When memes write themselves

So much material in one pic I don't even know where to begin.

Hotpocket edit: Your thread is horribly low effort but I'll leave it open if it produces damp maymays

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would u give them the controller?

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Why did Ripley cut off all her hair?

Is it me or do they all look pretty much exactly alike? Could anyone tell the difference if their faces got all switched around?

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Boy that shooting at the 1k+ student school sure mafe these 5 kids popular

Is this Stranger Things season 3??

how did you know

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👏🏿 lit 👏🏿 a 👏🏿 f 👏🏿

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Kids don't do this on their own. There's childfuckery afoot.

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Gonna need a template if you wan sum maymay

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April 2?

Why is the one girl barefoot

Sage for yet another yid thread that could have been kept to any number of other threads on these little kike fucks.

Waiting for spic dick.

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sorry, couldn't find an active thread on them at the moment, so i dumped my memes here

No problems. I'm digging them.

Mission accomplished

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That's so subtle I barely noticed the difference

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Fuck, forgot one.

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Best one, fuckin swaps were perfect.

r/ing blank image. Jewgle shows nothing.

Kid on the right looks like a retarded Malcolm from Malcolm In The MIddle

delete your account

someone needs to tell her 'umm sweetie, your jeans are ripped.' wtf? did she get raped by a troop of niggers?

Very rebellious back in the 70s when that was actually edgy.

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Put the period after 'people'.

'Enough. White people.'


'Enough white people.'

And then circulate the image. People won't be able to erase that simple period from their mind's eye.

give up them guns goy


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the reason is they want her to be shorter than the brave latinx frontman

What's with kikes foot fetish? Is it like their scat-fetish? They find filth appealing?

that is some funny ass shit

Rolling for Time to follow Newsweek into the shitter.

Speaking of…

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David Hogg is the muffin man.


Satan confirms David Hogg is the "Muffin Man"

Rolling for Hoggfag to have a psychotic break after not getting into any college and going on a killing spree.

Fuck, that would be hilarious.

I've never seen kikes associated with foot fetish. Its the most common fetish and I do believe its mostly due to some neuron overlap between feet and the erogenous zones.


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I was wondering this, too. My eyes went right to it because I was looking at those terrible ripped jeans on the chick at the front. Why the fuck wouldn't they have her wear shoes? It's just an odd choice.

Yep, on the sensory motor strip. Kikes are into scatology.

He gets fat and looks like a muffins and the self loathing breaks free and he molests/kills jew grublets on purim aftering luring them into his muffin house.

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What is he, a woman?

His face screams soy overdose.

Look at his noodly appendages, faggot couldn't even lift what he's protesting against

No wonder why (((they))) were trying to keep the goblin nudes of it doing naked pull ups from getting out there.

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she's definitely not going to be 400 pounds in a year.

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they invested a lot in that after Hogg flamed out

Actually the last photo before amputations from diabetus.

he'll be using his mouth for something other than flubbing scripted interviews.

I'm not sure why no one did this yet.

Why's that one bitch not wearing shoes

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Flip the head the other way it'll look better

couldn't find any fat enough to fit. Probably a 5EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

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I swear man, this faggot aura of "deep concern" is so fucking dumb and laughable.

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Requesting one saying “Useful Idiots”

These are the stupid fucking kids they want to craft our gun laws.

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i think i hate looking at hogg's face more than any other person's face on the entire planet. his face is the most punch-able face I've ever seen. he was bred to induce rage. the smug i'm better than you aura combined with the weakling frail physique that screams "i'm going to tell mommy", really does it. He's that kid in high school whose the teacher's pet, class president, leads the (((student body))), the yearbook, is in charge of every school function, does nothing but suck up to everyone he sees, etc. it will be a sweet justice when he finally walks through a diverse area he claims to love and a nigger beats his ass and steals his cell phone and wallet while he curls into the fetal position instead of defending himself.

