Broward County Corruption

The Parkland Shooting was the (accidental) result of deep rooted corruption inside Broward and Miami-Dade County School Districts to artificially under-report student delinquency to obtain more federal funding. Serious crimes such as rape, armed robbery, drug-dealing, and even murder were covered by both the school administration and sheriff's department. Students were de facto untouchable by the law. Significant evidence exists that organized crime started using teenagers as foot soldiers and coordinating criminal activities based around these unspoken rules. Its a certainty that Cruz wasn't charged or sentenced based on his numerous run-ins with the law, and its a very real possibility that he was a part of this organized crime.

This is potentially the beginning of a massive wrongful death lawsuit that is perhaps unprecedented in its scope. Hell, this is probably why the sheriff and school is so passionate for gun control; its a distraction from its own corruption, graft, and incompetence.


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This user has the same thread with way more info and a timeline too.
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How do you spell “moral hazard”?


catalog is a disaster

TCH has been amazing lately
This info needs to be pushed hard

If all of this corruption was happening at some small police department, you have to wonder how messed larger ones are.

So 4 deputies waited outside the school while DNC thugs killed kids inside but somehow didn't suicide the fallboy.

I don't think this is going to end well with anyone involved. I would imagine that the deputies might have to go into witness protection program asap. It's Florida. Floridians will be at their homes with torches and AR-15s.

The sheriff must've really fucked up the mission if the msm is exposing their cooperation in letting kids die. Some high upperint the DNC must be pissed for some reason.

Mods sticky the shit out of this.

Speculation: they were running a pedo ring and the autist caught his girlfriend being fucked by one of them so he came to shoot them up. Now they're shutting everything down to cover it up.

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I live in Orlando and have no doubt that this kind of thing is going on all fucking over this state.

Disregard, I suck cocks and need to read more.

This was the largest Sheriff's office in the country in (((Wasserman-Shultz's))) district.
Not that smaller police stations are corrupt, too.

Had Cruz been arrested and charged on the litany of crimes he committed as a student, he would be been ineligible to purchase firearms in the state of Florida. implying Cruz was the actual the shooter and not a Secret Service hit squad This is a good time to remind liberals and normalfags that we should focus on simply enforcing existing laws rather than hysterically calling for Constitution to be repealed. Had law enforcement actually followed the law, the shooting never would have happened. it's a false flag, so it still would have, but it's a good argument to tell normalfags

There is likely a trafficking ring involved seeing that this took place in Debbie Does Washington's district, but it probably had nothing to do with the autist.

The autist must have actually seen some shit that set him off, the whole "he just crazy" while there's so much corruption around the event seems to simple to be true.

Couple of previous threads have shown some pretty damning stuff pointing to the kid never actually being at the school at all that day.

Jesus Christ lads, I used to kinda enjoy the chaos. But nothing has actually popped off after all the shitflinging from the left and right so now I'm just sick of it because I feel like nothing will ever change. We're in a stalemate where neither side will actually start firing so we just have to watch the moral of the West be plundered by kikes without the satisfaction of the day of the rope.
I want off Mr. Bones wild ride

Hello Shareblue

Hello, faggot. How does this post make me shariablue? Sorry for being a little blackpilled, I guess. Beyond that it's fucking true, we're in a stalemate that's demoralizing, maybe just to me I guess. Have a gondola to cheer you up.

Oy, untouchable? Is that an anti-semitic slur I hear? SAGE someone SAGE PLEASE for the love of g_D SAGE

The ride never ends.


(((Found))) property. I don't have a merchant jewish enough.

I'm not quite sure if it'd derail the thread, but if Holla Forums recalls, during the 2016 election, broward county was very guilty of ballot stuffing
for hillary, of course, not for trump

the sheriff was installed by the private security company dyncorp… open up dyncopr and moar will make sense

Only if you're functionally retarded and live in a cave. Last I checked we're winning hard on every front that matters. That's why the shills (like you) and media are hammering their narratives so hard.

or look into how the sheriff is a fucking jew?

Man that's a kike hive if i've ever seen one.
A PMC-like company that also does (((humanitarian))) shit that is owned by a private equity fund founded by a jew that has multiple sex-trafficing scandals just on the (((wikipedia))) page.

Please tell me how we are winning? Is the ethnostate happening? Day of the rope around the corner? I'm not shilling. I've been living in the jungle learning how to live off grid for the last month and a half for when shit hits the fan. God I hate coming here. Can't have a rational thought without some halfwit, paranoid, nigger calling you a shill. Yes, I'm impatient for things to change because I can't stand living in this kike hell hole so I'm going to make my own state within U.S. borders. I'm not a shill, I'm the next Waconigger according to most people I talk to about this. I'm actually recruiting, but you're definitely not getting in, faggot.

