The Dark Side of Steven Spielberg & Hollywood (Documentary)

The Dark Side of Steven Spielberg & Hollywood (Documentary)

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Remember the thread we had during the weinstein happening and aftermath about spielberg? Quite a few (((faggots))) were desperately trying to shit up the thread. If Spielberg goes down in scandal, there goes the unwarranted reputation of so many iconic (((childhood))) movies and shows.

>there goes the unwarranted reputation of so many iconic (((childhood))) movies and shows.
Not only his kids movies, but also Schindler's List.

Watch for subliminal pedo symbols in ready player one.

Weinstein movies are still being shown on network tv every day of the week globally. There's no reason to think Spielbergs work would be treated any differently.

Holy shit that Indian Jones scene. I didn't even notice.

Red, White, Black, standard font, standard style of Rebel Media shillworks.
haven't even clicked yet

Oh, something else.
You might remember the thread about Spielberg which was posted here a couple of months ago.
That was Rebel Media datamining. They were gauging the interest in the topic in order to calculate if the time and effort to produce a propaganda video would give a good return of shekels.
The e-celebs use Holla Forums for this purpose all the time.

so has anything actually come from all of the assault accusations from (((hollywood))) or was it all just washed-up whores looking for hush money? i mean legally speaking, not just people's perceptions of celebrities going downhill. i haven't heard much about it since that one beta sandnigger's story got told

How to spot a shill.
>Cross-promotion, especially reverse psychology negative promotion - no one organically devotes entire videos to promoting someone they dislike.

The cross-promotion is even more evidence when the channel is brand new. While the channel grows, its main purpose is to promote Rebel's big earners.

I know you (((Alt-Right))) Dugin cucks are mad as fuck that Holla Forums exposed your plans to turn white people into BLM but do you have to do it in threads exposing fucking child murder?

Oh and inb4
Doesn't matter what he professes to be, because when you're using negative cross-promotion you don't have to be on the same "side" as the channel you're promoting for your boss.
Case in point, Evalion got her main publicity boost from the shill Leafy, which ( ) is a channel cross-promoted by this "Mr Gunk" (OP).
They all cross-promote, they all work for the kike Ezra Levant.

Good job exposing yourself as not of here.
Why don't you kikes and your fat fuck boss (Ezra Levant) just stop using our board as your personal launchpad for 1001 shills and fuck off somewhere you'll better fit in?
like TRS or Reddit

Spielberg co-wrote the script for The Goonies, which featured Corey Feldman; who played the character 'Mouth'. Not only does Spielberg allegedly have a fetish about mouths but in an early scene the boy has a pearl necklace pulled out of his.

No, this thread is not "exposing a child murderer", this thread is an advert for a controlled opposition e-celeb.
There's an actual thread for proper discussion of Spielberg.

So don't talk about the long list of evidence exposing (((Speilberg))), king of (((Hollywood)) and Holohoax propaganda?

What the fuck else are TV stations gunna play. Especially when they're owned by kikes.
Get with the program.

…plus guess who auditioned for the role, but lost it to Feldman?

Corey Haim.

Alleged? It's a thread which runs through all of his movies. Not just any mouths though, children's mouths.
This fact doesn't make the situation of kike e-celebs using the abuse of children to drum up shekels any less repulsive.
And notice the timing: the Spielberg thread was up as late as a day or two ago, looks like they timed the release for when it dropped off the catalog. If they really wanted to discuss it they would've used the perfectly good thread full of information which already existed, instead they wait until it's gone and then

>So don't talk about the long list of evidence exposing (((Speilberg))), king of (((Hollywood)) and Holohoax propaganda?
So where the fuck were you when the thread about that very subject was going for a full fucking month?
You don't give a shit about the topic, only about making a video based on the fucking Holla Forums thread (because you could see it had interest) and then making your shekels.
Fucking disgusting.

I didn't imply otherwise.

It's a worthwhile topic but playing into the hands of a shill who saw it being discussed then pounced when the thread slipped off, just to promote his piece of shit shekel-engine turns my stomach.

Calm down NAMBLA, you're not making any sense.
Again, why do we not want to expose child rape and murder? Because something about e-celebs? Do you spend your entire life on youtube or something?
Me thinks the faggot doth protest too much.

Isn't it odd that Mouth's real name was Clark Devereaux, almost identical to that of actor Clark Devereux who was in Home Alone (and 2) and Rent.