Looks like as good a thread as any for this

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Well I could empathize as it might be difficult if you are a 26 year old spook with no time for after school clubs when you have to torture "terrorists" after you put in the time for your school shooting false flag operation.

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Huh…. he doesn't act like a kid who witnessed multiple murders just over a month ago…..

Sort of like that Parkland teacher that was secretly recorded planning the anti-gun march in D.C. Video is on Milo's youtube. That bitch was so giddy about having a "press attache'", getting a free flight on Southwest, making sure everyone remembered their official talking points, and possibly meeting Joe Biden… she seems to have completely forgotten that 17 of her students were blown away by a mass killer.


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kek, you scamp you.

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HAH! bravo you scallywag!

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Top jej

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It's 14, not 17. You fags are already getting memory-holed.

i had to look back and forth multiple times to see the difference. the only one off is hogg because of his pointy anorexic jawline.

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The blonde girl and the anorexic eternally angry sack of estrogen on the far right have the exact same mouth. Guy next to him is clearly a faggot, you can just see it in his face.

Hahahaha, is that the real picture? Holy fucking cankles.

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t. Crisis actors

Found the hog.

finally, figured these would be the first ones

fucking kek

my first thoughts as well

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he has a surprising amount of hate in the comments of all his tweets.
twitter is loosing it, it can't shut it down fast enough.

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Hello fellow timeline traveller

Which timeline is this? 9:42am or 3:08pm?

Something along the lines of this plus zergdace photoshopped on all their heads. I dont have over 9000 hours to use in mspaint today undortunately

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Look how skinny he is. Good chance he has an eating disorder (eats a small amount of junk food and nothing else), has been exposed to a lot of xenoestrogens and/or anti-nutritents, and is probably a faggot twink. His diet, or lack thereof to be exact, will cause him all kinds of mental/emotional problems.

Attached: There is an idea of a David Hogg, some kind of abstraction.jpg (300x168 8.94 KB, 4.68K)

wew lad

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You realize that half the part of advertising is negative promotion, and that they do this by making their memes appeal to the right in a negative way such that you'll share them in "you'll never guess what the sjws are saying this time" fashion?
This is like the threads about sjw e-celebs which start out "look what this stupid faggot is saying this time" etc. It's negative promotion, reverse psychology.
In fact it's straight from Alinsky. A negative pushed far enough breaks through and becomes positive.

these fucking kikes.

So whitey should just sit back and take the shaft from these jewish mutts and let them have the field and control the dialogue. Just as this this post points out that the white girl shows deference to the superior jewish mutts by going barefoot and keeping her mouth shut while the kikes are talking.
No thanks. Every single inch must be fought over and there is no greater weapon than mockery and scorn when it comes to debate. Turn your opponent into a figure of mockery and scorn and you have won the field for that day.

Believe it or not, names like Corin, Coren, Corwin, etc are "Anglicized" variants of Cohen. She is probably jewish as well.

Yep, it's another masonic psyop.

What preening on twitter? Social media was a mistake.

I want to bring a giant broadsword and slice Hogg's head off.

i never realized how fucking small Hogg's arms are. he looks like he'd have trouble lifting a fork full of food to his mouth with those fucking deer arms

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Some anons think he have a eating problem.

That statement right there is very telling. Democracy is a farce, people are gonna have start to see this.

This motherfucker honestly thinks he has mastery of the internet. He honestly thinks the internet is his turf. Holy fuck, is this the same faggot who was crying about "nazi trolls" busting his balls hard online?

Thanks for fucking over your peers who who want to own guns legally. Of course South FL has to ruin everything.

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Hes doing his job as a crisis actor. Just another tool. Broward county is apparently infested with kikes who have no idea wtf they're doing as far as ACTUAL police work.

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Every fucking boomer I know is defending this piece of shit because it doesn't fuck with them. Its free as long as it applies to these fucks. I wrote my representatives and I made sure to call these fuckers but still they let muh feels play out.

