Anyone know what books the nazis burned?

This tweet got the noggin' joggin. Anyone have a link to the list of books burned? Or any book covers? What percentage was creepy kike pedo shit?

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Pornography an smut. Take a guess who was producing it all.

Bump. I'm wondering myself

There are lists of all the authors whose works were destroyed, they weren't all Jews, but everything the natsocs burned was smut and nihilistic trash. The exact sort of thing that the Jews have awarded us with today.

Dubs confirm, also, porn = smut tbh
OP, they also burned cancerous books, like All Quiet on the Western Front and The Communist Manifesto

Can't give you any titles off hand, but your first image give two clues: Magnus Hirschfeld, and the Institute for Sexual Research.





More names of interest…


Here comes a treasure trove of clues…

>Signatories included (((Albert Einstein))), Hermann Hesse [married a Jew], Käthe Kollwitz (, Thomas Mann (married a Jew), Heinrich Mann (married a Jew), Rainer Maria Rilke (married a Jew), August Bebel (founder of the Marxist SDAP, eulogized by Vladimir Lenin as a "model workers' leader"), (((Max Brod))), (((Karl Kautsky))), (((Stefan Zweig))), Gerhart Hauptmann ("At the beginning of May 1946, Hauptmann learned that the Polish government was insisting on the expulsion of all Germans without exception. On June 6, he died of bronchitis in Agnieszków (present-day Jagniątków, a part of Hirschberg im Riesengebirge, now Jelenia Góra). His last words were reported to be, "Am I still in my house?" Despite his final wishes, as expressed in his last will, Hauptmann was not buried at his home. An official letter from the Soviet Administration in favor of the writer, who was highly regarded in the Soviet Union, proved ineffective, though the family was permitted to take its belongings."), (((Martin Buber))), Richard von Krafft-Ebing (author of "Psychopathia Sexualis (Psychopathy of Sex)… Krafft-Ebing also coined the term anilingus in this book.") and (((Eduard Bernstein))).


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>During his visit to Britain, Hirschfeld was invited to a secret ceremony in the English countryside where a "group of beautiful, young, male students" from Cambridge gathered together wearing Wilde's prison number, C33, as a way of symbolically linking his fate to theirs, to read out aloud Wilde's poem The Ballad of Reading Gaol.

If I could post images, I'd post a graphic I made awhile back demonstrating that Chicago was a hot-bed of homosexual activity in the US - some of the earliest fag mags (ie magazines about being a faggot, in a time when being a faggot was viewed as detestable) were published in Chicago.

And wouldn't you be surprised to learn that Marxists and Jews were heavily represented in these efforts?
Of course you would, who wouldn't be!?




Lots already online:

Actually learned a lot about politics in general from reading this:

You can learn a lot about human nature from observing faggotry. Ask Tr


Not in the least surprising to yours truly m8.

>Most notably, Hirschfeld testified that "homosexuality was part of the plan of nature and creation just like normal love."

Hit the button too early. Ask Trump. I don't think he was sucking Ray Cohn's dick rather than picking his mind. (Same with anything really, I learned a lot from jewish girlfriends and trannies… maybe I came here to find out why you want them in the oven so badly? ;)


The contents of thsi thread should lay that out very clearly.





>He developed a system which categorised 64 possible types of sexual intermediary, ranging from masculine, heterosexual male to feminine, homosexual male, including those he described under the term transvestite (Ger. Transvestit), which he coined in 1910 to describe people who, in the 21st century, might be referred to as transgender or transsexual.




>The Institute housed Hirschfeld's immense archives and library on sexuality and provided educational services and medical consultations; the clinical staff included psychiatrists (((Felix Abraham))) and (((Arthur Kronfeld))), gynecologist (((Ludwig Levy-Lenz))), dermatologist and endocrinologist (((Bernhard Schapiro))), and dermatologist (((Friedrich Wertheim))).

Pictured: Hirschfeld and his young twink Giese.

They burned anti German propaganda, pro communist propaganda and porno.