These things happen after we have won, the path to victory is long and takes many at first careful steps.
Good luck with what you are planning and for gods sake dont let the feds bait you into something retarded.

Interesting proposition user. Might be inclined to join in on whatever it is you're planning. Care to share what details you can not a fed I swear, just really disillusioned with life as it is and think being Waco'd is better than being insignificant in one's life

You know what? I am just waiting for the next school slaughter to be poison or car, the latter to be a way to ban perso ally owned vehicles and usher in (((satelite controlled vehicles))) that totally wont be used as remote controlled weapons against dissenters.

I'll give more details when I can. Not ITT. It's going to attempt to be as peaceful as possible, try to out Jew the jews and fuck them up legally if they even catch on to what I'm (we) are doing. Legal jewjitsu will buy us time to be set up well enough to repel the hoards. Ideally, though, they would never even know what we have done. Polite sage for derailing a good thread with stupid bickering. Never give up anons.

Anyway we can discuss further, user? Said you were recruiting

Not really, friend. I can't give more info about the operation in a thread where ive already said too much. I know I'm being as paranoid as the other user but I've said too much already. I'll post a thread when it's time, I hope you're genuine and you see and recognise it. Beyond that, I encourage you to look into sustainable agriculture. Start with Restoration Agriculture or The Intelligent Gardner. They stole our land, our liberty and now treat us like cattle, feeding us trash that makes us stupid and lazy and complacent. Godspeed user, don't give up on the fight.

kid who "committed" the shooting was adopted as a child, could of been a product/victim of said pedo ring and abused while younger. adoption agencies and CPS have been involved in pedo stings before.

or look at how many jews dyncorp has installed as leo's all over the country

I don't have an account; will some kind user please retweet all this to Trump?

The shooter was reported to the FBI and the local authorities twice, was he not?

They let it happen so they can push gun control and other liberal agendas for their own corrupt purposes. Honestly, it wouldn't surprise me if they let the shooter kill certain trouble makers so the police wouldn't worry about them anymore.

thanks for the suggestions, user. this type of thing is really needed on my bookshelf. neitzche and crew dont talk much about farming
and good luck with your thing too. here's a thurisaz rune to protect it from cianiggers and the like

You need to get in the loop. It wasn't twice but dozens and dozens of incidences involving the kid. They knew full well how unstable he was and they chose to do nothing because they stopped arresting kids so they could lie and say there was less crime and therefore get more gibs from the government.

This is also why we have had shills trying to distract people from looking into this in damn near every thread.

That superintendent looks like he’s CGI.

Not only is Broward Noodle's district, it's also the parish of Hollywood Beach. You may recall Hollywood Beach as the local community where the body of one lawyer Beranton J. Whisenant Jr. washed ashore, during his investigation into the murder of Seth Rich. ….No joke.

Rolling for firing squad for all the corrupt cops and those calling for gun control.

were installed by stephen fienberg's newly owned pmc dyncorp

Elaborate please. I've heard DynCorp referenced in other matters before but how are they relevant here? Thank you. Also, is there a comprehensive list of employees out there? If it turns out they are as bad as they may be, it would be pretty handy…

Checked. Trump needs to look into this.
Brovard county is rotten to the core

dyncorp got it's start as a front for the cia during the pheonix program in vietnam dealing with the takeover of police stations for ground level intelligence and is being replicated here… they have installed multiple LEO's in about 90 counties in the USA so far. taking 3rd world mercs and making them either police chiefs or sheriffs. for the same purpose as pheonix. dyncorp is heavily involved in the pedo rings and arming of bad actors inside CONUS

sorry for the yorker link but stephen feinberg aquirred dyncorp and now runs it…. he was also selected by Trump as an advisor


Didn't you know? The ride never ends, regardless of how blackpilled you get.

You need to channel that hate into self-improvement. I was once where you were, but then I funneled all of that wasted energy into getting fit and preparing my family for the downfall of the west. Get yourself ready, because the race war IS coming.

Just spent a month and a half surviving off the land in the jungle, I'm getting ready user. Let's shift the convo back to the OP. I'm fed up with dealing with this shit. I'm ready to create my paradise with like minded individuals, are you?Fucking kikes treating us like human cattle, running these bullshit false flags and using their influence to steal our natural liberties. I can't lose the rage because it fuels me to create a better world for my people. We need to spread this info about how the corrupt government funded a corrupt school system and police department and allowed this shit to happen (assuming it did) normalfags will actually understand if they hear about this. Create your own paradise. Stop supporting the ZOG. Hell Seger.

