Hungarians destroy BBC myth

BBC is a myth spread by Jewish pornographers, determined to make Apefricans more appealing to European women, from Bavarian milkmaids to British bookkeepers. Thanks to new data, we have been able to quantify European wurst size and the stats are big news! In fact, Hung-Aryans have the biggest dicks in all of Europe! But what does this mean? Well, it is only more proof that the Hungarians are the true alpha males of the white race. Refusing to destroy themselves at the foot of the EU's filthy throne while Europe around them gets Blacked™ on mass scale, it is reasonable Hungary will be the burning ember which reignites the raging inferno, repopulating Europe using their king size logs.

Non Magyars btfo!!!

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Fucking faggot.

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So fucking close.

No Benis?



What is this in centimeters?

Look in OP's image and there's a link. Don't post in knee-jerk style please.

So close lol

off by one.jpg

I never really understood the point of showing the means without the variance. At least they should have let the color determine the variance.

(Bigger variance => Less legitimate dataset and more noise)

Fuck, why did I click this shit?

It's been exposed for a while. There have been many studies on dick size between races. In studies where men self reported, which are the ones spread far and wide by nigger fetishists, blacks had the biggest. But in studies where researchers actually measured men's dicks themselves, whites had the biggest, with blacks in second. And Asians in last, poor fellas. Probably all that soy. only partially joking

Record for biggest dick is held by a Strayan.

I can't even read it says. Fuck yourself.

Pure subliminal cohencidence, I'm sure.

This is how kikes put porn with subliminal messages into the catalog and into your mind, and you brainlets swallow every drop.

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Turks are pulling the number down!


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Reminder that obscenely grotesque genitalia are a sign of intergenerational degeneracy.

Has anyone ever done a height to dick study? Asians are shorter and whites are taller, you would expect shorter dudes to have smaller dicks on average.

The numbers are out there. Go ahead.

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Porn seems to imply that big dicked white men are skilled enough to not be porn stars.

Reminder caring about size of genitalia by itself is a sign of degeneracy.

0 results, COME ON

>unironically giving a shit what (((studies))) say about your dick
Let me guess when new (((studies))) reveal BBC are you going to say stop muh dicking? who gives a fuck.. only a primitive society focuses on phallic breeding. IQ and physical strength are more important than big vaginas and dicks. I kinda like the BBC narrative because it infers that africans are more focused on primal breeding and can't into more complex forms of evolution that transcends breeding

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More specifically it occurs when a man internalizes female values.

This. It's one thing to make fun of your guy friends for having a small cock, it's another to get a complex based on it.

Jesus, he's an ugly little toad, isn't he?
He must feel like shit every morning, when he looks in the mirror.
Or maybe that's why he never shaves…he can't stand looking in the mirror.

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The (((BBC))) forced meme is indeed a complete fabrication, every study that has ever been conducted on penis size indicates that there is no correlation between race and penis size, with the only potential exceptions being Asians/Indians that might be considerably smaller. Interestingly, I've heard many times that penis size does not correlate with height, hand size, or foot size- which strikes me as odd, but you can't argue with statistics. While it is true that testosterone does correlate with penis size, and niggers do have significantly higher testosterone on average (they also have higher estrogen though, hence the emotionality and the DAAAAYUM NIGGUH voice they get sometimes), no study that actually measured these niggers' penises has shown that they are larger. My hypothesis for this is that penis size is a progressive trait (rather than primitive), given that humans have the largest penis-to-body ratio of all primates by far. Since niggers are roughly halfway between humans and monkeys, that have tiny penises, it would make sense that there is a 'tug-of-war' of sorts because their higher testosterone and lack of human genes that stimulate penis growth. As for Asians, I would think that it is their lower testosterone that causes their allegedly smaller penis. As for Indians, I don't even know, maybe a smaller penis is less likely to get shit on it and make the Pajeet die from infection, kek.

That being said, I doubt the map in your OP. The numbers are all over the place, there are no perceptible geographical correlations, and the difference in size between the smallest (Romania) and the largest (Hungary) is immense- and they border eachother! Also, much of Romania was part of Hungary- I doubt that they had a large enough sample size to get reliable data; they would need to get a large sample of men from each country that does not know they are doing a penis size study. In France and Hungary, for instance, they might have said "dick study here need volunteers" and all the hung French came over like "honhon, I shall volunteer, viva la France hohohoh" to get their average up while smaller dicked guys ignored the study. Not enough data in Latvia and Lithuania, but we can say with confidence the average of Estonia? Basically, smells like bullshit to me.

IT faggot here that worked in a college and was forced to attend some sex health classes for women because I knew how to work the projector and some other shit. Let me tell you some shit I've learned about women, sex and dicks.