The thumbnail looks nothing like Rebel's. Do you really think a turbokike like Ezra Levant would sign off on a video exposing one of his race's most important Holohoax propagandists as a pedophile?

Of course he doesn't. He's trying to derail thread. Talk more about exposing Spielberg.

Let's taunt Christian Bale about Spielberg until he says something, that little anti-white faggot.

It's possible when you consider the broader aims of the (((chosen))). Spielberg's peak is long behind him so there isn't much to lose in terms of future shilling opportunities. However, the momentum of the various feminist and nigger causes in Hollywood are furthering a blatant anti-white, anti-male climate that is propaganda gold to them.

It isn't mentioned in the video, but Spielberg executive produced "Animaniacs", which was loaded with sexual innuendo. He probably got off on kids being exposed to it.

You idiot.
There is no peaks in Hollywood. There are only legends and his legend is the guy who made the most important Holohoax films and propaganda of all time.

He even made most of the archives of (((testimonies))) at USC

Animaniacs was sexual?

There was a strange post(s?) about him on 4/pol/ like a month ago saying he is going down. Some links of culkin saying in interview that jewlywood will burn soon etc…didn't look like ordinary larp…maybe it wasn't or was a good one

Expose Spielberg and you expose a major blow to the (((Holohoax industry)))!

Isn't it missing (((Woody Allen))) and the like? They're such open scum it's unbelievable they haven't been lynched yet.

I don't take kindly to being called an idiot, user. I'm aware of what he did. My point is that it isn't unfathomable for him to be dragged into the whole #PayAttentionToMeToo debacle with enough evidence. They aren't infallible.

Woody and Polanski and Indiana Jones are forgivable because 14yr old girls are not tiny kids. I think that Spielberg was into much younger… That's where you need to get them if it's true.

You're a pedophile

Grown-up jokes aren't that uncommon in shows/movies that parents are expected to watch with their kids. If done right the kids don't notice them. I don't remember any innuendo in it, unless you count a male character dressing up as a woman, but that's obviously a joke and not some fag shit since it's funny and not pushed as normal.

Someone turn this into NAMBLA and send it to all the boys he's fuck and Krispen Glover. We need people to feel comfortable with coming out.


That's not an adequate response. If you read my posts, rather than paraphrasing them after an injection of your own assumptions, you will see that I am arguing Spielberg is not immune from activities in his past, solely based on reputation. It was never a defense, let alone condoning of child abuse.

Kind of funny the only time you can shut a kike up is filling his mouth with shekels. Maybe that should be their end. Forced feeding of shekels until they burst.

You're a pedophile

They will get theirs…

…and so will (((you)))

As the fuhrer commands.

U pedophile

When directors do things like this they are signalling an order to their dealers if you will.

Without this background I always thought they were talking about her as a young woman around 18 - 20, regardless of her usage of the word "kid". Lots of non-kids get called kids.

Fucking disgusting.

Day of the Glove(r) is coming

Just ask Shia, his ass got divided years before Trump's win made it wider.

This makes me sad

Conservatives want to kill that pic.

How's this ? It's a bit shit cause I have no idea what I'm doing.

Looks good to me.

Metal Programming Victim on Dr. Phill
Metal Programming Victim on Dr. Phill
Metal Programming Victim on Dr. Phill
Metal Programming Victim on Dr. Phill
Metal Programming Victim on Dr. Phill

Dr. Phil actually did an interesting show years ago with Greg Bucceroni, who tied Sandusky to a child sex ring involving the shit-eating kike Ed Savitz. I still have the full episode somewhere.

find it!



Spielberg's mom had him blessed by the Chabad Rebbe

Reminded me of a /fringe/ thread I read earlier. Read the first post about the interview. The rest of the thread is almost nonsensical.

Tldr, chabad jew exposes his cult and admits how anti-gentile it is.

It might just be my imagination, but besides the eye, those all seem like "porn scenarios" for varying degrees of degeneracy. I shudder to think of mk-ultra type experiments designed to create a single sex slave capable of servicing eight or more niche sexual fantasies.

Nice clickbait garbage you faggot.

I remember, user. Speilberg is going in the oven.

Even Alex Jonestein started saying Pizzagate was all a hoax. Strange you faggots crawl out of the woodwork to strawman a guy who makes videos of James Alefantis Rothschild.