It's fucking nothing, news at 11.

You do know there is a small Israeli enclave in Hollyhood right?


Here is a link to the full agreement

, across the country, students of color, students with disabilities and LGBTQ students are disproportionately impacted by school-based arrests for the same behavior as their peers

Some of the corrupt fucks who signed on to this:

mfw the NRA didn't get these kids killed, SJW did

Teacher claims Police looking shooter
On National News teacher claims shooter in full riot gear, gas mask, body armor etc..




investigate DynCorp and lots of questions become answers

What. The. Fug, bois.

What is the FOP?

we do know know about One World Adoption, the closed childnapping adoption agency run by none other than Jeff Kasky. The Jeff Kasky that ran One World had a father named Robert.

Can someone verify that this is the same jeff kasky, parent of victims Holden and Cameron?

We also know that the main local hospital has had a pile of scandals of its own, including being run by an incompetent without credential.

If theres anyway to check the registry of One World Adoption, I'm betting a bitcoin thats where he came from.
"some drug addicts"

Fraternal Order of Police

former broward user here, you have no idea how bad it is there. There's a ring of Kike lawyers and judges coordinate to use the family law as a racket and make sure that kids get abused, I know this because I was one of them. Spending time in Ft.Lauderdale is what showed me the true nature of the Jews and turned me into a NatSoc because I didn't want the rest of America to become like Broward. If you want to redpill anyone, drop them on Sistrunk Blvd in Ft.lauderdale for a week and they'll come back 14/88 like you wouldn't fucking believe.

Care to share more user?

It's not nearly as hard as you think to develop leverage against the Feds. US infrastructure is unbelievably vulnerable.

Stated for informational purposes, and not to incite acts of terrorism.

Apparently "Brett David" (CEO of Prestige Imports Motor Group Miami) donated it to them for "Toys for tots" or some shit.


Gladly, Basically the whole Broward family court system is set up with 3 or 4 (((lawyers))) paired up with the same (((judges))). From there they make sure to refer kids to (((doctors))) to get the preferred result from which ever decision makes more money, which usually means creating chaos in kids lives and trying to proscribe medications to teenagers to make things more difficult. My dad was an abusive alcoholic, but he had more money so they gave him joint custody every week despite my testimonials as to his behavior because they knew he'd spend more money to get his way. I've learned the true power of the jew lies in three things watching it in the belly of the beast: Jewish Narcissism read DSM5's description of Narcissitic personality disorder, it profiles Jews almost perfectly, their ability to network, and their capabilities to subvert. This predatory Jewish enterprise is centered around a Jewish lawyer named (((Kelly Joesph))), look her up and the picture becomes clear. I can't touch this because the case with my parents is still open because of siblings that are still minors, but hopefully you anons can expose these lying broward kikes for what they are and I'll help where I can.

If by small you mean the whole thing, then yeah sure. (I know you probably mean a physical place)

How can I present this information in a nice tidy way with citations to a few liberals who earnestly want stricter gun control over this?

not sure if this has been posted yet. but listen til the very end

There's more to this story. How many Jew cops have you ever met? My guess is (((Scott Israel))) was placed there by Jew Mafia in order to facilitate jew cocaine importation into miami.

Quite a few when I got arrested in Israel.

I'm sure this has been brought up before, but I just noticed that the school shooting took place 6000 days since 9/11.

It was also 612 days since the 6/12 pulse knight club shooting (2016).

The place has had it's fair share. Remember this shit when this guy was looking into DWS:

How about this when Israel was accused of looking the other way:

Yet again, Miami FBI field office pops up again and again.

Even if it's true it will be quickly buried under the rug as it doesn't fit the most convenient narrative.


Pompano & Lauderdale by the Sea too? I use to go fishing down there & the thought of doing that now is really making my skin crawl. I must have been surrounded by FBI & Jews & not even known it.

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Stacy Lippel

Teacher grazed by Parkland shooter’s bullet: ‘Shooter was in full metal garb,

helmet, face mask, bulletproof armor, shooting a rifle I never seen before’

Ernest Rospierski, a history teacher who was told they would have a Code RED drill that day

Nice honeypot faggot. The slavshit who runs said they would never ask for donations on their blog.

