Habbening: ISIS take hostages in French supermarket


I'm sure he's just 'mentally ill' :^)

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He's just peacefully spreading his message of unity and diversity. :^)

just another day in france

Encore un bougnoule

not all mudslimes

inb4 France surrenders to the caliphate and turns into one.

Oy vey but based Trump and his cabal of NeoCon isreal kike-jew cabinet got rid of ISIS according to the jIDF hasbara who own Holla Forums


According to Le Figaro two dead so far by bullets. Won't be a really happening unless ten plus

Now do you euro trash faggots take back all the shart in mart jokes?


There have been dozens of threads wrotten and stickied by you kikes here, pretending that ISIS (the isreali terror mercenary squad) has stopped because of based jewish Trumpstein stopping them.

Yesterday there was one for example you spasticated kike

There is no use pretending that a single poster on here still backing neocon kikes in US admin are anything but lying isreali kikes

fuck off hasbarafag, you are as brown as a nigger leeching off a white country, paki scum

Maybe Trumpenstein shouldn't have claimed to have defeated ISIS

religion of peas

Does French police usually do sports in uniform or how did the goatfucker know that they were cops?
More importantly, is this the start of another wave of peaceful cultural misunderstandings all over Europe?

Thinks one sand nigger douche is ISIS

Apparently, the supermarket's butcher was killed.

"Look at me. I'm the butcher now."

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At this point not sure why these things in Europe even count as news. It's just part and parcel ya know :)



absolutely peacefeul

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Each kike resource wasted on /po/ is one less kike resource to be used on the normies.

Quit being a castrated race traitor, read a god damned book, and fight the kikes with their own games.

We have an amazing opportunity to wreak havoc with the englandastan hate speech laws. For every incident of rape that they cover up, we can use the feminst rape culture script and target law enforcement and the politicians. This will not only get past the social media screening, but puts the kikes over there in an ugly situation.

Just in case you've been sleeping for the last 20 years

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Like cheering on and campaigning for neocon kikes into office and pretending it's really based and fashy going along with whatever jewish lying narrative the jew media presents to me

At this point what is the purpose of pretending you kike cheering neocon kikes are anything but lying kikes on here?

Can't even help (((you)))rself from leading your post with Oy vey

He is literally incapable of changing his posting style. It's because he's a sub 90 IQ paki

Yeah we know ISIS and the kikes are in bed, has nothing to do with my post though, an image which even has a cuck saying "Don't blame the Jews!" in one of the captions. If you're genuine try to contain your 'tism.

Yeah exactly.

He already complained about "jewish occupied Holla Forums;" he's a shill.

Based jewish hasbara posting on Holla Forums and speaking as if only jews belong on here!

This is how Trumptards deflect all criticism.


Got em. I knew I'd get your reply eventually hasbara-kun, you just can't help yourself

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Shill bingo is their intellectual masterpiece tbf

Should every non-jew leave and leave this board entirely for you and your jewish paks to gloat about winning the 2016 election?

Skeletor really has you fags going on a whole new level. If only we could clone that glorious bastard.

Oh hasbara-kun you're so cute

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Hasabrafag uses a semicolon instead of '. He hasn't been here for months, schizoid.

Yeah funny how when we turned on Drumpf we haven't seen one meme being produced from their side. I've seen them laugh about two scoops to this day. Literally reddit.

This is what the jewish hasbara would post every day if anyone dared point out that any of the zionist freemason puppets Holla Forums was promoting at any one time was clearly ZOG

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It's him, he posts the exact same way every time he's on the board.

Never change Holla Forums

LoL, your earlier posts

Almost gave the impression you weren't a snivelling gaslighting kike, but you too object to anons who don't appreciate jews hijacking Holla Forums

Never stop, /r/the_zognald!

ure mom

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So the new plan is to have half you kikes pretending this was the final straw for you regarding the trumpstein scam, when you are the slime itself,and somehow think that 3 years of openly pissing in every anons faces can be forgiven and forgotten

Genuinely I hope this entire farce leads to some talented autiste tracking down each and every one of you kikes and strangling you in front of your loved ones

You are hasbarafag, or hasbara-kun to me. You will never escape it because you won't change your posting style. Calling everyone a kike who notices you essentially being a tripfag and calls you out on it is silly hasbara-kun

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What the hell are you on about you silly autist. What set off your little gay reversal now?

