I stumbled on evidence that US military monitors 8ch

Wapack Labs is a privately held cyber intelligence company delivering proprietary intelligence data and in-depth strategic cyber threat intelligence.

Founded in 2011 by the creator of the first successful DoD public-private cyber intelligence partnership and an eCommerce pioneer, Wapack Labs focuses on identifying cyber threat actors, incidents, and trends.

Their address:
326 Chestnut Hill Road, Suite 400
New Boston, NH 03070

Its Fucking US Military Air Force Base

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Other urls found in this thread:


One of their articles:
wapacklabs.blogspot.si/2017/10/Holla Forums-vs-anonymous.html

Holla Forums Vs. Anonymous
On 4 October 2017, Wapack Analysts observed a post made to Holla Forums’s image board with a link to a raid against Anonymous on the "insurgency" board. Raids are commonly organized on image boards and are the act of harassing an organization by means of exposing one’s personal information (doxing), SWATing, hacking, spamming, prank phone calling, and other forms of remote harassment. The raid organizers claim that they are sick of the Anonymous movement and that hacktivists are a bunch of annoying Social Justice Warriors (SJW). The term SJW is very common derogatory slang among image board users, directed at individuals who fight strongly for a cause. Several doxes of Anonymous members have been posted, but still need to be verified. Alternative communication sources for the raid, such as IRC and Discord, were once active, but currently are not. The raid started in June and is still active on Holla Forums’s "insurgency" board, but alternative communication sources are no longer active, suggesting the raid is dying down in popularity and will likely soon end. Wapack Labs Analysts will continue to monitor Holla Forums’s cyber operations, conducted against Anonymous, for any potential implications to our subscribers…READ MORE

Wapack Labs has cataloged and reported image boards and activity involving Anonymous in the past. An archive of related reporting can be found in the Red Sky Alliance portal.

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This company was involved in blaming/framing Russians for election meddling.


According to BBB, the owner of wapack is jefferey stutzman

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What makes you think that they are merely quiet observers?

Chasing their own tails

yeah they are not sending their best

They weren't going after (((Anonymous))), they were monitoring threats against it. Really makes you think.

theyve been shitposting and shilling here for quite some time. whitewashing (((US))) bullshit around the world like supporting ISIS and the saudis

anonymous has been a wholly fbi operation since 2010

halfchan is gonna have field day with this

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So? They're even worse than we are.

No shit. I'm implying Wapack is running intelligence for Anonymous.

Attached: base.jpg (822x781 177.87 KB, 136.79K)

I didnt even notice that

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Theyre running out of ways to ask for gibs that the (((air force))) needs its own shill squad now?

Hello boys! We are watching you the same way you are watching us! Thank you for helping us to lead the people into rabbit hole to swallow the free redpills. Keep shilling your stupid shekels. You can't beat the Aussie shitposters!!

go back

Inside the brainlet's mind

Please make your shillings legible in future.

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he did not write or imply that. you simply pulled that out of your ass and you are really bad at whatever you are trying here.


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Stuzman probably has a script that searches for wapacklabs and it brought him to this thread.

Sanpaku is strong in those kids.

(1) (You)
(1) (You)
(1) (You)
It's satirical, meant to mock the conclusion that has made. The implication being that he's not thinking rationally, and that he's retarded.(No. You die now.)

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Most entities that associate with the DoD are just out to scam them in order to get that sweet Mil Money. The sheer amount of wasted funding is atrocious.

Interesting that they can't even convey to their stupid contractors that their relationship with Anonymous is supposed to be clandestine.

damn you are good
I give up

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Archive as many articles as you can
They might delete some if they see this thread

Kikes and Niggers, Niggers and Kikes

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You're right! I wonder if it's related to hormone imbalances or cortisol levels. Stress of being called out for being liars?

As a red-blooded American I wasn't going to let them take my guns, but now I am so overwhelmed by this charming picture of Actor David Hogg and his choir of African background vocalists that I will surely give up my 2nd Amendment rights immediately!

Wapack labs Sinkhole domains
Guy posting honeypot earlier in this thread.
Let's see how many we can identify, eh?
I think we should notify DOD that this WAPACKLABS contractor has been
compromised. A clear security breach!

Attached: Screenshot 2018-03-24 at 08.34.49.png (1030x641, 102.3K)

So it seems Wapacklabs have a bunch of "products" where they install viruses and keyloggers on military computers, and then log the ip-addresses of the computers who report back to their botnet, stealing US military information, and supposedly monitoring security at the same time.

Attached: Screenshot 2018-03-24 at 08.39.09.png (1004x360, 54.99K)

No shit…wow, EVERY FUCKING TIME. Goddamn, this is what a chunk of (wasted) money is going to.

Very interesting that pic related is a wordfilter. I'm sure it means nothing.

Attached: Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 8.05.26 AM.png (1650x158, 38.24K)

lol, who'd have guessed.

They have no reason to 'monitor' 8ch, they can do it externally at that level.

Wonder why they'd add that to a wordfilter eh!

really hard to believe a web security company headed by some random thot would be this incompetent

Then why did the mods ad 'e-thnonationalist' to the wordfilter list? Very interesting indeed.

Attached: Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 8.17.05 AM.png (698x680, 64.63K)

i always just figured because it was funny

Attached: wordfilters.PNG (1905x403, 160.94K)

What's funny about it? It was just added last night.

nah its been there for a while

No it hasn't. It's been up for 12 hours. Very strange things happening at 8ch indeed.

Attached: Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 8.23.51 AM.png (994x670, 177.32K)

To the mods, mocking anons here is extremely funny to them
In the same way Mike Enoch and Anglin find it hysterical how they openly gaslight the goys and misdirect them daily like the mods here do

all the civicnationalist to civic nationalist shit has been there for a bit

No, it hasn't. I'm guessing you're one of the mods, not really sure why you're pretending like it has but it hasn't.

Because the ethnonataonaIist terminology is cancerous. There's an autistic gentleman here who can probably explain it better than I can.

whatevre you say bro i was looking at the settings page last week and noticed all of those filters

Crisis Actors. The way they react so seriously to this means they’re actual Crisis Actors

Kek got it, so you're a mod straight up rewriting history.

Looks like you got your ADL lackey backing you up now. Guess we are all based civic fashy goys now!

Best mods ever

Lmao I guess the ADL bought 8ch

If I remember right, a shill was arguing against éthno-nationalism, hence why it was filtered to civic nationalism. So every time he tried shitting on éthno-nationalism he'd end up shitting on civic nationalism instead. Also, the word nationalism means a racially homogenous society to begin with so the term éthno-nationalism is redundant.

Nigger, the fashy aut-kikes are the only people who use the term, they're also who obsesses about a "ethnostate", which before Spencer, was only ever used to refer to Kikestan.

I think you have it backwards, the poster who kept defending the term was who ended up banned repeatedly.

So now we know who's spamming the I NEED A GF threads

WAPACK labs worker detected.