If you browse the web without tor or a vpn you are a nigger and have only yourself to blame. If the owner ever said he wouldn't take donations that was probably before a legion of people started archiving everything and choke up his bandwidth. Take your anti archiving shilling back to freech or wherever you congregate now, together with your blacked webms

You can bet Broward is a goldberg mine of corruption and sleaze. It just hapens to have the fourth biggest population of jews in the United States. New York is largest with 1.5 million, followed by Los Angeles (519,000), Chicago (292,000), and then Broward County (241,000). I have seen figures as high as 695,000 quoted if you include Palm Beach and Dade.

Remember this: it was (((defective ballots))) in Palm Beach which threw the 2000 Presidential race for goodgoy Bush, who took Florida by 537 votes. Oh, gawd! check for yourself


Your justice system on leftism.

really tickles the almonds. who were key people in florida at the time?

i havent seen this anywhere else here on Holla Forums - this chick claims the sherriff knocked her up when she was 17 - then made here get an abortion… its on yt - supposedly uploaded in '2012

i thought stickies can go past 750 replies? why is the hogg thread at 750, someone should start a new hogg thread, timelines etc, this one seems to be more about the corruption
btw when was the coward county lambo purchased?

some poeople said he was put there by dyncorp

well they have installed Leo's in about 80 counties so far so him being one of stephen feinberg's goons makes sense

Let’s talk about what’s missing from her hospital a few days ago. I’ll start. No suction for a lung drain tube. No IV line. No vital sign monitor.


How is zogbots dying a tragedy?

99.9% of people only care about themselves. I don't mean people who just value themselves, I mean they are genuinely content as long as they get tv food and iPhones even if somebody was getting skinned alive in a house right next door to them. They do not give a fuck about the future of humanity in any way, despite the fact that that will revert as back to the stoneage or lead to an ai hell matrix 198451 scenario.

Therefore, if any of these retards die, then that is a wonderful thing. I didn't start the war but I'm sure as fuck gonna win it.

she didnt die, she held a interview recently walking around and everything, said she was shot in the chest twice and shattered ribs and fucked her lungs, she was up walking a week later, the power of the talmud amirite goys

Circa 2015…

As an user (huwite) on safari down in Broward I can say that this stuff doesn't even begin to scratch the surface on the degeneracy that goes on down here. This place gives Brazil a fucking run for its money. I thought the rotting mounds of offal were just from the hurricanes, but no, they're permanent fixtures down here.

keep seeing this in threads without any substantiation or sources.

what is an LEO?

law enforcement officer.

This is, on its own, a great thread to dig. But so far its just been accusation.

Ok I will compile and put together a George Webb free DynCorp thread but I hate to detract from this digging

I would read that thread, user

thread is up, also main OP post was pasted into the fake survivors thread #5

Incompetence Wasn't the Problem in Broward County
By Jack Cashill

No one who follows the blogging collective known as the "Conservative Treehouse" will dispute my claim that its most prominent blogger, "Sundance" by name, is America's best reporter. I got to know Sundance doing research for my book on the Trayvon Martin shooting, If I Had a Son. So instrumental was the research of Sundance and his colleagues that I made the "Treepers" the protagonists of the book.

Sundance's research into the political dynamics of Martin's Miami-Dade school system led him to expand his research into neighboring Broward County years before the Parkland shooting. We communicated the day after that shooting. We had a shared sense of what had gone wrong. I detailed some of this last week in an article on what one public interest magazine called the "Broward County solution." In Broward County, they call it more modestly the "PROMISE Program."

In November 2013, Sundance first reported that Broward County was "willing to jump on the diversionary bandwagon." As an attached Associated Press article noted, "One of the nation's largest school districts has reached an agreement with law enforcement agencies and the NAACP to reduce the number of students being charged with crimes for minor offenses." The goal, as the article explained, was to create an alternative to the zero-tolerance policies then in place by giving principals, not law enforcement, the authority to determine the nature of the offense.

In a collaborative agreement among school officials and law enforcement, the presence of the NAACP might seem anomalous, but not in the Obama era, where considerations of race routinely shaped educational policy. "One of the first things I saw was a huge differential in minority students, black male students in particular, in terms of suspensions and arrests," Broward's recently hired school superintendent, Robert Runcie, told the American Prospect. A black American, Runcie assumed that the differential was due largely to some unspoken institutional bias against minorities. As he saw it, these suspensions played a major role in the so-called "achievement gap" between white and minority students.

The first two "whereas" clauses in the collaborative agreement deal with opportunities for students in general, but the third speaks to the motivating issue behind the agreement: "Whereas, across the country, students of color, students with disabilities, and LGBTQ students are disproportionately impacted by school-based arrests for the same behavior as their peers."

