How Hitler was Even More Evil than You Think


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kike free 1st post


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kike not free 3rd post

probably right. this thread should be derailed


lol, this needs to be the new first post retardation. don't say anything; just say "kike not free 1st post" heh

just listen to it and see how quickly you turn it off out of disgust. I think I got 5 sec in and he was just so full of shit I couldn't go any longer

Here we go, I guess.

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better version

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just listen to it and see how quickly you turn it off out of disgust. I think I got 5 sec in and he was just so full of shit I couldn't go any longer

Don't respond to these fools, faggot.

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Always remember to sage.

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I think I got 5 sec in and he was just so full of shit I couldn't go any longer
Same here. Everything he says is complete bullshit.
That's exactly what happened!

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lol, that's low, even for gore, user. c'mon now

wtf are they spamming for? just because I made the joke "checkmate" or because of the title? or, is JP an eceleb. And, if so, I thought Holla Forums was all over eceleb nuts these days

then I shut it off

You're right. Still sageing, but here's one for you.

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heh where did this googley-eyed schnoz come from?

imagine being that dude

that's my question. she's very plain. besides that i'm not a fan of gore even tho it don't offend me.

lol, Holla Forums is getting spammed again. they say they are /fringe/ but that's very doubtful

The OP already has a kike in it, so that’s irrelevant.

She was Holla Forums's Jewess girlfriend for a while last year. Here's her art.

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ah no wonder. I was on hiatus for the better part of last year…. wow, what an artist so vivid and insightful heh

Psychology: a language for kikes, by kikes.

Jordan Peterson is married to a Jewess and his home is full of Bolshevik propaganda and occult Satanic spirit cooking costumes:

Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro, Joe Rogan, Sam Harris, Dave Rubin, Steve Pinker, Jonathan Haidt,etc

Who is managing all these Kike and Shabbos Goy "intellectuals"?


Jordan Peterson kicked out Faith Goldy out of a free speech event for going on a Fag Anglin's Thai Fuck Shack podcast to discuss her reports from Charlottesville

Audience member called him out on deplatforming and he stumbled over his words

Here's Jordan Peterson refusing to address the JQ when the book 200 years together by Alexander Soltzenizin was brought up at his speaking event

Total lying shill and a gate keeper

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Oh and one more thing. Jordan Peterson is a cross dresser and his ugly Jew wife looks like a man

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Shit like this is fucking lame
I see worse shit than this at work.
Step your Gore game up user we're trying to drive these cucks out!

What a disgusting woman. She looks like Freddy Kruger.

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makes a lot more sense now. disgusting… i mean, the jewess… I can see how a retard who hasn't really looked into it might think Lenin was cool, but how can you sleep with that ugly goat???

grade a post

Your gore folder is very very weak, watch and learn youngster.

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its high level brainwashing that they use to make u feel smart.

shut it down

Well, no shit, anyone with more than 2 brain cells already knew this, though on Holla Forums you're always bound to have your "lel he's just hiding his powerlvl guis!" retards, who are totally, absolutely not shills.

For fuck sake, Hitler DID use the Jews as slave labour. Even kiked historians will tell you this, come on Jordan.

Wait, here she looks like Charles Bronson.

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Yea, because everything is so un-evil and un-degenerate now that he lost.
Whoever this Petersuckberg is, he can go gas himself.


Come on man, we've asked you to before to stop with this. Please. Have a little decency?

yeah, but this is even beyond that. see:

I mean, he's going all out nutter. But, on the bright side, its shit like this that helps redpill people. once you realize you've been completely lied to, you really wake up

yeah, that's the most perverse thing about it. say what you want about lefty professors, but at least they will say that things are bad now. I mean, its sometimes for stupid reasons, and they always compare it to le ebul nazis, but they'll still complain. this asshole is about as asinine bluepilled as they come

it wouldn't be the first time he's used a fictional story to make a point

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Fascism will always be better than NatSoc and you'll accept that when stop crying in time-out.