Was that it? I don't remember the details, I just remember éthno-nationalism got filtered because that one faggot was being a faggot. It is actually a redundant term though. But wordfilters are off topic and probably a derail attempt by Wapack.


Its just some lazy jew sucking those DoD shekels.

He uses fucking blogspot, are located on or very very near an airforce base and use slack as their repository, charging tens of thousands of USD for access to it.

Based on blogspot contributors, company has 5 employees. I bet on is his wife and two are his children or some other jews from family.

Attached: MuhTribe.jpg (958x525, 97.8K)

this was for you:

Also the"terms and services" link at the bottom redirects to a fucking squarespace
This reeks of shit and pisssssss

External threat review (Recommended DFARS solution): Wapack Labs will perform an analysis of external indicators and present findings to H2L for inclusion in the DFAR assessment.
Static Log Analysis: Export logs, and Wapack Labs will parse and run them against internal databases. A prioritized list will be provided of activities identified in-network, based on 'hits' against our known bad actor database.
Network flow monitoring: Export network flow (Netflow) data to Wapack Labs. We'll derive information related to botnets and anomalies, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS), Brute Force Attacks, worms and scanning, data breach and/or exfiltration and on the fly forensic analysis.
APT Monitoring: Place a sensor on your network. We'll perform 24x7 monitoring, detection, and analysis for Advanced Persistent Threats operating in your environment.
Counterintelligence Survey: Lead by former US Air Force OSI counterintelligence operatives and cyber agents, this service offers a heavy cyber and CI assessment of company leadership.

Pamela Bierau, Bierau? (((Bierau)))?

Few minutes later: last pic is result of google search

every fucking time

Attached: (((Bierau))).jpg (330x331 85.46 KB, 32.02K)

Checked. She looks Semitic tbh

Attached: IMG_2949.PNG (640x931, 67.2K)

Spies have been around for thousands of years, and we've known about similar things for quite a while.

I believe Eglin Airforce Base has been busted astroturfing reddit before. A lot of the don't meet up or take action rhetoric is actually from Spooks. It's a classic tactic to blame someone else for exactly what you're doing.

Is everyone on this board a spie but me?

Attached: aa425ebfd34932984dc7260466bf9fcf28a400cebb8817668ad05096f594cf99.gif (600x450, 86.93K)

Nope. I'm not. Most of us here aren't. We're just a bunch of battletoads enthusiasts , this is the guy you want to talk to

Jim McKee
Red Sky Alliance Corporation
[email protected]



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The fuck does that mean? Sinkhole domains?

Attached: wut.jpeg (598x600, 115.86K)

Bump faggots


Attached: Bump.jpg (628x512, 67.68K)

I love how these threads inevitably get filled with nonse posts that don't fit any sort of reasoning.
Reminds me of a comic of scientists who realize they're being monitored by scientists who then realize they're being monitored by scientists who don't quite yet realize they're being monitored. Can't remember where I saw it.

They're tracking ips (we knew already that's why I fuck em raw dog)
Laugh at their collective nerd faces
They don't know

el oh el

Reporting Period: March 19, 2018

Wapack Labs identified connections from 782 new unique IP addresses, which are checking in with one of the many Wapack Labs sinkhole domains.

Contact Wapack Labs for more information: 603-606-1246, or [email protected]

Action recommendation: Users should immediately place each of these IP addresses in a monitor or block status in intrusion prevention systems.

Bump too

Jim's freemasonry has been well known, yes.

Attached: 75b3f5865339188b4745aa509e538a1fa8f66ff8ee1d4dc2048e6d958f3e2d8f.jpg (650x466, 100.4K)

Because the 'I am a d&c kike, ban my stupid non-white ass' spammer uses it for baiting/D&C and below


Kek the torfag shill is butthurt

Disquieting. Either some autists are going out of their way for japes or the larp is bigger than a think tank.



Attached: wack pack.jpg (474x335, 37.25K)

Attached: 1521459135864.gif (300x370 492.5 KB, 45.23K)

It's just a joke and adccf1's probably trying to derail the thread. But it's nice to see Hotwheels is still semi alive

Freech had their buffalo romps. Christ-chan comic poster spam, Turks have bumblefucked in the past to that extent, the 'sharia for whites' poster(s) probably got the mohomo'd the pedo goatfucker filter.
But then again, your not here to have a conversation it seems, but incite anger. Dig up proof or provide alternative, don't yell it from a roof and expect change.


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Almost all of those wordfilters are there for a reason, mostly due to torfags shillspamming like the one in this thread.

which board is this supposed to be from?


he bettr not b jokin m9 swer on me mum

Meant for >>11409389


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We are shitposters.


Why do they always lie about why they're hated?

Why is the blond girl not wearing shoes? I don't get it

Attached: Screenshot_20180324-103554_Chrome.jpg (1440x351, 183.85K)

What the fuck is wrong with her feet too? I'm not a foot fetish guy but god damn woman , those snausages look like they're about to pop

Because they'd get strung up from lamp posts if they told the truth about why they're hated.

Sinkhole is their term for honeypot.

Attached: free bait.jpg (471x457, 33.85K)

Hotwheels is a LARP.

If their sinkholes got exposed then it would probably ruin their entire business..

That kind of implies we haven't found their actual site, but the public front.

In a sinkhole there isn't any sign the ground is about to cave until holy shit the ground caves.
Fucking sinkholes

Attached: IMG_2951.GIF (500x288, 4.76M)

Attached: 1423462666429.png (759x551, 6.55K)


Pretty sure this Brian Kreps is a sinkhole
This is the dude that exposed target getting bilked

Attached: IMG_2952.JPG (618x348, 167.54K)

Attached: 29541068_10212029111545329_4949436272285319168_n.jpg (840x1129 92.55 KB, 357.53K)

Krebs not kreps

Almost feel like shitcalling those faggots.

Ask them if the have jesus inside them. Tell them they need ALL of jesus , every inch of him , inside them. That's good for a mild chuckle at least

wrong Waphack is our friends against Anonymous and support 8ch(USER WAS BANNED FOR NOT EVEN TRYING)

Wew, torshill had salt for breakfast this morning.

Attached: tasty pajeet juice.jpg (1280x724, 238.71K)


Thank you mods for hard work. Kick the kikes out.
Memes are writing themselves, (((they))) actually try to shut this thread down.

Hahahaha BLECH
Torpedo is a fuck

Keep it up mods. Unclogging toilets isnt fun but it is needed, fuck the kikes.

The cold, hard reality is the fact the U.S. Army is desperately looking for that "Domestic Insurgency," to eventually use their Martial Law powers against the "Political Dissidents," which are concentrated here, and also on halfchan too. The Army is like a hungry tiger, sniffing around for blood, which they will sink their vicious teeth into, fill the FEMA Camps, the whole nine yards of a Communist Coup takeover plan. And it has been planned for years, the top secret document has been leaked years ago on this Army plan to declare a Domestic Insurgency in America.

