Tariffs on China for Banning Hip Hop

Did not see a CIA spin thread yet. I doubt China gives a shit.

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60B tariffs doesn't even scratch the surface. Complete cuck move.

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What about sanctions on Israel, Trump? Surely they committed far greater crimes than not liking nigger music and WWII movies about the holohoax.

Really stretching it here, cidf.

How's it goin TIDF

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Finally recognizing the commie threat for what it is.

If China doesn't want to buy what the US is selling anyway, it shouldn't complain then.

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Hitler was a protectionist too you dumbass.

Welcome to the thread, agent Jamal. Judeo-Capitalism's where its at!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Therefore instead of striving for self rule, we should worship yellow midgets. No thanks.

That's why there will be no more white people in 50 years.(>Afrimerica)

At least whites are people, bugman.

Go away, nigger.

He's sealed their fate, they will be destroyed because of his Jerusalem declaration. Turkey is already threatening war with those kikes.

All according to plan, Shareblue.

What the hell does this have to do with them banning nigger beats?

It doesn't, OP's just full of shit.

OP is chink shill.

I thought chinks were supposed to be tricky

Nigger what are you even arguing for? That tariffs are bad? That we should use Chinese products more than our own?

China hasn't won a war in four hundred years.

What about China + Russia + Iran + every shitskin on the planet?


Can you put a bit less effort into your shit thread next time? Thanks, leddit.

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The tarrifs are on the things coming IN fucktard. They are complaining that their cheap shitty goods will be expensive shitty goods.

Found the butthurt chink

jew can't be serious

you mean /csg/fag from cuckchan /g/

I think he is preparing the ground for muh shill against criticism of the monetary system

They have been pushing production to Vietnam and even shitholes like India out of China for years. No jobs will be brought back to America even when some companies claim it now only to backtrack or completely forget about it later.

These sanctions have obviously never been about intellectual property or protecting America. Thats just some retarded pretext for the stupid masses. Israel has been causing trillions of damages to American business over the year and no one bats a nose. Trump is just another puppet and Trumpcucks nothing more than useful idiots.

China has just become bad goys. Reiterating their recognition of a Palestinian state. Foiling Syrias destruction together with Russia at the UN. Trying to drain "Israels" American technology until Israel had to shut down Chinese buyouts. Stealing Israels "American stuff but without the restrictions" drone market under their big nose. Ultimately just too big too control. Nothing else.