A male birth control pill that dramatically lowers testosterone levels is moving forward into a 3-month trial

- A new kind of male birth control pill was recently tested in a month-long trial, and is moving forward into a three-month study — the next step in the FDA approval process.
- The pill is taken once daily with a meal.
- Some men who took it gained a few pounds, and some decreased their levels of "good" HDL cholesterol.
- The experimental pill is at least five to 10 years away from coming to market.



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Why we don't have a male birth control pill yet

Pharmaceutical companies haven't bought into male birth control yet


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Time to stop drinking public water etc, its going to be spread to everyone. This is genocide.

Not surprising that they put scare quotes around the word male. Fucking scumbags.

Right on, user. First they'll render us infertile, then they'll use that as an excuse to bring in hundreds of millions of male migrants to impregnate our women.

These fucks are downright diabolical.

AKA the Hooton Plan.

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Wow, this is not good. Hopefully it doesn't pass the trials.

Plan: Sign up for male birth control, don't take it and get androgen thats hard to get otherwise?

Sweet, archive doesn't work and OP is a fucking faggot hiding the link completely behind the archive. Way to go, flappy.

FUCK YOU OP. I like riding my bicycle.

The archive link *does* work, faggot.


They'll probably test you to see if your testosterone levels are low enough for the shot.

And the migrants from shithole countries won't be exposed to these chemicals via their water supply, unlike westerners. Meanwhile western men will become increasingly feminized and passive about the destruction of their civilization.

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On a related note I recently came across a study which found that sweating helps to eliminate Bisphenol A (BPA) from the body. BPA is one of those "gender bending" chemicals which can leach into foods and drink via plastics. So make sure you work up a good sweat during exercise.


Is there a way to completely purify water in my home? Will distilling water get rid of the estrogen and shit? Someone please tell me.

Your testosterone levels are too high, according to our modern scales you have hyperandrogenism! But we have a medicine for this condition. We'll prescribe you male birth control so your testosterone level becomes normalized. Having too much testosterone leads to overly aggressive behavior and pathological risk taking. Help is available for your medical condition.

Stop being so aggressive, MALE. Act more like the females!

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Much like the pills given to women, this will end up in the water and cuck everyone. I fucking hate the kikes beyond all language.

How do you avoid the shit quality of public water without giving thousands of dollars to a controlled opposition water filter salesman?

Male BC pill will not be marketed because the pharma companies were told back in the 60s that the kikes don't want it available.
This is why:
Think about that. It doesn't make any sense. A male BC pill would be the hottest product this century but none wants to touch it.
The conclusion seems to make no sense but it is the only conclusion that makes sense, for some reason: the kikes do not want male BC to be available.
The question is why?
First off, arguing against male BC pill while also arguing against having sex or children out of wedlock is not sane, because the only pregnancies this will affect are unplanned ones where the woman is not on any BC, that translates to surprise sex/drunken irresponsibility, it does not apply to stable relationships.
The best I can think of right now is that the kikes ran the numbers and models, and discovered that a male BC pill would have some consequence which interferes with the White genocide.
What could that be? My guess is that the models showed that the pill would mostly reduce black pregnancies, which makes sense. Nigger music is replete with songs about the burdens of child support, how the unwilling father wants to kick the pregnant woman in the stomach but can't because it's murder#1 and so on.
If you can't reckon the reasons yourself then just hold fast to one simple truth:
It could even be that the models showed male BC would increase White pair-bonding and accelerate the decision to come off the pill and have children.
Remember that women and only women decide if a pregnancy is carried to term. This is lot more complex than it would appear prima facie.

And I'm sure the vast majority of men who actually take the pill will be white. Just a coincidence of course.

>beer has been (((pitched))) as a manly drink specificly to pacify men with estrodrink
Clearly whoever made that image is also a cuck.
Red wine is delicious, I'll have you know. Try a Cabernet Sauvingon or a Merlot; Carmenere is also nice, though it's mainly grown in Chile.

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No it wouldn't, as no sane man wants to reduce his fertility.

Not even the vikings drank beer, germanics drank mead, which is honey and water.

They don't even have to do this; accumulation of drugs in recyled water supplies is a thing since the filtering processes do nothing to remove them. This means that cities that rely on recycled water, such as New York will have their entire population passively medicated. This is assuming they don't just slip it into all public water supplies regardless of the source. and
gets it.

No, and I hate to advocate (((buying water))) but honestly it might be your best bet even with the leeching plastic containers have.

In a historical context often beer was brewed as a hydrating beverage primarily and an alchoholic beverage secondarily. See Ancient Egyptian beer kangs need not apply.

I'm actually planning to make some mead. I will unfortunately need to acquire some ?food grade? plastic tubing as a siphon so I can rack it properly, unless someone has a better idea. Mead doesn't touch the plastic very much since It's only pumped and I have glass bottles. Thing about beer is that pre-12th century, hops weren't really put in beer and the ale was simply a sweeter drink as a result. You could also use a different bittering agent like ?thistle? if I'm not mistaken.

Fuck, that's horrifying; not that most of them wouldn't rather beat off exclusively. Regarding eugenics, anyone with any hereditary issue(s) should voluntarily sterilize themselves, it works both ways. I've never known a vasectomy to lower testosterone. You have soyboys running around even having children while there are genuinely good people who choose to not pass on their genes for the benefit of the volk. It's a sad truth, but one day that will all change.

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this seems to imply that annihilating sperm count and testosterone levels is a fantastic thing

It's not a hard pill to swallow for them. I can safely bet that there will be those who simply wish to prolong pregnancy who won't read the stipulations. Next thing you know, they're wondering why they can't get pregnant.

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Look into brewing a gruit americancraftbeer.com/what-the-hell-is-a-gruit-ale/
I've had one where the brewery used immature oak leaves in place of hopps

Historically estrogenic hops beer only became standard since the 16th century.

The vasectomy reducing testosterone thing is a meme. It happens because some guys feel like they've lost some part of their manhood, and get depressed. So really, depression causes the testosterone drop. Other guys who have no emotional hangup about it all see no drop in their levels whatsoever.
t. de-weaponized 3 years ago.

What has happened to Vaselgel anyway?

So let me get this straight.
Kike doctors choose to promote a potentially dangerous hormone based treatment that will alter the mental state of patients over a non-hormonal treatment that last 10 years with no adverse side effects.


You can get silicone tubing off ebay for cheap.
Silicone doesn't leech unless it was manufactured using shitty chemicals.

Male BC puts sexual control into the hands of men. It's might also eliminate female BCs effect on environment, aka stop the soyification of Western men. Women too would likely stop taking their own if a guy is taking it, stopping every negative effect that it has on women as well (frontal lobe damage).

Of course the kikes would be against it if this is the case.

I also have some ale yeast which I haven't opened- I'm considering using that since it won't add any flavors to the mead, as opposed to just wild yeast which also risks bad bacteria. I'm also considering adding strawberries, but I might go with straight mead.

lol, you realize most "science" is a sham, right? most "studies" are propaganda funded by corporations or very rich people, like George Soros. historically, that's the case, not the exception. the whole low fat, high sugar problem in society is a product of propaganda studies. the sugar industry paid scientists to say that fat is super dangerous, when healthy fat is some of the most nutritious stuff you can eat. similarly, by misusing data and authority, Edward Bernays popularised the eating of bacon and eggs for breakfast. he's the reason why it is considered a breakfast food today. most of our modern culture is a product of this kind of social engineering. the jews will find a way for whites to actively genocide themselves, happily with cool pills, or something.

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It was prone to spontaneous faliure, worst part is, you wouldn't even know it's failed unless you're getting your sperm count checked regularly.

imagine knowing modern men have testosterone levels historically below average. then deciding, that a pill which dramatically lowers individual levels from already dramatically low levels, is a good idea. can a man with the test levels of a woman from two centuries ago even be fertile?

Probably not, since even chinks and all their soy can still breed 1M.

I meant billion, sorry.

No, the kikes don't want a safe male BC.
Why do you think they've suppressed Vasalgel in the western world?
Why do you think this hormone faggotry has made it through two rounds of FDA testing? They paid off the FDA.

different biology, different dna, different culture, different diet, healthier diets.

They own the FDA

This is idiocy in our current predicament. We do not have the luxury of saying that only the top tier should breed when we're a shrinking global minority and being flooded with shitskins, if you're white go have kids.

So, Holla Forums , Is this the ultimate soyim pill?

I have a private well at the moment, thank fucking God.

it's its father. the ultimate one will nuke your test, make you gay, and vaporize your ability for critical thought.

I need one. Funnily enough, I never actually thought about doing that. Are there any retarded laws about it in burgerland?

If there are, be sure to break them and not get caught.

C: but of course. I would also have to get some rainwater. The only problem with using the roof and gutters is dirt and dust accumulation between rainfalls. I think they sell devices for that. Unfortunately I don't own land/house of my own where I can effectively do that though.

Fuck that, I seriously doubt a cuck could stand any kind of disciplined class like that.

We need to turn the soyim pill into a meme. How do we do this, and how can we irritate the normies with it?

Look into reverse osmosis, it isn't perfect and has some drawbacks but it works well for most purposes. Aquarium enthusiasts often use RO if they live in areas with bad water so you should be able to find units and filters ready to install if you aren't up to building your own.

There are also some home filtration solutions based around the technology used in lifestraws which are the most aggressive filters I know of.

