Negro shills for MGTOW

Negro shills for MGTOW

Negros gangbanging sex dolls when?

Better than the trash they have in the ghetto for sure…

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I’m surprised no one meme MGTOW to niggers yet. It will bring down the big population.

Sage. Negresses are the fucking worst, niggers have always been the core of MGTOW.

Niggers are incorrigible, always following their dicks and anger.

The biggest problem with shilling this to the negro population is that they care about status.

Negroes are often course lustful beasts, driven by their desires, but they do in fact also care about how they're perceived. That's why they spend so much money on expensive cars they can't afford, "bling" and so forth.

That's also why they're so obsessed with white women. Obviously, white women are the most attractive of all, but that's only part of the explanation. The biggest reason is that for something as high tier as a white woman to associate with a nog, which is basically bottom of the barrel, he must be pretty successful. It's all about status and showing it off.

This is also why I think it'll be a tough sell. Fucking a sex doll isn't status. I don't see how you could possibly make it be, aside from maybe shilling it as a truly luxury product. MGTOW in general will be a tough sell to blacks because its not "cool". They don't care about self improvement or better living or anything like that unless they can brag about it. I think they'll probably end up buying some of these, but not forgoing women for the sake of them.

That is not the purpose of shilling MGTOW to the negroes. Where the white wimmin at will never go away. What it will do is reduce the negro birth rate. There is a story of a negro leaving his wife for a sex doll.
Nigs gonna nog

This is the kind of competition she boons are facing and apparently she boons are losing

nah negros need dat ass brah

a chinese company made a kardashian like doll which is what he is all hyped up about

dem tighs brah

They all look like trannies

Sounds like MGTOW to me

This cold lifeless rubber material still can't compete. I think we were born too late to get truly viable replacements for women even though so many of them have been corrupted to such levels as to be utterly unwanted.

Men were too drunk to stop Universal Suffrage.

I guess they know their demographic pretty well then.

I'm kinda shocked they are only 2 grand.

why? silicone doesn't cost it's weight in gold + that stuff is cut rate china garbage that only looks good in pics

also realdolls came down in price a lot as well which is quality made in the US stuff

We should be franchising a chain of build a bitch workshops throughout all of black america.

don't mind me, i'm just collecting my weekly ban.

As one poster said you'd be surprised how many niggers are MGTOW. Fact is that Asians and White Women despite both being trash in the west, are the best chances you have for stable relationshits.

The Chinese government will use these dolls as a softpower weapon. It's like the domestic drones.

When will DARPA start investing in this?

Fuck off reddit, go back to your niggers.

Most men will probably end of fucking sex robot's
a decade from now,whether that's a good thing or not.

We need more like this

Holy fuck, I know this guy. We used to do stand-up comedy together in NC.

Nice, we definitely need more of this.

The only ones upset about men opting out are expired roasties, cucks/soyboys and jews.

I would sooner shoot one of you than to turn against the poor souls trying to get by in this Weimar hell.

t. your uncle

hes actually funny, that was bretty gud

He’s actually fairly intelligent and not too Niggerish, as far as Nigs go. The other black comics hate on him a bit because he doesn’t pander to all of that Nig shit onstage and Nig audiences, and he ACTUALLY WORKED HARD to get where he is. Negresses would throw themselves at him (Famewhores, because he blew up QUICK) only to be laughed at. Amazingly, I never once saw him hit on a white girl, and he’s not gay nor violent. He is a Nigger Anomaly, a real Uncle Tom. Nice guy.

I'm OK with (((MGTOW))) for niggers.

Reported for woman-hating.

I'm getting super gay vibes from him tbh

I think he is either asexual or legit MGTOW. Comics are fucking degenerates who stay coked up and suicidal while they fuck each other and laughags (comedy groupies) relentlessly to fill the void in their soul, and I never once some him engage in any of that (neither did I). Only once did I see him with a gf - a statuesque, model-tier, Mulatto who came to one of his shows. Perhaps she was a beard? I dunno. All I know is he gave out hugs indiscriminately.

In the sense of "Going their own way after knocking up the latest Sheboon", I guess you're right.

Negresses are too slutty and easy. And they don't want them for family formation, so they don't think that's a bad thing in any way.

I bet those dolls come with a dick attachment

Nice reading comprehension. He's not disputing the value or purpose of pushing MGTOW on them, only the unlikelihood/difficulty of success given their qualities and psychology.

White sex dolls are obviously targeted at black males.
While we’re about it, we should tell arabs that they feel just like sheep.

it's crazy how much wider it's hips look when its naked

Ryan, is this you? If I had known that a fellow comic - a black one, at that - shitposted on Holla Forums, we could have done more together for race relations than Ebony & Ivory…
Do you know how hard it is to hide my power level in Jewywood and onstage???

Niggers are already the ultimate MGTOW. MGTOW is about avoiding relationships, not sex. It's about having meaningless sex and using women, while avoiding commitment. No one does that as much as niggers. The combination of a lack of general intelligence coupled with a lack of employment make things like alimony null in the black community. So they come leech off white male tax payers instead.

That picture is hilarious. Just desserts.

There are a surprising amount of niggers in the MGTOW community.

why is that? They just can't compete?