Trump's New Lawyer: The Man Who Sent Jonathan Pollard to Jail

Trump's New Lawyer: The Man Who Sent Jonathan Pollard to Jail

>Over the years, diGenova has consistently spoken out against Israeli pleas to pardon Pollard or shorten his time in prison. When Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asked the Clinton administration to release Pollard in return for Israeli concessions in the peace process with the Palestinians, diGenova reportedly said that it would be a mistake to connect Pollard’s fate to that of the process. He also said that “nothing can compare” with the severity of Pollard’s crimes.

>In November 2015, when Pollard was finally released, diGenova told The New York Times that his case was “one of the 10 most serious espionage cases in history,” adding, “I’m delighted he served 30 years. I wish he would have served more.”

I've been skeptical of Trump lately, but this is a very good sign.

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Why keep reposting the fake quote? There’s no proof it was said and no way of ever getting proof. The facts about what this yid did are far more important and damning.

(Misapplication of shill bingo)

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First day on the job Moshe? This isn't Kikebart, we know sending Jonathan Pollard to prison was a good thing.

Are you sure? The website I saved that from is usually credible.

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Things are starting to feel kampfy….

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I think I'm seeing a pattern. Appoint neutral parties that can be called globalist for goy points, then rotate them out for baddest goy of 198X.

Pollard should have been killed, I’m surprised that he hasn’t been hunted down.

This. Just one of many pieces of the puzzle that indicate such things.
But drumpf a zog oyyy veyyy screching from the shills and brainlets will continue. That said it's not excluding actual criticism warranted at every stage where it is necessary.

He got extradited to Israel; he’s immortal now.




Haha look how salty these Jewish shills still are about that Jewish traitor Pollard.

My bad-didn't check out j. Pollard

Who me, worried?


How do you do fellow former Drumf supporter?
So many of us here today!

Honestly that gives me hope. Should the ingestion the fbi has going on the Clinton foundation link to his wife, Rosenstein would have to recuse. And by omission would have to recuse from the Russia investigation via the CF and fusion gps link.

Kike will get squashed like a bug.

lel you know what I meant.

Literally nobody uses the word fashy except shills you cuck. Are you a fucking woman?

They are not from here.

God damn the new mod is awesome.

I wonder how much of the past few years is fallout from Obama and Hillary getting everyone with security clearance doxed by the Chinese.

Yeah, he's doing breddy gud so far.

What did Pollard do. First I've heard of any of this.

Still need someone to cover bit earlier, especially for street shitter etc.

Everybody forgets how Bill Clinton gave the fucking chinks jobs at LANL and every other high-security national infrastructure establishment.

They doubtless know who our most important researchers and analysts are after the Obamacare years, and it is likely that the local Chink dry cleaner operators and fried food purveyors have lists of who to kill when they decide to start WWIII.

Unless we do something fast, the Chinese will win WWIII before we even know what’s going on.

Hey Izzoh, how’s it going? Your brother still working on that law degree?

RIP to your ips. Do you pay for them or are they part of the package?

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Nearly choked on my food, you were debunked by your own image, breddy top kek!
Reposting it here so people can see when you are gone.

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Shhhh, no more posting, only filtered sleep.

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I think Ron is covering the botspam with his own bot now, if you check the log.

Read a book nigger, they don’t fight the way we want them too. They’re fighting and winning WWIII right now by subsuming our critical manufacturing, sneaking backdoors into chips which have made their way into stealth fighters, and subverting Presidents (and Trudeau) and billionaires.

You think Zucc married that pug-faced chink broad wife of his for her looks?

You’re probably a Chinese shill yourself, or a very very shitty Five Eyes shill trying to prop up morale.

One by one, they're all going to go.

He was born a Jew and just did what came naturally.

Is that even possible?

Deal with it, bro.

Hey mod can you please clear some spam in the final part of

I got very drunk and trying to GET

Would hate to see it slide into 404

Cmon, user. Yuri taught you better than that. Besides, Chinks are the people who coined the phrase about submitting your enemy without firing a shot being the highest form of warfare. And until Trump, they've been doing a really bang-up job about that on just the ever growing $800 billion dollar trade deficit alone.