Attached: Anonymous Stratfor.jpg (560x320, 100.46K)

I wonder if the torkike's been trying to poison this thread because he's somehow connected to Wapack. Why else would he pick this specific thread to spam and derail? Normally he only does this in Trump threads but this has nothing to do with Trump.

Im immume to your trickery you vile kike.

what do you know, they really do glow in the dark.


ebin(Only post on the whole board and it's derailing)

wordfilter "wordfilters" to "oh my god i can't stop sucking cocks" pls mods

They are projecting like crazy. The funniest part is they are shilling against a thread on a natsoc board outing a kike intel company. Obviously do not want any Holla Forumsacks learning about it now for (((some strange reason))).

Kek actually not a bad idea, any Anons have a good autodialer?

but i'm a mod they say

Attached: e082a2213324aaf4e5cc8ebb72015f5d67fec578047ab81a75c347a14a450487.jpg (1836x1377, 420.1K)

Mod some days ago pretended that he made the filter because some NazBol faggot nobody cares about used the term once.

"civic nationalism" is an alt-kike term, he's calling them civcucks.

Friendly reminder that the US security services started doing hacking operations under the guise of the Guy Fawkes mask 'Anonymous' movement a few years back.
This is why Holla Forums attacking anonymous would concern their 'subscribers'.

Just IMAGINE the treasures galore that could be found if someone hacked Wapack Labs!!!

Attached: ILLUMINATI PUNISHERS.jpg (429x429, 84.38K)

Anonymous has been totally subverted by the Feds/Military years ago.

Attached: Burning In Hell.jpg (480x360, 16.14K)


Yup, we figured this out quite fast:

Attached: Efj36TU4_400x400.png (240x240, 50.07K)

Okay, I'll read the thread before posting.

Fedgov now OWNS Tor and Darknet…..that is the rumour.

TOR was initially started by the freaking U.S. Navy so that spooks could surf the Web anonymously. The Dark Web always has been and always will be USG property.

Attached: FEMA Region III.jpg (1024x647, 111.04K)

wew another glowie.

Good, maybe they will learn a thing or two.

Attached: baal temple baalbek temple jew star roof.jpg (900x598, 134.54K)

And you're digits back it up
Scuttle are torpedo shills

Attached: IMG_2953.PNG (800x480, 25.36K)


Stop trying to get tor banned.

yes wordfilters are surely a way to change hearts and minds

All to find out what ebil nerds LARPing as a nazi cult who worships a frog are planning

Attached: 1471978450029-0.png (835x550 398.31 KB, 219.67K)

I hit the wordfilter in this very thread you fucking liar



Attached: 084c9dfba21d272c623f8977ae0b5c503e481b1226ac28da3832cd14a6b87026.png (1000x1080, 391.06K)

Great. Bad enough I'm being monitored by ISD in my country, I'm under surveillance by the US Air Force and CIA.

Feels good being a supervillian.

some user said same thing with different words few weeks ago

Attached: 1521352171104.jpg (668x209, 38.69K)

Not all tor posters are bad.

So, you're going to get all of us banned if you can't post?

Ahh, understood. Sorry user.

How about you just say what the problem is once, and let us grown ups read it and decide for ourselves? i only found out about the other boards a little while ago, and they're slow in comparison.

Threads like really have them scared. I monitor it daily and it's ALWAYS slid.

They're not that fast, and we're not fooled, if only one side of an issue is presented, for example.

He worked for the "non-profit" (CIA front) honeynet project for 9-yrs.

The basketball-americans who work the night shift at the local alphabetsoup agency always try to project an image of omnipresence, omniscience and omnipotence, despite being bumbling retards. It's comical how they get run over every single time they try to tie their own shoelaces.

Attached: cia.png (1029x711 124.31 KB, 569.73K)

This is a national socialist board, you (((faggot))), none of those things have anything to do with us, especially since they all allow kikes to exist in them like you.

Sure thing, Shlomo.
Funny how the 2nd omnibus bill thread had plenty of dissenting anons and some who even said they dissented in the original thread.

Fucking hell you are an obvious newfag shill.

that mods are doing their job

hard to tell since they're all gone

They aren't new, and I agree with the other torpedo fag, you are obviously just trying to get TOR banned for legitimate anons, you insipid kike.

Gas the shills spooks ghosts and niggers

Attached: IMG_2955.PNG (631x788 66.4 KB, 94.41K)

Don't forget Anons, we are here to discuss
Seems they really don't like Holla Forums fucking with (((anonymous))).. hmm

Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force:
General (((David L. Goldfein)))

Attached: jew step it up.jpg (570x570, 39.59K)

Nah , he'll be fine

Checked. Goddamn kikes, they love to waste money that isn't theirs.

can you glow a little brighter for me? your sinkhole domains aren't obvious enough.

El em ay oh
These faggots are unbelievable. It is hilarious cuz I bet a a lot of the shilling is part of this place.

really got me there, glowie

Why are so many spooks cucks? Pls explain how you can go through pseudo military training, know how to strangle a man with piano wire and still be feminist etc.






Caps locks off but why the fucking panic from Holla Forums, shills, cia niggers and similar assorted faggots? What are they afraid of here? Is this another incident similar to when GamerGate dug into similar things like gamification of shit?


Attached: turkoachsemite .png (576x758, 206.13K)

That the military knows all about their subversive activities.

Is this the latest version of the Fish Bowl guy?

They time them also, so it doesn't really matter about the encryption.
They see your packets going in one part of the world and out on the other.
If the encryption is heavy they'll just use their plethora of hardware backdoors, IME/AME, lan controller, hdd controller, whatever they can get into and whatever way they can.
They could even MITM your shit and infect you remotely if they wanted. All so easy when they own the fibre.

I wonder what these settings could be for

Attached: MKULTRA.jpg (684x495, 57.02K)

What a fucking faggot

The military reflects society. After years of neocon warmongering Bush, then you have an even bigger warmonger/authoritarian Obama along with treasonous murderer SoS Clinton, a lot of rotten, nasty, murderous fuckers had risen up to positions of power. A lot of dot gov whites are disgusted. These people cannot be overt as policies are so fucking leftist/cucked and crush anybody not toeing the line.

The key to any successful political movement is sufficient support among the population along with support of some insiders. External support bolsters internal support in the governing structure. It emboldens political dissent.

The key is to get and keep enough public support, and that means one must get one's message out and DO NOT let idiotic/irrational fear of "zomg they have people everywhere" stifle dissent–inculcating that fear is actually exactly what the authoritarian leftist factions want in society. They want threads like this online where people fearfully speculate and wring their hands. This inspires more fear, which means power for the existing regime. The government is made up of people like every other organization. They are not everywhere, and not only that, they aren't a monolith in political opinion.