The main thing you're going to need to worry about with this level of filtration is that the water it produces has little to no mineral content so you will have to take supplements or add a re-mineralization step into the filtration process.

basically, put a spin on the red pill. instead of lefties becoming enlightened and better after taking the pill, they just turn into soft, weak betas who get cucked.

rightwingers take the red pill, lefties take the soy pilled. they get soy pilled.

Not only will this end up in the water supply effecting the population and environment at large but it will likely spike sexually transmitted diseases also, there is no way that this drug won’t lead to a reduction in the use of barrier protection. “Hook up culture” has already sent STD rates through the roof contributing to the mutation of more potent strains; this will be the nail in the coffin.

This. It isn’t cheap but you can have all of your mains water run through a RO system, there are firms that can fit and maintain everything for you if you are a richfag or you can install your own and have it signed off by a plumber depending on the laws in your country.

Yes they did. Beer has been present in virtually every single civilization that has grown cereals, even in the new world.

The estrogenic nature of hops in beer is considerably overblown around here. Yes, hop-pickers experienced menarche earlier but that was the result of handling literal tons of bare hops over years of growing seasons. Five gallons of a contemporary mildly hopped beer might have - at most - three ounces of low-alpha hops and probably less. Small beers (the kind that common people drank all day every day) would have had a tiny fraction of that.

I recommend not drinking alcohol ever but ok.

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red wine and liquor are perfectly fine

I have an overactive immune system which causes intestinal swelling and the drug to manage it interacts with my liver function.

That said, I will enjoy a glass of alcohol three or four times a year: birthday, easter, christmas, thanksgiving. Otherwise I'm completely dry

my HDL is always high as fuck every time I have a physical and im normal weight. So is that good?

So they can sell two horrible drugs at once.

The mineral thing is bullshit. There are very few water sources that have a mineral content that even makes a difference in your daily consumption. You can drink nothing but ultrapure lab grade distilled water for the rest of your life and will suffer no ill effects from it. It won't taste the greatest, but you won't "wash out your minerals" or any bullshit like that.

if you cant handle some beers, youre gay as fuck.
that being said, IPAs are overrated and mostly hipster garbage. Red wine is severly underrated for men seeing as its cheap in bulk, delicious, good with meat, high alcohol content.
yeah yeah, I know. You shouldnt have vices, but drinking with your buddies is a manly past time, and it helps build bonds with them. And how else am I gonna have an epic rant about jews and race mixing or nationalism if we are all sober??? Im basically known for doing that now and honestly, its been mostly positive besides a few fights. even Hitler would agree.

I think this myth is because of how retards tried putting their fish in distilled water and it died. thats because of the Ph, not the minerals though.

All of those genocidal assholes deserve to suck start a shotgun.

Daily? I'll stay a wizard a while longer, get back to me when I can take it once annually or something. I can't even keep up with Vitamin D supplements. 3dpd pussy isn't worth the trouble.


This is why folk are poking fun at you.

Does this contain any hormones?

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What about these 2 too

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The fermentation process destroys phytoestrogens.
Soymilk is the reason "soyboy" is a valid insult.

Another myth. Fermentation does not destroy the phytoestrogens in soy. It just breaks the glycosidic bonds and free them. The same thing happens when we digest soy. If you use soy products in small amounts as seasonings and condiments like was traditionally done for the most part, you won't get much phytoestrogen.

I do seem to remember reading a study that said tofu was actually pretty low in phytoestrogen as most of it was left behind in the water during coagulation, but don't take my word for it.

More like Heavy cream wet dream creamshake


I've got bad news son, that's not a coffee

Your best shot is reverse osmosis. While it's best to purify your entire homes intake, just purifying your drinking water is an excellent start.


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I’m starting to worry there isn’t enough rope on this planet…

the beauty of rope is that it can be reused

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They thing is though that we're exposed to all of these phytoestrogens and xenoestrogens that are individually insignificant, but when you add up accumulated exposure from all these "insignificant" sources from before birth until death, they add up to be quite a problem.

source: soyboys

Oh for sure. It's just not uncommon to hear people in threads like these claiming that knocking back a sixer of IPA will make your dick fall off. People should be more concerned about nalgene bottles, plastic pipes and tupperware than hopped beer.

Its already very popular, its called soy and its contained in literally every single premade food you can buy :^)

Holy shit spend two seconds on Google or pubmed. Fermentation can cause a very slight decrease in total isoflavones but often increases total isoflavones.


Isoflavone content decreased in tofu and tempeh ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3074428/

Miso is one of the foods that increases it's isoflavone content as it ages. Since soy sauce and tamari are just miso juice, they have more isoflavones too. The thing is, you shouldn't be using large amounts of soy sauce and miso anyway, so it's not something I worry about.

I don't know about isoflavone content of natto, but it's something I like to eat in fairly large quantities, so I make my own soy free version.

Distill it you faggot or capture rainwater and distill that. If you don't live in a degenerate shitbox apartment without a balcony it should be trivial to do this.
Distillers are a few hundred bucks max. Check out crystal rain if you want a fancy lab grade 99%+ model.
The normal brew shop ones are about 94-96% which is good enough for most sources of water.
You can replace any salts/minerals leached out by eating well. It acts like an internal sweat as it can also pull toxins and nasty shit out of your body. Similar taste to artesian well water but little less minerals.

Knowing how to make a male contraception pill with off the shelf steroids has been known for ages. This is not something new and these womens approach will not work because using testosterone analogues only will not suppress sperm production in 100% of males unless the dosage is way above natural production and if you go by that route you will have given every body builder a legal steroid.

That is very good. HDL removes fat plaque from your arterial walls.

no it fucking doesn't. HDL forms into plaques on artery walls when they heal from tearing (happens from regular activities like exercise or movement).

LDL doesn't form into plaques on the wall as easily.

Eating polyunsaturated fats are bad because they don't stack well, forcing your body to increase C levels of lipoproteins, also they oxidize easier meaning cancer. It's no coincidence goys say don't eat saturated fat, eat this unhealthy rapeseed oil that kills you, and then flip science on its head. Food pyramid ring a bell? eat bread goy, it's good for you!

A hormonal male birth control will never take off. Non-hormonal pills have been in trials for years, but they'll never go to market because women. It will take a rogue nation to put it to market, but the entire world is afraid of women crying about not being able to oops-pregnancy their BF/husbands.

Same. They also tried to forcefully push tap-water here and made it illegal touse it. But there are pretty simple ways around it. A well + pump is around 1000-1500 bucks depending on how deep you need to dig and how good of a pump you require.

Also it simply tastes better. That being said - should definitely let the water checked for chemicals, etc.

Well depth is very dependant on geography and desired quality/longevity.
You don't want to be drinking the shitty low depth water, because it's easily polluted when sheckelstein and co start fracking up the road, or a bottling plant moves in and your water turns salty/iron laden.

Deep artesian aquifers can be 40-80m or deeper. 80m well through rock is like 8-10-15k USD… I've had one quoted before. They also can't guarantee anything. So it may end up being 25k before they hit water and much deeper.

That obviously depends on where you live. If you are surrounded by city or by sheckelsteins, you obviously need to go deeper. Fortunately where I live I don't have that. That's why I said, test the water professionally.

How deep is your well and is it borewater or Artesian/Aquifer source? What I understand is you can get normal bore water (which is okay for drinking but more iron/minerals etc) for much cheaper as it's not so deep.

Ugh what a waste of trips. Sorry Kek.

Notice they change it too. In Russia 500 is low!

This, not drinking alcohol at all anymore is one of the best choices ive made.

All things in moderation.

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< no, goyim, you must continue to create single mother -bred faggots that vote (((democrat)))


What's wrong with Tae Kwon Do?

>(((buying water)))
Why do you think distillation won't remove the impurities? The high temperatures of conventional distillation will denature any proteins, and any estrogenic compounds which aren't proteins will be left behind. BPA for example has a melting point higher than the boiling point of water, so it will be left in the residue at the end of distillation. If for some reason you think there is poison which has a lower boiling temperature than water and will thus be distilled over, the water can be boiled in open air before distillation (but I very much doubt this is necessary).
The downside, of course, is that distillation consumes lots of energy.

You can make a distiller out of copper pipe/a large pot/thermometer/whatever soldered together (100% tin solder of course). No need to (((buy))) one when you can make it yourself.


soy self defence, might as well learn tai chi

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It's basically dancing. Judo is fucking excellent, but you're more likely to get fucked up in training than anywhere outside - so unless you want rotator cuff & knee injuries learn it from a safe distance, an over-eager, undertrained sparring partner can fuck you up for life. sage for doubleposting

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There's nothing unmanly about fuel injection, either.

You can also make one out of an old pane of glass and a piece of gutter.
If you live somewhere warm that would be a great start to save power. It's about 2kWhr for 4L of water distilled.
One of the few things that distillation won't remove is neutron radiation and micronised/Pu buckyballs which are lighter than water.

Your idea for the copper boiler is a good one though, might be good for making fire distilled batches… got me thinking now, thanks user ;)
I also have a 20 and 1 micron filter before distilling.

In its current form, the pill lowers a man's testosterone levels to what they were in boyhood or lower, essentially like a chemical castration.


I don't understand why anyone would ever even consider willingly ingesting something that lowers his T-levels.

Don't forget about the fluoride in water that calcifies your pineal gland, which as I understand is responsible for a good bit of melatonin production.