The spurious "same behavior" insinuation would put the onus on law enforcement to treat black students more gingerly than they would non-blacks. To make the issue seem less stark, authorities cloaked the black American crime disparity with EEOC boilerplate about "students of color" and other presumably marginalized individuals. Although nonsensical on the face of it – one is hard pressed to recall a crime spree by the disabled – this language opened the door for Nikolas de Jesus Cruz. An adopted son of the late Roger and Linda Cruz, the future school shooter had a name that fit the "metrics" of the collaborative agreement, regardless of his DNA.


Born and raised in Lauderdale here, glad you got out bud.

foop is my new insult of choice.

Where'd Trayvon Martin go to school? Was it Miami-Dade?

If one could find a connection, that deputies and school covered for him. That does a kid a disservice because good police intervention helps you walk a better path. I know, I'm one who did. But if it'd been a cop that was "in on the plot" I'd probably be Inmate Number 44039284 or dead like Trayvon. Intervention by police may have kept him from even being where he was when Zimmerman shot him. This here is the point where racial relations became just ridiculous. And I believe that was planned, perhaps Trayvon picked for the role, if you get me.

If we're to point out the travesty, we need like minded people. Many lefties (or associated people/groups) care about Trayvon. Seems we're on the same page. Unless these groups formed BECAUSE of Trayvon. I understand that police brutality is a problem, honestly. They created a hostile racial aspect of it so that we wouldn't discuss the injustice system united. I'm not saying we need a kumbaya kinda unification, but to unify to point out problems within both our justice system, and our media. Not attacking these "kids" giving them ammo. They've both needed a good expose for eons.

Yes actually he did go to middle school in miami-dade county and then he was a senior in krop high school in miami-dade.

Sanford PD-

The foundation of the Sanford Police Department are based on three guiding principles (1) Integrity: In how we perform our duties (2) Dedication: To our community and providing quality services and (3) Pride: In our City, the Communities within and our Department.

Through the years, the Sanford Police Department has developed into a multi-faceted law enforcement team providing comprehensive services to the City of Sanford through the Operations and Support Services Divisions. That team approach has created partnerships between local churches, community groups, and businesses, as well as other local, state and federal agencies.

Hmmm… resource officers, check. By the way, they are Lodge 140. I don't care if the kid was polka-dotted and bright pink, this shit needs eyes.

Thank you, that helps. Sanford Police were really shady, it got my hamster's wheel going!

From wiki on SPD misconduct…

An unintended consequence. I'm sure that the desired result of this policy was to have 17 kids shot.

Shit. Let of "NOT". The desired output was NOT to have 17 kids shot.

I can't fucking word today. I'm going back to sleep.

Thugvon never went to school in Sanford. I'm very familiar with Thugvon as I work in Dade. Specifically around where he was from.

Just saying…Sanford police looks bad to me, hell, a lot of forces do. I learned to spot that when LAPD corruption was evident. Hiding that corruption is deadly important. Chris Dorner rings a bell there. They were shooting at civilian vehicles that LOOKED like his, he had so much info on them. It's fucked up, and it helps the injustice system, it helps it a lot.

Anyone is capable of thuggery, and I suspect you know that, especially when young. Left behind, the whole crayon box of kids today, are left behind at the cost of the district getting more funding. Now if he went to Dade, and their officers knew he was a problem, was there intervention besides suspension? What's to say the same thing isn't going on there?

How do other forces not in on the dirty even trust these officers from Broward? (and I know they know which are corrupt, they just keep their mouth shut)

I did actually laugh aloud at "Thugvon" well done sir

What a great read. Spread and share

source :

(these checked dubs of truthsauce)

Very interesting read indeed. Doesn't look like bullshit either, sounds like frustrated LEO (the good cops unicorns sometimes spoken of). What this shit does is put a target on THEIR backs…while the sheriff is nice and comfy. Un…fuckin real. Thanks for this!

This is pretty much the same thing as the nigger police forces in South Africa and Zimbabwe refusing to stop farm murderers and telling the whites they provoked it.

Good job user, too bad there was so much effort to expose the truth.

This small operations by OS, and CF are indeed just that. A small amount of players given lots of governmental latitude so that they have extreme large reach and influence, but remain small enough to deny culpability when unmasked.

Stuff like this is why I think I am going to take melatonin every night at like 9pm, so I am not likely to consider dealing with less savory elements of society.

Didn't Kang Nigger put forward some motion about being all butthurt about minorities getting disproportionately sent off to kiddie jail, resulting in shit like nigger race riots in Minnesota and the teacher did nothing about it.

