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Einherjar: Group based in Brisbane email [email protected] to contact
NO faggots or women. Must be jew aware and Fascist / National Socialist. Libertarians can fuck off and so can Civic Nationalists.
All ages above 18, stormers/channers/normalfags welcome but must contain aspergers.

Antipodean Resistance: Active to varying degrees all throughout Australia. Main chapter in Melbourne. seems to have been shoahed and comes up with a 404.
Try contacting them at =

Soldiers of Odin Australia. Retards have a Facebook page and claim to be pro-kike horseshit.
AVOID. Most likely ASIO honey pot and or attempting to poison the well and DNC.

Check it out there's a thread up.

YouTube/hooktube links
Australian OC
The Iron Pill

Current NEWS:
Media continuing to be retarded, senator backs Tony Abbot on lower immigration stance.

Media still fucking about reporting on this Barnaby Joyce shenanigans.
In other words there's fuck all news of worth ( that I’m aware of).

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Fuck off cunt, we don't care.

Deputy PM just quit and you don't even mention it?


Literally no whites in the cbd.
Asians are ok, but pretty sure this is going to be an Asian country.

Agree. When the U.S. succumbs to Jewish degeneracy and falls, there will be no British Empire or United States to guarantee our security against the Asian hordes. Australia is a colonial nation. You must be strong to survive on the frontier; I don't think this nation has what it takes. We are overrun with gooks.

Europe is our stronghold.

Gooks have literally been undercutting us since the gold rush days (1850s).
I'm not even joking, they used to send all the gold back home to their family just like many gooks and curries do now.
If that money were in Australian hands it would be spent in our economy providing jobs for our people.
Asians and Indians are basically leeches who drain our economic blood.

Probably gonna lose my job in the next few weeks, should I move to the bush? Sydney is fucked

Stfu you stupid retard the bank's create money from nothing and lend it out to our government at interest which we pay. Tens of millions a day are spent just servicing the debt let alone paying it back. Fuck your nigger tier shit. Asians are certainly a problem isn't terms of demographics but the same people destroying us through usury are the ones allowing them in. Aus can have nukes within months. The capability is there. Our only chance to fall is from internal subversion.

T. Kevin Wong

We should all move to Tasmania

Not really. And that attitude just doesn't help.

The fuck are you on about? Land in Tassie is fucking expensive. At least if you're talking about farming…

What a farce this country is.

To be fair he should have resigned when he was caught giving his mistress a made up job worth $130K.

True. But its got nothing to do with strength. We've always been an outpost propped up by US/Brit power. You can't expect an outpost to fight off a whole civ on their own.

Good thing is the chinks move slowly (unlike japs) so Australia will just gently fade over a hundred years.

Europe has Muslims and all other manner of non-Whites (interestingly you also see more Asians there in recent years) to contend with as well though. There's a lot there that needs fixing too.


Australia could be our stronghold, if we could but break the apologist conditioning present in Australia. Don't give in, else eventually there will be nowhere left for our peoples on this planet.

i'd rather have a list of the traitors

Yeah, shit's pretty bad here but at least we're not western Europe. The chink problem is going to be a hard one to solve.

I take it you're not counting the two that are already in Australia, but actually belong to the US military?

But that's capitalism.

When the nationalists are in control of Australia. The high tax will be imposed on them and use the tax money to offer them one way tickets to the Africa in order to force the chinks to conquer the Africa.

use them to swing an election? they're the largest nonwhite minority.
2nd gen is pozzed, but there's still conservative fobs and older 1st gen who have to vote.

Things aren't so bad in Poland. Non-whites cannot survive in the European climate anyhow. Mother nature will eliminate them.

Last time I went to the CBD with my bud, we played "spot the whitey". You get a point for every white person you spot. Winner buys drinks.
It was a low-scoring game.

reminder than if you see anyone on here pretending to be australian they are lying. australian ip's get flagged and instantly forwarded to their federal police for accessing child abuse content the moment they try to access this url.

The game is called Spot the Aussie.
non-whites are never Aussies.

You stupid fucking bastard.

Asians are honorary Aryans
Aryans are white
An Asian Australia will be an Aryan Australia

Nothing to worry about.

Nice group. Hope things continue to grow bigger.

Just how deep did they shove that multiculturalism suppository?

Sad but true, I almost kek’d but it’s truly a solemn affair.


As deep as Arnus shits in the woods.



Is it Chinks doing this or what? I've noticed this sort of thing going on in other posts as well. I don't recall it ever being that pro Asian a while ago.