Chances these scandals were fake news pushed by Jew grouos?

Quality thread lads

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>Christopher Isherwood writes about his and W. H. Auden's [British faggots] visit in his book Christopher and His Kind; they were calling on Francis Turville-Petre [another British faggot], a friend of Isherwood's who was an active member of the Scientific Humanitarian Committee. Other celebrated visitors included German novelist and playwright Gerhart Hauptmann (see above), German artist Christian Schad, French writers René Crevel (French faggot, morphine addict and friend of Leon Trotsky) and André Gide (French faggot, lover of Oscar Wilde), Russian director (((Sergei Eisenstein))), and American poet Elsa Gidlow (British Communist dyke).

>Among the residents were Isherwood and Turville-Petre (see above); literary critic and philosopher (((Walter Benjamin))); actress and dancer Anita Berber (coke/heroin/opium-addicted dyke - drug of choice: "chloroform and ether mixedin a bowl"); Marxist philosopher (((Ernst Bloch))); Willi Münzenberg (avowed Communist, subsequently murdered by Communist agent in French internment camp for not being committed enough), a member of the German Parliament and a press officer for the Communist Party of Germany; Dörchen Richter, one of the first [THE first on record] transgender patients to receive sex reassignment surgery at the Institute, and Lili Elbe (dyke freak, "It is likely that Elbe was intersex").


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Oh, well, fancy that! Slippery slope anyone?

>(((The New York Times))) described Hirschfeld as having come to America to "study the marriage question", while the German language New Yorker Volkszeitung newspaper described Hirschfeld as wanting to "discuss love's natural turns" - the phrase "love's natural turns" was Hirschfeld's way of presenting his theory that there was a wide spectrum of human sexuality, all of which were "natural".

Fancy that!
>Aware of a strong xenophobic tendency in the United States, where (((foreigners))) seen as trouble-makers were unwelcome, Hirschfeld tailored his message to American tastes.

It was probably books like 'I deserve free stuff' by Karl Marx.



Actually, it seems more likely to have been "Why Sodomy Is Fine While Cross-Dressing: How I Learned to Love Cutting My Penis Off" by (((Magnus Hirschfield))).

>Since Hirschfeld's books never sold well, the money he was paid for endorsing the Titus's Pearls pills were a major source of income for him, which he was to lose in 1933 when the manufacturer of the pills ceased using his endorsement in order to stay in the German market.
>At times, Hirschfeld returned to his European message, when he planned to deliver a talk at the bohemian Dill Pickle Club in Chicago on "homosexuality with beautiful revealing pictures", which was banned by the city as indecent.
You can't make this shit up!

Oh, right, Thomas Mooney.


Oh boy…
>In Japan, Hirchfeld again tailored his speeches to local tastes, saying nothing about gay rights, and merely argued that a greater frankness about sexual matters would prevent venereal diseases.

Oh Christ…
No shit?

Reminder: Ol' Magnus was over 60 at the time.
Hahaha, holy shit.

Seems faggots have always been attracted to hairless Asian boys.

Who was behind that chld prostitution, eh (((Magnus)))?

Seems legit!
Oh man this shit is like a story written by Holla Forumsacks, except it actually happened.

An atheist far-left Jewish degenerate being "sentimental" about kikes in sandland?
Some things never change.
You literally cannot make this shit up.

What's the problem with All Quiet on the Western Front? I kind of liked it

Good riddance.

Well OP, seems we have your answer.
They burned Hirschfeld's works.


Notice how, through accredation and legitimization on behalf of the Jewish press, these scoundrels implemented their degenerative ideals in society under a mask of more-appealing concepts?

A 65-year-old Jewish homosexual living in Paris with a German Communist twink and a Chinese fuck-sleeve.
Some things really never do change.
What sort of 'trifling' dispute did he become involved in, I wonder?

let me get this straight:

fucking hell how does this one end?

Huh, funny that… The reference regarding this 'trifling' event doesn't seem to say anything about it, nor can I find any other information regarding this 'trifling' event that got Hirschfeld's twink expelled from France.
I'm sure it was nothing.