It is imperative–absolutely critical–that enough people continue to get the message out to garner support among x percentage threshold of the population. Without continuously pushing the message, no change can ever happen. It is impossible. The message MUST be out there and continuous or failure is guaranteed. It is critical. There is a reason the founders put free speech first in the Bill of Rights. It is imperative.

All of that said, your brains and common sense when discussing/organizing politically. Simply do not do anything illegal and use commonsense things like VPN/encryption etc. Remember that the internet is specifically a place where those on the other side–the bad part of government–will try (but not necessarily succeed) to come after organizations and individuals, but simply abide by the law and use opsec, but do NOT let fear of government stop you from exercising free speech online. That is a guaranteed, 100% way to lose and means whites are fucked forever. It is absolutely imperative that the message continues to get out.

Yes, I work for the CIA

Well, as long as they know we are role-playing.

You say this as if we are to change the world. The world, the way it is, is not to be changed, but to be learned from. Heaven is not here.

You sly dog you

Attached: IMG_2956.JPG (750x390, 84.38K)


Attached: kek hide.jpg (904x692 635.95 KB, 382.15K)

I'm not lurking! I just clicked a link I saw in a Starbuck's latte review; am I now one of these new registered unique Ips?

Who didn't already know that "Anonymous" wasn't the CIA?

Good idea

Wait, did they blow their cover on halfchan immediately?

Trying to talk wapack on lessthanchan and I keep getting this error.

Attached: 1512666439017.gif (304x318 1.54 MB, 15.41K)

Same, I'm either getting a spam error or a connection to host error. What does this mean? Would halfchan mods somehow be connected to this?

Are they ever not?


Archive.is the link, space it out so it's archive . is and then post faggots

why does the cia care about our larping? we're all underage schoolgirls playing nazis for fun, why do they worry so? Will they raid /cgl/ next because of our dress up games now too?

I wonder of which I should be surprised about in first. That another US military is monitoring this imageboard or that there are people who just discovered first time about this site being monitored?

US Vets lurking for work. Before they did it for free.

Attached: Screenshot_2018-03-24-13-23-18-1.png (1080x1142 433.11 KB, 304.41K)

Attached: Screenshot_2018-03-24-13-27-52-1.png (1080x1491 205.12 KB, 207.48K)

Old news is so exciting. Newsflash, newfag, they aren't the only one.

Attached: TalmudChan.jpg (576x1024, 113.63K)

This. whats surprising is how many newfags are thrilled about this old shit

Some parts of the site were loading really slow earlier, probably trying to DDoS too.
Means they don't like this, kike owned, wonder if they got Clinton foundation/rothskikes involved with it..? Last time I saw shilling this bad it was rothkike connections to pedogate (Brock, Alefantis etc).
Remember the WH user who was right on everything, said CF is key. Maybe this too ends pizza/rothskikes related?
Might want to take a peek at company filings..

Guess who's getting unpaid leave next monday?
It's you

Attached: 4236461234.jpg (286x1050 92.61 KB, 194.26K)

I said none of that. I simply stated this is a known fucking thing, moshe.

Never change.

It's the government. Do you think they can have a backbone against diversity?

I'm amazed at just how many fucking children we have migrating here. None of these fucking 12 year olds have any knowledge of the chans beyond whatever they heard at lunch before getting on for their ebin edge. Grow some pubes, lurk more, and you may actually learn something.
The chans have been monitored since their inception. Every agency from feds to military has an eye or a hand in it. Period.

Attached: 56492658.jpg (377x264, 22.35K)

Sure, they hate white people.

So why don't you want us to have a thread exposing Wapack? Really makes me think

He's not wrong. There's a lot of new blood in this thread, a couple of posts prior for instance. Common knowledge that halfchan has filters for posting, can't say quite a number of names. Can't say quite a number before they were in the news.
Whole site seems to have been cross polinated from the 'cue' debacle. Not typing that letter alone, whoever is behind the larp seems to have a script to hone in and defend it anytime it comes up. On the bright side we've got hundreds of new initiates, even if they're a tad mislead. Bad side, their knowledge of imageboards are secondhand at best. Probably don't even know what SA or Usenet are, let alone the board's history.

Attached: 646f0d783f2df00c812da21c676e1a52f3d571276091859fc6cfeaf5ac1beaad.jpg (674x625, 96.94K)

What do you want to bet that this faggot’s here poisoning the well right now?

Well it’s the Shabbat so maybe not until sundown.

If you don't mind me asking, what was "that" user wrong about? I haven't kept up with his posts.

Never said I did, moshe. Keep lying. Simply stated it's old fucking news.

HWNDU was cancer but the gov has been at it longer than the idiots at half have been trying to subvert this place.

Friday night the ramp up before shabbat, then they hand off to their good goyim on saturday. Sun starts peeking up in OZ and the temples there begin rolling matzo until pissrael wakes up and then they begin handing it off down the line.

What are you doing in this thread besides trying to downplay and derail it? I'm drawing a blank

Of course not, but still a nice target to fuck with none the less and remind of what they are dealing with.

Responding to fucktards, obviously.(Too fucktarded to live)

I keep seeing the word Wapack as Wojak, pretty good.

Attached: c69fe423b8bccb0951a3725ba22a19334d8b2499198eaf1ebc51a8954ffde0e4.jpg (676x769, 306.41K)


Wapack types promoted those rallies.

So if it’s not a big deal why are you so mad?

It's like they get off to being shunned and laughed at.

because he is afraid about his contract going the way of ctr and shareblue now that they have been found out.

Attached: jew, propaganda.jpg (330x450, 35.93K)

More peeved at the flippant response pointing out grammatical faux pas without any remark on the content of the post, than being right or wrong.



Halfchan is a crude honeypot. Fullchan is probably a more elaborate honeypot. I can't imagine why it wouldn't.

Why ? Holla Forums is by far one of the most inofensive imageboard, they're all about talking not acting.
I wouldn't waste a single dime by monitoring here, if you're a military who is worried that a Holla Forumsack might do something against US national security, you're wasting your time. Stay here for a while and you'll see for yourself how harmless the average Holla Forumsack is.
Unless you think internet activity might harm something other than people's feelings.(Only post on the whole board)

Who are you trying to convince at this time?

How man fucking glowing the dark faggots do these kikes have, holy shit.

Attached: 54dcc7f616e7d1c33827b0dd4be33d13545806ce02b887f34658630fcdbb92487.jpg (600x485, 154.66K)

Way too many.

lol we intelligence community nao

How can I tell if my computers a drone connected to a botnet or not? I feel like it is, maybe I'm just paranoid.

Well Mr.Glow in the dark cia nigger, let me tell you about TempleOS.

SJWs are currently engaging in a raid against cuckchan called "operation purge the scourge"
really activates the almonds, eh?

Go on wireshark and monitor your ingoing and outgoing data, anything suspicious you can then block using peerblock.

didn't cuck/pol/ ban all links years ago?


