position without those flaws. I've known quite a few like this.

how much does this belief permeate throughout the left though? the left has been shilling for gun control forever, is it just now that some of them are changing their mind? MSM obviously is not going to report on the splintering of the left, but it seems strange that they would suppress their own.

No, diehard communists are not identical to your typical liberal, this is not a recent change just as we are not identical to your typical conservative.

Leftypol are literal commies and have little to do with main-stream neo-liberals which are rampant with corporatism. At least if you take them at face value. Like Holla Forums a lot of them when push comes to shove will default back to these less extreme neo-liberal ideologies. Like a cuckchan poster will default back to alt-kike "w-woah i thought we were just joking about being nazi's g-guys" libertarianism.

What I don't quite get is why would someone like Carlos Latuff, a hardcore Che Guevera Marxist, would be against the right to bear arms, especially when Whites have guns. One of his comics is the literal embodiment of the "dindu nuffin" meme. Another comic is about the NRA being bad but it's very vague. If any of you don't know who this guy is, he's a sandnigger born in Hueland who at one point actually admitted to be a literal cuckold. Just google "Latuff cuck" and you'll understand. He also keeps comparing dead Palestinians to the holohoax and it's pretty funny because he's portraying Zionist kikes like Bibi as Literally Hitler lol.

Let's not forget one of his latest comics, he's making people who support (((gun control))) look innocent (and black because ooga booga muh waycism) while the NRA is supposedly silencing them, all the while comparing it to (((AIPAC))) silencing BDS. Didn't (((AIPAC))) actually shill for gun control a while back because of all these school shooting false flags? Do Marxists even know how to research facts properly? Also what does Trump supporters have anything to do with the false flags again? Commies are weird.

pic related

Attached: I don't even know anymore.jpg (366x327 304.06 KB, 22.38K)

This will never not be funny.

Isn't that kinda what the shooters eventually do? (implying there are real school shootings)

You have to realize most leftists are criminals and those sorts don't follow rule of law. A disarmed enemy is one you can throw in some camp.

Looks like some sub 80 IQ cave paintings. Who gives a shit.

Now people can understand why the kid shot all these fuckers. Cruz should be meme'd as a good boy who did nothing wrong now.

I doubt it. Cruz did go to the same schools, after all. He's probably just as bad. Commies killing Commies is normal. They call it "faction struggle" and it's expected in a worldwide Revolution open to all the rebels.

Attached: th.jpg (474x597, 40.5K)

March Before Our Lives in Utah had hundreds of people, I think it was the only proper counter-protest. I held my ground can you say the same, patriot?

Attached: IMG_20180324_103450.jpg (2592x1944, 778.66K)

Attached: IMG_20180324_103412.jpg (2592x1944 983.64 KB, 664.41K)

Attached: IMG_20180324_221056_316.jpg (1280x959, 158.51K)

Attached: IMG_20180325_031904_801.jpg (1280x959, 131.28K)

Wishful thinking, they are actually on the attack while we have next to no presence in IRL protests.

It's busted.


Go be a nigger somewhere else, we're not degenerate "gangtas" here faggot.

None of these people care about the 60k that were murdered in one year in Brazil,and the 25k that died last year in Mexico.

The message of these events is "I am afraid of being shot" not some grand political statement.

They will intentionally omit the fact that he wears a shit load of makeup and surgery+latex + foreskins to have a younger looking face and call you Alex Jones


Marxists only want no funz for non Marxists. They're typically armed to the teeth, but being sneaky Marxists, they pretend to be pacifist.

The meme's write themselves confirmed.

Attached: VUVcMrdSeSny6JLh1reBPihCKI5EXGeYs3oaDs8fobc.jpg (750x722, 171K)


So anons any useful memes that came out of this and you'd willing to trade?

Attached: memes-oh-i-have-those-1575144.png (500x518, 135.72K)

… but you do learn hyperbolic things in math class. Dumb yenta.

Attached: plot.png (828x692, 35.98K)


Checked. Can't wait , lets celebr8 m8

She really took it in the asymptote that day.

Attached: zyklon.jpg (640x615, 100.4K)

Jesus Christ, how many gallons did Miss Piggy evacuate? Gluttony is a sin

Absolutely Kosher.

Attached: VUVcMrdSeSny6JLh1reBPihCKI5EXGeYs3oaDs8fobc.jpg (249x428, 33.09K)

These fucks realize that ID is required even at gun shows? Take a second to think about that. These fucks advocate for shit already on the books when in their states they want to ELIMINATE id checking for voting. How much of a fucking spastic can a person be?