I'm still running with my old hypothesis that the chinks are doing this to all western countries.

It's called spot the Aussie faggot. The only non whites that should be in this country are abos

That poster is definitely a shitskin.

Wouldn't surprise me at all tbh.

Asians taking over is one of the worst things that could happen to us. People really underestimate the Chinks in particular, imo. That is not a road we want to go down, believe me.


I have one question, strayafags.
What the fuck is this!? WHO the fuck is this, And WHY have'nt you dealt with this faggot earlier/yet/before?
On primetime TV, in sweden(yeah, fuck off - we who are still sane in this shithole-soon-to-be, are revolted at this kikery!) this fucker had his 15 min fame and what did we get treated with?
A literal fucking glorified "dickpic".
I personally hold you responsible for this deviance, you sodding cunts!

Hooktube for anyone that dont want to give away any shekels

I've seen that guy work twice, he's fucking impressive mate. Are you man enough to make literal art with your cock?

Australia is tightly locked down in ZOG control. Why?
In the past it could have been for the bases like Pine gap - it's where a lot of the global surveillance was happening. Also since we're earlier adopters it was a testing ground for tech, ideologies and psy ops - think mobile phones and think Port Arthur funs grab.
Now it's also important because, apart from NZ, we're the first western country to see the sun - in that they try out bullshit news here before the rest of the world - just watch the ABC website and you'll see it in action.
They run up stories and spin it here - if it works they go with that spin in Euroland and for the burgers - itf it doesn't they trash it and find a different angle.
We (Aus anons) can use this to our advantage - go to ABC and The Guardian anytime between midnight and 8am and fucking destroy their shit - they'll know we're onto them and we'll give the burgers a heads up on what the ZOG talking points du jour will be.
They have been pulling this 'test it in the antipodes' shit since at least JFK assassination, I'm too shitfaced to go into details about that now but there is clear proof of those operations even back then.
It may look fucking hopeless here but youse cunts better get your arses into gear as we're on the frontline to fuck up the kikery of the west.

Senator Fraser Anning posts the best memes on his fb

Can you elaborate on this idea of a 24/7 nationalist Anglosphere countering the Semite Left talking points? How does it work currently, how should it work better etc.


(((Their))) ABC seems central. It blows britbongs minds because it is way more pozzed than the BBC, and as we know the BBC is basically MI5/6.
Even just look at the whole 'punch a nazi' thing - it came from when Dicky got punched … while being interviewed … by ABC Washington correspondent Zoe Daniel. What a cohencidence that was, when would the ABC even ever get near someone on the right, let alone Dicky, and when they do it kicks off yet another failed memetic volley to the side of truth.
The ABC has to fall, I have no idea how though - they're so bloated and corrupt and the entire media/arts/entertainment/political/education/beauracractic/ngo class of Australia sucks the ABCs cocks and loves it.
They have to be thoroughly discredited and made afraid. Hammer them on FB and twitter - they've shut down comments on the website and youtube and turned off pictures on FB, which sucks because their bullshit is easily countered by memes. SBS also, they're pretty much antifa.
In terms of how they do it - they seem to get AP/Reuters (ZOG) shit first - they post that up and a couple of hours do one or two 'opinion' pieces based of the AP/Reuters report. If the spin falls flat they get someone else to knockup a different angle. I saw this happen after the SOTU - there was an article by some big wig ABC cunt which was really trashy - opened with how they expected it to be televised from his bed with Trump having a burger in one hand an a remote in other, this was literally the first paragraph - it then went on about how pissed of Melania looked throughout the whole thing because Trump was cheating on her. That was obviously too much so they memory holed and got Zoe Daniel to do her whole I'm so reasonable routine - I can't remember exactly the talking points of that but they were picked up later on.
They have got Australia locked up tight as a drum - if you ever get even close to the truth you get wiped pretty quickly. I've got a couple of stories but it would be bad opsec to go into too much details - I know of someone that tangentially brought up one particular, and not obvious contentious, issue into the public - in a small country town. It became a national outrage and very shady things happened like phone taps and breakins along with warnings from a dude in the know to BTFO. They do hire pedos and drunks to do the really annoying shit.
We have to realise that Australia is fully occupied by the ZOG Commie forces, anyone opposing it is truly just an underground resistance - they control everything. There is hope, I know what the country was like in the 70s - we have to remember and save that culture. We have to make them scared - and they are easily scared - they lose their shit over seeing the flag, hell they even lose their shit seeing a six cyclinder flacon or commodore, we're up against a massive machine and ruthless people but the footsoldiers are limp wristed pathetic lefties.
Make Australia Grouse Again.