Why do all you jews on here have it in your heads only one person on Earth could see through the fact you jews hijacked Holla Forums over the past few years, to the point you have names for them, insinuating only one user ever saw through your bullshit?


Attempting to derail an active happening thread is just unforgivable. I hope you choke on a foreskin you sliding kike.

The new sheriff kicked the shillnets' nest, but he's asleep now so we'll have to deal with shitposting overdrive for awhile.

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Why does it only happen to you then? Who are these other anons that have names without trips? I can't think of any, unless you count the mods.

No, hasbara-kun. Stop being disingenuous. You are identifiable for a reason, and that reason is your distinct posting style.

I'm the one shilling against the jewish mods too tho so..

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Find one single unjustified ban in the public list or oven yourself.

Indeed, I tell the truth about you jews, which unfortunately makes me stand out like a sore thumb on jew occupied Holla Forums,in between all the threads sucking jew neocon dicks and threads encouraging anons to go after jewish enemies instead of the jews

Seriously, and Bannon/kushner believe you're worth paying for this?


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So you admit it, we're getting somewhere. Next question is why do you insist on staying here when there are other imageboards that are not "jew run" as you put it

Time to put yourselves in the oven, those are justified.

wew lad its truly Hadabrafag top kek

Any Frenchanons in this thread? How diverse is the local area? Is anyone doing live coverage?

I admit to having never promoted jewry on Holla Forums ever, only opposed you lying kikes

Why are you and all your Tel Aviv office buddies speaking openly on here about how you've hijacked/pol/and openly gaslight anons?

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No shit, son. His brand of autism is a distinct one

Seriously, that is the line you will continue to tow?

Don't think so, sorry - just a pair of derailment shills screeching autistically.

Ok let's accept that premise for the sake of conversation. 8/pol/ is hijacked by kikes, and you've said multiple times that this board is 99% kikes. Then why stay? Why keep posting here?

Oh yeah, forgot this is /r/the_zognald, my fault! Not like we migrated to escape censorship, no.

How else would you deduce Holla Forumss modsbanning any antisemitic user on here over the and you've said multiple times that this board is 99% kikes. Then why stay? Why keep posting here?

to make mad all

How else would you deduce Holla Forumss mods banning any antisemitic user on here over the past 3 years
In the vain hope that the low IQ tier retards that fell for this retarded psyop can learn to hate you kikes enough to actually seek revenge on you jewish cunts

wall around eiffel tower is more necessary that expected huh

We migrated to escape unjust censorship, you ban evading spammers deserve to be shoah'ed. Feel free to leave any time, since you don't like the culture of our board and we don't like you kikes. Of course, you're going to stay and continue to shitpost while hopping IPs because you're not a genuine person from the start. There's no way to tell if your just a butthurt shitposter, dedicated subversive, or paid shill, but you're certainly one of those.

What culture?
Sucking on neocon kike dicks isn't a culture

Those are some nice words but what do they actually mean? If the people you've so valiantly stayed behind to help are so low IQ that they can't figure out that the obviously jewish mods are jewish, then how do you expect them to figure out some master plan to get rid of the mods? Or do you already have some 007 style shit going on inside of Jim's asshole?

Yea that's what I said genius.

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Even easily manipulated autistes can do enough to trace and track you filthy kikes

It may be a pipe-dream, but would be a wonderful irony to have every single one of you gaslighting kikes from here murdered by those you mercilessly taunted over the past few years

Armed guards too. It's kind of funny that it hasn't been attacked. Why it's almost like guns and walls work as intended.

Oops. Meant for

Skeletor has you so twisted up that you're posting suicidal fantasies of anons tracking you down and executing you. We need twenty more Skeletors asap.

