‘Time to get out’ Will Poland leave the EU? Third of Poles demand EU Polexit



‘Time to get out’ Will Poland leave the EU? Third of Poles demand EU Polexit

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This is great news. I can only imagine (((why))) it was slid so hard.

What's with that saving europe meme?
Poland just doesn't want the niggers the ((( EU ))) wants Poland to have.

It's not like they're writing new "giftpilz" or shoot new "jud süss"es.
It's not like they're educating the population about the dangers of jewry and how to detect them.
It's not like they're focusing on actual culture instead of "muh Jesus and no niggers plz".

If no niggers were pushed onto Poland then they wouldn't do jack shit.

That said, I do hope they actually do something other than say "plz no niggers, oh, and more gibs plz, kthx".

The antifa did that too.
Based antifa saving Europe too?(>Heh, it's nothing...)

Wrong. They are standing up to the jews by not allowing them to rewrite their history for them. They are not accepting their barbarian swarms. They took the control of their own media from the hands of the kikes in Brussels. They are doing a lot to not only call out the jew, but confront them as well.

No they won't leave.
Poland is completely dependent on EU largesse and wages taken from British and German workers, that's the "secret" to the Polish "economic miracle", it is the miracle of spoils of an economic war waged against Western European families.

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Great, that's less money the EU can spend on importing niggers.

Btw inb4 kvetching/ban for pointing out the truth about Poland.

Nice try but no. What it means is that the Western taxpayers, instead of just paying the cost of nigger immigrants, also pay the cost of the Polish welfare case.
Next you will be claiming that each Polish migrant magically blocks one nigger immigrant, heard that one a million times.
That 10 billion given to Poland every year and largely taken from German and British pockets, directly translates into less British and German.
Polish immigration is a key tactic in the genocide of Western European man. When the govt gives your money to foreigners, you can't give it to your own children. They are taking food out of the mouths of British and German children.

Desperate kvetching.

*less British and German children.
Poland's birth rate has shot up as a direct result of the wealth of Brits and Germans being sent to Poland.

Do you think Poland thinks they can refuse refugees and still stay in the (((EU)))? I'm pretty sure they decided to leave the (((EU))) the day they decided to save Poland from the shitskin hordes. Also, are you complaining about whites immigrating to Britain and Germany?

Good, their governments are direct fronts of global jewery. The less they have to spend in their own way, the better.

There are two soils on which we may still plant the last seed of our highest hope.

4th EU budget source is gone, and POOL's CLOSED on the Mediterranean crossings.

We would need to ensure the USA-ZOG did not co-opt this.

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Good, shut up and fucking do it. Don't attention whore, just do it.

Takes money away from cucks who suck muslim nutsacks and fondle jewish buttholes, and gives it to anti-jew, anti-muslim whites.

Bad why?

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Congratulations, 3 times wrong.
Jews are generally negatively viewed in Poland due to their arrogance as well as selling out and abandoning Poland in WW2. Oh and if you asked some Polish folks you would know that many actually know about the jew. Same goes with Hungary, for the latter point.

Same with Croatians and Bulgarians. They are VERY ##anti-kike## jew-aware.

Well, i fucked that spoiler up.

Poland's economic growth was much *higher* before we got annexed into the EU. The euro-gibs do not really reach average people, they're spend on wasteful bureaucrat-run projects that mostly help said bureaucrats cash in fat salaries. The ridiculous regulations however do hurt us, even if most people don't understand how.
This "euro-gib parasite" meme needs to die. We'd be much better off - also economically - out of the EU.

hahah what the fuck is this bot? talkes about leaving EU and you calll him shareblue? hahahaha holy shit your retarded

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The "new" shill strat is to overly criticize everything that isn't literally the third Reich
Instead of asking
They ask
For example, Nehlen has a jewish spokesman so he MUST be a shabbos goy (totally ignoring the fact that he endorsed The Culture of fucking Critique while naming the (((globalists))) and running a clip of someone talking about jewish influence)

This is paired with GARBAGE POSTING - making posts that do not inform in any way at all but are only meant to waste your time reading them.
In fact, the "not Hitler therefore rabbi-tier" type of argument above is almost always a garbage post because they typically draw from already known information (making it obvious that it's a forced meme)

Can someone get a better name for these and meme it?

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m8 aren't you being a little disingenuous, i know i shit on nehlen b/c of his spic wife. not interested in promoting "role models" that directly spit on their european heritage

i'd like to see a list of polish products to support. can only buy so many copies of the witcher

Nigger, first off, just because someone throws free money at you doesn't mean you're dependend on it. Secondly, do you think it's a coincidence that the countries bordering the Russian block are all getting paid the most? Look at pic related and compare the position with whom is getting the most money, it's a fucking bribe to stay in the EU, they don't want them to leave EU, or worse partner up with Russia, because that would mean Russia has direct access next to Germany with no bufferzone shield. Why do you think kikes fought so hard to get Ukraine into the EU block? For slavic hugs?

