DNC hacker Guccifer 2.0 outed as 'member of Russian military intelligence'

According to unnamed source Guccifer 2.0 was identified -
"Working off the IP address, U.S. investigators identified Guccifer 2.0 as a particular GRU officer working out of the agency’s headquarters on Grizodubovoy Street in Moscow.”

archive.is/ds7TV Dailybeast
archive.is/NWdKT inquirer

so apparently they want us to believe that a specific GRU officer was leaking this shit from known GRU HQ which was discovered when he forgot to switch on a VPN.
the fuck?

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Daily Beast sucks, tbh.


Yet another Fake News farce.

The utter state of leftist media.


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legit lel'd

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how would they even know what particular IP's would they use at the address?
how does one assign specific person to an IP address?
who are they trying to sell this?


The best part is that most ruskie providers link directly into Kreml when you log the location by IP.

Wikileaks puts out details on the CIA's methods of editing their cyber footprint to make it appear that a "hack" came from a specific person, place or country

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Welp fucked that post up, props to me for not checking it

IP address doesn't prove shit. Who was using it? Was the computer with that IP compromised?

Burden of proof on this one is pretty difficult. Even then it doesn't mean shit, their entire argument is basically

this. idgaf who leaks what if it's factually correct

Yeah, the best part of the story that Russians didn't do shit, Putin had better contact with Hillary than with Trump, but DNC everywhere made it look like Russians made up american victory, so now everyone is praising Russia for an achievement they did not commit.
If they tried to make Russia look bad from this stunt, it utterly failed.

No sources but a pajeet backs them up so it's totally legit.

Unironically this.
Whoever was responsible for the "leaks" deserves a goddamn Pulitzer for having more journalistic integrity than any source of mainstream media.

Honestly DNC doesn't even need a russian hacker to pretend there was a russian hacker, they can just make CIA do the work.

-DNC refused FBI investigating the hacked servers.
-From Holla Forums investigations at the time the Guccifer 2.0 was shown to be the IT at the DNC leaking to cover up Seth Rich's leaks to Wikileaks.
-The IT for the DNC was done by a company called Crowdstrike - led by a Russian, Dimitri Alperovitch

Why this story is happening:
DNC was never hacked, but pretended it was to cover for the Seth Rich leaks.
BuzzFeed pushed this narrative with the fake Steele dossier.
BuzzFeed are getting their asses sued for fake news.
BuzzFeed asked DNC for evidence of the 'hack' to support their case.
There was no hack, so the DNC gave them nothing.
BuzzFeed are desperate and have sued the DNC for 'evidence'.
DNC (((finds))) evidence.



My balls

Any journalist who uses an unnamed source should be dragged into the public square and shot.


even when caught, they just straight up ignore it and continue to lie.. what the fuck

If you actually read this story, its so full of holes as to be laughable.

Is this a serious post?

Do these people even know what an IP address is?

They would need a MAC address for that. Fucking morons.

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unspoofed MAC address and a visual confirmation,no?

Just like other stories, I've been seeing, the kikes want the West to get into a hot war with Russia. This could happen through the vector of Iran or China though but Russia itself is fine. The key to this war is destroying Eastern Europe and the United States from making a political defense as well as Russia becoming bad goys.

tbh (((they))) aren't doing a good job but look at the results of the Lusitania, the Maine, Pearl Harbor, Tonkin, Kuwait and 9/11. It doesn't have to be perfect at all, just a narrative needs to follow from the media that enough agree with.

t. eastern yuro EU member

If this becomes acceptable evidence for a claim, literally anything can be considered true.

i am sorry, i mislead you
it's "An anonymous source close to the U.S. government investigation"

Yeah the MAC address would just tell them which computer it was from, not who was sitting at the keyboard.
These people are retarded. The more CIA talks the more I think they all have brain damage from cocaine use.

They're as dimwitted as their leftist followers so it makes sense they would concoct a lazy story like that.

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My hacker is higher level than yours. Try to beat this!

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yes, but CIA tools. that can make you look like you are from any place on the planet, wore leaked a year ago…

This is Butterfly War.

Now that Google and Facebook are being made to atone for cyber phrenology, employees and people close to it will leak details.

Some of those details will contain WordPress account information about G2.0.

Some of those leaks will contain meta data about G2.0.

(((They))) don't want the identity of G2.0 revealed because it will trace back to the DNC, so this shit is a preemptive well poisoning to establish a narrative foothold to work from.

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It was already revealed to be Crowdstrike, the company doing IT for the DNC when the leak happened.

Daily Beast is a liberal hit-and-run rag with a lot less reputation to lose than the big names.

The article is designed for people who think the TV show CSI is real life.