You make a good point though. I see posts like the one you and I responded to all the time whenever a potential credible military threat like China, North Korea, or Russia is mentioned. It’s either subversive elements trying to SHUT IT DOWN or some broad military program to keep the public grossly misinformed as to the true nature of our potential and actual adversaries. Either way it smells of Jewish traitors, I hope it’s not an actual military program to deceive members of the US public.

On cuck chan the posters who engage in this kind of propaganda usually have Canadian, Australian, and British flags so I suspect it’s some Five Eyes arrangement to keep the public misinformed.

Oh vey, how terrible!

Canada sold out to the Chinks a while back.
Clinton did it with the missile tech as well as the trade deficits.

No I made a mistake, this thread was posted just at the daily influx of former shill threads and I thought it was them
Thank you and mod for pointing out my mistake

*daily former Drumf supporters

you are proving it right even with your post

I just saw an image of Chinese owned land in Australia too, they have a third of the country there now.

It’s time to face up to the fact that we can’t rely on Chinese owned slave countries like Canada and Australia as allies any more. Either we institute some Gladio type shift and chase them out of there or abandon them to their insect overlords.

We all miss time to time but when we do, it's nice to have someone remind you that you did.

They literally can’t go off their programming. You can smell Brock’s cock on their breath.

The kvetching is good. The only thing worse than a bratty toddler throwing a temper tantrum is a quiet bratty toddler.

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The chinese will fuck off when their economy collapses.

It keeps trying, they are very desperate.

Coincidence or are these fuckers feeling the squeeze?

Notice all the shilling this week?

I don't like the chess meme, but it's appropriate here.


was for you.

No, cockbreath, they're deleting posts from Shareblue retards like you who keep pushing the "LE DRUMPFFF IS LE ZOGGGG TWOOOO SCOOOPS" narrative. Faggot.

You’re a dumbfuck nigger cattle bitch, did you know that?

All Chinese know they are slaves and they already work at gunpoint. Whether or not they get paid is immaterial. Didn’t you read the recently released reports of what happened at Tiananmen Square? They simply machine gunned up to a hundred thousand people, drove over the bodies with tanks, and hosed the “pie” down the drain.

You’re a real dumb piece of shit, get the fuck off this board.

Shareblue Shoah, how will they ever recover?

five eyes burgers and fries
first thing I thought of, kek

the only thing that really matters in the end is the Volk.
the chinese understand this
thus they send their baby factories around the world to make more loyal chinks
look at canada

the only thing that makes sense is for White Americans to take back America and deport all non-Whites (except the native feather indians (non hispanic), but everyone else especially jews) then invade (as peacefully as possible) canada and do the same there. cue the Greater United States of America GUSA.

here's hoping

I think just deporting the Jews and illegal aliens will work. Niggers were productive and had relatively low crime until the (((civil rights movement))) and lots of Asians and Pajeets are based.

Behind every race issue is a Jew, cure that and you cure it all.

Niggers never had low crime. It was just more isolated to their own communities.

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There… aren’t. Kikes run our government and kikes control our 3-letter agencies. No one in western government is working against them.

Not so fast, we've been massively infiltrated by the Muslims and the Chinese, both of whom are redpilled on kikes. It's a sort of natural balance, as our government is infiltrated by more and more world interests, competition arises.

Thanks, Obama!

This sounds like those horrible nazi masturbation machines tales tbh.

You sound like a bot tbh, or are you a woman?

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Wind blows in our favor.I'm hyped.

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Calm your tits nigger, don't you know Serial Experiment Lain?

You smell like a kike.

And the wall money is coming in with consent from the Democrats. Let that sink in. Let it in deeeeep.

It is a bizarre menagerie of lefty personality types and mental illness. Some of them are just aware enough to shut the fuck up, hug a wall and hope they have a job while avoiding prison. The others, not so much. These are the sociopaths that figure if they are going down, they will take the rest with them and they don't give a fuck how they accomplish it.