Anyways, kikes screwed up. They never expected slavs to fuck up their plans this badly.

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Lol. Is the picture real?

Welp, Ukraine IS the number one exporter of White girls toward shitskins' slave-pens.

This guy's got it. The "growth" in the EU goes right into the pockets of (((bankers))) and their pets. The UK's supposed to be one of the richest countries in it, but has thousands of people eating bread and beans they've had to get from charities.

>(((ISIS))) and Syria's moderate terrorists about to be steamrolled, frantically washing the Hebrew markings off their equipment
I like this timeline.

It needs to be a united front. A complete vicegrad exit, not one country at a time that can be picked off like the UK. Walls up, kikes out, rockets ready!

haha i doubt it but its still funny. i never even considered if it was, it just makes me laugh



And here you go. Glory and power to Poland! Glory and power to the white race!

Yeah, so based, why agree that Germany did nothing wrong, if you can just ask for more gibs?

It really is nothing, at least so far.

This is like saying Britain saved the EU via Brexit when they still have fractional reserve banking and no fundamental public notions of antisemitism and why it is important.

A hollow "victory".
Complain all you like, I am right about this.
It's good that they are denying niggers but I have yet to see anything substantially "Europe saving" from them.

That would be Russia. Russia has 20 million shitskins and counting, almost 15% of their entire population.

The Kraut's are pumping up their backyard cheap manufacturing plants, wow we're such jews!
>The top export destinations of Poland are Germany ($53B), the United Kingdom ($13B), the Czech Republic ($12.7B), France ($10.8B) and Italy ($9.4B)
>The top import origins are Germany ($58.9B), China ($15.1B), Italy ($12.4B), the Netherlands ($11.2B) and the Czech Republic ($9.2B)

Not only that, but we already pay just a little less than 4 billion into the E.U, while receiving almost nothing from it in return. The only time our economy dropped was when we entered the E.U, because our politicians allowed for centralization to take place per rules, as in, let the krauts buy it all out for pennies. When we leave, we're taking it all back with us, our products are more quality anyways while our workers pay sees no increase. 10 billion is a laughable amount while you can clearly profit from us enough to give out higher amounts of money to refugees while our wages aren't increasing.

It's not a bribe you hyper autist. We don't even border Russia.

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Now almost all of them are bought out by Kraut's and their manufacturing (Tymbark, most notably) moved abroad while westerns complain of us "taking jobs". Fuck the decadent bitchy West, we want out.

1. Alter NAFTA (including the removal of Mexico or downsizing their role substantially), force Canada to stop fucking the US over on many imports.
2. Change it to NAFTO (North Atlantic Free Trade Organization), and take in Britain. Wink to Italy, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, Belarus, Switzerland and Norway if they want to join.
3. EU goes down in flames.

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Saving their phenotype and nation is ultimately saving their culture. It's up to each individual nation to do so. If you can't understand that, then you need to lurk for longer.

Yeah, I'm all for that. I just have a problem with them being called the saviours of Europe.
I don't even think Hungary is that.

They are great at saving themselves, which is good and hopefully others will follow suit, but until then they're mostly only saving themselves.

I'll start believing in "individual countries saving Europe" when one of them starts vindicating Germany.
You know? The nation that actually was right all along before the allies and co beat down on it.

Or would you support a future where everyone suddenly "gets saved" while Germany gets left behind because it's the "EU" now?

That would be pretty pic related, you know?

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whites unites under the banner of trips

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Naw, fuck Canada and have them collapse and annex at a whim.

Which would also be a litmus test of actual power, by the way.

Only the country with the means, the power and the balls would do that.
If this is impossible then how could they save anyone?
If they still fear their neighbors, or other European countries retaliation and therefore "cannot support the things Germany did in WW2" even though they were 100% right to fight communism and the kikes then it's all posturing.

But I am also butthurt, yes.
I'm sick of memes of "Germany destroying Europe for the nth time" when people then just emulate Germany and then say "We did this".
It's kiked.
They even stole the fucking language and perverted it.

Beside my butthurt though, I'm not wrong when I talk about the ramifications of keeping fractional reserve banking and co.

I don't want it all fixed today, I just want people to stay sharp and not go back to sleep over comparatively minor good news.

The complete removal of kikes and communism is paramount and MUST be ingrained fully into the people of Europe.
Everything else is just a bandaid.


sounds good to me fam


The Visegrad Group had better move fast while /ourguys/ are in power. The jews have many designs for that region and if to close of ties to the EU are kept you will see how quickly (((they))) will devour those countries. Most people are lemmings, even there, leaders direct the heading of the ship and people follow if the course change is done slow enough.