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Every psychology major is a fucking fruitcake. They sign up for PSYCH 101 to sort out their own issues, and they stick around for the feeling of power that allegedly figuring out other people's minds gives them. The worst then go into academia, where they get tenure and spend 50 years babbling about bullshit to undergrads who need a passing grade badly enough to let these nutcases stick a finger in their butts.

If you need some work to overcome a bad habit or destructive tendency, you'll do well with a cognitive-behavioral therapist, whatever their credentials. If you want to understand the human condition, there are scientific psychologists out there who use comparative methods and controlled, blind studies to draw conclusions. But if your former PSYCH major starts yammering about some pet theory in a vacuum tube of a classroom, he's a fake and a lunatic.


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Jahan's is looking well.

fad, tbh

all I hear is



No shit, genius.

t. Famous Germtard torpedo with no argument

You know, you could try to be a little subtler, yid.

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why is your gore folder a series of pics of the same chubby topless woman.

can you think of anything more disgusting and offensive than (((Lena Dunham)))? Because I can't.

personally, I was so disgusted by her that in order to feel better I had to go here:

i feel like i've seen this exactly reply before

This guy is so boring and lacking in substance. He's not even fun to make fun of or hate, he's just kind of there doing nothing. I don't understand why anybody still talks about this guy.

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Lol only confirms further that Nazitards are 20th century paki cultists obsessed with reducing everything to one indifferent dull dominion.

The least dishonest not calling him honest, hes wrong about so many thing man in canada with reach, but hangs out with controlled opposition too much to not be one himself.

I wish that I can be alive when the world finally wakes up from all the lies and deceit and realizes, with utter horror, what really happened during the war, if they ever truly found it, every semitic person would be hunted down and exterminated, because no one would stop those who would gladly do so.

Anyone else notice the Hijab?
- - -

best version -

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Only real thing he's wrong about is Cain, for it is a mark of Cain to fortify a city and build property lines, implying that communism did no wrong.

Give it up, kike. You can't hide here.

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webm pls


>believing a Holla Forums is one person post, especially the lie in it
Return to whatever shithole you came from

The worst part about Jew Peterson is that he has the normalfags that are aligned with the alt-right as an audience. Normalfags are addicted to (((ecelebs))) and these ecelebs are used as a stopgap to prevent normalfags from becoming truly aware of the jew problem - to prevent them from becoming truly free of the jewish illusion. Ecelebs are unfortunately the current best way to reach large audiences of normalfags but are almost always owned by a jew.

The dynamic that jewish owned ecelebs follow is what the jews learned from the fallout of gamergate. While they subdued gamergate by causing to implode from falling for the PR trap, they learned that they could use SJWs as a scapegoat. To them, seeing the sjw and assorted anti-sjw people clash is another encapsulation of whites infighting. Mocking SJWs has become the containment of the right and they are still in the midst of damage control. Ultimately they cannot contain the whites in the bread and circus of SJW mockery so they're pushing forward in desperate measures to fight on other fronts.

What this means is that the current situation with ecelebs is tricky but tenuous as far as jewish control goes. A Holla Forums-tier eceleb could easily sweep up the normalfag audience and expose the jewish controlled ones as frauds. The jews would probably rush to replace their current ones, but jews are few and so are reliable puppets. No matter what means the jews have to carry out jewry, they can only do it so much without ruining the illusion. Aside from that, though they appear to have many under their control, they can only acquire so many puppets. They will run out of puppets, and this is why jews have to step in and show their disgusting faces - which betrays them once people see them as not whites.

Cheating is "success" now is it?
Okay, let's make that a two-way street and see how they fare.
Cheats only prosper when everyone else plays by the rules.

So, let's stop playing by the rules. Use the kike playbook instead.
All that jewish "success" will evaporate in an instant.

This. kikes are the ones who hate a level playing field.

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The absolute state of Nazi masterminds.

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His shitposting is almost top notch, but he wandered into the "pretending to be retarded" region just a tad too much.
8/10, would gas again

I'm sure you'll get the chance.

(((Individualists))) : Not even once.
sage is for OP's shit thread.