Fagging up Germany wasn't received well? Welp, guess you better go fag up France instead.
Good riddance.


Hahahahahaha, oh man…

Apparently with him becoming a racist?

And to clarify: It wasn't him that did the gay shit in a pool - it was his 20+-years-younger twink fuckbuddy.
Which, of course, made this old faggot kike very depressed. Woe is meeeee goy!

And there it is.

Wow. I mean, you really can't make this shit up.
"You're all innately racist, goy!" - Old Jewish Fag Pervert, 1930s.


In search of sanctuary, I have found my way to that country, the nobility of whose traditions, and whose ever-present charm, have already been as balm to my soul. I shall be glad and grateful if I can spend some few years of peace and repose in France and Paris, and still more grateful to be enabled to repay the hospitality accorded to me, by making available those abundant stores of knowledge acquired throughout my career.
Wew lads.

So basically nothing of value was lost.

>The upright headstone in gray granite is inset with a bronze bas-relief portrait of Hirschfeld in profile by German sculptor and decorative artist (((Arnold Zadikow))) (1884–1943), who like Hirschfeld was a native of the town of Kolberg.
This is it lads. This is it, right here.
All of it condensed down into one horrifying hilarious story of kikery, which spawned a whole generation of kike faggotry, and here, in this old kike faggot's motto, we have the core of it all: 'through science to justice'.
By making science a religion, and then excising any effort toward objective truth-seeking within the context of science, the Jews created for themselves a new religion in the Western world that has been used to systematically deconstruct the very concept of reality, at the most basal level.
Incredible. Horrifying. Hilarious.

>(The Caucade Cemetery is likewise the location of the grave of surgeon and sexual-rejuvenation proponent (((Serge Voronoff))) — whose work Hirschfeld had discussed in his own publications.)
Editor's Note:
One more time, so you get that clearly:
"who gained fame for his technique of grafting monkey testicle tissue on to the testicles of men for purportedly therapeutic purposes"

Fucking. Wew. Lads.

And so the story of (((Magnus Hirschfeld))) comes to an end.
OP, if you still have any uncertainty as to why we want to put Jews in ovens, well, here's about all the evidence you need, and then some.

Monkey testicles.
You can't make this shit up.

Good riddance.
A faggot in the military police leaked the Austrian marching plans for WWI to the Russians.
Had he been bullied into suicide as he deserved, there would've been a lot less dead Austrians.
Loose anuses annihilate armies.

Archived for future reference…

… But we're not done yet!

There's still the issue of ol' (((Magnus)))'s legacy!
Not to mention further detail of his 'institution'.

Hang onto your foreskins…

>Upon his return to the United States, Gerber was inspired to form the short-lived Chicago-based Society for Human Rights in 1924, the first known gay rights organization in the nation.
Called it.
>In turn, a partner of one of the former members of the Society communicated the existence of the society to Los Angeles resident Harry Hay in 1929; Hay would go on to help establish the Mattachine Society in 1950, the first national homosexual rights organization to operate for many years in the United States.
Yep. Called it.
Gay Communists in Chicago.
Wew lads. Fucking wew.

Don't vote in 2020!

Amazing how time echoes.

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Why do I suspect there are a lot of parenthesis if I were to investigate that group…
To study the history of research on sexuality and gender, of the sexual reform movement and of related scholarly disciplines and life reform movements.
To help establish research on sexuality and gender within academic institutions.

What books would they burn in 2018?

I bet it's anime


>In August 2011, after 30 years of advocacy by the Magnus Hirschfeld Society and other associations and individuals, the Federal Cabinet of Germany granted 10 million euros to establish the Magnus Hirschfeld National Foundation (Bundesstiftung Magnus Hirschfeld), a foundation to support research and education about the life and work of Magnus Hirschfeld, the Nazi persecution of homosexuals, German LGBT culture and community, and ways to counteract prejudice against LGBT people; the Federal Ministry of Justice (Germany) was expected to contribute an additional 5 million euros, bringing the initial endowment of the foundation to a total of 15 million euros.

b a s e d

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>Different from the Others (Germany, 1919); directed by (((Richard Oswald))); cowritten by Oswald and Magnus Hirschfeld. Hirschfeld appears in a cameo playing himself. Karl Giese, the young man who subsequently became Hirschfeld's lover, also had a part in the film.
Jews never change.