Dick size only means shit to women mostly. The Jew capitalizes this with forced memes. They then attack virgins and people in committed relationships because they want everyone to make their mistakes. Women are horrible creatures who know shit about sex but are obsessed with it.

Bless you with a 14.88cm penis, lad

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You also forgot to add that women are obsessed with looking younger than they are to the point of striving for neotenous like features as they're literally competing with children. Humans evolved to worry about defenseless offspring. Certain sounds and their pitches make us worry and care more about our offspring besides the actual physical appearance. This is why we're obsessed with cuteness and why we breed animals to retain certain features, like the near permanent puppy look in dogs. Women are almost parasitic in this nature now. They act, sound and look younger VIA makeup, conscious effort, and even how they dress to compete with children. This is why millennials hate children and find them disgusting. They only see competition and not actual offspring or their lineage's future.

Inches mate, do you not measure up?
Here faggot, dig here: and here: and here:

the image is from 2011 btw faggots need to start researching more

Hungarians are Finno-Ugrics, not Indo-Europeans

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Underrated take

As long as their penis is bigger than their country.

Why do they hate the Asian women, user?

finally someone who remembers something from statistics 101. Simple means without variance and sample size don't mean shit. Also, are these numbers self reported or measured by teachers on penis inspection day?

The heroic fiber isn't focused in your dick, so why even care about shitty topics like dick size, why is race and dick size even a topic? Perhaps someone got a inferiority complex, maybe? Like a (((certain))) race, perhaps?

Let whoever who wants to feel inferior find their fix. Muh dick is literally the worst subject to fall in to because of the (((Freudian))) religion of (((psychology))).

Women admit they're not really imagining the dick in size or shape when they fiddle themselves. They try to imagine the hunk himself doing it to them. The setting or the story behind the encounter. Not just some big skyscraper descending from some heavenly throne and plowing them to pieces from behind.

Don't be a dick. Or a pussy. Or an asshole. Be a man and focus on the important matters men do best.

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What studies have been done have found that neither height nor finger length nor foot size nor…are correlated with penis length. So, no, you wouldn't expect that.

Best post.

They don't call em
for nothing

That's linguistics, not genetics. They are genetically European, but their language and customs are influenced by Finno-Ugric tribes. Same goes for the Finn's.


And btw women I questioned about niggers mostly said they wouldn't fuck them because they look like chimps and are disgusting, I don't think cock size matters at all.
I mean horses have huge cocks but it doesn't mean women will be attracted to them (despite the fact horses are more beatiful than most niggers).


Finno ugrics are more european than indos.

meh, im 8 inch and my tiny wife can barely take it, if mine was bigger i couldn't go balls deep and that would suck.

the entire thread is literally muhdik, brainlet

Where is the proof that Hungarian cocks are so large?

Of course Europeans would have bigger dicks, after all niggers have tiny dicks and will resort to rape.

small dicks are superior
pleasing women is gay

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Splitting sex away from making babies was a (((mistake))). Seriously, we should go back to the father giving away her daughter at a mature age to a serviceable man whenever we take back our countries from the kikes.

It's in fact the primary mistake. Remove female birth control and you've ended modernity.

The good guys always wins in the end. Don't worry user.

More like the petroleum and rare earth mineral supplies will start getting slim and the species will be forced to actually think about survival again.

Yup and who is going to do the kikes when they own nothing?

I mean, all the power in the world they have, they are still just fragile sick, perverted old men who have us doing their bidding. Without us, they have nothing.

feels good to see my memes were appreciated and have been put to good use.

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pretty impressive manscaping there dave.

Spoiler that shit I don't care if it's fake

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Small cock detected.

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Of course faggots worship it, they try to taint everything good in this world. You know a crazy guy tried to blow that statue up. In fact more than once a crazy has tried to destroy David. Once was a bomb, and once was with a hammer..

Because Asian women aren't shit like they are.

This isn't actually new data though.
It also needs to be controlled for height/age, is it?


That's basically "muh dick"
OP is a nigger, obviously

WTF is penis inspection day?

A very, very old meme.


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Newfags pls go

White men have dicks as big as any nigger, if not bigger.

Ohhh that shitty yahoo answers meme that went around for a while. I gotcha.

9 years is forever on the internet friend.

In 2009, I had dialup internet and no idea what a meme was.

kike crap. They just ask people. They don't measure ffs

I swear, pornography was made to normalize male genital mutilation. The rest they made up on the spot.

So Holla Forums BTFO?

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What a disgrace. Almost as bad as Holla Forums barring the Mary Worth threads.

The gay nazis branch still lives.

I'm half-Magyar and have a fairly big dick. But women don't really care about these things. In fact, there is such as thing as being too big. Most of the gf's I've had over the years struggle to fit me inside them. My current gf told me that she wished I was smaller because if I'm not careful I sometimes hit her cervix by accident when we're fucking.