Um, because testosterone is, like, the reason for toxic masculinity? If white ;^) men no longer act like men then the world will be free from patriarchy and become a peaceful society free of hate.

People should sue preemptively and file for an injunction or whatever, point out that female birth control and anti-depressants etc are all already in the water system from people pissing them out and dumping them in toilets etc, that this should be illegal and will obviously cause less children, sterilized men etc.


Lol fuck that

WTF are you talking about? HDL carries little or no cholesterol. Your artery walls does not tear during exercize, if they did people would die like flies. They stretch. Your muscles micro tear. Your demented schizo rantings does not make sense. Take your fucking meds and get off this board, its not healthy for the likes of you.

Isn't that a bit much? hahaha. That has to be some commercial sized soy sauce for restaurants no? People aren't actually using that much, are they? Second question would be, that's a Japanese name, are japs faggots now too?

it’s nearly the case already. this shit is a another nail in our coffin.

Nips use fermented soy, which is not as bad. However, they are a soft and effeminate people, physically.

This is how asian soyboy looks.

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user that's like posting a picture of Bieber and saying the west is all girlymen. Also, jesus fuck that ugly goblin in the bottm right of the 3rd pic.

Normal levels don't work like that.

They are set by the individual lab for an individual analyzer based on results from THEIR "normal" populations. I'm sure there are labs in San Fran with normals lower than that.

So I agree with both of you. I had some blood work done a while ago and my LDL was a little high, while my HDL was low. FYI - Getting older sucks, but it certainly beats the alternative. Anyway, LDL is considered the "bad" cholesterol, in medical circles. Doc parroted the same garbage most people hear: "eat less saturated fats, more margarine, etc". Same shit we all hear.

One has to realize that doctors are NOT nutritionists, in much the same way as an automechanic is not an engineer. Doctors only know to parrot the shit that they have been told from ((them)) who rule the medical world. The human body NEEDS saturated fats in order to properly synthesize hormones and other essential components of your body. For proper function.

I had a family member die of cancer a long time ago, and the 'medical advice' was the standard "do chemo, hope it works" bullshit. They gave him a 6mo prognosis to live — with the chemo. Chances were not good. After completely revamping his diet and exercise program (in addition to the chemo), he wound up going into remission and living another 8 years. The cancer came back, and long story short it didnt' end well. But the take away is that doctors don't know shit about anything they are not DIRECTLY involved with, and often just repeat bullshit they have heard from the 'usual sources' we all know — only we always assume they know what they are talking about. They attempt to transfer their credibility in one area over into another area.

Everyone should be meticulously paying attention to what they are putting in their body. From food to medicine, etc. And even though it is a herculean effort to constantly read and understand the latest in nutritional and biological 'science', it is something you HAVE to do in order to protected from the ((people)) that try to get you to eat chocolate frosted sugar bombs and high fructose everything syrup on everything. These people want you dead, both in mind, body, spirit, and heritage. There is a war going on, and you're the focus of an unrelenting assault from the forces of the synagogue of satan.

The food pyramid is part of it. As is the host of fucking drugs shrinks try to put people on at the drop of a hat. Such as prescribing prozac when all they probably need is a bit more magnesium in their diet.

Stay strong. Exercise (both body and mind) and eat properly. And stay the fuck away from this shit in the OP. They are trying to castrate you. Be vigilant to their tricks.

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I know a good bit about nutrition as an autismo who enjoys reading about this stuff. Ask me anything you might want to know about.

That said, you're very correct about butter. The mistaken idea about properly made butter is the argument made against mass produced shit tier butter. For example, one of the benefits of good butter is butyrate and other fats that actually provide LDL reducing properties. I eat butter every day and I just had my blood checked the other day and my LDL/HDL were all in great ranges, but I am in my 20s.

this is why i only drink pepsi

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All according to plan. This is literally how they turn us into mindless docile drones. The scientific field is totally corrupted and co-opted by them. Trust nothing from them at this point. Keep your test levels high naturally, and that will automatically happen if you're living a healthy lifestyle.

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Good goyim.

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Unfiltered wheat ales are superior to any hoppy beer

Put this shit into the niggers' food supply and let liberals gobble it up like candy. Darwin never loses in the end.

They want to lower the male ratio to be about 25% of the population and for that smaller population to be entirely under control. Women are easier to govern and they want to force race mixing.
The king of the pride is killing all of the male cubs so they do not challenge his power, it's really that brutally simple.

Drugs are not adequately filtered out of our public water supply. What I worry about is how much of these kinds of drugs we'll get second hand from traces of them in the public water supply.

What's good enough for water filtration? I don't have my own house yet so I've been thinking about getting a Big Berkey for water.

I have a reverse osmosis filter and a distiller. I've been distilling the water that I get from my reverse osmosis filter and remineralizing it by blending a mix of vitamins into my water. I suspect that this gets most of the crap out.

That's interesting, what filtration system do you use? I've been interested in APEC systems when I get my own house. Have you considered getting a filtered showerhead?

Is that Starbucks?

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So they're admitting they are destroying themselves?

I find all this confusing… I've just been getting rid of processed crap, sugar, grains and other shit I know is bad while upping my intake of fruits and vegetables (leafy greens especially) and drinking more water.

I'll write up a proper post later, but try to ask some questions so I can try to help when I get back later.

So this is why (((Hollywood))) promotes teen drinking so much. I learn something new about the Jews every day.

The problem with most or possibly all Asian martial arts is they have been watered down. Traditional AMA were all about turning your body into a killing weapon, but dumbass modern practitioners have turned them into little more than "sport" and "exercise." Even tai chi used to be filled with killing moves.

Seth Rogen and Amy Schumer are both Bud Light spokespeople. I'm sure it's just a coinkydink ;^)

This is wrong, there is indeed salt content in water that is necessary for it to be safe to drink in large quantities. Drinking pure distilled water will suck the salts from your body so that it less able to retain water. It would be ideal to salt your water after reverse osmosis or distilling so that your body is able to retain the electrolytes it needs.

That's just American beer though, doubt it's the case for European beers.

People used to drink and screw all the damn time. Viking mead halls and goddamn Oktoberfest are cultural icons for my people. And no one can say with any credibility that Vikings and the "Huns" were ever lacking in T.

The reason ((Hollywood)) promotes teen drinking so much is because it's fucking degenerate and serves to enhance other degenerate behavior. Not because of any Test-suppressing properties. That's what other chemicals are for. Like the ones they use in all the food/water. Like in OP.

Mead is honey, not grain.

What the fuck are you talking about you retard

It's alcohol. And the premise was that alcohol was bad and used to lower your T.

Strong alcohol was expensive and fucking around was consider savage because of the small communities and no birth control, your reputation mattered a lot more than it does today. There's a reason Satan, pan and all sorts of evil deities personified the fucker and rapist producing countless demons and mutants; to note bastards were enslaved, conscripted as fodder or worked as servants in cults.

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You're a dumb faggot. Beer has phytoestrogens from the hops used to brew beer which suppresses testoterone. Alcohol also suppresses hormonal function. Vikings drank mead but they also didn't have the various toxicological problems we face today like BPA etc.


Polyunsaturated fats and infertility

Omega 3s and cortisol also cause your brain to shrink, just to let anyone know doing paleo shit where you cortisol shoots the fuck up if you get less than 50 carbs a day in your diet. I'd just recommend to stop eating bread unless it's sourdough and nuts. And drink clean water.

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potato tier intelligence

Yeah old ales and meads were not very alcoholic.
Modern wines are more alcoholic than they were.

Modern equivalents have a higher alcohol content than their ancient counterparts because theres a public demand for large amounts of alcohol. Because people have been told the only way to have fun is to get completely and utterly wrecked on alcohol, so they want to do it effectively and cheaply.

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Liberal healthfood nuts are faggots. This is where I stop taking you people seriously. You sound just like libtards if you aren't them.

Sorry for some reason I was still working on the assumption that wine is not very alcoholic. Keep making that mistake.
Rest still stands however.

You are a faggot if you're defending soda as an acceptable food. Continue chewing your cud, cow

wow good to know the no fun brigade that will always prevent you from catching on with wide swaths of the public is in effect again

Isn't it basically the same shit? Keto just shuns all carbs completely, I thought they were pretty similar since that's what a lot of paleo sources talk about, along with bone broth which is just a shitload of histamine (histamine mimics estrogen) and lead/toxic metals from the bone since commercial livestock does not eat clean diets.

Holy shit you are stupid.

it is an acceptable food, because I'm and adult and can choose to eat bad shit if I want, I don't need the government to be a nanny for me because I'm not an emasculated man child like you are

Are you fucking retarded?

also if you end up agreeing with Michael Bloomberg, you might be a humongous faggot, just a thought

You're completely missing the point

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I don't know about you guys but it would seem that the cucks are volunteering to rid themselves from the gene pool.
Alas… This is just another part of (((their))) plan to destroy Whites.

We live in clown world.

Go read something and the neck yourself for being too stupid to exist.

Who said anything about legislation? We are saying you shouldn't eat it because it's bad for you, faggot. Any reasonable society WOULDNT allow prolefeed like that, but then again America isn't a country anymore it's just a strip mall. You should probably neck yourself you obese boomer cuckold.

Kill yourself you stupid subhuman, you know what I fucking said.

And I know damn well it's the same shit, kill

What you said was stupid since you implied paleo was the same as keto. Go read a book moron. They are NOT the same.