At one time in Northern Ireland, there was a total surveillance system. Ulster/Brit forces could search and jail with no warrant. They monitored, in effect, every single person in various Catholic trouble spots at various points and had detailed floorplans of each apartment and house. They had a file on everyone. Nobody had any rights at all. The authorities could randomly search and terrorize people at home at will. They had phones tapped and all correspondence/mail monitored and spies everywhere. They militarized the area using formal military and local police, as well as effectively deputized gangs of unionist scumbags.

The only reason change ever came leading to a favorable political outcome was that enough men were willing to stand up in spite of the massive intimidation of the authoritarian surveillance state. Bobby Sands, for example, had been tossed in jail with some others. They were living in horrible conditions and tortured repeatedly. The men went on hunger strike, and Bobby Sands died. The population of Northern Ireland and the world saw what the British government did to the men who were willing to stand for their people in spite of massive oppression, total surveillance, total violent suppression by a militarized occupying government. The only thing that led to any change politically, in teh end, was the willingness of the relatively few men, like Bobby Sands, to overcome the fear of surveillance/oppression and be willing to be completely destroyed by the government. In the era of modern information flow via internet, it is even harder for a government to hide something like forcing a bunch of political prisoners to live in their own shit while torturing them. Word will get out. It is the balls to stand up to the intimidation, surveillance, force, and fear that leads to popular awareness and creates a rallying cry, and that leads to the political will for revolution, or the state voluntarily backs down and the oppression must cease.

(1) are you running winblows?
(2) have you hardened it?
(3) are you using a firewall that's set to default reject incoming/outgoing?
(4) are you using a VPN to connect to 8ch?

If your answer is (1) yes (lol, retard) (2) no (3) no then you're fucked. If your answer to (4) is no then you deserve it

Attached: call the cops they cant unshrug you.png (900x851, 217.69K)

yeah, I don't get it either

Attached: purge-the-scourge.png (1000x1080, 242.6K)

pure unadulterated WRONG concentrate

I heard that there are three hundred thousand Fedgov and contracted shills in the US alone.

((((ADAM))) (((GOLD))) (((BLOOM)))

We still need numbers and new recruits, if cant filter and trainer newfags then get the fuck out you defeatist faggot.
Oh, nevermind.

Attached: 6749320c7e65521a21b37af38fe22f38085a15e618f889fa0a7f0d8643506ec2.jpg (768x1000, 108.07K)


What’s Wapack mean in Hebrew?

Why? That place is pozzed to hell and back already, how can anybody find that "fascist"?
And gamergate has been dead for years, it's amazing how it's still that great evil boogieman for them.

Oh I looked it up, it means reverse, change, overthrow.

keep up the good work, my man. don't let the mundane stop you

this actually gives me a really good idea. Notice how they say they're still adding sites? Well, 8/pol/ should infiltrate their group and get them to continue to add gay shit that's already pozzed like Holla Forums in order to dilute their efforts.

Our people’s existence is not a cause, it’s our right.

I don't think that's good enough proof that wapack labs are watching us. They could have just been reporting on news. They just said they saw the post.
I'm sure we are being watched by someone though.(Wapack go home)

get em to raid /cbts/

It's hard to believe US military contractors can be so inept, but there you have it.


I just assume that people are watching and archiving everything on this site. Probably NSA

that was clearly just a (perhaps illinformed) user, not wepack. mods need to back the fuck off. I'm tired of this bullshit of stickying threads, then sitting on top of them banning anyone who doesn't say exactly what the mod wants. there's no discussion at that point, just a bunch of anons saying, "I agree with the OP" "me too" "me three" – its disgusting and boring

i'm in no position to get them to do anything. that's what you cuckchan/yiddit kiddies are for. oldfags like me got rid of our facebooks years ago if they ever had them, and I don't go to reddit

You have no idea, most of them are criminals entrapped that believe the bullshit. Don’t believe professional liars. If they are being paid, they are working an angle.

This is why we feed them tons of false info here.
This is why they are pulling the plug on Facebook, because we trolls corrupted their data set so much it made the whole thing useless.

Spooks asked for this.

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (1262x244, 68.76K)

fixed spacing

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (1262x244, 68.71K)

what is this, 2008? Anonymous hasn't been a thing since Chanology

Attached: NjNZ3.png (218x265, 21.67K)

keep up the good work, my man. don't let the mundane stop you

we r anomalus

Inb4 Holla Forums banner

Attached: Blank _7bb0ca18a43dd05aa8efb1b70dea56b8.jpg (738x820, 70.68K)

You are here


Welcome to Tomorrow… cause you didn't fight the AI…

Attached: 1521863507497m.jpg (1024x683, 111.88K)

You want to know how I know you aren't from here?

Attached: 1422453513224.jpg (637x469, 48.62K)

This is a thing already though

Wapack here. We tots cyber your asses.


Paul McCartney

Create top tier AI, jack up price to $2000 per license, accept cash only, no credit. Give address so they can send gold and silver otherwise. Profit and find hot wife and pump out a dozen children.






"e-thno national"
"civic national"




"e-thnic national"
"civic national"

(remove the - to test it)

oh no!

lol go away

mods showing how shitty and retarded they are see

random here.
is it possible to meme a white worker strike into existance(maybe including asian males as well)? Ending welfare for brown people/jews would completely change the entire dynamic. So memeing the basic idea of white men/asian men being default slaves who prevent civilization from collapsing etc. 'whats in it for us' etc.

Why cant we just circumvent this whole gay/fake internet war with jewish intel.? this whole thread just reads as a large autistic distraction and waste or recource.

Since no one here wants violence or whatever, i see no other passive strategy of changing anything fundamental on a large scale. Literally all we would have to do is a couple million whites not going to their job for a while, to set things off. Imagine the MSMs reaction lol.

since VOTING IN A NATSOC gov. is NOT GOING TO WORK because there are TOO MANY NIGGERS AND HOMOSEX.. what other passive strategy is left? wouldnt this be the ultimate troll?

if no one responds to/agrees with hypothesis ill consider 8pol lost or useless. whats the point otherwise. we need guerilla trolling tactics, we simply are outnumbered in meatspace, anything non-radical is not going to work.

Awesome work, user!
I have a couple of ideas for alternates; let's see if my weak-ass GIMP skills can pull it off…

Interesting theory.
It certainly would fit with the left's incessant habit of appropriating pop culture.

I monitored all the Chans at ONI…. because I was fucking bored to death on mid-watch. Good keks though.

There's one big flaw with that plan that immediately occurs to me: a strike is only effective if the workers aren't replaceable.
If the people who are currently funding the system through income tax refuse to continue participating, they will simply import someone who will.
I believe the real power lies in White men forming their own companies en masse, thereby allowing us to practice in-group preferential dealings, while simultaneously depriving the big corporations much of their best-and-brightest, which subsequently floods them with the kind of diversity that drives down productivity and profit margins.
I also believe the SBA realizes this, which is why they are downright hostile to the White, male demographic.