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checkmate faggot

Jordan is controlled op, but you're an idiot if you think the things he's saying there are mutually exclusive. To the extent that a person can be molded, most of it is done in childhood. That's why the kikes want our kids in government schools.

That was England. Liquidated their whole Empire to bomb Europe into oblivion.

Fascinatingly hideous; truly a curiosity of malformed flesh.

How fucking new are you?

Is it bad that I just want to punch her fat stomach to see if it would inflate her tits?

looks like you are projecting, jew. maybe you should look for ANY archaeological evidence of the supposed jewish "exodus" from egypt instead of proclaiming that other people have no history.

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how new are you?

well, I think its more a difference of the sort of "normal" socialization that goes on, indeed must go on, in human groups as opposed to this thought that everything is socialized therefore if I don't like something then I just need more control over society. There's a difference between teaching young boys not to kick and hit and making people [put your favorite PC topic here]. But, yeah, you're right to point out that its not necessarily mutually exclusive

Rofl Kike. We are students of MK and know exactly what Hitlers intentions were from his own mouth. He was a loving kind man who sacrificed everything for the love of his race. Go gas yourself, get 5,999,999 of your butt buddies to do the same, and then you can actually say 6mil of ur filthy Edomite asses were gassed and not be lying anymore.

He says way more positive things about Hitler though. Carefully, but he does. And he is a strong believer that evil is normal and proper for all humanity. His point in this lecture if one watched the entire thing, was that we are all evil, we are all Hitler, and we should embrace it instead of running from it and virtue signalling that we arent.

I haven't read the thread but this is probably another one of those that would make a Yellowstone explosion warranted again.

Fuck off with this shit.

By this logic the Japaneses leadership wanted the mayhem of the nuke.
Even going by the official story of the holocaust, the mass killing only took place after trying to resettle them outside of Germany.
That depends on whether you want to live like an inuit. Hand to mouth and with ethnic strangers. Does the left also accept this argument when used against redistribution?
Makes more sense now. Free yourself from christian morality. It's fake and gay.
t. every Canadian ever



Fuck this crypto kike.

what the fuck is he even saying here

He's desperately begging to be let into the approved corral by his masters.

Peterson is a faggot. But the comment section is a lot of fun. It's half "Hitler did nothing wrong" and half "Oy vey these racist Nazi trolls are questioning the holocaust!"

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The assumption that whites are upset with Jews for being "successful" is roughly as retarded as thinking white people are upset with niggers for raping because whites themselves can't get sex.

It should be clear from that alone that the guy is either compromised or always was a kike stooge.

I'll just leave this here.
Sage because another failed anti-peterson thread.

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Did you watch OP's video you dumbfuck?

Typical Jewish lies.

Holohoax as taught by schools, the media and other kike controlled organizations never happened. At the most 250,000 Jews could have died, more is basically not possible.

Hitler wanted the Jews all deported to Madagascar or Israel not killed.

Attached: DAS RITE.mp4 (635x358 1.09 MB, 33.19K)

wow omg so shocking i can't believe it what a cuck


>be criticized by both leftists and (((altright)))

I wonder who would be behind this?

Attached: who.jpg (500x500 19.62 KB, 47.46K)

Nobody gives a shit. We're all well aware you fucks have been threatening him for awhile now to get him to shut up. Clean your room.

He tells the audience everything they need to know by saying "I can't do it".

1. Nobody ever claimed JP was the 2nd coming of Hitler.
2. None of this "Some of my best friends are Jews!" stuff started until he came under serious attack from the Left.
3. Go gas yourselves d&c shills.

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Attached: B8_POLFIS.png (512x512, 159.74K)


The first minute is actually a fantastic argument as to why the Holohoax makes no fucking sense, if you cut out the other 3.5 minutes of bullshit.
Also, kek'd at "Thousand year 4th- I mean 3rd- Reich"

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ah man, I was looking forward to not being able to eat today.

inspiring every time.

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Why you take your delinquent bolshevik false shepard and fuck off back to leftygag you dumb kike loving nigger faggot.

How can anybody like this medicated conman?