Yourself, you stupid fucking subhuman shitskin.

I know it's the same shit you stupid motherfucking paleo faggot, kill yourself.

Dang phoneposting reddit niggers such as yourself get really angry their stupidity is challenged. Go read about the differences between keto and paleo and then neck yourself.

I'm not missing a point, beer is fucking German heritage, shilling against it just makes me think you're one of those faggot ex-liberal commies that switched sides and is trying to filter your retarded beliefs for a nanny state and male emasculation through a different ideology.

Are you? Your study shows omega 3s are good. Then you say omega 3s shrink your brain.

Beer isn't the problem, it's everything else, but beer does not HELP since hops haven't been used historically as much as they are nowadays. That's the problem.

You just contradicted yourself, you homo. If you think people can't decide what to eat because it makes you uncomfortable, go back and live with your parents so they can tell you what to do. You'll never be a real man.

The beer you drink today is wildly different from the traditional beer you're talking about.
It's also massively more alcoholic.

This is one of the biggest problems with Holla Forums style natsoc, it's filled with a bunch of autists who get so worked up over minor details you defeat yourselfs. A. Beer is a fucking German as Hitler is. B. If you want to be the beer-regulation political movement, you will NEVER get off the ground in any substantive way. NO FUN ALLOWED is mocked for a reason and exploited as a D&C fracture point by our enemies because it's effective. And it's understandable why it's effective, and it will never stop being effective. Things like Catholicism are collapsing for a reason.

There's a difference between acknowledging that kike corporations selling your people shit food is negatively impacting your race and saying that it should be legislated away for freedums. You are a boomer kike and should kill yourself immediately.


irrelevant autism argument, and beer available in the 30's is still available now
who fucking cares? you sound like a woman honestly, crying about alcohol is not something a man should do, if you are concerned about the toxic masculinity of consuming alcohol, go cry to the trans faggots on Tumblr, they btw, put the alcohol content on the fucking packaging, but no you're too much of a woman to have that be enough for you, gotta have mommy and daddy decide how much you can have to drink

Yeah Hitler was drinking Bud Light. Holy shit the redditors we have on this board now are insufferably stupid. End your life faggot. You probably have tits.

you are so fucking deluded, thank god I wasn't born with your autism

Male birth control has been hyped for years and nothing has come of it. When I was in college in the mid-00s my (((Human Sexuality))) professor would rant about how there was going to be a male birth control revolution in the next 5 years. It never happened. When I looked into them, most male birth control where horrifying hormone injections and experimental spermicides that seemed to cause long term health damage and even sterilization. Luckily, most of these won't meet minimum FDA safety standards, and we could pressure Electric Fence Pence and the Abortion Posse to make sure these chemical castration pills never reach the market. If you want male birth control, wear a condom or stop being a degenerate.

As a side note, the professor was a very schizo about her beliefs. She would highlight sex differences and drop hints about race realism in one breath and advocate for "trans" children to be put on hormones in the next. It was strange, but the class prepared me for the poz that was to come.

All hormone related birth control should be banned outright. Only those with severe medical disorders with no alternative should be taking hormones. Taking birth control has strong psychological and physiological effects on women that creep on slowly enough for them not to notice. Women who take birth control prefer the softer beta types who remind them of their own family members, and instead of having spike of lust to procreate mid-cycle, they have a flat low-grade sex drive throughout the cycle. Also, putting artificial hormones in your body every day for decades is probably behind the increases breast and ovarian cancer rates.

The pill was hyped to "free women" to be proletariatized in the work force and destroy the family unit. Some kikes are against male birth control because they think it will cut into their profits if females (the less responsible sex) stop worrying about birth control. But, it is a fallacy to think that male birth control with negate the feminist revolution that came from the pill. Pushing birth control for everyone will only create a population of weak willed androgynous worker bees who are paying to have the third world destroy their civilization and genetic heritage.

Boomer kike detected. Not all arguments can be decided by flinging about the word autism you SSRI addled fossil. Just die already.

Yeah from what it seems the male hormonal/reproductive system is a lot more delicate and easy to wreck than its female counterpart.

Did you know that as of this year, the number of voting age millennials outnumbers the number of Boomers?

Stop whining about Boomers and go forth and take away their power.

Changed your IP I see. You should still kill yourself boomer kike. Boomers dying en masse is probably the best thing to happen to this country in a hundred years.

My favorite beer is Hofbräu München which has been around since the 1500's. You can easily get drunk on that shit, homo. It's not fucking water. I like that you can only name a beer women drink though. Shows you're an austist virigin with no life experience, and you also have no knowledge of Germany apparently either. No woman will fuck you because you're not really a man. I'm not fooled. Before 5 years ago, I'm sure you were identifying as a communist.

In a general context boomers are more likely to vote than any other age cohort.
For various reasons.

And they won't be using the same recipe, equipment and processes as they were in the 1500s.
If they were then it would take them a few weeks at most to brew each batch and then you'd have a week or two before it started to rot.

Stop being paranoid. I am telling you right now that you have to power to stop Boomers and you get all retarded on me.

Good job defeating yourself.

How fucking insane are you? According to your standard, all pure-bred Germans in the world are "boomer kikes."

Kill yourself boomer. It's obvious we are not talking about specialty brewed good beers like the one you mentioned, rather the epidemic of shit beers that is giving everyone tits while suppressing their hormones.

It's so apparent you're an old selfish boomer brought up on the likes of Spock literature. We will fix the problems your shitty generation wrought as soon as you fucks are in the grave. Don't worry we'll be pissing on your memory quicker than you can decay.

No, all that shit happens with the existing women's hormonal birth control. Women die from that shit, lots of them go infertile, etc.

Christianity has been around even longer. That doesn't make it European. Just because jewish subversion is old, doesn't make it good. Goths only drank alcohol during religious ceremonies.

AUTISM, just come out and admit you hate German culture, because you obviously do, German beer has never been water, and it definitely wasn't the case during the 20's or 30's, fuck off with your half-baked propaganda, non-German libtard shitskin.

I didn't say it doesn't happen. Just saying it happens a lot more with men.
We're more delicate on that front.

You're now arguing that beer isn't German, and Germany isn't Europe. Go blow yourself up for muhomo'd the pedo goatfucker, goat fucker, you aren't one of us.

Don't worry it will happen. But gen X is the next group to be at the levers of power, based on naturally matriculating power structures. It is not yet our time, but it won't be long.

I didn't say beer is kike, just that you're defending sodas and shitty mass produced beer drinking because of muh capitalism without regard to the social cost to your race, if even you are white. It's a clear indication that you are an old boomer fossil whose been thoroughly deracinated and brainwashed through decades of misinformation. Trust me boomer kike, we will be the better for your entire generation's passing. You are holding back progress through your intergenerational theft of my generation through the funding of your treasury pillaging social security and medicare.

Die soon.

Someone in this thread is shilling against beer because he's triggered by alcohol content, not hormones in water. People that don't think German beer has decent alcohol content, has never drank German beer, and thus should shut is fucking mouth about the subject and stop arguing that German heritage should be erased.

There are MANY german beers with no alcohol content. Olympic Germans drink non-alcoholic beer for the express purpose that it does not fuck with their bodies. Alcohol is a carcinogen, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have its place.

You sure as fuck did repeatedly, and even said it's been bad since the age of the Goths. Someone who wants German cultural heritage removed is a fucking kike if I ever saw one on this forum. Go fuck off and eat your maza balls, shlomo.

The youngest Boomers were born in 1964. Those people are now 54-55 years old. With the ever-growing life expectancy, we can assume those people will live (on average) to about 85.

That's another 30 years. How old will you be in 30 years? I'm not a Boomer. I'm Generation X, but why are you willing to sit on your ass and do nothing for 30 years waiting for the last Boomer to die? Gonna blame Gen X for everything after that and wait for us to die?

Millennial voters now outnumber Boomers. You have the power to get Boomers out of office and out of power. But you want to wait until they die? Idiot.

This is like arguing that decaf means all coffee is decaf. Fuck off, homo, if you're triggered by German culture this bad, just rope yourself already. Whatever you're arguing for, it's sure as fuck has nothing to do with natsoc and originates from some jewish ideology.

Nigga don't you understand shit about the position of beer in mediaeval european society?
It was a water replacement because any water source near a settled area was horribly polluted and water purification wasn't available on the scale needed.
So medieval beers with their low alcohol content filled this void and helped shore up the nutritional intake of the average medieval worker.

See this is your hook nose showing.
"Decent" as defined these days is whatever lets Chad and Stacy get utterly shitfaced as quickly as possible so Chad will pass out in the bar and Stacy will go off and let Tyrone fuck her in the alley.

Boomer kikes won't be completely dead for a while, this is true, but as soon as you start not becoming the dominating force in American politics, shit will sort itself out quick.

You really are a stupid boomer kike. Put down the pill bottle and maybe you could process a few thoughts properly.

I am arguing neither of those things you brainless sack of shit. Germany is a country. Countries don't mean shit. People matter. The Germanic people did not drink alcohol until semitic culture was foisted on them by the Romans. You are embracing jewish culture and pretending it is our own. It is not. Varg disproves.

Redditard can't into IDs. Figures.

This is your autism. You read this shit on wikipedia and then filtered it through your liberal bullshit. Real natsoc respects German cultural heritage, and that didn't end in medieval times. You're just some retarded viking LARPer.