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You know there's no actual evidence for this and that it's just the opinion of some poo-in-loo, right?
In fact it's pretty ridiculous if you read his actual reasoning. The supposed "overlap" is between your sexual arousal center and the part of the brain which controls your own feet.
So if this retarded theory held any water, people would be aroused by their own feet, not those of others.
Fetishes are psychosexual, not organic, that's to say, you learn them. Anyone who has been on chans long enough ought to know that. Furryism is learned. Trappism is learned. The ancient Chinks were not joking when they created the 3 wise monkeys.

Attached: serveimage.jpeg (800x536, 69.98K)

And just to add, part of the reason that sjw pop science tries to reduce everything to "a gene" or "the brain" is that supports the idea that sexual deviancy isn't a result of environment, and that therefore you don't need to worry about kikes on the tv twisting the sexuality of your children.

Banality of Evil. Everyone's a Big Guy by comparison.

I needed that laugh, lmao

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can we get this filter over pictures of:
homeless drug addicts
the fed
trans acceptance
you get the idea….

football niggers kneeling etc the list goes on

Is this real? This fucker is being rejected from colleges?
Please let this be turning around. And who is liking those tweets?

Checked for eating disorder. Rolling for suicide by firearm.


nice job

Here's a better idea.

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I see the new shipment of soyim has arrived.

Attached: NatGeo tranny.jpg (2062x2999 208.35 KB, 1.17M)

more of this

this can be the next flyer campaign.

Attached: ioktbw.png (2550x3300, 87.37K)

on second thought, this is a great idea.

Attached: invaders5.jpg (1100x619 295.34 KB, 225.77K)

i think this concept has serious potential

Attached: enough1.jpg (1023x575 764.45 KB, 128.35K)

Attached: Slavery-so-sorry.jpg (640x370 286.86 KB, 40.47K)

Attached: king kike.jpg (600x600 142.08 KB, 93.44K)

Attached: black crime3.jpg (1200x813 329.42 KB, 226.73K)

Attached: enough6.png (1100x619 3.82 MB, 1.14M)

Attached: enough9.png (1200x800 2 MB, 1.72M)

looking at these again enough is too small. to be effective the "enough" must be huge and cover the entire image width wise.

No, they're fine.

Heil'd. New campaign it is

Livestream of the march starts @ 11:30 EST

i forgot this cancer was today, deserves it's own thread.

and of course they choose a "blonde" woman for that role.

Literal soyboy faggots usually have that problem.

i tried

Attached: enough1.jpg (840x1129 186.9 KB, 187.45K)

or something along the lines of "Nothing says diversity like five crackers" (to appeal to the nogs)

Not my work. Can someone make the white flag behind the right girl into something more appropriate.

Attached: 8cMfXN.jpeg (1024x576 585.95 KB, 87.91K)

why didn't they generate a token nigger for this?
come to think of it niggers aren't big fans of gun control and only like big government when it comes in the form of welfare. these additional 21+ gun laws and stripping gun rights for "mental health" and naturally drug problems and domestic abuse, which niggers will ignore anyway and result in more reasons for whitey to shake down tyrone on the street corner to steal his glock, probably won't be popular with niggers and they realize it.

Boomers ONLY care about how its going to affect them which is why they propped up their social security pyramid, why they did nothing to stop the demographic shift(lol I'll be dead who cares?), nothing to stop 2nd amendment rights of young adults being violated. In the span of a couple generations they allowed this society to go to shit and now act amazed at some of the worst things happening all while ignoring that it was their own dereliction of duty to their race that led to this.

Exactly and if they did /pol can blast them for adding token niggers. Either way /pol wins.

What's the girl in the front? She looked part nigger to me, is she a spic instead?

pretty sure she's straight spic, whatever unholy mix that is

Paternally Spic, but Maternally Kike.

I really despise this society.