That sounds like something that would make kikes cry a lot.

Student l0ans brah… same shit different site


student usury*

Most businesses outside of retail and token pajeet dairys are owned by whites or kikes in my biz experience.

And forgot to add ethnic food of course.
Really where this is going, Holla Forums already is big competition to these faggot companies and as many anons have said before me, imagine if we competed for sheckels, kek. Make it 100% white (and must be verified).


Way more than that.

This place definitely has help.

Attached: the goldwater.jpg (474x355, 23.29K)

please. theres a reason you bbc loving kikes get paid to sit here all day. nigger.

Why did the media, ostensibly (((Anglo))), give him such press? Did they hate Thatcher more? (I know leafs had a fucking party when Mountbatten bought it, thanks to his action regarding Dieppe, so maybe that's why we had daily updates.)

As long as they take taxes from you (by gunpoint btw) they won't.

There's only one way and it's shaping up to that in the future and that is to kill the kikes.

Attached: roki (1)


That's the best chance I believe Whites have at securing a future for themselves.
Take South Africa and how the EFF screeches about White monopoly capital, for example.
They know that power lies with those who create and control wealth, and once you strip someone of that ability, it is nigh impossible to get it back.
The key to accomplishing this will be two-fold: maintaining control and homogeneity of these companies, and the ability to find each other and network undetected by our opponents (the latter being a tall order that anons smarter than I will have to figure out.)


Attached: filthy-degenerate-s-1186498.png (577x435 285.25 KB, 55.01K)

Feels good man!


Attached: you've come a long way baby.jpeg (474x776, 78.79K)

You got ass fucked by a sea-man

It's easier than you think but takes time, just drop appropriate hints or talking points. Develop good partnerships where you can talk as friends and broach 'neutral topics with chance of redpill' and see how they react.
Any true user will always be able to subtly red pill even to a normalfag, so you as the other user or redpilled type have to pick up on it. Can take time, have some biz-met friends who are pretty red pilled but not on everything (kikes being the main issue - boomers and working on it) and it took two years to figure that out.
Now we do dinners, see all their cool WW2 stuff, V2 rocket bits, real hackenkreuze flags and shit like that.Feelsgoodman.jpg
SA is a great example and I agree with you. It appears whites are already naturally doing this around the world to a point, that's why whites are at the top of the food chain. Just needs more NS and homogeneity. Problem with centralising too much is when some do-gooder or reporter gets their kike nose involved.

Plenty of spooks are OK. They don't send James Bond to troll imageboards.

It's not surprising that the military monitors imageboards (why shouldn't they?)

What a coincidence, I’m CIA as well.

Attached: 909178C1-C9E6-4BC3-A5F5-E9B7437FB579.png (569x802, 563.16K)


Attached: IMG_2977.PNG (600x698, 53.09K)

He wasn't alone

This thread is a little bit ridiculous, because (a) the military probably isn't going to give a shit when a lot of members are hard right already and (b) even if they're not hard-right, they are at least going to absorb some of the lessons of pol and get a few keks and redpills.

I'd worry mostly about civilian agencies that got out of control under Obama. The parts of NSA where they installed literal radical mozzie fucks and leftist. Same thing at other agencies. The civilian aspects are going to be the most criminal/constitute the true enemy.

Again, the military that matters like Army and Marines probably doesn't give much of a fuck either way and most likely keks at this shit. The fags in the Air Force and Navy are literal fags. Anybody like that has a personal axe to grind anyway. It isn't a military thing.

Civilians at agencies are the actual problem–especially all the literal enemies Obama hired

this sounds a bit milktose to me and could simply be regulated by zog. Im talking about a true move(ment) on the playing field that will have cultural impact instantly, and inflame many enemy elements. polarise more is essential.

If we somehow fail to prevent normie white and asian men from basing their value and identity on their occupation/work ethic/income(who must be completely radicalised&weaponised in order to redeem their beta status and soul), this will simply continue untill zog has completely automated cities filled with genetically manipulated rootless pansexual soyim who perform basic maintenance similar to the shills on here doing similar work i.e. all the petty activity shilling requires. Endless clownworld plantations. Also they will literally grow white people in labs, for whatever purpose they require, sex slavery or whatever.

Anycase, we have to somehow meme a calamity which polarises brown masses against whites in an agressive manner.

additional optional sperging:
our enemies literally BELIEVE THEY ARE GOD. Unless we operate with a similar sentiment we cant out-meme them. A merging of the new age movement and the 'alt-right' neo nazi movement has to 'center' the world again. Literally creating a cultural/spiritual center of the world like Rome or Athens including a light Pharaonic dynasty and true shaman/priesthood, The rest being simply land owned by shitlords who live in harmony with nature in relative virtue and excellence, continuesly creating art and advancing technology, supported by a selfsustaining permaculture surrounding their home/compound. It WILL require the acquisition of massive lebensraum, namely Africa and the ME.
This might sound pretentious at first, but consider that anything less then this will ensure you personally will not redeem your own existance in your lifetime, and will probably die in failure as a statistic in the books of your literal owners. In THEIR reality.

yeah. Its a nu-word buzzword among CIAniggers for honeypot domain. Where when you visit it, it registers your IP.

They are basically admitting to illegal datamining.

I guess they are monitoring.

Attached: nig critical failure.webm (320x576, 1.58M)

Attached: burn-all-kikes.png (603x512, 48.54K)

Back story on vid.

Without the influence of female engineers.

Attached: Quothover hand modequot got me so hard _f950deba451e589c936ad773471f045b.jpg (200x200, 9.46K)

Nevermind: A CCTV video from a store shows a man walk up to the counter. He exchanges a few words with his estranged wife, puts his cell phone on the counter, pulls out a handgun and shoots himself in the heart. He remains standing on his feet for a moment, as blood oozing from his chest paints the t-shirt red.

fucking bitches. She didn't even go to give him aid.

Who are the civilian agencies?

It's short-form meaning, "someone who died on a masturbation-machine in a death camp & was then turned into a bar of soap," or something like that.


Attached: 084.gif (400x324, 146.52K)

8ch in da house! Whats up!!

Its another welfare queen company like INFRAGARD that keeps ANYONE on their list to keep the government shekels rolling in.

Private "security" company + government shekels is a bad combo.

To keep the tax dollars flowing they have to have year round targets otherwise no profit.

Hatred for Thatcher motivated some of the international attention. International attention probably mattered the most later on to force the British to the table as international awareness grew.

The domestic coverage may have been more important in the shorter term to turn the tide, as IRA recruiting surged after the hunger strike. The Irish population became much more supportive.

The key was that people like Sands and others were willing to ignore what was portrayed by the British/Ulster authorities as an omnipotent, unconquerable state apparatus that totally dominated the daily lives of Catholics living in disputed areas. Sands and others were willing to ignore that completely and walk right into the buzz saw of state power. The did that cleverly and to achieve maximum media, for example by staggering the hunger strike so one nationalist prisoner died after another. The willingness to overcome the perception of total state power/helplessness and then making sure to document the resultant state brutality in the media so that the population sees it was key.