Have you ever drank real German beer like Hofbräu München? I doubt so, because soon as I brought that up, you changed subjects. You're obviously a woman who has never experienced German culture in your entire life. Again, you have no respect for Germany and are just a commie trying to filter your autism through an incompatible ideology. Fuck off. Next you'll be telling me we shouldn't eat sausage. You believe that correct? I know you fucking do, because you're a faggot libtard. I'm also getting tired of your and your faggots NO FUN ALLOWED propaganda which may as well be designed to scare people off and has absolutely nothing to do with the goals and aims of natsoc.

This is how brain addled you are, boomer kike. Kill yourself. No one cares about your opinions after arguing so dishonestly. Using "libtard" just proves you're an ancient faggot who is still stuck in dichomatic thinking imprinted on their brains by decades of brainwashing. End your life.

Varg isn't real natsoc, and he lives off of government welfare like a woman. Of course you relate to that degenerate. Honestly, you should be executed for calling German heritage jewish like you just did. Clearly points out how much of a traitor you are, and I got it 100 percent correct when I said you were a viking LARPer, not real natsoc. Your disdain for the German people is completely apparent.

Sure you're not a slav?
Because Vodka might be more your speed.

Your just argued that all German culture was inherently jewish and it must be erased becuase Viking LARPing, much of which is invented, is the only pure way to live. You''re not real natsoc. You have no respect for Germany or its people.

Holy shit you kikes are so fucking stupid. You go to one german themed bar, order a specialty beer you can't even pronounce and think you are the bulwark of german culture.

male contraceptives already exist, but the feminists don't want their power over reproduction shared in any way with men
so they killed these studies

now that a formula has been developped that is able to effectively castrate white men, they suddenly allow it
exterminate feminists in power, quickly, your survival depends on it

fuck yeah, beer is part of German culture, you can't change that homo


No shit. Neither is anyone else alive. For someone crying about LARPing you sure do a lot of it.

Lies don't make good arguments Schlomo.
And you still haven't figured out IDs. You are talking to two people you fucking the_cuckold reject.
Maybe someday you'll find the time to actually read what the real nazis you wish to be thought about degenerates like you.

I bet you think world war 2 turned out great

now this sort of tweet deserves a swatting
with in-depth inquiry about where else the tranny poisonned people

You kikes sure try really hard to see how much you can get away with in this board. First you suggest that German culture should be eliminated, and now you're suggesting natsoc should be eliminated in favor of your viking LARPing.

Nobody suggested either of those things Schlomo. I stated the simple fact that beer is middle eastern, not European. And I stated the simple fact that you aren't a "real natsoc" either, all of the real nazis are dead. You are a retarded faggot who hasn't read a single thing any of the real nazis wrote. LEARN WHAT IDS ARE YOU DUMB REDDIT PIECE OF SHIT.

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Which is exactly what I said. BPA. Aka "other chemicals in Food/Drink". Stop getting hung up in the minutia, autismo.

So wouldn't this constitute a legal confession of repeated counts of poisoning?

Beer itself isn't bad, its hoppy beers and why IPAs are associated with soyboy hipsters. I personally can only stand wheat ales
Those are ok

iPA’s are delicious, unfortunately they have high estrogen ice effects from all the hops added during the process. Although, hops have anti-inflammatory properties.
Red wine is good, sucks that it gave me rosacea. OH well.

I have to defend IPA’s. Strong alcohol content, and mostly manly men drink them tbh. Soyboys actually drink wheat beers like blue moon with an orange twist.

This is why I only drink mead and kombocha :^)

Yeah no thanks, arch support makes me put pressure on my heel and if I walk the way I walk without it, it distorts my posture. It Makes my lower back hurt.

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Barefoot shoes are where its at

No they don't. Beer is fermented, and there's nothing to suggest so-called "phytoestrogens" actually do anything even before fermentation. The feminization problem is from actual proven xenoestrogens from plastics.

Have you found any that aren't $200 and fall apart in 2 weeks?

HOps is general are highly estrogenic. And IPA’s have the most hops out of all beers. Maybe you should know something before you say something.

I just get work insoles, doesn't matter the company, usually they have a absorbing cup on the ball of foot and heel

No it is not. Like I just said. Show any evidence to support that. Just because someone calls a chemical "phytoestrogen" doesn't mean it has any estrogenic effect on humans. And again, BEER IS FERMENTED YOU FUCKING MONG.

Oh. I’m so sorry. “ like you said”. Fuck off faggot. I’ve worked in the craft beer industry for 7 years and know way more about beer and estrogen than you. Just google beer and hops and stop being a lazy argumentative fag boy.

The fact that beer contains hops is not evidence that hops is estrogenic, or that beer is estrogenic. And you switched proxies too soon Schlomo.

First google search to spoon feed my baby fag boy that think he knows everything but is actually a fucking moron

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Surely this is some kind of felony.

How the fuck can the kikes be this goddamned evil!

Prices have gone down in recent years as has durability.
But yeah you're still lookin at a 100 US dollar pricepoint at a minimum. Though they'll at least last a decent amount of regular use now.

Why yes, yes it is. Will the asshole get charged or punished? Probably not.

Don't listen to these other faggots. Your best bet is to distill your water then re-mineralize it.

Is that really necessary? Seems like as long as you have a non-retarded diet, you'll be getting all the minerals you need anyway. Holla Forums needs a proper dietary thread about how to avoid estrogens and BPA and such, and build a strong, healthy body. I've been thinking this for a while now. One thing I've been wondering about is milk; I've seen a lot of back and forth on whether it's good for you or harmful, but the thing that concerns me the most is that it comes in plastic containers.

Find a farmer's market that has it's own milk. I know a guy that participates in some kind of goat co-op. Gets fresh goat milk delivered in old fashioned glass bottles.

The only other options are to stop drinking milk. Or try to find some that are in BPA free containers. Modern milk isn't all that great for you anyway.

The basics are just avoid sugar, refined carbs, BPA, alcohol in excess, no smoking, and exercise properly with emphasis on both cardio and strength training. Getting nutrition from "real food" sources are superior to pill form (many of which come from shitty GMO sources in China). Proper macro split (you can find your individual goals easily online) and CICO. If you want a detailed thread you're asking for a D&C bullshit gold mine by all kinds of internet shitheads who think their little pet diet (fagism, etc, etc) is "superior". IMO, paleo is the way to go. The spirit of paleo, not the actual literal eating grains of prehistoric wheat with your teeth shit.

There is no first jewgle result you fucking retard, they show you what they want you to see. Since they think you are a retarded crackpot, that's what they show you. That doesn't show up in a jewgle search for me at all.

Second, you are regurgitating fucking vice "news". Evidence does not mean some queer hipster working for jews says so. It means actual proof. A study of beer causing estrogenic effects in humans. There isn't even such a study in lab rats.

You'll need it because distilled water will pull minerals from your body if you don't. That and there are some minerals you get mostly from water.

Be nice if we could convince drinks producers and such to all use a standardised glass container.
That way instead of having to melt down and recast recyclable glass they could just wash them out and then redistribute them at a much lower cost.

Attached: 1362867128806.png (317x336, 9.88K)

I have never seen any credible evidence of this and I view it as an old wives tale. Before you get pissed and start calling me [insert whatever], I'm just asking you if you have any links or sources.

Personally, my hunch is that you'd have to drink so much distilled water that you'd likely die from Hyponatremia before you'd suffer any ill effects from de-mineralization. But I'm open to evidence that suggests the contrary

Meant for

I tend to think the distilled water thing carries water kek because there is always something that water will bind to. It's the same principle that causes soda to form osteoporosis, except the sample size is smaller since only autists drink distilled. There is really no reason you shouldnt remineralize your water after distillation, you can do good things for your body's ph by remineralizing with calcium, as well as getting some trace amounts of calcium for your bones to get stronger.

Even if the problem isn't so pronounced, why not take the opportunity to remineralize your water? Your worst case is that you're doing something good, best case you're avoiding a trainwreck of a life with osteoporosis.

If you have a healthy diet you'll get the minerals you need anyway.
There is such a variation in water quality.
Millions around the world drink just rainwater and have no problems. RAinwater is basically natures' distilled water…

Come on, user…

If you're looking for proof I don't have any. To me it just makes sense. You might not immediately die or anything but I could see over the course of months to a year ending up with a net negative of the minerals that you used to get from non distilled water. What this means for your body? Looking at the National Library of Medicines website
it looks like you get 8-16% of your calcium and 6-31% of your magnesium daily from water consumption. Unless you have another way of getting the minerals you need (multivitamin, whatever) then you might want to consider mineralizing your distilled water. As for pulling minerals from your body… well that's what water does. Anything you aren't immediately using will be soaked up by the water and filtered through the kidneys/liver.

Most people around the world also have a chronic case of the runs. I wouldn't base my decisions based on how streetshitters in rural India live. But yes, rainwater is likely fine, but what is the argument AGAINST remineralization? Like I said, introducing more alkaline water into your diet is good to combat inflammatory things in your diet.

I do not distill my water. I have a Big Berkey I use to purify, plus my local water supply isn't fluoridated. IMO, it makes more sense to me that distilled water re-mineralizes while it's in your stomach along with the other substances you are digesting. I agree that de-mineralization is worthy of being concerned, but I am not convinced it is as big of an issue as some think it is.

All is good. I still wish you good health.

Do you like the Berkey? Thought about getting one soon.