Love that well poisoning, but you Jews really need to learn some new tricks.

wtf I love the free market fulfilling global needs!

Someone doesn't like this stickied thread for a (((reason)))

Reported for spreading false information. Commit suicide.

The mod's just doing a good job for a change, deleting the Shareblue shillposts.

Yeah it looks like typical Shareblue bullshit to a tee. I'm going to report you for whining, enjoy your ban.

Now to counter the whiny shills moaning about having their shit deleted, let's look at a few DiGenova videos.

This is why they're sliding this thread, they don't want people to know what this guy is saying.

Either he reads Holla Forums or he is giving us information and we're reading HIM.

The refrain of the defeated.

This guy is going to fucking destroy the deep state.

On firing crooked weirdo McCabe, who was so integral to the Jewish plot that an actual Rothschild had a Twitter meltdown when he was shitcanned.

Kek torfag has had all their VPNs banned this week. How sad.

I'm mad, mad about Tor!

Totally organic conversation. Nothing to see here, just praise the totally new (but really just the same mods) and move on.(USER WAS BANNED FOR INORGANIC POSTING)

I mean, it happened with literally everyone else appointed by Trump(USER WAS BANNED FOR INORGANIC POSTING)

Shills aren't everybody, they do a terrible job at blending in literally everywhere they go but Reddit and Tumblr. It's pathetic actually.

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Oh look, it's the shitskin from leddit.

What's the point of repeating yourselves tho?

Oh fuck yes, was a little concerned with the cnn spin from earlier on Trump's lawyer leaving, THIS was the reason. This is like that scene in the godfather when Michael dismisses Tom: "You're not a wartime consigliare". Get fucked Jews, Trump confirmed for American patriot, fuck Johnathan Pollard, he should have died in jail.

These people are so easy to tip over the edge…I wouldn't be surprised if some autistic wizard larped as a community organizer to these chicas and got them to disrupt pelosi's event; and she must genuflect to them because her entire platform ostensibly speaks for these people. So she looks weak, loses power through the dumb spics taken in by the spectacle now agitating further for her deposition, and spics look more and more retarded to moderate whites who vote pelosi because reasons. Really makes me think trump is behind this lads…
At the end of the day, jew, theres more of us than you. You deceived my people with this bullshit for two millennia, but no more.

This is good news. I hope Trump does something about FOSTA/SESTA on top of this.

Reddit is pretty much crapping out, so it's inevitable…

Holy fucking christ, project harder.

Kikes will even sell out their own spies.

Trump is from New York City.

You mere adopted the kikeproofing. He was born in it, molded by it.

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It's obvious to anybody with a brain that (((they))) have been in a state of utter shock and panic, even desperation, since Trump won the election. There's enough information which has been released to the public, like text messages and the new final conclusion on muh Russia: to prove that the FBI and likely other intelligence agencies and senior officials including Obama, Hillary, and a slew of others acted illegally as well.

The day of the rope is approaching very quickly now. I think Trump's going to pull the trigger soon, no later than July 4th.

Chinks are better than Jews, at least. I for one welcome our chink overlords.

Chinks are sneaker than jews without the charm.

His wife represents the U1 whistleblower too.

Wasn't the first unsealed sealed indictment (or among the first) relating to the stooge who ran the trucking company shipping the uranium up through Canada right to Putin?

Did we set up Canada or even North Korea the bomb?

Me too Hitler.

I am not looking forward to the half million swarm flooding from Vancouver when things kick off.

tbqf in that way he's like us. We grew up on the Internet, which has always been kike land.

They truly believe in their invincibility right now, owing mostly to infiltration.

Any chink attempting to access any element of infrastructure on the day, remotely or in person, should be shot dead on sight.

Not an argument.
They're not. You know nothing.
Irrelevant. War = they stop manufacturing and half a billion people starve to death.
Irrelevant. You know nothing about infosec.
Irrelevant. We'll be killing our traitors in wartime.
Yes. Jews are mentally ill.
Said the chinese shill.