*Nothing in this post or any previous post is designed to incite violence encourage any type of illegal activity whatsoever. It is a general historical commentary only. This is a board of peace.*

new pic for normies

Attached: (((WepackLabs)))_DoD.jpg (1200x1200, 375.59K)

Fucking top kek!
Got a good laugh out of me, user. Love your writing style.

That was fucking cringe, can you cut it to fuck off we're full?


What the fuck. Source?

Attached: 856942e2cccfa4966f58d81f720712ce4dd2d204e84a3de6dfd8655293bd4085.jpg (390x280, 39.73K)

hey FBI, if you're reading this, suck my dick.

i actually agree with all of that. folks here will talk tough about DOTR, but likely will never do such a thing (which is why the massive amount of resources that go into monitoring this site, and imageboards in general, is a complete and total waste of resources). using Holla Forumss more passive style viral memery to further demoralize and fracture the left, and also boost the confidence of whites has continually been the only thing that it can do correctly. the anonymous format actually severely limits the use that a site like this can have in terms of allowing people to meet up irl.

but i believe you are sorely mistaken if you think that causing a shutdown of govt assistance programs like welfare, SNAP, EBT etc will be "non-violent" in any way whatsoever. quite the contrary, something like that would be the trigger for full blown race riots. literal dawn of the dead shit.

also what he said
if white workers form a strike, they will be replaced. dont expect any commiefag unions to back you up either. in your best case scenario, welfare is cut off and race riots begin. in your worst case scenario, nothing changes at all except for a bunch of white people out of work.

Attached: coelhodaalicetedizendoquetatarde.jpg (670x741, 128.63K)

doesnt WACK-COM count as government assistance? its just another welfare progran for the uppermiddle class leeching the government shekels from the teet of taxpayers.

or we could just physically remove jews. in the absence of the negative stimuli the system will naturally settle back to normalcy.

i gotta tell you, we have to make it far worse in order to make it better. this is the hard truth we have to face as men. there is a price that must be paid.

Attached: IMG_521lli.jpg (1080x1056, 151.81K)

These are the CIA, & NSA "monitoring the chans" pics, but I can't find the standard FBI one.
Could user please post?

Attached: deepweb4chan.png (900x1540 103.93 KB, 449.76K)

Waifu spotted

Attached: 0ec86124f9dba2747da7f1f2300c6ac273c1445d97f4f7f59b797b34936ffaa2.jpg (1086x1920, 519.63K)

well, sure. the people are getting paid via tax shekels to do a useless job, uselessly, so its not really that far from being straight up paid to be unemployed.

the problem though, is that many of these organizations also get funded by lobbyists and lobbying groups. many of (((international origin))).what needs to happen, is for lobbying to be made illegal, and for all lobbyists to be shot, but good luck, as its the only thing that makes being a politician actually profitable.

the whole point that hopefully some airforce fag intercepts this and questions the shitty contract

lol pussy

secret photograph of wapack equipment room

Attached: wayback.jpg (397x300, 92.03K)

Hey Wapack, let's play a game: let's see how fast can you solve this before some highly sensitive information is released. You have 24h, the clock is ticking.

Attached: ⭐.png (400x420, 132.59K)

Okay, I took a quick whack at it (Pic related).
How did I do?

Nice job!
Also, [email protected] was inspired.

Attached: WojackLabsGlowInTheDark.png (1262x244, 99.64K)

hello fbi

Attached: murder-all-kikes.jpeg (1500x248, 81.89K)

Banners have to be 300x100, newfags.

I was just making this because I was bored, but here I invested 20 seconds of my life and scaled it.

Attached: burn-yids.png (300x100, 12.75K)

do we want an Holla Forums symbol or no?

Jefferey (((Stutzman)))



Attached: NavalIntelligenceOfficer.jpg (907x847, 231.59K)

looking at that jewy face, who wouldn't be?

top kek

Either way, could someone post a clean png with transparent background?
Polite sage for off-topic

on it

let check this boomers a bit

Attached: Screenshot_110.jpg (788x773 180.13 KB, 170.5K)


Attached: oyvey2.png (300x100 83.99 KB, 9.69K)

Why are all this "securtiy experts" using blogspot?

president of red sky aliance: Jim McKee


he is also some blogspot poster
same as

they have websites (with free LE certs)
squarespace set of IPs

Attached: Screenshot_113.jpg (628x393 200.96 KB, 32.52K)

wrong pic


Attached: Screenshot_112.jpg (925x684, 124.13K)

This is why we co-opt their movement.
Where is that nazi user image when you need it…

Attached: 1464718415839.jpg (542x700, 239.65K)

>(((Jim))) glows in the dark

CIA surveils CIA on a Filipino CIA imageboard. How dumb is that?

BTW, you SVRniggers are FUCKED.

Attached: f7a.jpg (800x884, 102.61K)

The Air Force has has their own shill squad for years, Operation Earnest Voice. They were shilling the fuck out of reddit years ago.

You goons try so hard to infiltrate, but then your nu-male conditioning compels you to demand to be noticed and regarded as the snowflake you've convinced yourself you are. Even the glowniggers laugh at you.

Attached: The nature of goons3.png (1561x1630 35.79 KB, 461.15K)

Thanks, but, I meant the Infinity logo.
Here, I cleaned up and optimized the full resolution so it looks better when resized to a banner.
Transparent version for anyone who wants to get creative.
I'll get back on it tomorrow; now is my drankin' time.

Attached: WojackLabs Text & Logo Transparency2.png (1262x420, 123.2K)

I should enlist. What a job.
Get payed to shitpost.

And it's opposite a base, not simply "a base".


Yeah 4chan will immediately get rid of it, simply because Hiro doesn't want people to see 8ch.
It's called "competition".

and now you can't get Ernest's voice out of your head either. Know whut I mean?

Attached: ernest.jpg (545x499, 52.04K)

It means Hiro wants his posters to not know about 8ch as much as possible.
It's fucking competition for anons. More anons means more ramen snacks for the greasy gook.

Actually, the more intelligence services that shill here, the better.
Because eventually they won't be able to tell whose who and this place will just be a global intelligence base.

Is there a cord connected to my computer?
1. Yes []
2. No []

Is that cord connected to a botnet?
1. Yes []
2. No []

If the answer is still yes then delete system 32. It is a known hotbed of botnet viruses.

I'm actually a little girl working on behalf of the maltese/korean bipartisan intelligence service.
I thought we all were.

Am I mistaken?

we r reeeeeejun
giv tendees PLOX.

Attached: consulting teh al gore rhythms.jpg (1000x800, 53.25K)

What we do is we put them into a bunker and..
get this gaiz..


…we gas them.
All of them.

Can't fail.
Trust me I got my diploma in plumbing and gas.