I think michael jacksons maid said something about michael jackson cursing and shouting by himself whe ever spealberg was on tv.

According to her michael jackson said "you are a bad man, very bad." Talking to the tv.

There are rumours jackson was molested by producers.

>“Any of the children he played with who hit the bull’s-eye would get extra ice cream or anything else they wanted,” said Maid No. 3, who worked from 1996 to 1999. “He hated those guys with a passion. He was surprisingly very anti-Semitic. He’d lead some of the kids in chants: ‘Kill the bastards,’ and ‘Kill the bloodsuckers.’ ”

>Instead of banishing his foe to a cornfield, as Anthony did, Jacko would wish Spielberg into “Jew hell,” the maid said.

Jew hell is like goy heaven, only they are constantly surrounded by other Jews….

Doing God's work user. Nice.



You got called out because you're a sperg with no dirt on Spielberg. I'm not watching your video in OP to wast my time either. If there was actual evidence and not made up autism than you would just provide it in text in OP.

He's a kidfucker

If it was a girl on the show Rocky Road then it couldn't have been Heather O'Rourke since the last episode of Rocky Road was aired in June 1987 (so obviously filmed even earlier than that) and Heather O'Rourke died on January 31st 1988, 7 months later.

Also, she was ill during the filming of Poltergeist 3 and they misdiagnosed her as having Crohn's Disease and the medication they gave her caused her puffy cheeks in the movie. It turned out she actually had a blocked intestine due to congenital stenosis, which was likely to have been a previously undetected birth defect, and that's what eventually killed her.

Upon further investigation I found out that the episode of Rocky Road that Heather O'Rourke was in, "Moscow On The Boardwalk", was filmed in November 1986. Over a year before she died. I couldn't find video of it but according to the script although she did briefly dance it was in an apartment not on a beach and although it doesn't say what she was wearing in that scene I doubt it was a bikini as all her scenes seem to take place inside.

but is this trannies reading to kids thing happening at the same library or is it some kind of national program? I keep seeing pics/vids of this stuff

It seems as though guys like (((Spielberg))) and (((Schneider))) are untouchable… hope to be proven wrong soon enough.

This is rage inducing.

im shocked his jew hatred didnt blow up a long time ago on TV and magazines. im guessing the kikes were afraid he is so popular and the public loved him so much, they needed to keep a lid on it or it would mildly redpill everyone into hating jews.

its (((their))) national program… its everywhere

>It seems as though guys like (((Spielberg))) and (((Schneider))) are untouchable…

because NO ANONS are putting pressure on them. They rather hang posters asking if it's OK to be white yet

That's the fucking problem, you guys said you'd hold dipshits to the fire to fuck with them. That's what you did years ago, bully the fuck out of kikes when they do evil fucking shit and expose it for everyone to see. Do not fucking relent for these parasitic freaks.




Something always seemed off to me about how the kids interacted with each other in movies like Hook and The Goonies, the latter being written by Spielberg and produced by Amblin.

OP doesn't have evidence of anything. It's Seattle4Truth level tinfoil. There's a reason why he has to bump his own OP.

Dude they where ALL molested, all of the time.On top of that their dad beat the shit out of them,.

funny how its always up to other anons, im not here to ask you "what have you done", but offer a suggestion on how to bring down these multimillionaire hollywood jews.

Does anyone have the original of this I can de-niggerfy and ID a few more suspects that ping my jew-dar?


People don't recognize Weinstein movies the way they recognize Spielberg movies.

This shit started way before Spielberg. I'm surprised there hasn't been more attention or even threads about Baby Burlesk, i.e Shirley Temple.
They had torture cubes for child actors who fumbled their lines or screwed around.
The book LOLITA is all about Hollywood degeneracy.

Video related: Temple describes the punishment box.

goddamint po/ now I want to go to brooklyn and savagely make out with that tomboy

well you know it´s just because they excell (tm) in it like chess or destroying countries from the inside

Holla Forums never shuts down any discussion that isn't related to Zerosugar's sex life. The mods have been given explicit instructions to leave everything but that up. Funny enough when the HARVesting began Zerosugar personally went out of his way to delete any threads about Spielberg.

Really makes you think.

t. Knower who know longer has mod credentials.


Apparently the newest shill tactic is to bump old threads since their BBC and MGTOW threads get insta-banned. MODs be aware.