This. How do we fuck their shit up without getting ASIOraped?

Funny aussie memes. Mine our past and it's greats - Norman Gunston, Mel, Hoges, Barry Humphries, even Steve Irwin. Larrikinism. Take the piss. They go after UPF and Blaire Cottrell because they're so damn earnest - be a funny cunt and the normies will follow you and the lefties/GAYSIO won't know what the fuck is going on.

… and get your gun licence and some funs, work out and get an untouchable by ZOG source of income. Get the fuck out of the cities.

Gun license. I like the sound of that, but arn't they illegal unless you're a farmer or some shit?

No - it just takes time and money, though it's only for normal rifles and shotguns - handguns is a much bigger commitment. Join Sport Shooter Association of Australia, there's a few guides online on how to go about getting your licence. It's pretty straight forward even being a massive pain in the arse and wallet.
The thing is they know exactly what funs you got - they get knicked a bit by mates of crooked cops, apparently it also comes up on their computer if they ever pull you over for anything. I'm not too sure how it go down DOTR.

Getup is doing a blitz to try to get labor to block a bill that would require charites such as themselves to get people donating over 200 a year to sign a stat dec claiming that they're at least permanent residents. So far they've sent letters and faxed senators. The bill will also stop (((foreign charities))) from donating to to those within Australia and force getup to register as an affiliate of a political party. If this goes through Soros has to work much harder to fuck us. Send a letter to your local labour senator and tell them you want it to pass, if you have social media shitpost against getup. Hell accuse the anonymous donor (like hell it wasn't Soros) that once matched everyone's donations of being Russian or some shit.

thanks user, this is important


You would be alarmed at how close to the truth this actually is.

If it is possible I'd really like to hear more on this. Do they have a secret police running?

ASIO - and there are small groups dickheads (pedos and alcies) on the payroll of ZOG to do the annoying and dirty stuff.

I've got both, they better be ready to fight me the cunts. 4L and 240hp of entirely necessary caravan pulling power (I don't have a tow-bar though). 10L/100km if I'm lucky, and it's not even fast

Oh really? Sounds like people aren't buying their shit and they've had to shut down discussion because its working against them. That says a lot.

ABC's kikebook is Orwellian as fuck. On 'sensitive' topics, they have real-time moderation; i.e. every comment must be approved by a moderator before it even hits the page. I've had many comments that have disappeared into the ether - even minor things like expressing polite disapproval of faggots never make it to the page. ABC also has some special arrangement with kikebook admins when it comes to reporting accounts. I've had sockpuppets that have been active for months at a time shoahed instantly after commenting on ABC news stories. It's fucking insane the level of thought-policing going on.

The BBC did likewise with their Have Your Say section. Alarmed by the most popular comments, they revamped it to avoid truth and independent thought to flourish.

That is why I thought ABC need to be shut down because it is too political. It's supposed to be neutral but they are not trying to be so screw them.

This has been known for a long time. In the ABC's minds, they are being "balanced" by balancing all of the so called right wing content in Australian media.

Yeah, nah its a honeypot. You think all that crap going on in Melbourne with their new extra special watch list isn't tied in to disaffected young white males?

Oh noes some looter is going to get replace by another looter. Typical boomer focused on his affairs and not whats goig wrong with country.

Do you guys meet around the cbd at all? How active are you. Keen on joining tbh.

I can understand any skinhead groups older than a year being a honeypot.
But why are you repeating baseless, harmful rumours of a group that so far is the only group that aims to bring National Socialism to Australia?

I think you're either a kike, or got rejected for having a cunted head.

Regardless, they've fallen for the fifty+ year kike trick of 'rebel against your elders' by not allowing old fags. In my town the best intel and most public figures even remotely aligned to our ideals are really old cunts.

Anyway - if they were remotely a threat they would have been compromised or shut down by now, you'd know this if you'd ever tried to do anything in Australia that really challenged the kikes.

trolling or retarded? i can't tell. AR is confirmed honeypot, there's decent groups in here worthy of an anons support, AR isn't one of them.

Fuck off retard, OP's group links suck donkey dick, fuck this necro thread bump. Age-limits are so the manlet incel who runs the group can manipulate the autists he suckers in easier because they are too young to smell the bullshit.

RaHoWa when?

They're really not. In very small numbers chinks keep to themselves and don't really cause problems (not that that makes it okay for them to be in white countries), but once you reach a critical percentage of them they're just as bad as any other shitskins.

