It`s all ok

There is no homosexual agenda.
Stop being a homophobe, ok?

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That's right. Now bake that cake bigot.

Who keeps watching that kike? I know nobody who admits to watching it, even among the libs I know.

from time to time i watch just to see what sjw listen to.

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Fuck off back to cuckchan.

Why even talk about it now? Faggotry is “legal” and will never not be “legal” ever again. You didn’t do a goddamn thing to stop it. You didn’t even try. No one woke up to the agenda, and now faggots are “normal.” Don’t bother us unless it’s something relevant.

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its lazy faggotry to top it all off
sage because this thread is cuckchan tier

god that nose is suspect

Enough for a long time renewal. HBO just picked up 3 more seasons. According to the ratings posted at "TV by the Numbers" the show gets around 1.5 million viewers per week. Obviously that doesn't include the number of people who pirate/download the show, but it's a pretty solid viewer base for modern cable TV ratings.

So, you may not personally know anyone who watches it, but people do watch it.

Why doesn't he show the marriage of two gay Muslims in a Mosque in his book, for extra diversity?

Why did he just admit fags get aids?

Literally nobody could watch it and they'd still renew it. Profitability is merely a means to an end.

The funny thing about the book is that HBO is actually getting zero money from it. The first printing sold out within 2 days, which could have made HBO millions of dollars.

HBO has got to be pissed.

I fucking hope not.

the bots are slow today

Bro, tnat's funny looking and all, but photoshopping a jew's nose to be freakishly large just gives normies a reason to disregard un-shopped images.

Anyway, if you're going to do stuff like that at least make it believable.

That image is undoctored. That is his actual schnoz

No one who's reasonable. They lie about the viewership.

Not sure how anything on cable actually makes money anymore. They must be losing a lot of shekels. But the agenda must go on.

Are you retarded or just pretending?

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Fucking kill yourself.

A reminder that no matter what our current year church tells us, faggotry will never be accepted in the eyes of god and all those marriages is not only wrong, it's also a major disrespect towards the holy sanctimony between man and woman, which creates life, something so rare in this universe and time itself that disrespecting that, should warrant an eternity in hell.

Also, being gay is a fucking fetisch. You get trapped with that shit and it feeds like a loop of positive affirmation between the strongest addiction of them all (the orgasm, hence why you shouldn't jerk off to degenerate porn), so you keep going, you become addicted. Which is why all of them are so fucking weird. I have never met a regular guy who is gay, they are all fucking weirdos.

If this was a furry Dōjinshi of the Pence book, I would actually be OK with this

but its not

And to all the redpilled anons out there. If being gay was something you were born with, how come the jews are pushing faggotry upon us and our kids via media and the school system?

You gotta love how the faggot agenda always wants to portray faggots as innocent "normal" people who aren't degenerates when in reality its all about sexual deviancy, pedophilia, and perversion.
t. Reformed (((bi))) faggot

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I hate how there is so much homo shit in the right. Doesn't matter if it's alt lite or alt right or whatever. Having sodomite degenerates like Milo and Greg Johnson in so called traditionalist circles is fucking unacceptable.

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better than cuckcrate shenanigans


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No joke, I once saw a shaved head dyke writing her essay on a john oliver video at uni. My friends and I were trying hard not to laugh, it was like memes somehow became real.

It physically pains me how fucking horrible liberals are at memes and trolling and how much faith they have in their ability anyway. Please Pence, electrocute this fucking hooknose.

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Gee willikers, I sure do wonder (((who))) could be throwing money at social commentary media…

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first chart is informative but the images make me want to click off it immediately

They all will learn how traditional the bog is. The lady of the lake will single out the denuded and ensure they get filtered by the bog.

I feel sorry for the bog.