Attached: Peterson gatekeeper.mp4 (1280x720, 2.97M)


How about you try to refute my post instead of throwing every buzzword in your glossary at me you ESL shill?

I know right. Asshole didn't actually even gas the jews.

Attached: 8c001f69f27602f6184797b52bb033f38e473d57275f3b69835c413f35505403.jpg (703x1024, 100.01K)

this is a valid critique of stupid hitler.
But I am a little disturbed at all this hate for Kaela Mensha Khaine

Attached: Peterson hates him knife ears love him this one trick left europe in ruins.jpg (833x1390, 494.98K)

All of this rests on the holohoax narrative. Which has it exactly backwards. The germans weren't squandering precious resources on trying to kill Jews and Gypsies. They were squandering precious resources trying to keep them alive.

Why does it seem Hitler's plan (for which there is no evidence Hitler had anything to do with) seem irrational and excessively evil? Because it's a patchwork folk tale made up by hysterical Jews.

Also, Jordan seems behind the times when it comes to the mainstream narratives. Gypsies? Sorry Jordan but five million goyim didn't die in the Holocaust. It was *only* Jews.

Attached: Inflated numbers - Simon Weisenthals lie 03.jpg (804x750, 170.82K)

or maybe by pushing two opposing viewpoints contained in the same narrative Peterson is slowly pushing doubt of the whole narrative while maintaining his belief in the 6 kajillion.
And I've read a bunch of stuff about how Rhiuehyhard Hiydriechs was the real scary one but then why did it continue after his death?

You could make the same claim for anyone else repeating the narrative. Including Jews like Elie Wiesel; his story was *full* of internal contradictions.

Attached: 1513058836001.jpg (680x608, 79.22K)

Or maybe he really is the shabbos goy he presents himself is, and that's why kikes and neo-cohens are so happy to present him as phony resistance to our semitic society.

Attached: kike masks protocols.jpg (920x537 102.3 KB, 95.1K)

Intellectual shabbos goyim will always be attacked by the radical left to keep them appearing relevant. Peterson doesn't have any unique ideas. He just has a platform.

Yet, almost instantly after he died, the name was replaced by "Suevian".

He does in his credibility.

he said Hitler didn't use slave labor. that's not ordinary academic things, that's just made up bullshit

this is banal. you're a retard.

I knew a jew and he said his mother told him gypsies were "one of us"


Does anybody know where you can download the entire collection of the Illuminati cards?

That's news to me, is this a recent revelation?

Attached: HORA.jpg (350x400, 48.16K)


About two decades ago. The kike who invented the 11 million figure never really got any support for it, and he was forced to admit he made it up.

Why does this faggot end every sentence with "right?" Sounds like some kind of neuro-linguistic programming to build compliance right?

Attached: Based Peterson 2.mp4 (1920x1080 5.07 MB, 2.57M)


He's giving a subtle and a pretty clever bone to chew on.
If Germany was losing the war, why did they start designating resources to killing jews?

Attached: 428.jpg (400x399, 118.7K)

*citation needed
What is historic art?
aaaaaaand you just completely discredited your whole post.

if this guy speaks truth to power why does (((amazon))) promotes his book on their front page. face it he's a useful idiot at best, controlled opposition at worst. either way he has jewish children so you should really temper your expectations

Attached: 6ae6337400d1c73e7aad7d1c09c0a07cb61ee867585479c72c5fa90778adb99a.png (1664x2560 68.89 KB, 125.98K)


you've got to back

Attached: bypass.png (640x767 4.35 KB, 144.04K)

Provide proof or you are spreading disinfo. Judging by these forced memes seen in every failed anti Peterson thread, I'm going to guess you're against evidence and therefor are directly indifferent to Holla Forums values. Fuck outta here kike.

this isn't for you, it's for the people lurking. you replied to a picture of his jewish wife and him wearing spirit cooking costumes with asking for a source. this is only the beginning of why i know you aren't from around here

epic downsage, kind stranger

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Great doubleposting, shill.


Attached: shidposding.jpg (326x244, 15.84K)

Nice try sharejew.