The less they understand, the stronger their fanaticism. Now that I think about it, that works for a lot of things.

Been on here about 4 years now. Never encountered anyone talking about CP in a positive light or sharing illegal photos etc. Where do they come up with this shit?

Its why the R's are now passing Gun Control. So they lose support and they hope Florida will go Blue next time.

They all said they would have rather had Hillary than Trump.

There are/were some lesser known/hidden boards that supposedly dabble(d) in it, but I don't know if they are around anymore. It was a point of contention during the exodus, I remember. People were hesitant to go to a site that had it due to fear of being shutdown.

These people don't respond to logic. They base everything off their education, which stresses the importance of listening to the "free and impartial media".
Much like the current scientific environment of "peer review", if enough people agree with a morsel of information, it must be true! But just like the current peer review mindset, it fails to take into account the pervasive control jews have over media.
To this mindset, you would have to be retarded to reject these "facts" for ones which are not supported by your "peers".

A simplified breakdown:

Why do you think reddit gained so much popularity?
Real life is reddit. Just like on reddit, attention whores drive opinion, jews pay those popular people, and everything gets turned to shit.
And what's the only way to clear out reddit shit? GORE

Attached: attention_whore_webconvert….mp4 (324x360, 10.09M)

I have a hard time believing that, then again I never trusted the media to begin with.

Source on that song?

Read the filename faggot.
What's hard to believe?
Climate change, trannies, faggots, and arms prohibition are air tight proof that people who parrot mass media give group opinions more value than their own thoughts.

The real question is, "Why does this happen to intelligent people?"
My answer to that would be that intelligence plays only a minor part in your ability to distinguish deception, and can sometimes make you less receptive to the idea that you're being deceived.
The major factor in a person's ability to break free from any deception is entirely based on their personality profile.
If you look at all the Holla Forumss, they're comprised largely of INTP and INTJ, both are driven almost entirely by logic.
If you compare the board populations to the general public, you'll see that Holla Forums is composed of extreme outliers.

The mental framework of the common man is incompatible with the mental tools necessary to resist the will of the group.

I think it is more that humans are only deft at telling truth from lies in person, when they have the ability to interact with and read the person's responses and facial cues. Mass media fucks that up.

can anyone get her dox info like her dads?

Honestly the biggest thing is that the smarter you are, you do not wish to be wrong. It is embarressing to be proven wrong, so if you have parroted a wrong thing that the media portrayed, which later gets proven wrong. You do not wish to back down because you would lose face.

I love being proven wrong because I learn something.
Majority of the time I'm right just like Holla Forums and it fucking sucks.


I think you might be onto something with this. Looking back, the primary reason I never trusted media was due to the illogical nature of the arguments being pushed. This can also be noticed when I'm around my friends. I'll propose x, y and z and be called a dick for having a certain 'opinion' about something when to myself it doesn't seem like an opinion but the logical outcome given the known truths of the situation/event we happen to be discussing.


March For Our Lives is a recruiting operation for Antifa.

Kids were being distributed anti-white, anti-cop propaganda at the event.
The deep state is now trying to swell its Alt-Left paramilitary group ranks with underage kids. SPREAD THIS INFO EVERYWHERE.


Attached: Antifa_BTFO.png (804x1024 750.3 KB, 155.98K)

fucking hell, these people simply can't contain their excitement about taking away rights, destroying the Constitution, and corrupting kids. She looks positively euphoric.


Every time she tries to preach
Her stomach lets out a painful screech

First, their goal isn't school safety or banning "assault weapons". Their goal is the banning of all firearms and the confiscation of those in private citizen's hands. The moronic students may not know, but the (((handlers))) know perfectly well that there is no "gun show loophole", that a background check is already required, and that there is a difference between select fire military weapons and semi-auto AR-15s.

There is one set of rules for themselves, and another for everyone they disagree with. In their mind it is perfectly fine and reasonable to demand 9000 forms of ID to buy a .22, but annuda shoah to ask a nigger or beaner for an ID to vote.

They cry about freedom of speech, but only when it's speech that they agree with. They cry about having to wear transparent backpacks because it's judging them all guilty because of the actions of someone else, yet the fact that they are trying to deny other's gun rights based on the actions of another is lost on them.