It's so easy to see through the smoke and mirrors that it's hard to imagine just how far the will has been pulled over every normie



Attached: we wuz2.png (678x996 1.8 MB, 1.82M)

Wondered if in some audiences that could be effective.
This is more appropriate though.

Attached: we wuz_commies.png (678x996, 1.75M)

……..where the fuck do you think you are, faggot?

My guess is she's the only white (non kike) there, symbolically seeding the rights of the white race over to muds and kikes. Absolutely disgusting. The more I learn of esoteric symbolism, the more I see purely evil shit like this in modern media. Daily reminder that the kikes are the sons of satan.

Don't meme against yourself, you fucking faggot. It doesn't matter if it resonates with a certain audience. You're sending the message that nazis are the problem which is the precise opposite of the truth.

Fair call. Was more intending it along the lines of co-opting a movement and should have thought it through more.
Delet this.

Forgot to add the transparent version for you faggots. Reddish colour or light background works best as she has a backlight. Also adjust brightness down a little as necessary, they bloomed her the fuck out to make her (((white))).

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Attached: Kid_approves.gif (320x240, 1.05M)

Bloody hell. Enough indeed.

You have an archive of those? I'm skeptical that every retarded left wing university wouldn't be chomping at the bits to snatch him up.

Probably too politically hot at the moment, attention whoring and distraction in class… or it's part of the operation.

Nobody wants a public figure, all they'll do is make their new school their new target.

Well said.

I'm sure you could meme on "OOPSIE WOOPSIE!! Uwu We made a fucky wucky!! A wittle fucko boingo! The porch monkeys at our headquarters are working VEWY HAWD to fix this!”.

Maybe his GPA is awful.

Or…maybe it's the fact that Florida is one of the states that does not have Affirmative Action. Thanks, Jeb

where's the goblin's nudes?

Good idea. Could cause some shit. What's her name?

Emilio Estevez.

>A bunch of (((White))) kids standing around, no people of noticeable color to a kike or nigger
Would you think they would start a huge flip out if we pointed this out and said it was propaganda from Time to promote white supremacy?

Clearly Time is signaling that protection from guns is one of many powers that is included in white privilege.

Shieet, so you be sayin' da whit man dun gots a lowa' ddyin' rate cuz' he wite n not cu' iz' a nigguh who dun shoot anuda nigga erry' udda day?
Shieet dem crakaz dun be goniciding our rayx.
Seriously though is there like an antisemitism or black nationalist subreddit we can spread this shit on? Or Tumblr?

You can sell any idea on Tumblr as long as you dress it up the right way. The anti-gun march today featured a niglet saying that niggers are affected by gun violence the most. So you can combine that with Time leaving out black representation in their latest issue as a way to back that up.

You can probably sell any idea on Tumblr even if you don't dress it up, the users have lower iq's than niggers

I've always gotten the sense that the avg iq of tumblr is somewhere around 110, above average but not enough to really be smart. You have to have some intelligence to be able to do the mental gymnstics they do, whereas niggers just sort of give a blank stare whenever conversation gets more mentally stimulating than simple addition.

I know there's specifically one image where she's doing naked pull ups with gloves on, but there she is in shaved head goblinry. I didn't get the chance to save them.

wtf did vasquez have a daughter or something

Attached: Vasquez-Aliens-movie-Jenette-Goldstein.jpg (500x706, 62.24K)

Vasquez was a badass, this gun grabbing goblin on the other hand…


Attached: 3061687828608.JPG (419x480, 92.24K)


Attached: zuck.jpg (4794x3196, 3.92M)

Dig around on Holla Forums. They're obsessed with her because she "looks like Eleven".

Attached: 1519012687522.jpg (220x287, 15.83K)

For me that's still this guy.