So you have no plan but a magical "track and trace" and murder. That will stay a pipe dream unless you act on it, which you appear to have no intention of doing.

But let me ask you this: What would your 8/pol/ revolution look like? When could hasbara-kun stand up from his desk and say "well my job here is done, they can take it from here". How many threads would have to be made about the mods, or people banned? What are your prerequisites for a revolution on this site?

I've a number of plans, just none I'm willing to share with organised teams of hasbara kikes gaslighting the goy on Holla Forums

When the shill firm he's with gets its funding slashed.

Right, I'm sure you have plans hasbara-kun. You've been repeating yourself for 3 solid years with no forward momentum, anons have been getting banned left and right, but you have a plan that will surely go into affect any minute now.

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t. In Kushners pockets

The only logic that makes any sense is that the only "shills" here would be the one's like you jews pushing and promoting ZOG and banning antisemitic anons from here

The few rare anons not down with sucking on neocon kike dick would be the legit one's here

Even an African child could understand this self-evident truth

thats the libtard way

It's absurd how transparent you fags are. You cry endlessly about jewish mods, but then everyone can just go check the ban list and see that the mods are banning you IP hopping shitposters. You spam and spam while evading bans, then go around complaining about the mods as if they are doing something wrong by banning you over and over. Your attempts to gaslight us into thinking that there's any problem with the mods other than that they aren't omnipresent to clean up your filth have no impact on the board.

im so glad we are discussing the topic at hand and not letting the thread get derailed

Any actual updates going on?

I think the country of France unconditionally surrendered to the lone ISIS terrorist.

Sorry, that's my bad. It's just fucking with hasbara-kun is fun

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Some mud monkey blah blah blah classic desert semite behavior blah blah blah shit happened blah blah blah
Same shit same day every day

I swear to God, does anybody round here check digits anymore?

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Ha Ha yeah, glad you're here to retain some sanity back on this based fashy neocon jew promoting website

Look man, you can post whatever you wish but i'm interested in the actual happening.

check em

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Here's the short form of the entire situation,fellow fashy based jewish user
ISIS are isreali mossad operatives.
That's the full story

body count maybe up to 3

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Any jews dead?

Not yet identified as far as i see.

Don't worry Avi, your chosen-in-arms are safe :^)

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Weird that, jews always appear to be the last on any ISIS target list, instead they elect to go for low level cattle class goys instead, meaning they'll never ever be a threat to jewish power.

Funny that

Still good to know all the fellow fashy based NeoCon cheering anons here are safe…

What are the chances they are going to blame those awfully violent board games instead of Religion of Cuck™?

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I'm not sure about credibility but sites and people report that the guy had a knife, a gun and a hand grenade.

Also the guy is demanding Salah Abdeslam be set free (the mudslime from the brussels attack that went fugitive but got found later.)

for the record I agree with you, it's plainly obvious ISIS is the arm of Israel

try not to take my ribbing too hard hasbara-kun

First major attack of the forthcoming Religion of Cuck™ic terrorism season, may we have many more cosy happenings to come for our entertainment.

Kek wills it.

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Tu veux que ce soit quoi d’autre hormis un nègre ? Remercie les youpins qui nous envoient des cargos plein de ces cafards dans le but de détruire l’espèce humaine blanche.

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He is probably just a mentally ill Asian.

Muslims are the real victims here, they will be looked upon with suspicion and distrust. We need to look inwards to see where we could have done better for this man who is as much as a victim as the people he killed.

I for one will not take a seat on public transport until I can find a muslim to sit next to.

After speaking to muslim leaders in their muslim communities it seems that the best way to combat events like this is to build more mosques


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Hello Macron. How does the Rothschild cock taste after it had been in your ass ?

Nothing will be done until more people die.


It's amazing how Muslims are supposedly the "enemies" of Jews, but they always seem too busy fucking up the goys to get around to fucking with jews.

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I'll fix that for you;-

I'd like to say you're wrong, but no you're right.