They cry about not judging entire groups by the action of a few. So when muslims and niggers commit terror attacks and commit 80% of all the crime, we can't judge muslims and niggers. But when a white person commits a crime, or something like slavery existed, whites are judged guilty as a group for etenity.

There is no actual logic. There is no reason. It's simply opportunistic interest groups making up their own rules, in favor of themselves, to further their own agenda.

The students are ignorant, brainwashed fanatical fools. The people brainwashing them and using them, the Soroses, the celebrities, the Women's March organizers, the vinegary cat lady activists and their cucked orbiters… these people are truly nefarious.

Attached: true goal of gun control b.gif (238x240, 1.29M)

Just going to leave this here
I'm sure we've all seen it

Yeah well I’ve waited 19 fucking years to buy my g3 and now I’ll need to wait 2 more because totally not comped Trump told two neocons to raise the age in my state nigger. But, hey your right on one thing, he does play 4D chess. But you fucked up when you filed to realize that now he’s playing against you.

No they aren’t my dude. At these protests all I see is a bunch of millennials and boomers with the occasional 12 year old roastie in there. Most gen Z kids I’ve met either don’t care, think it’s stupid or don’t actually know what the rally is about. Make no mistake, the protesters are not actual children. They are useful idiot millennial s boomers led by Jews.

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (183x275, 116.09K)

He also said he wasn't at the school when it happened, so why the fuck is he being paraded around, besides the fact that his dad "was" in the FBI?

Wut? There's video of him hiding in another building acting like a faggot and trying to "interview" fellow students about the shooting.

Why is it getting *this* blatant and easy to pick out the fuckton of obvious shit that literally screams "THIS IS RAN BY KIKES!"
If I hear ANYONE unironically say this is a grassroots movement or say something cucky like "these kids are gonna change the world maaan!" it'll be my upmost pleasure to break their little hippy dippy daydream with the simple fact that this is all set up… From the crisis actors to the millions going into it from (((Soros))) to even the blatant news coverage and shilling.
Normies lap this shit up, they've become dumb enough to not see through the most basic of setups now. These kids are being given a spotlight and told to scream about gun control as if it's a revolutionary thing. Do they seriously believe they're fighting "the man" by doing this shit? Are Normies seriously this fucking basic that such a terribly constructed and obviously generic and token sort of fairytale structure of using kids to fight this huge strawman painted bad guy known as the "NRA" by taking away everyone's guns?
Fuck me… No one has even identified the elephant in the room. The amount of mind addling drugs these kids turned high scorers are put on.
Let these crisis actors and token black girls have their fifteen minutes of fame… They're giving us more ammunition to redpill people by just how stupid they're acting, how entitled and self righteous they all are. Normies will lap up the feelgood cool aid, but we will dose it with redpills.

Think about it for a moment, lads…

If Trump cucks out entirely and doesn't fight tooth and nail to stop this blatantly setup bullshit and actually brings out stupid gun control laws (which won't work), he would have done something Obama did not, and that's hammer the last nail in the coffin for gun rights…. But Trump will always be known by these libshits as that "mean president who offended people and wanted a wall so that means he's evil".
And if he cucks out, he'll be criticized by supporters.
He has no reason to cuck on this whatsoever, if he gives them an inch, they'll take a mile… They have the Jewish backing of course, the Jews make it possible for them to screech their horse shit. I'd wager any money in saying that the minute one of these people points out that the problem lies in anything other than white people and guns then the entire project will be scrapped and the Jewish backers will wait for (or plan to false flag) the next school shooting to try for another token crisis actor shitstorm.

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At 930am, when the shooting wasn't until after 2. Here he is on fucking video saying that he wasn't there at all.

Wow, that's original… For a libshit.
I'm curious though… Does this merch sell? Clearly it must if people are buying pussyhats and dump drumpf stickers en masse.

Plot twist is that Trump is the one manufacturing the anti-Trump merch.

In order to beat the Jew, you must first out-Jew them

even the revolution is just a for profit event


Nice timestamp too
I just want to watch the world burn now
Assholes and elbows had it right.
t.trashcan man

I'm upset that the authors of this entire scenario can't write better fiction. This is crappy fan-fiction tier and I'm insulted (1.) that people think we'll buy it and (2.) that it very obviously works on an embarrassingly large amount of idiots.

This happens every time there is an "incident", the original story just unravels. I'm starting to think getting caught is a part of their plan. Nice triplets btw

Dora has to go back.