Attached: steve-anderson-orlando-youtube.jpg (745x408, 36.39K)

eleven looks white tho?

she's trying to be a badass with her military haircut and cuba jacket today

Attached: el goblina.png (1480x798, 1.29M)


Attached: wwpone.png (4430x4030, 947.74K)

Best guess?
She was bused in for the photo shoot, and due to her lousy circulation and the time sitting on her ass during the transit, her feet and cankles swelled. She couldn't get her shoes on, so they just left them off for the shoot.

Diabeetus or heart weakness.

If you point it out, they'll make up some story about how it was due to her horrible mental state/wound from the shooting, so "how could you?!?!"

Attached: Red1.jpg (564x999, 67.82K)

Look at the protest, today. Not a boomer among them.
Looks more to me like it's the younger crowd that's willingly being a bunch of dupes.
Why aren't YOU there, user? After all, you seem to be the one that wants to group everyone together by age, so why don't you go join your own group, and try to dismantle the Constitution?

A huge segment of the NRA is made up of boomers, they've already chosen a side.

What font was used for ENOUGH? I want to make some OC too.


hogg looks worse than zuckerberg.
atleast zuckerberg hits the gym and presumably gets laid.
the policies might be just as bad but on a scale of desire to beat someone's face based on pure looks hogg wins.

One of the colleges he was rejected from was UCF. He's gotta have a 0.6 GPA or something because even retards get into UCF

This is actually a pretty good idea. Then they'll be associated with le ebil alt right

Ouch. I'm going there with a 3.3(unweighted), and I'm a nigger.


I've seen propaganda pieces about this featured everywhere today.

Why wouldn't they? They're so brave, to take the establishment stance that the proles don't deserve protection.

I've seen people gushing over how brave they are for speaking truth to power and standing up to the man (i.e. the NRA, who they think is just a megapawn for the evil firearms corporations), and that anyone who thinks negatively of these mutts yapping on about taking away people's rights while wearing foreign flags must be an evil human being devoid of any positive emotions or qualities

Kek. "Fuckin cracka kids tellin niggaz dey cant have guns!"

But nigga that kush ain't gon- light up if it wet ayyyyyyyyyyyyy.

But I agree, 4chan quality thread tbh.

Has potential..

Those have to be fake.

Maybe he's getting rejected because he's almost fucking 30. I don't know why I'm talking shit, I'm a 30 year old grad student.

Was Hogg the real shooter?

yep, shes not a real redhead. its just Photoshop

Attached: 5703ee8b4a68f9982c9039505ffa8e4f.jpg (702x1024, 79.17K)

She is really pretty for me I hate that she did such degenerate porn or porn at all.


Attached: goblin doing pullups (ugly)

Any Hogg nudes?

To show she's not privileged but it's also cultural appropriation because coon-booting

How many of them are Jews? Parkland was like 40% Jews, and 5 Jewlings died

Attached: who could it be.webm (448x536, 1.44M)


You've been waiting for that you crafty bastard, weren't you.

Attached: SmugGecko.png (550x450, 474.83K)

Even wikipedia isnt sure what age they want to lie about

Attached: 3948CF3F-D1D4-4C12-9F23-08FC58F6B025.jpeg (380x929, 230.91K)

the colleges don't want the liability. he's a walking lawsuit.

That's extremely suspicious.

2:28 pm shooting started.

I was referencing to the times Hogg stated in his interview.

youtu.be/0yo5KKh5k3Q?t=60 (9:32AM)
youtu.be/HJcqE1yb6ow?t=62 (3:08PM)

First good use of that meme tbh.

Doing the Lord's work user. Fucking saved.

Attached: 87302275f4d1f057c25a753979551bc7388a01b9f247a1e9959f4db5cc64e609.png (210x304, 101.37K)

Muh nigguh

I am amazed this retard has not been shot yet.

also saw that Paul McCartney, the beatle not wearing shoes in the Abbey Road picture, said "I lost a good friend to gun violence."
that emma chick also wore a beatles shirt during one of the first press conferences
the (((coincidences))) are staggering

that's the biggest flaw in the official narrative tbh, like this dude was at a school shooting and wasn't the first guy Cruz shot is totally unbelievable.