(((Antipodean Resistance))) is a honeypot ran by Syndney Police.

peterson's doing some talks up the coast
why aren't the cucks making a scene? have they realised it works against them? should we bait them into chucking a spaz?

I made a mistake anons. I moved from WA to inner city Melbourne and now everything is cucked and I just want to go home and farm sand again.

Then do it.

Tell us more please. It's a common thing for people to move from WA to Melbourne to seek more work, get away from the small city etc etc. But most return after a year or two.

The latest I've heard is that they don't expect the large increase in the cost of living the eastern states have. But I'd love to hear if the crime is as bad as its made out to be.

Because no-one is paying them to.

I moved from WA at the start of 2013, had a fucking mental break down at the end of 2013 and have been numbly coasting by in drone work since I ended a very brief stint at RMIT after having the marxists shove their shit in my face every fucking day. About crime, honestly I don't know, I have personally experienced more crime in WA at the hands of abbos than in VIC (where they are very few and far between), I dont live near Apex/MTS territory though. The cost of living is slightly lower, theres way more cheap places to get food, and most of it is better quality because it has traveled a lot less, though the city is undoubtedly kiked beyond belief. I still have a hard time believing we have had multiple cars of peace since I have lived here. My other alternative idea is to get a farm in VIC, theres less drought scare and everything feels a lot more fertile than WA. Just my 2c though.

everyone knew it was a honeypot since it came out, the only ones who didn't were obviously retarded
Also what did they actually do?
From what i heard they went to a meeting and ended up getting arrested there, hell i can't even remember the antipodean Resistance doing anything apart from being a "whites only" club
Don't we have BLM and other racial groups down here? I'm pretty sure there's more than one Asian one
Why aren't they getting arrested in honeypots?

Can i get some context for the second pic?

Getup is pretty much treason in my opinion
although 200 dollars is a bit low and what kind of charities are we talking about?
Also couldn't it be circumvented if the donations were changed from dollars into something more physical, like gold for example?


Why? Assuming that's not a rhetorical question because tism: white identity and nationalism is a threat to the multicultural agenda. Nonwhite identity and advocacy etc. in white countries helps advance the multicultural agenda. There are many levels of ideas here but the lefties really get off when the see whites being bullied.

Also, despite what Antipodean may or may not be, Einherjar is pretty cool. They're well known in the Brisbane area as one of the best legit groups. It isn't a honeypot. Not everything is a honeypot unless you're a turbo-autist who suffers crippling anxiety upon stepping foot outside his driveway. Now is the only time you have, Anons. Get out there, meet up, and fight together. Being separated from each other because you fell for the CIA/FBI/Fed meme – that's classic D&C and nothing else. Luckily, more and more Anons are joining forces in the Brisbane area and the right here is finally on the rise. Now is the time. Do something for you ancestors; honor them and fight for them and your future.


while thats true user, the antipodean resistance was full of self proclaimed neo-nazis and neo-naizs are bad publicity as well as cancer
They served more as fodder to push for jewish agenda rather than push against it

although to be fair, the UK has been serving as a jewish US puppet since even before princess Diana's death
I'm actually annoyed that the queen is planning on destroying the monarchy as there's a pretty gud chance we can get someone with some modicum of ability this time round instead of another US puppet
although imo if we really did leave the UK and become our own country, i would prefer it to be on our own terms rather than the queens/UK, liberty should be claimed not given, i would prefer us to actually want it rather than it being pushed on us by outside influences

also forgot


I thought the chinks are the biggest investors.

This is the kinda stuff you see around my campus bathrooms


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The second picture. It is a trap for anyone to blackmail them so don't fall for that.


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The fuck?

He didnt even touch the bloke or crash into him yet he got the blame to appease the parents?

They were all tards for doing that

one thing the (((continuity of government)))
doesn't like is )))change(((

so they tell Bill Shorten he's go out and tell people he's gonna tax the shit out of retirees and tax their investments, even though the whole point of the super funds in the first place was so the government didn't have to pay pensions

my guess is they've basically installed Shorten to be unpopular, they carefully manage public perception and arrange thigns exactly how they like, I think they pretty much rig voting anyway but they do have this carefully managed show they put on so that things stay nice and easy and manageable for the real power behind the scenes and if they can just take a huge dump over the democratic process to make things easier for them, obvious they will. Look at how blatant shit is now in China, things aren't any different anywhere else there's just more illusion.

Any anons active in Briz?