You can't convince me that major alt-right leaders are zionist shills.

your a nigger

your a fag

your favorite Star Wars film was Ep1. Mine is NONE!!!!!!!

Star Wars is a franchise for nogs.

Star Wars kills babies. George Lucas drinks blood from unborn babies to keep himself alive.

Shut up BOOMER!!!

wtf is going on this thread

Attached: bypass2.jpg (600x800 30.97 KB, 45.28K)

Disingenuous kike. What he said was "Most of my friends are jews".

Shareblue kikes are crying

Your the shill.

You suck nigger cock.

shut it down mode
Better luck next time.
Mark another failed anti-peterson thread.
What is this, the 10th or 11th since the Cathy Newman fiasco? Even the (((altright))) have been notified to back hit pieces on him.

People Jewing people fucking jew

We dont have you, but you cant post here either. They have been effectively exposed and if you refuse the information showing people like Enoch, Spencer, Grindr Greg, Taylor and others are pro-kike shills and such, then youre just anti-white yourself. You dont care about white genocide and neither do they. Youre here to protect your cult leaders.

You work for CNN.

Now we watch the astroturf in action.
Very transparent and sad! Low energy!

From the very beginning btw its pure bullshit and people will just assume what hes saying is true. They werent enslaved to win the war, they were put to work off their debt for what they had stolen from Germany.

You keep denying that you secretly love the sandniggers. The EU supports Iran who hates Israel, therefore you are on the same boat as the EU.

You work for kikes, were here to stop genocide. Youre a self described larper, go back.

Attached: were-not-going-to-have-arguments-with-these-people.webm (480x360, 418.51K)

I swear for some reason people tie their own ego to these e-personalities. When TRS got btfo I had a couple friends in utter denial. They were the types who bought daily shoah t-shirts and listened religiously.

Attached: enoch-greatest-ally.mp4 (480x360, 574.11K)

The jews aren't the problem it is the soviets and reptilians. THE COMMUNISM IS HERE AT A GLOBAL SCALE!!!!!

They argue that he was actually talking about his wife there. I just got done going back and forth with one of these traitorous fucks.


Israel is a great nation that supports nationalism and has a border wall. Learn from Israel.







Oh look, its this shill again. This is aut-kike astroturfing on a vpn, you can report him for ban evasion.

Attached: muh-Shareblue-Shill3.PNG (1582x1011 940.2 KB, 450.82K)

This is TRS shutting it down and hiding that they were just exposed astroturfing - STILL. Reminder to report him for ban evasion/TRSodomite

Well I'd be a bit hesitant to call them all traitorous fucks. I know the 2 friends I'm talking about are well intentioned. It's just frustrating that they can't see or refuse to see what seems obvious to me.

Attached: 3bc746b6143f9abb485d1844d7e255c71fd87a1519cb50a0497b2b35c7d3c648.png (898x1147, 2.06M)

TRS has done nothing wrong. All TRS wants to do is be a good goy for Israel.

TRS is good.

Ignore ShareBlue shills.

I dont care if Jew lovers are well intentioned, theres one side that is right and one side that is supporting Jews against pro-whites. Were not a democratic movement, we rely on being unified. If they refuse to unify against kikes they are antifa.


how rich.

Hes already been gassed, Im reporting an already dead man.

Reminder astroturfing is race treason even if you consider your opinion only mildly different. Youre still undermining whites who are dedicated to more radical measures than yourself, which makes you a traitor to your race who sneakily uses kike weasel tactics to subvert them. There can only be one punishment fitting people such as those.

Reminder that doubleposting astroturfs trying to divert their astroturfing should be gassed on spot

fuck outta here, has nothing to do with this slide thread.

No, this is just a predictable mole mod infiltration like lefty/pol/ did to cuckchan. Its all downhill from here. The old mods were fine, they went a little light on banning the shareblue shill in this thread as quickly as they should, but they werent that bad.

You are the mod. I reported him for 3x non sage posting and now youre projecting that onto me. Do your fucking job or were seriously leaving this place, National Socialists. Ive been banned and revert-unbanned like 5x now when I have to point this garbage out.

good luck with that attitude if you take the same position with your IRL friends. these aren't lost souls, they will come around, at least the specific people I have in mind

reported for doubleposting and banevasion.