I disagree. I think it's clear from the uranium 1 scandal that the Clintons were the ones colluding with "russians" to sell off American uranium assets. Why do this? Because the US government is trillions in debt and needs cash like a dumb whore. The "muh Russia" narrative is straight up textbook Alinskyite projection tactic. The Clintons are bought out by Russian industry, and are indeed bought out by almost all industries. Russia can't call MSM on its lies because it would reveal their stake, and also the Russian oligarchs aligned with Clinton family are not necessarily friendly with Putin afaik, and Putin has thrown businessmen in jail in the past for challenging him.
What does all this mean? Most importantly: (((their)))threats to Russia are a BLUFF and Trump must call them on it. Their TRUE foreign policy agenda is in the middle East (obviously), and when more evidence of clintons being bought out by Russia comes to light, the goyim will have been so beaten down with propaganda that said trump colluded that they wont know who to believe…leaving them paralyzed as Trump's admin is progressively neutered of its loyal soldiers and drawn into wars elsewhere, specifically NK and syria.
Anyway the Russia bullshit is a bluff; meullers special council means literally fuck all.

There were so many crimes…

I'm here every day because I want to know the truth. In this sad, fucked up country, this is the only place I have a chance to find it.

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It's like you WANT to be tracked.

I hope you are who I think you are. I began thinking of the wordpress logs the instant I saw this post. Even if you aren't him, I pray for the outcomes inherent to the nature of the Butterfly War. Godspeed to that glorious bastard.

So this is just a follow up coverup of the Seth Rich leak and subsequent murder?

Guccifer 2.0 was a fictional entity invented by deep state to attribute the internal DNC leak to a Russian hack. This is despite the mathematical reality that a hack could not have occurred per the timestamps on the files and the rate of transfer.

The coverup was done by Crowdstrike, a Ukrainian (US puppet govt) company. Obama/Hillary/deep state cabal had installed a government in Ukraine in 2014. Crowdstrike is connected to that government and was therefore willing to do a pretend analysis (and nobody else was allowed) on the DNC server, claiming that the John Podesta email leak was actually a hack.

They had to do this and run up a fake war with Russia to distract. The Podesta leak was a major door opened for the public to see just how treasonous and evil the activities were. This means selling plutonium and highly enriched uranium to literal terrorists, as well as tons of classified material and nuke know-how. It put Americans in incrdible danger. All of that was tied in with massive blackmail of our Congress and officials. There was human trafficking, weapons trafficking, etc tied in. You name it. Murders, too. The level of treason and degree of selling out was extraordinary, so they had to come up with any way they could to avoid the whole government, basically, from going under for all this criminality. That includes fake attribution for a fake "hack" which was a leak, adn inventing the "Guccifer 2" persona.

All of it is total insanity.

Here, this guy is pretty good. You can use the search function on twitter with some key terms like Clinton, nuke, Podesta, Guccifer, and what have you, to get an idea (lot of noise/deliberate junk here, so twitter advanced search is helpful):



G2.0 was Seth Rich?

Don't mind me just unsliding this.




That sounds as such a spectacularly plausible idea as can possibly be, I had never ever thought of that possibility!!! Insider DNC leaker!!!

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source on that?

this. please provide a source


get the fuck outta here

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These are the two most important posts in this thread.
Also, wasn't there an original Guccifer that was actually legit?

Original Guccifer is a cab driver from … Serbia or Romania? He basically did a great job of guessing retarded boomer passwords. Like Password1 or Huma123. Then when he cracked emails he'd just send their contact list stuff like "Dave, I can't get into my phone to see your last email, can I have your password to check it? Thanks, Bob." Still in jail, imho.
Notably he outed Crooked Hillary as a Satanist long before Pizzagate broke (see letter from prison).

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It's a nothing burger. In fact, it's the same nothing burger we heard last year only they changed security outfits. They have an ip ooooh and don't even say, just trust us goy.

tbh I don't know what to believe anymore, but rando twitter accts are more credible than "Anonymous sources in the Intelligence Community with knowledge of the matter."

At the end of the day, everyone is lying and I no longer give a shit about finding the Truth. Instead, I just want to crash the whole rotten goddamn system down on all the liars, killing them.

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does anyone have the pic from vault 7 that shows exactly how this type of misdirection could be done with the CIAs personal cyberweapons? we should meme them side by side and push it out into the conspirosphere.

also lets dig into this GRU guy if we can get a name.

lets be honest guccifer 2.0 revelations are completely useless compared to that Romanian guy

Probably the same guy that managed to smuggle poison gas into Britain but used it in a public place with plenty of fresh air, also, it was a chemical that can only be made in Russia.
The kikes are getting desperate because Killary didn't get her presidency like planned and now they have to find another way to get rid of Russia.

Russia, while a rival/threat/whatever to them, is just the pretext. They were expecting an easy disarmament but now have to go through the rigamarole of doing it step by step.