Attached: 1x1.png (480x480 119 B, 73.73K)

It is a honeypot.

For intelligence services of all countries. That's the point of it.

And all of them are laughing to the bank for this ridiculous stupidity.

Shh.. they might actually be useful in relaying info about vulnerabilities to people like us.
Especially those of us that are silly want to play with them.

There's no need. I think everyone's beginning to understand the fundamental problem benefit that social media has. When you try to shill from all sides, it ceases to be useful as a source of shilling. People just become more aware of it or they'll observe it as "noise".

They're retarded. It's like a poker player who bluffs on every hand. Nobody respects the media anymore because it's all a bunch of lies. All they're doing at this point is making people savvy to shills and their attempts to derail our progress.

Attached: Screenshot 2018-02-25 at 01.08.58.png (1473x1422 1.6 MB, 1.14M)

some people have no sense of humor

i 'member SA, usenet was before my time mang

Attached: 401a3749e15763671273db465056a28302aec489851b1f4ea2e33b162e19ed8a-caos.jpg (561x662, 30.23K)

Do you feel in charge?

He said Hitler was a Rothschild agent and that Merkel was Hitler's daughter, among other bullshit disinfo. (((Roseanne))) and Mossad are involved.

We've dropped a ton of UIDs simply due to exhaustion and attrition. People will come back eventually, but as anons here know, there's only a certain amount of time the hate machine can be fully active before going dormant again.

Lovely. As if our hobbies weren't getting shitted up enough by the kikes in the corporations making our stuff, now we've got a bunch of SJWs coming to our places to spew shit all over them.

Glow in the dark nigger dick spammers found? Stay tuned kids for the next episode of Kike Files


Attached: 1490546462345.jpg (413x461, 31.64K)

Attached: well_done_lad.gif (235x240, 1.92M)

Well the US itself is privately owned, so.

BTFO Anti NeoCon trump kike shills

You leftists, muslims and antisemites are all so salty still that our NeoCon Republican agenda has won.

Ha Ha Ha I personally don't see what you're all complaining about you fashy based jewoCon voting patriots, if you didn't want our total jew control then why did you fashy based NeoCon supporting goys vote total NeoCon jewish control for?
Talk about dumb cattle marching themselves into the abattoir!

Get with the program goy, for future reference:
If you don't want a jew world order to enslave your children's children, then may I suggest you don't vote for the jew world order's puppets next time.

We win, and the dumb goy lose, and the best ever mods since Judas Iscariot can't help Rubbing your noses in it daily and making you beg for even more

Every day on Holla Forums we have been reminding you dumbfuck republicuck goy that you don't own nothing.

Least of all Holla Forums which has been under our control since way before Trump decided to stand as President to accelerate the jew world order.

Now remember while you goys are guests on Holla Forums please observe our rules:

1, Do not dare criticise our choice of Trump, you're just dumb cattle who we tell you who to vote for and then you can die in the wars we create for you with honour, serving your jewish masters and making you cheer your own demise on, got that?
2, This is our board naow, how you like that bitches?

Don't believe us jews own everything here?

Just try and post criticism of Trump, Bannon or Kushner

Try and dare make genuinely antisemitic content here

Try and promote a genuine white organisation here

Try to dare expose the oldest known frauds like Le Pen, Gert Wilders or any of the NeoCon zionist jews Trump appointed to the cabinet.

Go on goy, test us, you know we own Holla Forums and all you can do is praise ZOG or get banned.

Now if you have any further queries about what else you can do to serve the jew world order, just browse through the based sticky threads here and follow Imkampfy's hotpocktX directions,cheer every bill that hands over America to ZOG, and thank the mods every time we ban any legit user.

All your boards are belong to us!

Le LoL xD xD xD

Pick one


Pick one

Well thats cut and dry, it says they observed a post and therefore they watch it. I made the guerilla thread knowing these types would be around. Go fuck yourself, how about you start a company to stop white genocide if you want to stop these types of threats. They arent going away any time soon.

Also it says they watch when we raid user because it could effect their customers, which at first glance might make it seem like random anons are customers, but it actually means user is run by the US government and third party groups like Soros types.


Everyone I met IRL from usenet turned out to be a kike or one of their mason pets, so I guess I don't share your optimism.

If you are not yet, eventually you will be.

Fair call.

Lets post some degenerate shit to this thread so those US military faggots have something to fap to!

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Also, can board owners here in Holla Forums see visitors IPs? Have you searched through logs is there anything interesting? :P

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It's more intentionally misleading propaganda than ineptitude. The line about SJWs was a dead giveaway.

Fuck off, ZOGbot. Not your personal pornsite.

See you soon, brothers

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Yes. I want these things. It is the intention.


This may not be the right thread to put this, but I’m convinced Q is “real.”

I.e. not a larp, it’s gone on too long and it’s far too detailed and complex to be one independent person. Could it be a group of pranksters? Unlikely - that increases the chance that someone talks or makes a huge error that crashes it all.

So who is it and what’s their purpose? I think it’s another highly intelligent wing of crypto-spooks who realised shilling never works ala ctr etc. and changed tactics to a far more successful idea - keep them busy with wild goose chase, circular bull shit investigations.

It’s clear our board (and half, mostly) and user nature are great for investigating things as a collective. Did we have a hand in the election? I think so, mystical kek shit aside we can sway minds very effectively. Q is their way of lessening our ability to dig into real things during a critical time in the lead up to mid terms - “they” don’t want to lose any more.

Back in the day, Reddit's single biggest user-traffic was coming from Elgin Air-force Base.
All these sites are majority haunted by various breeds of spook. Likely these "cyber security" teams are just created as Govt funding-suckers (like airport security checks-ins run by retarded niggers who steal people's shit) and aren't really effective. They're just making some connected creep further up the food chain extremely wealthy.

"Security Theater" is the normie term for it.

More like shekel grubbing kikes with bloated defense contracts browse 8ch because they've actually convinced US tax payers to pay them to browse the internet.

I think it'll back fire in long run. The Great Frog cannot be chained. The more they stir up the pond the more our mind infects their mind. Soon anons will be deeply imbedded within the entire intelligence network. We will have our own deep state and they can't stop it short of ending the internet as we know it.


OP implying that the CIA/NSA et al. care about a group of online roleplayers who are living in mental fantasies, but too scared to do anything in real life.



Not true. It's directed at individuals who adhere to political correctness, to the jewish lies. Not those who fight strongly for a cause.


what an un-ironic projection

fuck she's cute

Typically they could break up these sorts of congregations or assassinate the leaders but cyberspace is immaterial and cant be destroyed by conventional means. Everything they've attempted thus far has been ineffectual as a result and theyre getting increasingly wound up about us. Single memes like the Gonzalez edit are now enough to send instantaneous shock-waves throughout their MSM apparatus's. Its not the behavior of a confident faction.

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find his adress
someones willing to make him go sleepy

she aint bad

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