Attached: 426587[1].gif (460x380, 3.73M)

I dont associate with people who refuse to understand that calling Irish potato niggers and posting I am a d&c kike, ban my stupid non-white ass memes isnt acceptable. If you think those friends of yours would be accepted into the NSDAP while defending that type of bullshit, youre wrong.

…what are you on about? i'm talking about 2 friends that were TRS fanboys and were in denial after it came out that enoch was married to kikess

I reread my post and saw it could be interpreted that way. What I meant was their promotion of a leader who was married to a Jew, who says he himself is Jewish, who attacks 1488ers and such. Hes the opposite of National Socialism.. and so your friends would be likely deemed communists for their anti-racist views.

ITT: shills shilling shills shilling shills

I cant tell if youre a lazy mod or if youre cuckchan.

Attached: cuckpol-meets-fullpol.mp4 (426x240, 3.05M)

trs aside, i don't understand why everyone has to be a "shill" or "controlled op" or whatever. Why can't people just be retarded faggots anymore? Is it possible, in this day and age, to simply be "wrong?"

yeah, or he could have been equating jews or jew-affiliated people in one group, or something like that. the problem is, he's had several slip-ups like this, which makes it more and more plausible that he's mixed. also, look at his face. c'mon.

So that makes Alex Jones, Peterson, Gavin Mcinnes (has a poo in loo wife) seems like all these people are literally in bed with jews and non whites

Where's the source tho?

c'mon, you're not even trying

dat filename heh

I am OP and I can assure you that I am not a paid shill though I am looking for a job, so hit me up shill companies and I did not make this thread because there was some super-sekret informative world-tranforming thread posted by one of you cuckchan/yiddit kiddies that I was trying to slide. I thought the thread would attract some good conversation, and perhaps some unfunny shitposting, and I was right. The convo-shitposting ratio kind of sucks, but you're only adding to that by derailing the thread by screaming about shills

Sauce of cross dressing photo?

"Psychiatry? That's just a racket for the Jews!" – Livia Soprano

Attached: LiviaSoprano.png (882x528 448.08 KB, 500.45K)

Could you redirect me?
I see stuff like
And other half truths and typical Jewish tricks

Surely something a shill wouldn't say huh

Better version of above.

Attached: ISJCFM.png (1124x640, 818.86K)


Have you seen any of this videos on jews? he worships them and thinks they are high IQ geniuses. He also goes on and on about dah six million. I don't know if his wife is jewish but she looks like it and he is a jew lover

Go back to half, you useless cunt.

No cunt, no shekels for you.
yeah yeah imgur but it works for storage

Poh mo thoin.
t. potato nigger


They should remember that when whites "cheat" we just tend to kill everybody in our way with our own two hands.

Even our "cheating" is honorable and based on martial merit.


Kill yourself cunt. You were the reason other anons got caught up in the ban waves because you sent the shitskin sperging with your shitskin sperging.

shit meant to say thanks and wrote sage twice for some reason

Sage does go in all fields.

Attached: 1760615FRE5098[1].jpg (750x500, 248.84K)


Attached: Mein Check'em.jpg (536x798 24.7 KB, 43.67K)

My brain isn't big enough to comprehend this level of pseudo-intellectual masturbation

Attached: IMG_1144.JPG (1200x1096 162.07 KB, 140.45K)

That's exactly the same pattern as Pinker the blinkered. A. K. A. Steven pinker, another (((gate keeper)))

That's why they kvetch so hard about the holohoax, my d00d.





not surprised


Peterson is on our side regardless of what he thinks. Everyone fighting for the betterment of society is automatically supportive of National Socialism, because the end goal of National Socialism is national and social success.

Also Hitler is not for everyone and that is a good thing.

And remember Israel has its own internet propaganda army.

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Hi rabbi.

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How the fuck am I supposed to look up to a manlet?

Why don't you take your discord nigger narrative and fuck off back to reddit you alt kike jew lover.