That happened once, right after WWII, by some veterans regarding a vote.

It never happened again. Hell, the Revolution was almost entirely Scotch-Irish/Irish manpower and a handful of English Revolutionaries. The German immigrants were laregly Neutral, and the English were only a minority in fighting the British Crown, and even the Deep South slaveholders only cared so much as to keep slavery going.

You want to start another revolution? Get the Scotch-Irishman back in fighting shape and armed up.

The only reason the DNC would be unhappy with this is if they can not exploit it to push gun control because a few of their enforcers fucked up showing "the police will protect you" was a lie.


this thread is too interesting to let it slide.

How many times does she look up and to the left?

Listen to how fluid she talks compared to the bad actors.

Officer here from the sheriff department equivalent down south. My department is the same way. Our past leadership used to be about kicking ass, taking names, never letting things like political correctness get in the way of us enforcing the law. Now instead of our internationally renown tactical narcotics unit kicking ass and literally blowing drug gangs apart, now they have them handing out turkeys and shit.

Spics and niggers only respect force and violence. Any kindness is weakness. Anything that can be exploited and taken advantage of will be. The saying was "if we can't be respected we will be feared". Years ago people used to talk to us, give us information. Because they were terrified we would kick in their door next. Now they don't because they neither fear nor respect us.

Arm yourselves. Desensitize yourself and prepare to face bloodshed. Because when shit really hits the fan we're gonna get told to stand down.

You might want to go ahead and leave the force, as its going right now, that badge is just a target, and there aren't enough APC's built to replace enough patrol cars. Pick two Walmarts and drive between them, now imagine receiving rifle fire atleast a quarter of the way.

On our end, we need more ammunition in private hands, legitimate private hands. A serious gun owner would want at least 100 rounds for his pistol, and 3,000 rounds for his rifle, and perferably 3 back up rifles.

So 5 guns minimum, a pistol and 4 rifles.

I won't abandon my like-minded brothers and let them be pulled apart by the animals. And yes, weapons and ammunition. They are useless without skills to utilize them and the will to use them. Train and train hard.

How many of them are like minded brothers and how many of them are unforgivable dickheads using you for shields in their malfeaseance. Get out, all of you who are worth a damn.

dead sheriff judges policy makers and teachers can't subvert society i suggest actually killing them….

t. the fucking fbi

You know what? Fear of going to prison, and stupid willingness to turn one's self in and expect fair treatment, has basically cowed white men into Swedenstan submission.

Fuck it, they don't have enough room to throw us all in prison, and even if they did, we'd suddenly become the majority, and be able to clean out the shitheads in a prison riot or two. Then bam, it isn't even that bad anymore.

I am a security consultant. There is an alarm company out there called Sonitrol.

Sonitrol's alarms are different than any other alarm company. They use audio sensors instead of motion detectors to detect a break in. I worked for Sonitrol and specialized in school security for a number of years. Sonitrol is very popular with schools, especially after Columbine for a few different reasons.

If there is an incident at a school and a panic button is pressed, the audio sensors are activated even when the alarm system is turned off. The audio sensors allow the central monitoring center to hear everything that is going on in the building. They can hear voices, gun shots, everything, including people walking on carpeting. Not only can they hear everything, the system is "addressable" which means you can tell which audio sensor the sound is coming from. If a shooter was in the library, you would know the sound was coming from the library. You can imagine how this would take the guesswork out of the police having to enter the building "blindly". Sonitrol is VERY, VERY popular with the school districts in Florida. I kind of remembered Broward County having Sonitrol but I wasn't sure, so I did some digging. I found that they do.

What I found is a Staff Handbook for the year 2015-2016, so it's fairly recent. The handbook mentions the Sonitrol System.

"This school is equipped with a silent alarm system (Sonitrol) that is activated when anyone enters any of the buildings without coding in. It can also be activated by other noises. The school is also equipped with a security surveillance system. Cameras are placed throughout the campus and serve as a means of monitoring activity. "

The link to the handbook is here: http://

Okay, so now that we have this info, here's the point.

SOMEONE had to have been notified at Sonitrol about the event. We never sell these systems at schools without panic buttons to activate the audio sensor in case of emergency.

The audio IS recorded

The police can be patched in on the call

So why did it take 20 minutes for the police to realize there was a shooting at the school?

Why did they wait outside with the information that should have been provided to them by the operator?