The whole BBC thing is an attempt by kike pornographers to inflate the ego of niggers, who have literally nothing else to be proud of, while simultaneously humiliating white men. The fact that you felt compelled to make this thread is proof that they got to you.

Refreshing on Holla Forums as we speak.

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tfw 19 cm
niggers btfo


Because no matter how down I get, no matter how much shit the Jews pull, no matter how much the world around me crumbles

removing my pants and looking down will always put a smile on my face.

Hung Aryan here it's pretty true, but most western chicks don't know that but are happy to find out later.

I have a 22cm long dick with a 6.5 radius.
Croatian women are the only ones outside of Hungarian ones that know the size thing.
Most of the guys i know are together with those tall as fuck blonde blue eyed angels from Croatia.

I was in Germany for a while and met this blonde German chick, she liked me (every Hungarian goes to the gym, and i look classic Pontid with brown hair and green eyes) and she was into me, but boy did she look when she pulled down my pants.
Thing was she had to strech for 10 minutes, and i couldn't put it in completly, and it wasn't fun she had pain and i was board.
We split after the 4th time in bed, we couldn't have sex because of her small hole.

So for you guys getting pissed at the whole big dick porn thing, it's not so fun in real live.
You have to strech one out to have some good sex, or you have to find the biggest whores otherwiese you won't have fun!
Women get happy when they see a big dick, but get scared when they have to put it in.

Ps: She had to go to the doctor the next day because something ripped in her, i thought she was a virgin but nope the blood was because of something else.

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Shit I am Irish?!

Their women are always hungry for more.

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As a fellow Hung, I have never had a woman fit me in her mouth. I'm always the biggest any woman has had. Apart from the ego thing, it isn't that fun; there is such a thing as too big.

The Other Hungarian Sausage.

Yeah, should have gone the reverse hue.
The bigger it is, the more it glows pure white.

I think that's normal though, right? I mean, a dick is too big for a mouth unless she's fitting it into her throat and I think that's mostly a porn thing.

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I mean, not even the head fits. That's not normal. If it was, most guys wouldn't be getting blowjobs.

Ouch, and I thought I had problems with teeth. That sounds like a wonderful first impression and a terrible intercourse after! at least you can brag.

Christ do you have a long coke-can wiener?

10.6" * 7.4" NBPEL

All the upper-class Irish fled, so only the tiny dicked betas were left after an gorta mor.

NBPEL means non bone pressed erect length, measured from the top base part. Just FYI.

Potato niggers lose again!

Checked and kek'd.


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no you're thinking of the record for biggest cunt. it's easy to mix the two so all is forgiven, cunt.

lol gay

reported for cp fan fiction

not our milkmaids

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If dick size is the only value a woman wants in a potential mate, then she is already a lost cause.

Bigger means more stimulation and thus more pleasure. Takes me an average of three minutes to make my girl have the most extreme, convulsive orgasms. A big dick is important but money and stability are more important. If you can use it, it's definitely top 5 things for a woman.

t. Hung-arian

If you have a small dick i suggest you learn what a clitoris is.

T. armchair sex doctor

Hungarians have Turkic origins, and Turkic people are BLACK. Wh*Toids BTFO

Gotta agree here. Over 8 inches and girls really enjoy the size aspect. Plus I think they find oral more enjoyable; a woman once told me "I've never saw an average sized dick and been like "''I NEED THAT IN MY MOUTH'"

Let's be honest, aren't amazing tits/ass better than just average?


Kill yourself degenerate

Ahh, surprise, another convincing counterargument from the torpedo.

He's right, you need to get AIDS and die like all muh dick niggers.

He's burning in hell now. Don't worry.

pls make my wee wee grow

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Digits dictate I lend a hand: research bathmates and see which model works for you.
Just don't go overboard with it and explode your manhood

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These claims have me flinching when I imagine the barn doors Hungarian women must have between their legs. If fucking a Hungarian woman feels like swirling your dick in a warm glass of water it's no wonder you guys have kept your culture.

Look up jelqing and doublelongdaddy and his exercises. Jelqing is a legit penis enlargement exercise. Doublelongdaddy is a PE exercise pioneer. He's got the best info and best exercises available. Be warned, though: legit PE can take a few years.

It feels normal for us but I guess others get the short end of the stick.


/pol is compromised. It is run by people trying to distract from Trump's total betrayal of his base with the omnibus.

The omnibus didn't just ban "wall" prototypes. It also capped ICE agent hiring and capped deportations. It is opposite of what we voted for.

Pol is part of a massive effort across the web to damage control and hide this.

Please move to /zenpol

It's fuckin fake

You aren't winning people by shilling from Tor. Try running an ad campaign instead. Put up a pinned thread explaining to visitors why zenpol is a legit alternative.

For starters, obvious fake news dont get deleted here.

Once our women try Hungarian they can't go back.

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Not him.