>Desire: Sexuality in Germany, 1910–1945 (United Kingdom, 1989); directed by Stuart Marshall (, "Filming in Flossenberg, a concentration camp where many gay men had been killed, I remember Marshall talking passionately about the need to reclaim a history which had been forcibly and violently suppressed."). A feature-length documentary tracing the emergence of the homosexual subculture and the homosexual emancipation movement in pre-World War II Germany—and their destruction by the Nazi regime. According to film historian Robin Wood, Marshall "treats the burning of Hirschfeld's library and the closing of his Institute of Sexual Science as the film's…central moment…."

Its a good book, it is anti war, and the ideals remark talked about it in made him resent his country. It was more antiwar and because of that made it anti nationalist. I still think it is a good book, makes good statements about how horrible the war was. I can bet though that most people haven't read it and only hear that it is amazingly anti-nationalist and repeat that endlessly.

The fuck? That was true at times in Europe as well. And it only happened in Japan because Kabuki developed out of women doing sexy dances and the government banned women from the stage for being a cause for public disturbance.

>Paragraph 175 (film) (USA, 2000); directed by (((Rob Epstein))) and (((Jeffrey Friedman))) (filmmaker). A feature-length documentary on the persecution of homosexuals during the Nazi regime. The first part of the film provides a brief overview of the history of the homosexual emancipation movement in Germany from the late-19th century through the early 1930s, with Hirschfeld and his work prominently featured.

I enjoy the fact that Hirschfield's delusional smut lives on to this day under the guise of freedom and art. The old cliche of referring to book burning is ultimately kike kvetching about boylove being set back decades to a century. History is so fucking contorted.

>Robert Hichens (faggot) (1939). That Which Is Hidden (London: Cassell & Company). U.S. Edition: New York: Doubleday, Doran & Company, 1940. The novel opens with the protagonist visiting the tomb of a famed Austrian sex expert, Dr. R. Ellendorf, in a cemetery in Nice. At the tomb, he meets the late doctor's protégé, a Chinese student named Kho Ling. The character of Ling refers to the memory of his mentor at numerous points in the novel. From the description of the settings and the characters, Ellendorf clearly was inspired by Hirschfeld, and Ling by Hirschfeld's last partner and heir, Li Shiu Tong (Tao Li).[96]

>Arno Schmidt (married a Jew, "His theory of etyms is developed in his magnum opus, Zettels Traum, in which an elderly writer comments on Edgar Allan Poe's works in a stream of consciousness, while discussing a Poe translation with a couple of translators and flirting with their teenage daughter.") (1970). Zettels Traum (Frankfurt-am-Main: S. Fischer Verlag). Hirschfeld is quoted often in this novel about sexuality.

We think alike, the really book struck me as anti-war since war is not only presented as horrible in andof itself, but also within the context of elites manipulating and sending young men to die at the behest of bankers and industrial magnates. The final "monologue" of the protagonist could as well have been the voice of a generation of war veterans who saw their comrades die in awful ways, alone, cold and underfed just to come home and seeing how corrupt government and society was. Rly maeks u thinc

Oh, hey, I was wrong!

Here's a list of titles:

Which brings me back to this quote:

What would be the response if his surviving works were burned?


Is he related to that fuck Arthur Giese?

This time, we throw the jew author in the pile.

Probably the same.
Of course, by now, that shit has been mass-produced and shipped all over the world.

Meh, real politik in action. And it didn't work, because the Christians still overwhelmingly opposed the Natiional Socialists electorally and aided in the actions of subversives in wartime.
If anything, its a demonstration that appeal to Christians will net you nothing - even if you go out of your way to make allowances for them, they'll still side with Jews and Communists against you.
But that's a topic for a totally different thread.

