No charge for 11 turkish immigrants for attacking D.C. protesters

No charge for 11 turkish immigrants for attacking D.C. protesters

So apparently charges were dropped because the US government doesn’t have the information and pictures of armed foreign nationals that enter the country with the leader of a foreign nation.

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is this confirmed? what was the nature of the protestors? are there videos?

Oh yes, it was hilarious. Turk roaches even pushed aside the fat American police to continue the beatings.

what were they protesting exactly?

Protestors got off easy tbh

>protesting _

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Erdogan in particular, I think they were Kurds. I'm not too well read on the details of Turkish politics though.

Can you imagine if Trump went to London and the Secret Service started stomping muslims and lefties?

They're were upset Erdogan BTFO the coup a couple years back. If anyone has those webms and memes, please post them. Fuck that night had me in stitches.

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That thought put a smile on my face. I'd love to see that happen, only thing that would be better is if a rapefugee did what they do best to the queen on live television.

these digits deserve attention

most played webm in the history of mankind.

Guess the lefty fucks should have minded their own fucking business. Go protest in your own country shitheads, they'll shoot your ass there. The cops should have kept the fuckers away from foreign dignitaries and their security detail.
Glad they got off, now they can get the fuck out of the country.

The (((media))) of course went out of their way to not mention anything beyond "protesters" because they know zero fucks would be given if they mentioned who was protesting and why and all sympathy for their narrative goes right out the window when facts come into play.

sandniggers are like jews, political ideologies are just fronts for their tribal agendas.

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i don't think anyone particularly cared on the left or the right. it was a great watch though. seeing turkroach's beat upity turkroaches (who bitched out and fled the country instead of staying there to fight for whatever bullshit they wanted) right infront of the fat incompetent diversified nigger DC police was great entertainment. International incident aside it just goes to show you that the police will instantly bitch out and do nothing when faced with 10+ armed people. You could start a civil war in any major city in the US with 500 well armed people and the police would immediately flee. The police are not military and do not have the discipline of military no matter how much military equipment you put on shaniquesha

this guy gets it
cops are incapableof dealing with any sized armed force that is dedicated to its mission
at best they try to contain
but bullets don't care about being told to stop

Mudslimes calling each other terrorist fucking lol.

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I need a playbill, I can't tell one side from the other.

They simply don't have the manpower to deal with an armed populace in the first place.

Well, now we know. Finish that shit in the streets. Because the fucking courts won't.

Basically. Feel free to take out the garbage.

pro-Kurd commies butthurt about Erdogan is why they were protesting, the Turks were diplomatic security as well, not immigrants

I fucking loved this. They really stuck it to those Kurdish communists. If only Americans would treat our own commies this way!


lol'd at the fat fuck getting teeth kicked in at 3:03

Someone needs to turn this into one of those starwars versions with saber swords and all.


They were commies who supported the PKK

Which one was Imturkroach?

Pretty much this. Maybe the leftards will learn from being bitten by their pet shitskins, probably not though.

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