That wasn't a chink, that was a kike.

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Meanwhile on CNN: Trump's dick, apparently, is news again.

The network's run by fags, of course they're obsessed with dick.

Dubs of truth

They're getting more and more unhinged. OIG report is the nail in their coffin. I can't wait.

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Damn, imagine how good she sucks.

Wrong. Jews aquire power through extreme nepotism and then, through the power of their influence, shape the society around them to suit their desires. Those desires are absolute shit though. Chinks would just enslave and genocide us.

And therefore irrelevant.

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Can't resist. This image is too hot. Thanks.

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Everyone seems to buy into this idea that he somehow got successful by learning to work around kikery
Nobody seem to think that the reason for his success in NY is that the jews created him

If I’m Trump I want a rabid attack dog lawyer that I have to pretend to restrain. JDG is that lawyer. Love the turtle necks too.

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chink elite are zionists m80

chinks are dangerous, maybe more so than kikes. they are enemy number 2. note that this does not apply to other classes of asians, who range from honorary aryan to harmless untermensch peasants/sex tourism receptacles.


Wow, you really convinced me to join some honeypot FBI group and hold a torchlight rally for the media to damage right wing causes now! Thanks!

What do you anons want to bet that Trump's defense team releases shitloads of proof of the illegal activities of the deep state and the Obama administration through this guy? He's obviously beyond even Holla Forums in his distaste for those glow in the dark types and he's a Jew slayer as well.

Anyone have that screencap of the Chinese ambassador talking about how any rational person who looks into it can see that the jews run the US and that China should emulate the jews' behavior to get similar influence?

What if pedogate was started by the Jews but is now run by the Chinese and also entraps Jews?

Locking up jew rats was then, now congress is debating laws that allow foreign intelligence services *cought* Mossad *cough* to investigate American citizens without a warrant.

It's like everything normal and decent was smothered to death in the ham smelling tit folds of a 300 lb. dyke with pink hair and every day just brings more atrocities as we descend further into hell.

Nice blackpill, are you a Jewish boomer woman?

Would explain maoist brand of communism and cultural revolution 2

If any program is ripe for subversion it's one such as this.

I have this feeling that it all dates back to the (((French Resistance))) in WWII, they'd have you torture a Nazi to death and photograph it as a way to keep you from telling. Some toe-sucking faggot even made a movie alluding to this I hear.

Then you have old Jack Parsons engaging in all kinds of weirdness, human sacrifices in the '50s like Jayne Mansfield and that one un-ID'd woman, and the whole thing gets so out of control / in control that it's operating all over the place.

Why wouldn't the Soviets or the Chinese or even the Albanians get in on it? You can rope some idiot into your spinoff club and bam, they're working for the chinks because somebody has video of them balls-deep in 10 year old Haitian boipucci.

Chinas a tad too busy pissing themselves at japan building up its military again.

you sound like a chinese shill, nothing to fret about over there eh?

Chinese Universities don't even have black and women's studies departments, I doubt they're any good at researching things which benefit the nation.

Unlike the USA, luckily we do have those departments and more, would you like a thousand Latin American Lit professors a year?


Traitor Pollard should have faced the firing squad. Simple as that.

OP, are you really a retard or are you a shill pretending to be retarded?

Meanwhile the national debt crossed the $21 trillion mark, but it's good that the shills have their priorities straight and continue to focus on identity politics.

You're going to shit your pants soon, sometime in the next 48 hours for sure.

A national debt of $21 trillion and not a single thread about the $1300 billion dollar pork barrel spending bill.

Make one then, you double nigger.

Don't worry, the mass arrests will more than make up for the cost.

I would, but my dumbphone won't let me. I'll add a quality post if you create one.


All the money is fiat created out of thin air and given to the jews. Have you not opted out of the regular economy yet?


Jesus Christ I needed this what with the bullshit black pilling of the past week.

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How's it feel to know that literally nobody cares about bump stocks and this fracture point has failed?

Kek the new mod is based, thanks mod.

Lynch yourself instead.