No idea.

Gods willing.

Oh this should be good.
>(((Arthur Kronfeld))): collaborator of Magnus Hirschfeld, 1919–1926
I can't go on much further, but let's start with ol' Arthur here.

>(((Arthur Kronfeld))) (January 9, 1886 – October 16, 1941) was a German-Jewish psychiatrist, and eventually a professor at the University of Berlin.

>On 10 October 1936, an exchange between Kronfeld and fellow exiled German-Jewish psychiatrist, (((James Lewin))), was recorded in the proceedings of a meeting of the Moscow Society of Neuropathology and Psychiatry.

More for the pile…

Fantastic thread. Never going back to halfchan ever again.

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Nothing. Stop getting your history lessons from (((wikipedia))). The nazis just banned the sale of degenerate books, they didn't burn anything. Some Germans chose to burn jew books, but that wasn't the nazi party or under instruction from the nazi party. It was no different than christians in the US burning harry potter books.


>Der Eigene was the first gay journal in the world, published from 1896 to 1932 by Adolf Brand (anarchist, married fag, "In 1903, Brand, Benedict Friedlander, and Wilhelm Jansen broke away from Hirschfeld's group and formed the Gemeinschaft der Eigenen (Society of Self-Owners or the Special Ones). The GdE promoted masculine culture, celebrated youthful male beauty, and encouraged boys to pursue "friend-love," nudism, and wholesome outdoor activities. The group also advocated relationships among men and adolescent boys akin to those of ancient Greece. Brand and Friedlander - both of whom married women - did not advocate exclusive homosexuality, but rather believed men were essentially Bisexual.", "He and his wife were killed by an Allied bomb on 2 February 1945. He was seventy years old.") in Berlin.

Should be burned just due how shitty they are.


Granted, the SA supposedly showed up after that, but that seems sketchy.

See also:

Nothing wrong with that too, we don't need to deny that even the brown shirts did some good before they made themselves a problem.

Yes there is something wrong with that, it is a lie.

>Brand contributed many poems and articles; other contributors included writers (((Benedict Friedlaender))), Hanns Heinz Ewers ("He did not agree with the party's anti-Semitism (his character Frank Braun has a Jewish mistress, Lotte Levi, who is also a patriotic German) and this and his homosexual tendencies soon ended his welcome with party leaders. In 1934 most of his works were banned in Germany, and his assets and property seized."), (((Erich Mühsam))), (((Kurt Hiller))), Ernst Burchard (fag, suspected Jew), John Henry Mackay (fag, raised by a single mother, friend Friedlaedner above, killed himself after Nazis ended pro-faggot movements), (((Theodor Lessing))), Klaus Mann and Thomas Mann [see above], as well as artists Wilhelm von Gloeden (fag, strongly implied to be a bastard born of cuckoldry, "He is mostly known for his pastoral nude studies of Sicilian boys", "More explicit photos in which boys aged between about ten and twenty, and occasionally older men, were nude (sometimes with prominent genitalia) and which, because of eye contact or physical contact were more sexually suggestive, were traded "under the counter" and among close friends of the photographer"), Fidus (proto-hippie"Despite his enthusiasm for the ideology of the Nazi Party, of which he became a member in 1932, he did not receive the support of the Nazi regime. In 1937 his work was seized and the sale of his images was forbidden. By the time he died in 1948 in Woltersdorf his art had been almost forgotten. It was rediscovered in the 1960s, and directly influenced the psychedelic concert posters which began to be produced at that time, initially in and around San Francisco"), and Sascha Schneider (fag, "After 1918, he co-founded an institute called Kraft-Kunst for body building").


What a surprise…


Alright, I've gone far enough down this hole of hilarious horror for one day.


Next time Dragon Ball JewZ…

>The Nazi book burnings in Berlin included the archives of the Institute.

Translation: Young men who embraced the National Socialist ideology destroyed this shit, which means clearly the government was behind it goy.