That's complete nonsense.
So is that.
No you can't. Your body very closely controls its PH. Adding extra calcium upsets it, it doesn't help it.
That's not how it works, at all. Your muscles are mostly water, so if you drink more water you will get stronger muscles right? You need to stress your bones to make your body need to increase their strength. Only then will calcium be used for that, and only if you have enough vitamin D and K. You already have way more calcium intake then you need unless you never eat any dairy or green vegetables.
Because it is 100% pointless idiocy. Why not take the opportunity to stick cheese up your ass? Because we don't all spend every waking minute doing millions of random pointless stupid things.

Where I am currently at I'm not too concerned about water quality. Where I WAS, however, is why I bought it. I am happy with it, and think it was worth the money I paid.

So tell me, because I legitimately might have be mistaken, but doesn't water form hydrogen bonds with the waterborne nutrients that are usually in an ionic form that is very attractive to the polarity of water molecules?

Your body controls the pH, but that doesn't mean your body always brings you back to perfect 7.0 pH every time. I don't know what you mean by 'upsets it' other than possibly that you mean the process of downregulation, but there is certainly zero evidence that remineralization causes downregulation of pH regulation.

I think your argument really breaks down when you get to bone density. Yes bone density increases with weight lifting, but that doesn't mean you can't get porous bones from drinking sodas all day. I looked it up and apparently it's the phosphoric acid in soda that causes calcium leech from bones so point taken.

Here is an interesting article describing a large study of the benefits of mineralized water, take with whatever grain of salt you deem fit: ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1495189/

Did you get any of the accessories?

Just the metal spigot, a few extra filters and the maintenance parts. I had the fluoride and arsenic filters, but I never replaced those because the water here is okay. If I was near a big city, I would.

FYI, you can check and see if your municipal water supply is fluoridated here: nccd.cdc.gov/DOH_MWF/default/default.aspx

You are drinking the water, not soaking your bones in it.
Yes it does, unless you lack the elements required to do so or have a disease preventing it (except that it isn't 7.0, why would you think your blood is supposed to be exactly neutral?).
No it doesn't mean that. Those two statements are both true, but entirely unrelated. No amount of drinking incredibly dilute phosphoric acid will do anything to your bones. Your bones are not sitting in your stomach. And even if they were, your stomach is full of far more concentrated hydrochloric acid..
No there isn't. That is a study of the mineral contents of various waters. There is no study of the "benefits" involved.

I gave you a fair shake, but the fact that you think posting something as facetious as 'you dont soak your bones in water' as if your entire body is not awash in water that you consume is evidence that you're not a serious individual. The water enters and exits your cells and your bones through the genesis of cells inside your bones and then gets put back into your bloodstream for filtration and then urination. You have a very large gap in your understanding of the life cycle of water in your body, which leads me to believe that your opinions on other things are similarly understood through a patchwork of broscience.

Who /fraud/ here?

Attached: HPG_axis_pk3.png (422x592, 100.06K)

That's the shittiest attempt at weaseling out of your idiocy I've ever seen. Your statement would apply to soaking minerals in water. It does not apply to water you consume. That's the point moron.

I would argue it's worse than just setting a bone in some water. The water you drink ends up in your marrow, your bloodstream etc. The water you drink ultimately IS you, at least the large majority of you.

Why doesn't it apply to water you consume? What is different in the molecular structure of consumed water rather than water that has been soaked? Water will eventually form and travel into and outside of many of your cellular structures, so why do you think that water you imbibe doesn't leave your digestive system?

It's okay to say that you were wrong my dude, I won't gloat. I enjoy learning about this stuff.

Explain pls.

He's a steroid user.

Steroids literally do the same thing. Exogenous test means your body will not signal endogenous production of test and sex cells. Substition sterilize men as it does in women. PCT at worst will resolve the complications.

If you would argue that then you don't know what you are talking about. Water in your body is constantly being used in chemical reactions. It isn't a bucket of water.
Because it isn't just water, it already has a ton of other things in it. When you drink water with minerals in it, your body removes them anyways to use them. You never have pure water anywhere in your body. There is nothing to be leaching.

Distilled water is pure h2o. The point of not drinking distilled is that the water you drink that is pure since it's distilled will bind to minerals already in your body instead of binding to the minerals before putting the water into your body. That's the issue. Your admission that 'you never have pure water anywhere in your body' is indication that you understand that water is an aggressive solute, but not connecting the idea that pure water entering your body will not leave pure, which is the point.

Distilled water is prescribed regularly as a method of removing toxins in the body, why, do you think, that might be?

Somebody sounds buttfrustrated. Here's a meme, calm down.

Attached: 79b0c6f1f2bdc57235ab54f4eec9c2f31d1f18378c7c02e03a107198079d3d76.jpg (604x960, 56.93K)

I know your point. I am explaining to you why it is nonsensical. If there are minerals in the water, your body just removes them anyways. The water does not bind to anything in your body, your body intentionally puts other things in it, like BLOOD CELLS. My telling you that you never have pure water has nothing to do with it being a solute. Water leaving your body will not be pure no matter what, it leaves your body specifically to remove things your body does not want. You are literally saying "you need to add unwanted minerals for your body to remove".

Because you are stupid enough to think that quack hippies are doctors. Doctors do not prescribe distilled water for "detoxification".

So sad.

I was under the impression RO failed to remove residual plastic particles from water though?

Water does not bond to blood cells, what the fuck are you on about? There's a reason cells have phospholipid bilayers.

It is an important part of Germany and Hitler's Germany, and the rise of Hitler even. Fuck off, double speaking, kike.
Spoken like a true kike trying to subvert the idea.

It also does not remove the hormones from birth control pills.

I need sauce on this. I got an activated carbon filter to choose fluoride over xenoestrogens. Surely reverse osmosis is a better filtration system than activated charcoal.

Nobody said it does. Learn to read. Water doesn't bond to anything, if it did it would no longer be water. Dissolved ions are not bonding, the hydrogen and oxygen that make water are bonded to each other. If they bonded to anything else, they would no longer be water.
You seriously expect us to believe you are living in 1930s Germany and talking to us through a time machine? I think you're a kike is a much more plausible explanation.

Are you seriously this fucking retarded? The ___hall Putsch.


Attached: onion propaganda 3.jpg (1852x1144 519.41 KB, 1.53M)

A meeting place does not make an incidental aspect of that place important. That's like saying yellow paint was "an important part of the rise of Hitler" because the walls were painted yellow. Beer played no part in it at all.

Bond was the wrong word. I guess I meant that there's a certain limit for solute in the solution of your bloodstream, and that if the water you consume does not have it already then the water will use the minerals already in your body and then force you to piss it out.

Someone hasn't read Mein Kampf.

Wrong, it removes cholesterol from your cell walls and brings it to the liver for excretion.

No, it won't. That's what I am saying. The water you consume is not coming into contact with anything that will dissolve in it other than your stomach acid. The minerals you piss out are pissed out on purpose, because your body needs to get rid of them. Not because they just happened to dissolve into your blood stream.

Yes, that's the point. So stop being a larping faggot and go read it.

Get your shit together Holla Forums goddamn you depressing retards.

Kek, this.

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Attached: legolassniffinghand.jpg (206x275, 48K)

No sauce unfortunately, I don't think there have been many studies on this stuff hence water filter man.

RO is better than activated charcoal for sure. From what I heard RO and Distillation are the best. I went with Distilled because it's cheap but the idea is that some compounds xenoestrogens will probably be able to get through RO or Distillation. I'm no so certain theres anything out there that will remove EVERYTHING.

My end goal is to use carbon filters for showering/washing clothes, RO for dishwater and RO + distillation for drinking water.

Trying to find stuff out there about xenoestrogens is hard enough, Rucker Carlson mentioned this on one of his recent shows. Really our best best is to be as safe as possible until the research catches up (which may be never as it seems that research into this stuff is being actively halted).

Distillation removes everything. The only thing that boils at 100 degrees is water.

I've heard that there can be some stuff that can either stick to the evaporate or boils at a lower temp so it will actually start to rise up as evaporate before the water will. Not sure how accurate that is, I'm no chemist. Until someone does a study that verifies that EVERYTHING is removed by distilling I remain skeptical.

You "remain skeptical" of grade school chemistry? You don't need a chemist, a 12 year old will suffice.

I've been leaning toward distillation + mineral drops for drinking water. I just got this activated charcoal for the time being for convenience. I fell for the fluoride meme years ago so I've been drinking spring water from plastic bottles. Learned more about xenoestrogens and decided I can decalcify my pineal gland later. I don't want my dick to fall off.

The fact that I, too, am planning on having a whole-home water filtration system is so infuriating. How fucked is it that our drinking water is poisoned?

the state of education smdh

Doing some searching, the distilling process is not guaranteed to remove all contaminants. Haven't been able to find a reputable source but the common theme across the sites I've been looking through state that chemical/volatiles with a boiling point at or lower than that of water may not be removed.

Here's an example

It would help if you were, you know, less of an asshat.

None of those things are in your water you retard. And if you distill properly, it would remove them anyways. You heat the water to just under 100 degrees and keep it there for a few minutes to let all those things evaporate, then bring it up to 100 and capture the condensate. Seriously, grade school.

If you're that paranoid, use an RO.

