Top Disney Owned Youtubers Pushing Gun Control on Young Subscriber Base

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So kill them. In real life. Make them build up somebody else to push their shit and then clip that guy too.


Reminder that Markiplier is half-gook.

Jesus, that webm. It's horrifying. The repetition, the constant edits, the obnoxious loud noises that serve no purpose beyond distracting from the lack of content…

Yadda yid yadda

Like MTV a generation before, shills like him aim straight for the 11-year-olds. I doubt an imbecile like him came up with that strategy by himself.

That's the Disney channel.

He knows fuck all about guns.

How old is that girl tbh

I wonder why?

>Walt Disney CEO Bob (((Iger))) will throw the Feb. 22 event along with Alan Horn, another chairman at Walt Disney studios and his wife, reports Vanity Fair. Guests are invited to donate $32,400, the highest possible contribution.

>(((Iger))) has donated to Democrats in the past, giving $50,000 to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee over the course of two years and another $25,000 to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Disney is Masonic. Remember the "club 33" mystery a dozen years ago or so? Guess what that represents.

Formerly known as Maker Studios.

You have some good thoughts FBI-chan. You realize you could just do your job right?



Go away, MTV has been shit since its inception


MTV was good about 17 years ago with cartoons and music videos. And then came bunch of reality shows and it went downhill from that.


Son, I was shitposting with images before there was a reddit.

Tip your local black youth about markiplier

Pretty sure Beavis and Butthead was the inroad that took it all downhill. Once people accepted non music they then began pushing reality TV and "real talks" and other degenerate spring break bullshit.

Cool story grandpa we moved on.

What's non music?

The FBI works for who pays them. You can bet Disney is cutting bigger checks than you or me.

The best part of Beavis & Butthead was when they watched music videos while cracking jokes.

Lurk more you cock sucking colossal faggot


Yeah reminds me of me and my guy.



I am simply pointing out where you can clearly see the declines. We didn't have this reality TV crap before MTV introduced Road rules and the Real world. They didn't introduce that before the toons and other crap. Just an example of how they have influenced generations and it has been going on a while.

That mongler should stick to fellating whatever fandom he bumps into instead opening his half ricenigger mouth.

I want them to die slow anf painfully

liquid television, and its spin offs were the only reason I ever turned into MTV. the network was always a kike scam designed to subvert/pervert young minds. Doctor Pierce had a segment about it, he was right on the money.

at around 5:00

Zappas take on MTV at 1:46.

Hold on there kid, you can't be saying that out in the open, a journalist could be on this board right now. Come on over to Holla Forums Premium where you'll actually get to meet the real leader of Holla Forums where he'll tell you exactly what you need to do to attack the infrastructure of your local principality.

Daily Reminder


Double reminder that he is half-KIKE.

His fanbase are all soycucks.

Who needs a reminder? It's blatantly obvious.

I know this is a pretty dead thread since there's not much to talk about here but I figure I'd pop in and let you guys know a good half or more of the people "working" for this subsidiary are spics who get their views via federally provided phones and wifi. You're going to see their numbers tank within a decade or so if things go right.

rolling for Markiplier ass cancer

N(((iger))) can get fucking gassed

First rule of premium. YOU DO NOT TALK ABOUT PREMIUM

White people can finally get in line for their phones?

No big surprise that a left wing media owned shill is trying to brain wash little kids to give up their rights from an early age. Fuck the parents of these kids for letting watch this shit, or just letting them have access to the internet with supervision. That's how faggots like Markiplier get popular.

Dont forget his brother, who makes perverted comics that probably look like they are kid friendly as well. Fuck these people.

You can tell compared to his early videos what exactly selling your asshole to yidsney will do to you as a person.

old enuf tbh fam a lama ding dong bongo schlongo rimma ramma frim Fram fling flang flong

Yidsney is a good one.

go kill liberals

t. the fucking fbi

So they're sellouts or psychopaths, thanks for the clarification.

That's a fucking hi-point carbine Hitler.

that kike makes my blood boil

You mean the fag who shilled for the "five nights" jewfest of a series so damn hard that theres now gay deviant art of him being fucked by the animal robot things?

it could be worse prepare to rage

i always knw that five knights thing was bullshit.
they even have toys of freddy in malls and book stores.

for kids. and theres some sex conspiracy behind it like some girl fucked 10 guys to make more money in her career. thats called prostitution

It was 'the real world'. Totally pozzed show.

MTV was just a way for record companies to get paid and fuck the artists. The next scam was iTunes.

Billy Corgan had a pretty good rant on Joe Rogan. He all but names.

It starts here; once they have declawed you they will begin to openly mock the defenseless victims of crime. I live this reality in an unarmed nation. This is evil in action, perhaps unwitting perhaps purely mercenary (this man could afford to live in a gated community after all) but this is what evil taking root looks like.

speaking of perversion…

He admits he's had training with guns, his family have military training with guns. yet still he wants to ban them.

That's some serious cognitive double speak. A lot like how apartheid Israel demands Europe accept immigrant invasion because it's the "right thing to do".

Fuck these kikes.

I've always hated this moai statue looking fuck. Pewdiepie is the only good YouTube e-celeb.

the eternal hapa

So a soyboy faggot is anti-gun? What's new?

This is unmemetic, unaesthetic, and will drive normies away automatically. You should probably get rid of that.

FNAF was really suspicious because the merchandising came really fucking quick, almost overnight. I have doubts that the game was truly "indie" at all.




They don't need to practice the first amendment since they can just pay private security to put their lives on the line to directly protect their property.



I always hated this cocksucking faggot and avoided girls that like him like they were niggerlovers, I see now that my instincts were not wrong

At least pewdiepie takes the piss off things. Jesus Christ this is cringe.

No that's a shitpost, mods. Come on.

That video makes me nauseous.

MTV was shit after 85 when they started listening to libs more. Nirvana used to absolutely exploit their bullshit too.

Reminds me of book burning.



I guarantee you he's part of a child trafficking ring.

Bill and Melinda gates like to sponsor science and history channels too.

This is the fun shit there don't (((need to be half a dozen Trump gun threads kikes)))

Is he really? Man, that would make all the sense in the world, given how this guy's very mediocre videos have made him a millionaire many, many times over.

It's not just that he got big, but rather how quickly he happened. There's nothing organic about it.

when you get this popular on a platform you don't own you have to become a puppet in order to sustain your popularity.
Like in the music industry where many "artists" " sell their soul to the devil" in order to get famous.

bump bc fuck these cucks

Military brat like a lot of minor entertainment people.

Something very wrong with this hapa faggot.

What a fucking waste of space vapid bugman
interesting number to choose. everyone's allowed to have a faggot community except whites

Didn't feel this deserved it's own thread so I'm just going to post this here because I found it interesting and it's Disney related. Disney basically threatening to stop filming and that GA will have to potentially pay more taxes due to not having Hollywood business. I find this highly jewish in practice.

Markiplier's brother is a furfag who makes a web comic.