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user, do yourself a huge favor and read Ernst Jünger's WWI diary Storm of Steel. I'm trying not to rant, but it's the most honest, noble, heroic, and empathic (war) book I've ever read.
There's a Penguin edition, or a bootleg PDF here:

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Posting in a comfy thread

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Didn't Hitler address this himself in Mein Kampf? Or maybe Hitler's Table Talk? I thought I recalled him writing that they burned or banned predominantly what they considered "Marxist Propaganda". Everyone here should understand the importance of controlling propaganda, and the Marxist propaganda based on deception can sometimes be as powerful as NatSoc propaganda based on truth. So things like the Communist Manifesto, various leaflets, and all degeneracy promoted by jews, including pedo shit, would have been banned and the people would have burned it.

Before and after. Eldorado was a gay club with the regular crossdresser transvestites.

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I was told this was physically impossible. Are you telling me that gay men are in fact men?

It's no wonder that the ones starting the porno-industry over in US after Hitler rising to power were all (((german immigrants))).

op was a fag but user was not
will keep an offline record of this thread
good goings, anons

there's a reason it's called cuckchan
ideas are pushed there from elsewhere and that's what brings the ancestral homeland down. nomads are gonna always be nomads. they fear because this free exchange of information is inherently threatening. truth is not inherently good and happy feel good - media says it is but it is not. there's a balance and I hope you, user, find it.
it's about the psychological effect.
these books fucked the minds of so many people who freely accepted the degeneracy of the late 1800s and early 1900s and on as evident by the political actions today.

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cohencidence I'm sure

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That's my dick's new name.

Also, isn't that a lot lighter than what a similar charge would get you now? At least in the US.

The question is: How do we burn down the internet now?

Even when dumb shills bait, they reveal their angle of attack.

Nothing wrong with going back to classical sources, anyway. There's a reason why the NSDAP used lots of nordic prechristian imagery.

Roy Cohn is a legend

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Roy Cohn was a faggot pedophile jew.

I agree with all the points except for the following

I prefer to know what my enemies think and how their ideology works, and I want to have an exhaustive library. I will not burn these books out of that reason.

This is crazy. You have to educate the kids on sexuality. They will get a shitton of STD's otherwise.

I don't think so buddy.

What is this even? What a pointless rule.

I don't mind burning all those books.

Things never change, even back then kikes were pushing leftist bullshit in their movies

Don't have unprotected sex with someone you wouldn't be prepared to die for.
Ideally don't have sex with someone you don't want to reproduce and raise children with.
What else is there to say?

The NSDAP and the people who voted for them already understood the enemy. The reason to burn the books is to remove any influence from the uninformed public and to cut support from any splinter cells that would need such books to promote a return to the Weimar Republic.

And the most jewish post of March 24, 2018 goes to you. STDs come in abundance from shitskins, not from being "uneducated" in sex. "Sex education" doesn't magically immunize you against STDs, chaim. Jews want kids exposed to sex as early as possible so they can prime them for degenerate lifestyles.

Can the false equivalence shills get any more pathetic?

Bullshit. There isn't a single thing the kids learn in "sex ed" they didn't already know beforehand. Furthermore, I never ever had sex ed and was homeschooled all my life, and my parents never even talked to me about sex, but I have never got an STD and never had sex.

I want to read this book.

Jews always get their fucktoys in their movies, it's how pedowood is run

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Sex ed and the whole sexual revolution is rooted in degeneracy and largely based off the "research" of a fucking pedophile. It's led the way to more (((pedophiles))) intent on grooming children pushing radical sex ed agendas (pic related). For the children of course.

Documentary: The Kinsley Effect (time stamped to the part on the research of child sexuality, where the "researcher" concludes that these child rape victims enjoyed it, and that "violent convulsions", sobbing and losing consciousness as indicators of children orgasming)

Attached: canada sex ed pedo benjamin levin wynn trudeau.jpg (2600x3704, 3.25M)

Burning books btw just creates interest in them, e.g. Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion (they tried to destroy every copy of it they could).