BTFO Anti NeoCon trump kike shills

You leftists, muslims and antisemites are all so salty still that our NeoCon Republican agenda has won.

Ha Ha Ha I personally don't see what you're all complaining about you fashy based jewoCon voting patriots, if you didn't want our total jew control then why did you fashy based NeoCon supporting goys vote total NeoCon jewish control for?
Talk about dumb cattle marching themselves into the abattoir!

Get with the program goy, for future reference:
If you don't want a jew world order to enslave your children's children, then may I suggest you don't vote for the jew world order's puppets next time.

We win, and the dumb goy lose, and the best ever mods since Judas Iscariot can't help Rubbing your noses in it daily and making you beg for even more

Every day on Holla Forums we have been reminding you dumbfuck republicuck goy that you don't own nothing.

Least of all Holla Forums which has been under our control since way before Trump decided to stand as President to accelerate the jew world order.

Now remember while you goys are guests on Holla Forums please observe our rules:

1, Do not dare criticise our choice of Trump, you're just dumb cattle who we tell you who to vote for and then you can die in the wars we create for you with honour, serving your jewish masters and making you cheer your own demise on, got that?
2, This is our board naow, how you like that bitches?

Don't believe us jews own everything here?

Just try and post criticism of Trump, Bannon or Kushner

Try and dare make genuinely antisemitic content here

Try and promote a genuine white organisation here

Try to dare expose the oldest known frauds like Le Pen, Gert Wilders or any of the NeoCon zionist jews Trump appointed to the cabinet.

Go on goy, test us, you know we own Holla Forums and all you can do is praise ZOG or get banned.

Now if you have any further queries about what else you can do to serve the jew world order, just browse through the based sticky threads here and follow Imkampfy's hotpocktX directions,cheer every bill that hands over America to ZOG, and thank the mods every time we ban any legit user.

All your boards are belong to us!

Le LoL xD xD xD

That giant-titted dummy has been alive for how long? We're either consistently electing low-IQ criminals or the democratic process has been irreparably subverted for everything but the highest office (EC is a massive roadblock for election thieves).

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So amidst all these hot takes about Joe being off the case, what's the actual reason he's not on trumps legal team? Did he get shut down for talking about kushner or something?
Conflict of interest. They're beltway lawyers so they probably have a client who's about to be indicted.

Pardon, I assumed those itt would be venturing outside it to inform themselves on matters concerning digenova and not that they were mouthbreathing faggots who require links to be posted to even try to discuss something

low energy / 10

She's admitting that she can't be arsed to read an eight-page double spaced document but it's important enough that everybody has to sign her petition.

Low energy and I bet she didn't even consider how lazy this makes her out to be.

Mod's are banning everyone who questions the narrative.

google/youtube censoring like crazy. Citibank & Paypal refusing to deal with gun purchases. Reddit & Facebook censoring all right wing & gun talk. 1/2 chan completely overrun with shills. Now Holla Forums mods BANNING EVERYONE that speaks against the narrative.

The war has already begun. It started in the primaries when the right, left and media threw everything they had at Trump and he overcame. Then the fake news battle began and was largely won by Trump supporters. Then the Russia collusion battle began and continues to this day. Then they attacked Trumps nominees accusing them of fraud, corruption, etc. Then the fight against the second amendment began and continues full force to this day. Now they are silencing all voices that disagree with the narrative.

Bullshit is bullshit no matter whether it is pro or anti Trump. They are going to make sure that nothing like Trump ever happens again. The strategy is simple for now, divide and concur, and our mods are helping.

Why don't you just go back to /zenpol/ and chill out there? If what people want to hear is the wall is a fence ;^) and Drumpf's a kike, they'll join you there. We finally have a mod who understands the typical shill fracture points and bans people for them. It's not like you've thought of any new ones in the last few years anyway.

The shill game is stale and shitting up the board seems to be your objective now that you've failed at absolutely everything else you've tried. Yes shills havfe overrun cuck chan - but they're YOU and the new mods know it. I for one welcome and bless the new mods.