It's pretty disgusting honestly. Something I noticed that is fairly surprising is how many people are aware of this. It really isn't even a conspiracy theory anymore. My boss brought up how he got a full filtration system for his house a couple weeks ago and two other people nearby jumped into the conversation to basically dick measure their different purification systems. Apparently dude pumped out like 10k to get his whole house set up with RO but then was complaining that since he has an on demand water heater he needs to look into another layer of purification after the water heater. Rich people man.

Big Berkey starter kit is 300. You don't have to have whole house filtration.

To all you faggots talking about beer in this thread:
not about beer.

The hooknoses want us weak and easily led, not realizing that a society with strong, patriarchal men will come and destroy all that they might wish to rule.

Sadly, this is the point.

I don't buy this.

Attached: 1491034478117.jpg (3434x2959 691.44 KB, 2.01M)

Any credible sources?

Check his sources, they're scholarly.

They also don't say what he pretends they do. He's literally making shit up.

These trials won't produce anything marketable. Fucking with testosterone produces far too many deleterious side effects long-term. Usage of synthetic steroids to 'balance out' low T levels may well lead to the induction of tumorigenesis in the prostate, as it is very well vulnerable to shifts in endocrine availability.

I thought they just banned DHT in western countries since people can literally sit on their ass and get muscle on it.

No they can't. You have to lift weights. Steroids just increases the rate at which new muscle fiber is built in response to it being damaged by excercise.

That a little bit of sticky jelly in your swimmers' tube could be dislodged?

lel I wish. No, it only increases your gainz by maybe 30% at most. If you don't 'use' it, it'll turn into estrogen and backfire. They're honestly not as insane as people think. I run testosterone and trembalone, and you'd never tell. I don't look jacked, just lean and reasonably fit.
doublepost sage

This is bullshit peddled by ZOG. Your body only requires H2O molecules for making energy with the Krebs cycle. Distilled water (pure H2O) is all you need. If you're that worried about re-mineralizing water with inorganic minerals, sprinkle some bentonite clay in your drink.

ZOG says you have to have filtered water since they can get away with having a higher non-H2O ppm (for dumping various inorganic materials into your drinking water), and to waste energy on purification. ZOG just loves make-work jobs that waste time and energy, especially if it's to poison the goyim.

Buy a water distiller, pure H2O that only comes into contact with metal and glass. You won't have to worry about harmful trace particles or microplastic getting into your drink.

Conventional water has only inorganic minerals. They're basically useless as far as metabolizing them goes. Spring water is just distilled water (all rain water is distilled) that flowed through rocks and picked up small amounts of mineral particles from those rocks. Lick a rock and drink some distilled to wash it down if you want. Licking the rock will make no difference in your overall health though.

Attached: 1491944854373.png (1332x1336, 73.96K)


It's not that the water is pulling calcium from your bones, but that it is pulling serum calcium from your blood and digestive system, which means your bones do not have enough calcium to repair themselves and will become brittle. It's not a matter of needing to get minerals FROM the water, but that pure water will form an ionic bond with free minerals in your system and flush them out of your body.

Mineralize your water, people.

Condoms are not 85% effective- only for monkey nogs who can't follow simple directions. I have never had a problem with a condom once. They are made to something like 5-sigma effectiveness if you use them right.

important post following

That doesn't mean you should be using Condoms, because you should aim to find one girl and marry her and them you don't need them. Stop bringing home randoms from the bar and start asking wife-material girls on dates. Hooking up with randoms is at best unfulfillling/time-consuming and at worse can give you serious legal/medical problems.

$1000, more or less, depending on the brand, for a tankless (you also need adequate wiring, definitely costs more). You can get by on much cheaper units, if you don't attempt 2 showers at once, for example. The best house design is to have a tankless at each point of use. In this design, the house only has cold water piping, at each point of use there is a split, and a hot side is created by passing through a tankless sized for the task. Tankless have to be selected based upon the lowest temperature it gets to in your area. You want to still have usable warmth to water when it's record cold outside. In the tropics you can get away with really cheap units, and still have multiple users at the same time.

Same with the pill. You know, the women's ones. The kind that used to be the only kind.

Look at the Japs, they face the same population issues as us. I think the difference is China has breeding programs or something.

Nah, China's just so large that their demographic decline is being "patched" by the waves of people still fleeing to the cities.

I can assure you this is false.

I hope you realize they lace the condoms with spermicides

If we could get this pill into China and Israel :^)

I'd say this is based on accounts of beer drinking amongst the germanic tribes in Tacitus's Germania. What the hops-pushers here are failing to mention is that ancient beers didn't contain hops.

So why use it? Are your genes that shit-tier that you need to spike yourself with filth to get minimum level of physique? Let it be then, so that women can see what they're potentially breeding with.
Androgens for men = make up for women.

Nah brah, hormones don't give you muscle by sitting on your arse, that's a myth, I earned my gainz.
Sure thing brah, keep telling yourself that, I guess animals with genetic mutations which boost their hormone levels are actually hitting the gym on the side.

Attached: wendy1.png (600x400 59.45 KB, 62.22K)

No it will not you fucking moron. Ionic bonding creates a new molecule. All water does is dissolve stuff. Your blog post by a 12 year old feminist is complete nonsense.

That isn't from T you moron.

also some things do remain in water even after the distillation

how bout this?
BT by the way is the pesticide they use almost as much as roundup and is often added genetically to GMO crops.
in fact not to long ago they found there were hazardous levels in a stream where it had run off from a corn field
and remembers, it boils at the same temperature as water

also I would like to mention how the pepsi and coke generation has osteoporosis in unsettling numbers and how said products chat can melt an egg shell on a boiled egg in about a week or 2

I'm super tired but at least I got dubs

This is true, and look at all the silly faggots that make that hoppy armipit trash.

I just calculated this Holla Forums:

Usa has given israel about 100 billion dollars in aid to Israel (so far). If USA has 16 trillion in GDP this means that it has given :

100*10^9/(16*10^12) = 0.625% of its gdp to Israel.

Does that mean that all americans paid 0.625% in tax to Israel for an entire year? Why do americans do this? How high should countries Israel-tax be?

Attached: Presentation1[1].jpg (1280x720, 19.7K)

No they don't. Try learning to read. Your quote says that bacteria can survive *IN* distilled water it is placed in. Not that it can magically defy the laws of physics and travel with the water through the distillation process.
Holy jesus fucking christ how can you be that stupid and still be able to feed yourself? That is a bacteria you fucking moron. The boiling point of the "pesticide" in question is 100 degrees because the "pesticide" is WATER with a bacteria in it. If you boil it, the bacteria do not evaporate.
There is no such thing as hazardous levels, it is not a chemical it is a bacteria.
No they don't.
So can orange juice. Or stomach acid. Better make sure you don't get any of that into your stomach right?


I have fucking contributed alot look at the stickies for past month you stupid piece of fucking insufferable homo kuru infested faggot

BT is a natural soil-borne microbe present on every continent that forms forms symbiotic colonies on roots and the undersides of leaves. When a bug eats too many spores while eating roots or leaves, the bug dies. Perfectly safe to humans and is totally organic.

Also, comparing BT insecticide to glyphosate herbicide is beyond retarded.

Good heavens, who could have ever guessed.

Attached: 1450744773844.jpg (500x356, 48.83K)

keek @ how much people want to overspend on water purification.

Buy the best filters from Alex Jones.

She looks foreverially delitized.

No, it's that you need a much more severe intervention to reliably stop every one of MILLIONS of sperm cells than you need to stop a single egg. Severe interventions lead to severe wrecking.

Why wait for their passing then? Seize power now and abolish antiSocial inSecurity immediately. Let the faggots suffer the consequences of what they wrought on us. Cherish their tears.

That doesn't mean it was low-alcohol, retard. In fact, it is the alcohol content that kept it fresh and drinkable for a significant storage period.
Tell that to the medieval Bavarian monks who took the Lent seriously enough not to eat anything for 40 fucking days. They subsisted on extra strong and rich beers as their primary source of nutrition. And you can bet not only monks were drinking those.

Remember, for every freak stupid enough to boast about his crimes, there's a dozen more with enough self-preservation instinct to keep their mouths shut. Never, ever trust a leftard or a company that employs them.

Yes it does. It takes water to digest alcohol. If it is too high of an alcohol content, it can not be a water substitute because it will dehydrate you instead of rehydrating you. 1% alcohol content is plenty to maintain healthy drinking water once it has already been boiled, which is part of making beer.
Extra strong and rich in that context does not mean alcohol content. Alcohol is does not provide nutrients, the grain does. They were drinking liquid bread.

inst funny female birth control pills turn bitches into heartless vultures and male ones are going turn men into sissy femboys?

Commie countries used to do this. Also beer bottles. It was a shit idea.

It meant both.
It provides calories though.
Where do you think the alcohol comes from. The more grain you use per volume, the more alcohol you will get after fermentation.
This is literally another name for a strong, nutritious beer.
Seriously, nigger. Read about the history of the doppelbock beer style. It was literally invented by Paulaner monks for the sole purpose of feeding themselves while fasting. ~10% ABV

Fewer calories than the same sugars and starches provide before being metabolized into alcohol by the yeast. Higher alcohol content is just plain worse for the example you are using, in every way.
No, you can stop the fermentation any time you want, at any alcohol level you want. And if you do not, then the yeast will die on their own from too much alcohol long before you use up all the dissolved sugars and starches.
Yes. Which has nothing at all to do with its alcohol content you retard.
It is 10% now. It was 1.5% then. Nice example moron.