The best way for books to disappear is for them to get mold sitting on a bookshelf.

Libraries regularly destroy many books every year because they are getting moldy.

My mother was a librarian and tried to save many books so there's all these pointless old books in our basement mostly stuff like Christian encyclopedias that she was ordered to destroy but she kept them.

I need to read The Communist Manifesto still. I doubt any of these commie fucks read their own literature though.

By Arthur Kronfeld, who fled to the soviets to help with their mindfuck aparatus.

And his life's work was taking down faggot pedophile communist Jews

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I wholeheartedly agree. Next time I hear some rate faced kike complaining about how Hitler burned books I will be able to tell the audience the names of these trashy-jew books and how they are completely degenerate. Then I will convince an army of people to help me burn Jew-Degenerate books in the future.

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In modern times book-burning has had as much (if not more, in some cases) value as a symbolic event as it has as a practical action, but it should also be remembered that books - particularly specialized books - were often printed in small runs and saw very limited distribution. If an obscure and academic but extremely degenerate book has a run of 2000, 1000 are seized unsold in a warehouse and libraries and universities have 900 of the other copies then it's quite easy to effectively remove the book from circulation with a centralized effort.

you just educated them on sexuality by telling them that. i would add "use a condom or you'll wind up shotgun weddinged to some girl you'll hate in ten years" and "hormonal birth control fucks with your endocrine system and then you piss it out and it fucks with everyone's endocrine system so think twice".

Video related.

null and void

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IIRC the first stuff was from the "institute of sexology" where they pioneered transgenderism and transgender surgeries.

kill all jews

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I know about the art they burned
They actually put it up on action

but apparently no one wanted these priceless artifacts so it got burnt or ended up in landfills

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Great stuff.

that last image poses a great question for normies
try one with obvious boy/tranny shit too

A very good read user.

Gay and child pornography, mostly. Kikes are still kvetching over it.

Naw kike.

And what do you think happens when some few people own some of these banned books? You think the state will just ignore me collecting banned books? What if I lend some books to my friends? Why tolerate people owning dangerous books?

Well, how about unwanted pregnancies then? One million abortions every year in usa suggests people don't use condoms enough. They need to use condoms.

the alt-lite/alt kikes in a nutshell

The formal word is Sie not sie. If it's sie it could also be informal.

>While circle jerks feature a homoerotic element, some analysts interpret adolescent boys' group activities such as circle jerks as an effort to establish heterosexual, masculine dominance within the group. Author (((Bernard Lefkowitz))) states that what actually motivates participation is to have friends witness and acknowledge one's sexual prowess, helping to counter teenage feelings of inadequacy related to sexual activity.

Someone should turn all the best quotes in this thread and the best examples of Jewish kikery into an easily posted image macro to be posted every time kikes complain about their burnt porno and manfestos, subversive garbage.

there's that high verbal IQ again. kikes will create a logical argument to never have children and kill yourself

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agreed you should definitely do that

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< 1st post.
< "Muh pr0hn!"
< Leaving out defeatist literature.

"It's science, fellow Germans! Totally objective and fair!"
Every single time!

"There is no such thing as a straight woman, Pol! Just swallow this blackpill, okay?"

How many children and pets goes missing in Chicago?

Always usefull to know how to identify faggots. See how 19th century German society failed back then, condemning suicide by default when defects should be encouraged to remove themselves.

The only places where they belong in White society! -)

…is not an argument, user!

Nice, someone has a comprehensive list. Links?

Already then, they knew of the Eternal Boomer! -)

Do the exact same thing to the current govs, Anons. Ridicule and belittle the judges, education system etc. Attack the moral foundations of political correctness and anti-White policies.

"See this pro-christian part? I totally didn't add that one, just trust me!"

We had it all!

The mass psychology of fascism. Jewbook that promoted pedophila to fight fascism. Anarcho commies take it serioisly

abstinence. it makes marriage better to wait.

sure, but not with bloated goblin creatures 3 times their age