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A couple of yeares back some ISIS dudes took jews hostage in a Jewish supermarket in France and killed 4 jews inside.

also the israeli athletes being taken hostage

Police sources saying the gunman has been killed according to France 24 news.

Well there is more white people than Jews in France and most of the western world, a piece of shit inbred Arab isn't going to go out of his way to find one of the few Jew enclaves in France to chimp out in, no he will simply do some ugly violent shit as soon as he finds a place that has little to no muslims in it.

Why are they treating this guy like a criminal? He's just expressing his religious beliefs.

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I know, right? Not at all like these fucking racist go-uh, I mean guys.


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It's better that mudslimes openly attack than that they follow the quiet, smart tactic of "jihad of the womb" demographic takeover. This way there's a better chance that white anger can be usefully directed against the lying judenpresse, pro-invasion politicians etc. Also jihadis in France sometimes attack kikes, hopefully that trend will continue / escalate.

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CLOUD act passes,then this happens the same day.

france is fucked.

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wew, filtered.

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Okay look, fellow Holla Forumslacks, just because he:

…does NOT mean you can just be Religion of Cuck™ophobes! If anything, we need more love, peace, and tolerance in this difficult time.

Now stop asking questions and have some delicious Kool-Aid

would you go to france?

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Frenchanon here, jewgle news gives a massive media coverage, everybody speaks about it.
The attacker has been killed by the cops, total score is at least 3 deads including the mudlime and an unclear number of wounded, unknown how many risk to die.
the mudslime terrorists have claimed the attack, mostly by repeating lots of all a whack bar
narrative rumormill running in overdrive, legend being written right now says that a wounded cop has voluntarily taken the place of a woman, hero in the making
we can hope the reinforcement of alert state, lots of armed cops visible everywhere for the next few months

ty froganon

where has everybody gone?

Heap um big banning across the spectrum of um fashy based goyim
Much removal of non-jews due to Bolton's appointment
Must keep up jewish troll train heap a-rolling for ZOGs Kushner bux to be processed, so much beg clean up of all the non compliant antisemite goys from here

Been this way over many moons but big chief mod had massive fit last night and went heap big ban crazy

This why it so quiet and every approved posting right now is from those wholly approved from Bannon's HQ

I fucking hate kikes, putting people's lives in danger just for diversity. I hope (((they))) get diversified. Same with Israel, fuck these ratfaced fucks.

your attempt ar niggerspeak is actually harder to read than plain english
you mean to tell us that the team of kike shills that came crapping all over this thread has been shoahed at last? good news

body Parts and parcels

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Me um no speak good enough English for you fellow based goyim with forked tongue?

Over many moons it has been established only the most retarded kikes still shill for ZOG while claiming to be based red pilled user, big chief know these to be kike-jew, men from Levant, kosher clowns or the infernal parasite de jew

Still, please carry on pretending that ISIS isn't isreal, that's what your Bannon bux are for

The kike didn't get the memo?

Eat shit, leddit.

The cunts also apologized for hitting pissraelies on accident.

OH HOLY SNACKBAR…………furious that my
Donkeyubine rejected me!!!


archive.is is working but this link isn't returning the page.

Oh, I believe Kek has more surprises in store.


OK, fine, only dead kikes.

Who is stealing the dubs, lads? Someone is robbing us of our dubs.

investigating a dubs thief

False alarm. He was more worthy.

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Why you do dis user?
These feels are too much.

pick one

bumping because kikes are spamming duplicates of this too

Too late!

What flag should I change my facebook profile to? The flag of ISIS or France and since I don't believe in the differences between countries, aren't both flags really the same thing?

I guess he got tired of the supposed anti-homo Religion of Cuck™ raping him.

For a group that professes anti-homosexuality they certainly use homos a lot.

I don’t owe, because you were behind it the entire time assholes.

The last time they took hostages (in that concert hall in France) they castrated men, cut women's tits off, beheaded people and killed everyone. Rule of thumb, it's better to get shot than to get taken hostage. Especially in Muslim overrun EU where it's a crime to complain if you are raped or killed by one.

It's truly incredible how fast Europe fucked itself.