Would be cheese pizza if she wasnt a crisis actor

I don’t even see anything

Two center faces are swapped.

He's not the only one

Attached: Screenshot (168).png (334x663, 167.08K)

Is she "white" though? Looks like that (((Amy Schumer))) pig basically.

I usually don't buy into the crisis actor shit but jesus christ are they this lazy.



She ain't. Are you blind?

Good form. My sides are in orbit.

As funny as this is I was a UCF applicant with a 3.5 and got rejected while niggers with a 2.0 got in in my same graduating class, the school is alllll about sports extracurriculars and nonwhites even way back in 2010 when I applied.

Case in point with my previous post, also what kind of a nigger posts here, admits to it, and doesn't keep their fucking jigaboo mouth shut

colleges don't want to be associated with him. he's a liability.

See it's funny because replacement Paul thinks everyone forgot how much Lennon despised him

A coon?

Legitimate question, why browse and post on a board where nobody wants you? No seriously, if you want to claim because of nationalism then go to some black supremacist forum, otherwise fuck right off. Why are you here, nigger?

funnily enough, both were engineered in CIA labrotories

Besides I've been lurking here for sometime, and I've been following this Parkland incident since thread one. I fucking despised how my school believed this shit from its inception, and I was one of the few that didn't participate in it. I try to explain this shit to my classmates, yet they still persist on believing telmudvision and kikes.

Fucking saved. Love it.

Attached: DY_KL-bVAAAvqZF.jpg (1125x433, 80.53K)

Oink! Oink!

Kosher pork!

Absolutely hilarious.

KEK'd and Heil'd!

He hoggin all da muffins dat muffin hogg.

He's mostly mentioning his muffins to help convince people he doesn't have an eating disorder like a faggot.

does she have aids

I just found Holla Forums. This is some savage stuff. I love it

Welcome, newfriend.

Also stop masturbating and start running.


Wow high schoolers are really funny.

kikes are the enemy of everyone, black and white. would you prefer your children exterminated or enslaved?

that's not to say that we need to let these people in the ethnostate but its not surprising that there are jew-aware shitskins that come here as black nationalist groups tend to be unaware of the JQ.


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Black nationalism makes no sense, the race hasn't even advanced past tribes to clans yet.

what about the wewuz israelites crowd? wouldn't they try to get other blacks aware of the jq, or are they just considered a joke by black nationalists?

I assume they're a joke but I don't know enough about modern black nationalist groups to say for sure. AFAIK to them kikes are just another culture of edomite.


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What about gangs? The big ones span large swaths of the country, that's at least clan level of organization. I think blacks could do well in their own country under the leadership of the talented tenth that got a white admixture and a western education while amongst us. They might not be sending men to the moon but they could sell africa's material wealth to other countries and hire western contractors to build stuff for them like the arabs.


I think he meant that they got the education while amongst us, not that their own country exist amongst us.

can confirm

All you are doing is giving them fancier words to demand gibs with. We've tried this game for half a millenia at this point, it's time to just accept that niggers are niggers and will never be uplifted. Try on something that will appreciate it like dogs or hawks or something.

i mean the ones that we've already sunk resources into educating i am literally just saying to ship them all to africa and let them sort themselves out. give it 50 years and if they go back to nogging and eating each other glass the continent.

No one checked these!


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How about faceswapping Soros, Cuckerberg, and all the other zionists they are shilling for onto the cover. That's too advanced of memeing for me but if another autists wants to give a go. Or put the what's behind them (((guy))) in the background.

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Malcolm on Meth in the Middle

Niggers are niggers
So why should it be
We're forced to treat them just the same
As you and me

There's different people and different breeds
Then there's the monkeys, apes and chimpanzees
Obviously inferior and don't get along
Wasted money's proven no more can be done

I can't understand
What makes a man
Give a helping hand
To this blatant scam

it's almost too easy.