>hormonal contraceptives stop using the kike term "birth control" you double nigger fuck up your sex hormone balance
I see a connection.

To be entirely honest I still don't understand that shit.

No it wasn't you niggerfaggot. Stop pulling things out of your ass.

Normies will be slipping these into food/drinks. Better get this banned.

Attached: 95db32bdb35f8d00ebf81fb8935230cf844a1c44c95dbc7bbb20e00e93bad5a9.jpg (169x255, 10.44K)

That's because you're not enough of an ancientfag to remember this fossilized meme.

He remembers the meme, he just can't comprehend how someone could be that fucking weird.

Yeah cottage cheese tongue melting rats are where my brain simply stops working.

Your gastric acid could do that much quicker. And you don't even need to ingest it, since it's already there.

That's exactly the definition of not being an ancientfag. Weirdness was Holla Forums's bread and butter back in those days.

learn how to do lab grade water purification

I never claimed to be any sort of newfag, I'm actually relatively new, as the timescale of western imageboards go.

*Oldfag. God I'm dumb today.

Ask me how I know you're a fatass

Nobody was talking about how unhealthy pop is. Retards were posting brain dead urban legends about pop because they have the IQ of nogs with downs and failed fifth grade science class.

Now bitter single mom's just need to obtain an orbital and him buy the prescription. Con it out of him and start giving it to prepubescent son. Instant sissy, and no need to inform the doctor!

Just got my 1 gal distiller st up two days ago. I can already feel me T levels being replenished.


The dairy industry before WWII was completely different then the dairy your have today. Currently the cows, goat and sheep milk, many of this milk is labeled as cow milk but might actually be from another animal mixed in with cow milk, this is often done to reduce the mammalian estrogen contents by diluting the milk to a 'tolerable' level. Today, the feed that these animals eat is filled with growth hormones to increase milk production. Corrupt batches are used in the production of cheese as some of the estrogen are destroyed in the fermentation process.

These animals are also injected with carcinogen chemicals including forms of steroids and synthetic estrogen to increase mass for slaughter, fluid retention and milk production. These chemicals end up in the meat you eat but also the milk itself; it can not be filtered out.

The cows of today are genetically modified. How can I prove this, because before WWII when a cow was pregnant she would stop producing milk entirely until the final week of the calf delivery. Today, during it’s pregnancy the cow continues to produce milk. This actually shortens the life span of the cow by about 2 to 3 years.

Due to this pregnancy, the milk given has even higher scores of mammalian estrogen that can not be removed but is mixed with the entire batch anyway. Milk no matter from which cattle is choke full of Estradiol, Estriol, Estrone, Pregnanediol and Progesterone, these are fully compatible with the human body.

Soy has estrogen mimickers often called phyto-estrogens, these have a effect on the body, but too a much lesser degree, unlike mammalian estrogens have.

Drink your milk ice coffee goy!

Shoot all leftist.

Attached: left are aids.webm (480x360, 6.02M)

Nothing in your post of nonsense is correct. Stop posting until you get to junior high at least.

All hops contain phytoestrogens. American beer is not inherently different from European beer in this regard. I'm not convinced that the phytoestrogens in hops matter at the doses you get in beer, but if you're worried about it you should look at the style of beer, not so much the country of origin. IPAs (especially the modern "hazy" kind) will have tons of hops. Trappist beers tend to have less, though this isn't universal (Orval is heavily hopped, for instance). Sour beers almost always have less, because hops kill the souring bacteria. It's possible to get around that by dry hopping, souring the beer prior to the boil and primary fermentation, or blending sour beer with hoppy beer, but if a brewery's doing that you can usually tell from the label and their description. Wheat beers can be hoppy, but traditional versions aren't.

HGH (human growth hormone) would give you your cartoon gainz, and also massive cellular mutation & subsequent cancers. HGH is prepared in distilled water immediately prior to injection, and must remain refrigerated. It isn't used by most 'juicers' because it is a total prick to prepare, will turn to shit if improperly handled and is expensive as fuck.
You're getting into a totally different class of shit. Most oil based anabolics (which is what 99% of juicers use) will break down into estrogen, be ignored by the body and are generally pretty fucking underwhelming.
tl;dr turn off cartoon network

Attached: 149873803737893195.jpg (420x410 39.13 KB, 18.53K)


The highest concentration of phytoestrogens found in any beer ever tested was an IPA and it was 20 micrograms per liter. That's lower than pretty much any fruit or vegetable. Strawberries have 25 times that much for example, and strawberries are not high in phytoestrogens like beans or garlic.

And again, there's no evidence that phytoestrogens do anything to people. This is 100% jewish controlled opposition getting you to fixate on a naturally occuring thing we've eaten for millions of years, while ignoring the synthetic hormones in virtually all plastic which are the actual problem.

Let it go through. Only soyboy cucks would take it anyway!

Attached: 84e7a92834a3244e575f85200afdb2aa149130665ea0a124106d2b08da042cca.jpg (594x474, 61.47K)

Yeah nah. I have excellent genes achmed. My goal was to have the higher average testosterone of a man in the 1950's before the war on men began in earnest, if you'd just started paying attention, and lo and behold, I have the build of one. The tren is an attempt to bulk, and it works, but i return to previous weight when I drop off it fairly quickly so it's mastabatory.
lel fuck them mang.

hoss del gato

Attached: soy reaction autoban.webm (600x336, 2.84M)

I hate these people more than most. They are making their living destroying society.

Are you so fucking stupid that you don't already filter your water? I mean fuck, my tap water literaly steams. I have to filter that shit just to make it drinkable.

It's mostly because true distilled water tastes like utter shit. Even in distilled water from the store they have to add minerals (ie salt) to keep it from tasting like rubber bands.

Anything beyond a Brita is a meme. You don't need to fucking distill your water.

How many patients out of 100 had this problem each year?

The minerals in water are almost as important as the water molecule per se. Drinking exclusively distilled water will remove you from the gene pool pretty fast.

So keep drinking it, you dumb faggot.

They don't sell distilled water for drinking you idiot, they sell it for putting in batteries, radiators, etc. Bottled water for drinking is just normal tap water.

You're not from around here, are you?

Healthy, adult women naturally have points in their cycle where they aren't fertile. Healthy, adult men have no natural point where they aren't producing sperm. It's much easier to get the body to do something it is already used to doing than to get the body to do something new.

Most hormonal birth control indeed all as far as I know works by tricking the womans body into thinking its pregnant.
Hence why women on the pill develop certain pregnancy issues such as retaining water.

Did the same guy who made OFF draw that?

Straight bourbon is best.

That's how they usually present it, but it isn't really accurate. It simply keeps progesterone and estrogen high so that a new cycle doesn't start. Pregnancy does that too, but pregnancy also does a lot of other things. The pill is really just keeping the "last 2 weeks of a cycle" phase going forever, so the next cycle never starts. It is really terrible and the fact that fucking with women's hormones was successfully sold to them as "liberating" is pretty terrifying.

Feminists screeching about muh sogging knee in 3… 2… 1…

Yep. Could have been done decades ago but wasn't.

You should buy my bottled water, my fellow human. Try these male vitality pills too, they will raise your testosterone levels without making you go psycho, I promise.

Sorta the same thing.
As the body won't start a new cycle if pregnant.
And we do get those pregnancyesque side effects.

Like I said, not really. Pregnancy adds a whole bunch more stuff. A woman on the pill has the hormone levels of a woman in the last half of her cycle, not the hormone levels of a woman who is pregnant. And you don't get pregnancy side effects, you get "fucking with hormones" side effects, like death.

They've been testing these types of drugs on us for years. Don't take a male birth control pill. Its a literal sterilization pill. The pills I was forced to take by a shrink when I was younger didn't stop me from having one child but it sure as hell is hard to get my wife pregnant again. They were not meant to help my anger. They were meant to reduce the odds of a high T white male from procreating later in life.

Attached: what_is_wrong_with_youth_today.jpeg (476x335, 44.14K)

Daily reminder to save your stem cells and sperm before they try to outlaw such practices.

Who in the hell said I drink distilled water fucking dumbasses? Why would I drink something that tastes like your mother's crusty snatch? It's well documented that distilled water is horrid to drink by those who distill it themselves, not from buying it. Even the manufacturers for water distillation units you buy off amazon for $200 started installing activated carbon filtration units on them took keep the athletes foot stank out, and even advise putting your own salt in it to aid this purpose. People drink literally home distilled water all the fucking time you plebs.

What meds did they give you?

I didn't say you did you fucking worthless retard. You said "Even in distilled water from the store they have to add minerals (ie salt) to keep it from tasting like rubber bands.". I told you they do not. Nobody sells distilled water for drinking, and if they added minerals then it would not be distilled water any more. You are honestly the stupidest person in the history of mankind.

Most of the estrogen in the water supply isn't from the pill, it's from farm runoff.

To my memory, the trials in India were fairly successful, and the narrative is entirely too convenient.
I have no problem believing in the physiological reality of the gel moving. I have every reason to distrust the narrative that the medical profession would find a "problem" in testing vasalgel and offer an (((alternative))) that lowers your testosterone.

The concern people have is getting baby trapped. The advent of the pill and abortion changed the sexual market dramatically, not only with regard to promiscuity, but with regard to female control of pregnancy, and thus female control of the mating relationship. Male BC rebalances things.

Only reason it's happening is because of vasalgel. This is the best compromise they can come up with.