Very true, that is why the jews are moving to have their Western and Eastern goys fight a big war in the territory of Eastern Europe. Here the Slav will choose either side fighting each other with funds from the (((Global Elite))), destroying their homelands into wastelands in the process.

nice try kike. i lived that war in institutions as a child being druged by kike feminists like you. this is why there will be blowback, your people fucked up.

Jews said the same thing about Mussolini

Just two I know of.

Yeah and the Germans get many times that in return for markets with less competition for their companies, flooding the said markets with cheaper and better made goods, buying up assets dirt cheap via proxies and establishing factories that produce goods with cheaper labour.
You think it's a coincidence that Germany had almost no impact from the 09' crisis?
(((They)))'ve been sucking Eastern Europe dry from day 1 of their ascension to the EU and TRYING TO PUMP IT FULL OF THEIR GODDAMN DIVERSITY IN RETURN.
You can go fuck yourself with your gibs meme.

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Spoiler that shit user.

There will likely be a "two speed" europpe where you have france and all the other federalist retards clustered together in a highly regulated and taxed economic block and the second tier of eu members who will be more free market and just in the customs union and free trade area without implementing most of the federalist bullshit.

The friction will come when the federalists inevitably lose tons of business to the free marketers, as it's already the case where france is kvetching hard about poland stealing their jobs and about low taxes in eastern europe being unfair.

How the handles this issue will define what happens. If they impose barriers to trade between the two speeds then the EU is effectively gone, reduced to the pure federalists.

It's all about germany, if the germans support federalism then two speed europe will be a reality. If germany supports the peeling off of the eastern members that will also become a reality.

Or in other words, colonies so the Western corporations have a free hand. And Squatters know it very well.
Western Europe has way more powerful developed economies. Unite those into one block and you've got something with which Eastern Europe can't compete, despite lower taxes and cheaper workforce.

The only thing that will happen is that Slavs will start approaching Russia and EU will be dead. If two speed EU comes about.
IMO Brussels has to be nuked before this burning trash heap can be reformed into an actual functioning union.

How many of you know poles or live right next to them? I don't want to be one of those guys who starts dividing Europeans but a lot of poles are bydlo scum. Not only did they help (with great pleasure) to start WW2, killed thousands of ethnic germans and stole eastern germany, they still cry about how they are the victim and how everyone else is mean to them. Also most men are violent drunks and the women are coalburners. "Saviours of the white race" my ass, i don't know who would believe such stupid shit.

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You deserve the ban

I don't like or trust poles either, but every country leaving the EU brings us nearer to it's collapse.

I get annoyed at any country claiming to be saviors of the white race, whether they be Slavs or Brexit-tards and that includes Germans pretending the Nazi's gave 2 fucks about non-Germans. Getting nations to work together on anything is damn hard work, and only the Catholic Church managed it for a small period.

Still though, you're a fknretard posting that pic, when you could find that for any nation.

It's a funny picture though

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Now this is an interesting thing. It looks bad for the EU either way. If say, poland leaving the EU is a good thing, then it demonstrates that the EU was a terrible idea, and that the EU is too big and should not have as many nation members. This means that the founding reason for the creation of the EU was wrong.

The other argument is that the EU benefits a lot from poland, but is unable to financially reciprocate poland for their contribution, hence why a third of pols want to leave.

No matter which way you look at it, the EU is not a good deal for the member nations. The primary reason is flawed leadership. There are too many idealogical, cultural clashes in the EU for it to be a stable worthwhile government. The sad truth of the matter is that the longer the EU lasts, the more Europe will suffer.

who the fuck should a nation be saving other than itself, faggot?
go preach your euromuttism somewhere else, alt-cuck retard


That won't matter in the next ten years as they slide into Zimbabwe.

Its a meme you dip

Poland will never leave the EU. It's easily one of the biggest benefactors of the EU and it's also high on the reasons why other more developed nations would want to leave.

Poles and their actions within other EU nations are the definition of globalism so it's hilarious when they try and frame themselves are warriors against it. Poles are the biggest immigrants to other more developed EU nations (UK, Germany, France etc…), they are the biggest recipients of welfare from these other EU nations, they are the biggest employees of low skilled jobs in these developed nations thus driving down wages, and per captia they are among the highest criminally convicted EU nationals in these more developed EU nations.

Poland is held up as this European savior because it's vocal in it's opposition of muslim immigrants/"refugees". But the thing is no "refugee" would never willing want to immigrate to Poland in the 1st place so in effect it's meaningless grandstanding.

Image wise Poland benefited massively from the recent refugee crisis. As I mentioned before it allowed them to grandstand against non-existent 3rd world immigration to them but it also more importantly shifted right-wing eurosceptic from targeting them and instead focus on muslims. As a clear example, UKIP had a hard-on for preventing immigration from countries like Poland and it was a major talking point of Farage whenever he brought up EU immigration as an issue (UKIPs main issue in essence). After the refugee crisis the narrative completely shifted to these muslims.

jidf leave
what is kaliningrad