Was the fire alarm activated on purpose so that the operators couldn't hear the gunshots above the fire alarm? In any event, once the panic alarm is pressed the police are normally notified within 20 seconds, so why did it take over 20 minutes to "see the shooting" on the cameras?

right now disinfowars is shilling that sheriff Yid Israel is totally #(((BASED))) and would never go along with this false flag.

i fucking hate alex jonestein.

They were the ones specifically implicated in sex trafficking in the Balkans after Bill Clinton and the (((UN))) bombed and took over Yugoslavia. A few were offered up as patsies to take the heat off the UN.
Diggers, find hard Yugoslavia 1994-99 conections to the Florida Sheriff.

We are winning and the Clinton's must be tied to this as is Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Holy shit user, thats a great thread. They would definitely have the records from an active shooting. Just another hole in the narrative.

this needs to be dug in to

The moniker of "Filterman" is so very appropriate for Jones.

They want to ban bump stock in FL. because of this shooting. Cruz didn't even use bump stock. LOL LOL LOL LOL

Are most officers racist, but it a completely logical way?

Fuck. it = in

I just saw this, thought you might like.

this bump stock shit is just to get the libs to stfu about trump "dindu nuffin"

why do jews not eat pork? they are subverters, communists, creepy sex abusers, pedophiles, but they are not cannibals

First you must go back to ancient Mesopotamia context. Pigs are harder to migrate from place to place in a nomadic life style. Likely some ancient priest had a hard time rearing pigs in a nomadic style and denounced them as unclean, being too hard to rear in that area / time.

It's more than that.
A ton of gun channels on (((Them))) Tube are getting strikes on them. They want to push guns out of the Overton Window

BDSM is a cover for slavery and human trafficking, charities are a cover for money laundering and child exploitation, and these child focused groups like this are often pedophile fronts. Will not be surprised in the least if this Toys for tots thing gets mentioned on one of the tor pedo forums with them bragging about their child sex orgies.

That's odd. Toys For Tots is conducted exclusively by the Marine Reserves who only collects the toys and small check donations. The little money they get is used to by toys, which at Christmas are usually handed over to (((CPS/Human Services))) who distribute the toys not the Marines.

Reposting these phone optimized graphs to the stickied thread for easy dissemination to normalfags.

You really should archive the sources of those snapshots and put em in the pics.

Have you taken any Pharmaceutical drugs? If they are schedule II then you will have your guns confiscated

WATCH 37:35 - 37:45
Marsha Blackburn says QUOTE "How law enforcement have the ability to get that Information from from childrens services. So many of them have records through their teenage years and they have been on a SCHEDULE 2" END QUOTE

This is the Trump gun control listening session link at the time 3:37




Schedule II drugs, substances, or chemicals are defined as drugs with a high potential for abuse, with use potentially leading to severe psychological or physical dependence. These drugs are also considered dangerous. Some examples of Schedule II drugs are:

Combination products with less than 15 milligrams of hydrocodone per dosage unit (Vicodin), cocaine, methamphetamine, methadone, hydromorphone (Dilaudid), meperidine (Demerol), oxycodone (OxyContin), fentanyl, Dexedrine, Adderall, and Ritalin



Correct, he was investigated for statuatory rape. The records were expunged. He made his wife address the allegations in a YouTube video. Didn’t all those [email protected] say something about stauatory rape being used to control puppets?

goddamn why do the memes write themselves

A lot of them are, years of working in a black neighborhood would make anyone racist unless they are fully indoctrinated to think it's the white man's fault why they're protohuman apes.

The (((news))) does not even begin to tap the surface to the true depths of depravity and savagery that occurs in heavily black areas.

They literally have the emotional and mental maturity of your average autistic white child. Even the most "upstanding" black I promise you has more skeletons in their closet than Treblinka.

I'm getting a bit off-topic but it comes to no surprise that constantly wealthy and "upstanding" black men are getting exposed to be liars, cheats, abusers, womanizers. It's literally bred into them.

Some AIPAC kike introduced a bill labeling anyone who stands up for whites a "domestic terrorist" The bill is pending:


Look at ALL ACTIONS. They moved this bill forward on 2/14, the day of the shooting.

Remember the date of the shooting they were calling Cruz white supremacist. They just needed the false flag to move the bill forward and did so THAT DAY, the 14th.

Combine this "white supremacism" = "domestic terrorism" bill with a false flag and gun grab. Let it sink in.

i support israel.

Why are their uniforms green? Cops have black uniforms the sheriffs have green uniforms. Come on dammit you can not on a site owned by the same group of people who are why the sherrifs uniforms are green. Then ask why the uniforms are green. You have to know about it. You have to be in the cult or such a victim of them that you can not afford to say why the uniforms are green on a site owned by a member of the group that make them wear green uniforms for their localized cult of sorts that exists and also relishes in the death of children believe it or not.

