Sheriff (((Israel's))) Deputy Bitched Out During Shooting


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forgot the punch-lines

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Trust us with your life goys. You don't need guns, we will protect you.

I guess the pro-gunners have a point in that you cannot count on the police to protect you all the time that you have to do it yourself.

Personal security has always been a personal problem
My solution is to arm every high school senior white male with an AR15. Make them be the sheepdoggies of the school

This thread going to the third row shows just how much sliding is going on here.

Pic unrelated.

Trump tweeted affirming this is total false flag
Expect no restrictions on 2A

Priorities, right?

What a piece of shit

Gets those almonds rumbling, doesn't it? Almost like protect and serve only applies to government cronies.

Dude needs to suicide himself. It's the only decent thing to do. Fucker had a gun and was too afraid to go in. Cop has been sipping lattes and eating donuts for years, the day comes, this is what he's trained for. Nope, he waits outside.

I check out the 2014 awards. Anyway to find any info on this guy?

I was once awarded Employee of the Month when I worked at K-Mart.


cops are such fucking pussies. Completely failed idea. Military police are the way to go.

He took a "defensive position" "with a female student" during the shooting.
doesn't sound suspicious at all

Tucker Carlson mentioned this last night. Now we have a concrete example of it happening in the Florida shooting.

"In the end, if there's a real disaster, the cops leave… You've gotta protect yourself or you're not gonna be protected."

But this is literally THE LAW. You can't held pigs accountable for the failure of doing their job.

Fucking this
This is the potential antidote to the kikes' Democratic mid-term wedge issue current narrative. The facts on the ground say: WE NEED GUNS EVERYWHERE BUT FUCKING KIKES WANT US UNARMED AND HELPLESSBUT DON'T YOU WORRY, WE'LL STRANGLE THE FUCKERS EVENTUALLYUNTIL THEN, THOUGH: GUNS!

This sounds like an admission that the best way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun (not saying the piece of shit cop qualifies, don't be a pedantic fuck). I'm sure anyone screaming about banning guns will completely miss the irony.

Oh really?

in the military this type of cowardice is prison time

Ok guys, how do we meme this shit. The new meme war is now on. Pictures, captions, let's start the brainstorming.

This is so much wrongness, I can't even think straight. Tomorrow morning I fire up gimp.

I hope the muses visit me in my slumber. This bullshit can't go unaddressed.

Using muh gun control to deflect that their corruption allowed this to happen.




I feel vindicated sperging on that thread

Can you blame the cop? He probably got fired cause he lurks pol and realized he wasnt take out a black budget squad of killers with automatic weaponry.

It is funny that the Jew was praising "his officers" and when the cops arrived from another department, they were cowering behind a car. What the fuck is a Jew doing as a cop anyway? Methinks he's probably there to help the Jew mafia smuggle Eastern European girls they kidnap into Miami…

I haven't confirmed but this headline says there were three others!

Does anyone know if true?

there are a bunch of other headlines (daily mail from UK is usually best tabloid with best info since they pay the best bc they get by far most views of any source on net) and THEY confirmed it…

W-we were just s-setting up a perimeter.

Some first responders that were assigned or near the School, they really tried to fucking hide this badly and went full fucking gun control narrative before the investigation was done, they really blew their load trying to divert attention.

I haven't watch CNN or other cuck brainwashing channels lately but I doubt they went back to those tearful students to ask if they changed their minds about depending on strangers to protect their lives after the failure of the FBI and local enforcement to do so. Once again, all we have is a staged "debate" progressing us toward a civil war where white conservatives are stuck fighting with 3d printed plastic guns.

Because no one was in danger :^)

Check the David Hobbs thread, the cuck children crusaders went on Ellen Degeres Show, fucking went there like the shooting never happened with smiles, laughter and selfies, the self-promotion was through the roof and for kids "Traumatized" to act like nothing happened, they immensely fucked up.

Scott Peterson

Wtf is up with everyone living lavishly in this place? Even the police have nice houses.