I remember years ago an user was worried that police in what I think was florida where suiciding people in the medical/pharma industry. Apparently there like pill mills and people who over-prescribe antibiotics to what must be insiders to hoard for some sort of future conflict they are prepping for. The police must be suiciding the people who else would? Seriously they use cops to kill people down there. If its not a drug overdose suicide in florida than it automatically is suspicious circumstances due to how rotten it is all over the state. My god I am passively aware of a cop named after the fucking cult that infiltrated the secret society that controls the police. Using local business to launder money.There is very much a swamp here the question is what the hell are they 1 killing people who try and flag over-prescription of antibiotics And 2 hiding the fact that they are hoarding antibiotics? Thats all I know without speculation but even that I am afraid to type anonymously because I dont want to be suicided for wondering what the fucking hell they are hiding that they need to hoard antibiotics for.

Jewish Capital Trump was always bad news.
Read Mein Kampf and endorse a NatSoc for 2020 to annihilate those dirty Jews!
14/88 Gas the Kikes Fourth Reich Now

BOARD owner is trying to censor this message. Board owner also posts Rachel Maddow and never gets punished, sowing the seeds of degeneracy with impunity.

The police also run "prescription drug drop offs" where dupes can hand over any old pill bottle in their cabinets. Now if you have unused pills why not throw them in the trash can? Why are they collecting unused prescription pills in plastic drums with clear garbage bags? Why can't Pfizer send them a sampler why are they doing this shit?

Pill mills are operations that over prescribe narcotic painkillers fool.

Even more ineffective than "gun buy backs". It's so you can dump your unused prescription meds. Don't be stupid, look into business connections, not feel-good policies.



Oh my sweet summer piglet…

This is getting interesting… Sauce?

This is going to blow up in liberal faces.

Look, if ifs and buts was candies and nuts we'd all have a happy Christmas

With Trump saying shit like "We'll take the guns and worry about the process later" and asking Feinkike to include "assault weapons" in this old 2013 gun grab bill of her's, it's hard to not think that these shootings are being ramped up to sway Trump. Maybe (((they))) have figured out that the way to manipulate Trump is to simply manufacture things for him to react to. Crashing the stock market for a whole week after that memo was released seemed pretty coincidental as well.

Trump wants to be strong on crime. Liberal cities and counties only have to stand by and wait for shootings to occur, let the shooter get a high score, and then have Trump travel to the area and visit all the victims in the hospital. Have the students call for gun bans. Rinse and repeat.

Weaken law enforcement through community-building activities, political correctness, and lowering hiring requirements. Embolden criminals, and profile to find those who could snap or be used as a patsy.

Holla Forumsacks should pay attention to this:

This bill in Congress may be why (((somebody))) did the Parkland shooting.

See the "ALL ACTIONS" section toward the bottom of the page.

On Feb. 14, the day of the shooting, you'll see they moved this bill forward.

If you look at the Findings section of this bill, they list out alleged acts of "white supremacist" violence."

Remember that on Feb. 14, they were calling Nick Cruz a white supremacist. That same day, they moved this bill forward.

There are also guys who are hoarding antibiotics and getting people who look into prescription records killed. Antibiotics and lighters are the number one tool in an emp or some doomsday scenario. The pillars of society are hoarding antibiotics and using police to kill anyone who flags it.

Pigs/Boars can also absorb certain amounts of snake venom without dying, and maintain its presence in their flesh.

Heh. Bible story goes: Jesus cast out demons then they were like "wut do, Jesus?" and He was like "Go into the pigs" Demons did. Then they ran off a cliff. Hence, no pork for Jews. Makes sense.

So, in other words, Jews being lazy A G A I N.

They can only find the missing link from ape to blacks, but they hide that fact. They will never find the missing link from ape to white man, because we didn't descend from ape. Forbidden archaeology.

When a domesticated pig goes feral (escapes into the wild) it's snout grows longer.


for a Sonitrol video demo

their youtube is

Florida AG, Pam Bondi investigation

I hope they look into the obvious terrorist attack to push gun control aspect, but she sounds like a politically correct cuck.

Pretty much this. Our academy used to be based on FBI standards for physical fitness and academics. Now it's a mockery full of fat negroids looking for a cushy gubmint job.

Community is an exclusively white thing, blacks and other animals follow the rules of the jungle, black neighborhoods would be much better served by warrior chieftans who would skin alive any other baboon that tried to cross them.